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Talk Show: Harvey and Jacob

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so Adam uh 1 of the things that you talked about their there was this really arms and I hope no token tweeted pictures during this 1 moment of your talk which 1 it was the moment where he can I just point microsecond and a player and data for a 2nd you were standing like here and you're talking to the audience and behind users giant red screen and it's in the heat and so a problem now the moment it was it was a wonderful moments but if if what you did was take a picture and tweets that helped me like a decision of culture because of like just like in 1 slide here at the of that would be that would be that would be awkward for shallow and that not all but so context I guess is the thing you want to contact you if you want some context on that slide yeah yeah but so speaking of hate and there were people here that have been unhappy with all 4 he has such a strong word phrase the word we use we were not like I'm unhappy with the software it's true that we hated him by a heated at has anyone ever I told you that
hate chefs for yes and I'm sure people in this room the pages software you in
each of the company would be someone cheered thanks to that a and assuming it was a man with standard sorted the political movement and yes so the most vivid moment of that for me was that I was in San Francisco because the story can only happen in San Francisco with no other city in the world with this happened and I was sitting in a coffee shop and I had a
laptop open headphones on and it was it was a crowded coffee shop and I felt summertime me on the shoulder you know I pull my headphones often a turn around and was a stranger and I was like hello can help you and they're like yeah but you and Jacob was like yeah I'm Jacob and in my back to my head on my poets a fan you know the true and
is that happens to me in San Francisco only
right and and that is so this dude goes you a chef them again the ITER literature and here's I I hate chess uh that is the worst ideas that is the worse off or I have
ever used my 0 my god I'm so sorry this I stand up and let you whatever myself or did you and or whatever the thing was if I did that I does not why I wrote it like I mean I need a virtue and he was so taken aback by my response is a long a not like the worse off where a
might well thanks so that the lady was pretty bad but will like you had to come up to a stranger and like do you wanna use like no
who in any left because I made it awkward as of a and then we rehearse this and then and the major uh that was funny which was I you know I is there's there's a lot more people you say that they love Shaphan come up to me and say that it's amazing and tell me that they hated and what it was your response
to that quick you because I don't remember the
words of it had to was this he to
well and maybe that's because most people wouldn't come up to you and tell you they hate it but that doesn't necessarily mean that the ratio is like a hundred to 1 that's true and I was like people
home drink Russia yesterday but universally said that I should pressure dreams law of stages it was you crush other dreams hollow content just just that 1 is that 1 of because the next question was tell me more about your dream he was like 1 of the easier to get us all some of the so you talked a lot about the inclusion the diversity of thinking such an important of such important topic for us what are some what are some of the the the biggest struggles that we have with that at shift you think yes mean honestly they think that the
biggest struggle is you we spent special last couple of years and then after talking to j and listening to uh the folks who uh who aren't white man and which is you know a preponderance of our leadership team rate and the and I think we've got a lot better at
figuring out how to build an inclusive organization that that it makes it safe to have voices present that makes it that makes a comfortable to be there and nothing we have work to do like I for example I use the word guys a lot and and it's hard not to I try and preacher used to during the stock and I was like was within the really 1 not and that just as
a simple small thing right and and then it so that sort of for inclusion I think we've gotten better but it's still it's still hard like you have to remind yourself that you need to be inclusive and build systems that work that way and I think for diversity part of difficulty is an it's just that you bills we have a tendency to have it in our own lives of professional lives in our personalized and to not have built such a diverse social networks right and so when we think about the kind of plants that we can plant you utensils reach for the ones that are the closest and because uh you have a job to you know you have someone the higher and you worked with someone that you really liked that the last job and that person on shockingly
like lives where you live and they look just like you and they do they know you're in jokes and like they are you and be higher than because their skills are good right but it doesn't really help on
on on being more diversity we have work to do on on figuring out how to reach out and had a bond that network and how to find people who have more diverse backgrounds and find a way to include them also some
and um so habitat launched recently you walked away from it a couple weeks before how did that that we covered it feel to get up and walk wherever we know what the outcome was get out of film that moment of super ridiculously stressful and yeah it
was it was a new and to me it's really fun to build software and it's been a long time since I had and been able to like work on adapting and sort of exercise and muscle of being like an engineering leader for like a team of 8 you know face and and that I was really it was so much fun and there was I really enjoyed it and that team was the highest functioning team of hardly ever been on and so working on that software with those people adjust it felt so good it was really really great and it was such a blessing that the rest of shaft and the company was so strong that the whole company really rallied around it wasn't just those people it was marketing and sales and berries executive sponsorship and bury being
so clear that that was what I should do you know I I mean it was important in when the was the most important work I had to do and which not every CEO would do you know and I'm I cannot overstate myself or whatever but like I can be valuable in a lot of different places in the organization at this point and and and letting me do that was was really special and so on a personal level and
it felt great and I was really enjoying it and it was hard to leave that and sort of edits penultimate moment you know like it was about to really happen and I was going to just take off and however and you know the teams that I want to help and the parts of your organization that I want to work with also were amazing and were full of
great people who wanted to do great work and like that felt good as well so it felt that a little because I was leaving 19 also felt good because and I was gonna go out of the party organization program and I'll be back happen like only another leave habitat early development habitat it was just this thing I had to do in those last weeks possible well thanks very much of India
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Titel Talk Show: Harvey and Jacob
Serientitel ChefConf 2016
Autor Harvey, Nathen
Jacob, Adam
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DOI 10.5446/34646
Herausgeber Confreaks, LLC
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Sprache Englisch

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