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Keynote - Crist
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listen this is really important right now your company your organization's your teams they need you more than they ever have it's no secret the this crazy shake of going on in every single industry as our customers are competitors has embraced software as embrace applications were living in this time more technology destruction than ever in the history of man in which you in your team's how they respond to it you're the very at the center of this destruction in your actions will determine the future outcome of your organization's in forgone collectively held his IT professionals we got a really soak in this fact but our businesses they don't really care but how much of what we spend our every day dealing they don't care about our infrastructure choices they don't care about what kind of servers we use the container formats there's just a single thing the business really cares about the they wanted to share their
business ideas you may want to ship those ideas as software who wants to ship ideas to get new customers ideas to make the employs happier and more productive ideas to broader market reach ideas power partnerships try revenue ideas to bring delight to our customers they want to shift their business ideas that's what the I T. game is about now and they wanna see this quickly
because it turns out this is direct link
between software velocity innovation and competitiveness high-velocity companies they're more competitive another way to think about is slowness kills innovation and
it's kind of obvious we've all seen this if you're a place that takes 2 years to ship a good idea and then 2 years to ship another idea for the organization just sorts of sorting gives up some give up gives up on us the innovation dies
In these disruptive times if you can drive innovation that's going to be tough and when
we collectively do your best work we ship ideas we increase organizational velocity we free innovation we're driving great business outcomes that's what I want chef to be about that's what this communities about and I'd like to suggest that's what this conference is about and that's we should talk about in the next couple days this idea and all the pieces that underlie so with
that I want to welcome you all to shift Conf 2016 I
would give you you thank
I special I think this group in our community you provided not only leadership your organizations the support you giving each other giving giving us is amazing you're actually changing entire industries
so must get back this notion of shipping ideas so I both worked in Silicon Valley and spend a fair amount time down there and there's this truism down in the valley there's this the ideas of the easy part and I suspect for
anyone ever businesses we can bring together a group of maybe you have 6 attend people pull customers then and have 1 to our brainstorming sessions that many of us have been a part of and at the end of that on the white board would probably have either no maybe a dozen good ideas to tackle any business challenge but that's the easy part the hard part is shipping as ideas and shipping
and quickly and I wanna share cover personal experience I went through recently become
a highlighted for me a shipping those ideas it's disrupting entire industries so I'm not a huge TV watcher but the Chris family were prone to good digital dangers I suspect so start from time to time and we had this sadness sort of Grover's because well we got to the end of Game of Thrones a John Snow man John Snow and and on list we thought well what else you actually watch for the shows
and to suggestions have been made to us 1 was Man in the High Castle no there's a show called transfer this trail both to be banners on content and yet to is watching you crack a laptop and watch of a few I see in it you get breakdown and by this thing called the fire TB and so saw reluctantly we out and and I spent a fair amount time this industry I'm pretty both curious and opinionated about new product experiences as people on our team will tell you those kind of blown away by the positive way than what impressed me as you can see these ideas shipping as software and only this run through 3 of those so the 1st is in sync gratification don't delay if you wanted the lights so this whole drama went
down a couple fridays ago 8 PM and when I clicked that water but the thing showed up with no shipping the next more sometime next Saturday which is amazing logistical the but the idea and there was it was configured with my account information knew who I was and have dinner my password if you've ever entered your password and when these little TV
remotes it seems ask me every single time entered again it's drives you crazy the 2nd 1 that I hate my cable boxes I'm doing on-demand shows just digging through menu after many after many to find which season which episode In this thing has so many you know about how little button on the remote the does voice and I say Man in the High Castle and boom pops up in like a 2nd later I'm watching works flawlessly I'm a skeptic of voice what voice doesn't work very well and then the 3rd feature and even know about when I hit pause for the 1st time I was surprised these windows popped up and whoever's in on the scene a little window comes up it tells me that actor's name as well as the characters if you're watching when these complex intricate shows it's cool have to keep track of who's who I sort of want that in the professional world by the way this the and is not of those ideas
in themselves extraordinary we could have any 1 of us sat together in kicked around and come up with those which hard is getting your
organization to actually ship them and I don't know who ends up winning the content delivery wars but I can tell you I feel for the incumbents they got their hands full they got Amazon and Google and Apple all bearing down on In Advances in the past they don't matter today who owns the wire it's not gonna matter it's all about software and when we sit together In a couple stuff comes my money on who wins that war is who gets really good at shipping business ideas over and over again quickly at speed and by the way
looks go back a couple seconds ago I talked about our family Volvo which if I wondered
upgrade the Navin software idea sit
for 8 hours loading DVDs in the in the car or the cars running I live in the city in its kind inconvenient to leave your car industry running and I made this comment that Volvo is a software company doesn't know it yet well Volvos figured out they know there they know the tech company they know their software company next I notes that talk to others view that are here from the auto industry you also know the your software company the you're tech company In our job is to help each whatever organizations unlike that innovation muscles they all have is just waiting to be developed and that's our challenge to help organizations to build that muscle so is talk about what's getting away there's a couple big
blockers and the 1st if you're a
big enterprise they think this is this is tough this is the big 1 silos in
silos they killed of the it's a
very difficult 1 to break and by the way this runs much deeper than just your chart to deep cultural issue through our Services teams when we go work with big customers is almost always 1 of the 1st places that we again and can pull from the best of agile meaning Dev Ops the and whether you work with us you work with someone else we got do is the same got a pull together these high-functioning cross-organizational teams focus on business outcomes focus on shipping as business ideas you need those teams to be made up of no more no less than whoever whoever can pull together ship that idea ge usually some of from the business and someone from the AP team infrastructure a security team in the network team you guys know you know we need to pull that together nothing is those teams they're usually pretty far apart they don't often work that closely together and then making this happen that's the crux and by the way that video we open with products and Furcal thank you we had some fun doing it but there's real business in 10 what have UPS is about to me is do you have a business intimate enough relationship with your counterparts at your company you can how it in with them a high-five Banca whatever you do do know them by name and he sat shoulder-to-shoulder with those people if you worked on those business problems if the answer noted that kind of a signal that was probably some work to be done to to foster that if the answer is yes they keep doing that and by the way to break that silo problem it's not just a cultural issue it's also a technology issue you have to have platforms that support collaboration and we're all hearing this word collaboration a lot right now were saying a lot collaboration is just a
fancy word for working together if you
don't have platforms to support working together well it's going to be hard to work together that so it's both the state of mind and it's a technology problem the 2nd Walker it is we don't actually most organizations have a consistent way to build and ships software there's no
single modern softer affected you will that from a lot of big organizations there just have 1 it might have hundreds or even thousands of them as many as they do applications sometimes each team is sort of hand-crafting this bespoke mysterious process but how we shift software and not only is that wildly inefficient the creates problems of people to write had a customer Thomas on the briefings came to shaft they're just saying if someone move from 1 team to another team is like going to another company more we're seeing in
high-velocity organizations is is this convergence going on at how you ship software it becomes the same whether it's
an application manager infrastructure or even compliance as everything becomes software-defined you can actually ship at the same way and again let me underscore the collaboration message the working together message if you wanna Schiffer crosses organizational boundaries that have been constructed you gotta have technology that supports this 3rd blocker well I think the 3rd one's compliance a lot of times where I talk with developers I get sort of a grown in big node comes out when we talk about compliance there's been this big rafts between the security teams and and not developers in many organizations the the 1st thing I wanna wanna suggest as I think we got all 100 in with the compliance scenes with those securities so we are getting really comfortable with compliance and is everything becomes offer defined as our lives depend on software were also vulnerable to solve for attack in all parts of our lives so this is using to get worse as
I can get stuck in the lesson and what I
think makes this easy is if we can define compliance think about we don't woe don't infrastructure if you can make infrastructures code can make compliance code and once its code then you can actually defined compliance not as something in me a written manual a word document you can actually defined as a software test and the great news is developers we know what to do with software tests then compliance instead of being an afterthought get actually moved all the way over left in the built we can make compliance happen at the very earliest part of our release we know how did you testament infrastructure tester and development and then the school thing we see is starting happen with some customers there's a reinforcing loop between velocity in compliance is if every time you release your testing the compliance against your full infrastructure and application stack the more often you shift the lower that drift the thinner that gets shipped once a year you could be a year out of drift with your with compliance with the shipping every 20 minutes at worst at 20 minutes out of compliance the so I think we're see a big change over the next couple years around this topic permissive years we talk about self and I think no conversation about shelf should start anywhere other than open source it
opens half thank you thank you said Franklin listen open
source is the foundation of who we are it and not only through we are at it turns out this is really fundamental and ingredient behind an enormous amount of innovation that TV example gave that's built on Android OS open source it's built on the web which is built on the Linux kernel which is open source and I think there's a lotta reasons why open source has become so prevalent in the enterprise but perhaps most someplace just it's easy to get and then if you're a developer you can make your own so Mr. software
become part of the modern software factories every single high-velocity organization is using lots of open source and I can't say this strongly enough shelf is deeply deeply dedicated to open source business model and our open source projects the we also want continue to
be both as a company and as a community a model inclusion I
also view it's my responsibility to drive at a strong and successful business model around open source I believe in a world were successful business model and investments to open source those things reinforce each other effect habitat represents just that as without success were able to invest in new areas and do new things but I want to be the best example in the industry of that the good news for shaft and thanks to you all it is working in in the past year is the best ever in our history we grew something over 90 % your your revenue growth so thank you all for that
if as far as I
can see I expect that growth continue unabated we now count as our customers and
partners among the most significant organizations in the world Google Facebook Amazon on HP IBM Microsoft or G In fact 70 % of the Fortune 500 technology was the using chef in a meaningful way to power their models offer factors no talk about shift the platform for a 2nd at its foundation 3 open source projects shaft which you know that's infrastructure automation and we will continue to invest very heavily in shaft the 2nd 1 is a new force habitat think of this as application automation by the way 5 1 for you I would love for all of you to check out habitat while you're here bring it in your labs and you go home kick around was no we've taken a very different tact in most industries really really hungry to hear your feedback it's amazing some there already started to bring this in and the 3rd is inspected inspectors the foundation of our compliance working we've been been little quite about inspect but a bunch of you actually hold it in for doing some pretty amazing things with that around compliance scale In order to make some pretty strong investments and then spectra next year you see some announcements not just from shot was some from some very big partners beginning fully behind inspect and then is Nathan alluded to before announcing today for the very 1st time chef automates and chef automate pulls together unifies and integrates both are open source and commercial elements the way this never happened before so worse knowledge the work with Habitat who work within spec includes both things we've already had a kid for example workflow which used to be called the liberal and then we'll show today something new visibility invisibility is the next generation of chef analytics and then lastly but not least the chef certification I've
heard from so many of you you're struggling to find people a chef skills in the market and we want help or community we wanna help that marketplace we wanna help people build shaft skills and doesn't really need in clever innovate things around of certification program and
you all right so with the you may think should come back down bright day pack alright so 1st of all we're so lucky with Nathan not only do we have the best community leader and not only I should say Malik building our own community if you're trying to build communities in your organization's use Nathan bring him and bring his team and they can help with that so what we will leave you with just the single piece of advice this 1 thing that we can do to help you in your career if you wanna strength in your relationship with any counterpart in your organization this can be appear this could be your boss even CFOs and CEOs like this just put on this teacher Nathan has or get a sticker put on the back of your laptop or write it down on a napkin at the coffee joint you're at just say it again and again and again on a ship your idea of ownership your idea that's our job that's where i t is about that's with his games maybe about have a great time in
Austin before we voted by 2 people up to actually show you some of these things South Alcaniz VP of Engineering all over Ferrini is whatever development of managers thank you so much have a great time in Austin