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Adding Windows to Your kitchen
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In "Adding Windows to Your Kitchen", Trevor "The Chef Prince" Hess from 10th Magnitude and Levi Geinert from the Target DevOps Dojo will discuss common practices and challenges in the process of converging Windows. You’ll learn how you can use your existing Chef knowledge to build out integrations so your Windows machines can have the same level of testing/coverage as your Linux machines! Attendees will learn how 10th Magnitude and Target approached: -Kitchen Setup, Image Requirements, and Reboots -WinRM challenges (it's getting better!) -WSUS limits & Workarounds (Chef solo schedules task) -Using Rake tasks to manage multiple converges -Leverage DSC to make your life easier -Pester for testing -Tying into existing source control & CI tools -Utilizing add-ons like Jenkins, TeamCity, TFS, Git, NANO, containers, and more! In addition to the spoken presentation, "Adding Windows to Your Kitchen" will include a 5 minute episode of the "popular", (and completely made-up) renovation series: Improvement (read as: Localhost Improvement) The video will introduce the higher-level concepts of the presentation in a similar way to last year’s "Chef Prince of Azure" music video. Think equal parts "Tool Time" from Home Improvement and This Old House.
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so kick off with a live recording of the intro to Local host improvement cell but still the local most important lesson that I and I I left the influence of the episode of mobile homes improvement of the romance front-end magnitude and I'm we write in particle board a we have a very special episode coming up with you as we continue to renovate and build out your kitchen so we've already got an excellent environment set up with a common talks Penguin the and that's great but hey we could use a little light in here it's time use skills we develop building a penguin habitat to and Windows to a kitchen we're going to talk about test kitchen when our an image Griffin after thing much more it will work and jerk timing and what to do when someone breaks a day now I've always been a fan of a finely handcrafted Windows Server the love my 2 Joyce without being PowerShell script sure if wanted the captain set level power of let's work that the I much prefer the automated Windows Server building easy scaled no big deal the brakes and lots more power if you 9 this this 1 again in the eye who the you come in that is to generate handcrafted Windows Server when it breaks it's a disaster if a new 1 could be built automatically why would you wanna do that not to mention testing effect and the head those windows is much easier yes all right let's get started then and make sure the window fits the kitchen this time you for another setting up the world of local a student programs that have a so this is adding Windows you kitchen welcome everyone but I'm sure has
principal consultant and magnitude of also covers the resident of my guess my folks at those due to demonstrate the sound of yelling yes I also now I don't count truth is that this only issue my name is really making party corporation so I spent a lot of my time in the target that of Dojo if you haven't heard about US country-code booth our yeah at the we I that I heard the views that I really
didn't know about you but this is this country's presentation a few they could do not consider stone implements the session making weird of our work retiree Corporation many of you probably know what a very very word are we on general presents reported that he's a lot for a lot of these fees lot a team members we operated outcome more interesting part is that we've transition to adopt model on using agile principles and when we do that we we have a the last dojo and it's a place of learning where bring teams and to learn about agile as well as Dev Ops coding that's how we get teams jump-started to doing that and that's actually how I when in the role as we've added windows to Arcachon a target we also have an increasing presence in open source community and we're trying to get back to this is 1 example of that but we also have open source contributions on things like chefs back from chef cookbooks in the supermarket etc. is growing rapidly because of our adoption of open source of the people the source of and again on from Ted magnitude
so a cloud services company that was as your 1st cloud we've never on the server which is kind of Austin but were also a we were Microsoft partners run the Agirre global Council are we also are chef partners were 1 of the 1st of which was passed to be a part of our the were physically located Chicago but we've got locations in Dallas in New York City and are continuing to grow and expand so as bad move where we're who we are and where we came from such that why you're actually here so we can talk about even
tho we're going to talk about why you would want to do this ring windows the kitchen of a little bit about the journey that you might go through as as we all have as we've on boarded windows onto the shaft platform into and on some of the required materials that you probably need to get the job done some checks best practices and a little bit about CI using some of the shelf tooling and windows and from there we had another ongoing improvement which again there's probably a few things emerge today that affect too few issues on windows and shut out with and that later absolutely so why even
bother buying windows and your kitchen chef environment and 1st of all it gets to the point we got a consistent tested well known windows that set of Windows servers I know IAEA team using chef can make system changes encode and capture them for re-use as opposed to as everyone probably experience if you've actually worked with Windows the logging into a system clicking on a thing and never remembering what you did yeah the other part that we really like is it allowed us to leverage our existing when the skill set because chef allows us to use power strip partial script of the box UCI resources on etc. and and that allowed us to on board on using GEF much quicker than maybe some tools at that don't support the you also get to pick and choose the tools suited for your team so you can use the bill as everybody said you can use the built-in shaft resources or you can use the C modules you can you can pick the ones that will make the most sense for you so we have genes that are highly PowerShell and their preferences delivered partial for a lot of the activities their teams and I think of that and as they have more of a Linux background and reviews the comfort zone and they come in and they can already contribute on Windows because they understand the shift itself and in Ruby and things like that exactly and that's what that brings us to our last point it's easy to learn for the whole team so you get people who have you understand 1 side or the other you can kind in the in the middle man and be progressive and make some positive change here we had an engineer that had no windows and within 3 days he had a whole request merging shifts back on a Windows resource that I mean that would normally happen in old world where your operating with 2 different configurations tools absolutely
pollutant quickly name a title a bit about your journey and this is some of our journey but also some of the journey encounter on 1 of the things that's interesting is there's a lot of issues there there's a perception there's a lot of issues and as we know that all softer has issues but we all have issues open with Microsoft so there'd be any surprise that chef would have issues open leveraging Microsoft on but the frustration is with some of the pair complexity a lot of times that dwindles as you on board your skills with chef DSL and a language 1 of things we got a lot was what I need learn Ruby to manage a Windows Server already know power show up or I'll you know that acceptability yes the other aspect that was frustrating is a some new ways to do things about this here you probably can't see it but the doing adding winners features using UCI resource use the script when this feature and there's at least 3 or 4 other ways using partial script batch of etcetera etcetera so there's a lot of ways to do things and and and that come down to you as a team need to agree on approach that you wanna use to configure Windows systems and make sure that you're comfortable with the level of testing you can accomplish that I don't poses new I don't know the word until probably 3 years ago and so that concept was a new 1 in and implementing those understanding why you might want that in configured as tool in why repeatabilities importins on something that might help is defined a standard so as a team you may prefer to use chef resources to get item poems as well as better unit testing integration testing of type on things to come to an agreement as a team to decide what those things are you know I B C you don't have to the fight for it but there is a season people I worked with in the past snickering at me right now there can be holy wars around code that is free of but it's great when you use the darkened of source control tool that allows for logical feedback like in a pull request and get up like a I think you should not hot that and maybe use an active you things like that are very very powerful when used in a pull request instead of commenting person and you know hurting in yeah and with that there's also plenty of resources available to answer those questions or even if the question doesn't have an answer yet said to aside start breaking down the question finding the answer so you have got used the shaft docs you've got stuff discourse that the community in general but you can reach out to your chef engineers so I know Levi work pretty closely with steve Rossi right yes so when we 1st started doing Windows again we were frustrated because of low multiple ways to do things and we just wanted some guidance and once we got in touch with the community and Steve are everything went faster and we're able yet you know or understand what why we would want use power for Windows that of verses back get bashed for those that it might and why we might wanna do things Jeff discourses of mailing list that's how we get our late breaking news like when test kitchen comes out 2 weeks before presentation and it's also 1 of the major challenges we face but you can also LaRouche consultants like Trevor well what militant 92 doesn't have to be made very good but the other of the other team that we leverage quite a bit of a random but the partial in India seeking at Microsoft they're very interested in making sure that their cross-platform present to allow their platform to be our configuration manager using tools like chaff as well support testing on the platform again with tools like shelf interest and inspect investors
FIL some required materials a LPF Low bit of prerequisites you you should probably figure out what kind of that everyone work and I don't care which 1 you use right now and these initial studio code Levi where I can use adamantly the code that and it's also you should have everything in source control how many people using such control on that should be 1 that having people using something that isn't gets yeah I'm sorry and the area of well you should leave empowered it can happen that you were told by Trevor right that that this fair and of world the the reason we're set is mentioned get all really is the shelf workflow is very very well with get it integrates with a lot of the CI tooling and allows for integration with chat application charts and on and the pull request the ability for the social coding group feedback as well as the transparency and a lot of times I don't talk to a team and also stock there did have repo just to see other operating and if I see something that maybe is a little off silent issue is the worst they can use close right I may or may not have actually seen that happen on several occasions of finally of virtualization you know you may be using an on-premise data centers but you don't need this mean when you're doing your testing that you don't you shouldn't be leveraging racialization to understand what's going on you know you got tools a vagrant you got tools like you got you got cloud providers like Agirre and the west and the all these things you can leverage to deep rapid testing without having to provision or by new servers you can't just revision and the virtualization system the so a
citizen best practices and tips and pretend that the projector was where I thought it was yesterday and you can still read this yes so will Interpol do an interpretive dance to describe what's on the screen so 1 of the colon slash tho 1 of the things is you know you're going to be doing d'Avenir reiterating fast nearly doing coordinated can I get comfortable make your shell what you want make sure you get maybe 1 exit status and the code that day and time your your proxy details I maybe you wanna know if you're on you know which directory which get everybody on just make it so that you're operating efficiently you may not know that they won but you'll find over time that there are things that you commonly needed and if the system is just displaying that for you automatically of 1 of the reasons we do exist status is if you're doing guarding with partial script depending on how we write your query sometimes you'll get a false when you thought it should be a true and then you may be if you didn't know that right away then you might your got incomplete or incorrectly I the date the time right cullender that manner things like Ch test kitchen will show you but not every command and then get of immigration posh it of power amazing to him use love it this is telling me what branch and then if committed we have changes removes I have I don't have to ask that would get status it's just a and so this gives me a shell that's similar to what my counterparts have on you know get back to using the it completion plug-ins etc. yeah I mean if you've got a partial profile may she'll leverages and by I push factor for a long time because I did wanna deal was not remembering which partial was like without a partial profile of don't find doesn't have it the funny gave up and now my life is so much further so 1 of the things that you're gonna manually the wall on is the way that you used by a single text I double quote double takes a quote on fur single quotes double quotes literal special characters of those all have a handling that is new to Windows them you start using Ruby in the shaft itself so you will have to learn it I can't describe it all in 4 lines but what I can tell you is that you not the only 1 it's just Ruby on windows they're some new answers to that but but you it is it aligns with the way that Ruby act so 1 of things to remember is maybe you don't wanna use spaces and upper case for every folder name that you operator yeah I think that the the of along the same lines you should try down case whenever possible so unless Windows requires you not to when you're working with it and member windows is case of where we're really is Rabin chefs are case sensitive and in power show I it before we were using PowerShell for decay in development and there were some challenges of lignite bootstrapped using Kerberos authentication and things about and we later found with Steve Morasses guidance that the PowerShell is the were is the approved shell for Windows diving with just with the chef tools once we can have embrace that again our diving was much better at tooling was complete I and we had you know additional features that maybe we didn't have on on like a Linux system around process in case so the other thing there are something that can help you are using the file doing capability in Ruby can is a way for you concatenate all variables in in this scenario were and concatenating environment variable with under strain value and combining that variable with another string value and then I'll have to deal with see colon slash its can interpret that on the on the destination side as sequence last but I don't have to put that in and where that comes into play is if you've done 7 Windows you know that there is either a double backslash depending on what you're doing if you double quotes of or you can use forward slash and so that's 1 way to get around it but other writers have to understand we're working within this area that comes into play is attended unit testing work becomes a little bit more frustrating because you may be using forward slash in your recipe which translates to backslash to the windows but then in chess back it translates literally because that's in memory so there's some kind of consistent in year usage have of and this work is showing that shot understands forward slashes which Windows those as well I do you and I are so the needs so the that took leave I little bit to learn and the scaling it took me a long well into his testament development is the best route to a well-factored cookbook eyes is going to take that 1st time where something weird happens it shows up in a test and then you realize 0 I wrote that totally wrong is not at all doing the thing I thought it was and then you like but if I take that 1st that person moment of clarity for it's really seeking as to why you why TDU makes sense and coming from the windows in the structured background he wasn't a priority uses to user mapping and use of stories were not a priority but once you instill those practices and you create some of your test scenarios 1st and then write the rest is defined as kind of a lot cleaner code of there's a great weapon are done by the of the shift Eamonn tested on development and how to do that work flow I highly recommend that you at least watch 71 understand what that means solve for you I 1 of the best things that we have at our disposal is on Windows box right we used to configure things now you have the ability to verify that configuration was applied using things and inspect so you want
you leverage of Townshend is see love we do that they can use DSE resources in chess which is Boston because there are a lot of chef resources that don't exist yet on when to windows looking you share point yeah weight FIL shaft made a great decision that instead of trying to rebuild a chef resource for everything that they would instead support the DSC resources and merely map the resources properties and values into shaft and then let's just make that call the benefit there is every power shall be a resource that exists and partial gallery and anything that you're will the right is available just leveraging a built you see resource in shaft so that was added in it was pure QCD in 11 8 or something but it was delivered a shaft 12 severe not running chef 12 you won't be able to take advantage of that you the resource without using a legacy or applicable to solve and is 1 other thing is you having the ability to pull on the shelf at tributes to idiocy module is awesome so we have a another target King of engineers are presented yesterday leveraging assessing share point the only reason wantedto if you have 1 a c a very odd as is that they describe the not so interesting pack of doing Chalfont your point but there it was all that using DUC resources as well as a lot of the late breaking capabilities that were provided with a research and that cookbooks being open source in they're working so you'll be able to see all the nitty gritty details about use was used with with reproduction and things that I is 1 other blood Darcy grass he's got a few great webinars on DEC and chefs you wanna do a little deeper there % the
test kitchen probability using test kitchen today not we love it so you entitled but drivers the Lasso test in 1 a great things is it's extensible framework and it will support typically the driver of the present verifiers transfer that you care about our they're not all the same they are not feature that they don't on feature parity an example there is a very feature-rich platform of 1 spinning a virtual machines on including the capability to do proxy configuration Active Directory domain join right in Bagan itself on so it's very feature-rich some of them are less feature-rich Hyper-V doesn't have the same feature set up so again pick the driver that that does what you need to do if you're using OpenStack browser or AWS you have a driver at your disposal to to solve for that test kitchens area and the provisions basically how you're applying whatever code is e to the machine you want to so there is there's the chef so which is due to the prisoner probably most of us are working with but also a driver for d CCU outside of chef entirely you can apply DAC code to a node and and see how that applies the the way that I described the kitchen the plugin is that I can get you get a DAC configuration applied instantly without and installing chef-client and then I can show a team like lookup fast that was and then again it's kind a gateway like 0 well what else can just give me will have all this reusable code already maybe in your company for shelf code and then they may be a trained chef so after that so again at the end of the day the verifiers with basically just lets you choose which testing framework you wanna work with a problem most common now you gonna see Pesarin inspect but remains 1 to serve respect still a couple others but the transporters is basically higher communicating with you via so again you're looking at when around the SSH our is probably going to be way using an Windows unless you've got your image so to use SSH again all those things are created
equal Sierra pick the 1 that's best for you and what's right for your team i and some other things with has hidden and there's a there's a few little nit-picky tricky things you should know about so if you're platform names for Windows machines they need to start with when if they don't start with when you will lose they will not work don't it uses the wind regex to determine which I tried to install and so there are things that you will be very confused lifetime install something that's wanting to go going to slash shops lesson in but you also want remember when you set up the image you running against a test kitchen that you set up 1 hour properly because of where is ready then you're not talking to machine unless he said opposes Satan you're doing it that way but you can also do some kind of tricky things to uh get around that requirement so for example I was building a silicon circuit but recently and a silver cluster of you don't know needs to have a domain controller to join 2 and I didn't wanna join to a real domain controller because I was just trying to test things and 1 to clean things up 100 times so what I did was I created on the sweets to run my domain controller code to bring up the domain controller and then have suites for the to the cluster nodes and then I reiterate fire rate task to run those in water and do some light verification before proceeding to the cluster which made it in the E. A. a C. easy in air quotes weights to start testing now how do I get it as make use the nodes transform the and gathered nodes prisoner of so that you can have um the node information for shift low and so 1 of the late-breaking announcements because basically ch lead to go to the kitchen test kitchen 110 always was released by the Czech team including the graph and it allows for test support region you can run a single kitchen test and it can iterate through you're converge code with but as well as handling the real action on the screen while the other peers In shaft 12 the reboot resource became data for Windows it was a ahead of an ad on prior on and then recently in chapter 12 6 use the resources supported reboot underscore action so long as the DAC model is written to the pass we would play chef can accept that we play handle that reboot as if it's a native removed on on chapter and then finally there is and call here again this is all you need to add your kitchen file to support multiple reboots during kitchen test the which is awesome when Windows research and intense yet or 5 that work and that's it right after this 1
is great for teens a really strong and PowerShell there maybe not yet up to speed on Ruby we can get a morphograph seems like the testing framework with our old power was it I was looking for testing framework I get something out of it and so you can see that you can write power show you can write pasta and this is again kind that Gateway like can do this and then you see inspect the those almost the same 1 as this power so 1 is Ruby but they're so similar that you'd be surprised how so speaking of the in fact why would you
wanna use inspect the ships compliance CSO service fact was what we used of maybe on talks platform but doing Windows functional integration testing with Service Pack was limited because of the amount of when resources that were disposal with inspection of is obviously made a priority to provide Windows native resources like audit policy and security policy so your security can actually order that you have here configured place through cold and you know maybe 5 years that is it isn't were the you charitable in bad management
so when those packages Amazigh deities there natively supported in in shaft that's great but emphasize on theory which is why I knew it was created chocolate E R 1 get out so what we like about package management framework is that 1 that was rebranded package management ships of must 5 it again it's an extensible framework you can add providers for the the type that you that you're choosing to install new get on chocolatiers cetera i and wanted shame me for my fall six-month-old pull request to get package management of partial cookbook any gives you yong like functionalities so you come from a Linux environment running at yet you you that similar functionality the ability to specify version numbers at the command line of just like you have any other platforms again the extensibility is that is the big the big when here
updates handed people love updates on Windows a look at that there is I I can tell everyone and you can see in the video there are no hands raised so managing updates through chef why would you wanna do that well the goal is to remove the dependency on a central framework like the SEC on with the results allow your app product or service teams ability to control their configuration for updates within their own code and test that it's doing what they want instead of you know the man behind the curtain that's an Apache patch Tuesday that you were the board allows you to just to do that when you're ready not when someone else's ready which give you much more control and and there's a cookbook that'll do this so that video doses fine is a our cookbook that will configure the Windows Update and in daytime reboot action for Windows Update all you do is you pointed at you and is updated a recessive nowhere to get up and there is also there's also a easier voice to try and get more granular updates out there yeah i i is somebody may have submitted that themselves if someone submitted in allowing the partial package manager to provide Windows updates using same functionalities so installed that update let's say instead of having to use Windows of the forgetting you command line interface with celebrity says interesting going to was good tiny wells . com slash add windows in the today is a voice article 1 do you think RIC ICD
continues integration Continuous Delivery so again important the guesser with yeah have source control and most people I think we action man and everybody raise their hand of resource control I wanna ask I wanna ask in shame the people who may not have source control and you don't have these gates and that get I LCG you should have a well-defined workflow so understand you know how you know how he would your 14 strategy what's your branching and pull request strategy are you branching so the pull requests what you doing how you getting code from developers into the into master was that path look like also please write useful comments I know how tempting it is I've done it i've been like scolded myself for it you know the always go at this time this time it's really gonna work I mean it this time seriously this time I change that thing in now works how many people did that no 1 yeah we're all done our another useful thing especially with Windows is to have a good image so 1 of the things that people complain about sometimes with windows and shaft AI will windows in general is things sometimes often take a long time to install and so 1 thing you can do is if you can identify the the the baseline configuration of your system before it becomes a specific system and put that into your image by blindly could with a tool like packer or something and then you can you can create a baseline image that you can start from and instead of having to do the it's higher configuration you can just apply the last mile of conveyed and if you think about it we used to some people use to handcraft when servers up the if you are doing image pipeline you basically doing the same thing for your images where the kind of handcrafted right so you want you expecting the factor were but you define configuration of the Windows Imaging cold and repeatedly bill that so that you're able to again perform testing on that image that has all the components and actually well enough finally you should have an orchestration tool you know which is usually called continues integration tools and and I don't care I'll give you use you know Jenkins hunkered eastern city and have used a little workflow but go whatever it doesn't matter to me even if you choose not to use deliver work workflow workflow but you should use the patterns from workflow so this is in case
anybody forgot this is the slide from the the patterns is defined from workflow it's important to remember that the the delivered the workflow workflow but you didn't have to do all these things at 1st but having these steps in stage is really makes sense and helps you get a reliable build process so the area is these are clever nothing you there hey you are probably going to want to do this amount of testing on your code before you should to production to ensure that you have a reliable code that you've secured Code etc. again this is joint gnostic it's not shift delivery it's not Jenkins it's whatever you choose that allows you to integrate the the actual with the source control and allows you to run these against the test environment to validate that I mean just as a quick story idea so as a consultant some often designing CI workflows and I found like matches chef comes last year I found that like my 2nd 3rd client after chef Conf it dawned on me every time I wrote a CI workflow I was rewriting the delivery workflow where the workflow workflow now and so that my family said you know what forget this sum is going to show the slide and try instead to reduce the delivery even if they don't want that were going to build this and Jenkins but we're going to use this in Figure member years we can do this the of us you can do this with Microsoft tools of it may have involve a few more steps are you may have to leverage your own skill set Mercer's maybe the team that has the Jenkins or skill set that is absolutely doable with all Microsoft products and leveling to a release pipeline document by some of our partners as well and our 3rd certificates
this is a frustrating point if you have search involved in your environment and we are probably running time what I'll say is that Ruby has a search store every tool that uses Ruby or embedded Ruby has its own search store so shaft has asserts store there it has its own search store older versions of bird shelf I believe that their own bosses 4 and then windows has its own search storage and again in a different location and each other now but they they do use an environment variable called SSL circle out some applications will honor that and you can override let's the so the chapter is looking at the the search Stauffer bigger if you override that not all binaries and frameworks honor that environment variable baggage management for example I will read from the windows searched so things to remember proxies I a
playful jab at proxies here which says proxy servers stops selection not top notch splotches of automation productivity innovative IT administrators everywhere but the thing you remember years you can work around you can work with proxy easy to work with your security team obviously if you have a line of communication with them it's going to be much more intuitive experience our environment variables can help so most modern systems will allow you to override proxy using an environment variable called HTTP underscore underscore proxy you'll want to know how to leverage that this is a function that we have a way to leverage the proxy that we desire for the development that were performing
dozens undercut by security of the so called value security along with various results for updates we want the application of product teams the ability to control their own security we on a central group policy that manages all security and all systems we might want a baseline cold that says you default compared but again the product you need to be able to tailor to their needs of men and doesn't have good policy and you don't have a choice going forward but even on like if you want use this if you wanna get a more granularly user access remove all of your remove some of your dependency on domain joins are if you want testicle without a domain-joined but have security that's like the policy says 1 we have to mention a special guests in the and that the writer of the DAC modules for just enough admins Nova the security curiosity so Chris Walker wrote the options allows you to configure local security policy as well as the order convict and then the wire rope policy file editor which allows you to do and templates so with those 2 powerful models DSC and shaft you can replace the policy and you all to cold and then you again you have that transparency in the village override and and configure it on a per-application basis you can keep working with the
new goodness was shipped to you know I think we all know you can start working with containers like DC West Dr. etc. but containers are also coming to windows and you'll be able to work with those also after the already you model for managing winners contain is actually not for a while I go so we can be ready for the next World of Windows you know did make a set of n o's coming it's all 64 bit none of the 32 because of their and no going all the remote management and Ogre policy get ready although I
so again when when we 1st started this we had a problem with chefs 0 and the winner and security context not along for Windows updates the winter and you may have seen this notes Access denied right that was being we use the different prison culture 0 schedule past thankfully that rock is delivered the winner and elevated genome that creates so I just signed using are scheduled task with elevated permissions this is a big win because now we can use the same provision on Linux and Windows retired to a bit about remote handling but the other big winner got recently is you can now do multiple converges in kitchen which is fantastic when something needs to reboot order something that like automatically errors because these 2 error once to be happy and you have to requirements 110 or test that quality chap 1211 plus so who enjoys the
and there under some folks the following watch if you're interested in the shuffle windows space station asking Matt rock Michael Green Stuart Preston so as you mentioned before there's the release pipeline model that Steve and Michael put together and that's it a K that MS slash the release by my mind and I was attracted to don't forget it little I give a jab
because we wanted him to contribute as well that is to this I'm sorry that so again do I get you want entitled us on Trevor magnitude that I can check their stuff up at and made to detect magnitude that come to us in the podcast it's arrested about that from you know this then we say 100 thousand times the its any episode I'm actually has on twitter and I don't read a lot but he tweeted me out back begin my name is leaving it on target if you want you more about targets and tech blogger in the story as we transition about the a target that get about others also website we have some coding challenges for the target that you want your boat that target dojo how it works how we're doing agile and of of transformation we be getting a lot of publicity about it Wall Street Journal so stop by the truth and talk to us with a lot of people here would love to tell you more about that absolutely thinking that thanks everybody
thank you Mr. new questions to be no time the by a kind of a megaphone answer questions or have or heckle Trevor birth earlier filter let's question this so the question was is a slide that enable it will be made available and I know the slide deck is available we leave this room but will tweet it here I break I break my own rule never to eating and I'll tweeted something for you and everyone was in this room again if if there's anything specific about this slide that you have more questions honestly the the chef community chef discourse is a great place where you wanna know why you know how you use the resource so there we webinars at think that was a lot of access to just ask the question of the engineers and get a response any other questions knocking down the aisle ago but 2nd in 2nd year there's a question on the package delivery make an assignment in such way the way the can gossip quickly then like to the flu network standing on how you touch those yes so although the the idea being that you have maybe a dot net cold and you were going all put that artifact that binary NBC project into a package management framework of your choice because it's extensible new it is a very popular 1 are you would all put that code into a repository and then on your destination system you would leverage either DSC your shaft to call the installation of that package with the appropriate version numbers all that target source I do have some examples of how that's being leveraged on it can talk me that the session had so we set up those repos up again with cold and then we let the application came to define the repo that they care about so my application repo hot and then the name of that package in the version and again they can do that in the shuffled and it will install the based on each other on the last question but you mentioned that the 1st name significance and and so on how strangers what was going on there was better in some the chef-client and so it's not name it's a platform name in a continuum yeah yeah so that's just so again when you run kitchen not converge it's going to interpret the that value to determine which platform it's going installment node so they may be doing other things but only found is if we didn't have that and dreaded solid the limits are RPS by sometimes he means always has a software him it independent evidence yet you've divided when they do Windows image it's going to try and run Linux things all right so thank you again everybody further after coming out and I hope you enjoy session on the future of the most hated men and women