A Year After My First ChefConf: Lessons, Shortcuts and Hilarious Bloopers

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A Year After My First ChefConf: Lessons, Shortcuts and Hilarious Bloopers
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Part of the "Welcome to Chef" track, this talk is intended for beginning Chef users. A year ago, I was new to Chef, so I came to ChefConf to learn. Now I'm sharing my current strategies, best practices, sketchy hacks and a blooper reel. I'll also lay out my current challenges and answer questions. There will be code, oh yes, there will be code. Topics discussed will include: - Embracing the suck: Why modern tech means always learning new stuff - How being wrong on github made me smarter - Chef-driven monitoring with iCinga, Nagios, and NRPE - How spider-web code can burn you, and how to stop it - Cookbook version control - Data, the "other" D-bag - Reduce, reuse and recycle your infra code - Literally, breaking literally every single server, recently. How I got there, how I fixed it - Useful tools or some hammers are better than others, but ya still gotta watch your fingers - The next steps.
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In a way of most of the ontology is there and I wasn't sure standards 3 and 4 different this thank you but that
all of that you and and all the Commission that's 1 of the most important thing thank you for being here in using technology to change the world these although areas and I'm so this or this or this or any of the this
is a shot track as a year for human users to rule over the internet user and the in this section yeah itself is that about is a humorously results of the last term share of sailing and all the things in the interest rate where interaction among the with documents as in the rhetorical analysis who Quality Tools when the top Vernon and our complexity refactoring willing released and that again and of stuff the throughout the history of strife this talk I want to highly functional very practical vary from the other side there something up pulses obstinate or at the end of the right so as the amount of something as well so there still here the sophistry this is not my job at the same time the idea is that in this is my attempt to do as well as easy as well the request question is I would ask questions as they are on the that is not interaction of reason in ways of of the city Interactive have this constant times on the observation that on the way 40 minutes Task questions about the slide is was on to me at the back of C eye will get active as the user in term so all this kind I literally the were you watch here by name that I've been balloon still interests there is a very places on the area on past posteriors that would rise were stops and what he or she last a positive or a person start us off running like in which and seeing a lot of things in a time of when this is sort of the dataset of scene that arise out of cloud and you have been part of that conversation as well so as a result of everybody is and so on to the Kaiserslautern structures and almost as a means of tries a lot of resources and stuff like that of the 10 thousand virtual those are hundreds of thousands of servers large so this is to modify the code as a so ur that usual sense of I'm going to the Basel success was still were lost there's of ship privacy where in Europe the my is you that's most like an entire part the deal with the rest of so so my sense is you might know everything that I learned about this from his and the environment context experience so formality very images the purpose of my life it's a lot of 1st so this claim the final and you're on the passing of the incoming and he's expressed by a current or future employers to any of my friends are invisible person names and the actual infrastructures this is a list of people living or dead is purely was so this
this is the thinking of what we can talk about those without this so I have a slide were talking not just rest of but also about world of technology and so a lot of somebody
said the religion is really just a brain what was new for real time working together talking to each other when using recently and has the nature and so what we think there and I know that this is a codecision velocity you it just 16 . says that we have a bunch of course is in the words that divided by the word 2040 of course using the original source if you use the original software and then directly and of culture spirit of of course we should provide controllers all that's our application area function bunch right out of all of us if we just in this is the foundation of service-oriented architecture engineering has it listened spend or stages test Marxists are going to sustain the actual data not laying out there that's all very hold it like of interest business practices is possible as the solution into a prize fighting that of the Ladder reduce possible when it's the right results so let's talk about principles were produced at the history of delivering value cost so many more than the front also we the yeah this is the process of evolved to drive all sensors in Paris right that the massive inheritance messing come into our didn't happen overnight by accident was a series of decisions and part of what we're trying to do is the tools and services to allow for the evolution of the so you have to show up I will this should be sum and that cost is some tools that is aware of the problems collateral we need to work together and by the name everyone the communities work together but probably you know from the product you will find as we work with the business leaders these are all people will be producing it has of the lower than that of just nature so as the the these the of last year's here just hold a share a startling is that the 1 out of every 3 technology initiatives that is undertaking to try to measure in 1 direction or the other cities that was that 2 of the 3 technology technology initiatives I had 0 or negative that the which so that's so with this the nature of that enzyme solutions that was called MIT is that this is made of passing the this is why and here's the presence of says and because it is very clear information in literature the MAC flexible minors of another structure minus is not assessed as we work together to move things forward but we need to be flexible approach because this is not a one-size-fits-all survey I and the loss is a way of building so even more Ross Brady entire core concept configuration management is not the usual processes AND continuous plant contains integration continues testing continuous monitoring the decision to customers about what right the next iteration of prior right this is done in 2016 will help anyone in this alone is going to start a fire it's wrong for extensions of all you can document rests essentially engines of our talk about status during you know taxes and things like that and all of its components that myself of plants and so on so Mondrian's must again and always human interaction should probably be documented and wanted to humans really we're using it on your name on it shows that our of managing unless it
is brilliant I love in systems that were frozen fighters on the rate of the number had write this in interesting or from the features
of the wheels of heart some possible it's hard and understand the answers lingers going from Hello World War still for application involves a lot of complexity this is a will talk on actually about your rate was the architect of the initial swear Act was that was down by 60 per cent of the crew of the weight of success and so then if we are to in and all was very famous goes of is is it has always losses so this is the there and over the infrastructure of a center of social many dimension what the as well as a genius like you're managing complexity is actually Michael Collins in danger but word years later or so rampant in the paid off said controlling plexities the as a new brought so I'm glad I got I just want you to be 4 years of something more of we wanna there's this is not as bad as it was when was the bonus for an interesting so to requirement about yeah burning fire and yeah I guess matters yes the 2 of the that and of the all works in this city and I know this is this is the right but they're so as codebase instructors their nightmarishly on the right of this visual of that so we need to implement higher standards in how we build platforms so that the interval of inches and tools and things like neighbors to get things running in the value of of the of the Internet right in the original and er continues the read whatever internal genes on the design of the structures in villages in tribal border actual I find that has the money in these areas on it is possible to drive incremental I didn't want to get that I was not like that the user that no I now if we also have to be as natural and this is as the launch of the state of the art in the interest of a world right because obviously another silly example but it's 1 where possible want to remove the the production users even know about this right yes there's a lot of this going on all across the industry and then you wanna make sure that you need to know but Moser do this this is of all well and of bottled water right was head of the house that just cost of complexity group is basically man right and this is where you have a a sovereign usable in the context with what courses about delivery from making us and also the model which which guys related size in posterior ready yeah but not to that of so that's a hot I'm the number of incidences of required for unique hobbies is literally insane agriculture which is a stressful process distributions were written by selecting water sooner you will never interest that entire your were that the passage to even know about all this and where they 2 intersect any of this now yes that is a very silly example and this is insanely but once again illustrates the point just something about transportation logistics networks when you're you know half of 1 business people to focus on the things that they want so I'm still thinking about it you can party the past where you your just word of ECOC you while some people doing most of being aligned with the task it wasn't Movies effect of most people about what happens on the very so how we get the regularization to the of doing things that the over the work together that success was successful or not in the case of continuous integration of infrastructure facilities the all time you know if you don't know where developers building house new or you know your business plans or right main Ahmadi and here well it's in a billion dollars of and expected 16 cents quite track and in the US and so want to go and holds the handles I right these initial or working together with the of the theories of when not if you the around of the break down from the and the most of his 1st again this a friend of theirs so I'm not used to build the and the clear opposition and continuous improvement my and working together as 1 part is he David on all the work so the
names of the secondary of buildings that were for the 1st meeting I was always reviews organization this is my son response from all enterprise with the intention of building an instructor so you move as rapidly as possible I have here in this building of any kind of service almost all of the West End of America's again I always use the call this she we went all on free in US just and and also the name the only possible in the organization and again you hold that right time talking about how we decide what technology used by the actual location and positions because politicians particularly that the so high trust nature of this we were together using fraction of a house divided against itself cannot stand all the so that the application services and reducing the number languages elaborate on the knowledge sharing their reviews as Aristotle aspects we a service was all possible speed of ASG now obviously also use the application itself where it was a question you can use for our solidarity each service Scott Molgen multiple arrests the role usually technologies to vary the ritual of an useful version this has confused me tremendously became most of his anybody here have questions about roles versus loss I can help you the approval of the source of so the shots in the a lot the that will attach so of how and what was just controls every aspect of the system was constructed as possible the basal additional factors like each half of the 1 of systems as well as always so collect your status and this 1 of these bounds there was no none of we knew from the 1 parties all right and and so it is the fact that this disease will change and they are expected of new tools resources become available that change the questions for all of us to see the point of we do have information instances and not the we do not get the data 1st we want to the rest of the audience are incomplete information and missiles so this is a over to solid but on the next and user is so as it has to be reached by process characters I'm because processes right only roles which is called the onset and his desire the status on and you're hiring specialized extensible hadn't already moreover she's value to inexperienced units exist at all for and individually useful small movements what happens and was not right so he's it you don't write exactly workload but in because things change surface changing as the surface changing is that the sooner than you you of this was saying here as well so you don't know where it will end was the wrong things and the later how answers on or in the research you because it this use for this is that the variance all over the network missile it's a for everyone to build the right thing overall everything you know that's the most beloved soul of our own as our friend technical that now the so we were talking about all of these have you get it and the that of all these factors serve as the newest strategies social world any you the the getting getting at the suboptimal solutions suboptimal solutions they stand there and all of this is that it as well and then in the area of the growth was passed always offices so so wrong about the history of the instruments even I said I will never remember all system during this 1st part and our honorable system but it this that was yesterday last year this list the
world trade inverse the
summarizes discipline begins to train the language discover so now some of you may think well these users the will differently in the head that so that the operator of jaded gasses do some some this is the 1st release of prisoners and so I guess but that diagram where J endogamy seals overlap by as far the so it is Ministère we knowledge of local over set every all terror is that the interval is willing to wait around here we have rejected comfort versus only some of the solution we use useful tools for a higher we investigated this and the is that learning and the we rejected covered in the cell and using a single not use everything we are working leverage is not tribal so just show and coming in this room who were project for a month and then have also it's OK for that so that some people here the the the the sort of right now remember when I was 1 of 3 drives the matter that plot which leads to the rise in in the right so if you're not able to you got a problem see I'm really having region is the system as the data we cannot get the data 1st of this is some problems 1 versus this I think is going to the gym and so on so hard
this is about 90 on having intersect endorses we want to know the whole
versus this is the work of building infrastructure or supporting future and we want to know our services as well as the I suppose was chosen as are more aware of this is you had experience as it touches the use this resource loss and suggested the rights of all of the Eurasian shit so the features and really was the backlog of the I newer is always there in my the but so that it's so they and you data my salinities rather than later install Schumacher said that offer a array of I got this solution was using any of the pressure is not 1 of the things that I had on the mid the so serious found marginalizing over the 1st worry that I originally had all they actually thought that they all have to reach all checks of we wrote on a lot of units so obviously during the war in all of the active older have so there's no need for a new place it always has also used by the rest of the world which has in this so I know that there irony meanwhile the assumption of not only can you research that all the checks which was signed 1st chance of the less of that dozens jets and use similar they agree that all journalists many interesting here was our services were calling me and the rest of the and when we change from this smaller to us so the more moment research oriented approach we actually want breaking itself in that it was calling the name of we have a factor 2 changes up in the application press right so again you know a lot about model as well as some sort of returns things the external costs of but really we are also right most members of the this phrase is not 1 right label there's approaches produce it's in your mind there so you can find a version of this sort of have to wrap it up on the car environment action policies durations use their hands to hit the city of Djenne which is very useful we knew that we had the action we have is because are also of the we use of and I'll get to 1st order of the rows and it has been a lot of different base on the so the rest of us who serves the interests of all ones and they got all the parameters of the return values and are also has actually tells me here in you change we know that that's actually we use a change and test data so we use the word now that things were I was a student but really really involved in this research
last year pilot what I imagine passing it off and incessant always around Little Rock had access to the over my own thing staying out of the way we talk use of of I agree this that it will be in the form of the meaning of dependencies explicit in our excesses explicit is really really useful so you know it's a little bit 1st by a unit works this is a premium that is says any added kind of modified the files are not up and it fails then only the out and it was so we pushed the intersection testing regimen of what they do not with that of the authority of the reasons so what usually select we're getting near repository in this kind of thing right of gene guidelines about this controversy objects work involvement in knowing best practices in using the best practices makes the lines of what it's about input of solar water to introduce things that are happening in the world so long head the reduced provision of medical tests whose credentials were very useful of more tests we added more call fast and deploy remember the key thing is wonderful it of the digestive test kitchen and integration tests with constant 1st so the last thing is this and this right the fastest consumer all your 800 optimization but I think you here right and again it's about removing obstacles so that people can get the idea is that this is you said you can't get the ideas and approaches of this possible that's to avoid massive edges right you and current states along with whom they are not rebels are from the because and the water endlessly root is basically the hard but a the and
English this is a sort of world war a his in removed complexity where the magic word can version all things and I think you can is there to make decisions do serve as a result of that so that everything goes in there and the last initial 1st language can operate average began general so I read in an organization or you me and will create annotations from John us this'll inverse you're learning new things in here Lucia learning new things in the entire dataset people or sort of every day and so on and on but the accused you have to increase the size of the spring Algorithm scholar don't know why is so terrible but in reality is not a religious don't know what they were the that 1 and the all and can test value and went all the things any amount of curious never is always there inadvertent destruction of business and but it was the only thing that were last and every letters about the senior engineer at the CGO CEO of more this is history culture and double or half the genes that really hi this is directly tied to the question of the general revenue share of culture and you build 200 success only if you have a variety of protocols lower everyone's research to erase the and that was right there is that it collaboration communication wholeheartedly holes and release work together we can work together again it is they reducing the test on this I remember 15 theorization products a linear but always that the close 1 of the last words from perhaps the greatest new president subtle the essence of the part the that these alternatives it that and the any questions the use
you know I guess that was use the the questions of it's exactly the right so moles per Jason files that kind of thing and he had to use wine prior to that want right so you also topic of right down of the wall that says through the model and contains my these recipes can also receivers unification you apply to something that sent carry on board or so to when you version for books so versions in largest parts that you have specified in all so what you do is you of the wall recipe and controversial environment file and or to that part right so you change should actually days I just wanted you can control stage the version 2 . 3 The Protestant into 1 1 where are so much your roles but it's not quite as the most possible in only 1 contain information that is required prior to you about show that is as China but was the of so the Irish what results today of a word of so much in the center of the work of but let's alone was all backwards and will work was often you
have a provisional government in steadily exactly problems that anyone else was being involved in please join us of how terrorism that question
it was widely used so far and in the out the of the change in the past several months of review of and library of terraform gave us a little bit more of humidity variables standard injected errors in the original so little the last suffered from it and more about that so we were able to define our environment status on the basis of reciprocity which competition is much more difficult I now that may change this is this is the trick right the right decision to sources of over the of term I would recommend you this the 2nd day
of the year yes to all of you of the term in the sum of money that the the question was the I message alternatives to say but the use of which was sort of the the the rate of the of the Eurasian instead of having usual values so I decided so the tendency to our present in structure and kind of breakdown so the chance of not used you know in recent years up until you something that is not in the right spot on the on the of the the the Russians what that it the most