A Conversation with Microsoft

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A Conversation with Microsoft
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Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management, Microsoft Azure, and Ken Cheney, VP Business Development, Chef
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lot of the chains according gets caught up on the yeah things can so I could see army raise their hand about running in the cloud so all ask again or this time specifically frightening people using outer today OK good yeah good number so those are using Agirre probably no and as you really is a complete cloud right we offer a huge amount of infrastructure services globally available but we also offer a lot of platform services and so you can employ things like machine learning I O T a website based solutions and and it's been really exciting to see the amount of growth and the the excitement of this wide variety of solutions but complete for us doesn't just stop at the application services but also includes a set of security solutions of a set of uh enterprise-ready capabilities trust compliance and support on and what the really exciting things were seeing in the USA denaturant just all up in the clouds is for enterprises this need for open source is really started expanding and it's a huge area investment Boston why partnerships here with with you and chat uh has been really fantastic to continue to grow that and you can do with that you probably like wow that's awesome on a move everything I own in indicted tomorrow and so all stop your house in like that happens to that but for many of you may say well you know it's going to be in a little bit of a
slower process you gotta decide when to move in and how to move and that's probably the best part about ITER is it really large you move own pace with a ton of hybrid solutions at a stack and back up and so on you can use Agirre sort of it at any page you want in most of what we what we drill down a go into the world and
share their right hands that the work that we've had going on together right so it's gone on for quite some time now I think of 5 years about 5 years I the area that over and over in Redmond
Seattle GMM which when we started in but um across the bridge and you know we started with a lot of focus on Agirre specifically and a lot of focus on making sure that chef could not deploy really easily and quickly Nadja I we have chefs are available
directly in our market place you can also deployed a shift in the VM surely quickly but we also expanded and so a lot of engaging on the window size right making sure PowerShell India see work beautifully with shaft and so that you can sort of layer that in with all the other fantastic services because of and talked about it really taking a life cycle approach situation that right absolutely yeah that's right and so that the most recent stuff we've done has been on the on the dev tooling side right Visual Studio in T if there has to be able to get that threshold deployment of that yeah there so I open source yeah yeah but you guys been the investing quite a bit on the frontier you say with a smile as if you're surprised here I have rather not present but it's the last year mark markers it's got up on stage and he did a great job talking about just the the amount of Linux usage on Algeria but this talk about that absolutely yes so even when it when he talked it was web about me that year ago 12 13 14 months ago that I mean it's been an even bigger growth in nearly 1 and 3 over 2 machines running an Azure today running Linux and which has been this Hoover exciting to see but it sort it hasn't stopped there right running running open-source and analyzes is of course a very exciting aspect but were also bringing a lot of the Microsoft products into open source communities so that we just download at the Red Hat Summit a a couple weeks ago a sequel server running on top of Red Hat which was a pretty pretty cool thing to see an and of course bringing windows to
doctrine and supporting Dr. natively on Windows has also been fully in an open source that's been really exciting stuff yeah so that this
is the most of these organizations are in some state transition yeah and if give all the color on on what you're saying with the this enterprise transition to the cloud and absolutely you know I think so when we see enterprises that get excited and in
fact you have 1 on stage yesterday excited to use of the combination of of shafts and and and the cloud in as I like last lines that you we see is really strong passion around agility right it really comes down to how I get things done quicker and better so I can be better and and that and that's been really the focus that we've had with the larger and I think why some uh lot of the enterprises are starting to move into the cloud is the combination of the agile infrastructure and then the bridge into the automation support that makes that agility actually work and that of a human hearing about this entire conference right and can even showed a little bit on on the previous slide that they're just whenever such is not gonna be enough for it right that you absolutely need to go think through how my going to change my process how my going to change the way that we work together comma going to secure the system all doing that and actually the challenge that we hear from enterprises it's
I want that agility that I've heard so much about like I hear these big start ups and they deploy every day why can't we do that and and the goal is really how I get that agility without sacrificing security and without sacrificing the ability to collaborate and that's where solutions like chiffon emitter going to be really awesome coupled with something like outer underneath there was pull the throttle that on security know that like that's 1 area that idea yesterday we we showed that the demo on stages of automated survived the down and that showed Sam all that integrating into an Office 365 yes so yes absolutely can you know mean at the history at Microsoft has been a lot of focus on security and some that we done quite regularly since the early days of Active Directory and and that just continues and in fact grows as we move into the
public eye were starting here enterprises come and say wow so you guys are protecting my underlying infrastructure in ways better than perhaps I'm doing myself right you have an identity solution that will detect is things have gone wrong if if people of abuse my system and and you have tools like security center which will allow me to detect if someone is breached my deployment maybe you're more secure than I am and in were stone actually see that bubble up from and that's where again the
integration both of the infrastructure layer but then up at the AP layer as well with solutions like instead to be able to add that level of compliance that level of control while still again getting the agility that people looking for yeah so looking in the crystal ball and of the future where things are going we have a crystal ball has the kind of the cool but but the where when you look at something messenger making that you're doing a lot of customers have a foot in this in this kind of legacy world and in the transition to the new yeah I think you as a company a point where the better position out there to actually help them on a journey that talk about what you think the future's going to look like in the transition and yeah absolutely I mean it it comes back a little bit to the open solutions coupled with the with the hybrid solutions that that we offer from natural think that the ability to have an actor stack solution which enables the public gadget to effectively deploying around from environment to give this hybrid story while then taking advantage of open solutions that can literally deploy anywhere uh enabled this mobility right and and for the for quite some time we expect the world to be hybrid but we do expect there to be this mix between on from and clouds uh where there solutions that just don't work all makes sense to move in the public cloud or at least not yet and so and were really excited to enable them like this I think were a unique position to offer a very very hybrid world right now so that Corey you have somehow got the Irish video your idea that you saw that I saw themselves as a impressed by out there we touched last aware of but there a few other brother belch joint joint customers that have been successful yeah so Alaska's fantastic and and it was often acidic you know yesterday he was amazing and I was a little bit of a is a daunting to see him go as like I can folic so and is very funny and so
so I had up my game i'd practiced all nite just to make sure that I could be almost as good as him but I'm not anyway and so he did a great job yesterday and and you know his usage of age's been fantastic but it again takes advantage of the complete solution you know their mobile app runs on top of as wraps service and then of course the
integration deeply was in great we also I should have went even closer to home in on the last year's basins in Seattle and we haven't even closer in on this end so so the internal Microsoft product MSN actually use a chef as well for all of the deployment management and and that of course layered again on top of Agirre and so that's another great example of big so it took this step took the plunge the automated and in fact they believe they started on time and then moved it and add once automated and they'll a really good example of that ability to sort of move things around the great example so anything else uniting the biggest thing I'd say talking with that on enterprise is big and small i is it's it's Pick a project if
you haven't done it yet you should I you know if you if you starting for your 1st brought to your tends pick a project automate and then now and then you know find a weighted to get a cone in the cloud and if you haven't used that again I can see enough hand in the room and I will be coming around the 20 later uh who didn't raise a hand go free trial it easily have started spin up a Linux VM be surprised and so have a good time with that so Corey thank you for being day
absolutely that's on appreciate you want as a customer and to poorly as as as a significant part of you that think like things right have you guys of fluid