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A Conversation with Google

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Google Cloud Platform yet is that the rovers whoever immigrate club platform was not been told by a few of you that we you bear Dublin marketing so working on it but poem no
so it's you know it's odd adventure externalize all the fun stuff that Google's been using engineers been working on for 4 years farm somewhat for people use immediately and a lot of it coming on open source and so the adoption is been just phenomenal the customers have been I got given as phenomenal feedback and just want some amazing things aren't so we just working connecting services that match to a meeting people where they are and so this journey for Google over last 4 years has been eye-opening mean we were of moved to an awareness I career I guess in the conscience are the accounts model we're unconsciously incompetent we just in you know was out there it was just amazing engineers at Google plot the head and go the while there is some really great stuff in and we sense that stuff like Google Code dead let's go with get hard right so just adventures been fantastic and
really learning for us and we've got some great coaches and you guys have been 1 of the best what's great and that we had a good relationship I m gets caught up on on the Google shift relationship and guess who really going yeah so what we've done a ton of work will come work lately with shot they civil works this means you can run are your cookbooks on on Google as you want and we're going to be releasing a whole bunch more cookbooks are over the next couple months and I but all of you guys to say what are the could to matter most to you so we have Google engineers are invested honest I you all coaches so when we talked about what you need is an open source and arm is it any is really going do know me Google engineers engaged right and that the pattern that we see a crisis in my to the the certify cookbook program that we have so we don't get certified cookbooks side of a sippy cup program so and so the talk about 25 or so yes yet 25 pocketbook stood the fill out of for everyone you can run the cookbooks are against any services and Google so that good baseline to get it is just a start point right so what we're good to go knowing you work with you all the figure out in all of you on what else you guys wanna run right so next from Intel's us out here talking about communities and the collaboration with doing together from and to have a talk about some of the know your perspective on life how you're helping customers think about the transition they're making right yes yes so we've all we see most of our customers
obviously comes into low I take larger buckets of I say nutritional start up scale massive last step jet perfect example and then you know big are big companies like Home Depot or Disney or otherwise right and were always seen is obviously a lot of companies are maturing the notion realizing that every in this case public out right synsets were operate that not all the same and each 1 has its own flexibilities in its strengths and its there and being able to take advantage of
the strengths of each 1 offers are is certainly were were single sort our customers go try to living in a world where they can move it between the Monford the ability to run something in multiple places are is is growth so really critical fall on that we've been talking to yeah so we can do without machine habitat and talking and all we love habitats so now we're getting our our hands around it right with ideas were from or other mean as brought an early and it gives good understanding of where you guys were headed on I know that we had a number of discussions internally with was adamant team on page thoughts and 1 things you should think about on I'm excited because it helps people move from from the green field so that the if you do it a new application hey that's great but that paradigm to pretty well defined and not habitat doesn't fit their grade as well so use it for both by ah but I think we're excited because it helps people taken they'll be will spend in Internet paradigm spend more of their time developing new code and extending medial code right right but I think you know selfishly for you means chocolates getting to GCPs sure yes faster easier I guess I mean honestly we could we we do run at proper form and we looked at workload on there so that's sort of the way this the business model works on but in a fundamental way Google's always there and had had a very basic paradigm which is but if we are not the very best place for you to run something you should go elsewhere critical because what it does is it forces us to think about our partners and our users and everyone else and we engage in a way that's that's deep that's authentic and honest and if we're not if we're if we give you free way out right so if we work in a Cuban ideas or we work closely with chef in a way that companies can put on the angle of the thing you go somewhere else they can now what that means is I'm amazing dialog with you all amazing dialog with you as as a
partner because we've opened up that door right and there's no feeling and trapped of the Newton deliver value it forces value the top everyone brings good value the table that so units operating at the a little about
OK what's what's that English of model you that it that it is optimal for for organizations will look into the 2 CPE yes so I think from engaging model from if someone's looking I mean clearly most of the 1 are coming to us spa already at a cloud so I have used it or familiar with another 1 yeah and so we generally really like to help them a notion of working with someone with we wish shaft run it you get it not getting this flexibility on I do have a just a little bit on that building a notion I do some really big concerns on what I'm saying in the open-source world and not just be honest on this on the way in which people get measure I'll just give you a little or are you behind the covers of how this all stuff kind works on anyone used by looking at no one's in a place that has to look at the Gartner or Forrester near wave or right all of us to right so that's just a way in which we think about there's nothing implicitly wrong in any way shape or form like that start playing the ranking of there's a that ranking and then you know you put a rise up a lot of the capabilities so today believe you end move the piece about
is it's interesting the conversation is it's a a stack rank that says hey do you offer these services so 1 interesting thing that comes back is the question is do offer is in need of service so the question we get asked cross-industry all the time will give an example right so are in a lesser search asked option West search on the right you work closely with elastic search and you can have an option that runs in your platform the answer sure that's great you get credit for that in the way this is currently measured in our industry right you only get credit if you take the Open Source bring inside your own around 4 walls and you make it yours and new offered a service the question becomes what happens to the people that is created a lesser search what happens to the people that have created this amazing open-source software to that I think we're a little bit of a place that were right before the green revolution everyone remembers like it's green it was that really mean should I make a different change on the bottle I use because it's clean and all of us just take it for
granted that there's an implication of the choices we make the environment based on green I believe were there with open source and I think there's a decision that everyone I encourage all of you to think of this may be a little more differently what is and how in what way the money in your spending elsewhere influencing in giving feedback into the open source world because it needs to be sustainable right and it's looking at the lens of driving innovation innovation crack yes I mean who where you are we putting engineers coming hats off I'm sure you know many of you did know the model work Intel does want to make sure not just the Linux kernel but Kumar net mean that that's 3 4 layers don't differentiated the work they're doing on all with you guys and habitats another level differentiated right but those are things that we as a group need to measure up I think it's it's something that we as an industry need to reward right farm and so those behaviors are ones that I want you all to keep us honest when working at what is it that there was 1st meaning in this case would the chef community need from Google on great no your honesty secure up we need engineers right engineers to do this on this and make sure that one's grammar Google which do that that's what we've done but that's just a start there's a lot more that we we need to do and we have this open honest conversation with that takes that's great insights this so we before we for we leave the stages and having else you wanna make sure you have parked out everybody I earlier selected is today is all just story once was to do every major approaches for novelty mobsters on 5 is going to go through and now it's just automate it might terms cracked so of the literature on on in front of Abidjan which is the world's biggest pass right which would be so were giving in working with shelf help companies moved through that entire process no matter where they end up 1 and run the code anywhere from a past and I as to a a you know I guess referendum name habitat right because it's not a pads it's even a level above it so of the habitat makes that I workloads on a pastor right exactly so that works were straight cells on we're gonna be showing showing that off and going through some real-world examples showing how customers are doing in running workloads within Google and others using the using shaft to total side of the have you guys from can by the booth we have a bunch of starter credits for you guys as far as I from chef social Winchester if I use mustard include the platform but Brannon if thank you for taking the value and I think the message I would you say is I Adams said it no better than you composite it is when you thrive by thrive I'd love
that as the notion of what we should think I'd love to see whole open source community and everyone outside of it because everyone can succeed but we often think about making sure the guy next to us that the decoding is thriving that's great so thank you thanks to Google the
partnerships that amazing thank you select preview of the few
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Titel A Conversation with Google
Serientitel ChefConf 2016
Autor Cheney, Ken
Jung, Brandon
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Unported:
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DOI 10.5446/34608
Herausgeber Confreaks, LLC
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Brandon Jung, Head of Americas, Cloud Partner Business, Google and Ken Cheney, VP of Business Development, Chef

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