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Amazon Web Services Keynote
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do me a favor back up on your feet for which I would like to introduce you to Scott ultimately problem of user pp of developer and management tools from Amazon Web Services a big round of quot stuff I
have my eye the other and the detector I love this idea of starting with the innovation makes it feel somewhat more comfortable the nearest all of you the
summer talk for a few minutes there have a customer is using or new AIDS OS search of automated service come up and join us as well just as a brief introduction I manage BS's developer and management tools and I really think about my job is working on these 2 big problems that are related to the 1st is the held Donovan opting and about things move faster as they move to the cloud that's 1 of the key cloud computing that benefits that we see is increased speed and agility which is on the slides will help them about things move faster and the other challenge and working on more on the management tool side is to help customers have better control over the resources in the cloud than they ever had in the on-premises environment not to be as good a can implement the same process to be better and you do those tackle those 2 problems without accepting trade between them in the previous year and that on-premises there we saw a lot of these controls implemented as a checklist severe ticketing systems and things and that's really get these crazy stories about taking 6 months or 4 months to get a server in a center orally do both of those to help Devon that options move faster and have greater control don't accept the trade-off between them when we talk to our our enterprise customers and customers have been using the cloud over a little further along in their journey most and talk about the biggest benefit they got from the cloud is that increased speed agility but yes it's great to have a a a discount on the on the hardware take advantage of the economies of scale and not have to have teams who were managing data center infrastructure those are all great benefits but there's really no benefit that's more powerful than being able to move faster and innovate faster and cases as a very was talking about in his portion the keynote but to move faster and be 1 of these 1 these digital companies whose helping to reinvent the industry that could be from coming from the outside and doing a reinvention of of an industry such as Netflix is done or could be assessed an established company moving faster than all their competitors account of fending off the offending off those are those attackers in the case of scum is like Capital One General Electric in Alaska Airlines of as a been talked about in this know and added so there's really no way to get the benefit of these benefits of increased speed agility without doing the things we're talking about today can be seen that de Botton transformation and kind of the cultural changes that come with that and there's no way to make the cultural changes without tools so that 1 but we've had of a partnership between
Amazon Web Services and Scheffer for many years but a few years ago about 2 years ago a barrier is the executive team and yes we're talking and we were looking at the opportunity in the space and saying well like we've done so much together but will it take to take this to the next level would it take to deliver something something new that would allow a joint customers i in this area to to move faster the result of that partnership that is off worksFor shuffle
automated so this a new product it's rule really done is try to combine at the best of shaft with the best of aid of yes and deliver a managed service a fully managed service with the shuffle automated software that's 107 compatible of automated and 100 cent compatible with shaft community content so with this with this service so that we can take some of the on different heavy lifting off of you so you can do more to focus on the Dev Ops transformation that you're doing and really have like a one-click easy access to shuffle automate in the cloud now for running exactly the shelf automate software that's been the topic today image we design extensive demo you use all your favorite tools like knife and test test kitchen as well as all the community content that that the chef community has produced mass is a tremendous benefit the a couple notes about about the product so we initially launched we launched in late November last year it's running and 3 8 of yes regions so afraid of yes people like that was them was then there but of Virginia Oregon and Dublin are the 3 initial regions and we do plan to expand to more regions a we have a simple pay-as-you-go pricing model so that you pay for the E C 2 instance that's running the show for automated software that at normal data BS rates and then you pay a per node our pricing it's that's this very simple pay-as-you-go pricing and the pricing is so low it's actually it's actually kind of funny so it's it's less than 1 . 5 cents per node our but manage a chef node and I was thinking about something to put this in in context and my kids really like the satellite skates with but you know what kind of through the presidential campaign and then since and 1 of the favorite lines is is Bernie Sanders don't pooh-pooh the vacuum pennies like that was his main main main fund-raising makes us try to put this in perspective so I took the price of a lot today that I bought yesterday the right before a rehearsal for this and other calculations I figured out that in my in our work day I could spin of a test cluster and I can manage 40 nodes from my entire 8 hour workday for less than the price of that laughter so that's really kind of unheard of so you don't have to talk to the sales people by fury have made a a study done enough to get your credit card will happily happily charge the pennies to your credit card as this as this today and you can get going you can experiment we think this is really going to be groundbreaking in encouraging experimentation discovering new would new use cases will be general technologies when things get so in of you actually see new use cases emerging and new experimentation so that ability to spin up a cluster run it for a while doing experiments
spend down and to have spent you know pennies or a couple dollars on the water the water is not is pretty groundbreaking the the other thing I think we'll see which the customer there have been have come up in in a minute I talk about is I think we'll see more highly distributed use of shaft servers that used to be that enterprise would
try to do was essentially C a central operations team or infrastructure team who is running a very small number of chefs service kind of an enterprise-wide model and I think that model continue by think we'll see more more of this distributed model where you see lots of small ships service throughout the throughout the enterprise may be in a business group level or an app team level are running their own chef service so they can control their own destiny can take care of that and we got it done 2 things that will help with that use case 1 being incredibly low cost as I'm as I'm describing and the other is to standardize the configurations so 1 of the other benefits using shuffle automated is that we take ipconfig take take care configuring the shuffle a server in exactly the right way and the standard ways there really are some guard rails for folks to do this now the pennies are cheap enough for you we also have a 3 tier so after 12 months you can run 70 500 node hours per month so that's the quality of running at 10 nodes at 24 by 7 so it's really very cheap to experiment with and and then we really made effectively Friedrichstrasse courage people but this week OK if you have a database can already why not take it for a spin when I give it a try we made the cost of experiment with that literally 0 in that free tier 12 months and the cited let me show a few screenshots of these screenshots from the AWS Management Council and with the shovel automate product we also of course provide actually the access to the the shuffle automate councils the of all the familiar tools that you have a ratio a couple of things 1 is just how easy it is to get set up it's literally just a few clicks so this again a screenshot of the database measuring council I could just use server name choose a region to run in and then choose an E C 2 instance sites of a selection of insights and we provide recommendations for how many nodes you're you're likely to wanna manage are based on the size of that E C 2 instance for the server and these religious recommendations so no limits we know that your mileage may vary because of how you're using shuffle automated so this really just guidelines to help guide the initial choice I just pick pick pick and I click and I have up and running and running my shuffle automate server knowing gone further than that it's been provide Amanda service some the things we wanted to do is take care of you who spend so much time automated some of these on in other people's things erotomania teams things is at stake here some these things for managing the chefs are automatically so we handle updates automatically so this is the simplest setting the maintenance window so you can set a maintenance window and a chef releases of security update or a minor up a minor update that has a bug fixes I will take care of applying that you have always up-to-date Chef server similarly we would it automatically take care backups as well so that we know the you spend a lot of time taking care of a backup for other things during without be great if we just take that off your hand so again units Center maidens window and we will take care of that make it sure there's an up-to-date copy
that back up on a regular basis and you can choose any time to restore removed another server so if you wanted to upgrade their E C 2 instance save is you find you're managing a thousand nodes were the start out managing 100 that's a very simple operation on the rare event where there's hardware hardware failure and unhealthy E C 2 instance I you can take that back up and easily spend up another E C 2 instance to run the software the so we have about 2 sessions of covering ops works shuffle automate here the conference so 1 is this afternoon and the other is tomorrow so if you just in your mobile app search for office work you'll find the sessions and we also have team members who they are available in the lounge downstairs on level 2 and just look for opportunities connect with us a finally
Iceland call out some of the Enterprise the Enterprise and other customers we have as as reference customers rocks works offers better really successful product forces really helped a lot a customers an automated as they as they been moving to the cloud we see a lot of customers as the enterprise customers is that as the shifting of workloads from on-premises to the clout of doing more to standardize how they're doing so maybe that the chef had been a 10 % use case for the on-premises world but then is the shift in the cloud they say they while we're while removing things from on-premises to the cloud with skin into a cleaner state less standardized so we have you know some really good examples here and enterprise customers like a British Gas the global mail Toronto store from the education-focused companies like Blackboard and then we see also in the start-up world folks who were automated from the very beginning so that companies like again come is like me and will go who operating from the beginning knowing that they're going to be running a massive scale insane from the very beginning we know that to survive in this world and have the economic so we need an like mobile gaming environment is very competitive word to automate the heck out of everything have very small operations staff to run run