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all right while you're sitting there having a there's little
stretch I would like you to join me in welcoming to the stage Rob Strehl principal analyst for Forrester Research but if I
have to thank for i it th and if I have found and you would beg you it's not devastating elevation of standing up being yeah that might be the problem right it's great to be here with my people operations followed yes I'm mad developers rebellion or clapping Don hang out with them later OK so I'm working for forest and and you can tell I had this right you will cats encounter wonderful but the reality of working over forecaster I couldn't talk to a lot of organizations
and I've seen a change in the distribution a change since January optimal my finger on it I get 700 increase the year you were and since January on being cold why your CIA was Enterprise Architects the of application development and VPs of alternate saying 1 thing we have to go faster yeah Costa important but actually speed to compare it is the 1 thing we care about and 1 of the things I love is
that we've just done a survey which says the deadlock is absolutely now mainstream it's crossed the chasm 18 % % of organizations told me now survey earlier this year that they are implementing implemented or refining the idea of autonomic this is amazing we have raised a position where people understand that we need to go fast we need to automate and we need to drive value they even further up 1 of the things we've had developed since 2009 would give really started emerging instead of is really being driven by developers and storage DevOps velocity was being driven by the development organization a kind and of agile and you will know this but the reality is I'm really happy detailing the issues serve right I can't say the operations are finally leading Dev initiatives with 69 % of users by telling us you implementing processes that look like a word evolves know each year we produce at the net and sigh where is the velocity whereas the momentum and I can tell you it's not happening in government but it is happening everywhere else financial services for instance is amazing with the Finn text in the insurance takes coming we're seeing this huge interest and support in DevOps now now as you can tell in this wonderful that with Brown is hot I don't know how that happened but anyway but then you can say that financial services for instance is really driving DevOps forward and telcos and communication companies and services companies a driving Devils forward as they change and transition their business model for velocity but fundamentally if you look at what's also happening out is happening because it's driving the velocity in the new wife we deliver products and services no I remember the good old days of banking and it was fun when you went into a bank branch in use a human brain there I would write dies right you bank was that like knowing defray Monday through Friday nite and if you're really like without the 4 o'clock on friday
don't you ask the bank teller than on Saturday I know why but to die you can bank anytime you want any way you want any value 1 and it's being driven by technology smartphones tablets you a things I just get a new card in my you can the Internet of Things is alive and active and sometimes it makes up its own mind what it wants to do which of helmet but the reality of this is if you look at what you're doing in your roles every Di you was supporting these rapidly changing these fast-paced applications and this smaller data and they change more often but we have 1 fundamental issue which I know everyone and you in this room has solved and that is that you know the less than 40 % of organizations actually promote Chinese to reduction faster than quarterly that is a huge problem in the industry to die it is 1 of the things that is challenging the DevOps movement it's 1 of the things that's chair challenging velocity and I think 1 of the things we need to focus on is how do we actually get change transitioned into production on a much more rigorous with mobile city and more capable of accountability the because 1 of
the fundamental things I say that's the his needs to be resolved is that we have these things called silos of childbirth velocity of source of automation and they as of automation of fundamentally changing the way we go about doing business now the connection is 4 minutes so we're in development and we've actually coated trying we push it across to testing and we push it across to Q I am recursive across the stating their because operations is a weaker rebuild everything we cannot we can't take what you did we don't trust you you've heard that before right when he this every dime and then you look at that and each of these solids of very nicely in a fully automated only 29 per cent of you have automated that whole into any process and 1 of the things of this event is continuous automation I let me encourage you that we need to look at continuous automation because it's it's really killing quality and velocity so if you
look at the standard map here of Chinese now yes I know there are a lot more steps 1 of the things I say it often is this significant challenges all or you opportunities In the whole pipeline the 1st thing is really simple things like delivering automated test environments now many of you were doing that already I know you why you would you telling me about last not well done the reality is that if you think about it with things like in containers which I'll talk about just a 2nd coming and serverless computing we need to get this what some people call the CD and release that automated we need to be delivering production is the environment in development the testing so that we can ensure the we gotta production we are actually delivering on the side environment that we are going to be testing on it improves quality because did is not just a merging of development and operations it's things like did say cops it's about ringing out performance testing let it's about doing all these things and getting into a continuous process of automation no 1 of the other aspects I can share with you since January this year is we're saying a real shift in terms of container the word doctor is synonymous with containers and since January this year we've seen organizations actually lived and shift workloads by popping them into containers and looking at things like cloud providers to deploy on that's 1 of the most interesting uh things we say now when I took that contain is I think about my 1st services of reacted taking my applications and and having a integrated everywhere and it's all wonderful and sweet and the world is bright the reality of it is that you've got this huge investment in existing applications and services the you've already got you've already been using that you already got production and did not going away just yet 1 of the things about time is is that many of you have applications to today there probably ready to move on they're probably ready to transition into the next whatever they can look like and the other thing was saying with containers is we are actually seeing more and more organizations look at actually developing code in inside the business this is called loco don't know how all you might even call it citizen developments aware absolutely starting to see this to and many of them in now deploying a new systems like containers now as you go forward with containers Mike holiday polity describes container landscape as exactly where cloud was 6 or 7 years ago to do anything in the container bomb you need to make some merge multiple parts together you need to drive your ecosystem together and you need to understand how you can use in China is a service of Platform as a Service Oriented build something natively on something like maybe candidates now the reality of this is new to this you got open source solutions and you've also got to fight solutions 1 of things he we've actually talked about is where chef is gonna apply in this situation as well with habitat so if you look at this situation to die you've got some interesting decisions tonight as you drive full with containers how you can integrate and pull it all together but the 1st thing I would share with you is don't put your head in the sand and done ignored because the reality of it is the containers are coming so where our well with the a doing contained
is cloud on primitives it doesn't really matter 1 of the things I would encourage each of you to do is look at that automation popular we did a survey his income which is 1 of the frameworks that that people use for a measuring their box and understand that should be today about things like culture automation lean methodologies management measurement sourcing and so on and sharing of course and if you look at 1 of the attributes of this continuous automation process part 1 is your opportunity so we scored happy we're doing a maturity of model of town and I'm unfortunately gonna share with you that automation is severely behind every other metric now I know of ice uh I did this a review this audience I would say that you're all much higher in terms of automation the fact Reagan here tells me that you're looking at but the reality is that is your your opportunity to look at that part 1 haven automated higher than a drive at higher than it could deliver a consistent automated platform ture organization so that developers can develop test is contested QI folks can QI and operations can deployed and look at more high-level higher order things such as delivering right environments that can scale effectively and look at new technology no I shared later died demobs has really reached mainstream why I call it escape velocity and 1 of the things about escape velocity is I don't have to actually explain to everybody what DevOps is anymore I can actually have a discussion of the CIO and also a yet other develops that's my given upstream working together and putting them into product my Government's organizations on and say that yet the place they told me about but the reality is where is it going in the future while I wanna share with you and you to the term cooling by IdeaBank which you may have heard of related I go please develops where I am actually saying organizations do development within the business they're actually pushing code within the business and you better have an operations perspective you all pipeline totally automated totally efficient hardly affected so you can take those bushes run running through the testing environment and run them through these the QA stating and deploy them directly to production so these they're box is about the business actually writing their own applications saying at more more across the globe now also if you look at this thing 1 of things I'll tell you there is that organizations are really driving gearbox forward you know 1 of the things that that I can tell you is the calls me and the people calling me is fundamentally changing it's not develop is not so much anymore you guys are doing the fundamental basics if you do when adding creepy do that but the reality is we now seeing Enterprise Architects 1 or not how they can actually rationalize the torture is 1 of the problems you will face in your organization as you look at DevOps going the organization what is you have multiple tools multiple tool sets and component and with open source you see them changing on a regular basis so if you can only remember 1 message from a session 1 of the things I share with you DevOps is now mainstream but the reality of it is if
you focus on automation and continuously automating it is not only critical to success it will help you succeed because the objective of devil's is to drive out business transformation is to drive the way we do business forward if they deliver that business velocity that your business once because as we go forward we are the drivers of differentiation business capability and business services that Abbas is going to change memorial biases so that said Enjoy the event it's been great talking to you and I look forward to seeing many of you in the whole wide forgetful face having it