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Howdy, Chef Partner Cookbook!
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Did you know the public Chef Supermarket has recommended cookbooks from Chef Partners? Last year DNSimple was approached by Chef to be part of their Chef Partner Cookbook program. You'll hear their side of the story from Anthony Eden, DNSimple's founder, and Aaron Kalin, one of the developers and system administrators at DNSimple. Anthony will talk about the business side of joining the program and considerations he took before joining the partner program. After, Aaron will talk about the technical challenges that were faced when trying to make the already published cookbook comply with Chef's Partner Cookbook guidelines. You'll come away knowing more about the Partner Cookbook program and how you could participate with your company including some tips on how to work through the technical and business challenges.
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on I'm not hearing Kaelin with that in simple for away for 3 years now this point and so I do at the in simple idea that most the day-to-day operations stuff so my privacy they world a shaft on and has been for a i think the last 5 almost 6 years of this method chef cough now and I've pretty much lost count of all the community into and somewhat of a fixture on the ship community in that sense and then in the ghetto so I'm I founded in simple as to whether it said I had been developing for a long time unless the reminders that cut my teeth on parole in Java moved up in the Ruby Erlang elixir go to all kinds of things and I usually to spend a lot of time writing a business but also started to write some code and from time to time I get to work a little on the ship stuff and in fact this is my 1st shift count and I've also been to 1 shot summits the 1 in 1 uh so yeah so what we're gonna be talking about today is the uh chef particle put program on so if you don't know what that is so this is warranted be diving into use of the the background of answered each of our sides of the story so in start off on the business side of like what business decisions went into becoming part of this program because you get I will go the story about how we got pulled intuitive but all the going over the technical side onto can give you like the details of how we pull up our already deployed and published a book to the supermarket on up to the standards that the Czech basically guides you through for becoming trapped particles up and so this can click over to the next thing to there we go and
so were part of Indian simple our a DNS and envelope domain of managed the main automation management company so if you want to up by domain and attach it to a service on the internet media has to do so it's the glue that holds you together as many you probably know on also automate SSL certificates which are becoming more more a pinpoint these days for folks on we make that incredibly easy to not purchase but also help you as much as we can in getting insulation of itself under way on we also I would say it's which like the reality most of a domain registration DNS and SSL certificates and Berryessa we again like or we talk about today is the chef cookbook that we've had out there for a little while and also the sort of rewrite this happened recently so we've updated it 2 of the shaft 12 and 13 compatible it pretty much will not work on 11 anymore sorry have the community has moved on and it's time for you to come up with it is if you need help with that you pay sir person questions in these resources later for the top on the really cool thing that we that we published i is how
genus that works on can go pull this up and of any of you have kids out there show them this comic and they can help you debug your order because it's so is the analysis the problem right goes down which efforts on so sexy really cucumber conjecture kids we can also learn some from that if you have some folks aren't super technical on this actually explains the Onassis as a whole very well like from the browser how a new query works how it actually it's the response back and that whole chain the goes through and it's in a very fun little common even have like a miniature version of it out of the check this out later on in the hall right over there so but I can't see here only the story when you throw
up the when the but I like the transition and that this is the story of how the how we became a member of of the shepherd and program and so guess like the 1 we observe the time when I get so time unwise I I got messages on the the chef community slack from JJ with some you might now on the he does lot the partnerships suffer shaft super cool guy he have met in the also goes by J. diesel or z will tonight Admiral J diesel on because we'll be totally models something on the but being and slacks talk about a new programmer chaff on publisher particle programs like what is that and I use of all the node it's basically in a nutshell it was on a set of cookbooks that chef would sort of blasts on in the the chef supermarket as kind of a this is up to even chefs standards for reusable easy-to-follow easy to work with cookbooks that support multiple platforms because even at the time there is there's a lot cookbooks on the supermarket was also lot cookbooks you probably need not saying you don't wanna use them this is so that the sum that could be potentially dangerous use just because someone wrote it it works for them so they publish it may think OK by sharing and it's all good good and all that but that it could be that you have a platform that has a quirk that this cookbook this does not account for you know when you publish something out there in open source like you end up taking on a whole lot more work than you originally bargaining for its greater share an on but it doesn't always work for everyone and and in fact some cookbooks could be in potential harmful for a set so this is kind of a way for a chef to you might have a set of standards that you must follow and you shut themselves of so say like a as a knows a user of Schaeffer like a large company was look at shaft users etiquette cookbooks books that we agree are a really good for you to use and we will even try to support them as much as against company because we know that they fall the stanzas and therefore we can understand and reason about the way in which user customer arm and that led to the user in April 2016 and that's when are we started the e-mail chain because they told go and you know me and Anthony on because joining this program also meant we had assigns legal documents on because we would be entering into sort of a partnership with shaft arms to their these cross promotional agreements and all that stuff on the Gonzalo that more money we have legal will be some more details about that from happening side arm and do we talked with a couple of other people a chat about this just get everything together is a set discussion between JJ in on thing here of to get all the requirements there's actually a PDF document he gave me with a sort of presentation about all parameters and Starbucks ironically that at the time has doing the calls them on and then you know he's give me all the instructions are needed and even in that presentation of like what it needed to do in terms of updating a cookbook which is already in a pretty decent spot is it was but even I knew that there is some problems with it and we would need to go and justice of a forgotten their on and uh in order to meet the deadline for here of the query what yeah done by June to get up into the program so from April we 1st started talking by June of 2016 we were basically in the program that once we for close to you know at time flies in on 1 from them so that the end result of all this and if you want to check out the cookbook and supermarket as it stands today but I'll be pointing out like what action denotes it as it particle but later on but I forgot my go over the other fund business stuff right so the 1 metabolism
why you might from a business standpoint 1 to actually get into the program so when we look at anything inside of the of the in sample we look at not only what is the technical value for but also what is the business value for so why might it be good for business and they go through a few different things here the 1st is the marketing values so when you have a company large or small but we know the shepherds a lot into their their marketing efforts they get out there and they promote their partners lot they promote high-quality cookbooks and this is part of that so as somebody who's going to go in and have a partner cookbook uh essentially you're in their incomes you in there and say this is this is something that we can call market with you so that's 1 of the 1st things and for small companies is hugely valuable but I think it's good even for larger companies and shows that you're future ahead of the game when it comes to your operations side of things right so that's the 1st thing the 2nd thing is visibility so of cookbooks that are particle books actually a special badge again Aaron will show you a little more what that looks like actually in the supermarket later but you get a badge and there's a search option they can be used to look specifically for partner cookbooks so you have a little bit higher visibility at nite imagine if we can grow this program even further that visibility will become more and more important because you'll be real-estate these particle books 1 the weak ones we can trust and the high quality the next value from the business side is the ability to co-market so on the 1 side you have just the marking aspects of shaft but as part of being part of program EXE into an agreement where we can blog and we can write about the use of 1 shaft together and then actually brings value to what we can do for Moran because it associates us with there are cases where the company that's doing some pretty innovative things in the operations world on chef also share those blog posts through this to the ship community which has additional value again they're just they're bolt they're having a blessed marketing program with you that's a joint marketing program another value is essentially community by improving the quality of cookbooks in general inside of the supermarket we are helping the community as a whole as you saw this morning during a keynote the chef community now is quite large right those people depend as all of you do on a good cook books that are going to come in and be difficult to run difficult to integrate into their existing cookbook and infrastructure it needs that that's gonna work straight out of the gate and usually on multiple platforms so part of this program is designed to help the community as a whole From for me as a business owner who depends on the that I'm part community as well so that's the other piece the improved quality means that I can depend better and I know that mine operators were going to be working with these cookbooks on a daily basis are gonna spend spend less time trying to fix bugs in other people's books to improve quality is a huge benefit to us it again speaking of the keynote this morning speed-to-market matters then quality of those core components using your book cookbooks matters hugely these which you don't want to do is going on some Ravel on somebody else's cookbook so high-quality cookbooks means faster time to market for us and faster time-to-market for each of you the the but in general being part of this program actually help strengthen our relationship with China as well so it got me in touch with people in the shaft community it actually got encouraged to go to the chef Summit in London with the with Aaron knowing even the fact that I'm outside of the community in terms of I'm not writing cookbooks on a day-to-day basis I still found it very valuable starts and meet people inside of chef who were at the higher levels and that's something you take advantage of as well you start to me good people who can build strong connections inside the shaft community and will hopefully lead you to other business aspects as well so improving different things about your business when you take advantage of those connections are right so those are some of the business values naturally there are a few challenges that go along with it as well the good news is that they're not very many that's where the reasons why was an easy decision us so what are the chances that there is potential investment of time especially the cookbooks are up to snuff basically as far as like the quality of them you get access to spend some time bringing the quality of so as a business owner I have to decide to invest that time now the good news is that I don't it doesn't require me investing money in the actual program the program is free to join but it does require meted out there to dedicate some engineer time over to that if you have high quality cookbooks you maintain in the 1st place that's less of an issue for you but if you have some cookbooks you want to have part of program maybe they just got thrown together you're gonna spend some engineering time clean them up giving of course is not just the 1st creation of it it's the ongoing maintenance of it so as those cookbooks grow over time and involve you have to make sure they stick with the standards and the standards themselves may change as well over time that additional quality requirements I can seriously imagine a time the not too distant future where inspect might be part of the cookbook process for particle books if that happens then you're gonna be expected to to handle that is part of your pocketbook green so you have to consider also the maintaining quality and the ongoing maintenance of that to need those are really the only 2 drawbacks otherwise all upset right it's pretty straightforward and now as far as the non technical requirements this is also very very simple which is also we had 1 agreement essentially we had sign which was the chef partner co-marketing agreement beyond that there's really nothing else so from the business side is really low friction to getting your business groups to go in and do this because they're not they're not validate the inter and NDA is or other legal agreements that might be complex in this case it's really straightforward Lisa was assigned that we signed up missing those same way now anyway so it was really really simple and that's pretty much it from the business side like I said it's kind of a win-win right I mean there's there's there's not a high barrier to entry there's its low cost generally so convincing if you're text side person and you want convince the business side you may easily use these arguments and say look it's almost all of the story an unintended back over Aaron is gonna talk to you a little about the technical requirements that sort of the very deep and good the CSE here is this maybe likable appoint a review of just a summary of the presentations given speed is actually an updated here in their 2nd update my slide on from the the original requirements on so when the 1st things right out of the gate and it's probably you know dollar for some you've been in shuffle little bit on the testing the chefs back back on our pretty much a requirement on inspectors is there state is used I think back when we 1st reviewed this service backed inspectors kind of at the border but at this point spec is pretty much all there all the time and so if you don't have inspectors there you will need them you need to have a 0 ésiré open source initiatives are compatible license the license file on factor newish FTK believe now ships with they are like a license chooser thing of fruit critical now actually of fail a build out this is actually a supermarket section of now in the the different things that it can can check against a good book on and if it fails against a non OSI license server can figure out 1 that you've you've chosen on the net she Kiki to a site where they actually have a huge list of them on so further the business side you may need to evolve and if you have license your cookbook you definitely should on we chose Apache 2 0 I think back the day because that's pretty much what the majority the chef community users what shaft prefers even say this in the the documentation for merging cookbook over to on but you know it may be that your company is different sort of requirements that may even choose MIT that's OK so just you may want actually you consulted the society even the legal team if you have 1 about licensing if you don't have 1 yet are contributing that any documents so how a people than a contributor project testing in the document compliance of cook style of this is volunteering I'll get into a little bit detail of that and the fun we had that 1 how compliance the the supermarket letting tools are which is the critic excetera out of you all know about the the the supermarket standards in to talk about those in a little bit I'm also platform support making sure support more than 1 platform it thing initially ours is just and to only how which doesn't really work with everyone else because you know rel folks there's window folks and when the spokeswomen when I 1st went to take the my 1st some it this is think for 5 years ago now 1 the windows trackers to be people crying in a corner because when the support is nonexistent and shaft on and from where it is now he of microsoft being a partner so like where it's it's move the last 5 years has been ridiculously impressive so I've also had to think about this and you get a Jenkins Bachan Schepers actually Jenkins Bill farm that runs on Agirre currently on that will actually running tested cookbook and what she terror down nightly and rerun it again so in case you have dependencies in a cookbook if those change from underneath you need an independent is like that here bill will fail much case now I need to go back and update your cookbook arc is you know all the requirements can change over time in a shaft in general is a moving target on so that's something you do need to be aware of and keep up with on some other qualifiers that aren't really think hard and fast they preferred you have semantic versioning on this helps with tools like Burchell the prefers to have that so we can actually reason about version numbers on Windows support testing just talking about this becoming a bigger bigger thing check
community we really want to make your Windows environments you more inclusive overall mission community so having a couple of work on Windows is definitely huge preferences that ahah qualifiers for as I know but it's definitely preferred if you can do that organized document that tributes are if you have any those new cookbook I think we're able purge call them by moving to the new resource model which is kind of bonus on so you really really just wanna make sure if you expose resource and all that stuff the document incredibly well on and especially like this is kind of a duffer chef adapted recipes so if I write it over and over and over again I should still get the same results if it starts getting what you that there's probably some code passed the you need to maybe test which aspects are so like the dissoluble points not to keep hammering book . si also alleging tools of this is fun for us to go through because of food critic he used to be a lot more loose and fast with out doing things like if you haven't used to create of work on it's basically said as a static analyzer tool it will go through a look cookbook using some criteria it will throw a set of warnings based on different things it knows that can cause cookbooks to fail or not work in certain environments like if you like in the newer ones just that added if you don't have a minimum check version added in your metadata it will fail on off you don't have your platform specified will fail on new version number of certain data matter and metadata information and stuff like that and you can turn them off on or off depending on what sort of circumstances you have you not publishing to the supermarket and then you can turn off all supermarkets stuff tags you want to it's in the documentation on but with this you pretty much have to go with a qualifying under the the typical set up a food critic are so few people can pass that and you have to have a pretty darn good reason action to comment on it is you can't you turn off the rules and food credit yet the comment in there and have a fairly good reason why you're not complying with a particular role and it could just be that it is we critic for a little while you was way back here in terms of cookbook standards but the community was really moving up and luckily chef was able pull food critic up to that a somewhat recently so this much further practices and cook style that had warned about before on is use as a tool called rule out and everybody you've used it before but it's basically another wanting to offer for Ruby on the goes through and does style checks inside code on and this is the could style is sort of chefs agreed upon standard of this and the reason I give some huge caveat to this 1 is because this particular thing might rock your world are because you may have an internal standard about how you write your Ruby merely be using remote up if you don't you should Duffing consider using the tool because it helps you write more consistent code on like 1 of the things that this whole deftly surprise you want is there a hard and fast about single quotes forces double quotes or double quotes are only if you want to do interpolation really common they prefer single quotes so it will fail on you can again turn those offers a Yamal file you can put into your project that will let you skip by some of these things you can explicitly turn them off according to the the the the program like you don't have to comply with everything that's here on but I think it's an operations team decided that it's a decent practice to do that those really funny is it actually is in direct disagreement with how they do the simple act which is also a Ruby on they have entirely different roles than we do so but we just use cook style so it's consistent across all of our operations to place so long he can comply with this you're going to go on some terms the documentation front on the newer things just got added our the contributing that and the and how you and I conditions helpful for us in general just because it it makes you sit down and think about how is someone going to help you with this project is open source you putting on supermarket you have hope they'd like to get help rebuild behind it all that stuff you want to be able help the especially because you're generally going to be the only 1 initially using this so Europe the best use case you know what all the sort of balls are but someone comes along maybe uses that on Windows system like that and your resource doesn't quite work as it is so how are they going to be able to to tell you that and potentially help you maybe they know enough how to fix the problem and they want to contribute to your your project onto really have to think about how people contribute back and then also you to really think about how those contributions come in on your company may want to for something like an interview license agreement or the like India so is that is now a shaft and all of which effort i'd like sign 1 of those you ways I did at the facts in back and you have to and and I think the activity and the male mind back or something like that is like physically cited documents and back the shaft nite set aside commit so that's that's super nice now and the end I'd like image before we chose Apache 2 of were the contributing side of things on and speaking of contributing on how are they going to test your your code answer having to verify that the changes that they're going to submit to you were were especially if you have something like a CI pipeline hiding to describe that so they know that that's there and if it fails you can point them to exilic here of the bills failed to go check out these bills armies travesty ional that selection moved out of the Testing section used to be at the bottom of our read me the time into a testing documents are matching of supermarket will actually fail on uh the the quality checks on your cookbooks if you do not have these documents and as of today so he submitted pocket book right supermarket you don't have these files it will actually fail in the the decoder mercapto quality metrics ominous spoke before about the licensee to make sure license by was there and I think we had 1 but it wasn't exactly filled out you need to make sure it also has like the proper copyright and all that stuff to arm and the proper people attributed to on the going back to the the test coverage document this is a fun thing to do we set up travesty ICA's mean should be told like we we run travesty eyes so DNS we'd love all the operations seen although the folks over there we know the founders very well on it's also very good service in general and a lot of the public chef cookbooks are on on Travis EI and then we we had to wait to allude a bit wanting to make sure it would all work on especially publicly yet to think a lot about like we had to do some credential hiding and all that stuff we don't wanna give away our public API he's a bad idea to do that arm and then the other thing that was the addition and they can came in after we join the program think this actually check off last year and a half day is when I was told about the the Jenkins coverage badge of his JJ thing was literally building at the end of that day and so that I had that you were pretty closely with him to make sure that he could get that builds working I think Badger clouds what users using the time of still is using now also it actually help him like Saddam parrot their mind basically implementing a cookbook and test on so could he actually run that that testing that and the document and if he could follow it that's a failure on us I'm not making it easy enough to follow for them to be able to you know either downloaded or run it on their own CI environments especially for people consumer cookbooks and the test set come into the platform support what like it's a before we can be only have 1 2 was the original 1 and so we had had quite a few more platforms so if you look at it now I think we've got 6 or 7 platforms in an hour and a loss comes added a whole bunch of just way could some platforms like a x i just I'll never have access to the testing so so some of that you have to put in there and hope it works the same goes for Windows I assume it works cybernetic windows customer that uses yet where the that but if you do we thinking about it please talk to us I 1 of it works on the ongoing requirements because as I mentioned you back earlier uh chef is a moving target and serve as as you're from the keynote are shifted 13 are totally can is happening and be used where the the things like 13 users and you're requirements are in terms of like hiring resources etc. of 14 is probably the rock everyone's world that comes out but the king is 30 years stay on we made our cookbook 12 compatible by default and then like we also just distant cursory checking and 13 nature works on this I think it is an ongoing self acute the cool thing is there's a lot of public information like there is that the discourse of thing for shaft honoring there to listen to the announcements and described him like the new news feeds everything to find out what's going on in the show me on like as mentioned before the couple quality metrics are moving target 2 is actually a repo that I will link you to on where the process of choosing like by sort of order the community on what the community decides are a good quality metrics that tell us it's a healthy that book on 1 of them were in particular is how many contributors again that but there needs to be a minimum of 3 4 then declared healthy on because that's also a metric for me personally if I see a project out there and only 1 person is maintaining it kind of here and there to me that's not a sign of a healthy open-source project because you know that there is that if you have the boss factor being all grams of like that you know what if they go away and everything I was no 1 to maintain a cookbook are more were so there's a critical fix you need to get in and everything and there the only 1 there and there are indications from now so having multiple contributors help so much a project so even if you have a sort of public or a project seeking it more people on years to to help with that particular matter on I think we easily qualify for that 1 that like making sure you keep up today and this is a huge deal so i'm is really to before and what can cookbooks out there out now such a quite a few on the way lexical fine books if you
go to the supermarket right now I'm on the big giant search bar at the far right there's advance options thing it's a little hidden on the click on that this will drop down and you'll see will check box apart if you check that often and hit the go button on you'll see a whole bunch of them in the list but here's AZ and what looks like a
mutt denotes it on is a little badgered son next to the supported platforms also when you pull up the actual page for any of the cookbooks their apart that puts off to the right you see little tiny batch again what the new make this bigger but this is just them you know working with the design that's there now on the wall see like as the the program evolves like if if chef decides to make this a bigger bigger deal on but so far like we've been on it and it's been been pretty also like it is this from the business side it was no sweat and honestly from us in the technical side it wasn't that bad I mean to be honest like we were already following some of the you know the the cookbook best practices because they said had been around the chef community for a while and I remember like I 1st summit and I thought I had a decent chaps set up and then Jamie Windsor was there to unveil Burke shelf like this so far back that goes and then they they sat me down to show me like how wrong myself totally wasn't think every written my Chef set up like 4 times now so it's it's an ongoing thing like you really like you live and learn and and when you come to things like show comparable to the community summits you learn a whole lot more about what can make a set of better what can make your company work better and by allowing for new business side folks to be able to contribute like he he's contribute to a lot of books internally on and to me I see that is like a huge sort of debt opsi when when I can pull in people outside of my typical team to come in either help us to something ship something but I don't want him never be afraid to ship something we could be even I'll be there a whole sanity wants to you but I think that yeah likes making this when was not that paging me you know 3 in the morning this cell the bottom line
is those that in general the program is really straightforward from the business side the costs a small but it has a big when right I'm plain simple if you commit to the program you're saying where we keep the quality high where and maintain these codebooks right that's 1 or the so it's it's pretty straightforward from this inside and there are of course the legal agreements is also the open source licensing when you have to consider but in general I think of a low-cost investment and then from the development side have the development side on in migrating a cookbook is is probably easier than is ICT place a fairly easy for us because we're already sort of following those those best practices in a lot that I generally gleaned from either chef of folks themselves so that we get in touch with a lot of them and everyone sort of has opinions about how those that cultural on but migrating should be fairly easy process and if you ever get stuck on the cool thing is you can get help on this is where I tell you to utilize the shaft of a partner resources onto the cool thing is when you to this program to you get Sergei a point of contact under the other ships people who will come in and help you a guide you into either documentation you know about word like they can help hobbies encoder views to help bring your cookbook up to the standard on so if you're really really afraid of like what that might look like or if you're not sure if you can even assumes correctly on by all means ask Scheffer help they will help you as a really wanna get more those topics out there i think still this point were the only gainers company of there is there's is 1 of those who interlocks actually helical but uh yeah yeah we have a over yeah we the first one the right yes so the 1st market so if I but does yes so that's that's pretty much a presentation
thank you so much for your time and so on and so before we go uh 1st all there's anybody have any questions about the program were about our experience and alleviate chance if you have any yes sir the might you really quite an area so as a repeat the question that you get is required that the computers was kind of words people you'll notice be publicly available on some way is it doing 1 of the things that are often critical failure 1 house if you don't have a source your metadata it will fail to OK and that's like because the so if you do it requires us to be the yet assess the public somewhere it could be on our bitbucket or a I get labyrinth like that like the Democratic Latin sensor something that's like hosted by you public forever given make the sources available in a downloadable fashion unfortunately then you lose the benefits of a community all book and and the dating back to the contributor aspect aspect you training for 3 contributors minimum you want you really easy for contributors to get in there and and add the cookbook and make better over time get get as a bill did help get lab all those have really
good avenues for people to contribute to the top of these resources for their by any other questions before we finish up here yes there were what did you use for your whole and the people so what criteria is a forgone publishing internally developed by and the right now we don't do what we typically only published books that are usually supporting open source projects as well on or then somewhere useful to a broader open source community are internal cookbooks we also do maintain them inside of of get how do we keep them in primary those and then we run our own chat server to get that in these days internal cookbooks are wrapper cookbooks basically now so we'll try to wrap like we consume a lot of the supermarket actually on kind of 2 sometimes detrimental thing like I alive and to read a lot of PR is to other open-source cookbooks to try to get them the like either better patterns or it is but that mean all that stuff and here's like my test case basically show that it has on CSO they for internal 1 something really have anything can be ways of skull we do still followed so they do still follow the same sort of can fight techniques in order to clear cookbooks um and also at the same food critic and 1 thing they do for this cookbooks on all the internal cookbooks as well as the older ones have to get moved out so all we do is we keep a list of requirements for how the campsite cookbook to bring it up to date and that actually helps out really well and and in any of the operators can do that and frankly the documentation incidentally enough so even I could probably pull it off I really want to yeah there I think at a blog about this us more recently actually so that Indian sible bloggers there's a person made about time I can't sightings of like that so we'd be actually that procedure listed merely like and this file remove this at this is here take this out new shifts the yearly wheat as a living document it gets updated every policy like every couple months unless you can try pull it out of you want the
lecture I was gonna what since we have 5 minutes left I was going to do 1 other thing regret you kind of good stuff appears to yet another area right so Rho quicker desires filter switched to marry Maria here for him yeah please do the shock we have 5 minutes of we haven't answered the other questions before we go but I wanna rock which is actually run the with a little demo if you wanna see how Oracle book runs a c yeah yeah are we near the greater incidence in into the right and so it's been we we wrote this thing that we can use the to just quickly show this over wanted to run the demo with Room 201 so if we all know that it's for you I had the record does not exist right now so it's going to go through and it's going to create an instance of a digital ocean and it's going to then provision of a little Apache Server on it and it's time is could actually add a DNS record and our system so the way our cookbook works is actually called out her API attitude you record provision in this particular case so the 1st thing we have to do here while it's going as we have to get connected to DO souls if the network loves us enough to give us a decent SSH connection yeah and I'll pull the codon VII words is also Pisa thick yellow CIA that was there's a phone calls so will and while he's in that we can figure a quick look at the the actual code there so see here so what is the directory itself on ongoing cookbooks here's the demo and then see recipes just 1 impose a year they succeed EI uh so yeah so that's the sidereal so the very top of it up here this is our our custom resource that we export America book now so aka act entirely rewritten to be a chef 12 compatible 1 if you wanna see a really interesting way to write an API driven cookbook because we're wrapping an API and GeForce talking to an API which is this not the norm of your writing resources so don't take ah Cookbook Design gospel on my and talking which of about how that pattern can be better because they know I'm not the only 1 is done and and I just yeah that's this word is but if you look at the internal critique of book pretty fun but this is all really doing to create the erected on the other side that once it goes up there on the adds to it gives you a subdomain Indians of polite sexy based on the the that the data were actually using all environment variables and test kitchen under the covers to actually go and create this little ocean instance with no the demo namese spit out a Apache the server with a a welcome template everything and we even know capitalize folks names knowledge sources that over let's see if this let's see this 1 yet you should only Jose abrasive yellow
appalled monophone on a computer room 201 Baggins let's sexy yeah but only if the 2 sides of a running there yeah so so that's an example the cookbook itself is in any in again you can see all this on the supermarket and the idea really is for each of you to to take cookbooks the you think are beneficial to the community as a whole and get them out there and get them like see the last by shaft so that we can trust them so that all of us can trust each other's cookbooks and get stuff shipping faster that's what it really comes down to and that's pretty much the end our presentation Thank you got any other questions we can answer yes the run because yes another talk that he's been starting here just a 2nd that that in this very casually layers yeah I get the fashion it's another torque so what you want is confined us at our booth dyadic store over here on all of us will be there all the running around the centre look for Fox's at the Fox answer that a freaking out the word nursing tail coming in and out else around with you know the the check jacket mostly iron is because it's a chef conference also convinces everyone in the hotel that I'm curious about it which is really fun the bankruptcy of Britain and then