How Habitat can Boost Your Chef Ecosystem

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How Habitat can Boost Your Chef Ecosystem
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Attend this to learn how you can take advantage of Habitat and enhance your current Chef-based ecosystem. We will share our journey and learnings from building "software as a service delivery system" with Chef and how Habitat's packaging, supervision and service discovery made it simpler, faster and more reliable. You will take home: Where to use Chef and where to introduce Habitat. Benefits of using Habitat. How distributed and complex system deployment can be simplified with Habitat. You will see Chef and Habitat live, in action, delivering a highly available ELK stack (ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana) within minutes.
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let everyone and in the afternoon of so out of the 2 names there I'm only the the plot of the class that I let me ask you how many of you using share in production also and that's what I would expect only a few using habitat in production all amazing it's pretty obvious that not many but using it breakfast with only a few use have died in some capacity but in on your local machine can do something very pack yeah bring it so so in this session the privately color of hollow the the chat and all the link and from I bought this is the introduced just let's get right into it it is big need adopt
so then the sun code there is
some animals look images the things like that so please try to stay awake in our part of policy and in the best attack
I would like to start with this quote from him more IT from what I media that Silicon Valley is underestimating the impact of piety but it is kind of thing really why the Canadian and US reading on right so I like to explain why you think that the and estimating with something called the power of 1 % the the let's get the EDS III have
many business area what of the business unit as deviation every 2 seconds the G getting and takes off and the 70 % likely the flight which you don't was on energy getting them become Gloucester the 70 % of the plane 7 and you everything again then 5 GB of to 500 GB of data but flight it is insane analog of the what'd you begin to get all the data from the India into a cloud do some analytic size and try to understand the patterns of behavior meeting in his as and running through if he can analyze all of that maybe there is a potential opportunity to just a saved 1 % of fuel and we can do that that's equal to 100 million gallons of fuel saved every year Justin yes the best the power of 1 % without starting same to the
local ordered GE has the transportation 1 % more on-time performance under column if just in UK
energy 1 % more efficiency you can generate more energy to pollen up of the whole year
health care wondrous efficiency in the healthcare devices because of the data collection and analytics on it 45 pollen and he like the production since they can be a
more would just by 1 % for that so the power of 1 % the so this is a quote from a CEO he said that every in this industry company to become a technology company information technology company because that's the only way to guarantee the up time to guarantee that asset is performing at the desired performance level whether you like it or not but you have to become information technology and that that on this and he's going through right now
but the problem is how do we make call like it this it played Tolman today than any of their effort 500 GB flight how how can we get all of this and do those nalidixic he wanted to so simple that bigger 3 simple steps if the edge you Kidder from softer evidence on their heads In this case the gene as they divide and then you created the biggest possibly cloud because he do although only lot of data right and then you go and then they found that the at that simple like the simplest of any weak and effect so very and you can do a Iot animal because we all love item intelligence and machine learning so the mean doing sort of the in
the steps and the team from the via coming from is mostly focused on the cloud the middle the biggest possible value can think on and it ended up up all the cloud be fed the neighborhood cloud all those are all things critics the it's available in multiple by the presence throughout the blow can we have tens of pollen so machines running on a cloud because opponents of the developing and running does a poll of the application of we also offer softer services tax we Apollo's of softer of some of the spectrum and apply this to be the scale it would be operating the
then he was building this cloud of the desire to problems the 1st the problem 1 was of what the appalling of this state last problem do have an estate live environment where any development and pushups web application all of the other problem you of the need to solve all the stateful there the lubricant also busses did not like databases are catching service and so what is that last there many solutions and industry vendors started living the cloud a cloud including these missiles it so smart it was very easy to be just 1 of the land put together the stateless run by but 1st did for runtime they're not many solution around the state off the container and the busses level of mine that mature so it was a problem for us to have his father's estate for problems are hardly theater runtime which can keep the data if the container the machine will summarise In order to solve this
problem we get a little runtime and you collars above a the reason why we got in the way because all the names from the pitch in was already taken much that the so we did something just outside the kitchen and say OK what comes the pitch in and out from also indicated that the pittance of of effect right the chef knife and all those things you prepare of offenders but it would but think about the fate of but they is made on chapter from God not check the court of the very W. Shepherd reasoning and configuration management the shaft father VM creations understood in a patient use of infrastructure as a service of and the fake and run on c L A 2 medicine as Amazon Web Services and NBA but configuration management on machine you shut and that all of this we were able to create persistent services Oftel services for example red is elegant evidence here the the the the the services it should have been reviewed under buffer production today they did that in the days
of so do stop interacting with the system you visit API everything started an API so you can say I need a stack by sending the create request the create request so the payload which have like a I need the last exists node 2 lots dead figure 1 so you specify what you want that request goes to a queue and the the time also get persisted do a shaft so in the standard of that then the Q of item is being paid by the worker machines the what the machine's job is to read the payload and then start a shepherd reasoning recipe now the job of the separate reasoning recipe is to just created the stack like OK the number of machines of the questing this period the machine created the Lord balance that's the at that point of time shaft comes into the picture and the job of Schaeffer's around the set his codebook and put that that particular software on those machines so in this case would eat plastics as much it and in 1 then nor such come into the picture and cluster the machines together so but zoomed-in then
invisible dance Scheffer reasoning created all the machines and the that shaft constant with the softer on it and cluster them together
life is dead like but like the lecture did not that great because by doing the all of these you know dynamic make the cluster location in check is not that simple it's not that easy and legal to like the problem number 1 is the dependent In order to converge these soft here in this example ElasticSearch locked differed command on a machine you need to download the dependencies and these other dependency looks like just for the the software you need to have jour node by Paul all these source software and this is the the book from Pico will be if all the machines so it needs a dominant that to the whole intimate to converge when by that include the problem with that is it
finds you me the then st lows down from time to time right we all experience in that the and all the packages managed right but they was coming down on the machine all the convergence start feeling but no reason we this even now and the whole Internet illustrate 3 and the pet rather security security security-related being hit you or downloading stuff from and write all over the internet and you don't even know what you are not with so the the the
problem the 2nd problem is there is no good service discovery the shack a about convergence the model do the service discovery what you need to do you need to wait deal in order get adjusted to the shaft and then you need to do a shaft such to get the idea of the node and then write the configuration file and distributed among all your machines and the status of this that's kind of an abusive discovery model but that's what we've been doing because the volume is it totally leadership bad ones
use cases like finding a you that is not also been part through in the chef implementation just 17 right so for example we don't gratis and that is on the use cases that finding the leader right so from the master I just want to publish the domain name from the master nor on right In order to do that you that I need to have an active rocks in front of it I need to write some custom logic in like a book that figured out how it it has to figure out where the masters and then publish that out so it was used as a snake biting you that is not material handling the stuff recipe that we need to write a complex logic the nearest thing the
last is the configuration change in order to elicit if there a configuration change in your services that that's the you at changing the ElasticSearch heap from 1 GB 2 4 GB right in order to do that you also need to write that logic in your recipe that in your code book you need to 1st make the configuration change the value and notified the service that they IT Indian but this value you better restart right it's your responsibility to do that so that all makes you Google will then recipes complex and the from like is that to let that
might have all this how and you know I'm I have the best to you know a shaft and I can hardly be that once use cases of these animals follows it anybody having for management of distributed systems and then thankfully
this happen last year by he gave Adam game Adam presented that he have something which is which can be baghdad in these use cases we been going but that
have would that introduce this new features like application packages and hot packages Quicken think changes that I do not have a way about you know the so but that takes care of the convict changes intelligent runtime environment if you forget to add a set of as he just did do you are simple as dropping a filing nuisance comes up on that machine rolling updates so let's say if you want to change something all of your machines are not getting the started all we configured the same time you can do 1 at a time it does not give give the fair right so we all get very excited but at this point I would like to called the by to take you how we took get 1 bit of the loss of features and change the system it's not just introduce the buffet to take advantage of habitat in fact how we used to have begun to boost Alicia bases share this system the FIL and so we saw before you selling some quality sources and then after having that was launched the decided to bring about how to get into the my seems here that there is a hybrid of being so the buffet but let's see what we change yeah so as we saw earlier that both the was stating some regret if there was some workers being under the question doing its job so Teledyne we bring about infrastructure based on the request we have received everything is seen and after that when it comes to repair your so this on that particular incident on those machines Romanian habitat so now instead of writing summer school books we started writing habitat plants we have a plan for ElasticSearch lobsters and combined after that we need to integrate all the sources together my notes that needs to know last exerts lives I did not do anything except now I like doing a search with the shaft summarizes will send you must do every biennium in the ring and their little the now there is 1 last excessive and dual configuration according so at the end of our and I'm solution we introduced have identi so
all the northern basin worse is larger forces let's have a that based on dynamic Turing and gene so
there are basically 4 years the 1st letter is broadening yeah so in both the cases we still use separating and yes we used separate you might be thinking that you know there was aware that evidence also separate ruining for it so really good for our use case the way the other using it and it gives us a really good info such as a call the the 2nd basis configuration so in the chef would we had so many service promoted and in the habitat would now we have all those cool books coded as a plant started in duration right to do and integration of my so this is in fact well I did do some search figure out how many nodes how many clusters are there with the history of the shelf over and I find then an injury but going to have a direct I just leave it on the habitats of arises and the of gossip article will send you must to everyone in the in the ring and then every node every civilized ending on a machine with figure out who are the so is out there and I need to buy into and the last thing is that I have done all these things now I need to make sure everything keeps running on my machine it's not that I convey an eigenvalue what it goes down I need to make sure that I have a desired state configuration all the time on that machine so we separated service and model and around on those machines but we have a I think I need not to worry about running anything because there is only a supervisor which is responsible for all those so is is to be up and running if anything goes down so either we make sure that it gets you started on so that's the conversion of both the old model with the just the year and then how we are leveraging have dead so a
couple of issues all the problems which we were facing and we have discussed now we are going to see how did the leverage is habitat to all of those things so 1st of things you have have a diet is better by using right we had to create our own bank is and every dependency was is required for that bike is and so then see this example together will manually installing elastic so it's on a machine he was director of data because you want you want to be updated then outlined still elastic Search if you need to add a legal and people and all that stuff right there the steps but let's say you have read already 0 back is we have a diet for elastic so what you need to do just 1 command head start and the elastic so and it may show that your back and get started on the machine and get started right away right so I do it like you in more than 1 command just 1 command and new services this 1 hour
of in this is in the form of book books so when you're trying to so elastic there are a couple of residues needs to be included and the resources from last American book the same thing when we di did you habitat we just had a right to
resources for us to make showed that is installed on the machine and the 2nd to install the package of the service which you want to so by doing this so we had only these global to services is because you're running on all of these Justin elastic had 150 lines of code in our but it included some of the standard goes this was a guy required by our of intensities and the and when the dog all of the acid says askable with the have we so that remove hundred lines of the core from there and actually out of these that the lines only then lines are for the habitat and other 40 our for our standard like requirement for the wealthy so the cell accorded action we divided by using system 2nd
solution or the level is getting from 108 is that it's fast region kind wars Foster so the the shareholders no we have been the example of an I need to connect my lots that will be lost search and how I'm going to do that by doing a search but if elastic that is still not resistant to the shift so I cannot find it so I had to break my and Williams in 3 steps the 1st step is as being mindful such the 2nd is I will just bring my ElasticSearch notes so that I can do this so then configure through them and service can start right and on the tyrant and wasn't would be contributing a lot lot search lost test and then doing a service to the so an invigorating my lord status to the elastic so so is it like from all the all laid down the steps provisioning of inelastic search and then the last the end when configuring lobster not if I do the same thing good have a dead 1st thing is I mean the same gun was the remaining instances right but after that I want to read and they my last exerted abandoning I would just do 1 convergence and put everything on each machine because if I tell my low status to find an elastic search and indeed with supervisory make sure that I'm busy it finds an elastic set so it's in your ink in a plaster it won't let lost as stock you keep reading and as soon as the last so relevant the rumors and sent to uh every other peers and they come to know there is a OK now we have some extra nodes which say the elastic sense that's recombine our configuration and then the configuration file for the lost as gets updated and the SOS get started so I induced 1 gun wasn't and then so you think that I'm not actually die with using seeing in the production when we were doing the 1st dying on-demand service creation or the instance kitchen for and cluster it was taking around 10 minutes but when we switch to have a dad it was reduced by 30 % and we so that it's getting can was in 7 minutes this is the 1st term residents now let's consider something happened my machines all my machines when Don my did that is considerable because i . as the scene of the service and the service would be restored so by doing a disaster recovery of machines much inferior work when the chef were the same because it's all I mean oddobreno machines installed all the software rate 1 by 1 everything comes out and then a test this can sound the services but we do have a doing a disaster result under 30 to 40 was introduction because all the packaging of habitat everything would what have a dead requires to run a particular so this was driven a aparticular define space which we could mount to external device and then only machines when down we could be it as the same this and many weaken was delisted these this at all we only have everything so up-to-date and the good the a cluster of in the minutes well disaster fairly are all maybe let's say there's a Hughes always batch of data to the right so with this it's pretty easy to grab the machine bring a new machine the you always and it has the same as and have it and will be happy during is a game the taunting way in which we had
to do figure out how many nodes or which so users are there right into the search how do we do it inhabited by so doing a search it's so the operation right your client shop and we make a call to the chefs over there this solar operation and then this is really really like and back to your client and then you know the configuration right it's a service centers over operations made by each day but with the habitat they have the information locally available with the node right they have a census data available on every symbolizes all they need to do is this look look up but that sensors and figure out how many other nodes are then which I need to be configured to and this thing was moved from the codebooks do the plants so it's you only need to worry about while writing a new service you not the way about when you renewable and deployed on a machine so have a dead how has somehow methods which really let you figure out how many alliance members and therefore appointed binding which you want to do for your of a particle so this on an application and then you can configure those thinks easy in your plants it
finding the leader so finding a master because master is the only person organ like-minded for some software negative reasons and that is right read and critics wondered of reliance a single way to connect to your service whether it's a dedicated instance on it's a cluster instance we would provide you as single connections string you and then no matter if you're master went down for some reason your string the connection thing 1 change and behind-the-scenes we would make sure that you know that's connection thing is always pointing to the master right so how do we do that have a the hand over there because it has another helper matter which always tells you about a leader so let me tell you a little bit about leader in the habit of right so when you say I have a start up with a list of lists and it is and how leader full over the policy it needs at least the notes to be there of that particular service in in your cholesterol habitat of surprises and as soon as the Naudts become available and saying that you know I I'm publishing ElasticSearch right the haven't and will start an election and a leader gets elected so that he react as a master for your services so let's see them on here
on but so there was more application running and we have a simple question to ask that you know you have a that tell us who might you there is right now so it's telling me Of particular IP of the leader from the super are having a drink and what I'm gonna do is the title of this machine and I would stop the surprise and as artist of this overriding I would see on other nodes In my that they
would to on the reaction to find a new leader because the gun uterine down and from member in to see the election won't monologues here
because so through certain the books were
recompiling because 1 roses down that sends the message to other knowledge and knowledge score rector the URI and trying to refresh at k and see so
the 1st remember the the
the the the sir and there are 3 known the closer the lectures and the it so this could this be the
in the
the the the forgetting curve and yesterday while I the the click here then the the idea of what so if you
kill of member entering the unit Unilex and have the gains and that a but was it has to elect leader on it you can use use cases like radius I specifically maybe reusing the the to gage the mood of the the also but professor so I did sometimes maybe of you know they'll fibers and to use here of so the science of the signature device it's just using that 1st method which is always pointing the leader and as soon as the new election happens that meant gets a bit like that's written in your value and here we see simulated on right it so it
I had 1 image for this flake there was 1 year and then suddenly it's step down and there was a new it is still according to this don't worry that a heavy debt to the some ordered OK so next thing
how we gain from habitat is intelligent of and then right every service which installed what do you do we made a configuration file for it to start the service as we want right so the habit I mean so regions about the way the configuration files or some kind of configuration which is called as spec finds for supervisors do dense relies that water kind of service and in which has shown lake water policy and what late of this study here the use with a particular service and how many sources you right so all of these configurations for the services you can provide the supervisor and then just leave everything up to the supervisor because then supervisor really make sure then based on the given configuration it runs each and every so based on that particular instance so there's a default directory had so the for specs rich always to or keep a watch on it and as soon as you drop a new fight with some specifications to remember to a service it is stopped running that so right so and you know it there might be a use case that I'm a couple of services on a machine and suddenly I might need to move on that so is to a different machine or maybe I might to start a new service on a particular machine right so it's very easy they have it it makes us makes this thing for us really easy because all we need to do is drop of 5 and then bring up a new service right again the this it all and
this work so this this particular machinery we have gone through an engine X which was supposed to listen to a Cuban on as an upstream server and we are seeing of bad is a let's go to the machine and see what happened here
so it is either directory specs directly we see that elastic says is there a lot SES and an example of where the services of there but we don't see a combiner right so I need and so to bound on this machine how easy it would be if I had to do with a chef cookbook right I divided applicable in many user communicable included a city into my existing as at the push a new words and and then start a chef-client that would start my service it's they take some time right but what I'm going to do here is I would write
but the 1 aspect fight I am duly would idea of Uzbek find would it contains the 1st thing it condenses is you need a denser relies on what service it has to run then there is a group configuration you can identify your segregated your services in different groups began on Monday will elastic in the same supervisory but they can walk as a different cluster begin to find that the policy if you want to run them as a stand-alone applications all you want them to be tested with each other a bit steadily binding so the need to bind with someone else any other obligation of or service and
of fewer on fears and desires steadily I want it to be a ball the time and start
style persist and that does the supervisor that when you stop don't to delete this fight is when I started audience I want these services to we started to get started so I had to do right now is that think this phi and drop here and now the
Friday go and check the long I don't see a low coming from cubana Hooke's
law to recombine it's trying to initialize the service and finally a process is getting started and then
so reasoning and fight 160 report
right if I go back to my you II and
Singer under studies right I couldn't have been those within the same time if I divide and a codebook right but In this case just 6 7 lines in a fight and the 1 on the machine that but let me see how we're going
before it told me I want a little so last but not the least of all 1 of the great benefits which we had in our existing and solution is rolling objects right the let's say the unending our chef-client as a as a service on each machine in our cluster I had a gene something or i'd is a new packet of any change in the configuration for a particular service or let's consider the elastic service I like the new codebook which into the chef over and then you know next Simon the chef-client will run it will not be a big and restart my service accordingly it is very likely that all 3 nodes of my cluster can start chef-client at the same time and if my so is that we started at the same time I have a downtime and nobody would that give all that right so ideally what I should do is I to figure out a way that I can send my updates 1 by 1 and habit that comes in very handy doing that as soon as you add a new package and you push it to the people have a dead will start so apart from the leader election which is your master of the cluster habitat also realize does and other type of election which is of leader the leader which is designated do we look for a new bag is on the people and as soon as a new of bag is available downloaded in solid and then tell others that you know this is a new bag it's good idea was it would restart properly you want to do the same right so we have a video to save the time in this video tha
what we did that they pushed on new origin and then you can see though tree because the naughty was happened to be the updated standard updating and you can see the heap size is getting too late now it's like 50 . some GB now dog its followers on normal 1 is trying to update and then the he'd say changed to 9 dB and then the last remaining node will start a bidding itself and the heap sizes in because in in the change reports labeled every other going to decrease the size so that was the balkan thinking and how it happened it happened in the ruling freshen 1 node at a time and so this was all the time up and running good thing at this time we can take
some questions if you wish to yeah that's only that's how we boosted our should because then we had here and if you
come contractance commands the convection logic called the topology the lead in the form of personal is evanescent to keep their number all the commands due to all the number so room I momentary experience that is consent home NULL number should be kept he in order them because of this dual majority in terms of an action not so although I haven't quite as anything also after that it could be any number of unleased screening than I can add that and I think you choose your eliminate the chef-client stuff conf having to run chef-client is a service so you can hurry managing have binary or you know that the legal limit user knows no notes checking on this possibility start that process and that's after that sort of thing you can do it and then it is if you really or eliminated but we are not limiting the somebody need to make sure that have processes running on and the 2nd is responsible for so because so the entire and we do you what you should do you know man is and I'd like you saw in know in the morning that if you're using could this again make sure while using the this is fine right and using could envision possible variations so In this scenario we are using shaft to Bush having done and make sure habitat is that after that so this is haven't and is a sponsor for them and today in the village of basically shift is also pleasing the evidence that might with the constraints so there's a codebook which would static and binary stop them adapt and plays the fight into directory while the desired services on the issue but the thing here is to look at who's the effort and me I I was curious along with that earlier question about how you actually do the updates that binaries the maybe there's a new version comes out so the direction doing updates to the have violated is also look of so this is a codebook which books that have binary on so that they make of books knowledge of as that of your question is that codebook take care of so you need to change that was on of the codebook If you the model of the new binary a so so the question is how do you manage to uh the genus the name if the if the if the node number from 1 form of unneeded deleted electrical so we have a little and begin to publish in domain outlet uh to add this strobing also we use those 2 together so the public that out and how do we decide from the people from the beach machine-made above is that out is based on the the the lectures have so so that the into policy you mortar and if the plan is it in such a way that it will get executed only on the dimension so as soon as adjustments that books can be combined with those be started and it's on landing on the need so yeah publishing the only from the machine which is the leader and how do you decide that using habitat and orderly but without the L. a custom software which use that the people's names and that it struck him what we really the at the head the coordination if you have any other questions so about our system how the if you want to see on them all see some action services an action in the evidence because we don't like lots of so this is 1 of electron so we will deal with the devil and the last thing is that if you like what you are doing a g and you know this and but the new