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Chef CEO Keynote
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and I would like you to join me in welcoming to the stage my friend and our CEO Veracruz if it has a lot to think about it so that and the the NYSE seat Nathan aircraft look at a couple things I wanna talk about but 1st why ship exists and the 1st reason is actually you those of you who are those of us that have been or are IT operators and if you go back to why Adam actually wrote it was to bring a little bit of joy to the IT operators life yeah yeah and this is from a couple points of view the 1st was there's all these row tasks that you could just automated sort of removed from your daily task less but really the other and more fundamentally was to be able to give that i t operator reach that was previously unimaginable and you've heard here chaff half previous speakers talk about using chef to create and run the world's largest online game to bring blockbusting drugs to market even around the world's most on-time airline it will be talking a lot of things over the next couple days and 1 of his habitat and we wanna make that same promise on habitat that joy that many of you felt the 1st time you shaft were bringing that to the world of modern application architectures with some asked all you to spend some time and check out habitats the 2nd reason on why should exist is super role in today's world in today's market and that's what we want to help every single organization in every industry to be able to be a kick as high velocity competitive emphasis on competitive competitive software-driven organization and being creative software and the deliver delight your customers through software this is a requisite for success for modern business women talking about this for a few years that every company is in fact a software company and yet most companies today are still struggling with software if you struggle with software you're struggle with customers increasingly we're seeing that struggle going all the way down the financial results and back in 2013 we talked about every company is a software company I also talked about were serving witnessed the collapse of the of the class of traditional IT into some that seemed a little far fetched and I remember talking specifically about the auto industry is an industry that I think amazing change can happen to over the coming years and you see this in fact happening I also talk about who the future leaders would be the they becoming coming from ITER the saw the news on for the new the new CEO actually ran the autonomous vehicle in the digital division is now running all of the and we work with 3 the largest auto companies in the world I can tell you the deeply deeply investing into the world of software they wanna make their product amazing software platforms and they are doing it in everything we do in today's world seems to be governed by digital experiences such as the big auto companies all the way down to my local Barbara Capitol Hill Seattle he now has an act that I can book barbara appointment either of to go waiting word this can be crowded not spending a 40 minutes so it's popping up and everything in between and McKenzie there's a lot of research on what's going on in the digital
world disorder divide the world into 2 groups and the 1st they call digital attackers and these are the companies that increasingly are dominating the digital world now familiar names like Amazon Facebook Apple
Microsoft Google the New York Times calls us through by the way the frightful 5 there were not mine and stanley this group has nearly 3 trillion dollars in market capitalization if you take them was all the others that wanted that digital tackers group that now represents almost 17 per cent of the US economy In the 2nd group is incumbents and don't wanna diminish the importance of this group In fact this is the bulk of our economy these are companies that were built in created really before the revolution of the web and mobile over the last 10 years remember the iPhone's only 10 years old and really not powerful ubiquitous high mobile high with mobile solar come and maybe the last 3 or 4 years I think in this digital transformation journey were much closer to the beginning than we are the end In the reality is this group of incumbents the under enormous pressure right now and this is growing gap between those 2 attackers and those incumbents the but I think this gaps can get bigger before gets smaller and back to McKinsey's research they talk about the impact that the digital attackers are making an incumbent's revenues down 45 per cent profit down 35 per cent so enormous enormous impact yeah and I think this is certainly most visible in retail right now and
retails facing this perfect storm of Amazon over capacity big changes in consumer behavior we were seeing this turning to be malls and and just a tough tough place to be right now is retail but is not as retail that this drama is playing out its media financial services education health care even nonprofits are facing disruption and I think in the future of web and mobile will just be table 6 we haven't even really got going you think about machine learning AI blockchain ARV art there's not a single industry on the planet that's going to be spared the turmoil digital destruction and yet there's reason for optimism incumbents can and are becoming digital attackers and the bar from the news take
Wal-Mart last week in the middle of retail Armageddon they'd be earnings they posted a 63 per cent increase in the digital business in the stocks out a 2 year high not to mention a whole bunch of you which
are doing this every single day GE Alaska Airlines starbucks maker couple plugs for some hometown companies and a whole bunch of you you others you're turning the digital attack mode dial up to full strength I i G I love this quote from Erica rights G he's got it totally right the next decade is going to be about the fast beating the slow and that's what our job collectively is to be fast and capital 1 what about
capital 1 talk about a business that is fully invested the digital world not only but a big chef users and around plausible version of Come sponsors thank you have have
their own open source project hydrograph
the doing crazy things for financial services company around API is to create an ecosystem around what they consider the platform they have a super cool public-facing developer exchange and actually is getting ready Sunday nite for my talk from checking out the developer's site I was playing the Spotify developer playlists that they have posted talk about bringing a would joy we've actually got some video for Borough Nathan hobby visiting kappa once I'd love to the role video place then in and out and in the end they found
for you can follow through the see over the talking about cover 1 and then couple
and shaft so suffers a technology company technology 1st capital is at the bank so how do these 2 intersect where
they collide allow tell you capital lines then on a journey over the last several years and really transforming ourselves as a technology company fits delivering
great digital capabilities and
solutions to our customers so we really think that technology is going to be at the forefront of everything that we create on behalf of it's a powerful charter right I think
that everything that we're dealing is really geared toward that end which scheme meet Proc keys
are sending he can share a little bit more about
what's going on what that extend for continuous
integration of pain Braque this is
maintained in Proc I would think based it
starts with the developer in the collaboration environment right setting
the stage for how a engineers work together and Billy refine these ideas and then it gets more into the automation
technology right so once you're ready to proceed with with this this idea I we ultimately for a lot of automation frameworks and tools to efficiently make it from idea to to the actual input solution we want this
type of freethinkers we want this DOA's wonders innovators we don't wanna put anybody in a box on the factors quite quite the opposite right what
you bring your whole self the work and use your your creativity is your ideas your ambition to collaborate in a
number of different ways on back to the alternately
onto that our customer I think of really that idea
for you need some the function the team on then detaches really talented chef engineer and I run across campus 1 hop on a bike a little but that will generate right now find
thing and I
I do that and you know I am I a I mean
you and I will not go in anything they have a 2 dimensional so they don't meet you admitted to the program was my 1st exposure to share freely was with you
up their teaching this to a class of and we actually took that class and rolled out a couple 1 this is part of a demobs
transformation during the couple 1 has been on and continues to go down the that
really shows a paradigm shift in the way that developers look at their day-to-day jobs away and systems integrators and operations people view their jobs in that now they're codified everything in the testing the servers and they're bringing servers up dynamically and having something like chef we can
all speak a common language across Windows and Linux environments makes it really easy to feel like you can contribute to anybody else's project as you all speak sort of the same language and that's really necessary I think as we continue down this journey to make sure that our
employees feel empowered to help each other and by automating a lot of these
things that we remove a lot of roadblocks and we can do a lot faster than we did before but which is fantastic for our customers because we can roll of features that are requested by the market a lot more quickly but with so these demobs fools so this has been great catching up and
you have to run catch a flight and I walked out yet still get great would great day I had a cat once I
thought I was fighting into a bank this morning but it turns out I was actually quite into a technology company you heard Dave said
capital 1 is on the last transformation journey they become a company that is successfully transforming
to deliver software it's all with the help of amazing people working together and speaking the same language and what I saw and
had a chance to hear about it's going very very well and here the in and the and yes if you're wondering capital 1 is hiring and
that the and what about moving to a digital Takemoto mode doesn't mean every day is an easy 1 but it puts you in the game if for those that are in the game I think wisely get tough I think it's going before agitated executives agitated investors agitated everybody and this is all 1 of voice so how do you get there had become a digital attack and I thought I would start with God DJ Patel who is the former US Chief Data Scientist and I think he summed it up really well with what I'll call the victors mantra so 1st of all dreaming years months evaluating weeks shift daily to on a single test of the difference between incumbents in the digital tackers is probably that last 1 ship daily and what I think of the 2 single best questions not just an IT executive but any executive ask the business the 1st is what's required type that cut the time 1 and half In the 2nd what can be done to double the impact and that 1st part that speaks something we're all familiar with right the language of tease about operational efficiency and I think it's something all strive for that's not controversial but that 2nd 1 that sector ones top for a lot of IT especially big companies In whites toppers because that impact is really about customer outcomes in a big companies a lot of folks at ITU gone very very far away from swimming up and grabbing those customer outcomes and yet that is exactly what is at the crux of being a digital attack yeah and what's going on is
this extraordinary shift probably the largest 7 i t and from local infrastructure centric i t 2 outcome centric IT and in this state were coming out of infrastructure centric error we're over rotated on availability of systems almost always at the expense of agility were really afraid of change and because i t was you 1st and foremost as a cost center the hot leaders of that era with those were greater cost reduction outsourcing sort became the hammer that was pounding every single IT nail in this further reduced agility and this became sort of error of slow infrequent big releases yes the error big rollbacks and I understand high Adam wanted brings joy in that area to the IT operator kind of a painful time and you can still spot companies are here they're easy to see that the quick tellers Running what's old versions of operating systems literally because the fear if I upgrade those it's gonna break something and that's the state collectively we've been digging ourselves out of the past couple years in the digital attackers there at the complete other end the valley continuum the maniacally orien around customer outcomes they've they've gotten great that what I think of the 3 legs of the
modern IT tool which is speed efficiency and rest especially speed you can't have speed it turns out if you're not good at the other 2 an outcome civic organizations the blurring the lines actually between IT and the business they're putting together cross-functional teams that build and shift high-value software it's solely in service of those customer outcomes now give a real world example of what I mean because I've had a lot of these conversations and sometimes we've gotten so far away from those outcomes we don't actually the same what they are and I'll start with and and this is no judgment we've been involved along these projects a customer outcome is unequivocally not I can provision fast not customer Rackham I think it was greatly Example 5 last year we had the CIO of Alaska Airlines 2nd point for last in the talk about a great customer outcome it was how 1 of their customers to get to the airport with a checked bag drop it off and get to the security line in 60 seconds and I know is a frequent flyer pulsate I stand here delighted and I'm flying out of Seattle I see them experimenting every time doing things a little differently in their working to make that faster and faster that's outcome it IT so when we talk about what's in between the 2 ends of the
spectrum there and I think there's this transitional stage that's actually a
really important stage that most companies are in somewhere and at the beginning of this stage I'll call that Dev Ops Awakenings this kind of an exciting time and I know summer you're going through this and we see some teams started to move in a new way and they start started to you know can shut off the cultural norms but they're experimenting with new tools new platforms almost always this were see modern automation come in cloud computing comes in in kind of a mix of these new cultures that agile Lean Dev Ops a lot times similar extraordinary efficiency gains were made by these teams and yet and again we've been part of a lot of these sometimes the business is a little bit unmoved in world disappointed because they we can now do things 5 times a hundred times faster than we used to take my provision server example and yet the businesses still agitating because they don't actually believe that's changing the equation customer comes are trying to drive and yet from this phase all is not lost these experiments these 1st fast-moving teams oftentimes this becomes a foundation of really the future IT operating model so water those nurture those the In our work I believe right now it's really help you all get from that stage of Dev Ops Awakenings really to the other end of this transition now I refer this status continues automation you can also sort of nickname at high velocity low drama t the the this and knowing what's out there that could could and had this stage software is tested this release in small batches the role that thing doesn't happen yeah all your system software is currently known so that security vulnerabilities of past quickly and this is really about becoming the master of your infrastructure in reducing the amount of energy that you're spending on and on that infrastructure even in the cloud around from and I think at the core of that ability to move from Dev Ops Awakenings to continues everything code is at the heart of that you have to define everything is code despise you a bunch of things 1st and foremost any change any change whether it's infrastructure AP compliance that change version of its tested it doesn't get release unless it works and that testing by the way includes against your compliance standards which should simply be a series of software tests and if you do this sort of gone forever is the need for those worry beads that when you make a change to something will actually break every day and when this happens in and many of you are doing anything to those companies I talked about earlier they're doing this and what as those ops teams instead of being averse to change which is breaking everything is start to embrace change and that idea code is changed it can sound super science-fiction e and unrealistic if you're not working that way if you're in the old way I think the thing that I really wanna reassure everybody is not just for those big Web companies every single company can operate this way many of you already doing it today and for those you the 1 of many would-be be digital attackers it's really really important nail this state you can skip over gotta be greater continues automation and when you get here sort of anything you do it i t now can be done quickly and efficiently securely and that's the foundation of being that high-velocity competitive software asking for them to grow all trying to be and I wanna really emphasize the importance of compliance to continuous automation In fact the flip side continuous automation corners continuous compliance yeah and this is also place we want to bring a little bit of joy to the world and what about you are how the security compliance teams are exactly full joy right go talk to and I think collectively we really have the opportunity to change that equation completely and 1st and foremost but what's actually improve security but I was I just do it for the orders of actually improve security and secondly we think about the velocity thing I think we can remove compliance is a roadblock to velocity fact I think we can actually make velocity our friend and reinforced we want you in compliance with velocity and lastly I talked about some of
those cultural things the solar core of the new way 1 of his lead and as many of you know and talk about probably teach there's this term called Buddha in lean and that's weights in this specific waste is not in service of a customer aka if you think about the work a lot has been doing running around and some of these some of these security breaches I'm telling you that is waste that is time and energy and resources your company could be applied to something else the applying to discuss outcomes yeah now I've already checked on just started over the last day or 2 and had a bunch of you share how much time energy your companies had put into things like want right we don't have to do this really is a different way and most companies it turns out that we doesn't survey work something over half of all enterprises we will declare that they actually don't believe they have an effective strategy rocket flights the way we're doing it today it's not working and while this is certainly a problem I also want to say this is a huge opportunity that's an opportunity to help or companies to get real easy pragmatic winds arsenic is an opportunity for your careers this is this is a great place to spend a little time and why think about vulnerabilities like hardly or 1 crier shell-shocked and I sort of more vulnerable is now the icons n the thinking now encourages all the have on the is yes the security issues but really especially if you look at hop we'd wanna cry these are less secure the agility issues right these were vulnerabilities with known fixes so the place of the move a velocity these are pretty low drama back to the drama think it places that that more high-velocity these things could become very very painful as I said I think collectively this community is really a place to change the game for ever around what's going on with automation and compliance yeah so only go back to this idea about Comorian IT were coming from and if you look at these 2 triangles with they really represent is the amount of effort you put into each stage In the old world this is to be very clear the world I came from we started with I think the term Irish receive laid down infrastructure and then you build apps on top of that infrastructure and I have a low but rely on this which is a put outcomes there used to be generous but the phrase that phrase over my boss talking about was support the business and never actually knew I how were we supporting the business you know when you when there pissed off it was kind of a black hole really my talk about alignment but you just you never really new in the new is exactly the opposite you actually start and put the most effort at the top in outcomes and then you build your apps which in the modern world just at a whole bunch of services you push together and then the idea and I think we were in a get the chef is very invested in this thought the infrastructure should just assemble around those applications kind of magical that I don't think we're there yet but I I don't think it's too far away and were certainly talking about some things will take an enormous step in this direction yeah and I think that we should think of our job right now is to get great at infrastructure to give greater that continuous automation so you can reduce the drama reduce the amount of calories you're spending and start to shift into that new way In this frees up so energy in your company to do then go push kind of up the stack to go work at apps and work at outcomes yeah there what toggle literate technologies end it it is our belief that there is no question the future world will be dominated by cloud by containers by modern application architectures that's underground microservices and nobody nobody is more excited about this future world in shafts were deeply investing around this world and I want a committee you we're going to be the dominant automation platform around cloud around containers around microservices and you can look at the things we've been doing look at the partnerships that we've been investing in that AWS Microsoft Google all over here on the hand and thank them for coming straight out effect that I have
those companies are also doing amazing things and they
were just really excited be partnering with them if I go back to these 3 stages demobs Awakenings continues everything out concentric IT think about 2 steps I think it's almost too aggressive to try to go all the way over to get great at that 1st shift which is from that Awakenings phase to continuous everything and then that gives you a platform to then step to the next step to get really focus on outcomes because you freed up a lot of things they're taking a ton of your time today and I wanna talk about our technologies a little bit and 1st of all this is our platform we have 3 open source projects which we have a ton to thank you the community on Schaeffer is that infrastructure automation inspect is complies automation habitat is application automation and all those lines and really crest you're CIA start to show you things over the next couple days were kind intermingling those technologies and really interesting ways so using habitat for example to really do some delightful things in in the chef world for moving inspect outside of just the world of securing operating systems and you'll see it's announces Chinese variances that interesting things with those cloud partnerships around inspect inspector something we're investing very very heavily continued invests in heavily and there's a lot of exciting things the next coming months in inspect yeah and that habitat and back to that joy habitat is absolutely going to be the fastest path for you a package in at that's ready for containers you might make it very easy to deploy that across any runtime environment and really ease the burden right now the AP teams have run understanding all those underlying dependencies around application so again please spend some time with Habitat want your feedback on what's going on there alright only wrap up I'd be remiss not to talk about some things about what's going on in the shelf world it's been amazing amazing for years that I've been at the company that we now something like 30 thousand organizations worldwide using chef thanks to you again our community 8 the largest
tech companies the digital attackers you shall deeply about the 3 largest auto companies are referred 0 6 the
largest retailers 5 the biggest financial services firms and our
community is now 70 thousand strong worldwide in this community thank you yes thank this community just over the last year this contributed 5 thousand cookbooks that each of so thank you for that and shaft the chef-client and hazing always had 40 million downloads over is like it boggles me to think about that 40 million and all this in the work that you're doing in the support you've given us this is translated into tremendous financial success force that were able to then go
back invest in things like inspect or in habitat the company has grown on average 120 5 per cent over the past 5 years so thank you for that is greatly appreciated have
and let me just finish with a couple of assistive each of you and the 1st is exactly we talked about get great at continuous automation there's no reason not to nail this these projects by the way are not multi-year projects this is something you get to in a matter of months we talked about diving into habitat the 3rd they'll say is please while you're here find 1 of our sponsors find on our partners but they've spent time effort and money and really here to help you be successful to find them and passive some and then lastly please let us know what you think it was overdue a good job or not doing good job I would love to hear about the things that that your findings enjoying around our our platform so hashtag chef comfort at shaft I'm at various work rests on what begets himself is thank you very much have a great check-off fault