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Indexes (14.07.2011)
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In this course, we examine the aspects regarding building multimedia database systems and give an insight into the used techniques. The course deals with content-specific retrieval of multimedia data. Basic issue is the efficient storage and subsequent retrieval of multimedia documents. The general structure of the course is: - Basic characteristics of multimedia databases - Evaluation of retrieval effectiveness, Precision-Recall Analysis - Semantic content of image-content search - Image representation, low-level and high-level features - Texture features, random-field models - Audio formats, sampling, metadata - Thematic search within music tracks - Query formulation in music databases - Media representation for video - Frame / Shot Detection, Event Detection - Video segmentation and video summarization - Video Indexing, MPEG-7 - Extraction of low-and high-level features -Integration of features and efficient similarity comparison - Indexing over inverted file index, indexing Gemini, R *- trees
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OK so we should for we begin quote come to the last letter of multi media data Hammerhead predicta of managed to stay with us son through the and there in the end so the previous later we discussed the bulk of the during the of with continued we during to and we of low focused on the presentation of the results of all we presented some of basic approaches led for for example of just selecting the key frames over the deal and going to a video of based on the key free but such an approach was up of semantics so of if you we remember the Flintstone example 0 it was pretty 55 nobody really on the undistilled what was going on about how the solution areas to introduce someone intelligence and the pro the duo scheming and the duo highlighting with that of the idea is to question the quality of the show what is it about those if I'm interested in no extracting the most important part of the day I'm going if it's an action movie on going for for example in the sort that might have most of the action and this is symbolised maybe by a powerful sound like an explosion and I'm going to leave the show in by early and my highlighted for example that if it's a romantic movie and boring tool for full on dialogues stuff that now have to answer the oldest of these factors for moviemaking when when performing without the direct action with but high and low we could blow boasts of some pretty interesting the results and the White comparable with what you get when you go professional until the curator were if you were to do it for Britain and you can also edited the some by the sound then what you get from the the your but still be upsurge in the world and the Doha letting his really interesting to see today we we change the so we discussed until now both images we discussed the ball audio a discussed above the duo which still about how we can of presented solves the question is how can we prefer on the search efficient and the and so for that this use indexes as in any database multimedia databases also have been mix and the most important thing that structures for a multimedia databases of the entries and the and this is exactly what the point of focus on the day that the so world break up the too late we have to stand off data multimedia databases and we discussed the about how to described his multi media or if you remember for EMI we said we have different kinds of teachers have Blue features have high levels features for example the 48 confirmation which is level feature Buddakan described the future vector equations of the 48 transformation this is not just what you want to use it to 120 of the club the way equations but the idea is to get more precision so might have more of them by like the 5 then 50 and this results in a multi-dimensional structure so that we should consider the multi-dimensional indexes on the other side we don't have only a very good teacher that we also have spoken about the funds remember 14 called it the CBS such features under presented in a new locally and space so we have to something special the public about the easiest approach and those those those naive approach would be to to go for was sequential such without the index it is used up from the beginning with the 1st Object you compared with simulating between the acquittal Dick and the 1st object in a vote of a 2nd in a row but the and so on and then in the world the most senior of the that's very innovation because we go through the whole of the public and as I've said that the beginning of the lecture a multimedia database contains or before regardless of their on the deal for images so that inefficient so that big questions questionable want to answer to the Pope and speed up the of costs the topic of the lecture rights or willing to indexes India indexes is that that we need to achieve an efficient management of this multi-dimensional information about the way below this is by Prestrud during the does so Precup creating what will include a parade what they need update from but for gold Dixon the database what my is is that the search function editing the structure that I'm preparing is up demise for the said that the same time the decisive factor is that companies are not worried for the simulated from 1 to establish the simulated between the greedy and the Baltic this comparison has to be open so that it from the distance for example between them object and the other half or simulator in which the editing for example now about what they want to achieve with the index's is to transfer from the sentiment YXT from the set before dates in my database police said that a rank with the most senior of Dick from a query of the pub and the least similar of now so this way can achieve a degree to which the only take or of object in the database satisfies the pre when his most senior to agree that it is some followed a quiet of thought for multi-dimensional indexes so of forest of costs I'd want to make sure that my indexes are quite this means that the point of the day that they were meant to point and the 2nd by want to make sure that all of the old 6 my database are index not that I'm going to take the greedy against my index but the the same time the old days than going through a boost for my fingers because they are not index something like so I'm need to go be able to comply with correctness and complete and other important task is the stop the 5 said that we have to deal with those of huge database this is the point of index's if I'm going to introduce more images the index of before would this much better than a sequential so the 2nd point of the scalability is the scalability with that their mansions I've come back to the images examples where wilfully a transformation and out of each director CEO of the equations of the 48 hour for Asia and the Far want the precision choose 15 or 20 of the forest were efficient distrust for Asia and the Far 1 dental index of the objects in my database for each with 20 such features denied the new index that these capable of Phoenix in each object return today mention or 18 praxes actually multi-dimensional what up to and 15 maybe the 20 it depends on the distribution of the of the day but this equipment to 13 bought for this reason multi media databases because the more you this described the run proceedings describing the date of the more than mentions your head in your space and index has to be able to cope with another important factor with have also bought dates will not which are not really bad objectives remember the change for the editing and of costs the efficiency choir and it has to be some media because it his senior again just go to the Blog Dixon the database sequentially I'd under the index for the that was indexes cost for creating the index takes stock of the day the database and sitting some object from the kingdom objects and object means updating the index also costs by so if I'd gone to achieve certifications which is submarine it actually introduced cost so the index has been research which then have different types of which I'm a for example an exact Search where saying I'm interested in a exactly this evening to the point that John again moves also provided the water or for some area how these are typical created of then the killing nearest neighbors like the find that most of the senior images of this 1 now about this 1 is that complicated usually on approximate should be so new remember of the plausibility of during the teenage during something that waiting for the big day database to Search On the simulated between what the drawn and what in the database were what we domain does for some time singing and high mean something and its this is an approximate shin basis it has a touch their or if the simulated is smaller than a traditional of 1 the that result but if it's a higher simulated between Bilgic than those of their own to the results now about what they would be interested but I'm also interested in is in that efficient update operations as the said updates cost because you have also club but in the structure would I find something means more to find most of the big structure because of the wife it would be complete or correct council coming back to what we want to achieve supporting of different distance functions the editing function comes in mind here and the way of cost with don't really want that the index is bigger than all of the other side of the index structure is bigger than the database 23 also doesn't make sense because I'm going to search for the same amount of rigour of the law but it does so at the tree achieve that much of K of was bigger about Tree structures and though on all those who went on Tree structures of the big 3 of every over the about the beaches of this No no of the trees are successfully used in no doubt database management systems just long the speeches on which the idea here is that they are such such as the use the search Belgrade the cost of the point this when you have a database with Dynamo names in common suffered at and you want for for those worsened by by the on the index those by the names of the new bill would be trees and extracted that looks like the tree where have of old knowledge this will not has as any other in the eye load not occasional purposes so it for example Ademole here equity of pool or of the for example for the 1st that off the name care would have with the still 6 We the and G just a given example and on the left behind the for the 1st time which has only values that tiles are smaller that 1 of them up a have she so everything here is smaller than the would be only 8 now been Shia it would be the videos that between 2 and 6 4 between the and the for example for the name down and she would have appointed Bodington Oldhamite automatic edition of old with Britain's which are needed that the great idea is that the site will feature of the small has well of these 1 he thinks that the size of a book on the 2nd on the storage of have a hydride with a sudden Brookside you know if you is that it windows something instead windows loans or something like that somewhere between the 2 OK the book drive is of this size would different petitioning systems and the size of such a book is exactly the readable broke on the high and this is how you win over because when searching the high drive which 0 broke up want by and large been 1 is that the read process to win as much information as possible data plausibly me because if you you would have been a broker just 1 point information that you need your car and the rest without needing a year on the minimising for this is the idea and the information so the all these are in the mood modes will them with Fred they have been navigate and at the end comes the eastern old which will be actually so the pointers would actually they in the daytime and as I've said they have exactly size of off book and the grid but is now a fine willing to search for example for 3 now I'm will each year for the rule of law and I'm searching for 3 here in this small I'm just reading a book before and laundry trees available on going further is more than 6 games and then we will go any further followed a point between them and then reaching the snow she eyebrow on a need to go he or she level rated before 20 now found going she was searching for 3 Irish defined tree and their follow the and the and their reached this book here so which blokes Irish my information to them this is the main media in multimedia databases howler we have a multi-dimensional data the victories so that only 1 man and so the idea would be to somehow use some structures for get to some structures that are able to offer the same function radiates which seen before but for multidimensionality so as discussed but about such a tree how good it looked like the sort of eye need something that will regions of regions Simpson Simon multidimensionality space we want to talk about your medical regions which will comprise the the state of points instead in the same regions have to be somehow senior in which so they build clusters of actually went performing subset such such about the prospects are conceded the such a according to for because if you have a query point and you want to Sir simulator all day with your probably not going to worry too boring researchers said on approximate Search soaring something find me they need to simulate and as long as you pick up cost you 1 because you read the Baltics from the pasta and say these are the most senior of all and the on going further on discuss that idea process may have wished that he goes structure for actually you can build a geometry on the idea of cost 13 and speaking and smaller Josico structures starting for for example from rectangular and the thinking it into smaller rector of a with open about Clustering is that with spoke all about the fact that he will cost exactly the same idea OK now led to some different Radio for Tree structures consuming multidimensionality information so based on the cost of the structure and the might completely from the space for full Group the about locally you have whole space a unit of 1 and two either have a complete fragmentation of the for just locally where where the debate as the days go together but the process may order may have some kind of salt Clustering or you may have the strength frustrating where each day Dublin may be on just 1 last or you may have a balanced for unbalanced situations balanced where all of the cost of such a profit of the same size dismal disproportionate situation or Vanbelle unbalanced there have made me feel Dixon on cost up to date appointed on clusters and the 100 in not out all the stops differentiate between what kind of trees weekend to another important or biggest where the the objects or 1 can storey like and the trees in the order of some other body Asians where you can store it in the Mulaudzi set themselves so multiple need to go to the whole puffed up application old but say OK I've reached obligation old where my information is already that like the was busy searching for disappointed with date and a will sold see the joint trees and bought them what kind of geometry are a going to use for describing the regions 1 solution would would be whose skiers and high for skiers for more than mansions and troops and high from groups for again for more than mentions 1 of the most successful low on index is in no multi-dimensional context is that the tree it was invented by the Government published in 1984 and it actually nothing more than an extension of the concept of the Tree of its use in the thought houses will join formation systems where you have more by mentions for example enjoy information systems maps you have to describe the from them engines and it's usually every able to go up but then the dimensions without of the performance he should but as soon as you go up to 20 100 them mentions the to use the goal and it doesn't make sense to use them any more than that howler summer somebody Asians like the and plus trees were willing to discuss the bid for the and the a stop on the streets which are able to go up to 20 dimensions for the need for early distributed data is this stuff with the unit for distributed data is to achieve comparisons between the of this kind of thing just because if you have developed a new structure and you want to see my structures created it all performs everything goes then you have to be tested on the scene distribution of the daylight doubletalk structures and but usually only in it for me distributed data but this is usually the worst case scenario requires it for example multimedia databases you have that they costing together have Clusters she of the images which are on the singular some prices here here and here so damaging if only distributed so in real life with real but that we actually get much more by mentions than 24 dysphoria should down so that indexes of quite in Princeton the performance is quite influenced by the distribution of the data in the UK and the world that the structure of the index's dynamical it of cost allows the usual racial slide consulting in a database of beating Bilgic the is also possible of classic of index structures a on the road it has data pages so of these of those irrationals which rose storing both point stories debate on so that they paid for them that he wanted to on to point to a local to it like that and it has and the of most for navigation the so-called directly only storey point of some of the sides and how it might going to get the Malta might be his style as a joined tree in the UK trees you used the minimum bonding Frank directing so of of the NYTimes Load Joe made to locate an example so that you can get the feeling what they were talking about so yes there here for them mention of again space and we have some objects here for example is seeded and underlying this points in the corridors of his books and this is why there meaning and of bombing rectangles sold about what this actually means is that they have 1 point you can for example 1 point here and 1 point he and his rectangle 5 times ahead she is the smallest rectangle that contains district points out of these 2 points and the rectangle look something for something like that and the fact that funds and the like this is not right that a minimum only down about that
OK so we have the route the road is are and buyers base where the objects like the and we have the 1st 3 sons their 1 poetry in each of them chaotic early including some other Clusters house or for example Shia eye would have other point and so on their 1 enclose for 5 and in their 68 cost to get the show that he goes to to the left side the codes 7 operated and his party and the trade at 10 and 11 so the tree structures she the German devoted presentation she wanted non after nothing complicated everything is is pretty easy with this kind of damaging the representation which use some of local grouping for costing us all its radical Clustering I'd get will be might get out his from the horror of going to the left some which has its Mommy nonbinding erecting those which across the and going the point but it is also seen will allow overreacting saw some of the books is lack of cost this might create the problems when 1 before means that because the new book order thing we might need to go to a different pages will see the sort and that was also a nice based on restructured is high back so we don't see any the generated trees starting from both and every morning left side now that would be very bad for search for for months because of the case to of action before being asked to the database and the object of stalled only in the sort of talking about the credit yesterday defined trees previously trees overreacting their balanced bowled take some sort in the leaves and the minimum bulging rectangles presented John of those trees Bizos broad has will have pleased to choose so we want to have something like that you have with here and there just 1 child this is not what you need to have a road and the police which then agent that not all of has been between a small number of and the Moxon number of children this condition is created so that we want to have any spots navigation navigational because spas navigational mostly kind of waste and that of a quite which autistic is that the meeting will number of DocuPen still such an interim mobile decision in the House of the boxes and so why the noise to Heathrow broke size for example is all 4 then such a such points in a row and in the interim of all of them probably the lower bombed would be something like 5 this is would Touristik for something but usually when creating such an index structure most eye would like that the meeting will be the Krio for pupils foreign in the of 64 sent 74 sent off 50 per cent of various non for example but usually would Touristik is the 50 per cent of capacity the not for each entry in the knowledge we have a point the sort of child point the and the ECB and the eyes she actually describes the geometry in which all of the children life for example before have something like that then the eye is described by this for points actually only 4th there are enough of extreme for just by closing 0 choosing to wants to calm the described the complete my NEMO bombing ranked so that's the eye and the child wonders are Birmingham bobbing record of inside the radical structure now 42 index entry wrong in the eyes in the case of of 42 send actually need the to play diesel actually need the idea the identification of the old dictum that that is the point of the Belgian because the and I'd don't have any more of the navigational loads of notes with interest of the day the US or in the structure stiffer to implement something like that there is a difference the busy difference between police and interim but the and you want my brigade for as they thought of some and another important factor is that all the least of these in the team are on the same level so as I'd say you don't have any degeneration any way you go in the tree you will to the same number of 1 before it would be of the maximum different you get and the and yesterday's will also have the same conditions of being good food with between and the amount in the number of all but a game for the pupils but the essential operations so you know them from classical databases Parallel Search which is actually the fundamental Paretian for indexes they in a in search of the 8 and the something new splitting the splitting operation that were willing to talk about comes from all these PPL boundaries we talk about the new spoken about the main England and and bountiful awful could he became all now the snow and and the began when I'm going to to use it sitting in certain uptick in and all the Tory has a maximum feeding the it is built by with him and bus 1 of tickets which is not possible for mind extracted I'm need some kind of an operation to do it but that's the thing again what's not and this list but what should be industry's the same Case for beating the flamboyant with the and they have already demeaning number for of it and I'm getting 1 for example a have 5 as my meaning and bomb in an 5 objectime I 1 of the for all day worldwide would then I'd and of the 2 condensed also read the Steve those datapoints so that they don't have a team that knows more leafmould which has only for now so condensation has to take place before the start with the with the search the search is on for funds recursively from the route to the leaves and those of the past to search for you have different possibilities usually the but selected from the lead and then mutate is public in old and I'm going to the next 1 and so on
And that if I'm going to a party and I'm not finding work by what they need whatever searching for the I'm going to the next stop treating and a Checkpoint and make makes after to be traversed as said the by selection is Abotrite to ovoid any kind of special low of island all cases where the for example Iowa research something which is on the last range from the right and the stuff from the left and this means that I'm going to end up each case with the worst case of drama means is that the band choosing the about on the beach Rezai said that such cost is in the case of the tree is there is no God and the 4 0 4 0 performance sold the problem is we have or and we allow overlaps of the minimum bombing raid and if you have over alleged it might be the case that all the buzz Nato but need to be trouble imagine something like this is or space this is the rules and you have the 1st champion and the 1st judges because the had 1 for example whom wanted a point here and care and he led the side that defeated the Greek history had something like this have when overlap because of the SPL points she wrong tried to with black now and if your search is somewhere Shia in that area that then your 3 looks something like this best ruled it has the 1st child and the 2nd child this is where 1 uses a food with the 1st team there in the middle of the new plan to decide should Lego they or Selago here because my search here is in the world in 80 off 1 is it in the quoted to also now because I'm taking the against this high 1 Candide and 1 is described by these to coordinate and I'd 2 0 is described by the so taking a guest both lost of both of them would get tool for me so I'm have here and she also is it the and when the ball and this is why icon Gandhi anything for the before still the idea of in head trees would be the ideal the structures so that they can pull it off is much brooding as possible so somehow before maps so or surrounded by was mentioning the the search of the search is being done the the idea is are would create is described for search rectangle that could be S and every meaning and bonding during the starting from the back in the States with my subject and has to be traversed taking those eyes that there was that he knew about the on the points describing the minimum bombing rectangular off each not OK so the idea is for internodes unwilling to take intersection as it's a trivial not around appropriations regardless of the number of dimensions
And if by have intersections idle before and take before that would the children of the 5 more intersections have to follow them in the eastern old about again in the same pool determined entry is that in the 6 protests and for those intersections read the book but like these for babies or Bilgic with built takes from the database as it is about to say OK for my such these of takes that are intersecting with the such great of its new an examples of a surge on all over the previous 3 sold the such created the search bombing rectangular the search retained the risk you willing to start Bramble new with but at 1 is describes through this points and we will take it Augusto coordinate told such greedy and we see that there was no intersection where air 1 but not the 2 so we don't really need to go deeper because there is not intersection so that brawny I'm willing to read the 5 for where 6 and I'm not going to go there again stand because the task of my such doesn't in the Secretary 1 8 pound intersected the rest of the county and we want to choose under new and go to the full and they can see that there was an intersection between the coordinate over full and the such this means they have to to go inside the body and that the same for air 7 a 8 at 9 ICI this minder section she designed section she but there the intersection in a and it's a pause at a rate is the filled his music it has pointers was debate the ticked I'll take codicil dictated the ones to set the stage greedy and the advent each year from the 12th minimum bonding rectangles and the and the those such as the head she I've Checkpoint 7 5 cheque where the road is usually the case or if I'm going to search yet outside a camp when everything that's Fabio's Richard road particular 1 4 3 and then 78 and and 9 and that the density of an example but you should demand and that this is to use a kind of which saw the quite like so you can pull out of the as the great and the some of the idea about trees OK so or on this book a bit about the 2nd operation that is served the idea by incidents is that has happened in the early you don't start from the rule whose with than previously with the search but would be so we go to the leaves and I think about what the biggest the for the in board in and the best he has pulled respect some kind of special crikey the idea is if I'd to was my is the point and it was employees and that the state has some place left so 8 thousand need in the industry chips might seem more like a leaving the and just put the inside the books and it's fine Paolo if the books is the point is the walks meaning and bombing erecting than a kind of need to more defied the minimum bombings and if there are more of them iconic and have to choose 1 of the idea is to choose the 1 that goes the East so that makes the meaning and 4th including the new point found that out of her way sticks and discussions about it so I should have like for example tool minimum bombing rectangles about the same the same distance and would go with the same volume growth did you have to choose the 1 which is the smaller now because the Goodwood is to have meeting behind reacting Bill which that describes your data solwhit is less did space for space where there is not think as possible not space means that we know according to such a ruling for with a high probability of your search body books somewhere in the dead space and you're willing to socialite crazy to the tree to reach the conclusion that there was nothing there but you're still have the go to the tree now so that they do I want to make the least 4th and produced as less the space is possible OK so let's say we have the head the case where we landed in eastern which has a enough space if it's enough I'd just modified so the number of all of this is more than the maximum the big problems is if it's not enough just all over flaws in this case with the of the to divide and say will you to beat for 4 1 single Load you have to be split in 2 by split with have to follow the same rules so we have to take care of avoiding overlaps as much as possible and avoid the dead space as much as possible so I'd don't want to create the possibilities that later on but when I'm going to perform a search and going to land in space which is not actually that a given example so Ilanthirayan said this point here and they have some minimum bombing directing the and maybe have some minimum bombing raid she if unwilling to pull this 1 for example need to include the point everything she is that space if I'm going to this 1 everything she it is so that is a trade off with the smallest this based in my going over with something was the wounded and going to end up with all this heavily sticks have to be taken in to see the Asian and before meaning session and at the same time also and Performance yes yes but the problem in the tree is winger willing to to perform the such for example your such creating is exactly the dead space he was still have to read the small T although you you're not going to each any of it because it's a empty space that Steve can example so I'm starting with the rule that suits and they have full not is my such great is she of the tree looks like the best of ruled that the 1 that led to the search cream needs for being the sector 1st with the old and the old says up where when intersection then I've to the safety with their 1 and that 1 single we don't have a clue was a again would not have been the section but they still have done this Rodrigues because they have above that space despite here is that you tend to get on all day that this is the idea by the pool void some some of this kind of that space and also and doing splits and to avoid something like that so if rambling willing to grow here and some kind of a way to pull avoid
So that the dead spaces NEMO because if such created lands in that it and it has to have to stuff from behind 5 but they went wilting Object because there is nothing that this is this is the idea that this is some some sticks that allows us tool look perform exactly that or Kayser was open examples of hundreds of the the point the point after for future Victor feature victory looks something like sort of are point here about that different possibilities 1 would be to M large as 7 1 of the pool 4 airlines and lunch at night that was so if I'm going for a large for example of the then of I'm going to need more space sorry to grow more than 9 goals but it planned overlap bowl with them high if I'm going to increase at night and then I'd get this area which overlaps such an overdue at and such great order that failed for snippily bought the sale and then 9 so it's kind of a kind of faux fur trade of between these 2 the question is what can of a bit of want to achieve want to avoid over alleged for boy want to avoid this bid space because again growing with 7 5 some space the which is and this is this year database the administrative decisions so that has to decide between this book ideas because you can't win them all young and and a pinch of let's take this example led would here and other rectangle that includes dismissed pointed out and now I'm performing the such and the search is year Brian included the 7th to see that actually I'm not going to reach and I felt no it's a then it's not the case my search gradient is in the same place at the right neatly there 7th that the difference with 92 with 92 leader 7 and they say over metric the 7 denial Sony book on the police children because the question is have been intersection readers have wondered why with which children while which Lego now and then I'm going to take this 1 with this 1 with this 1 so here and stopping the early here I'm going to more sections and or is it doesn't in the sacred that 1 in doesn't the intersected that 1 in doesn't intersected that 1 so I'm in a the space of several like and stop here because my such great dozens written and it is here that would stop the best I could and no I've just wanted to show you what what this would mean that if I'd say 1 would remain in that position and he wanted would mean to include some would that space because we accomplice but and you see what and of that it means and what would be but the idea that with the bat spaces if you create that space you Italy much more comparisons until you reach so you have to compute there are more than you actually have to to that stadia Filippo more competitive and the policy that the duo simulate the function is something we've done with EMI Jews for example and then you have to compel this simulating the between the beach and all of the children of some bounding which you don't know if they would actually in the sector half with during this case not but in the case of leafmould your to that but so late about those heuristics because it is said in the case of 1 of when he assertion that some Pandolfo heuristics that me what kind of book operation ition PPL should 1 or what should idle solar an object Italy's inserted into annulled produces the smallest increasing voice this is 1 of the 1 of the heuristics which has been of a wonderful to work with him praxes though that the move was immediately would be that of the point you need to answer call to regain the in anaemia which doesn't of need in large pan and which also doesn't need this solo structure remains to see if the that they say will old which would produce dusting increase in 4 to which was the 1 that already has a small would just go this Balancing we once said the ball Clustering that we want to achieve something of balanced chaotic across the smoke 1 with 100 along with 1 or 2 of which are at the wheel of a small London so that it has of still has was Morris for these are to be Clary stakes we take into account OK now of will talking about the next day possibilities of club for performing so if I'm going to insert and Islanova over for big same point she and it's a unwilling to to extend are set 1 because they want to avoid overlaps then I'd have she from old because of the high 5 inserted a Expedia have to more Shia have publicity that it will happen somehow would discuss about and then we will have a another pulled from will have the left Opel the 7th will have the right part of the set went each of them has not won all because we have a Renault was on for Load and then we have done changed their a day and a night but since our amounts anonymity Street this particular we also tested political because who has no firm and this has to go off for a new stand off a cars now because after would there would come before the end here for whom and their 2 0 full and this was the route so sold the in session with once we have discussed it says magic right now how we choose where to speak it and how to speak but once which split the mouth it can provide the cost of this here and this is why session with over woeful may be dangerous and maybe cost is this the end of now latest book about this but the if we have reached limbus 1 case the same Rambus 1 of notes or dates has to be speed dispute between now between from all of the growth has I've said comes now from the Hillary Stakes the world is that the changes ready needed detracted from the search for the trust to try was these both Knollwood's so if I'd have the been knowledge and and cutting it can food and I'm doing such as socialite that landed with some birth of a symbol of what they should try he went before means but he still keep them and separate this possible so that the Pope the over such Greek during and making me for going in go involve of the resulting splits is a smaller as possible so kind of keep them away from each other that they idea of causal would go for a good choice in this case is to use small of minimum bombing erecting again needing to smoke overlapping but either bombing of of so that you can get than I joyful what I'm talking about the have for example of these for the usual so I've said the stuff propagate so I've said that somewhere and the and the propagated up implemental which was previously like that now runs possibilities would be found in a house like I've said before now if I'd have my search somewhere here on all as the world global stock at the same time have load posted space here and he is my such close in Shia cleric of them now than have also put cheque with this 1 and with this 1 we take would avoid advice but it like that if yet by just cope with a old Woods's IAB it in a ticket again the pound and that 1 and that I'm not going to take prohibition of this 1 and this 1 now on the other side of this is also a bet that played well but I was able with you have overlapping is have but it's still much further because searching somewhere she should have been sitting summer she abroad with his criticism of the same result as sitting here because a still to take both of them but searching here for this is that the result because they need to take only this 1 she where she wanted to take both of them came to follow that so this kind of the idea and this is also the deal the dead space at the use of the IHT Tripura Lloyds the size of the overlapping just global as less read and cheque operation since possible is it that the amount of detail was them because it is a city that heuristics and they can be a bit of a pawn with with her with some some approaches we have pointed discuss right now so descending on how exactly would prefer on the splits is you've seen is not that easy though objects of those the bombing rectangle can be divided in a number of ways the world again the volume of the resulting in this should make sure a man as small as possible which he might have been when the before growing the left left it with lot of water and its roots in what happened in the right side with a bit less for now burned down naive approach would be to take them over though it would take a bit of the message in the local for digs to to recall disputes is not is not viable the solution of in the implementation offered Tuesday without actually full Persico possibilities for that the 1 that has but at the cost and 1 that has been a cause and those actually tests have shown that billion cost is quite quite crosses the bones of the results as the road on the part of the cost of the idea for the club but the cost is still compared for the No being speed so that all day that has M plus 1 the minimum bounding directing the that has impulse 1 inside have put tools to objects and for that they compared each bought tickets and the necessary go meeting and bounding rectangle that would be needed to include those who objects now so I'm having for example that like it's a tree and comparing for example number 1 with number of what kind of a minimum bounding rectangles with a need for include them were to be from something like this have has a now that I'm going to their 1 with something like this and 1 with for them but do want the full with 3 for with 4 3 4 so each of the points and as I've said the idea East which was a starting point the points that would produce the largest India sold on my would probably to something like the full and 4 1 in 4 of the same people just the largest and that's a you know what you have to to keep a part of the closure of local choice for being in the same India so they will be the ruled that start new India's found so that as this 1 and this 1 has a starting point for the annual Ambius because there before this the but they would create the role old volume if they would be to get a found then nerve so Island then compute all takes the differences over the necessary blooming pace with respect to both within the Zambia so the same year she and the same year she would computer the 1 with which 1 and there would probably something like this and and up with this kind of was in this case she now because and 3 2 days 1 she would increase 1 4 sold this that this was his air 1 this would include who would be interested 1 very much and that the where on down this would be displayed with with the quality cost so I've not done nothing more than to win said the old 6 with the smallest difference in the next step after the tools and the 1 with the biggest distance between them now it's easy what they have to is a bid that for a long again something like that I've tools and my basis those of the pool and the starting point for the plan to regions then I'm going to idiotic it that was the case for a wonderful include the plan with its smaller board and then increasing their full time increasing here I'm going to agree on a case that should increase 1 order pulled easy choice for and that it will it was easy for for points while do the if you have a local Tamiko's usually have hundreds of the tens of thousands of the part that the cost is not the best solution the question is can we do something that would be any airport and action where there is a method that can before quite well the idea how
It is go in each day mansions so remember him a multidimensionality space with described only include a mansions and the stick proposal for this match but the Google in each mansion and further the of erecting the back their find the 1 with the highest median in order to make and the 1 with the lowest Moxham and automate determined the distance between the spoke automated and not realise it by the size of the payment of the sweet you get the squad between this highest NEMO and lowest Moxey so that you can get a deal home much distance is between the Renewable does seem on either by mentions the for example to the world to do it on the extent mentioned in a to and each was the 1 with the highest and you see the schools that have produced the highest off meaning but there before this the where part will be the starting point for the New in India's which are going to be opened from the at how we can now we can do that 1 example because imagining time told to get a lot OK so about we stepped on though weeks by mansion and we said willing to search for the the highest medium 1 day stem mentioned the highest minimum so it is quite low these also or lower of she emerge here seized on the issue of the year saw the highest NEMO and East he would now the and I'm going to pull select the lowest Moxham Moxham owned I'm starting with a new Moxham a somewhere she period is not are the Moxon and that is that is more than a sold for this Morris Moxon will have a slowdown isolate 80 in each and they Calculate for been half are part of the so the difference between the desire established his 5 and a half to mobilise by the size of the week's Axa's the size of a sales tax is is the meeting more and the mountain off the house which is 40 despite now have Bonomo as it somehow so that they can compare it later it's a ratio of the distance between these 2 and that so that is up idle the listing on the other parts of the Epsom and creating again the the highest NEMO and the and the cost Moxham moment when they get their the pool were rectangles pulled from the sea and the and the company than the difference so between and the visit distance she of 8 out of local police 13 and the Texas this is my memories Asian result had then compared them and an idea that the distance on the 2nd axis under y-axis is is bigger and this is how ITU's seed and the as my seeds for pulled different meaning and bonding directing since beating the Soci and I will be the starting and now we have to do the operational and then I'll get for example a band that has myself so that the 2 feet off about it to see the end because the smallest increase in the volume would prove they produced the the fine Greece the deny would increase the and include the and then the same memorable for me and for for a hand it results something is not close of best for example for based 0 2 tried here if you finish body pulled the plug tool for from split using that actually you will before for trouble move result something like she said she had gone on to another way it through probably something like this at the and and you have to use all over matches and local spaceship but this is how they waste equipped with and upwards though is the would cost and the club that the cost of a barrel of against each other but they are all something which are worried about classic classified the rest of the old for 1 of the sea load see this is nothing more than a simplification of the Kuiper think now but and it provides uses stimulus about those overreact these minimum regarding the minimum bombing rectangles sold has said
It was quite a billion year quadratic approach further the again we can have the same Bob with such as the object that the tree and the and not under the minimum load of seeing the agreed with spoken about sold if I'd have 0 M objects in an old and they beat 1 then now have some hope tool to recall sod the tree for that I before dance operation and a on this operation actually means is that if I'd the than old if I'd the old chicken old which had been in the number of problem and then the and diet minimum bombing rectangle and try to lead the state to the remaining police said that the best that the operation so practically the delays Beckham based operation the condensation a special case is for little in the case of the road is the said We don't have a we have pool of habit placed with children at the time for the if there would means we want children because of providing this competition on a sessions and it's about then no the route is going to be and the next in line with the company's looking so that system for example so her want to beat them object from 9 This Is this 1 she but the minimum the use of 2 sold by the game 9 completely and then I'd the subject year and then again I'm doing so they have to possibilities 1 used grow at 7 and the long overdue led the other 1 is to go air and introduce some some more for you care would just increased the size of a Boeing Group the remaining note from 9 and that's basically if iconic included in every Tory Franklin innovative and it produces then I'm going to go for more before it discussed in the game but that's the basic over the idea for 0 4 defeats in the case of 1 of the points and all day and she because if you modified its features modified its position in space more the with the scandal for modifications to that by the time they did modifies meaning and bonding make things because of the point modifies then I'd have to be be the next England running rectangles and this kind of book about a provided with the direction of the day Guelph update is a gamble for Labour on the sole if I'm going for big 1 dictating France as the structure of the minimum bombing raid tango sauce not inside with the board and Load there is a cheque like that it was relocate to through more defied the structure sold then I'd have to be banned entire dialogue and the phone rings OK now we come discussing the but the about overlap and the best that the space so why does it cost for me to go for such as led to a we have a tree structure described here with some overlap between all of the of the boots roots children aged and and then willing to search such creating sort that is into such an over a chamber if forums you move this this change G belonged to 8 now so G is right here in the middle School a on but the cause of H that belongs to the has gone overlap over 8 now want to search something that is going to go in the 2nd team but because of the Solar gap I'm starting with the rules have intersections I'm going on a date but they also have to to go on the now if Eichel's 0 will go on a date will have pulled to chick against all of these children then find some intersection Ouija but they can stop she because the question is so I've found found some each somewhere she but there might be some other made under the this more side of the world so leading the and them going to have to take or and the with all its true so the point here is have to avoid overreacting and overlapping is only possible if final debate Donald in advance the final at exactly what kind of a guy more time you to assert and how they are willing to look like an all demise may be on something like that so the file would not with the same formations died everything and isoprenyl at it political Renault look like that would probably try to do something else which doesn't have that much to overnight die would probably more try different approach when the data is not is not an advance the idea is that Wilcox's cost is being if airport mapping and if you want to minimize or where you might have to destroy the entire in Brixton deconstruct This is a huge costs so long some companies Reid would add up after like for example the months they say OK or index is so bad that after so many the sub-grid units and so whatever that will include the and the 1 night of reconstructed with all the power of the machines are machines have closer the index and then it could be again as fast as a baby he due to a back but that although some also some of the possibilities that don't do it though overlaps and some of the waste and the plus the is such a solution would be to know what it's not allowed to have 40 when you before sent or whatever over have to be avoided at the in equal not every over 11 but over of the same level in the Tree so as we have it be and see the world moulds of the same level in the trees or you have to have these joined area they should over you can have were not between different 0 0 dividend the Tree but not on the same level the disadvantage Shia or the side effect is that for this reason you might get to have the same note copied include differently and that this might be the end of this month the result and some of space over ahead but the of the the great part is so that it improves the search efficiency that the Bill would have on her to follow multiple-price to reach my but time it's enough tool to follow just 1 because the overlapping gold overlapping stuffed with would be found in most of us by some of the same example of the blast approach which doesn't allow order would look something like this would have a and B not overlapping and maybe another of the a and B don't overlap again G how it would be long stability in the sole now my such creating goes into the doesn't need the Secretary or be and still reaches G quite interesting to note it that its debt because she also kind of another level with a it's also tell of a completely side on speed G anyway is like it would on being the children G which to the side of able to also contains some staff under 100 and the a don't allow any of these overlaps don't G for example is divided somehow between 80 and the wicked being completely present in board in both the both with a trade off for free bound to see how we would be in search efficiency but there are some differences over price occurred tree in like for example win new stuffed with the league's you end up with building to be inserted in several the same old take this this redundancies and the something which is actually quite costly is the speaking in this case the speaking doesn't on TV only upward but also down would not so I'm starting from early I'm going up between the speed and the read some point where I'm not paraboloid Lab of split with produced some kind of format so Iowa SIAM Google downwards and profound some splits not to avoid not to allow the overnight so that we could go on both direct and the other for a blast trees actually they really mean it to the meaning number for 4 of children of it seems that doesn't mean that much to to avoid the prospect trees used to use such a minimum number of regarding the performance of the main advantage of the price says that it has a much better such performance of the point Queen's Arnalta really go very off but still just for example you achieve 50 per cent of that the extra standest for point freeze dirhams drawback is those local people to 1 c overall the notes because of the speed and that it results in the genetic the trees because of the number of changes so you have a book changes probe which were would be disputes and the and the Duke of this if you implements that in the last 3 elections have tool to rebuild the index all 1 more often than in the case of a three story get such performance you get to use more space and you have to rebuild it more off 1 advantage to search for 4 months would is advantages may be this spaces may be maybe the storage space is not the problem but the fact that you need to review the more often you might say that the tree locally we should take a 10 minute break before we go for the 2 of 2nd part of the of the lecture goals will of part against solo with discuss about the holidays but then we said that there are some of some things we I might wonder index like that and I think the thing that cases we come to it to the objects we don't have loyalty and Matrix we we have some some other kind of made 6 and 4 this for this Features Sweeney some special than before and that was the idea for the entries them at the trees which were aim invented in 1990 said and it allows for different kind of Maddox whatever Matrix so the tree structures there and then you can decide to pneumatics and use it along with the metric space for me these are so in this case 1 of the most important goal abilities trampolining quality which helps us before cheques for this sub trees and the joined the tree is actually determined by the distance function automatic crippling tool to use led to some some sort of recapitulation of were the Matrix basis so of talking about the magic space with talking about their between the the universal of all the possible videos and the make the want to use and then there are some this like for example of the distance between 4 6 4 Vaduz in universe is allways bigger than 0 so we don't have a negative Cinematics on the other side of the identity fraud and the soul in the distance between so on seething the given matching the distance between full to venues in the in the universe 0 bandwidth talking about the scene of the use issued actually made in his book but these on the multimedia which talking of about for example the beaches of the sound whatever sorry for comparing was found in the house simulator which and using chain or a beating the what like a change in the steamy so that it looks like the same and then these properties are viable the distances negative you have identity and you also have symmetry of the distances symmetry of between between the 4th and the later on comes the trampolining quality so if you have treated as the distance between the distance between 1 and 3 is smaller or equalled the going for a walk at its here the smaller in this case that the drawn and its Load if is on the line between 1 and 3 best trampolining quality and this is what going to use and the and entries no questions
Well let's take and an example to get an idea of local what whatever sell 0 that's classes that we have flown to appoint an audit of the Indian team and we have a pretty 0 2 0 Big group is to find the old take with the smallest distance was great we don't know says systematic space with all the way said the position of the points we know there are some where they are and we have only information about the Matrix Semitic system so the distance between them we know we have the computed the distance between a and see we the computer the distance between a and the and the and see and ahead of the Bruce staunchly OK Ireland defined the closest tool for now can start by comparing the distance so bullying 1 simulate the chick between the creating and 1 point from the database of and the point to be 8 and the Czech for example that anything distance is to add to the other foreign and they see that the distance is the when the questionings these or can see me closer than a and B for the creative and shoulder by saying that distance between 2 and see below that because of the trampolining well the cover that sold can actually world says that the distance between the creating and point be which a where the copulated has will be smaller or the quote the and the distance between my creating see and see and the soul going to see how high nodal This year and then or this year because it needs in the database idon't this 1 she and idon't 1 computed because it's going to cost me but they can on the estimated because the said that and all of them again benches and the distance between the and see in the left side and they can see that the distance between my creating and scene is this 5 this 5 5 something young identity that is closer because the distance or a his to so I've just computed based on the tree and the inequality with information ahead without taking the actual distance between my cream and assault to point and now we made in the table above sea and they can pull on all of them without taking the editing distance despite computing the simple Dominic White that's the basic entries this is how they were looking so the idea that is entries politician the old takes in some environment with a certain Brady based on the book point and say OK all the points with ace and the views from this centre for example here I'm politician number 1 or in a certain regions and but only for other regions by another part patients and usually for entry is the idea is to use despite the shin sold out quite if there is an agreed them not disproportionate baobab like for example here so a example with what as the reduced and what websites side away to regions which have roughly the same size now paving the Queen which starts from she and it's enough oximeter creating this means I'm interested in singular of Jake approximately singularly ticked up to a certain thresholds again find a regular based on this approximate should side like the old dictates that look like they seem each morally select and 87 2 per cent to realise that this is how I came to find myself region based on Distrigas offer objects I'm interested in so although Dixit fully in this region have to return to the use the question is what can I'd for what can Icesave want interest me for 4 and if a idea by on all this subject he should the returning board not well if I'd have the radius off interesting or and the rigours she of the 1st part the ship and the country that the distance between these 2 0 is bigger than the some of the Rigases taken 20 due to the tree by will go deep so that you can consider example but that led so would of this so we said entries putting and made victories you but to use but they use distance information as unknown magic and a magic yawn as in the case of 5 trees you have a Jama tree and then you have also the tree representation for example Shia because of the radio as they have so close hypersphere Jama tree and the Tree information looks like the major regions including or of and then each region including subregions into is 1st by such Centrepoint its figures and in exchange for example here to see the and the and so on up when he notes which have point of soda information ahead and my database so this is a simulating between M under trees and again when your for searches your you can no them based on the tree structure and on the German to the presentation of now each not in the tree describes a region this region actually say is that it contains all of the points which have the stands for the central point of the region which is smaller or equal to the radio though central point as called it is called the routine called direct and the Rigases discovered uses called the covering the greatest of what by the called Ringgold of the coverage of the region calm or the index points we have she of the of the points in the region have 2 0 road that led to the ground the defective is that the distance between these points in the region and that there would be more gold-digger is a much more 3 of the least of it can be 0 a much more of everyday so what this basically this means that queries somewhere along lipstick creatures and the screen as the biggest discrete where the distance between the quid point and the routine will take both for the region is further away than
But the This strangest and this latest here put together so at this area here in this city of this condition is respected then against their myself the beyond entire region because they found the any point in the economy can be seen in the full autumn object that they have to it because it to find a way from so actually by considering 2nd for a lot of stuff now going back to the tree we have 2 types of mostly have been turnover old but that almost everything about objects their radios and they also hold the distance for the parent of this means that the British section of the road doesn't help Mossad has movies but all the other teams of children that are in the most behold also distanced with their base notes of have the venue at the use of the index Baltic sold under actually actually objected the only hold the distance for the press and so that somehow this year that he was allows me to navigate trip up to the bold by knowing how far away from the direct OK and probably everything that most of it is simulate as the is with the only difference being dismissed so we hold this this Thursday computer from the child to the parent and you might as the White is the way it is because of the pudding there was talking about the firm will include this trampolining quality and displaced in order to perform fast food and the give an example right now of what this means so of let's say we want to cheque so this is our world this point yet it is a central Centrepoint of all of this region and it has accused the child which is this point here and it has distance which we know its distaste and thus we were talking about we have liquidity and we want to know we if we should cheque about this child she now we say that this region can be prolonged if the distance between the creating and this point is the glint bigger than this radius you need for a new industry this year conceding that the worst case would be that the greatest now across of the REDUCE on the same line as the distance help sold as a previously said if the distance between the Queen and the and is bigger than the some of the stories here since then I'd on kid above the mountainside regions the question is when I pull Calculate the distance between the greedy and the and the Blue displaying will not hide don't need to because they I know the distance between the pretty and there would have already computed hit in the previous and then oldest for the parent there was telling you about the previous slight so that I can apply the tangerine a quality here in Shia and say that the distance between the pretty terrific and the distance between the greedy and this will all of this has to be smaller or equal then the some old distances between the brutal and the Taliban mould and the distance which a bungalow no between the Queen and the chaos that ended a quite don't know this 1 9 this 1 final based on idle the same as ever done in the previous of step by have been this 1 you in the left side and I'd get told the distance or between the greedy and the group's point minus the distance between the the with point and that its child has to be small Load equal than the distance I'd want it and the the and the Czech point now a fight combined this 1 with the segregation Shia producing a quality that the of the season on the estimation for migration this 1 is another estimation of this year distance yen and then icon replace it with if this some she widow original is smaller than the distance smaller than the 1 then and this 1 is most shorter smaller than this 1 is care is quite easy so to begin by just need for computer despite here and this is everything they know I've really need 80 and advocating needed the on owned by which is his when he this way without computing the distance yet again see some of the Rigases calculated the difference and decide if unwilling to from the entire region or not it is the and they don't have to go additional proration physically and everybody OK not about this was that the basic Fabio follow entries were regarding the operation as they said this before in the case of objects with the smallest of expansion song going inside smallest expansion of the right you see of cost they will expand somewhere where he said the country using the 1 with police of ideas to expand up again as the top affirmed and we don't have a name avoidance yet and and the and the case of the of the idea by says that food pullout Dingle dates have to be chosen so again this choice of extreme points have of the follow a from each other so the choice is exactly the same as in the case of trees again we have some heuristics and the nearest thing system minimize the maximum over to resulting region races so that might seem and has to be smaller account of have pulled to bring them to a Simulated level a don't want to have a disproportionate this on this book cost billions radius of after after a have chosen the school this tool seeds then I've put to good the stop-go objectives in the case of the pot to use of the 1 that produces the increase in Vegas so that big idea of entries is that in the biggest win in entries is that they get global something we take on the with objects biking use different made explain that it became about hiking use a Tambellini quality for pulling and his way can see myself local phone uninteresting regions regions holding of notes
And though again regarding the dimensionality because of them at the cost so where my computer for example of the kind the creating and the U boat paid an eagle putt from some takes became the greed and some nuts-and-bolts to start some of the changes made by the and the costs and the cost is the cost is related to the the dimensions of the of my game but this is why again she as in the case of large trees have a public with their high number of dimensions so experimentally it has been proven that with uniformly distributed they die and entries which acceptable results up tools like printed dimensions for more than 20 their mentions the and so on those who manycore there is still need to be done and this is actually a programme which is well known in the in the fuel bill multidimensionality indexes its the so called curse of their mentioned the volume which such regions regions covered increases explanation you with the number of dimensions and actually there is a solution for this public of the more approaches to solve this problem 1 of them relies on for example the principle component and Abbas's for of something which pulled have heard the and information to vote for the state's quite the useful Lleyton 70 indexing the idea that there is to find their mansions which are really difficult where space of to put together the dimensions which had of correlated and the press and the football may on that mention this way 1 can be used by number of dimensions Ivanova from the for example 50 electronically because of these corrugating property
But 1 approach that Dixon took 1 sent on simulation dimensionally action is Tamimi indexes of how ever all these approaches of just over of the day if you want to go go in Britain implements on things like the soul of the game but not the cause of the of the so that just for your information to know that there is such a programme and 1 can take of such a problem with this techniques he if you need someone information just anointed can discuss about OK so with a kind of low reached the end of the day's lecture of up to date with the stability interesting problem databases classical databases that indexes and with extended of for usability and multimedia databases so here we need to cover multi-dimensional data and for this reason we have discussed above the trees oddities use a certain joined the tree bonding ranked rectangles about the idea here is that the overlapping such rectangles may be to performance issues when before search and 1 of the most complicated the operation when 1 point during the trees that is actually all Apollo operations rely on the NHS has said the translate into his at the of the translating the which translating means so everything relies on the quality of the operation and is set to make it was split and there are certainly early sticks 1 can use to pay buy for those who may have had splits which you really want to avoid you won't be able to calculate and reasonable and the perfect place but with of Linear approaches but you can avoid the point that the cost and the new approaches you can cope with the with enough but we just need to follow some simple least expect for example of the way trying to increase 0 with the smallest more to sold the number on the victim those with smallest Williams to avoid the space and as word overlaps the 2nd part of the lecture discussed about another kind of trees that can cope with for example a dating distances we have mentioned in time series we have for example old your and in all the can calculated that team distances simulated between 2 pieces of music another full of performing a single such date that we need medics basis medics expenses which can be used in and out and trees and in order to perform optimized sitting here we can use to handling a quality local of food this kind of big of this lecture and of since the last picture of the same establish of just let me take you to the stuff of going to go next late next so of caustic sinister will also have load of interesting stuffed with going told discuss about the world of the power housing and they die mining for some a few 1 planning to build in the industry and get the great job This is a very new board nature of gap would this applies to see how many job had had a quiet for people to know not only classic databases but highly TECO's applications of databases and this is where you have to speak about last autumn said of the which they tell houses the and the hours later doesn't stop you power can for the state the interesting part comes in data mining hulking and get the region from the state cocaine your on Monday the freeze Hulk annual of now get most of what you have and here will talk about of association with mining group book about classification cost things we also patch of the multi-media databases only from a different perspective on not at the end of the stick to it being English so it also suitable for order he this students are not interesting that we will have learned next sinister is distributed data based systems and give to data management it will be the German of again a very interesting lecture use each year of the expansion of databases in the field of Distributed Systems Amazon for example for such services Estripeau for expands as they have a huge database of about which would be achievable which would not technology will it is another example of the way their victory but and their approach you can learn everything about that in the selectors Distributed database system 2nd only recommended to be only a disadvantage for the distances and the slides and the Tower of and that we can answer questions singing about that that lecture away Wheeler will hold next Sam is a special databases until information systems for soft for 4 of the some of you watch interested in the club to information systems and maps and how full of computer coordinate sandhole cost broadband and how trained the extent that they later to push to and the last Lectorum 1 4 for the must students is digital libraries it's kind of the simulated to multimedia databases only from the Lebanese prospective so we want to achieve that the data leaves on 400 and hundreds of year so we have posted a we have again takes have music of a images we have the duo's and we want to make them searchable in fashionable away and the same time we want to issue and shorter persistency somehow acceptable the multimedia database and Distributed database Systems with some redundancy has to be achieved through an of this persistency hydrides a you see the for example 1 you to the failure every day was a load of hot and what would you do if you were losing formation which don't have replicated anywhere to most the publisher digital led by his act as a kind to call saying that information stuff like that find more about taking digital libraries so that would be about everything I wanted to tell you and 0 hope 0 to seal of cost and the examination but hope to see also makes that public thanks