Audio Low level Features, Difference Limen, Pitch Recognition (19.05.2011)

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Audio Low level Features, Difference Limen, Pitch Recognition (19.05.2011)
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Balke, Wolf-Tilo
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In this course, we examine the aspects regarding building multimedia database systems and give an insight into the used techniques. The course deals with content-specific retrieval of multimedia data. Basic issue is the efficient storage and subsequent retrieval of multimedia documents. The general structure of the course is: - Basic characteristics of multimedia databases - Evaluation of retrieval effectiveness, Precision-Recall Analysis - Semantic content of image-content search - Image representation, low-level and high-level features - Texture features, random-field models - Audio formats, sampling, metadata - Thematic search within music tracks - Query formulation in music databases - Media representation for video - Frame / Shot Detection, Event Detection - Video segmentation and video summarization - Video Indexing, MPEG-7 - Extraction of low-and high-level features -Integration of features and efficient similarity comparison - Indexing over inverted file index, indexing Gemini, R *- trees
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But they sold everyone will come to the later of multimedia databases and as it was said last time we were all of this nature
Previous lectured with both start speaking the ball the basics of old Europe We thought they'd speaking about how to prevent sound 0 which spoken about those the time domain how this is represented the waves about the frequency domain above the body transformation became used to transform sounds into the ring frequency domain public and represent the signs then for this 40 equivocations wavelet where patients and we have introduced a goal for all during the but in this sector will go for the will of the but to later but also the low levels features will go the pudding them will speak about the difference between the of this 1 is different between sounds human you can can proceed
And the will to speak about my recalled is that which of the following the law but that we did with the lecture I'd just below 1 tools to say I'm sorry for the people problems with have which begins with the last lecture so sold weak and we have a only recovered just the part of the Buglife inquiry before the 1st board the meaning seems to have something legal problems with the multimedia where using for lorry code and that it seems also for the information to lecture sound is the same to from yesterday will try tool to resolve the technical problems and as possible hopefully this nature with the complete in in the deal
OK as they have of Spelkeland last time there are some piccolo it features which can be used to describe audio The 1st 1 is the loss of some of how law is the respective size and lower quality the mean on to another level feature is that the division of the frequency the sound complaints so the band lower the currency's up of the high frequency says you remember the human you can here somewhere between 50 and without a 20 thousand head And the cost of the band which will be somewhere in between science can no be low also about for example 20 Kewell but it doesn't make any sense to give them sort of area where the spoken about plus time such on perceivable SoundScan with the mood of improving the compression another load of feature is the brightness selfless on these actually that the Home a high or frequencies out there he now where some weight is the centre of the gravity followed sequences spectrum in the in the sound if I'd have music for example and would expect that this will be sequences of widespread over the frequency spectrum with the relatively high ripeness so up of high frequency than that of the hot morning as well as well we have said last time of this size does seem to see the sights on the stand out for the Iowa created with my published by using the non had just of 400 for the frequency But no comment away were in real life sciences have harmonics various of fundamental frequency and then various of a house elation which of represent actually behind equalled this fundamental frequency which he meets in decreases in in energy and then there was a beach the beach but the actually presented what the human added and the human brain understand the frequency where she does the human year thing is the height of the sidewalk what frequency was that saw was the 400 for it was the 5 thousand this is the too OK this the level of features them as or can be made the costing the I'm domain as we have seen this signed the presentation and for each time you have been on duty to loudness in the frequency domain in the frequency domain you can see what kind of frequencies out there in the silent and what the amount of debt out so if you have a pretty high by 400 for this means that the 400 board the frequency has all but ended order that there is a lot of the frequency in that sound now That will reduce the city that the Bill would have a good thing I'm domain and frequency but then we travelled from 1 to the other costs which open about the full year are not were its it simple before for this and the this also helps us got rises signed with equations of the 48 hour formation
The shows are that these 2 representations the band domain and the frequency of the don't sold separating the hold talks about were seen at the time domain doesn't 20 feet On the other side the frequency domain doesn't really social Wendy's frequencies caught the shadow home much of the frequency but not quite so that was the idea of using some kind of a new representation which also bought the frequency and and when it happens this is nothing less than the so-called spectrograms and those spectrograms combined
The presentation of the time with the frequency domain the idea is to use of just 1 each which has on 1 Extras The Times went along the 1 the frequency component of The grave use as you have seen each sold the intensity and the frequency of the 0 the in a job that requires so how much from the frequency is provided in the sound that the fact that nothing more And though practically this is used as for example in an but that tickled nations will to analyse the regulate the green frequencies called off and the law some some some thicknesses 0 who 0 so that they can comparision based on sequence used it to make good this time
Why has she the spectacle number 4 The spoken word Buddhist quotas And as 1 can see the for here we have it Here we have the time domain here where the frequency them for the crimes Representations is you can see the beginning of the where we have a lot But the flow frequency Doris Day now Some where she We ordered each globally S so we have Less from below frequencies from this spectrum here we have booked a wide industry John so we don't have a lot of low and high frequency comes something like a pause and then becomes the that keys And so this is this will be the in the way off representing just the start And then quite including the because then you can see all the Irish here at the beginning lows deny him a break No frequencies deniable again some frequencies but high
And when in the 1st the to or a late play with some spectrograms
Dr And with the UK and so I've but there in the silent for 40 The PM Yet The corresponding histogram The spectrogram But wait
It is is you wouldn't expect something like this so again time domain secrecy domain their starting with some low frequency but then with going up in the frequency domain again with growing time going up up 500 pets and then blowing began about so if you'll correlate the sound of the sea which could stand off intuitive right to get the graphical presentation with frequency and kind of what you just
No no
It takes good
But then I've found those something which is a kind of rather interesting
The here and now that time this is actually The music the from the from a band called the nation's name and that the album is close songs about my head This said this Sunday's called looked not police and so book but we should start with policing Had calling it in the way of We now have a full time v canai stop it somehow and in fully not the so on agg than think the rocket saw
So this is where the what they are saying this is music that there is more to that of a day section the quiet the quite interesting
But what they've done
Is there included images of cats
India spectrograms
Look at the well I think you can vesicle might fall in party stable for cash but it actually done is giving the like frames likened the deal pictures of cap in great high intensity and then they just don't listen to some of its accident credit itemise idea that this is a school of look and Actually they stayed with the show and they have the key keeping
The site Where had the describe by this is this though song on the see the I've no idea if the rest of them something like this would be a really really amazing and didn't Hewitt and a exit of some of the interested in December as the video was not then idea take you to the best of the
Machines Pick throw broken could and the east
2 A lot of people played with these effects
N Turning their face of the system to sell
But P We saw this as told this guy some we and the and but so nice ideas if you want to to of debate 3 Trossachs to make them out of your face off a big pictures and when old may be someone by them
Yet after her That to me everything about the about spectrograms
A Case so and now we have the means of bringing signed into law time and frequency domain and weekend compared may be meat is usually but that what we actually want to go is to be foot put based on the telly but features between audio between sound so we actually want to go for some kind of over classification Job And then we want tool to build the front audio classes with different but these sort the load of a feature which might say they could be pretty have footing describing discusses the Civic section exactly what we want to go and we want to work for the storey of features on or for costs in the future victory is the presentation of the Scots
But the most basic example is of cost to take a different classes of songs before the speech and music The cockpit seen each case Saturday led the card to predict so you can from the top of the rules state Weller would expected for the sound of the music the right sort of bandwidth so and so but they are not genital trends usually music for example contains much more frequencies high frequencies then then voice we've already spoken about this the stand out for the day for so it goes up full by maybe 9 Hillhead 8 9 2 0 2 0 8 5 and a thousand 100 a thousand 9 thousand head on the other side for the music upwards of the spectrum off for what much when you can't see So cause maybe you can expect the brightness and abandoned bandwidth for the music are high But the secret is actually who want to differentiate between different classes of some of the joy of Dessay you may be a for school tool to use not only these features but over spectrum off available features and we have dependent and independent features Iwu but the but about the bandwidth sold
For the speech the band because of the It is you can see in the music discovers of ride the spectrum for the brightness Of the rightness of presence nothing more than a 3rd the centre point of the bandwidth and in new language of cost it should be quite centrated some which between 100 and and 7 thousand probably some for a man for man voice between for 150 heads to 300 head and put a woman boys probably a bit high for music on the other side have of high instruments high-frequency from the with his romance with 4 the brightness off 1 of the deciding factor is the precaution offside as we have for think spoken also last time and it is you'll see when you speak to blow up bosses were also between the sentences but this doesn't really happening music at least not in the book is a for what 1 used to be may be classical music you would have had some not being banned all brought something like this and a bit of Boston some melting but usually book for some of silence speaks for differentiation between humans Beach and music in musical which have been instrumental in the background the make some noise so there is no sign of this not that much
Another affected is the violation of the costing the and music is still tend to be rather on stunned when when the before until costing over time this means you get to pull to see the regulator for costing more about what the voice on the other side the stands to be the in various the varieties high Now so we are in the City that the frequency that all this stuff to get that we might be able to the for a shade between voice in speech and music
And actually this idea is that has been used since 1990 by and had been an incident and then idea was came when the by the system audiophile comes in a simple and without the right we the bride is the right now is higher than the given threshold it must be music because humans Tree speak with that high of voice that maybe I'm not sure if you had a bad day and I want to scream at 1 per mile you might raised the tone of your voice and but not with the with with tried private high-frequency but the idea would expect that to be a normal so as waste of this functions quite good in the brightness his about water so this is music if it's a long way need to look at something else For a baby positive next the Boston offside so let's look the Boston of silence if this 1 is again the assumption that music comes with instruments on the big wrong not only with the voice of then you would have a low cost of silence and music If this is high tied with a high probability that it is voice but that's 1 of the cheque the variety of the 0 cost right now and if this wants of the 0 crossing the is low again this is Music music but soul music again without instruments Because we said we country differentiate between so has a local often of silence also now so and other public this last differentiation we may look at the grounds of the 0 crossing And if this is also a high so if you have a role high high Then the audiophile which rather of simple classified and those actually data is not that bad
Of cost The highs and lows as I've said actually depend on a trash sold some would need to see the right now is the type of what does high need about 7 thousand by the end thousand 10 thousand so it depends on fresh and distress again depends on the question if you have either on all home that music and the speeches of the road had been of a large drawn new may have a threshold to have other conditions than new have either fresh fish defined the highs and lows now causes can be used also to define tool to differentiate between the peak of made of boys to be close to the main board and so on But early this thresholds live without question specific and the for the training for example where and say or came purifier more speeches and if you 5 music pieces and Just by comparing within the says this is a speech is music but somewhere in the middle to make the differentiation so this is how you can buy training and of this kind scandal of the of highs and lows how well but if you have something which doesn't really did into what you have trained sold some kind of for the tie which is not simulator collective trained and you have a problem you might have misclassifications of what you really need to do is tools that allow spectrum of sounds which will cover your queries information will be similar simulate of the employment willing to use a credit for an train on that Of costs after Muriel for on this kind of training new open of computer future Victoria's band brightness bandwidth for some of 0 but I'm so the 0 costing the can be seen as a future paper also and then you can compare it pretty solid pulled the prices may but with a century of the of the present the signs that the most preventative for across And on the road and the and the future of its just like the in the in images you can compared the distance any distance you want and by Computing based distance classified new signed as being more simulator for 1 would be at a loss It's really not that difficult and stuffed with another the book which shows during exactly based approach off from and unconcerned
I'd few speech and music Firstly she admits that Bush The but We are in the early in the year to year The We Yet the her an interesting speech just expected the club for me and I'm going to comparative But with the rapid growth in the with the way that it the it will Paint Some classical representation what it just heard
And 1st ahead of the speech and time now But then we have the music based again in time and then in the frequency domain each of them 1 could look and same Katie for speech have some without food may be and how much each year 7 thousand 7 thousand 500 and the 1 would look that this is a factor of 10 minus 3 so you can imagine that if you are white smoke and there was this 1 and is 1 doesn't have having multiplied but this 1 goes a bid of about 10 thousand sold maybe 12 thousand thousand 500 this ordered the gives us maybe some and you say OK but the band with his much time to avoid the 2nd some now it's about the number of Then maybe you can also see here from the loudness something this is much longer than this 1 these are just some cash for Michael Vaughan and with the microphone Coffee M P M Powell would be allowed to compete on the beach who will play a part of it he went all the way and that we might have full music so to both you can compared the portions of silence You can compared also the 0 crossing and folded costing is what made the difference this is what you and and can somehow said that speech is much more the vague and so on and so on then you have this 0 costing moments that should be done so that it looked as the lines of the 0 costing would do that for a couple at the should be smaller than the violence or long speech but this is just what where 9 games and have said and what they would expect to have a this this this of the and just to see the Boston offside silence
So it's quite a different so what you see a split the split the histograms and 50 beans and that what you see is the low frequency now the night that the silent and for the speech this is quite large with the thought of them the polls by which is for India by the of more than what you get in a in the music so this is a clear and that this is which and this is not And so it succeeded difference but of cost as I've said the 2 would have something like the case you have lawyer mentioned then you can Calculate also this of these but I'm so the 0 crossing actually have calculated here and though of its again fact or bigger but it doesn't is that it doesn't Shlomi that much sold at the end that head above the crossing than the
According to this algorithm my would stop told after the their portion of silence until this year the of fact or more silence in the speech of speech But it not the best at what it was It is as you can see
OK that's continued which
So we have some ideas about how we could classified this kind of this kind of stuff but it's not enough we need to get back and divide the 0 tourist the city's into time salt and tried to cut out the this species of music to some peaches may be the future of the EU with a book or a discussed about and then what we really want to boys computer that 40 each of these were windows This victory represent a locomotive features with just spoken about and then when the the also some statistical cut the stakes things have ordered to book about the the rise this kind of book Of features And completed Photo signs And this should bring me a perception of competitive on of audio 5 at least this is what we want to use some quite efficient in of the book on the perception that compressed
OK the again what and the features an example was taken of Road was implemented by a world in 1990 6 based on based at the coffee shoppe and he said were the most important features that would allow me to differentiate between the cell that loudness Now and Ike want a good measured the seemed based on the book means Grael's unpeopled venues in the time domain debates about And the cost me based would go consider them more sophisticated than to speak at and 1 discussed the patient to be human the respect the human perceptions of a should not they care about science which are not a which are coming up that of the law so if you have a gambler cost action I have example with someone with the stone breaking device which makes a local very powerful for sound and at the same time someone speaks on the street you want here 1 speaking on the street so I shouldn't take that 1 in the calculation of the load That you should just taking the computational loudness by humans he was you wonder allow to respect the human perception now again 1 the loudness for frequencies which has plenty of 150 at about 20 thousand the might influence the loudness if you want to refuel compute them to be served with script but Danny Palombi perception of any more because you will get the video which was down to him L Again he told the brightness he defined the said that as the centre of gravity of the 40 a spectrum and he defended as logarithmic scale cost during the but you have put some of fuel below the Christie's and load of high frequency so if you want to know about 7 thousand spectral is much more comprising this SAS while the scale of what had something like this
And this exhibition described the amount of frequencies high-frequency is in the same house or if someone speaks with the higher voiced than the brightness would be high again for music if you have a look of high frequency instruments and the brightness of the sun and then the band meant bandwidth of the frequency bandwidth which is nothing more than the weighted average of all the difference off the 40 equivocations was sent to the centre of gravity of the spectrum The idea for the benefit is that you need to wait the by her by the hand picked so actually you're going to a provide more important full the Quincy's which are were lower or high which would be fine your spectrum but which also last year of what sold out loud This will define Maria branded mountains and as the the for the future he has used the proceeds which And though what what this actually means told human and Green was seized the high the frequency high for football in the about so for example if you see the size of 400 automated Humaniores here the stand up 8 but there is a difference between the Soundview conceded that in the end of dignity domain and what the human brain synthesises we speak about the way to Comoros and how the human yet actually functions and how human sexually perceived beach but what is important now is that you need some kind of a way to estimated is we've done in the in the spectrum ground What's the frequency quaintly being played at the moment and this is the beach and the beach taking as it is is either a difficult to perform automatically will speak about fell the before this but It's quite related full something we called the fundamental frequency the fundamental frequency being the lowest highest frequency of so with the most resents Moss and density in the South Downs And if you count managed to of soft on the disabled before which taking its human skin but the industry to the fundamental frequency this was the idea static where fish
OK now as I've said the singer who is displayed in full in the windows And for example based this is the of the presentation of afloat It is you can see it starts quite lulled it's hot down so it goes up and it's sometimes it's a bit Indian in instead high Cup are now and this is also what you see in the world this of the King the loudness than another London another 1 and and the design terminates Also given by by distant here this is what the loudness describes in time OR and then you have the right now It states Quite height And then with some Orion says the and you have some pigs and then it goes on of to the night full again the their bandwidth the band and its here of soldier That's the 1st boss of this on the high is quietly meeting high so Republic have somewhere between 500 and 6 5 thousand and 6 thousand head So now and then a 3rd It's Kumbakonam compiled which again the 1st how it is perceived by high Now and Then the frequencies Go down
Now the idea is they wanted described the standoff for this kind of sound with these for features Statistique can with this well together statistical moments 1 would be the every day you now because it seemed is windows have some irregularities that won't be able to get the whole window and making those but I'm going to describe each each of these windows to of the wild and the and all this this Poro for features and in each of them with the expected them to the right answer And although correlation the idea of the global correlation is that actually when I have time domain cinos may be quite stimulus have seen of down so I them by the and face you get the same scheme Now and using Autocorrelation is that a very good idea book there is the sense simulator of the steam out of the for either signals to simulate and this is where the 2 big system for more from Ibn has done so then you have respect the state of Britain's and then you have for features this means that the mention of the topic For each side Not
And the with this is a stand in the jump automatically we don't have been digital form but these are the results for for the last soundly have previously had and will have to allow the school but the with the mean the variety and the Autocorrelation as you can see where here that misses The has quite I'm wondering but now in the minds of icing that the day wanted defence landscape admitted on a different scale from minus 68 0 with a 0 writing is the largest and the might have a new receivers was told MPs on Thursday that now If you play with something like this you can see that allow mesh they stayed at the very used up the paucity their And again for Bill after going back to the lenses quite high White is that because we have very powerful sound and have some Boston's of silence and so quite large for right again been ahead of the debate the should some so white would Autocorrelation have high on the spot the equally good and said that if you she the scene of the 1st part correlated sickened by the young so this is the old operation quite efficient which is quite a lot After words with the same for each other but this and for the way and then the in this is the description the future victory over for the after now each song is the people they saw by comparing this feature affect but You can see which sounds of white simulate it on that just the distances of Belgrade It's nothing more than the
The OK so that inaudible for families Don't get use a training set of sums for across with the which he spoke for perception a model for the so for example you have a PC World collection of 1st now and then you go to the future of across In the means for each of these very that 1 would be that it presentation of the last again you can also cut a really the overriding my takes over asthmatics if you or a member we have discussed it in college accused the principle component Emylee says the purple get their mansions or various which would like to get out so I'm going to to use this dimensions only to those that fundamentally differentiate the sound of the pipes now found so I'm going to use was over smile addition amid for the victory and then and only point only pulled full about the model beast It's exactly as and is in the idea of College fighting the Queen which is my sound like calculated well feature wrecked the title but the presentation of which costs And they calculated the distance which cost And this week the Mahlon based the distance Ok so now have to decide for 1 costs and 1 solution again quenches Pacific Turso of what they demi-monde of cost I'd would have been this season new song later that would have allowed the amount Science music and they get speech Where by order would probably expect this the distance this model based distance between her speech and after there is between speech and signed in their music is quite large sold and I'm might have to to decide OK it's about certain trestle toy don't care that it might be closer pulled off but it's not like that at some kind of new sound have not trained for It something like them not by this is why we have to use a chest of the problems here is that I'm it's a about stick with told to decide what kind of for some by have sold this might be able to look for misclassification and his misclassification is exponentially in depending on the beast so actually the distance in simulating between the quasi and the PPL classes or because where and when to assign was so the probability that I'm doing some state Which is why the new stride near Lofton then the I'm sure it's offered its ability to be different but it still after power if I'd have quite a big distance then it might be left the but they are not that scoring more so the area is high cost is exponentially to the company's distance
OK On this is an extract from would has done But 3 of the 4 0 features disco copulated despite the sticker moment and he has got the mean the violence and the importance where they bought importance as I've told you has been extracted from this principle component of my did you can decide which off your of your features fundamentally important for making the difference between the map the Those who object in across town and as 1 can see for example here The although correlation off to allow the US is a very high weight of very high in for the screens that if this is correct but the high point will be the quasi Only 10-pc of the world's of old operational politeness is left How can this although correlational politeness is much more important than for example the of the sort the beach Which is not that important because it is 1 has established again with this and Iles's which doesn't really war between the US the White see Not so this would be the idea of of the experiment
Of greatest his works great for sure Podio they die but the These and the despite amid the saluted presented studies of human perception and it's quite easy to support indexing database so quickly by example would great your just laughing in the Michael for around the culprits the spread of future record companies the model this distances after and other classes war train in my database and For a return simulate after small stimulate after the ranking with Bill commands from old euros from the left across young In commercial databases this has been implemented in the debut to expand the standards and the in form of multi media but the problem away is that it's OK for the French between speak music offer
But now between musical pieces Just using a good statistic of on Complexo sounds like music which is not the sort it saw the the difficult just imagine that with the length of the stigma you might find local correlations the Lions made all it's difficult just whose only this the this constant So what we actually need to in order to put the expressed in order for the able told differentiate between music of It's watches and now so we are going to single may be the called on the radio of music pace and he is going to its willing to return new the type up to some and so on so it would be fore range between what you input and and that the season has seen the date of this is now a what you can do this with the boat with the statistic that teachers we have just described so what you need is some kind of definition of the medal You need to know about what happens to you you need to know if the melody changes in the scene where goes into high plans for a You need to comparision power having the database with the Queen based on the same man For this of course when he pulled defined his this melody and that the problem she
So you can say melodies a 2nd sick pension of notes the and the problem here is told and high public equal nice notes from a scene And now it might be easy for example for me these Legco you put some of the you have them Moraby and in the end the book command the notes to that the point to be to be played but the with the with the music peace with the world of the instruments and the order to be the son of a repeat of the instruments and voice It is difficult your country extract could quite denotes if you have such such difficult times
So actually What do what we do what we want to offer more than a minute the which should to Britain's sequence of musical notes who want to work for creating a memo As in the case of shows M but we wanted maintain Barry and on the beach 1 example you Abilene created by humming and willing to sink into the cellphone between differentiated humans by might seem The goal of some Road made may seem high down so all the beaches of the same at the other different now soprano this was last this is exactly what happened with the same sort and a different the tide So if I'm going to such and of the beauty at 1 that my system is able to equal mass Dimelo the without conceding this differentiation a in each song is the same out something that we want to allow assistant to be able to do is be in the air and on the bench They looked immediate song If you are going to look pretty going to seemed Altimimi some not going to stay there with the microphone the sounds of the but the and I'm going to the single to on just for of the dead of history them made the some by will have the them sunk in my my mind they probably when the police and but if I'm not only may be the beginning or the a train the main part young I'm going to say this but that they won the database PPL compared with what they just signed from the songs in the database and that neither the quake music so time she want the system to be very and for time she will go into the music and the all clear singing the skies each year from the amount of and this is what you want to get back What they also wanted still be embedded in the end on the slide violations as euro is you may expect them not quite the genius and music and I'm not that bad and and also I'd gone to the singing shower however that the problem was even if they would try to sink eye would most probably blow of across the baby type somewhere with the but lower somewhere along the the beach right for so long These variations and performing the creating it exactly the same storey and that as performing the green for immediate by Sky You're not going to dwell perfectly should not going to see the 3 for free but you still want that the database because the quake militants So it has to be in by the end on the slide variations of cost a sinking the public different song no database based on can have but the side by Asian should be considered But gig So far this for coping with this in the street a problems and requirements actually not it's not the 1st sequence of notes that children resembled a be but the sequence of the differences sold for exhibit example sought and growing up in the foetal and warned that it doesn't really matter that we which walked the I'm seemed because I'd might be a base for I'm going for the 1st same it as a sort ensemble in quite high but still Ms picking the memo behind going up by mid beating some some and I'm going down the sold the difference is what I'm going to need for Solving this problem but they responded with a bald above the pitch which has something to do with the frequency have said that simple systems will take care about humans bossy being at the front which than the fundamental frequency and they say OK the to the fundamental frequency with this is a problem for humans because of the human brain actually synthesises beach differently than we have seen it and it will be seen in and and the full year yesterday
Several of the identifying which is quite useful went ahead of austerity fitness is so it have noise then no just only 1 frequency or operate audit non-corroding signalled by which has something to do with frequency created Folha morning so we have the means or situation light for example inducing most here This is the main For simulations you have maybe some moist it is you can see then you have Hot mornings Which usually decrease in energy They are among the buyers Of this sequence Journal baseball is a game of this number might be the 400 for some near of 500 down this would be 800 8 the and saw how these are the high morning of this frequency
Antiques that play would harmonics for a bit
Nilesh point lead A Case last time we discussed the but the ball the fundamental frequency I've introduced though some summary some sort so that you can get the feeling About how this treatment suspect looks like We'll come back to the song
In the efficacy spectrum and but also here them so the 1st song sound was
At this time of year that in that case you can remember the time domain was full since it was
Pretty compressed together with the 5 PPL Cluster and the 1st 300 for situations and then you could be seen as a way of young and that it shows here on a day pilot pulled clean frequency of 400 for the with no are more Knicks it's as song
Then with the could we will take them through You found it looks some something like this in the time domain and
Can and drawn did for It has again the fundamental frequency of 400 for the With corresponding 1 With increasing energy as the increasing Infrequency camp Of cost it is also a bit of noise The before increased the size of the window so as you can see near the frequency is that out of the sun which is not that clear sounded synthesised or there some some other instruments then we had the piano
Were locked and
For more clear sound again the same fundamental frequency with very very clear how a morning now is of the harmonics then we had the human voices member
For a it
What's interesting to multiple of the human voice again it has come antiques but that it's a lot of noise is against each year Comparative piano the can clean harmonics have been she the basics to use the small she of the frequency being also present in the sound and this is this is not meeting to public have suspected cases someone who has been trained to of seeing self imagined that the Human voice also produced such myself When before named beach depiction something like this has to be conceded that it's not clear only the clear harmonics which is present but also some noise near
Came then we have the chaining Palk a with no very mags aren't
But quite clean up so very simulator tool to assume that some or most Noha morning Maybe it here but give them but They also don't see and in the frequency spectrum and last week the violin
For a while
Again evaded off for fundamental frequency with but little harmonics For this you can seem You could probably easy identified the beach but she of poor example here that is a problem The so frequency he although its its also less intense and its 2nd half morning Proceeded that this 1 is very intense this has to be questioned but and performing beach taking because actually even if the sequence she of the 2nd half morning is much more present in the frequency spectrum of the human brain establishes a speech is This has to be conceded that went off point the cheque
Up care
A That's computer the lecture So sort of the that the depiction of the so dominant beach in the sound is so that people of this interferences The maker of made the problem that half of what it when there are more complicated is that the human perception the 1st from the measurement should have seen the 40 year spectrum so it would be easy or can willing to update only the fundamental frequency and take this as a picture How about a few which took part in the experiment which performed on the from subjects that 1 has observed that even if I'd don't have a fundamental frequency take up of the fundamental frequency from a signal humans are still able to establish what the pitches So which is not the same as the fundamental frequency But we still need to extend the beach in order to extend the melody line we still need to establish for the small time frame half a 2nd point and but what was the height of the see what the frequency of the signal so that they can decide the next 1 is lower or high IMI these in order to extract ability to compute between 2 songs remember greedy by humming remember the morons problems that we want to sort walking but before going in Palo extracting the of the speech that speak about the difference by the difference lemon what the smallest change in this year of which is the lively perceived by humans the human you what's this threshold that humans just go to the so-called just not visible before the smallest difference in the brand of the Sunday humans or a did receive as something kept
But this is as good for the city actually dependent on though the beach so if I'm going into the goal frequency beaches it might behind them in the media beaches and then her going and behind is again it might be more difficult than going to choose between for example 19 thousand pets and 20 thousand head it's clear there a programme about a it also eyes based on the duration how longest cell and on the board board of if its O just over would bambini during the the and it's quite difficult to make this differentiation and the difference lemon has been experimentally established by his in 19 77
And that what he has basically done he has brought 1 some psychological testing with half a 2nd of poems And they played 1 after the other and the site subject to establish the if the 2nd home was higher or the and above of caused and he has measure to is in in a nanny system his decision until from my subjects have classified about 70 per cent my son scoring the and its cost that is being reliable so that the Prince between the 2 plans have blamed can be is might be leg can be here by human skin can be not If not is each other 50 per cent and his legacy so it's not not much better than just believing that I'm generator and Terry Florida time so this is what he has done he has a poem collected from subjects distributed to a played 2 sons and a have set up a 2nd higher
OK and now he has played in with the with different of frequencies and he has observed that the difference Limond is somewhere by a single point to press on It's what you can see Here in this region and this happens for A reasonable loudness And for of frequencies pectoral which is somewhere between 400 heads and put thousand something catsup of MPI 100 if you look into the raw bomb regions This slime This quite big This means that the human year isn't able to perceive small differences in low frequency range and is also happens in high frequency so they need the high in the 1st difference between full consecrated belongs to established that before up
The So why this difference actually that the US is that most people can distinguish between while 1 thousand pants and 1 thousand for The liability This is actually quite so the human is much more accurate than the would have also just to be able to not disappoint tool for sent in in the 1st well in musical usually of the order but semi plants and there for a while those 10 20 100 young cents for football so it's clear that human you can differentiate between for example the sea and world See shy
As have already polio from the graphic the representation the separation this point press and this is not uniform over the whole of frequency but it's worth of high and low frequency it goes up to 4 5 per cent so it's quite a big difference and go and the thing that is important is planned duration of starting from low on 0 1 2 1 in the 2nd up to 100 million seconds the climate and in full So for for sound is quite difficult to establish whether and a football and the way if it was up or how about 100 million 2nd the result this constant and constantly liable That thought that is important is the order Obviously above of dignity Bell though the volume is allowed to do enough so that they should be that the human you can Oh on make for that the difference with Global looms there is a problem and it is defence is bigger
And We do take a shorter break off then minutes before going into the 3rd talking about the chequebook nations in the US you It 1 of the And after let
So we and the other on the part before of or a lecture on the pitch and that the UN's I has the has already concede that the bulk building the definition of what beach should actually be understand understood like so which they say said is that at 2 but both the Tory sensation in terms of which sound may be order on scale extending from low to high So you corrupt sound from low to high depends mainly on the frequency content of this some stimulus but it also depends on the sound pressure on the way for of the game and this is what the basic said is is the But the big early we to the memo the land to distinguish which from the game but sold for example the Sun's like S For each signs that either have different the game but the the same Beach so I your their own on a scale and there on the same scale from high to low with just different coloured in that the more some but could not willing to speak about the game but we just care about how the with the tone and the beach
And the There have been experiments for example the fund by Richard in 19 34 who has been has tried to walk out over the silent on the frequency scaling of buyers in the adaptation of the season with a 0 with the law missile 40 data But what he has actually tried to for for most over the histogram office on where the subject to the top of deceived this of some tests have organize this under the high ball again the same the same idea And Before ending someone Iles's on this histograms subjects have said the case of a high order the speeches being high Iowa but the speeches being brought looking the that histograms below what subjects have said on the beach and a sound indicated that this the beaches have were have been no a recalled nice when the distribution is Moody model and this is usually the full of multiple beaches for example in the way for 44 new music to a minimum but somewhere like usable appear on the MoD Mike at the Forest of cellphones with the 40 points 1 8 0 0 or in tones And what the basic cable be labelled for the different instruments the problem with this experiment is the humans concentrate on different instruments the for 14 different which for example 1 Shias the same sound but reports that beach for an violin Playing into another 1 concentrates on the base of something and this is how you get different distribution so the beach determination is actually not that easy to before and eye want to off on some of experiment with you so that we can try to get
Let me seemed
No kidding
At fund If it up
So what they have she is a cities of songs and I'm going to play them 1 near to the the other 1 and what they wanted to tell me this is the 2nd sound Those with the goal which the city which were higher and rest and the majority voting for the majority the site The vulgar May right this or that and all These are the 1st to songs Says at highways be computed Higher load the same Everybody 0 same opinion Or that How was the computer to see Quite Like this these or so from the I'm going out to sea Quite We had the same opinion over there P Boyd Hanno For a pool of a But at the cost of But The And the boot is on the audience Room for a a P If your of another opinion just The PP For a or a But but And suicide don't have any black for left that stop you Sell Close up a beat so be used higher as a peach and has and as a young this is how we are perceived sees higher the highly so if eye with the press and this deny would have something like a close to the coast of seeing the and so on so I'm right This is what their vote I'm going to play it A Case remembered the fight For little I'm going to play them again A Remove A hobby Well P M How's that A and andiron the same some This is what happens with the brains of of the brain tries by the defied the pitch and so profound some kind of automatic of equipment but due to the way the brain works 1 can for the parade And these are the so called but the experiments And he has concentrated his work 1 foot in the brain in the wake of the proceeds it receive some and the idea is this is the case of
You can see this is the chorus of the sound of based on the frequency is that the present and some of the Christie's and the code of the frequency of the because of remains the same But all the frequency of the flight shifted to the right you can see he had just the flagship or the frequency young To scene Now she to the right now so Jamie beat the scene But such is the most depths of the frequency for the right each frequency with the same Apollo gniezno added some some kind of right to the shape the means the see salt its damp so that it falls on the same day On this she and this is done repeatedly and code this shift the brain gets the sensation of the sound guitars and high L At the end You reached face When you're seeing Where should these frequency here We have a place This Figure Inglewood that could be on It grows Fulfilled this peak Now find pulling the frequency inside the same ship And they get actually The same some from the beginning of the end of the brain synthesises on the last comparison and the higher sensation of the
And they have some more experience We should play with because the
That just on
V with the sort of going the 24 account for changing the way we view the with a vote on its exact have and the Shrake unscented and other 2nd without saying anything Lloyd on the bullying this experiment 1st nobody not text worth off on the same 98 and they beaten order can be discount off by taking the brain with a gap clear scoring the when go-around v S same
This 1 We have right way But but but But it Thus the and But the by And it Sousa goes like to be a Pineda but it Dictionary but to sequence this what happens ship and teaches coraltree as It is a sample So it is the band here by would separated are not continuously the Brynwood compared Large chunks and Sir John sandwich a acts clear if you leave it continuously its take Tel
The movement
A Case so we can see that it's not that difficult to take over bringing standing the falls into 0 extracting the for speech the putting it ballistic said the actually beach the brain proceeds so we don't need the frequencies from the chicken suspect from but we tried to build up the beach to the brain and the state for for this we need to rely on some during the model of models that the Come from hold the key system is so we go back to the UK the basics of audio is you remember here there is a draw Some comes in their some Strauss meeting the vibrations and Sometimes you into the Aukia And rule Smallhead which have played playing the role of receivers and stimulated by the sound where the scientist trumped as it is linked to could policies the way for the new law which are connected to with the base of the smallest procedures But what's interesting from is that these cocaine these were seen as the front frequencies different great places High frequency Part of for Steve for the entrance is now you should be made and high frequency is the head is a saving the very high a wave laying down for the last together Highway blend high-frequency on for other 4 they will be received by the sea was the entrance Rudolf frequencies which have longer wavelet troubled for the ability and of the year and they are received In the street and And those head of receivers will be stimulated and sand impulse the brain And then based was off will on this principle so broke out in the brain the decides which nuanced have sent the bus in the build up to a for high frequency so it's actually location depend test which part of Michael key has just been excited walking along the high frequency that this is the idea behind this location dependent which detection
Bidding on something like this so humans have mentioned that the Cauchi has about so if you if you just take it and and it has about 3 point 5 centimetres in the name And based on the length of the bill could be cut by up and for old York or broke and then the which can be detected from the spot but the idea is that you have she the length of the coffee at and you have to the place where this exciting and if this is excited she but some place some Lang Lang Osama it must be the frequency here So it's nothing more than stating that bidding the function that based on the place where the cooking is excited except the pitch
And the destruction has been no estimated by the in would be a 1990 it looks something like this so it's over Rodrigo function Public which were 1 can expect the frequency and with the increase in frequency so right now have the Sussex is the frequency with the pace of the frequency of the increase is also the distance from the apex so you have to imagine how the Koki or and on the other way on because high-frequency as part of the perceived the and as I've said and this is the function that his teammates base in the Indian media made The based on you can you can detect the that the frequency but this is not the only model but there have been also either during the of more those which think it has something to do with the with time with told the city receivers seen prise themselves so that the sun is not only location depends only will only the place where the local key is being exciting but the D'Ambrosi warranties Asian of this neurons has to play a role
The idea is that only a nuanced their 5 spontaneously and London sequence based on data collected but when the sun with the frequency of the frequency stopped some new won't start Fierstein For a plea major of what I'm and speaking about a familiar with the 5 flights When the in the fight and the pink and when they are in no large groups based on old O might include pulling together in the same frequency It's kind of like the same principled here The sound was so the frequency of the newly scene cloning reaction From the receive so the time-dependent that is based on the idea of this endurance fighting inconnu so than the brain but it is that beach based on the old O quotation function and is now explains the idea that the Autocorrelation plays an important role So on this although correlation function the other
Opec P But there would have also some might call for you can continue with the loss on the back of K several of open all those dress legal nice and which 1 is location dependent 1 is time-dependent of both the new the dose of the problem is not easy for example sounds individual sounds but this complicated if you have context out of the close look into time domain groups of alongside excited to savour locations with a different synchronisation by the cell have multiple beaches which of the new unexcitement actually prisons the which is difficult to say
We come back to the fundamental frequency 1 of the 1st of assumptions we have it is that the low frequency mostly conceded during the harmonics Should be the picture so that which could be closer than the fundamental frequency But again the psychological experiment shoulder even Osama that doesn't want be the fundamental frequencies so we officially been the fundamentals request from was found in the same mould the estimated the same Istiqlal from 1 subject meaning that she humans receive somehow the same Beach even though the fundamental because he is not there Now so if it would be location the standard Walker Sistani 98 more than a began from as C was maybe the case is not that of 3 by from the sea by the amount of FFTW Sorry for that Do not the something like this would happen but that will cut the maker of the view that the sale of was talking about this early moving called the fundamental frequency and how actually human brain and brain works if it would be just the location dependent during the go more than the fundamental frequency So we don't without the fundamental because he told me the same because the fundamental frequency excites some really ought to Cauchi if you put the day that the area would get excited so the human brain would be able to equal mass the pitch On the other side of the pond and the board order makes a bit more sense because the synchroneity means digitally higher morning Now don't get away it happened in which part of the key because that was banned heights almost icon about the scene cloning behind antiques and the harmonics give me the same Synchrony so the brains reacts to attend the state able to recall mice which sold in this context actually depend upon the model makes more sense So we should learn that but how do we have any disincarnate legal diplomas public
The shooting of actually analyses complex sound in different frequency bands It is so the complexity of the human brain works because of the huge England is actually do so different impressions of the sound and ties to for in integration between different impressions and what 1 can do what costing has done actually is that he has been the seeds of this time when I am playing and try to decide beach based on the stamp had been blamed for higher morning homologs and stop this kind of match together so this is the beach The end of another important factor is that the pitch is actually not that based in-order Steve in-order ideas living and of experimental was the you 1 each year these joined sound so cut the sound into these joined by components of frequency on a new played 1 left and right here
The beach is still collected constructive even though the sun despite the means that my left here is not independently extracting some which my right is not immigrant the sort this happen centralised in the brain Now It as understudy seamers fund Of course the when when when beating his post as the reasons for the recent dismay being used by the Indian noise off what is seen or receive of a full set of 4 stamp
Into the of Goodstein experiment Of a nice of extreme and go with the of the single the the fundamental frequency is banned here when the brain actually many Jews Synthesised which 296 have global display currency is not yet in the sight what peplums is that 400 96 would be some Whitehead is that there about morning like this 1 which will be put times 480 seeks like this 1 which is almost 3 times 296 over is almost 3 the factories almost for full while the brain actually doesn't really ICI somehow morning the swadeshi are morning so some frequency which is not bad but the brain synthesises and and range the branches as the beaches 296 this is what is experimental but the beach doesn't work in our off-frequency spectrum the brain co nice he somehow and synthesises some of this and based on the frequency this is what the Fed the time domain down the harmonics stimulate the so it's still detect
At So if we goaled for to what we've just broken in the purity go more those the peaches actually a feature of the frequency with the particular time Now What we need to do is to perform beach trekking once in the frequency domain and in the band of rain The cost of imported important factor to establish is the length of the window for the victims spectrum And this is usually tools and is poised the to end of the estimated the this has to do with double coalition but that just mentioned his varying bought in order to be able to calculate the total correlation independent main you need telling before singer that allows you to see the same thing with the substance face so that you can Calculate this Autocorrelation this is why the dead progresses back from the public of the change would be a waste of the estimated size of this estimated the
But what or quality and now that the shaking up worried about which would offer The frequency resolution in the range of Sammy along with point of soul I'm on the grid but they've and I'm going to talk about it the great decreases omission I'd have to to be able to the big difference instruments which have well defined harmonies led the sale of the food you can order the think about ideas of how to capture by the sort this kind of instruments and say OK these of the potential for higher money for food and well into on their my signalled despite his and establish this is a pool of food And of what's also important for some system is due to the completion of the speech Has to be a profound and transformed into symbol of economic patients in field time for some interactive Systems imagined that unwilling to have something will go has for Web search for missing database when I'm seemed and white and in the system or in the Beatles candidates which are band of adjusted by the by young so what this has to do is extract from my voice audio create the beach in real time Cluster into a sequence or from movie where the same booking this is that the speech and then he goes out and then he but this same frequency beauty but it goes down goes up again now and then Computing dynamically the same presentation inside job bombs for example such a quoting of melodies and my database of this would be another requirements for which checking out worried switching to cost OK let's go into the last part of correlator public boutiques Balearic goldeneyes which automatically how we implement system that is able to 4 for the 1st Solution came from a million 19 69 68 by show that of 69 and bid approaches called the high morning for the It's 1 of the simplest methods and that the idea is to stop with the range of the frequency and and allies in the hope of detecting beach for human voice and for a voices this has been tested for example for range between 50 pupil 150 head and what this had what was happens with Dominique buldak spectrum is going with small steps between from frequencies in this industry though we analysed the higher morning off each frequency for example for the 50 had within multiplied with 2 and get 100 and analysed the video Over the sequence how much from 100 these days is it the real power morning is safety might which it would be might be to the need to have a high amount of what 100 antique 150 and another 1 at 480 more depends on the instrument have seen for example of the violin has more time on the stage humans singing has a lot of pub mornings would that out of something by and although debt for about 4 hours of that has the assault on the city synthesised sound which doesn't have a money So I'm going to be picked between 50 and for 150 the frequency that has comics and that 1 is my picture
And Ike and would is basically by using the about off the seam out so I'm calculating the venue awful for By analysing The 1st half time 1 so I'm going with the parameters that starting from 15 for 100 so for 5 for examined Zamperla and including to examine a 50 100 150 200 to 150 and then willing to 1 the plight The value Of the frequency of its presence in the scene of so it for example 50 has Island all over how much of the mountain to the and liability that would be available from 100 150 and so on It would look something like this And if I'd have something like this like an established all this is my picture So it's rather rather simple idea I'm going co between 50 and 150 and shifting and I'm going to get the point Which is the highest has the highest video and then the basic frequency that stopped To which the book highest for about response
As a process you should be imagined is something like the about you have your window from the audio signalled it does for me because we advance formation and of taken suspect told you can before of down sampling But on the 40 year spectrum but what you actually want to go Is taking for example Some In tomorrow From ship to ship to stop computing power mornings 42 of the signals in building the power of the hope and the idea is that he would apply this point with the Tom morning And based But that is not seem is the maximum of because the other that look something like I'm multiplied this 1 with this fund with his 1 good on which he Italy's lower invader is this speaks he went down with the but is chaotic And a great way to do this sufficiently is actually by performing don't sampling Aboriginal Sondhi then I'm bond sampling the by House the sampling young and increasing the sampling big so that they get the scene this together by a factor of 2 this means The now actually would apply Each point with with 2nd half money so I'd go into my window here and multiblade each point with the 2nd half morning Also this highest the and then high profile not non sampling the order and non sampling as he escaped the scene No 1 more time Prime simple 1 And just will be played the very Get them not seem very represented The pub was presented as as a function take them maximum move and that mountain corresponds to the beach Or the fundamental frequency They have questions right now OK
Now as we have seen we may have some noise We've seen that the voice of the CIA now down it had some mice near the fundamental frequency near the harmonies there was some smaller frequency With time on a public spectrum this is great because it those was small things multiplied as a product They will crease The body would be that the power of now the either problems which spectrum conference which is something we will within a thing for the before the cello that the fundamental frequency is actually smaller than the second home on a remember this economic was bigger so comic book spectrum suffers from bad because it through a legal denies that that 1 is the biggest of of Frequency With with the highest harmonics as a poor about and in order to establish actually which the beach candidate is 1 needs to look back 1 or so high the frequency 1 1 time look behind and see what was if there was also another hominy which was lower than me and the how my side so this is actually threshold of these solution Indeed Davies such a move would power morning then think that 1 and in practise this is usually sufficient with the fact of the pitch
Well this is going and what
They said that 1 of 1 of the in practise for the signs We've put for father the lecture job
So I've had to the previous 2 presentation from the time piquant and frequency domain of the 5 per sound will told the honey for bound for that spectrum and that the example she
For placentas Eisai actually I would have expected to the land of the 400 40 which is this 1 And Quinn the wondering why this 1 of kids The fund should be there may be than some in looking at the moment when the the but the well anyway doesn't really come because it's of the power of my honest and so 1st everything order and this 1 is noise for the 2nd son We already have the should the said the ball biharmonic about spectrum soul This time he is smaller than its 2nd home or inks so I'm going for multiply this would be the end of the and they get the peak she actually that would see all paid is fundamental frequency but they get a good 0 1 Tampa left and they see that there is another car morning which is smaller than than the 1 at detected and has a presence or put the my size sold and this is how in the days of the peachy the peaches correctly depicted those here this is a very clear on this you can see so the for about so more noise or something like this but I think it it was the soprano and though as is you can see there is some noise but the noise is the most due to the foot of the magnitude of the order of many magnitude of before but it is much bigger compared with the with the noise For the burden the case is also created and quite easy will We want to picked And for both the last Instrument also but if you really I've tried more sounds and for some of the girls it gets a very good result but usually futile This is quite quite the movie so these but it is actually very needed to noise Which doesn't really give you a big confidence and in detecting the that data which It did difference between she hadn't yet the of minus 4 in 10 of the of minus and but still that it is quite plausible that the deal would probably again need to work with some kind of learning method where you know the threshold and he signed for your collection If the defence system around not
OK now the 2nd method is the mountain like equalled the so called maximum likelihood estimated
And the idea he was full consider some kind of other approach based on the cheap Load of breast feeding in the frequency domain but based on the shape or the of secrecy domains And the idea was to build idea spectators What this time 1 aches and compared them with the frequency presentation of new side and the them play the idea spectacle Spector which is closest for the new song Will be costing the best being the picture But in order to get close to the sounds the idea that these ideas pictures such a chain of policies which have dampened by a function so that they look like the of some sort 1 needs to to contribute to the sound of the sea despite the have to to be close to the sun The singer window is chosen linked before on for media seconds and is usually dampened at the edges This is a dampening function the moves usually the defied which mostly was high frequency and density this looks like for example when generating an idea spectrum 1 starts with the city single with the use of harmonics the dampening function looks something like this and you overlap stamping functional will each of the home when the and again and get the such on voting signal
Now this is your pocket And this is about the teachers booking this is my idea of a state of representation officer and which now oh what just need global useful compute the difference
Between my part collection and the New South in the same presentation and that 1 of the smallest defence Is that is beach OK so I'm going to be this difference he this difference can be my domesticated written as this this it as he saw it to the fans of the book 0 As the school 1 of them is the pattern and 1 of them is the signal the can because he has been cost so what actually interesting is in this that she Because the These smaller so the simulated these be good with the not from the I'm going to subside so sold it is this 1 across the road is smaller this memory the is big so the mountain like could estimate that makes no more than thinks of collection May example look sound and and his team mates the identity for of the simulated based on the difference for of the better and the the input size and again this can then be used to calculating the about so I'm why want amounts to my the for that
Between despoiler man's and for the better Where the public about his not among is the much more That 1 is the most senior Lib for my region of seeing So why My difference might my operation for for multiplicational for of the book With the much accessible of ideal Spector's the idea that such my my part of the ritual of dining right now
This would be here for example of the way Because as you can see I'm starting with my 1st The Christie but the quite Every on the night of my 5 comics this would be a high which and then idle young and and have my signalled and I'm with applying The 1st 2 0 being the the 1st part of a beach But my signal that in the 2nd and so on With this board that is not smoke This is where I live the greatest simulating And then icing on walking distance for example my results It's not perfect Which as you can find it here but it's the perfect estimation based on the idea spectators and now the secret is with the dignity of resolution had been my database of spectators with by increase The exact details my approach so I find had here of local Spector's in my make We chatted and very small steps I'm were likely to find the correct But of course for the sake of the book of notification of the size of the Matrix is again trade off between Hull precise I'd get the beach from the pudding not And how much computation a
So spoken about the for that spectrum was spoken the maximum like people based on the part But what we've weaves broken only about the coaches with the infrequency domain what the ball depicting the track the taking the beach and the time domain so again of by by the waves For this there is another possibilities so using the so called Autocorrelation functions the idea here It is then that we need to measure the The singular itself By shifting We use the comics idea somehow Dominique's need need to be found in the sea salt if shifting the the by a certain face which happened will be exactly the harmonica frequency This I know we have a very big Autocorrelation grid Say this is the same Shifting the signal In this day addiction Will continue like this but has shifted the signalled with this much in the face down and now while by observed The scene of looks quite seemed to itself So that although correlation quotations is quite big this must be because of the high morning You get the keeping the high morning Icann's Aoki are much off and this distance he this is nothing new in this case And when this told operation factory gate its maximum has a on global are morning this is my likely to the shift is my picture Don't So it's nothing more than just the beginning the sound and the world No 4 mobile correlation questions and maximise again will kill is this England willing to shifted progressively
Starting from the overlapping signalled and like in the mountain and correlation value and and say OK this is what interest this is my
And the and the exact what there was seen so since the scene of such a strong equally later the each other due to the higher morning there is the indelible could the correlation function for the with each candidate Of course this was the 1st the poets of the said OK we can reduce also this the of the multiplication problem but there are also other approaches where no 1 can use the difference from the pool of the casino studded than no other than the point and for basically now I'm some in the cities of differences the idea is that when the old declaration it's and so when a the face the difference is the NEMO So if a subset 1 minus 1 Irangate 0 but this is the idea when the correlation I much more than a hint that are both high subside them from 1 another Eastwood in the difference so With the every 2 magnate and defence far the 2nd approach This functionaries NEMO Where such a face so where the correlation fact München has has beat the vintage is that this 1 is possible compute So band based on the same side the defence for example here that the 1st behind 1 equalled the coastal to 0 here and he and his defence would increase would below scene in a deal Dominique's because it is you have seen it is only in the spectrum Oaks Something like this now down side have might pitch my for someone I can the differences We We increased Because Aboriginal signalled and then shifting this 1 and shifting sandwiches which is quite a big over the signalled we did and the morning which doesn't have the images Dorrington 1 so that the fans will increase But they can still see standards Here now and you can order the sea
It They both the independent functions both the Coronation function as a the book the though the differentiation oppose so called by a change in I'm without into thousand the world increased their full tolerance against the noise By using more of them will be just below the compose should based on Mount based on every Shaw both of the for and the differentiation
So then which can notability almost 0 4 times so his great defy 1 political meant that the 2 of them and so they can use the where this week we have of a just spoken about but this doesn't really make a man would be in order for the club nice them and with the aid need sequence of which is excellent going up and warned about what they might do in the sequence over which is why whether he's my memory Com Came So I'm going for us and then mellowed is this clunkiness change in the pitch Of course few 92 points also the ambled between spoken of last week when for taking sides when starting the side 1 has an attack L Then a small the key to reach the which I'm interested in and sustained And then a decrease remained the myself so when 19 and which have to be a where when the sound start it has a powerful effect which for sure chaud time spine when the frequency of the cheese its maximum and probably although shoots Now I'm going to be up 1 then I'm Tony my boss boys bound and became the people that don't 1 4 hit and sustained in the long I'm making the here of book and then a decrease in Michael so this is something which 1 needs to take into account simulation went off during this military commissions because if and when he talks of the for example of the tax year but the keep you do this to different beaches what can happen is that there 5 Recounting the and account for its a the combination So they would have something like this Dec The case sustained reais If I'd falsely me some the prep This 1 here as a peach this 1 here is different which the Sun is another 3 then by would say that my Miller is what prop I'm going up I'm going down then and I'm repeating something in the sustained and and and the City which actually is not correct what I'm going to have to consider is that sounds come walls and 1 of the That sounds sounds count comes in such a compete aeration and that what they mean to stimulating the beaches is in this area here in the sauce and the findings my and I'd get sequences of this on Middlecoff and the sustained but that 1 is my beaten deadline consists by mail order
For on the issue an example of how the beach depiction of profound predominate about spectrum looks like poorest there are several again we have time And frequency and it is you can see there are some other effects these effects come executive from from the noise 1 receives And from approximately that found that dwindling so I found will include a measured the beach in the face I'm going to get the pitch some which he They understand what they mean Which actually is at the peak of because if you prefer 1 Iles's on this result you concurrency unbeaten old And this is how it should you can clean this paper assessed the speech he recalled nation face you cleaned out led and then you can do that it for for more about the understandable representation soul actually want what we need to go is the 1 about the size of the peaks of again poems for spontaneous or the jumped time going to jump or would spectrum something is the something is that you then I'm going to monitor the size of the peaks of the locations for multiple of windows and that the resolution of this for some special cases cases where 9 months so that the but that the decision will be
Low on
This is the book post was signal for the depiction of a few amount levels of some of the people move to the US for a movie such players there just over 2 thirds which actually say saying nothing more than what is wrong with the city which before have something here jumpship from she took he doesn't really justified and not doing something capable the knows of this is not like this is something like an pulled
Ok so how great now we which we not expect which would go gone now installed a slight the main road The published yesterday as well we have a few cements and the overlap So what if I'm going to have the same Tomasello by a They have also different but you've seen some create more noise some less some have all of whom antiques some not somehow we need to go to all of this 44 and the exit the beach to the human proceeds from his convoy side The 2nd is puts a and between my of the diabetes All shapes like them seemed unlikely has before so I'm just building their ideas picked for the violin for several for all of them and I'm trying beloved let them of this England team where the public is much more my but might be a problem is that the violin played for example in a room with highly immediately when I keep it produces states to produce the funtime antiques so it seems that it's a bit of then my out with has put backed by out with has done all he something Kapend here are not able to recognise anything and more high needs to be my year might my database antiship my ideas victims based on the shape that happens with my instruments And the of costs even the smallest of changes to his 2nd changes can candidate to walk out of date diction for the fictional FFTW solo and going to be picked where 1 violin ProFunds assessed the new plays the same I'm going to detect with different motif and tourist just going to walk a off from the Recalled nation
And that in the last the dogs When we will see what the state of the UK this is and what the industry can
And there was surprised tool to see that the banque should be a time for soul destroying here and this is my as he knows I paid the price for car and up
The local from using the crease For example 1 can play that this is the scripts and portable flesh of opinion and the performance such on what 1 1 his late is a 1 that that and it will know what his game Anybody busy I'm going to try something But then you need to be made to jump in and buy and sell This so called high-demand ancient Early movie And in middle between the whose in the news Search
But see I found
On all these may also want to play
But and chemical dog The team moved to a a gap such as played the beginning but then the overseeing a lush database of body tourist the dam going to play like and the media style denote associated with the clear something and then comparing what more time pressing with a certain soft stimulate the suspect and By playing the simulated the bring back the most stimulus on but it see what was the 1st song they thought would be the most senior of the planet's something Doesn't play doesn't anything
To the half dozen for the focus of this would be the best by piano of quitting
Which is nice 1 cancer to something like this that the solution would be aQuantive's
Of demand for the metal the computing big even as the city's of code is as I've spoken told the lectured and the with see snakes lecture possums coding bustles clothing just what it is that the difference between the 2 stools following beaches and then Nike and was something like home from up Don't you don't want to beat him but he but there are more than 2 in the 3rd and see what pieces
Alonso below the curves use some its itself from its obviously something important during the something on saying something that it exactly what I've done so icon pool music now that actually someone knowing what is to include probate from some kind of some some said that makes sense in the summer that nice believes that it is set to
So 1 can get in based on the frequency and how fast and taking and vertical denies that the sums The finger of blame the UK which he stuck at The mood of the game the and the time and Sept
It's a publicity was not says she book
I'm good at So if this is what they believe in That doesn't want to play with And the of You know you now put A Yet so if any of you will have a better sense of written feel free to come here and try anybody And talking of this was that this was found but the the have found something that something which from you during the break
And that the standard for faraway young me my said The 1 so that can this book is just so Try to seeing that if England had to fight to So please don't be For the young by 1 to leave for Williams who really want to leave for for a for Let's see
Now and the time right that take here is was wondering why Holkham his he able to search for my voice he I'd seen music but I have to say that he is the use the having sold out that people who have some of the scenes of the same old song and they have such a great idea for a lot of songs and it is that most of the people who don't really think that well and make the 40 people in the same space as found that now so the scenes usually the frame and the and seemed a bit high but some points where the pitch is a bit higher than the see the leasing fostered may be ordered to make a pause which should be by the advantages comparing the with some kind of other people at the time of the same in in musical quite used to simulate the script and the 5 ordered the that 1 in singing for ever young here that is up But so did is quite code It may seem a bit of 2 people This is the original the king of all this is the part she found the simulated what there was going to the Moon the and now she found that I've some quite humility to the SPL braced full missteps friendly and had left late see what they've done Although the review Google and You up cash into some better than me that today next 1 from Sweden for young and all old The of the world For On the Some pretty could in my opinion best A Case my bed to use the Some explained the same mixed up with him for a while but we have no work income along and has a which has roof and he pushed the job what you want to see the job decision but riverford where for more charges over commute mood and and and some and the preferred the 1 to feel the caught from opera for for print where podkrepa and so or took a book called The Sir walk up this some school and her and for its offer for airport airport circles received funds on Sunday morning
For half time after a lot of what had happened about just for us for a small part of what the people who live your legs for style But the sell did not do so again By At the pump The time to pay off Each Lubell single Burrell jingled where the ball will Lomelin look a little too well cent below that scorer but at the end of the day could
Further up the public BB 1 2nd Pressing for its Aug The their by than that of the of the Scans on discussable testatum provides or would sends a quiet man said that he was is the sound of the huge record peaks of
From power If I sold it to get to the whole of the final suspect as the colour of double solar full quality longer but not from the point of the up yet that sense of the threat salesforce the blood
Soaring just fur what I want to try what on took up by a single surname July 1 which was not a singular Although he was said to see out the full time anything because we need the with the wrong sort of of can holiday about all the work that they do not all that it can find something less
P through it but I and but For some reason the microphone
Well sort of But sold But it into a school of thought The code that was last time gets so it excused camp where she doesn't want doesn't want it not not long although it to the big upright was society His register and allow cap as at said the that Hugh and then you have a contract on their hands for
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You can also try this systems of told what just the the city's and as I've said a think it makes quite quite the with a commission and this idea fusing either people seemed is great because it called for the small and that the belief in the soul of wit discussed with the about the lowly ability of features discussed the people both above the brightness the band with the bulk of the 0 crossing the and the and the silence and the singer with discussed the bulk of the NHS smallest difference in the frequency that humans can receive the defence Limond Racine also some nice experiments about how to treat the brain into thinking that the move actually of played another which this experiment here in the shape of expedient experiment quite nice and we will also discussed about the beach checking out here at economic mentioned the morning for the spectacle of the much more likely code that uses the idea of pop for different beaches and the more problems you have a better based commissioning and the book we spoken also about the beach checking that would mean the time domain based on the old O correlation function the idea is they come 1 exceed notes have most powerful Autocorrelation the and demand with themselves awakened by either of the the some of for that some of the differences in their differences NEMO and there is where they have faced so high morning in the also London iboa have also established examination dates and the 1st examination beauty of the in in August between 16 and 19 including the state's sold a can just the for the state's were secretary in the 2nd period of between 20 and 30 September We decided for the police bleak of months so that you may truce based on other exams that you have made to want to take his 1st and you probably to summer in August who want to leave the is the last thing is the last examined the you just them if they are not a major problem seemed kind bleak evening of the state's we can teach with a special load a date but it has to be discussed with the professor and so that the ball had bounced back so if there is a major told a model no if you may be 1 to will have to go back to France before based and just stop by or secretary and we can set up a special examination again for you and no exactly what the plans for the distance but these on the day if that expect exception cases we can discussed by
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