Features introduction, Color features and color histograms, Matching of color histograms (14.04.2011)

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Features introduction, Color features and color histograms, Matching of color histograms (14.04.2011)
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In this course, we examine the aspects regarding building multimedia database systems and give an insight into the used techniques. The course deals with content-specific retrieval of multimedia data. Basic issue is the efficient storage and subsequent retrieval of multimedia documents. The general structure of the course is: - Basic characteristics of multimedia databases - Evaluation of retrieval effectiveness, Precision-Recall Analysis - Semantic content of image-content search - Image representation, low-level and high-level features - Texture features, random-field models - Audio formats, sampling, metadata - Thematic search within music tracks - Query formulation in music databases - Media representation for video - Frame / Shot Detection, Event Detection - Video segmentation and video summarization - Video Indexing, MPEG-7 - Extraction of low-and high-level features -Integration of features and efficient similarity comparison - Indexing over inverted file index, indexing Gemini, R *- trees
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A Load around the world about this is attending the conference today solo buddhistic to get up and start said last week would vote roamed the fundamental duction into the field of multimedia databases group spoken about what mediums posh what the sexually multi media and but the multimedia database means that we have spoken about the Bacup occasions in the field of multi media databases by for spoken about the need to review the deal and Hybrid queries and the end of the last lectures and we were also spoken about some means of a venerating such systems
We were spoken about the bonds which can be a very deep into potential precision and out the last and it was that the end of the beach where the and and the suspected didn't get useful notions quite well so why will try for recapitulating number to slide what these days precision and the recall of Sir in order to measures such a multimedia database and a systems which were found in the table for the 1st need to be told of the firm with pre taking bribes Sweeney with some experts which take creating and opiate this is are set off Bookham and the previous website to in the juice containing frogs for example found that created Madrid robes and the experts with local produce collection of command of images in the database and they say OK this time he is not of this 1 here is not the probe everything she that in this green area of Brooklyn in which is containing talks this is the 1st point on the day being by the export ban want to test my system against the experts have said so collection of local and expert opinion now global and stamp opposition to the measure as out the system but the NHS is being the compared to the experts have said
Now BigSim tried and and what we want to test is honey from the local into every return red area she was overlap with broad experts have said This is the precision the quiet the last despite yet divided by the quality of life was the fault of the the as the system is data on the other side ahead of the 2nd match of the day was the equal of the world has moved higher move from the actually Britain's but were available to rent at return for the experts have said all of these are from the images that we could only do so party that is either a few in the juice is thought that the Jews and this is exactly what the numerical adequate that what they have returned from the quake engages with the world from the correct images of the 2 equal is the court runs on but the Kwik those who was the 1st of that this was being documents or images which my system has conceded that is being talked of the need to of the experts have said yesterday that talks this is recalled the bucket of class if you get this instrument to accept what they bid on my game since the club was taken manipulating Dixon and saved my Systems profoundly will find that there was some she and it very simulator for that you need a visit so the simulated is a stunning system does not have to for much of it just come because they don't said OK and just this 1 in which the precision is a 100 per cent of the justice 1 of the original so I'm rebuttal justice but you precision is a 100 per cent because the and not allow the new in which is not the fault of the problem was that the club is very bad because I'm members of the media's which are folks now so long as a trade the fire it the more I need is there is a high probability that my precision will down because they were so it cracked the system is not perfect but it is a solid opaque for this reason welcome the such Systems you actually use such as usual equal clubs that are also part also either Matrix like the 1 metric but actually this is founder so I'll 1 dental compared to systems which the tree of images for example in terms of precision injury for this reason I'm really presented the precision equal Groves in such a graphic representation which actually tells me that the 1st 3 called by about 100 per cent precision mandate defy have been images which frogs and if I've written just 1 in each of the 4
A 100 per cent precision defying includes that equal for example for a baseline she of the system described by this time she was that the 20 per cent tree-code either array of large some engages not being folks the precision stop to 80 per cent and so on and if I'd been there with be other systems are the alliance well it depends what the interested in the fire and the system that perfectly identifies the engages acquitted and I'm interested in precision so I'm interested in in systems which allows me but I'm not City for the 1st quote agreed precision Davis below-cost signal system tree lined interested in the club that they exist on because it is 1 of dozens of people since across and precision even an 80 per cent cause and into song he but it actually depends on my application it depends on what they want and authority bumper performing of cost involved have something like this would be the best shouldn't conceded the should think about the end of the 1st the perfect solution is a 100 per cent precision at the 100 per cent its clear good that's about the world regarding the last Lecturer in today's that will discuss about all the ways to retrieve of was that the with some big city basics about the of general in which the table at the end of wound to would use some notions about typical crosspieces usually go for the ball with a grin move it suits commonly used and division and in the world and it should also be a new pneumonic boss and accepting the player feature processes and matching so highly actually make EMI just how we Kwame to be which is based on the cover of this is the the big cities of doping federal covered to the common around this would happen though overlooked for all this picture of these cost of fully to only once it's just the 2 for a driver for this thinking about it likes to save up the modifications depending but the command in the view Webster but hopefully smoke 40
OK so let's because the about the multi direct 3 but I'm cannot win the World prosecuted has concentrated on the information to of Wales were later by the idea that there is that the information is carried in a month ago units like so inclined to perform information Attivo on text and concentrating on order than sentences may be than ever rough and so on but they were because the what the programme was not the multimedia databases would have some no complex objects and the question is not what it that in the cricket is this the systematic information I feel that the Book texts looking competitive and based on the book cabinet full for example to be my own order of will be newspaper and you have the political optical you can competitive and cricket Fast because that of the people would come up in such a political party of highways and when you have images in beaches talking to establish What's the and he did the early on age is that the same or similar there but talks with so if you want to drink such complex entities like the multimedia objects what we actually want to discover what conceded the Quentin based properties of this entities classical solution would be to identify whoresons or objects and so on and you can go to for example EMINI Jews city faced a called nations seem an example last week says city or Object accommodation or even boys were the nation things that you already have window 5 speech a quotation medical Masland because the translated the simple the and and for example information to this is will simplified just for you to get the film but the bosses is actually not that bad but
The absurd is said that it takes to have information readable of disease the essential component in which the euro in order of the on field now with which we have now that is an open much to say about the the way about them that they don't will long about last week but we knew nothing about the Quentin based features and the cities of the popular will concentrate on attention on what the about they we have information like her to be the British No information like the person who has taken a picture of the side is the number of pixels resolution along we have maybe juror taking to the stage at has been taken would have on the other side also summit that it up containing the will describing the conference or if this is the relation of but that doesn't really say anything about what's in the picture and we also have something like the picture of a mouse and the and the 1 where they couldn't just as the tide the picture of mouse or white mouse or something like that the advantages of such a plan to use of the weekend was information the to vote we can find the picture of tomorrow's without the bidding actually the pictures were searching the the most intimate of it easy right the problem here is that we don't really have an occasion for all of the images and if we want to try to offer something like this of course is just cost right Sauriol of have told kosher somewhere Ivanoff 5 6 but the Bible flow of the game which and those let someone McCorriston style dating this is the 1st problem the 2nd problem is that it depends on the person who was undertaking to speak to someone about ballot this pictures of house wide mouse or something like this but plans to forest and the Foreign Office IPO probably won't find in the body that allocated to speak to exclude for something like the sort it depends on the person that and taking the beaches in the world some of the plumes birds
Makes a picture and you see so big building Admiral will resume Russian from and she makes a 3rd of the White House but that she had the picture with the name of the world will see the game played in the corner of the picture it's an unofficial that at it can choose and these these of such as advantages over such approaches so annotations they describe my point and are problematic I'd its quoted 4 0 4 of the ratio of nett debt data things like where the case for something the picture or only 1 taking the beach at the time like a use it as a field of against locate the to in which is off words which have been taken in United States of America by using the your information but then 9 people competitive quantum and identified words in the images now so used the creation of made of it as a thrill the but then go into the account of as I've said the problem with meant that it describing the content is the achieving such a growth is pretty difficult to build a new each a Shia is that you can be sure that the continent is described quietly or that everything in the image is described for them at the data which is associated for the you have to answer to that is said these deserve the and update they have different political of whose different interests different backgrounds and your country lawyer said the points walking is not the problem highly by local 1 thousand people on the planet in each well what if you have a 100 million each are many people doing it on paid 100 with what 100 worsens saying which now so it's kind of complex is not easy to take a problem is comes from information different pursues may use different language for the amount speech 1 with the world and another wants a mouse I'd need some kind kind of the information from people who the school to get them as a way of actually Miles's time before being so it's kind of the same thing for the sale of need something like the human daily made this open on apology but then denied need unemployed you for any not for cars for electronic cents or so this kind of not trivia for what are searching is some not easy way to describe the in which some nature the way in which we can say OK taken described the images differently beleaguered example your out the described the Sampras's these were the 1st look like to the fact that that some of them are easy to concede colourful some should some birds but strange how some red colour lawyers but this 1 crazy from the squad for the other once so that I don't you can describing the pretty difficult once you can describe and actually 1 of the best the salon every book of what we do so why someone from the public will want to play not only just 1 of the world doesn't want to play in these data on your around the deadlock
But P but it but if the The opening could on but it from just below the microphone is great yet so along with the quality or eyes open would be are those which are their bikes now Eyes closed everybody on walking only now to describe the way the players are seen so they get Gaddis understand what kind of team I could see which contains the loss of most the police in green and stood by led to head and its repeating itself as a follow up to reduce the size of this it but it is a big part of my life but I'm not realise
Is it right to imagine it's quite similar right he didn't would job full had my eyes opened but what he said it was perfectly quiet and what he actually did his said column
It's green and it's what I say but tried for something like this in the 3rd round and that they don't then he said something about the shapes found flowers PPL different sizes that those leaves said something about the use being created now so this is how to react This is Sunnymeade they try to compete with something that they know what they say OK not coach doesn't colours if complicated something about something in the City with its green leaves are we to make of your head and your mind than that could be lost doesn't lost shape the shape of a flower beating itself where authors so why these things that you Scalable can press on the back of whom have been such peaches like the colours the shapes the texture of the popular describing the Jews The database will in which is now these people example shows some live features its either features because he you want the for example of the car will be the order of things which can be green there although things which can be via salute exactly described his which you describe a kind of one off Jake the kind of a beach now so some information You in objecting this information for the other 1 to compare it with what he calls but it's available feature because it doesn't described the in each it just describes versions of Now upon the keynote kiddies peaches seemed collar features which seemed shapes with 2 fixtures the idea is to want to that only pages the of their different that the stakes although although in which we have seen some of them are easy to understand because we have something to on them with what some of them are more difficult to imagine that she would have had to describe his in each year is not the father of some corners and the will of the colour of the British change like include the columns but by the end if you can compare it with something to avoid the he so it's not as he was before or compared with the other wallpaper several a before again some of them might not be that easy to understand but describing the need each to feature of features made to relaunch results with respect for the English cricket
The problem lies in I'd identical such features it would be quite complicated to perform so this is the area with the simulated September currently used terms that captures properties of the in each of the 4 different beaches and all up using called how this will were in which being many green with some shades of red and something like this all the time the same each this is little computer where they are different and founded the city and even if have the same deny icon compared the shape and it will dishonest doubly on and this 1 is a squad At different and found so features helped me computer images
Now let's remember what we know about multimedia databases with that of creating gross year into the system and that the result has become off in the case of use the Queen will be in each or the description of the beach Island expect from a multimedia database that by Dr something on his out on or something like A man with Mipo quality and they get to pictures of within and this is how we should live will not with this kind of a picture by behind him from the trip 1 but this is what they would expect from a man who committed it up and how is this for for well the database should have been Thameside images and and when some the images that comes along in the process of the features that kept somewhere also is in need just for them to be returned at the end of the user but when will be in I'm expecting that the peak of the state of the game each like for example of the columns would be appearing to seem each what shapes what fixtures however that they seem each liking the frequency domain some discrete loss which allowed only that to compare it with other teenagers now so I'm doing feature extraction for all of engages in the database on the other side when I'd get the new creating a bid from the same step looking at what that those who go to create into what the takes of the dismal creating but College chips what the of teacher extraction and the and what they want to build a stake the seen each year and the period by features so called the expected features to each of those in need using the database again feature by feature Like the colours of the cream each would the images from the database the shapes and drawn up in the land that the most senior Lib Dem threshold and the and the players are now so the key year is exceptional the peaches which adobo the date of a 2nd on the grid he in the competition of the simulated Pulcini load than the peaches questions at think is pretty 5
Now we spoken about the table in it had to the view that the Nietzsche's It took a lemon Chanel parade of fixes now try have been the cause minutes off fixers and the collar using Now in order to describe what the term by Neal scholars textures and shapes of are features as I've said I'm seeing some of the same antiques and the meaning of 82 an amazing just Kalas for fixtures
On the other side against high-level features like into something like a 48 hours formation or wavelet this will transferability which in the frequency spectrum Everything is there don't was anything that the position on the basis for Xishun of the peaks of for example to cause a don't know where the pixel came from and who is out for this reason policy the high level of teachers because the described the UAE which now so why would expect and that the results are pretty well paid to date will speak about the load of a features and start for the colour of Peter and the basic assumptions when cost code feature is how to images that she the same Kalas a or maybe Siemens you can be a 100 per cent just by cost during the call this is the problem she the bamboo using some information fluid features like was the only the Cup and the league is a sunset for example of the colours of orange yellow and red so I'm the city or series of kind of senior because the college
Part of the city If Beveree seem found this is because this allows to see a way out of this 1 here is not the sunset because the Berlin and published is Green solidified on the previous pictured with this popular an exodus in August that it should is not the result of what led to this point here
I'm a deepening in this would be the end of felt right because the main cause early in the fight is looming little but more than the green is less did only the Orange cost all of this is a signs said that this is obviously not some would application doesn't of icons of information
OK so that data is actually people prefer not combination features to be able to differentiate between the teams in is the ball to the my created And so the problem whose or also this approach and differentiate between sunrise or funds use idle not somebody biassed in told established my boys Asians and maybe the direct of the camera or something it's provided to establish across the world operating in the direction of East or where establish summer sun but it's kind of difficult just performance on the beaches and the same goes for the on the beach For an application disc will be as well because of the sun and the club By right so it would be enough to eliminate the green Prolog but it will be enough to to eliminate something like the high level features on the other side the to images has seen of the transfer of the positions of basis space what they see as an each for the vacancy domain so they actually described this indeed is his overlapping of see also question Association said depends on what the new was difficult example is the cost in transformations obese people sent formation made may be of code the Baltic in compressing images or wavelet used in japex acting where it is right out these with because I'd losing information adjusting the picture by a 48 confirmation and go into the frequency signalled look this picture Brookside there and the competitive based on the frequency for other indeed using the same fate his England and then can also that it back and they will both be in the region of which had been anything Sorokin that the home in which the problem here is that in the frequency of the of the presentation it's kind of difficult for from interpret and the right just simple presentation of about the sort of this 1 as an each and every its full year the presentation
But you actually see here This so line she it's still Babineaux hatred meaning book these lines she The idea is that they are or can presented as the on people debate over the chief by can't all this more high like of the 80 or the here and going he Doesn't want law and Cecil each of these line seemed the sick with my are Aussie ational for example assign this year most of the much more and the and so on and code of the show though with a still slimes such off Groves found their pomatums hiking described with the some of such size science in each into or came Michael for example here that were paid this is the burden of these is the political coaching what the order right now and again so that the frequency is this distance now so this is the angular things from the scene line Aukia also some of the smell frequency lines what you see in between are the sub sums books of some or stations in the city and then has to be before also for this ones with them out the world's 1st seamless lined another by erection and his 1 man would give the that her But this would be it will be described later in another in and out another match actually the sea is the author of permission for frequency domain name bases without losses OK would said the restricted the look or features but what this column it's actually on on August questions and the Sainsbury and the 2 highly eye can remember that we in the Nineties after my 1st call a TV set
And the and the and had only black and white it was a great difference between what they've seen on Tuesday and greyscale Anglican why there are things that there was proceeding differently to ability was killed then and I'd had watched the of TV and it was so it was kind of difficult to understand it it was just like a bloke for me it wasn't a Israel is a seating snowy McCullough within so actually colonies very important for human perception when you have Beckham while than the brainwork smaller to do what actually East at all object you're seeing greyscales where you have a colourful TV and you can see why the of took object to these because I just want a but what you see which own eyes in the Real Salt colour is a very important 11th for Schumann perception and what they had smallest is to differentiate between the visually information and then differentiate more easily between objects faces everything else The 1 We lacked a she is that it's easy to expand in the Eighties I PPL compared and the the the problem she is that in order to be able to compel between objects based on the cover of the 1st with a fine of cost base and this is actually the benediction we are going for a big move spoken but the bulk of features close bases what is called
It was a cup of tea set of the surprise green IPOs but from this same example of how it could draw the conclusion that the column is a property of object have just this Kaplicky's green sought followed for Protocols object This is a definition of across the board it was the colour of several you would to me there is not Applebee's the stupid identity and well I'd do this is about 1-pc on the inside and that they were there was an apple was the colour of their book by babies green 9
Nyse not it's a red Apple so what actually on the stem from this is that the cause is the property of the light Not like the No airport Like Grand followed by so we are ready to see that things are not as easy as it is with suspected before close your life
What you you should Jimmy her room Not identical
Italy to say it was the colour of the several anybody with eyes closed 1 0 take a guest 1 with the best where you can open rice discolored this this effort is not not Latino not traded something like yellow but the suspected into a low both where their eyes closed if you didn't have a point You right behind hungry or on the day the and the and the want to make here is that actually the cover has also something to do which you would built so So it's somehow or somewhere in between and all day away at the lights or because of the way we wouldn't see anything in the world way
Sold for our experiment we kind of managed to defined Collins has depending on the street factors OK but the list the bid for the more senior colonies defined in a multidimensionality space on this month a mention of space describe various component of the cause of the bomb mentions before the different components of under the receptors side so in the human high that the independent receptors and the and stimulated by the different wavelet of the lot away blend of light and will probably not to stand in the human ideas about the receptive over the green and the rule this is actually also the reason for which the only bosses have been a bit based on the 3 G cars and the idea is that for example a few and the Blue has the highest frequency this means or so that it has the smallest of equivalent and in the green somewhere in the middle of the spectrum of the visible are able to distinguish the what has from cloned wavelength between 300 and 718 9 leaders and then the and with the biggest event and the 1st frequency there is the Red Cross so this is what the table with coreceptors tool to distinguish this is
Either mentioned the said and they were reduced to a red green and blue level special meaning for humans Of the 1st things we speak about the booming number mentions weekend because the their mission of opium vector space and we have to components and you probably not from simple Applications like painful Photoshop or so on the history of components can be a bit presented in terms of intensity between 0 1 2 1 4 150 5 so it was your Bandai for brought of the Tree components and have a back and forth on the key sectors here is that the UN G isn't by the Court of space but this days I game means is that if you start with the media in which is You have a light and a new for example of the plight of each of these books Loquasto's 1 of the Tree them interested the green the but also each of the world's biggest lighting density found the project like so when you could 1 1 and the other 1 1 they get light from each other and the combined the stuff from black to white now In the gate bright that due to the the nature of this is why they are caused by the cave And he has clear and the exam but and probably even or this so we start with a combination of also all the tree that mentioned
This means that the libel lightbulbs project now like And to get the colour of the media which is back the Ladbrokes bulbs out 1 the mountain and intensity you get what you see In the field when you overlapped the Treecode white Ibuki easily burden on just the Redbook but not sending the into his down it doesn't really make sense to go with that on the right in it and so on you can get good blue and then you can go from combinations of scholars you probably not these of the basic combination so when combining the between you get will win combining the good will you get and indicates the and on the last last possible of communication
This is great for representing the like you're probably in the world of the of the old the built to blow Gnanadoss used out Jimmy style and do probably member the 24 bid columns you were able to sit in my room away thinking the window 6-bn sort of 1 of the earlier book The said the numbers of scholars and intended for bigger had something like 16 million 16 million cars On the industry that mansions And don't let this happened what what actually happened in the couple Beagle 2 is was that each because the had small lights 1 grid red green and blue and to live ideation of this so 0 PPL 120 200 and 55 of d'Oro H exhilarating was able polite 1 2 or maybe the tree of life Woods of the same time so 1 piece of chicken or lighting and in this way it imposed in which is great for soaring such images is code is is grateful Shirlene good visible like the problem with this is that when using such 0 cost base for simulating it's not the only because it doesn't have presented the perception of the human perception because she equalled the distancing in this column space between College is not the same as what we humans receive a singular or the same sort of thing they could example that showed no new opening and 1 the scholarship magenta is not move or more clearly more so that the public had to be is that magenta
It is the same as long as it is that this is not correct we humans can see the way the United Jimmy this is not the Because of Devi is perfect for displaying the images for predicting by the college but it's not that would for predicting the distance and the dedication between the simulator colours and the distance between cause The book this is a time to be the site will have some of the cost base model Swe for example the TM white this equivalent from the chorus of it it is compost of the sea on Monday and the yellow and black want you to know that this is to use for a loan from purple should or and whatever radiographic oppose you may use the printing social so brilliant that that was have something like this implemented because Copeland used this is busy coach the problem the idea is 1 2 Zogby beat I've said that the baby has a base the bakehouse it starts with predicting the right things at different ways you can the printers for the
A doesn't predicting a life is not as the light book it's actually subside the column model because paints reflect college by so 2nd like the big delight in Seoul local scruples so to speak out and for this reason it's great hoping that because the new and in these cases like this is what we 1 White Paper and on black now so actually when you will want to prove that the Prince of colour and the White Paper a this college big from the brightness of the paper PPL show its call capital so set or more so actually when he makes this close Spain's you don't get White is you would get in Jimmy but to get back start from what can get over the last led is exactly tree codes also searched the but and that seems to me in the stomach Nintendo Harold and I've seen that actually approved the were used these executive close because it's a case of and play communities and seats PPL compose them into gets the designer colour from this combination of code and actually the key the black came came in the late the and I discovered that it too would be a a waste of time tool combined led from August 3 because most of the text is actually black and you just can't some figures are sold and the and it would make sense for the key to to order he called for the full amount of black as a separate cat This is where the name comes from the south west suffers from the same problem as Jimmy it has accused in printing campaign Thinking you will take this as a reference for that we are not going to paint on a back 42 should build and you have a problem because the wanted for much of the 1st things need to widen the stop if you want which was and colour and so what we are searching for now is not the most cost base the idea is built on some walking away for example are Jimmy Pucci a better the but should of the Commerce sought to arrange discovers so that human perception is concerned
So that much and that is red and so that is not the only local school but need for this is the the idea behind closed at the same load which either to the need to each other and a lot from each other as without a because they have the same memory the problem here is that there is not a world cost base that fully respect the perception of this who is and where it was something like of polite a step off so we aim of the best possible space for colour which would allow us to respect the human perception and the names of position here is that the NHS should be about the perception new collars simulator cause further away from the moment of the simulated between the Skoda so the distance is the magic between the simulator of cause this is what we want for the locate the key factors that is worth taking close to stretch distances of this is the wrong way to return differences between the UK and this is the wrong way searching the quick sitting like cap might so stretching the distance between the 2 state taking them from the pot and on track the the distances between simulate cause for make go away
OK for this reason we can then we assumed that the business is being perception is respected by the distance seems such for example cost base and then we can use annual Kliegerman distance or such a magic to just Quenby simulate but this is only on the assumption that we have such a perception of the cost base of the food that the cost the 1st person that has brought about the and the of has seen this as a problem was the minds of she was an American paid that and he has actually see that what was on the way but the sea was the until the and was just based on the perception but Bigelow human squabbled opened at the beginning understand about the cost systems for what he did he did he arranged policy a book of cause now imagine this Wolkoff Collins has columns within 1 sees shades and on on each page and on the same page had various stimulant is they were from the 1st day should have been the same for what he concentrated on his blog arranged to get the singular College and then he dies could tight sold found instead each corner and well unwilling to concede the cannot be component this 1 here and I'll will start would desirability awful component and the other 20 per cent of pupils and and so on
And the find it will for most of it was because of the way up to end the current state but it's not saturation this was not component on the other side he had also been on the run and his 1 she has said that it was about the give cause brain from black to white increasingly intensity and and then that was the virtual component combining colours together will talk about it social and in the pages of the column of what he actually achieves was that the cost which were situated near by respected the perception of human on the standing of cause this was also supported by psychological test so humans have also said the UK are had the grid in my and that the should be new computer for example that the rule out and actually of the divisions of this month the cost systems have been I denied use of the for example the head Kauvar scheme caught and the actually that the bulk of of the United so experimental this would lead with the so in order to establish the cause and the in house called about the they had this month low cost them and they had tested while it will be a was based on their of the of the UK or on pencil called off for the White and said he will the deal has discovered he would in the minds of system that is quote then again said and then the Royal comparing the me against the wall of coloured 70 walking where she would have to wait a bit more care where she now we can see simple application another thing is only before the seeds of its own milkwoman wrote win-win renewable but something like this and you want to buy your head or something to get such a bloke Snocap along with 1 or samples ahead and cause had arranged and that the same crikey you should see the bulk of colours months of world is this kind of arrangement domain disadvantage was that due to the complexity of the bus the distance between columns which were not needed each other did not the spectrum of human perceptions so you could not see say that the 1st following the walk in the last followed in the wake of the global was now you could say that the 1 step and idea to each other customers that you could not see the same about the ones that are the same and so than the dissimulate I was a bit of a problem than the as a a of bid for chorus based this was 1st Mercedes by the worst under a musician conditional communication and went on to read the French name I'm not that good in print and on the idea that here is that they were searching for plans for the ideal the cost base of something again respecting human perception and I said OK we found something based on 3 frequent and the lightness between 0 and 100 but right now understand there were no mobile which goes up for more than 100 but the standard of was like this there are 2 other components 1 distinguishing between the green and red or again based on the colour of the version and is over a was negative then it was more green up in the short of it and if it was positive it was more rebel magenta and would be the same indicating move yellow in the smell fuel was quite popular and is still used in global and the and the Oakland what what they would be making skip what you want use for football about public of the case
The key of information he of what you're seeing is that the view was something which happened in the ice
The idea that is what we know about was the 1st to step lost their way in the world greed and that the problem is that this happens only in the 4th stage but the recognises seconds or another stage was something that happened that another type of cells which are excited the simulated between cause and she thinks that the issue which will come from the field of each book Processing or signal-processing loss or even a 42 can understand something like this but so little girls in and logos Ian and they have some very good like alterations glory sexually bungee to distinguish early between once is over and you will has been separated so that it should be in such a system that once the Aussie there also this distance between costs of would idea to set to move and yellow and separated side of the cost base of the pot because humanise blow that this book on the same problem And once is over and by these are the a and B components from a beat as the lights go from light and and a and B from this commodity differentiation but the human i also about and the salary is that the company could put you visit is among only the new transformation from Jimmy and is not that easy to compute for this reason that was not the chorus space also McNeany out of the loan Nonlinear transformation but more easy to compute this is the issue saturation banal H the
In the principle here is starting from what you've seen in the minds of the space to stop somewhere Set within a little 0 0 And then to a place in the green and the NYTimes somewhere like 120 degrees Hugh found and in a member of the somewhere like for 40 200-mph 43 and come back to where it between the communications gradient of these cause this is the show component and then we have the situation component saturation component actually said that the US uncovers the world camera covers what you've seen what you see beside him for example so the saturation those like this side of the road is now mountainside duration area and his calls on circuit The baby out with the saturated of policies also called to the colours is that when you really the brightness you get for example a bright but you don't get the white usual combined colonists you get the Furukawa about what happens for example in the middle when new override the and the video that there is a queue of polite to don't get for example like I'm not Macindoe or something like this which would happen here you get the right so that communication of the physical polite and the saturation shows me hope you the colour is this is the highest peak in is the book of space and the state's this the singularity by arranging colours also based on the open sea property is you can see the case me We It paid P Now bonus you have moved those 3 0 And you have read the or postal green due to issue the and then and the simulated based on this month system with the tradition and the and that should be the slow discussed this year
It's quite easy to understand Bush perception and easy to compute so it actually spent all the goes with set before going into coach faces this is why this is the cost base with or which would use when proponents simulating such images for example and it useful to England for example in BigSim on Sunday of cost this is a video Sunday but what is the needed question of images right so it interested which it makes sense to be used also and they do so remember age as the of of the cost base for describing in
Well I would make a short break in the 8th Sofya after 11 and and will continue young again Good so we have spoken about scholar features spoken about column space what the bulk comparing the wages based on got Well as I've said before that is poetic struck the collar features and as we discussed the new dizzy presented as a band mention of the fact or or a Maddox with position of the BigSim as the of a column on in the magic and with the code information as they in the Jimmy space this would be the tree component of in the Eighties the again component Hughes such aeration bed so we know that the images consist of Pixar 1 of them compared to images based on the colour of the idea Kredi in which he might from and an idea plunged from the database and then as BigSim by peaks is the 1st big as the 1st weeks of the same colour with the 1st of 4 Mbabane which Yes OK with a plus 1 industry like for like I of the distance between the images to 0 the shift of the 2nd in the 3rd and saw widely this way in a guest house But it now it If the zinc Now quite so if I'm doing a picture of ability but they was and enable the same feature but 5 a book in the evening then it's less like a beaches the same the building is the same the coloured as different because of the lights or so but the French are not that different but they would have a distance this would be a problem Another problem is to have a five megapixel camera have a pixels wanted them to have a 100 thousand images in of database These means of above time now have to compute peaks but the cell but the cell from the scene each 100 thousand images from here which also 5 megapixels each of them picks by told this would be the 2nd time that the one day of different sizes of problem is that I'm doing the picture of a person is in the centre of the each been he moves 1 step to the left and in the same feature but the pesos correspondent with face ownership is the same featured the same person but if I'd is the result would be very bad for the same like the same number of features the Boston just shift moves of so this is not the very would idea have bad complexity I'm not close to being body and shift of something like this and account compared costs which are slightly well I'm he was something special like the similarities of colour semi simulating distance but still have a lot of Performance programs and I'm not going to accepting a shifting rotation or something like this from the old to fund another solution is to operate the colony information so and he has an idea reduced the horror in each with just 1 club that if I'm going to do this picture she probably it would reduced to something new wife Because the world and just a bit of great but it unemployment would speeches here with a great because the post office great if I'm going to do this picture she then I'll would get 1 car had not idea what discovery would be probably the bombing and colour shifted the bid probably not now but it would presented the whole point of the beach The Douglas off shifting it doesn't matter if I'm she for here the information is still in the air reached number right So this would be an idea will discuss the 2nd is using his programs Histograms means papers in the colours in my teenage based on go on sale comedy sales from the same age in percentage Sorondo eyes out of their with this car But the discovery but with white and so on and then a Comparative histogram so different the 2nd subject and that the solution corollary opting for region is in a state book we all know that features Have some big don't In some programs and to the picture of a Boston is the for round the for cost and the rest is that by boutique at above the big leaky about what and for cost sold when a computer images should give highly away to the cells he regions with high in the UK for the central region for example now and the and the rest would be lesson for them to say they are now like an compared pictures considering some cementing so the way people as people the pictures of cost the city justice a position so we don't know it may well but were may work well but they were not the cause of the lift's but with the and the 1st possibilities the that every to cut about a half year example of public updated to applaud the are Jimmy it's just the every so what 1 does she is a very big the of every age or for Load on the array of component of the said each BigSim has Tree components based on the cost base for just simple arranged the example of a game that every 2 for the Red reached the Greens leverage for the group and they get this way up cell with position just caught information aggregating the whole information over the and then Iseo came bag bigoted information now like compared with different images and the state to images and as we have to find and amount to a world on the the stance in cynically space we just use the guilty and distance is equal to come up with this idea and then we calculated that every 2 for the 1st in which the culprit the average for the 2nd day which so struck the ball but we ought to be brought up this for the power of the state of the Queen difference and in the mood for this way again building and distance between the every colour off 1 each in the other and then we say OK if the distance is see all you need is the regions of the same for various seem if the distance as the distance goals the images of the American also use of fresh threshold and say OK I'm head people go up 0 0 point simulating the or something like this and what's about this doesn't really interest
The problem with this is that it did it was pretty bad results it's quite easy to cultivate but they Xueyuan creative suspected it's kind of difficult to represent all the closed in a new which can just 1 goal in the next big that this highly abrogated video is also semantical unit presentative worry down to the exam here the previous year the example with talked about my dad and my giant of this was blue and the real Canada presented for 150 for 55 or whatever firm 1 9 9 Jimmy red can be presented like these mountain bike and presented legacy to compute built began distance between these 2 in which the distance with be 0 because they have to 150 for divided by told me would a have actually regions 1 more of the same size so then you have she actually you wonder 100 27 and 120 7 and for this reason the walking distance with this year the 2nd thousand space what we understand to simulate of the sea which is why we see every JQO are not that great as I've said perception a question about how ever Bluemamba the example with the green frog and the sunset defy would apply to the scene every scholar idea for the the signs compared to the green throw would immediately says he gave the green frog has the Bowman and column read the every scholar who would be in the direct Chanal green for the Sun City we and it would be in the direction of trade off yellow windpump there even the which called we in the media that the distance between the 2 images and the skin how it would be used as a field of excluding the chief for pruning and then when I'd get the sunset and the 100 thousand images database just the plight of a breach of field just the stupid the in 1st the mean all the features that they believe I don't want to compete and such conditions the green frog goes out and what they were either engages between the before in terms of a car colour for migrating for the purpose of the average car idea is to alienate not interesting stuff about the idea is that the dominant colonies influences they have reached out amplify have mostly agreement and they of would be green each sold to see how it would is not bad
So if by such mostly for which saw what they were there and their yellow and green every scholars can be pulled from the database of the great idea that a comparison between some more complicated images small talk great and they have Sharon example for how long can the firms such a query you should imagining just as of the date of these allowing to for example of the cost of the new just have a penetrated Tuesday of the chorus or you can go here and say OK I'm interested in exactly the NYTimes and you in the numbers for the green and rolled or used by the soft or whatever and then you let the database for the 3rd
The engages which are most senior for cream while the database has done was not knowing that the boom in and out of a British published here use yellow and then comparing with each of these Kahlo's by every each of and it seems This is the most senior is you can see that results unloaded impressive now because she you have wide we should resents for 150 5 for red Group One Redgrave and will have some more green condition which leads to Santiago Just in the odd you be domain now and when compared with the yellow colour it comes out the scholarship there is Memorial the yellow here because this 1 is sub some with blackspots now sold this strange thing can happen it can be used as a few the but it's not great for the for the simulated you can test this is to be pulled from the end of it there is of Bob Hope unextended which 1 can can have ordered the beautiful database releasing the average cost of the Great Britain and we really want to compared to the 1 0 and get the most senior reneges that idea but there was talking about was using code histograms that histograms his only part teaching the cost base
As I've said in Dundee being have 150 6 produced for each collar for for each dementia you can represented in the 24 but so it took up to the communication to have a bit more than 16 million Collas This means for histograms that you would have known in 16 million baht will come up with these now so we have a column for each for each column of each other about what is important to know here is that is I've said he use can have a different number of BigSim pickled each cleaning up the bases in the 6 and and whatever 7 so for this reason The histograms these but they don't a present more than Hollywood pizzas have discovered only me but they have to be analysed because if I'd have worried by what been SOS from a new which contained 100 so it's not the same as having been Fred Thesis he 19 each with 50 pixels the precaution different so motivation is important in this case not so that they have to scale evicting by the number of basis in order to establish the histogram by the size of a pizza saving the same colours as they deal with the part histograms now is that the band the every scholar that reported the scene where he will quite the same example with the mountain done it will be done represented in a histogram like these have no molesting just 100 per cent over the scholarship this discovered in the mountains on the dome of the don't squarest on the other side as represented as as 50 per cent of group and 50 per cent of the salt then when you come their the SPL histograms looking at the sea bed fundamentally different found every scholar would say exactly the same but then mountain that is a bit said the right to say why they fundamentally different I should be dead different will come after the also
An example of such a or such a query again from the Ibn could be to of the Jews to 64 colours to see where working with Justin will number of columns nobody wants to wait for ever and 16 million of histograms means of comparisons for of the images and then began a cream and companies and switch to a different images from the database agency now that is outside of the morning politic is the same database so we would have expected he also the green red stop for a strange combinations which came out when a bridge call was not a few of the pages of glossy maybe with the exception of the song but this 1 which has the most simulating it's actually pretty close symptoms of colour but the negotiate of and that's another storey Now I've said that we have 69-billion columns so 16 million by now histogram and this is not great pride with just performance on such an audit eBay's with 64 called the solution for the SAS Quantisation may Quantisation from other features of the idea here is fully use the number of buyers by a by constructing the choice of politicians of College saying you-know-what this red colour industry which the White to be should go together in a bucket idled wanted between them separately into separated from my histograms they should be the same with the should be put to get so them up and Blue with the Quantisation is put the colours in the same party should the city Jacinda number of about this is the basic Idea and and I'd just mapping function with which match next the 1 of the 16 million cars of their into 1 of the politicians and then ICI Kate high 1 of these things go go fast 1 64 quotations which is actually a pretty more usually were found in the 400 200 and even if you want precision
And you then reduced the car space for the small number of politicians and you construct a Mapping function Quellos Sony quoting which takes you from the cost base which was Louisiana 3 so that tree that mansions highest for Jimmy For the politicians you've just built around here deducted wide 0 2 0 M populations this does formation as the city's called including and transport the colour for the club words for the politicians for someone as the global this is basically what had written in a new Quantisation the key factor for grandly Quantisation is that you will come to blind
You have to make sure that each off the party should contains only cause which are or reception at the scene so we come back to the same problem now we discussed in cost base this is what we to take care when the before Quantisation back to the disease easy if you use it as well because of the the colours are also need a the perception that is so then you take the idea since and the low cost base and the colours and the cost base in the same but this is why we need the cost to build the these Bocquet for Quantisation the 2nd in the Open stock were we need to consider his call should we mean these we conceded despite the should is not long What because it's a mix of colour which are very similar to each other so we actually need to calculate the centre of the Scotland's a Alky you on the most presented column for this petition you will have the name trade for example found so usually this is the idea name despite patients used this century because cold water As I've said to them that is the trade off the politicians have the more precise SIAM the more ioyfull Calculate the via want it to be fast in my search less politicians and people here so reduced the number of patients and then you get to manipulate the also the tables between precision and the caught with talked about Cecil these things actually clinic I'm going to spend my computing power I'd get that the precision a tidy called I'm not that interested in that precision of hiding Collonges interested in every decision of her legal with all the precision but then every to called Eigenstate walking thousand matter and allow myself for to give more Search efficiency and they can use less petitions it will cost OK as I've said 1 example of 4 0 0 providing the Quantisation for the histograms is doing December Tweedy pawn and perception of cost base the agency and the and the 1st Quantisation which also is used within practise was 0 originates from a paper off the human 1990 7 with Riverside side so we have the cuisine you can go there and the call he reached the conclusion that the idea is that discuss bases cylindrical and his you may have noticed
The find is tension between the tree is the huge but to 160 the Greeks found their way into the cause soul in order to show the sort of component sketches most of the information state has said well including the Iwu 0 Iowa standard 18 segments or a distance of 2 20 off 20 degree's unite the team to 160 degree 0 India is about many out here and that the ship is a population is auditioned for so long and you politician the shoot in such segments then he said OK but then I'll also have the saturation which has to be conceded that as different for example of the spot here has to be different from the spot kick that will make some Sokol's because because the simulated the is already France by the opium distanced now with perception sold them why not create firms such racial also as a means to split the Coleraine provocateur and early find it to be that the precision and in the civil claim and and played this also intrigue and then 1 accosted also the of component of the the new man's played this also intrigue and then observed that actually the great also should be that the RA preview presented in these quantity Quantisation across so hit in the eye that 4 members of great this is how he came up with 160 seeks so not include details the politicians of then 18 from the Hugh 3 from the saturation free from the video and flower from the greyscale the additional for now so sort it just from quantized based on Jan
And this is how practically he used the number of funds in the histograms an example here of the origin of which this is the histogram representation and components you not to be and this is the histogram Mercer presentation in a just This is how they look like and sold for example but the shoe here we have the ball somewhere like 50 per cent by the end of this might be the word for for the green icon daily computer The stuff of among that easy to read any more histograms now you can follow the and if you want map of which will allow it to do so because there is a clear mapping between 1 of these buckets and 1 of the squad But the idea is that transformation itself and now what they mean is that they have reduced number of packets which allow me to go for comparison OK so we have got histograms that this week in the number of pixels in which cores but the ship but of what they said before foreign as I've said memories stationed in in order to be a safe between a Comparative pictures with different resolution the able to profound is comparison correctly the I'm you have only to read the picture which is that of a book of the same or more of the same object to do the same 0 pictures price once with cleaning up the sites once with by William get great results if you don't have a life Knicks problem now is that we got all the features in histograms we need to go there
Holly compared histograms well for this we need to talk about the need tricks possible methods comparing histograms and the actually go bone women talking about Matrixes should be made Ginossar rudimentary space and the players filamentary properties when you win a nomadic space is not negativity so of these things can be negative the identity of the her have PPL histograms your comparing and if the distances 0 then the histograms out exactly the same
This symmetry pretty pretty clear that would say For the distance between 2 histograms asymmetrical and the chamber in the quality of the by with separately these emblematic on the board that the public is amid the co space heads and this is actually a way to use when comparing histograms the 1st 0 and most simple idea came came from a man called scheme its called the cost to the NHS and the constant it comes into play 1 would be
PPL compared to some of the difference between the clubs and the 1st histogram and the 2nd histogram on whites and got carried out of the of the sort of area of some and the 2nd would be the end this is called a Manhattan distance and the 2nd would be to raise everything that the Polo and then during the classical you begin distance What his son she says it is just that you compared the distance between full Caunes between PPL histograms to which are in T why this difference is that the shortest graphic called the heaven in which to make this clear so if we take the histogram of the critique each and the histogram awful for region the database we have done some of after Quantisation a Asian has previously stated that not all the hype about bit the Red from the 1st histogram the created 1 that by from she and they see that despite here
Is the difference this is the worst difference then compute the 2nd then computer and lace up and so on and on a Sunday mob and this is the distance between the 2 differences this is built 1 For the Manhattan distance it Violante economic raised everything for the possible when they get to available distance reaches the club Ilkley again space correspondent is pretty simple write what kind of problems to see what if the meat Probable something else what if by will not have a great year and and OR in Shia 1 of the biggest mocked for compared in this with the soaring Shia because I believed that much in the same block as the quite of look in any case more stimulant the the red and yellow here At
Think it would be a good idea because the simple Nikolski distance effectually has brought it doesn't consider the shifting of the column so it doesn't consider again the possibility that the scholarship is more singular tool red and a scholarship So where are and clutch side places you said handling the 9 8 and and then before bullet 17 I am delighted sauce is different and the Quantisation because but they still get this have this problem on what so can we saw of this by a solution and we take the quite at the distance the idea here is that I'd have to take into accosted operations that some policy may be a perception that the created for this reason why the each of the Commons in the 1st histogram and compare for all of the others of cost to a state where White that these columns violated I've just so that you pull columns headlines that a beach 1 in the blue or how blindfolded the other colonies Moriaty within the diesel is 1 well islands and antiques and this is what they get with using the coastal metrics beside takes year because they had seen no cause to quote from the simulating between the columns so each and every inch year each day to day expresses between 0 and 1 house seemed the colours are divided every where Council the diagonal of this metrics is automatic nett extent that would have a 1 0 perfectly very match defy would have a red and array of which may be at would have something legs or point defy would have red and the blue or something legs 0 point 1 4 0 now and then
Adding the Swedes from the Matrix which is longer than the video and the colourful column Matrix for the comparison of each columns of the 1st histogram for the colour of a column of the 2nd histogram Heikkinen semantics And like indeed assistant for this shift that usually any so again the previous histogram over the cream which and the histogram opening region the database now will come their each collar each column to each column that age pulled histogram highway were each of this comparisons takes into consideration weight from the Coca stop my takes and if file would have the cost of my pigsty on that would have probably this would be red the 1st 1 in the 2nd 1 was be Warriors the 1 with the yellow and and his wife Graeme Swann bought and sold on between 1 and 1 eye would have a perfect simulating between 1 and 4 times the SPL he would have probably something like 0 point 8 between on yellow and red probably something like point 5
The between of Web Britain's green something 0 and now if I'm comparing yellow and red like England to them a takes the cost of medics fancy the this companies should take respectively as your point might win Ikenberry below arranged the provide some tough order Orange on all other save from 0 point 9 They look pretty similar then 0 point 9 would be the delayed of this difference the time that the difference between the celebrity And this is where she is waited with a 50 per cent and the difference between this level she and is that what you do with your point 9 in the difference between this level here and is that what you want a 100 per cent climb my weights The the difference in fresh way of cost this is great because they have this metrics but this metrics as I've said his but there seems to be semantical knowledge so it's created annually by humans this is the 1st from the 2nd is the cost I've said that the firm Quantisation but they still have 160 6 columns sold the cost not exclude would be 100 66 by 100 66 if I'd go back each comparison means they have to off on this global for operations terms of during for is you can see she so order because of this the more complex and the simple column comparison than the mean costing the opaque laid siege rekindle something Scott the about a special case the disabled for so far this problem is the so called Mohammed beast the idea and the assumption she is that combination of college which appeal together reneges but have could be 30 she between in which saw this get back to the sunset example Iowa sunset where the dominant colour might be yellow or and but they have also spoke of the gradient or yellow which British car
Identity Caleb the gradient care about the stuff which really differentiating regions solidify would ever read and the green walking Dostal colours are important icon compared and was something with them the gradient doesn't really help the discriminate between other signs and song so the idea and the monologuist this systems used for this can colours would give them away if they have to get This can be done with a special Matrix global clairaudience making now so then adjustment to calculate the overhangs metrics again Koralek or magic which does means that Fred and British actually but I'd have the same Ryan's when compared to the average for the whole collection of teenagers having the same I'm songwriting to get and say or case these I need is the disco they don't really have the discrete meaning they will get awaits removed the and I'm interested in stuff which discriminates in this way can get a step of Representative histograms with the number of cars based on the course and not tricks
Walking now Is because for my and the collection of correlated then I'm just free 3 to perform the most distance of just use the quadratic around the cost their 1 or 2 Mapping stops me because they don't have the media's which where to get the public what the if I'd have columns for colour for histograms columns sound which are correlated have the global something to discover space playing this correlation because the said Collins which were right together bid for much information this is some sort of the mile and wanted would is somehow automatic and for this reason why use of romantic the principle component on This colourful Polimetrix Which actually expects this squad lines on It's been a really needs The collars which called for a right by rotating the systems in such a way that the hunt X is but that mentions principle accidents that don't bloedite with high the cause side I do see the number of cars practically building opened Collins which made the difference between Aegis to see in the movies Stellar space condemned applied the Hilton along as previously young is in this case he I just the problem by using the principle component of Augarde
We've seen how we can achieve a each company is a model of histograms of God that idea would be to use the classical large in the cost base and for each general again to accounted for example of the evening a breach of array of a breach 0 green every than using the histogram because it cost I've said already great as a field that its problem it's a problem when I won 3 respect number section of you can begin to lose their so there are more advanced were by the issues of the smoke or the stands by using a higher and like for example of the body should for the cost based on the course this curious political crisis of the company's and then lead by using again be locally and the
It up Again there is a trade off between the complexity of the computations and courtesy of the description usually if you want to perform 1st you will use the average coloured and a new rules whose may be higher moment of what if you want more than the quality of the results that we were moving early on histograms again who have banned the use of Big go Ocotal coral column column Matrixes and the best choice of costs would be the point but the distance which compares each columns for of the 1st histogram each column of the 2nd histogram competition of intensity but more quality in the results by the end the best solution she would be told to use most of the semantics to get local spoke Maddox which is surely Gennady if it's not available you can apply model based computer equations of my Matrix by something like much from Mike liquid and then that will be the exodus with something like principle component Monday then uplighting called the classical Minkoff working lives on the spin and the results of paper by a Castellani into a thousand pulled a around the world they have done some experiments Poroikov Kweli's so based on the colour of features and of their compared the surrounding the measure for for a public order channels for the agreement that the cost the distance the at 1 and the pool and the loan it's interesting to note that actually dominical scheme distance is usually fully for the multi media databases so it to a produced food that I would perception of results but what bought into the world of work is that the club but the cost comparisons with the and that the results did the same the simple of Sky but they were compatible OK with talked about British coloured with book about histograms but said they will call something more the quality of the game he added than each can also be described by the importance of the regions
Again I'm taking the for We have taken this for a I'd probably have my pulled model that some of these things and we go to war in the difference Asian between a for ground and the Bank of cost this is an assumption that some of you may take pictures of babies and whatever don't care about the idea of the court layout is that you can differentiate between the programme and the background by defined yourself some regions of the 4 photos in sitting room still point that would be the central area of the each less important would be the public order saw something like the Solway not comparing the critic for the Jews in the database these we regions in a this is the idea of parallel pink Computing grew about this Kryptos reverse was in which the individual in segments the 1st that have been performed by 4 in 1990 5 and as I've said the idea is to think that performance in the case of round motives in photographs by world also showed an example from the paper and I should be a bit of tension this for example is the 1st regions the of divided the each week than they did find a visual regions like this 1 near wanted to opt for for the problem with this regions is that they over that is you can see
It found that the tree mapping for example This popular overlaps between regions your and the due to the number of a book on the speed of sometimes they've just look a little like women are allies though 0 featured though the pyxis according to which the what number of regions they belong to to for example the state this piece she would get a 50 per cent over the weight for freedom 0 and 50 per cent of the weight of the region for so that this piece of she doesn't become more important than the speaks of she found this kind of work by the Allaband spread over the weight of BigSim based on how they would be wrong to retreat But all this was funded by the region's regions where pixels may be wrong to more than 1 region and then the they other word which regions according to the 1 perception said is waited more on the way up on the Upper almost less than lower courts and on and they they've used different strategies Boyd is regions and then they have lost for some beaches for example of this waiting strategy gave the best results This is a neat idea of Hotmail down though you may shift that this is just a bomb but it's safe to say that usually you can split the general point or point 5 off all point 33 for so long and based on a number of regions the peaks of the month So that they but they have just the thing that really and impact by the result he said is the way to a giving teaching OK so we at the end of the lecture what we cover to be is a comparing the unique used by College extracting College features a bridge column called histogram Quantisation we've also column for this column spaces the classical large in the around Walker teekay in K For the printing devices pages the has 1 of the most perception available on spaces and it also covered meeting of images in the making of a only of spoken about critics like the mean cost distance the at 1 as I've said before the Manhattan distance the pulled which actually transforms Minkowski a classic alone okiya based on Sunday histograms that order at the distance which actually achieves pretty good is out of the table for performance or speed up the search the club that the distance also has clues semantic of information from a cost of my takes which has to be sure the generated of Google with of the automatic Russian 1 can use them how on August this which uses information about of cooperation of cars at the end we discussed the but the bulk of helping and hope will of all demise for pictures which differentiate between around and Beckham
Next week we this costs about texture for each of the 3 will discuss about fixture the basic teachers and the only way to include a sample of the more those in order to compute between images but simulator beastmen fixtures