Video Abstraction (07.07.2011)

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Video Abstraction (07.07.2011)
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In this course, we examine the aspects regarding building multimedia database systems and give an insight into the used techniques. The course deals with content-specific retrieval of multimedia data. Basic issue is the efficient storage and subsequent retrieval of multimedia documents. The general structure of the course is: - Basic characteristics of multimedia databases - Evaluation of retrieval effectiveness, Precision-Recall Analysis - Semantic content of image-content search - Image representation, low-level and high-level features - Texture features, random-field models - Audio formats, sampling, metadata - Thematic search within music tracks - Query formulation in music databases - Media representation for video - Frame / Shot Detection, Event Detection - Video segmentation and video summarization - Video Indexing, MPEG-7 - Extraction of low-and high-level features - Integration of features and efficient similarity comparison - Indexing over inverted file index, indexing Gemini, R *- trees
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So as around and welcome to all penises amid lecture multimedia that bases and today will be talking to the bit about the videos and how to use and the results of the new system gets to what results that all the deal searches discussing from this in the party of videos and how to find out whether a videos out new duplicates all can somehow the comparative not on the training base at them setting but but rather on the setting whether on last of frames and those videos cover for each of solo of find similar trains similar similar part of the videos and chalked up in the I'm of the videos and with the long awaited video Simoneti we would even able on to presented approach that can work on sampling that can work on sketches off off videos without losing too much effectivity and we had the idea of what videos of similar and in what ways the similar to Dave we want to talk about once we determined the some of the celebrity of media we still have a problem of how to be presented the videos of this simulator Ritchie to the user how do we show the user of why these videos of similar or how can we help you to make the user understand what is the best result in wide straight and this is basically the topic of the traction and there are several possibilities to to extract videos on 1 as a summary and we want to go into that little bit and see also see want some over techniques that the Orange Order and other area and in the end we will be working on skimming and highlighting and all schools but it is a good idea to build movie trailers fully automatic from video to make the on the use and interested in what we of that time and that brings us to offer the to
And we want to do today load the to in Hollywood resents results at the whole me we have images which tax will of things and the presentation of results is different depending on what you do OK so we spoke and now about the about how we can identify simulating between need used order of violence with spokesman but also about the euro but we didn't speak think about the presentation of the school back to to the basics if we do it because the changes to the way they see fit so the down what happens we get accused of results trained by their simulating cupolas grid as in Iowa case also but the and again banks some of firm small summary off each these out of the way which that he would them searching for maybe the sentence The and least and based on beside him in the side on the ball the way page which were 1 to which which which oversees wanted or so before Lorentzian Cemex and virtually what what their were not used for being and full load for multi for months now the introduced only if you want some kind of sleep so you can now buy a Sony like searches signed and time to
It but not
The search for which will be sold as I've said it had various out list and what they've had introduced is this vision of the bet of the day so you can handle see where the sentence the summarised long comes from the paid so you can actually not with the but the part of me that led the way up but you can see also hit inside the where the unable to does the page and you can see where this comes from so you can make yourself idea how housed being bought and sold the surged on the back page and so on so this is how we discuss occur takes Sorich walks and if you will the same week with the images
It's easy right result presentation is actually say for for 40 images to probably have time to sort of damsels will go on their way the changes also so you get the skills image and you get the whole thing took just by her seeing based on June paid this is what the interesting will 1 also songs although they have followed the lead for audio and we've seen actually and an example
It was the dawn I should remember here can also off some searches of the Load of on within this is what some banque then P
The and get you get the possibilities tool to place or for all the opiates just to see if there is out there is what your searching for so long But Yet
P So busy unlike those Shaun you Kaunas 1 can know best density and you get the local results and say OK this is what I'm interested this is very used for example for a music they say what they want to buy a surge Boreatton by the view that it found the main part of the collected by Bush wants also sold for missing also straight for and you can already get up the winning for music pieces reluctantly saw his by 3 minutes for meetings maybe you still though it is still a great helped to to here just this year on the street free it would be even or people here may be the whole of these but it's not the same as just them the main part of the most important part
Ok so for imaginative will straightforward for audio and reset and the sea and its also pretty easy What the world It Gatwick
Well for the euro all should be able minimize them out of the what we don't want Louise we don't want to to see the whole of the new so if you are searching for 1 or said he told them to get the results words side for what they were you don't want to play them in by the sea satisfy your needs 1 point you don't want it to be great to resembling the appointed by like me domain that that if a new music by right something like this for the deal at the moment may be interesting and on the other side you may have some Dextro summaries but they went head Uefa searching for some scenes where something happens my problem over modesty in New might find it if few sticks to early unabated were men in their mid may be movies where it was due for a set and a sofa cowboy groaningly is a well known for that I've for that she said a lot of times when you can find that these early in the movie so I have to score a lot of time so let's see how this said the deal presentations of representational of the duo searches is Danny praxes so of tested some some so changes the classic close approaches will move urea legal pupil Bunel you know their moral and what they actually is pages just presented to the court
So I'm not during to stand
Here section just for someone the your but nothing happens that everything that when you go into the same
But by far and Mariano beans It said the your point and provide And they tried different approach so they provide you with the world with the Dios and they are moving the basic start to play the presented actually the whole point and and this is not really a great idea and the executive a bad idea if ruled out on the sale for and the road beneath early limited the that fans in the stands something like this because it to to Hugo connexion from the sea
The but it but it The state of play in something that might be a lot It offers from the list The air every inch of way the and and the way the but it anyway son would results are here and some of them subject male depending on the connexions some of them were from the start but this is 1 of approach not very very very would actually work but it's 1 1 approach it's a Simulated on also by being so if all goes played only only shows a which is being also states see that the another interesting approach so more various 1 I've seen for the user
The book which
So why they actually Louis based bid the movie frames and go for the key friends as it is and you can see anywhere in the world the may be see some
Get the feeling about what they say is the movie about
Actually the potential to to this 1 pm
And OK so These are some some key players Selected followed the length of the movie's of public the movies like the team they will consider the every 3 4 5 means keyframe to so what it's about
The see what happens
They want to see cycle D
We discarnate isn't it
Yet this is what happens with the with or cities and he has
Look and they can again or a go interesting parts of the
What turned out that the video was only interesting area
Add the shallots I had think and
And it seems are not the local data Germany
The yet
So anyway a nice but here is that you can look at the feeling just by looking at these key frames what these the during his all about so and and you eliminates of the Sun Belt and 0 Cady's is 1 of the duo what's going to happen individual so I'm interested starting from here from the from where I'm interested
OK so the Joseph use quite an interesting approach Road
Distance from perfect but still an interesting approach so disillusioned survive take on the Web 1 of great but the question would find poncing this if there are some were announced approaches if we can something more than that and down says he has actually read your section what they were in the book about the does much more than so let's continued to
With video traction wants an old videos about what is that the main features of the UK and we want to have it in a way that we don't have to watch all video and 3 days later we are done with the 1st result in this would be a bad idea and we don't want interactive unite where we have to search for the video and see is the culture using see noise of which was seen of the cycle is different cycle together so this is not what we would want to do what we want to have is a summary of the video we want to know what's going on in the very concentrated for soul might be abstract of videos of sexual abstract might be tax that show me what the videos actually about the kind of evening in the 1st might be storey boiled telling you storey was coupled key frames of pictures of the World what happens and found that is basically what can be done from the original video where and I'm what the free involved duet the soundtrack to the audio track so long also choose passages of the order but that might be rather than the might be sensible that might transport something to the and the show on the 2nd part is basically the screening of a new scaling means that don't have time and the media translation some not writing a summary of all to be a review of the tax or some the use the video As an abstract of itself and several ways to do that you can't do moving abstract where where you just have the 1st few seconds of the video like this said saw before on or you can have highlighted like given movie trailer so I go to the cinema as a lot of movie trailers telling you very briefly what the movie that is coming out right now it is going to be like you now like that will action more romantic and you get a pretty good fresh from Washington trailer of the movie will be what the movie would be about so this is this kind of some key keeping the multimedia presentation time and that the duration of the video although the amount of debt that is transport to the use and the influence of the United making decisions which is the actual video that that he was looking for that is drastically minimize To
I'm wrong we talk about automatic stretch from video remain feature that we want to have is basically we want people to be able to ease the site with a minimum of what the weather the video is the relevant with respect to search for my and that they see the 2 cases wanted and looking for something that I've seen wants an old to re find something which means that and even oppression that shows me whether it is the right direction but not yet seen it of whom idon't remember the starting seconds really but there was this Chelsea seeing where he was with the mighty funeral and and all this on the other 1 is a woman find something that don't know what sort I'd do of science fiction movies and each today out 1 to watch a new was signed stakes in new movie so I'm typing in science fiction to move videos for which she would be but it is good to be alive reunite Iowa typing sign fiction and maybe I'm especially interested in the are board of is are like for example solo must be something about some records and then on to to all seeing the results of state which of the movie's would not be a perfect waste of time but the this this is the basic so that I'd need a very simple way Of finding out whether this mediocre that his top 1 all talk to order but is on the result which is relevant for our also want to save transmission times and now want to save bandwidth with because it by download all the movies and the results of men to start doing something that can wait till tomorrow until of the results on the ground that doesn't help the sell off of the videos on or usually not only on my local system of the Apollo library for everything that has to be done but has to be done service size and that is definitely something that needs to be considered and that needs to be done on the connexion and even be worse mean we all of these Wyfolds iPad's zooms and and and what not around the bill direct streaming connexions to service and that all used very Austin for for replaying video so it's the and Attainment device to to some degree at least and many people in the train also Amin but I'm writing the trained to of people actually what she option videos of which the and most of them are still in the system and have been to the but with small systems like a mean for home from much storage space for the you like that kind of 32 64 gigabytes is the big 1 published movie does take what he wanted the quality to win so he needs the collection you need to excesses by by by into the and especially if you want to small devices if you want the devices that easy to carry the condo for fixed but based on because of the thick and the very and and slow time and have sold you would rather have a on the air and that means being connected is not of the state but getting across all that And if we start to see that if you have 1 person stops doing a Google search on videos and the whole bandwidth for strongly Peeples's is lost filled with with new that would fall to be not a good idea so on what is seen advertising is very much the movie trace really wrong so what happens in the movie trailer want to transport the main feets as the main correct eristics of movies in a very small time in a very limited time period to the use these understand what is the use of get gets out of hand from interested in the movie or not depending on whether the right but if the impressed that this is 1 of the idea of video stretch so we were talking about the structure of the and what we did to let is a goal was basically we put in to get a shot and detecting them and a shot carries a certain amount of time and there are definitely more Paul Scholes and less in any way a shoppe can be quite well represented by the keyframe for coupled French surrounding the famous moving and as a basic ideal video obstruction take only the sky friends or take only the MP or shops and show to use don't stop playing the video from the 1st shoppe and enough far on you will never get to the murder scene only 1 of the top tracing action without scrawling and setting up and suffering again being being very very annoyed and the interesting hot with the shoppe we also have the structural units and starring units to consider because the importance of a shock
Is Eugene not defined by the sharp sell by how in for this sort is full of stories of for example the 1 the action degree of the movie that can take the shops look at the moving back burst of the show and take the most actions shops by just looking at the moving hiding once having showing the highest moving up and that will probably be the action would that be a good way of extracting the video or probably not because like can find some something moving and in any movies about the Shiraga definitely not actually but there is a train running through the slip through a shot a can well that it is actually see that showed no in best known all the sentence was suspected of movie sell should rather focus on these Appalachia and the storey of structure in more than on the social and in fact it's a mixture of the self across the feisty well from the storey of this definitely is an next movie Then going down to the shops and finding the most actually Is a good idea to find oics Aluf movie than going down to the shops and finding the most romantic thoughts of a good depending on what you want to find a romantic of 4 the way the video summary should contains the essential part of the and that means you have to sample in some way to the interview and you have to focus on the key fright
Of the video of the shoppe once you can separated them and the symbol sobhraj is the so called storey bought the storey bought just takes over keyframe in the current all the put So of each out of the frame and role but if you if you try to do that was was and TV music videos you end up with the same number of what the new haven't she wanted all gone with the wind because this will be too much information step but the 1st idea of buildings such a storey was the and the idea is this kind of like a good commuter by bomb used accomplice so we have the and command where 4 strokes off for of soldiers to rawk we have long author of épaulement term Parliament somehow tries to figure out what to do with the situation or something like that and then we can also subtext depending on either the audio track for an rotated very often with some some and locations and videos already and and a new 1 to become a woman can be used to to and of and take person's on video all and the idea of video and actually this storey bought it was a very good structure of what happens in and in the new show amid it doesn't of all the details but it shows that the basic fact that sold their all the budget debate and the and the walls inside and sold so called the and but under the exact virtualities you know but a get the impression of what what this is about and if I'm not interested in all the details of what we don't know how the boy in the Rock them reflects on the German state budget this is the video and it was Transport said the selection of acute frame for each sort of is the same problem with before you stop detection can be the 1st can be some shot from Italy from firm which that can be framework was Everett colour and be randomly selected frame because within a shot of the man and the way that the law ways to to of some of the key frames and some of that some of this is not not really a question of question is which he frame should be included in the summer but was key keyframe and thus was pulled shops for the whole movie all for the whole sector and what is an unemployed and bomb that might be brought in to keep the order of for so that people can understand what was happening and now we have a lot direct us recently found that do not told too well with the producing movies where the and the order of the frames is turn-around or even reword some big where we have no idea what's going on and that the late stage you stop understanding what happened because you see some David Lynch's these guys for example of of the sort of memento something that 1 of the movie's of and no idea what going to live in a and the sub-grid several several stony down or you name and turned to you know you were also and disturbing so on does not impose decision for you to make a should you keep the order of things to tell the storey that the cost storey bald or you just say Imeem you although the frames justice in pulled understand the storey about what to transport visual impressions it's not sold so or to keep the or he 1 of the funniest scenes of the captaincy and actually movie traders to very of break this this rule of keeping the and since you don't see the whole storey in a way and in the trailer you can you can help around the but go to the funny part of some of the of happened in recent times are full movie trailer was actually funny but was the funniest part of the movie anywhere in the likes of the movie doesn't and and in the face of the young trader's see the trails of perfectly time happened
Bound for locally keyframe usually have a different taste different places election sell on if yet shops that are very similar to the sky flames and pudding them Next to each other with a bad idea Because you will have no idea that this is the control of the shops that takes summary should show a high different and of costs what we stop was in movies almost of most of the TV programmes of the deals for that maybe is setting the scene for showing the title of the 1st double faults of their imposed on the standing would actually and I off the movie of the of the stalls and then you can do some later sold action what not sell romantic and Cesc layer and counters all of them by now but I'm sorry something of a 1st 1st thought was for a good idea from then compared in what every year half where features you chose colour Object movement 1 of each shot in the 2nd for taking into the summary should presented different should not present the same or over again and this is kind of conduct an of the idea that you do another way of doing that is so called Cluster based selection so what you do is you 1st class don't the frames into different area this is the action frames this is the wrong man strains all well and that can see what the part of the movies other may need to frames of their many Roman framed in like that I'd get in the pressure to what percentage this is an action movie is 92 cents of the shops have very high motion but not very bright and this fall is action movies of choosing a couple more action shot is a good idea to be some all representative at least it would not be good ideas transport the movie is about if Foley to Roman struck and and tried to sell you choose from a number of key frames the best possible representatives meaning that you take from each sent and respected in length with the 4 of us are you basically have again to the side for of features based in determined last Hughes you off competition and class during or completely Clustering because of what you might of was the you might end up with with the chain of custody of England and makes the very hot decide when he actually doing by to the frame from each clusters of called into the size of the last for the summer of was also very sensible in summary is the audience for because if you have a storey for bought you can seem the still Imich but if not idea used the word is that it is polluted what's happening because you don't have any movement and that makes it much easier like we didn't use example to say well this is a debate about the war in Rock because actually and seeing the photo of the jump on demand the debate could be on everything looks the same all the time like a new visual UConn distinguish between avoiding debate and and bond issues all warranty rock issues of environmentally issues of the meat under relationship with China issues of 1 of it may be all which looks as if somebody speaking are like you don't see it actually and some people are listening not many because download a order of the day doing now when they are not going this country I'm and then new see all this autumn and but what seems should be so some some some interesting information can be easy easy extracted from the audio information so you take the cars on the job to take the sentences transcript of sentences of growth financial and you try to get the most appalled sentence although the representatives sent from the Texan that several techniques to do that 1 of the major techniques is late semantic analysis of the demand for I'm which is in and from what people are presented in the lecture body information for use of the website and the basic ideas of late semantic and that this is that each of the sentences that spoken is considered as a document and now or you put it into some documents Basso for example that space model each Turkey is built access and would just would just the move to end the document and sent into the space was suspect to a halt some terms of personnel and the moral and the term 1st are further on on this term access and all the document of basic point base and you can distinguish what they are about and about 40 of and do it is a kind of what you some some some segmentation of later semantic and the and the late semantic is basically the public of the the of the find there is a cluster of sentences class around last around the same worked out that a used to you in the city to a single real position on the terms based Maddox time and document Matrics and that will lead to eyeing values and Linear combination of terms with the highest eyeing value that is basically the talk of the of the whole documents and they tools this document that is close to stop describes public best so what you do is take the sentences for here and then for each sentence you have all the terms and remove stop words and just say don't want that and the fact he had been whatever just cut out just let consider the amount the solely positions of the build Madison public being and looking at different sentences you will find that the south east of the Camorra laws of the for example sent 1 has the position and the loss of Madison but does not talk about cost from speeding up and the 6 and does not talk about any medical staff but talks about speeding up at of cause it might also talk are paid out of the Kop driver was speeding and had an accident and that he went to the hospital or the don't have to be that brought he but usually you can distinguish between certain certain groups of words that are more simple but we took a very very simple Matrics here
They can have the term sentence Matrics the sentence Patrick document dramatic and you can find out what this brought here seems to be rather the health broke and this brought here seems to be rather bookmobile Hideo transportation will whatever and you get you get the idea of what the public is so you can put your finger on on the sector with its road transport although and unlikely more ability or something like that this could not say that that the board have something to do with each other the 2 Walker quite so and the idea is now that over this term document Matrics idea singular valued the composition of tried to get off the eigenvectors like values and if we do that and and or case will find that their actually to singular pictures for 4 matches the very strong and that the 1st 3 sentences for one to one access and the 2nd 3 sentences for the other metric which actually is an order affected given by that these on various up here on 0 and if there would be something he would be slightly off the axis but you get a good impression of what the axis at And this is kind 1 of the idea and the with the difference singular values so for example for the health of for the for the cost of issues I'd take the sentence that is the strongest was respectively access for the more ability to grow transport where it is public and this might be a very good sentenced to 2 at the start of this 1 of the typical techniques some of doing all true using text company the images the but he frame of has yet by up well on 1 and yes yesterday but that also possibilities that your 1st dissect the sentences and try to find out which is the most simple sentence and and just show the accompanying keyframe or the company frame of that to be the key factor the moment of death can be done But
It's so all in the 2nd part about from the the Pew storey boiled summary of video is actually come in handy gives you the impression of the and tie higher video on in it in a moving away and and considering the and the and the and the idea he is Media's gaming so if you have a summary seconds it can be the still images in the storybooks cash Or it could be a very sure version of the video and very sure means that the time watching it will be coming to will what cycle in 34 and then you know what it's about and what for but he should get no impression And I'm means the easiest way to do that is by no laws psychoacoustic and all along the way to get it down to half a 2nd I'd just Scholl every 120 size scale it in time and compressed the way so that people would be running round like like crazy should but the impression more what was happening at the time so that they can can kind of Derby interesting and interesting party what happens to the audio toward usually happens to all you can make some led movie run pasta Exactly a some making most of the of the pitch rises higher and you go like you and that's kind of the rim of the company that and some of you have to be removed from the was found the unit for scaling in any way is that this is only part useful and you don't get oppression what of what's happening in the movie correct but but you can't really distinguish for was up for strokes and of course it would be nice to linger on the important shops eluded longer get more time to through to Wednesday you the shops to understand what happened and and and maybe moved quickly over the unemployed but was year for scaling Eurojust rushed through everything but for on and if you think about all of Africa or something was a beautiful landscape images of for all of them of on some of its subject like this kind of movie and you you would look at landscape for exactly the same time
Or maybe even longer because those seen stakes along than you would look at the actual action that is there and the interaction between the people and this might not be very good at it that way in in in a in any way in the more claimed that the shoppe is of special you people stop interactive that something happened and that is a very high possibilities that he can only understand what actually going on and if you take a closer look so probably if some people are fighting for quality for having sex with something that in a very sure amount of time you will not rest easy because and at some point lookalike some degree but the scene is simply not so sometimes it said it had really bad at dropped and higher stops than to make full assault incomprehensible to rather see some fine collapsed from the movie Bolton storey found than just beautiful and this is the idea of a fun not giving the videos of highlighting the video so you pick some highlights and it just show the highlights and don't have to speed up to much and he is an example of video skimming and how it works just want to show you can still win the and the and
Not now not this this interesting and you don't see anything but ICI yet on the other screen for fund the through useless they Celestica interesting that just go to the you can walk who want this the gaming over him so this is what happened
With SC to because stamp-collecting Italy's tapenade and Cauca doublespeak or cake and a it space Naik at N should
For people and this It looked all over world off the And He died doing the and the and the other was something was a university he was somewhere on the job and he was playing football in the as a seat is how to get it back to get the visual impression of what it is about time it was too big a Fred Flynn something but it said that it very hot to actually get what what's going on and that is definitely has definitely true for most schemes said he was looking for a specific seen you might seem to be so far away at the scene where a threat Flintstone football games the you can have it from from from the scheme but in terms of understanding the stories schemes are kind of Kenneth of very difficult to see the and less look at a video highlight maybe we understand something more time from from the highlight of tried again and now
Now we know that there have not electricals should be a 1 to 1
The baby
The group then we will look at it in the abstract
Walked some
But it but not at the back of a pick up the
Now Auguin West happy named
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And anyway if
She was happening Part of the But you going to evening school so this is actually the storey is going to evening School and some part from his job with very sleepy because he has to learn all the stuff in in the evening and stay wait for quite some while and his Balsemao gets him into the football team some of which which at some more and so he still draw the and sleepy on 1 1 on the field but that he just takes a boy from the wrong with it and just strokes at some point which is behind the touched line and that he wins the game was so this is the basic stories and the the the idea now is to make you understand basic with the difference between this game and the and the highlight the and the highlight and will also livid Foster than the we saw that it was much shorter than the scheme already and we had to the with the possibility to look at some of the sea so in the end the scheme U basically not seeing that he was that he was on the tie up being on the job of something that in the end the highlight we we definitely got the and the impression that he's a can of worms that he can sleeping on on this on the final saw all these kind of like here sleeping in a tent wicker again that impression on for them to work out a way this is the basic difference between between skimming and and and highlighting and the idea is that for getting good highlights you don't have to look at the start level of fame that will have to look at at the storey of now have to look at the storey of because the destruction of the scenic structure and the storey structure is in Poland for understanding what is going on and what is going on in the movie under their basic to kept questions the 1 is how long will the audience need to capture the contents of that if you close of the face a 3 easy to recognise going not if you have a details see where you have to see something for example the expression of somebody standing across you will take some longer because I have to do 2 to possible through the image and the and see what what was going on there and then you notice some some some problems old if he's sleeping obviously and this is something that you need long to understand that he didn't get in the game and also it is a kind of Publicis Centex of what we see effect the and in intelligibility of the video cell for example that his ball scenes of the for for what it would about the type of the Seas is more what action walked what Romans for what ever so and and in the same Texas's kind of and interesting part of the scene because of what it was created by the 1 making the movie of making the video and anyway of scene in you to the and that the bell-hop's to understand what was a basic point about them on because they were not direct that would stop and and you don't get you only get that was a lot of hindsight all of of the background information about what was happening and that is not was happening and TV programme and a movie because of direct to take care of you that you actually get to see it at least at some point the from some direct that really on poetry quite quite a bit until you I understand what actually going on prise twist the 1st automatic media summaries time go back to 2 comedy Mallon University in the US and this was the on the in from media project that were trying and they were kind of doing exactly what he has said were and the analysing the audio information to find which offers more implausible less and then or make it a real so go there were kind of link late semantic and this and then featuring the main Vectra's the biggest eigenvectors Britain's biggest like values and and then try to find out which of shops below that should some from the show and they have some automatic speech recognition or in a few result detectives so that kind of the underlying techniques that is not Grenoble but needs to be done and that is still a kind of very very are prone and and you can you can look at it like a and interesting to see that you really need a bunch of techniques that he would think of like face detection 1 of 2 to find out how to make a good fit with the for part or or for for week with and this is a bunch of techniques that need to be brought together to to fulfil if we want a summary seconds of 1 to be this Somerset automatically time we have to which we have to go through several steps so I'm 1st we have to estimate the visual complexity of the final chalked up and the minimum time that you that is necessary for for you to understand the shock of the new relates to the middle complexity and there are some from psychological that romance under the try to figure out how to other state numbers of colours also and Sutton settings where users can and and more easy or 2 to smaller degree understand what were was so what makes the seat come is the number of different impression on the on the side is somehow that account distinguish between things really and then we have to focus on some which of the black and white part of the sea Brian which is not you know this kind of what can be done by a psychological and experiments on to the scenic structure of the movie again we can we can we can borrow from films period because of the way movie is built late movies direct it helps understand what is called in the movie and was not so I'm talking about the compression rates are usually about 80 per cent off possible so you use Guimet don't quite quite nicely if you want to compressed even more if the about things and that means basically the of just select a couple of scenes and if you want have an oppression of the of the full movie you get compression rate of about 80 per cent
That's kind of Bringing down the movie to a 5th of the length sold for every all that movie takes it will OK but 12 minutes of is plenty in the
Goods So that turn to highlighting to see a little bit how this out the the idea is really that highlighting the most Samarai sick and tired of the New but only select the before and the 2 big examples of video highlighted the move you just found to just try to figure out what seems would be interesting for use them to make them understand what the film is like and his state with each of them was this was each of those scenes as long as necessary for the you to understand what is going on 3 also meet this psychological investigation of what time to use the need to to to reflect on a scene ought to identify with was persons and seems to fuel books of the of the basic mood of the videos and the the basic mood of the video the atmosphere that is something that you would want to transport and and the Highlands and Islands to arouse the interest of the bulk of cost of having action movie could cut out all the romantic scenes and and show that the about it doesn't make sense because it doesn't captures the atmosphere of the movie and the and the people in the cinema disappointed and will never caught movie by the direct get is not for people who want some kind of the a new draw fare their highlighted the especially if you are certain provider and need to make the Blundeston what what going on but you don't have to sell more But he found will also very often happenings and and video highlighting is the duty of the don't show the and the and then everything explodes or the spoilt for it to work for so this this usually would not to do not focus on what you do it basically is its you use a command the videos and then you go into the analysis or for what what's happening underused segmented every day before into into the shops and but now we have also consider the scenes what's going on and if you analyses seems to analyze chalked the texts and again help you sell them might be some of the faces of the people for the movie to be examples of the means what highlight of colour for the boys include the scene where he said the look into my eyes on this kind of this sea that everybody wants to see a blank all if you have the likely the Terminator movies you would want what seemed
Last levies that they be exactly so that as far as I wanted to Psycho I want to see you and you want to sell definitely in and this kind of what you would you would expect and and and a detailed and this can can give you and this the idea I'm also bought a simple and it is about recognising some of the of the people died actress in movies that we might have prefered act of seeing that you prefer act as part of the movies that at good thing but the but also if you confident use programs to might have politicians Allwood of and that Transport some some some idea so for example if a see the image of Bob Obama and not have the time to see that it actually is the Obama Ellen at least to some degree but what these program will be about must December politics of more than 8 and so close up so faces of airport for this and then the main problem is that selection so what shops would to include in the air and what you do not want is a complete coverage of the whole revealed that you need you get the need to address part of the so showing just the beginning said and then nothing from the Middle the end of the movie is from a very bad idea because many movies developed with news storey and and and something W different from from how they stop would be a bad idea to have and to sell the 1st couple of times ways interesting and movies a special effects so if you have the style loss you want the lightsabers you want a fight was was not leader of if you'll have and no Terminator you want the explosion want something to blow up so special-effects is to be kind of a shock detection indeed somebody's shops this as a with the to include carry some of the and combining the slips the action editing of the highlight and goes some questions for example to be maintained the order for a new focus on Monday from old and in movie highlighted the hugely not not although the scenes you will understand the basic Story anywhere so you can also mix cheese and so on what what Cup 3 put between individual shot to just make cost cuts would be a kind of the land that the depend on the on the type of the seemed so probate you move to a action seen a hot coupled nice if you move between romantic scenes lending would be better off you move between dialogue McFayden you might fate and the way of the shot with the cost between the shops I'm really depends on on what the scenes actually on and then the support of the audio track the that was the highlight of the threat Flintstone not was skimming off so a we we had audio try and that is because you would not stand in his giving the making must and he would get it and then the highlighting the following day in the abstract there was seen selected but also they was a little bit cost of and would be in almost so you would get a and pro real sentences were spoken in these abstract and these see would make sense take to get the anywhere so might not be the case but of cost in in a movie trailer your with some audio if the music in some special items after the stabbing deal something you get some some text so I'm schematically you start from the video Europeanise the difference he guide and defied the interesting shops that you want to work on the media and then you added the chaos of the abstract and what comes out is a basic idea of how video abstract the soul of high quality abstract according to film figure and contains some components 1st you have to show the relevant entities an individual because if you have the movies and you don't show some of the Prime act of crime figures is very hot for the people to identify themselves with part of the deal was part of the time this is unique to discover the real and the and from movie The Real we know that if somebody is really really somebody is really for he's usually shown in scene with a very high contrast to look contrast of background is a very good idea of discovering was for what of into 1st
But actually that as quite easy you have the most directors in each frame fell if of movement and the scene is probably enacted see the mood but the mood is Kenneth tricky because the of the stock Moody of gloomy Moody happy mood and and they use transport by bicoloured if you long colours like like reds and oranges that it's kind of Susan and night if you brilliant colours that are the very different from each other so very strong yellows respond Green's very strong Greek the Blues raised from the Reds than its usually funny that kind of life he began thought covers not blue-black Gray's it gets gloomy so the but that the choice of colours in the movie or and in some carries a lot of the mood of the lives at the transport of the movie and if you have the cycle at at a wants all kind of this time the remake of the site and of course the original psychos and is in black and white because it was so filmed in the early stage of the colour movies were they were already in the air but and Hitchcock decided not to do it and colour and the the reason because he McCullum movie not impressed the mood will from the ghosts some some Moto in California you know like with pride and Nice into for your like a mean this not do at all this is not this upside Cosas not because this is not depressing me will actually a kind of fund and when they start with a Chelsea new and in the can happen in White and use your pumpkin and Laura I'm just kind of that it and so the mood is really really interesting and the The car distribution of the movie's taking over the whole movies and then looking at the use of the colour distribution varies from the average for the commuter interest because the scenes means the actively the direct decided to describe from the moment colours and that usually means that a what should also be there is is a bit of dialogue and movies where people don't talk usually don't storey and talking people can be easy found in the sea either you have 2 or more people facing each other for for some time or you cut between faces go close up 1 face cups those of the other face of pending a number of different techniques of of Hall to transport dialogue but you get very hot and but of dialogue that had been trained so it's a funny dialogue for the sake of the dialogue carry carrying the intimate and the part of this is 1 of forget that automatically from the perfect goods from the basic part of the video and it was the 1st 1st Polozola shock tactics and then I get the individuals shops and now we have to group it into seeds and the only way to do it because you don't know the storey you don't have any any moccasin the moving for all storey or 1 storey up to strip 3 know like this is to to do with the new eristics and he received a means you basically Clustering seemed so or you grew but if if they have a common background for of sequential job was to mycologist to bution you know with the camera movement the background code of new change to much anyway and
Another thing is that that he would of also look at the where the scholar schemes drastically changes from show She also mean something for for somebody explosion as a cop Chase and 1 of college blowing up totally different coloured and the of the of the street colours of Manhattan on a no that and and and suddenly all its red and yellow and the fiers they like see that in the sea And what I would do and the interesting part is now that if you take the shut out of the video and take them at full length all at least for among the duration you can also take the audio and if you then have a look at how the movie was made you will find the storey UK's can be discovered by looking at the audio cut like visual differences in and and the storey of can be discovered by video if you look at the audio somebody's talking for for some time although different shot at the of summit describes something all the ship and the radio something that all of you and some degree commentary on something and and it can go on for several shot of the the day be very similar to if they know that the shops can be group into the same storey They belonged to get some of whom if you have a video cut without a distinct change of the audio this usually not a change of scene but if the audio changes and the video changes and you enter a new stores before John goes some of all the typical of movies were found you have people doing something you know like and they go on member talking about bond and many might have cut to some cities seen any of the background noise of the city calls on came and maybe of the walls of the room before we know what of local of playing going all the city but you have told me but different that brought in terms of audio and somebody is going from the lower enough to know that this is the storey of lining the video cuts and and ordered to view good ideas for discovering the child and the the same goes for dialogue dialogues Golmud was only work with in the sea and a can of all cut their so sofa jumbo consider dialogue over the telephone he would usually have kept between the telephone part there she is talking on the phone and talk to them that the guys who was talking on his side of the of the other side of the ocean where you know the scenes couldn't be more different but it is in the same dialogue and detecting dialogues an audio it is very easy because of the same simplest that were for for some time so I'm also dialogue should not be taken appalled that just see them as as 1 storey of season the ones found then you have the fact that can happen within the scene and that it is Cunniffe interesting how that work so there is a lot of work on on the faces so I'm face recognition in movies or and the images also is is quite successfully space and actually essential for behind it because you want to know which which act display you want to know in political things with its Birkebeiner doing something over the and the amount of doing something with the ball wide and no Nicholas was doing something that will definitely make a difference for you so detecting the faces of actors and even better recognising the face of actress is is a very good idea and the safety of your detection rates of over 9 2 per cent to commit pretty sure who somebody's from media and and I'm not quite sure whether you have a plate was was the car of the by the from the and so this is this kind of interesting they have should faced detection model and Lucy that in a moment
All we did so we will not see a way so they have faced recognition part in and in the south where and if he or the videos and are like it doesn't really matter whether your Web last over the child was taken lightly fuel if you if you do it by by something to some degree their very good of recognising you on the phone to and if the via part because they have some some simple photos and found that the number of choices limited have to decide whether this is you will not find which he and deciding of for a group of people whose who but but still but impressive of Hall they do even if you change your at high but the basic idea of most of for face for condition is that the of that you have your networks began to some state found with of which was a kind of standardized pictures and the standard as pictures take the and points or face finding the stadium points in other faces is 1 of the key to face for mission because for what would what happens is that the for each face you have died in the eyes of the nose and mouth and the rest of it is not which to impressive because you can change your head do you can where had and the word of that for example the distance between the eyes of the 1st full length of the knows this very characteristic of the face for proceeding it as human and also for the in and and and terms of all of computer and so what you do is you take training examples a new mocked the behind Umaga nose among them up and then that in the road network trains to recognise this place on the image
And of calls to the end to a couple of other tricks for example cover filters if you want to find the Obama looking for something that is done the the and the amount These whom you can group usually similar faces before a tumble the distance between the eyes poised to every good indicator of somebody's because that can be changed in the UK and you can where blouses yes but still and taking the Santa of the closest you can still investigated for the distance of the ice will be and this is very of this for a distinct for 4 different humans are can be be found When choosing the and the seed based on faces we find that in the most movies also news programmes something if you goes out of date this usually associated with dialogue of somebody has to say something that is in Paul because I wanted to close up you want to say to see the men makes you want to see whether he O'Shea means that you want to see the fire in the eyes of the West has no point of close and somebody says something was higher in his eye and it must be in a pub and a summary of their worried about something or and the pieces of the of the sky stuff like that this is what I do for closer and this of costly to estimating was more or what is left in the fund so for example you can remove all the shoppe where the face occupies less than 7 per cent of the image is not close up this not pretty reading for for if you want to point out that although for the employer people full of all the main and actors and the same is those that appeal of video a few detect some faces that only 1 of twice United and shot of the 1st 5 minutes but For all be don't method for much of the early coming up Priam's even if fact of something that they don't contribute to the storey of the time issue alternating chocolate faces and you definitely faced by the death of his face something that could be worth exploited also good idea face recognition that 1 of the work the the work the showing the the face recognition near actually mission here so expressed an interesting that you can cheque on how we can track faces and use is a demonstration by a self where so that the green tea time rectangle basically the recognised face and I see that the people are moving around him like and there are some some Miss interpretations of now for example of this guy is no longer recognised that you can move your and you can do what everyone to and more often than not it's kind of recognised and and and the move of the said the couple of Miss recognised classes on the walls of the air having these immediately recognise different lighting and so on so recognising faces and even checking face that can be done but quite efficiently a not from money the and and the new look good terms back to the moon and then what definitely need for your highlight is whether the text movie because text in in a video is all with a very good idea transport to transport some some of the means that was there are so long whether it is the title that I need to extract or whether it is what it was set about some new side of the of the moving image and other the still image was in command in the background saying floodings in California of something extracting that text and pudding the frame into the highlight the very good idea because when you see what would happen of a special each segment text regions at the beginning of the video for on its usually very easy because they are high contrast I'm a set of I'm a use a low columbarium the Texas move somehow also just of facing along with some of the oldest screen but it stays there over several of the frames to to be recognised by the time starting a trade at some point all or footing the bill for the title of the movie in a trailer
It was a very good idea to make keep the thing for what you do and you can use to to discover what was the most of what text also full taste of the new on you can use and the roles of the vertical or along with size and distance and you will find the title usually has the biggest point size and maybe some all between you now like Alfred Hitchcock Psycho Unite of than the average car would be smaller will be the vertical distance of will be less of a few 100 starting segment of style also hold text going through the for the picture enough you will find that his father regular is not the type to in the scale of the SAS and not what I want to give and select the continuity Custos largest surface area Pirrello and as a bit map and their use O'Shea on to converted to the text of what we have here and is that law symbols early but the rows of pretty pretty more what we have here
It's 1 of the biggest Cluster and will find this has largest point size was all be titles and then we can also see are which in this case is a summary easy because the contrast behind and with its stationary or whether it's moving somehow doesn't really matter how we can recognise some new times that there is a case where act as very of where the direct as a very clever and and and the move around the and the and the the individual letters of the title and they built some patents some that some sometimes very hot discover what he was doing this is this kind of good way of finding out that the last thing the and the video was the recognition of special-effects explosions gun finer and and stuff like that because if you integrate such scenes into the trainer in the interest of the uses to somebody explode we all looking for some cost crash we all looking at 10 of the Human to do that and it might might interest again it depends on the whole type of movie but I put in many of the scenes just a few of the scenes not of the city
If the total romantic movie rather month Pilcher Movio load of don't put in which she tried it does were just and the detection then also heavily depends on the audio track because you usually if you have a gunshot as I recognisable in the order of the pitches very high if your very high allow this time and you can you can even China model on acoustic events like would lose the it mock of most to detect gunshot of this is easy to think of it that and if you have this audio and event and if you have the colour that is shown and and and the image like the yellows and oranges here for the full year children and the new detect which respective audio and became a teacher sure that this is the sort of good for the generation of the actual abstract opera the we could make sure break showed up like for the like
And where interesting and so I'm last every today assault generated the XUR abstract picture highlight under of calls went when you generate the and that the highlight of 1 1 of the point that the 2 sides was how long will it be like coming for how long you take uses all following interest uses and in and Washington video before they get to grips and usually this is likely to remain at so something like like commercial that shows in the basic strengthened the basic the mood of the and if you don't have a go length if you don't say Well 1 3 minutes or something like that you can also set up a fund will include every seeing the youngest wrestled sold the most so every every scene that has action content over 95 per cent of something like that you will end up with with an open ended said abstract but all be setting a goal and that was kind of a good idea and then you have to choose the tech sector quences published dialogue time special-effects and what every half as potential see of large possibilities seems that you can choose from any exclude all the philistines everything that nobody wants to see any way in a like some some landscape scenes of something that has been between scenes because of the of the movie and for each seen the you choose to be suitable shot from and and that is because he is a hugely to among so for example that some people are quarrelling on the order meant developed some of but to find out there early the heated discussion all the heated phase of the augmentation it is usually perfectly enough so instead of showing the five minute dialogue just show the city 2nd heated and see things are flowing around people people stroke Briccetti each other for what evidence of this kind of the interest of full tax seconds as usual ways make sure to take the shot with the title texts that he expected time and that would also be a good idea for a movie than you to some of the action rich shops which can get from the from the motion Vectra's on sins This Is this kind of the island but the best of them for the back idea in all like by an explosion at this very big that they can see something at an end and at the transport some some something information and in a very bands and a very very concentrated way still most of the action Schalk's I'm really set the scene and then re transport and then you have to choose the shoppe where the colours to bution corresponds to the average of the videos so on if he focused too much new trailer 1 on on scenes that he 18 from the general seemed you will probably get a different moves with trailer has highlighted new have and the video to of probably not be a good idea I'm and you my programs without here for example that which project a movie that is that as grey and black you like and that just work some on on the idea of people being the fate of dollar and you don't know what happened and most of the time and so it very hot stood to see that prop seems be so close to bution to set the mood as the 1 thing that he would need and you can also apply automatic short tection likely at last week when we were talking about a week before were talking about how much action are much romance how much of the activity there is in the movie and which allows us to protect the trauma of this was a very high ability and and depending on the wrong or a use of decide published of the year including the UK and an action movie you should include many active shot not boring but if you have a comedy on you should choose many of the bright colours of shops because they reflect comedy you if you have a romantic re use some of the dialogue some of those up of faces because he was a love of tragedy on the things in law which can be seen faces so this kind of what you do with it was the wrong time and if you choose the dialogue and the special effects the selection of the shops should be as I possible done all the whole idea because the dialogues developed with the storey that if you take several dialogue from 1 part could only 1 part of storey if you take to die looks at full of the storey you have found a good chance that dialogue developed the storey to 1 to some time to some extent and this is basically what brings you to time finding out what it is that it is interested in finding out what drives the stories
This is the key for movies if you during the movies and the and the highlight avoid the don't show the fine and showed that what you want and then you feel the highlights the rest of the time that I have signed for the highlight of which are the only 2 other types of seems so I'm a little bit of Romans does not hurt in the action movie The but of action but it does not hurt and Romans movie but of landscape never heard to set the basic location of the movie is more like an California movie of Africa movie is an Asian movie something like that will set the scene quite nicely and so on and the sit up seems should be should be distributed all the highlight like they are distributed of all the movies the movie changes location very of that could also be reflected nicely the hype
In the next step after the generation offers selecting scene the actual editing of because unlike the giving Williams you just walk the time and that while band blitz slips making from 100 times pasta You really have to put things together in a certain order and the author of to care for the for the audio Marine pulled into so I'm the operation that you have to consider is kind of like finding the right although frames and assigning that talks between the shoppe because like in the movies you have to do the costs in the height Line and what kind of car you choose between different different seeds and the and the order of the came when 1 hand influences told the storey is transport used graph was actually happened but also the type of car influences what would be the 1st for example the fading between actually see is not a very sensible thing to do the shopping on Cup such should become like highlights that shown very quickly on lot of explosions all of of the social so something and that had set the pace for the movie shows you all this is from the hectic of rather cost movie in any way and that if you if you if you do not stick to the order of the day you should and East put those pops together all in the right order that contained a different aspects so if it is you do not a good idea to have a movie that ends in a big bowl scenario like Gone with the Wind stops 3 slowly and the law scenes at the end of a long and it it would be a very bad idea to distribute the action scenes taking from the for setting and Distributed although over the trailer because that would give the impression that its and although playing with in the civil war in which it is not and sold kind of all pudding grouping the scenes together in a sensible way following the storey somehow is over the yes as public cups said the basic the hot of self cost and they can be used and abused between the shops to to to blended and and special-effects action Ripstein's voice be separated from the environment for a half textile up scenes of separate rules and that the use use if you if you only use hot cut your highlight or you trader would look like an empty need to separate the amount of weight and the Lady Gaga where it is said that this kind of every annoyingly of shooting shooting should movies this very very weak and TV generation style of movie and so make sure that you also have some some smooth transition for that and sold there are some simple principles for full steam transitions highlights issue of the new band the that are basically actions all things happening allways hot doesn't matter what you want you have to divide from used just half time if you have a dialogue slips within dialogue so between dialogue you you should have conceded soulful paid soul wiping it so that another payoff dialogue also found and this kind of thing between faces because also closed unchanged for much of this this wiping advocating a kind of a good idea because it keeps the tension keeps the this move of transition with respect to colours and for the other clips of its kind of can be hot to sold what they can be came be the thing as a matter of taste on 1 hand and the Metro of you don't like the look of creativity just movement of it into interesting as the and the audio editing because the trailer you can do with some audio cheques you have us scenes that on the correct and that are shown at the correct speed salsa Litex spoken and the and the and the storey has not making all the time but the but what the 2 if you show part of the discussion it might not make any sense to let the people at least speed if they stayed look into my eyes off the Levy the baby less good enough like this is very very I'm a kind of the show I it makes a point lead brings the point across to some so that this would be a good idea and integrating the the audio fragment of every strain on the other hand it is a bad idea because sometimes even though shot was nice to see it's not for what is said and people think about what people say and try to related to the storey very Austin this success for which he people frustrated and frustrated person does not what you movie and so this is bad for you as Anatoly was at direct time and the same goes for search engines if it to to listen to something that is totally out of context
It doesn't make any sense of the show and for the year special-effects keep the audience set if there is an explosion and and it doesn't go it will be strange if there is a gunshot and doesn't do then you probably not noticed that the gunshot because conceded for that of the so keep special-effects the soundtrack and also give us scenes of the Stadio of something like that keep the the background people funding cars and and and moving traffic and and stuff like that said the sea and it doesn't it doesn't and the people are more be filed that does not Walker than if it bookers and is like the old context and a dialogue the audio cuts of all must of priority over all shoppe boundaries of don't stop in the middle of a sentence because the shock of the faces of the order cut more if you decide to use a sentence sentence has to be
What effect a philistines can nought altogether don't at anything and the between the audio tracks to you should definitely use fading position out of the of the that idea for for you can move the and and from it also very often house to use a background or you cheque if you have the soundtrack to remove the main title soundtrack of 1 or more of these of some of it is a very good idea to play in the back row row because it helps to identify with the movie's so for example if you take all Walsall something like this to be the stalls and if you integrate that into a highlight the integrated into a trader every No 8 stuff style of Canada saying singles for some of the commentaries pink fantasies of for example the period from so if you have less time to use it if you do then you have to bend was dialogues all special affect something you have to reduced the musical so it can be faded can be planted in that make sure that the victim for for part of the order of the speech the job of what it is but that's example here for example is the Toronto based on who knows the Groundhog Day movie nobody this interested in the German as take it was more Muchea then you know that interested and this kind of fund movie bomb with the that of the No within the and a guest at the beginning of
Something and and the idea of the movie is that somebody is caught in a time so he's doing stuff in in a small city and every time you wake up in the morning next morning its the morning before so the day's repeating over and over again and he's trying to to to break out of this this time you and kind a funny what he does because of this the offer to a free iterations these exactly going to know what's happening in out like and who will be where and what would happen where which will appeal which side of the trying on to feed and self and so he intact for was people and changes to the structure and if you do a stop detection over and over that the groundwork B-movie you end up with all these little where the cell different and and then working analyzing through the streets and shops you will find some of text appearances you for example which should be enough to make the tea or see that some of the stress of Dhaka here and light to 1 sell of light a once in the same colour always the 1 that were selected automatically for the of traders who was in a minute and the dock a ones also takes appearances by half of not been selected for the movie and we of the dialogue here and these were not selected for the worst affected now we have the some of some explosions so special-effects over here and as we can see the movies this not very much action movie so hot the any special-effects a thing that this is 1 explosion where he deliberately crashes a to a two kind of the kind of guy and see if he's still them next morning time and and that it is and then some something that of a year that has been chosen to to just set the scene and if we look at the ground that day
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But it offers a much older and then the other 1 but and in a specialist this this notion of repetition was done very nice team the trailer very hot to do it all itself part of the storey reflects on the train and understanding the storey is 1 of the keys to build include the media want to show you and the spacing claims also computer or lecture this week to try out some where talking about the attraction to the cell on 1 and Hall to summarise the content of the hall to prevent videos as a result and that led as basically to to possibilities the giving idea which is laid deals usually at an advance speech so that you don't need an or to understand what the the all along video shows some old away highlighting making the best scenes and we are talking the debate about how you select the best see how you can and discover scenes that in order for the storey on how we can figure out which seems to show which seems not to show and then we can kind of like the point of building automatically trailers bowlful witty that somehow at the time the video was made and currently no media for has so who have a few like its go to you to build a wonderful abstract automatically earned a lot of money that presents and that's all full today next that show we would be talking about multimedia at about indexing multimedia that are sold we will be a little bit more technical Paul they are talking about 3 indexes for multimedia for future just to get the whole time comparisons and on the whole I'm well working with the multimedia that little bit more fish thankfully attention