Accessible by Default: The Layered Workflow

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Accessible by Default: The Layered Workflow
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and what about the so I signed up to give this task and this is what I put in my proposal and I realized really should've called is something totally different so bear with me and I think it's better accessibility by default how old using it and bird bands respecting the layered workflow can help give you a better accessible application so a little bit
about me 1st and I live in Chicago all I work Chase tower and there I'm I'm a decorated military veteran 6 years yes maybe the I organizer for the Chicago so if you would ever like to come speak at any doubt but we know we looked at you I at my job I mean accessibility a subject matter expert for a extensible platform that we use Amber to build about other active take and used to build their applications so fun of and I'm a team member of the embryo and why the projects the I also love all final fantasy it games except a because as they really love that 1 is not time interest the and I believe
in the Holy Trinity the Holy Trinity for web developers was that means html the fast and spent so by using these 3 in the way they were intended to use 4 years I've been trying to tell the web developers and I really mean years have been doing this for 20 years of please right please it why why why don't have to the bills that works have been only had and then all of the sudden the accessibility came into my life and taught me I'm in a have a more accessible application by default if I use the tools I've already been given to you you're not finding your not putting all this extra code and there just using the code spec is foreign telling you to use it's only so my CBE the it's like so happy right and then after only 20 years of trying explain this other developers I'm like indicated for all the signs have engaged do my way rate my way and it's awesome
so what's accessibility it does not mean cross-browser compatibility I've heard that in a on interview question answered sessions more times than I care to admit it's always a little bit disappointing so accessibility seeks to answer this question the can people of varying abilities use the application in way it was intended to be used OK let's look at a few different parts of the the but is varying ability means we're going to include the power user here the power user wants to be able to get it done fast are we enabling them we're going to think about color blindness different types different levels of color blindness I don't think of it as a disability think of it as a varied ability the vision some I can see everything I can see something that low vision or completely blind and I don't have a monitor at all ImageNet mad trying to use your apps with no monitor to think if you get from the don't answer I know you'll fidelity is again I'm here to help hearing not so much the same right on the web because knows really irritating we need to decide there's really irritating Autoplay websites start really happen all that much anymore it's not so much like back in link 97 cities and it was really cool to have that under construction animated GIF and some flashing MIDI music playing you know cognitive abilities cool names dementia and mild dementia all either permanent or temporary of stuff like that the this tubular disorders the this is a constant state of motion sickness so you know that really cool parallax thing everybody loved for like 10 seconds until we realize it was way too Jenke that could make some people physically ill so that results are we making websites had major users physically ill you so do what's going on be intended to be used part of no I'm not talking about year 2 way you does all these weird things and send them to use bogs in your like but nobody would ever type that in to that field by Paul enough him up that's the different conversation we can also have a therapy session for that because I needed to to sell them the from the out so different types of users different types of experiences this is OK the world is trying to get from a to z if people need different paths to get from a disease dust OK with if you want to have the exact same experience for every user this is also carried both of these can be kind of tricky both of these will depend on your project proceed wisely really this is about employing Common Sense this is not a one-size-fits-all solution this is not a check box you have to really understand the intent the this so why do we need to care
I had somebody recently who works for a very big company TM tell me we don't have to care about accessibility right now and that is guided me wonder gosh this frustrating thing later someone tell me because of the side effects it will hurt her out because if you haven't thought about this from the beginning you will be forced to think about it later it's coming might doing now you might have legal requirements here especially United States we have the American just Americans with Disabilities Act if you would sell anything if you are are involved the education of any sort if you will offer any kind of financial services of any sort all of these are just a few of the types of websites that are required legally to be accessible accessibility related lawsuits for web based products are about 300 per cent in the last 2 years there is now a legal firm in Philadelphia who specializes ensuing let based sites whatever for not be accepted as accessible the on why do you need to care may be of limited resources all maybe of a budget you know like a stuff will go into that in a minute why do you need to care because inclusive because of the whole are you missing out on because you haven't thought to take care of some of the basics because that's part of number that's part of members system of beliefs squared believe what everyone call it
so inspirational yet slightly dooming quote the of feeling to plan is planning to fail now I'm not telling you to go have a bunch of meetings I work at a giant enterprise Corp I can tell you that nothing is worse than 100 meetings in a day on I really just wanna write code so I'm not talking about that kind of planning I the I'm talking about the pre-planning that comes with learning your craft thinking this through a little bit more and that's the kind of planning carrying out your intent from start to finish so don't go often have meetings societal did she do that because I want to do
so the only where to go back to some
of the it is not a place you especially if you have a budget and if you're working on a project that doesn't have a budget please let me know because i wanna come worked on projects has never been on a project that was like unlimited budget right that would be really fun so high on think about this to unintelligible at once and or do you want to build it twice because saying all ones go back in an hour later I can tell you from very painful personal experience you and every factory and when the refractoriness component-by-component or online online is next week and we start to do this you'll end up refactoring at the but the the the and the that number to go of
it so why because HTML is equal periods the html is implicitly error tolerance you can the you can nested and bands like when I see that is physically makes me like I have pain when I see something like that you can get ational you you collect everything in additionally be like show knock yourself out of here the jobs that not so much so this is what I believe to this sort of false equivalent false equivalency into the developer mind-set yeah issue not just works jobs that stops you from doing something bad when additional stop me efficient another stopping it must be OK the the this is where we get but if it builds their works mentality investors were hurting themselves when it comes to accessibility the you might be able to ship that thing faster there will be accessible and you have set yourself up for a lot of extra work in the long run because they built in support for accessibility that's in the HTML 5 elements you then have to go back in and add all of those are you roles do you really want to add aria rule groups aria provide so all your jails are D when user u l and ally and get it by default there is a definite building it's the way this sensible things it gives you a lot of that we can automatically this is not material but you get yourself much farther along the way on the since I like Final Fantasy
reason and took a bus with tangible both imagine this is 10 users statistics and when looked up some math numbers right because we like the like DoveFax here it prefer that not saying ones that promise I took the numbers of how many disabled people there are an ice on a filtered down the numbers for word disabilities that wouldn't really affect your relationship with technology until I had a number of how many people have a disability that directly affects their relationship with technology that's the number I really want they ended up being about 1 in 10 if you don't think about accessibility from the start you all are then what excluding 1 in 10 people from being a user the now think about how many users you have and 10 % about how much revenue is that are losing money of the it should make these dollars signs sorry uh but I only imagine the whose job is
it to make things accessible the this it is your job as a developer my job as a developer the no content managers are responsible to write clear meaningful text given the gobbledy-gook during the jargon make it clearer to make it understandable Make it actionable that's their job I'm not just the 1 saying that either as the developer had to work with all this nonsense I really this aspect it the wood had guidelines said content managers are responsible to create clear and easy to understand content what the UX designers logical workflows the huge who not the visual designers responsible that Of course developers we do a lot of the heavy lifting on this 1 to make testers their responsibility is to do meaningful tested not every which way and of the Son the test in a meaningful way for special specific user personas well tracing that tendons fast OK but they need to be precise and we can help them along the way the most of all we need leadership we need the support of our bosses that people assign objects right because is what we do for a living but don't forget about were paying bills the leadership has got to support us all some or else it will work the what can be seen their 6 starts on that list and developers only 1 of them so think about all that way you're carrying on your shoulders thinking about accessibility and how it's just a job in you're the only 1 who cares about it if you're saying that sentence over and over and over I keep telling accessibility is important but they won't listen change the conversation that's where you can do as a developer having different conversation with that and in your own code use semantic HTML use it the way it was supposed to be used to get back benefits so but some of some
practical places the late and so thing about this if you're 1 of those
developers the and I used to be 1 if you're 1 of the developers who keeps saying I keep trying to tell them that accessibility is important are you look in the mirror when you go home and when you say I cannot do this alone and then close your eyes and open your eyes and say it again I cannot do this alone repeat this to yourself as many times as necessary unto you really understand it deeply in your souls who you cannot do this alone but you have to do this alone this is not just your responsibility as a developer it's all of our responsibility of the entire product teams responsibility let's look at some practical ways he was a developer can start that you semantic HTML had a has a natural role of 100 I now of has a natural role of navigation there are so many benefits and so many shortcuts and so much less code you have to write just by using semantic HTML make sure you can't have tall you're interactive elements for user but it is supposed to be about of the the links form inputs all those things you call do them a different way I'm not telling you not to do them in different way I'm saying make sure you can tap to them please use the default 1 is just it's already there you can totally do it but if you insist make sure you can capture if the image on the page is used for more than just arms to make it interesting right could allow you in all tag but I discovered as a component created for a large UI library that of and the computer properties are also really often provide on I've done all sorts of accessibility things because of the amber computed properties and it its thank you where decided to that to say thank you I some more places you can start bookmark the other W. A. I. R. roles there the page like they just put it out there it has all the rules listed on it it's become 1 of my best friends up been might be due bookmark tab or or Lung control all the time looking for things and I know this stuff pretty well by now but don't be afraid do that just look at the the fair the carrier this is that the natural developer mind-set right is to be curious so feed the curiosity for the better accessibility of your applications something fun to try if you took out all the color from your page which is still be able to move figure out what to do you can just use colour to indicate what to do next you also need to use underlines the help text bold or a little like on the arrow or something make sure those are in there and really fast track is just take the color with but you phones on user's screen reader my was shaking a little bit not just cut my throat strike will on the 1st time I tried to use freedom I took my headphones off in about 2 seconds but it was that like annoying to my ears some Michael God could this way for me right now this terrible it's an essential part of the process now my headphones on by default for most of my day because I'm checking accessibility things in a the voice doesn't bother me anymore I yet to try it go walk a mile in someone else's shoes that's how you answer can users of varying abilities use my happen the way it was intended to be used by actually trying it out the and you'll find things that you didn't think of before or you missed or you thought there were obvious seeding do anything about it there's nothing nothing nothing better 0 . 1 piece of advice trying it out pigeon ginger folks sort so when you're focusing and you know we're trying to feign to tab through and see if it can handle inputs under make sure the timing and focusing in a logical order through the workflow like they should be you check that quick intact areas from the beginning and but you better really fact comes signing big tapping area on and you can check online there's guidance for this already how big it should be I can tell you but I you showed up on another piece of advice is to write out some personas the thinking about the different people who could be as a graph who might be easier all were more likely to be using up and other kinds of force on us because maybe you're very focused in your very specific on who your target audiences what doing that can bring you a lot of clarity and you can send those are at you and say stop testing all the weird things just has to have read it out so how could number help you will be doing amber space help with the the and the Illinois testing because trends often on this is built on AC score and this is integrated when you run test on which is recently changed by the latent used to do it that way so if you had used it before you haven't upgraded they should check that out the and this will tell you if you have got no role incorrect or something like that and before you even push a code of so you're eliminating that pushing actually checks said this and back to there's about them and then you have another juror again the all that I think that out I had 1 developer recently who thought that already rules were like CSS classes where you could define them himself on the end a fun so Amber element like testing was often that we use it because it helps to understand all I can do that and it links to those this fact that says where you can't do that it must be and it tells you how to fix it that's a better part I think number 11 y which helps bring meaningful focus to the home single-feed application I guess is the best way to put it of so you know how when you load a new page you start having through pact if you've ever tried it but this will go automatically to the top left most things on that page and even if you're in a in a single page application around changes just a little bit maybe you from home in you into messages now your messages it will still stop back about the top left in your timing overthrow that nonsense again and you could put this gets link in there but then the Illinois in is an adamant that seeks to do it a little bit more elegantly automatically bring that focus into the most relevant of part of your screen based on your out right which I think is pretty cold all the and then got come on into the palace slack channel that we have all been asked questions or if you say accessibility in any of the attacks my phone tells me and I'll come be summoned an answer comic about single so I have a few keywords Saturday me along responsive design and accessibility so
on feel free to join in the project is very the people working on and they all come with copula jokes as you may have been able to sell and there's always more to
do and in more ways to level of right the if you think maybe using a new thing goal shouldn't tell me anything already knew hope maybe I'll get you know was learn how to use are alive to announce why the updates to doubt on the screen if learn how to write a keyboard navigation Nixon now if you thought that there was too easy only you here promise localize it go seriously like the the list of having a the busses Monday so that happens me Thursday afternoon I discovered that the french I think it's the French have a different keyboards there is a difference but I did so not only am I thinking OK responsive design is accessible by the localizer for like 10 different languages and often right then I find out there's a different keyboard so I'm still working on that so somebody once a bird on that with me at well here this Laetoli ofthem will I am build a modal with no keyword tract the focus needs to stay on that modal and only on that model until they get rid of model they should be able to access any of the data or any of the options behind that modal no really be should be moving away from models are we really should it's 20 17 we can be grants about that now but if you have to use some of the build a model that you were trapped the all I see the in terms on
the right here but any questions how can my my my my