Global Innovation Lounge

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Global Innovation Lounge
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re:publica 2013 brought together representatives from technology innovation spaces from Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe at the Global Innovation Lounge -- in cooperation with GIZ and AfriLabs we invited innovators from 25 countries to showcase local solutions, start-ups, hackspaces and incubators, to discuss, make and hack.
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you no you thank me down in the middle with that would help and you know if you
that I thought would be really great transport
everything that's happening around the world in terms of digital innovation start-up culture into
Republican and show that this is not just can the inequality phenomena that really something happening across the globe and see what the difference are seen tonight so it's just change his experience the world with another
incident so we decided to set up a the different
concepts and assonantic the this idea and then I contacted at the labs and said you
think you know what this makes sense as you know things that have already somewhere and it's acknowledged that also because our network is never met physically at the end of the last time so we can't I said on the German international cooperation organizations and after enhanced to organize the building maintenance
and invite Latin Latin and this past few other
has happened and some have from Asia and
Latin America to really come here and show
off a little crazy great stuff that's happening intensity of innovation and well but also to each
other and the strength and abilities networks so very simply as the land that can accurately
networking technology innovation hands on it started with 5 have about 2 years ago with the prime of based on the premise that if we work
together and learn from each other while grow and
learn and that so the goal is really to
connect and share and learn together with people have
been extremely welcoming that I've been a come to the
global invasion and listen to ahead
manages the weaving around and meeting people there it's just the iterative just goes to show that the common understanding can just an like entrepreneur and innovators alphas speaker common language of
both Harlem broking and
I'm not home but being
and both are broke
and the the most important thing of for us it's just getting to talk about the things that are sometimes not available online
it's interesting that the the keynote
was object presented by their business which shows the importance of of what we are doing and what is happening in Africa and the and the fact that the ICAO called
showcasing what we are doing enough if all of for the public that provide this platform is
quite small for the ungrateful really to
have had this opportunity to come here and
I'm going to know
how long the Brookings and
some direction it's really great
platform on his it's the 1st time where all
the global hops are coming together
and we're like in this world at scene
and Republicans like a group of from to meet all these
people together so like this glowing emission knowledge and I have a chance to meet like
have swear can never imagined to is
like from Flickr piece from from the erasure of
Brazil and like Hobbes from
in Africa where we come to getting a lot is often us symmetric but meeting physically so as a great great applause from 2 different people and shares the same idea the same resources within working on so for no harm
beyond and not
call of the breeding no
part of the building and I want you see you
have learned these days with the other helps you will the number 1 is that most of the hubs offices and challenges this is a great meeting because in the end understood to the fact that we are going through this in the we going through the same challenges and we also have the same kind of our ambitions and goals of and
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just to get the right which was achieved it's
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is typically what you do in the world Harlem Brundtland
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bid and in the opening up of good and provide the that's on my