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China, India, Bangladesh, we're looking at you: Blogging and tweeting in Asia

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China, India, Bangladesh, we're looking at you: Blogging and tweeting in Asia
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If you haven't already heard, social media is booming in Asia. China alone has over 300 million users microblogging at Weibo. Despite being subject to massive censorship, the service is used by many to spread views that are critical of the government and address issues authorities would rather not have anyone talk about. Not willing to be outdone, the government also uses Weibo to promote the party line in its attempts to influence public opinion. By some measures, India, on the other hand, is less enthusiastic with just 150 million of the country's 1.2 billion people online and "only" 62 million social media users.
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and humor and
it to it
at the good morning and 1st of all I have to explain some changes in the schedule which overdue in German the Yemen have program
and the online out own ever from unfair to shout stage 5 to Democrats doing the door ornaments you'd have members that a house finds the desert in the Dutch that that and found that among its m or moved Latin of human filters front stage from farmsteads and special indeed you damage what the formants belongs fact wind and that's move from for this from much of the states from fessional must be out to match and a warm welcome again that the mn claim of the this year's Republicans inside out and so they were really interested in editing outside Europe power add digital media used their and and in partnership with the Dutch event and we organize dependent on blogging and yeah so on in the fish India and China hello and welcome to far from
the data and we're going to talk about the blogosphere in Asia and 1st of all I have to disappoint you all because there
is not a blogosphere in Asia simply because there is not 1 agent so there is a difference of a sphere in every country and we are going to data to look at 3 of these countries and I'm very happy to have the people here on this panel and all introduce into you starting with and want to my right he's they generate journalist and the moderates television programs on for the Indian practices and the as the comic figure she's able to start discussions on very controversial topics and he says in in India microblogging is not used to change politics but it's the other way around politicians are trying to use interchange microblogging for their purposes right to my right is for own a veteran on that he's been a citizen of the net for 18 years he's been blogging for 9 years and his blog has 3 . 5 million regular readers and for him the special situation in
China is that in china microblogging involving is the only channel for people to express their opinions and to use their freedom of speech and so my lecture he to
alarm he's a founding member of the validation rights network and he has set up a center for investigating journalism for him now and this is not the good place to be if you're a blogger and he's s he's going to wear a T-shirt saying I'm a blogger just draw attention from the younger ones lifestyle threatens the moment and so I will start with an average to maybe give an overview on how the follow the sphere has developed it easier the but and the reading so as you know India is known as IT follow what I did was that India is a an offline country Internet connectivity is spinning of fast but online expressions of the elite and I want center and the our diversities of Indian populations regions and languages are not reflected in online activity and 60 per cent of our population is still rural and rural India is it has always been offline before and after the internet so but on the other hand this is very interesting if you prefer the population connected there by mobile phones and most of the mobile phones are added on just used as forms and not for the Internet because some of the many reasons that have for this and you need 1 interesting things I would like you do know
that you you find half half time Donald windows every this ability to take us more on the and download for you will be due and from music by using up to
2 and USB will so small and the larger-scale enterprises in India I can find find of download Windows and every new can come out of the streets and the smartphones that they do have a every phoneme integral form had the hazard of about 2 . and visible light blue icons when they're not used to then they should have been and because of the languages English and the diversities forms I'm not going to go through the through to its presence in the on 1 line money early and thermal also so but 1 thing is very important that missed calls are a business opportunity and therefore the price has by sconces the common for example a domestic maids who work at the mandible this use missed calls as the yet and signals a suitable from 1 what this to another so me on my alarmist cognitions if you see and map are online it to reduce to
entities should be seen in this context and 1 important thing is that there have recently the activities have become politically sensitive these days and leaders
living using online microblogging unknown learning to be online What today accounts are being used to show off that they had such and such a number of followers and if they don't want to go the same number of votes in in elections so we have to do it in this regard but not because they were written for to use it for a 1st order is the election performers purposes now but in the i had seeing messy Figure of online political activity in thousandfold elections since then I wanted to go online began politically them of what I believe
it's now it's changing and changing in other the online activities hijacked by dividing the indemnity Hindu is the
main fools on the to adopt may need as I'm using Internet induce a group the writing on our visible ways of thinking alliances to fight for dividend on Twitter they come holds tax you and living in no time the did and Congress there to national bodies in India they're debating that kind of tools how howto outnumbered each other on Twitter and Facebook mainly this is what is going on to each other so far but otherwise this is looking for the bodyguard the headquarters of parties that making microblogging says IDC is not being revived and giving but in prominent leaders are giving in charge of outlook after like is and they so that they can now do the agenda on on this said online you do the last thing that they have started digging and Saudi done and Facebook in their speeches and and that announcing the well handouts as if they had been intended are hanging out sentences manipulated by them and the debt and feasible region here today it would nt movement but is still of interview men also if you are reader all online as isolated textile for are you being used on the job is some highly and even men and there is no such
movement against this because the right group uses this tool in their of the benefits so and I are going
1 game board and 1 more thing that you don't has changed television much then I the Bonner days in the expression of the master our before it began the propaganda tools of the politicians news channels invented that would need to valiant God speed news news as olivine associated with those the news but some Indians not some meaning in his genomes have a started giving 200 news stories in 24 minutes 200 news stories in 24 minutes that's lightening speed so and each in users of online that just like 104 it does add DVD has become an extension of the kind of production from 1 debates walls of newsrooms guarded by editors have already been demolished by development and it is do not the audited that RT the and and the debates that many unscented light to so these are the situation but in our country since that is not an issue that much in other parts of the body but he had amended petition is the issue and the political groups are are making their about God do since any you in a politically there since that inequality believe you write something against any government body they're becoming more and discarded you like anything that a Dodger you online by that date so these kind of attitude is going in this from this thing here its cell I
just 1 question see you are still evolving into entering right here so I II still blog and I have good dikinase short lead from 2 to the 2 it
is because of this kind of abusing quality of using abusive political campaign you know planted and manners by the political parties and so the situation is very different in China where as in India politicians are using microblogging for their purposes in China microblogging loving the only way the only to help people can express their opinions cell it's been used very differently on can tell us how they're using it for what purposes
I was talking about the Chinese blocks of fear also we we including the we include the data that can of of so is in China we call it we ball so there's microblogging so that I think the audience should or is by of 3 things he mind when you're thinking of the Chinese blocks of here the 1st 1 a moderator just
mentioned uh in China Internet becomes the only channel only alternate for people not only tool of each express themselves but more freely than traditional media but also look in a way of organizing themselves so that the the reason of places that usually the traditional media are controlled by the status is all state owned and 2 as the Chinese people do not have other the ways of expressing themselves like that we don't have free elections yeah and also we don't have will be independent to be sure system so the bad pool to be all things into the internet but another Larry a prominent feature in China is that nearly all the there was no internet services are provided by demise the confidence I
mean you this view at a time Chinese companies the defeat of the 3rd International giants but
beats uh so search engine and electron covers of social media on news portal to all that you know we you sharing so in China 70 per cent of people they're not using Google as you as searching services using them as
he 1 caught by do also we have this we below which is hugely more popular than tutor and we that we cannot access Facebook uh in China so that comes to the to the
a prominent feature of that is in China the censorship is pervasive i in the Chinese cyberspace as it just mentioned that we cannot access the Facebook also teacher also you chew and many other other so it's it's an international services so as my Indian colleague at just says the India says service not problem but manipulation is a problem in China I think oppose censorship and manipulation addict problem think helium and for
bounded situation is also a different ages in India lovers are threatened by right thing people in was a politicians misuse user
microblogging in China it's the state and how much invalidates the we try and stay out of the
competition in but with was a persecuted by everyone around but I'm not being facetious and but rather than give an overview of a very complex situation I think it would make more
sense to give you a sense of what's happening on the ground today which will give you an indication of the general phenomenon you to this close down by the bond with competence September 2008 12 still closed and the except for the blogosphere really no 1 has been protesting about 1 of the problems we have is an issue of trust because mainstream media is so completely dominated by corporations all up of political parties it's very difficult for people to actually believe what any particular mainstream media channel is talking about so you trust actually comes through word of mouth you trust someone you know you trust people who have built a track record you trust people who have over a period of time it stops establish the credibility which is not a major media and that is what makes blogs so important because the blogosphere of course has its own share of propaganda and part of part is isn't and extremism but there are individuals within the blogosphere who have over a sustained period of time been reporting as and when things happen and they built a community around the who trusts that uh not use of their power that is also what makes him dangerous yeah so right now we have of 1 blogger us equality who is in jail but there are 3 other bloggers alongside him and they have been arrested by the cup but prior to the being the being arrested and perhaps I need to give you a bit of a background here on the 5th of February this year of several bloggers 1 of them being us if the 6 key bloggers about time who led a campaign for occupying the central square in motivational shot from they call was very simple they wanted a fair trial they wanted justice they wanted and on time the verdict on the trial of war criminals in bondage know this is was a cry that many people could relate to and I was set on the 5th of February it was at nite our
kids with their old people with the people with long beards with their women in genes whether
they're pretty much the entire cross-section of so you have people who we would normally associate because 1 of the things and miss would give you a bit of a background of the war of 71 was a war of liberation and at that time Islamic forces have opposed of liberation and and at sided with the occupation army they've been guilty of rape of murder of huge persecution and of course this this an unhealed wound that state for all these years and finally a tribunal has been cold weather been tried it was felt by the people that deals with being made so that negotiations were taking place which would allow people to get away without the without paying the penalty for the crimes that was what called everyone together that was the 1 rallying cry that got everyone together what is very interesting is that this led to a massive a gathering which was not orchestrated by any 1 political party and not be given major threats uh of the political parties themselves so for once there was a political movement which was outside of their umbrella and they they took a back seat of a woman who lucky up there who was 1 of the uh bloggers nominated for this contest was attacked on the very early period in a buying the student wing of the main political party that they patched up it hasn't gone as well as well as we thought it might because the government has been able to infiltrate but what happened afterward so use the Islamists who did were on the back foot because there is this massive public opinion the very specific firstly expressed in the streets they then decided to label the bloggers as being on the Islamist as being an atheist and people who were going against religion so then there was a big movement and validation is largely Muslim Muslim so it is very easy to inflame it by moving away from the political structure to be and the religion the government on the other hand retaliated by histories of actions so a prior to this on the 15th of January us been had been attacked and he did this winter he was wearing coats and things like that so while he's got severe injuries to the spinal cord and the person who was meant to countries that have the right and he'd actually managed to escape the use of survive after the 5th of February when this thing broke loose the number 2 on that campaign a blog variety was assassinated by that method used his throat was slit his was left in the typical way in which the signature of murder these fundamentalist about what is ironic is since then cities and these full bloggers have been arrested by the government because the government wants to these Islamists so we are at a very interesting situation where individual political parties playing with these bloggers depending upon their personal and political interests that was half of what is also important is that there is a huge public support for these bloggers and that these bodies have tried to continue during their work but Apocynaceae states that has made possible the governor is actually closed on this particular plot and now 1 of our concerns is that while on the 1 hand these bloggers might get a sentence of 10 years of rigorous imprisonment the that they be released their vulnerable because in acids particular case he's already had an attack and of course is labeled which is why I mentioned that I need to take on that sign saying I'm a blogger and older have better connections are more prominent I'm less vulnerable to these young buddhism I think some of us now everything that we need to take the keys away from those people and try and protect the
so anyway lovers are an endangered species in Bangladesh and it's very if you choose to be a lover you have to really think about the consequences are absolutely but on the other
hand it is because the effective because the powerful because they're actually doing what it meant to be doing that they are not a threatened species I think if it was that they were doing this thing and did not make a difference I think that itself would also be an issue so I think they need to stay an endangered species and we need to find ways of ensuring the protection if they have a community did x amount is there not enough pressure on the government to have the same or at least ensure that their safety is is taken care of it's a very good point it would be very valid have but the normal rules of popularity applied because at the moment the government strategy to win the next election is not through getting votes but through Wrigley this as long as they can ensure that the elections take place under their desire procedures it doesn't really
matter what the people think election is a good word error is goods to India because the politics there the reason why politicians are now using microblogging is because of the elections they want to swing or 1 to change the
minds of the people do you think they have a chance in doing that if they are trolling peepers accounts with threatening people if they say something political see users from union body point of view of 1 of the nice is taking place at a faster speed and many mini-course political constituencies are becoming
more of them and of feasible growth in of will grow is 90 % in India and to get a to consist of just 1 1 11 or 12 cent so-and-so as I said in and and dyadic activities video 1 so what edition they do have such kind of information that they have been putting art would being in if you see online activities are indeed good option men is going on in the HM but of what I'm leading this anti-corruption moment major part of this is the internet can do the right thing group who gives the will keep silence about did corruption in their own estates today are among the election results that have come out in the market not the government be will but is situated our IT center and the Congress government which is uh which runs a central government Congress Party here has awarded for flower soul is very confusing the online opening is not reflecting in our election campaign and could not the is the is it was meant to be at test yesterday's via online opinion is
doesn't mean did not have any impact on waters mind as far as this kind of indie got option movement was so
I think this is change they I'm going to take this seriously we must take internet connectivity because the thing that is there is there the more than 100 million people start using Facebook and Twitter but in context of the of 1 billion-plus population is very minuscule and that it doesn't did going to Ivan will just go under Award also in great numbers so the disconnect and now I think after 2 this is that is that they have uh going through the reading read think about the Internet policy and activities of the leading less serious than what that they were trying to planned for 2004 been emissions if the politicians are not able to change the mind-set of the people that you think that public figures like maybe yourself if you are discussing controversial topics can you change the way people are thinking or seeing the government we don't change overnight so that's sort of our culturally and
socially competition is like that the data are our in time to change and online
activities and the cities that they 2 much like on the tablet and also superstar our where the million million million + follower but he's not challenging anything he's not conditioning any proper working DB and just sitting is that form so the the celebrities don't there exist size the empowered to be at the beginning the of opinion of the in that I don't see that we will be able to choose their opinion because masters and them a border of hazards on light is faster I like is religion light is region light is the language law and it is so there are so many like these of the border our that I'm not showing up
in what way I'm going to make them changed overnight but review she was saying that with the button is doing it I hope quite
understand but there are other people who are playing a prominent local again out of fear or it is later very and they are just on the dealer as it would be fought it also was she was playing a rule also before internet but she's limited and this and that and that activity is at once and this in the and and that the law air our most around the the the English language in silly you cannot come but she ain't our thinking by communicating and interacting with only initially that's the limitation of under the law so and she's being blinded by 2 other also by this that I mean the majority of Internet activities and things will get to read is our high debt by then the idea because of the nature the coincidence they were outside of India the Hindu dies for this activity than attitude is better than the the the the and the word late so uh but if the data is cities is there are many people who was initial shipping debates also and that changing but the examples of so you can model of what did something out all for example that the out changing the taking of government and their goal in the also witnessed some kind of mn many moments not like that is where the local occupy 99 moment but we had our own no I'm not moment begotten moment but the thinking of the government to give the
masses is has meant that it it should shouldn't that
is also like you to say that the blogosphere in India is dominated by people who speak English in China it is so strong because they use their on portals they're using their own services not the ones that we you know like Facebook with better but the ones that are provided by domestic providers and the other thing is you said that in India for example may be a lot of celebrities are reluctant to use microblogging evolving all these other channels to gain support in China it's different maybe you can tell us something about the case of Ai Weiwei he was arrested because of tax evasion and he started something on the Internet to gain support from the Chinese people what did he do but I think I will raise the stories so very familiar to what Western you have always the years there's still like to provide a little ball on the background information that we do not know what we cannot use Twitter or Facebook freely but that's not a and that does not mean that there is not that the chinese community you have data on the physical there's fewer people you know who use acetylation tools to get all of the tightness of quick firewall and sequenced you access Twitter and Facebook and also of course there are a huge overseas populations of the chinese population so I will we actually his his where active 1 teacher but it's not that he cannot do it the on the domestic services you still have a lot of the signal we look kind but it has no effect and to his blog actually his Chinese block also Oncina which is 1 of the 2 biggest news portal in China but is also a close down by the authorities so that leaves in the the the the only the only way of communication with his of all or tried to argue for his case they the only tool is data so that the peak at the became up our wearing heavy Canada USA and just at the other almost all of the Chinese they not using caterer they're using we book but is there is a constant and they cannot free exchange in know because of the the sharing spirit you your post something like this uh and somebody will carry the back into the Chinese we book and you even the some blocks gets deleted uh there are some other guys we'll posted in different places so all this information the steel of getting along and that even if you know the the FTF authorities on they try where hard to control of every piece of information but actually there are a lot of the blocks of deleted messages you can steal uh getting them on the internet so that the uh that I will this stories is like like of he was accused of the new tax evasion uh and then P and feel also he was kept at the full model 88 days not by the local police and then the government is going to look at the help you him out of wary highway find this has to pay the government DLA so I will be actually I the talks about his situation teacher and the somebody says why donate money to him so there is a lot a huge flat a lot of money into AI these personal account and people are not only earlier using data tools by the news and also using the Chinese social media to build to the same thing so I will be in in in a few days I and then I cannot remember exactly member but he gets half of the you know the the columns of a planned fine so together uh a lot of
money and but I really also promises that a few glottal fighting with the Kalman scary actually take the case to the court and he Moses best deal he promised he
says that although status I you pay pay you pay you back and thank you for your support and uh and and and every penny you know I recall and I will appealed back uh so I think this is kind of like a social activism again of being so is this shows the it demonstrates not only am I release the spirit output has a but also by Chinese native is the support of all of the you know a guy who has the courage to face what I where know his his fate will be like so this is a very positive example how something on the net can sometimes even have an impact on day-to-day life and how actors in London that can then have something to do with real
life as well about environment as to you think that even campaign started to put pressure on the government to release the lover's word because
rated do you think that will have success so it's very unlikely but quite frankly the government of the moment is taking a very entrenched position and I think this trying to appease the extremist more than it's trying to appease uh some population 1 of the things I think it's worthwhile bring up you brought up the point of elections we tend to think that democracy equates to a fair and free elections I think that is only a small part of the democratic process the democratic process requires a particular type of thinking which is more tolerant which gives space to all the others and uh in our own electoral system and I'm sure I don't not sure what it is like in China but subtly India democracy is in practice within the political parties themselves so it's very unlikely that we will actually simply by getting a fair and free elections um get democracy what we end up with is when we have very limited choice you choose the better uh which is what we try to do I think what has to happen is over a period of time sustained pressure needs to be applied to the politicians so they made accountable and they cannot get away with the things that they've done in the past and I think that is the role that the blogosphere has played and 1 of the things it's now been able to do which I think is a very positive step is it's translated activity to also offline activities Donlon activity has resulted in activism in the streets this resulted in resistance is demonstrated through to the politicians that we have strength not only in numbers but or also able to mobilize ourselves to take physical action and I think it is that message if it gets through that will finally make a difference I don't think otherwise they will worry too much about OK thank you maybe we still have 10 10 minutes if there are questions from the floor to floor result and the microphone is over there if you could stand up and asking questions and we will try to answer from you
at the yes question to Mr. only on brought to the China situation and can you maybe put in more general terms will be in image of freedom of speech is in the
social media the China social media as a normal person what can you write to receive the social media without getting across the off-limits thank you of
freedom of speech on the Chinese social media is a very big topic so you China that we have this the the paradox paradoxes that actually there the
cold days of on the Chinese Internet underway at hand we have very heavy-handed censorship but the governments have become actually wise the huge amount of work money on and also manpower you controlling the information but also they have that the you know the all the tech technical mechanism by you know the future and software and the the while the favors Greek firewall but on the other hand the Chinese medicines as few where a very active you discussing about the social use you solve tell and political he shows and too many people actually they criticize the Government's Open lay on the Chinese you that the that
mean that uh this is where it had paradoxical in the steel there are people but only because
of that you know he or she just this this just say something on the demand on social media and Pinochet can you know of arrested and sent to prison all you know and on a labor camp but the mall the more people you know the the they're spending all what we want to speak out against the current situation and and also there there are trying all cans of flame ingenious ways to rather around the censorship the them a lot of you know uh tech tech and have the tactics of the uh the try to model was there the space so that I think that pulls the China tennis and blocks of fear and I think it must be 1 of the most actually most lively and most a migrant the underlying of civil societies that if I can if I can name that the name this that kind of way some of know and thank
you for those accounts and my question goes in the same direction and also to who who who young and and it was hardly already answered
because I'm interested in those practices of resistance are you send their specific tactics and maybe you could name just another example and I learned about them and then they're called works for example that there continuously developing codewords that signify something else as they usually signify and this communication with maybe you have another example of that and my 2nd question will be how how would you as fast as some of the way the communist party is dealing with this um demand of freedom of expression freedom of press which maybe there is some kind of about how would you assess and yeah that you think you yeah yeah
but the 1st question actually the Chinese has a long tradition of you know what you know lighting between the lines because China is uh uh although
tiring uh you know the nature of of the rule is the last of 4 thousand years so even invasion times the Chinese people cannot express them freely so that most of the people of course there there you know that very literate but the intellectuals actually that they are developing a can of of the wisdom of the writing of the they're they're using all kinds of euphemisms all you know ironic that a can of what a way of expressing as this this there's already a long tradition uh the looked them coming to the Internet age so people you know the steel they
they have this tradition and and you know they're they're also that lattices
why using the Asian Chinese language to try to escape from the censorship but because in China we have in a way that when when they're collar and revolution at the beginning of last century so when not using the the same fold the intellectual language as before but now since the you know the future himself it cannot detect exactly if we are widely used in in Asian language then people as steal taking up you you know picking pickle this language rapidly they're trying to uh to fight with see the senses and also you have other you know of modern of postmodern kind of techniques for you you OK using couples you know or use of music uh all kinds of uh the ways tool a steal your your your
your your trying to effect was assessors and there are a lot of you know I I don't have much time to talk about this but there are a lot of the dimensions of for example in
China we have this we for so it's which is at bit to dispel of microblogging and Chinese people you meant a can of the court allow we for which you can actually because with boys only just as data only contains 140 character characters but this long we bought you can write solvents of lower as you know it's a long Iousy or some was all I ways photos then you you have to work it into a j packs you know i j pack document and just attach to the original post so that the and the you know the packs may be deleted but there is a long way book because of its J Parikh format so the the census has has to find some new ways to to the packed with other J. pack dopamine what what what would it contains and you know what what information there and also where this is that the the uh the mobile application code which had was which is usually so successfully in China right now so this which had also have a can of the was a dialog you know I can talk to my eye and cell phone and of course I can talk to 1 of my contact person and so the just the wall as transmission so the was actually is is another way you know can for uh the sensors has process to find some some self aware of some some techniques to detect the war is so people like using this kind of things people uh to steal even under heavy the shape of this field friend friend friend friend away all altered to express themselves and for the 2nd
question I you know we just have the new leadership so until now we don't see any new
size so you on new indications that the lead this leadership will rules and the control of the information so that uh so we'll talk about the freedom of expression all of the of the freedom of of of the you know press all all or whatever but this is still allow it to go because that kind of thing this is a very tightly related to the you know the overall Chinese political reform if the political reform and does not signals that starts where is so and so all the situation in terms of the you know or whatever is traditional media television of new media this QB this is the same I mean the but we we we we don't have 1 it should uh we cannot see where it clearly that the censorship in China will soon end thinking beyond I think there are a couple of other
questions hi I'm I'm interested to learn more about but to which extent women are active in blogging and tweeting to express their
political opinions and perhaps our side you and I'm good start as invalid as we have with a shake as I mean you get that you now have a woman at the top of the game and the like that in the past 2 decades and believe out of the EC and EI switching up between the 2 parties are on so do women play a role in the political parties theorem Bangladesh and so you think you it's a
very interesting situation a park right from 1991 onwards the part between follow this year it's been women Prime Ministers all the way through in fact uh until recently we
had a Home Minister and right now uh the Speaker of the Parliament is a woman and so that's quite special in that sense uh however uh I don't actually think that that has necessarily translate it into greater political space to limit overall what is very encouraging is that part of this has an extremely vibrant civil society where women have played a very very important role for a long time and they continue to be very powerful actors but the 3 of us here all triple and I certainly there are more men in data space and then there are women lucky up there well I spoke about was 1 of the lead campaigners for the show but movement she was the 1 who was attacked uh and she was 1 of the bloggers nominated and came through to the firearms in this context so that is happening here on the Net itself that hasn't happened sufficiently and there are several reasons for that uh what the that of course is relatively new I mean that the take you to a slightly different space which is about cost when we started e-mail in the early nineties it used to cost 30 cents but kilobytes transmit data so a 1 megabyte file would cost 300 dollars it's when he came with hugely expensive is gone down but in relative terms it is still very very expensive right now i've been of lifestreaming using bamboo so from here if I were to do it about they I would have to do it very carefully I would plan for a while shoot a small cleared uploaded and then shoot another little clip because that's the way I could really do it in continuous real-time but not not imposes a lot of physical limitations economic limitations and when the rigid a gender difference where men at all levels have more potential have more more privileged than women are that makes it that much more difficult having said that I think women are playing a very very powerful role there is an organization called rookie about meaning big rock yeah was a leading feminists who lived over a hundred years ago and are part of the world and has written some of the most of whom it's some of the most from literature in terms of feminism including science fiction vision and these group of women have named themselves after OK so it's rookie as Battalion in the light life and they have not only taken on the online space they've also been very subversive in many situations staging sit-ins doing plays deciding songs doing performances but the thing I'm I want to come back to this while the online spaces in importance space based in Bangladesh it is not an isolated space it performs within a much wider space of activism within which women a variable but have so as to add you good
Christian Michael India also microblogging is thinking of women in Grade a number to express the of political of feelings thinking and their questioning
political issues in in different the idea it was not the same and the election by-election women are now becoming deciding factor in quality and in winning elections so but in this point in this context it's a the hopeful signs that idea that our entire political public this is always been captured by men of the the political violence is also there is a rule of the didn't but microblogging allows for a greater freedom of put them to the to remain political and public space thing here is I
think we only have 5 minutes left so I think we're going to have to get 1 question constructed and simple and then we have to wrap it up but I think there are panels are still going to be here for maybe 10 or 15 minutes to answer questions personally OK I'll try to make a choice and Christopher you mentioned the enthusiasm about wave as a tool for political activism and criticism at interesting interesting to know whether you think that is
actually true founded a whether it's more a case of criticism on a local or provincial level being allowed as a kind of safety valve for the public
to let off steam west criticism on a more national level we still being strictly sense thank you it other
SOM good question but uh I would say we call that is the basic nature is national but I was since the emergence of of we China has of
of a is geography call of public space people talk about you know the news even this news is happening but you know where remote areas like in the countryside but if the news is speaking out for this immediately became a national news so we we have a lot of cases that's as before all of the people we bought the remaining you know about can of flow of crimes that are carried on even in the remote areas but cannot be exposed and that after we able to perfectly malt that we have a lot of the uh the of popular opinion which is very you know targeted at certain places certain officials and demand a certain results of of you know certain I use events so that's that uh that's 1 thing the severity of national and on the other hand the people's will steal phase of high danger if you if this guy but criticized the you know the the wire he the local government because in China the political structure is like this the political but the local leader and not only the commands local police but also pay taken control the local cops so that means if you openly criticized the local government you put you put yourself into a very dangerous position because the local leader has a match pora to crash you personally and so even if there is some wary parade of people what do we there's uh they will have to you know by the consequences so that's why people a can of against the real name registration because and not the not non-emitting actually is a kind of protection full of local people
put put diet to speak against the the the the local leaders of the soul III muscle lead to
that too well criticize local leaders is highly risk risky things feel right now in China but maybe we
use the rest of the time we have to get 1 could statement from each of you when you think of a sphere in
your country is going to go french you want start yeah hard to predict future perhaps the information is moving so fast that I think that the speed of information is not on is equal to a chain of opinions so on I the area realizing that this has the potential to change the agenda to chains of country and many in Aurelie's on persons who are aware of the fear of what technologies are the learning to be on
blogging is still a lot to do face to face use is playing a greater role than other i so that
ideas of microblogging and because less threatening it gives you a private space that you can check of always entering into your friendship and reserve can access to your information and in the most of them newcomers like that so and uh that is why we have to do is change but very gradually the changes in the visual it's not going to really fast in the artist is trying to use of the bone or how do you use the Internet for public purposes we don't have a lot of institution like the can everything on the we also put up your strong public places I copied from the best but our kiosk just never worked so people dismantled by using them and try to learn from that the fear of technologies the so that
is a that is making us to use them very fast like maybe like you
people are using social media we are not using we the other way although China and India had you know have a lot of differences but also I think they have the i similarities I 1 of the biggest similarity will be heading for both countries we cannot change of control and I had to be we be allowing transformative process uh soul I seldom use the word revolution in describing what what is happening in the in China but if we we you know that the user is on using the word I would I would rather call it allows a revolution so that means the Internet in China will
not change in Chinese politics but 1 good thing is that the use of the Internet will
accumulate a social capital for the Chinese people uh so in a lie along the those of cattle will give birth was quite a strong civil society which will the how struggle in to the the fight full of individualized of the ordinary has people thank you all the instruments of the differences between India and China the interesting thing then you look at them to get online expression you really go and see how India imagine a and you buy online city of India is in love with China and over once India who aspired to be China and how many guys there are no longer on mission for this edition so we want to be like China and the China so and that sort of political slogan so many leaders are putting China has a new destination floor estimation for the for the next India and the next in there should be like bigger and border China communities table 2 and pick here but I think the future lies in mobile telephony of the growth of mobile phones and mobile penetration about that he's phenomenal we've just got 3 it's only in the cities that are already ordinary people people who have very limited buying power relying on mobile phones for communication and beginning to use the mobile phones for all sorts of innovative users we have the high and had not always considered but I think that is 1 way in which we will overcome mainstream media that is 1 way in which people will extract power into their own hands with established will not have it this stablish with will try and Stroppel media in whatever form as long as they can I don't think they have the ability thank you schedule and thank you for your attention and then we're going over the next and international
the child and the mind