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403 Forbidden: A Hands on Experience of the Iranian Internet

Video in TIB AV-Portal: 403 Forbidden: A Hands on Experience of the Iranian Internet

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403 Forbidden: A Hands on Experience of the Iranian Internet
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Internet filtering in Iran is both arbitrary and targeted. Censorship is designed to make you feel insecure. Sometimes websites that you would assume are blocked are open, and some of the most mundane are blocked. On the other hand, severe crackdowns have left bloggers in solitary confinement in Iranian prisons. This is a participatory exploration of the Iranian internet and everything that is complex about it. Maybe you saw Maral Pourkazemi's infographic "The Iranian Internet" at re:publica 12. Well, Small Media's the lucky organisation that snapped her up after she graduated. Now, we've added her data visualisation expertise to our in house research team and we are experimenting with sharing information through participation and exploration. Last year, we held an event in our office called "403 Forbidden", and invited a select audience (we had the Guardian, Fox News, BBC, the Foreign Office and other big wigs there) to experience what using the Iranian internet really feels like.
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thank you for a time this and
and so welcome
everybody Nice to see your idea where come back for those of already visited the reconvened session in the morning and I does that the lines that I don't know how awake you about X you will be always actively and Gates now also that's not about listening that about participating and let me where candidly ladies here it's
and Ron Robertson and I am not I will the from small me I that it's
the NGO based in London and then we have seen a packer was a CNN and producer and maybe some of you already know Stena from last
year where frozen presented the need for craft I'm wondering if a man I love have you that uh and on the Iranian Internet and
today away basically life experience how it's here it's not to have access to all i those sites you might wanna with it's not
just yeah i looking at it but X is the uh the ladies every we a nice quiz for you it's you will be handed out is that you and I would just let you introduce this baby get while allow us to work for them thank you very much for coming to
the fore 3 forbidden session today and today will tell you the story of the Iranian Internet well at least a small part of it because it's a very complex and convoluted thing that this story that will tell you is not really a fairy tale as a please don't hope for a happy ending at the end of it and today we will host an interactive workshop and we have prizes for the women's and we're going to hand out a few of these sheets so that you can take part in the quiz uh but before we get started with the activities will tell you a bit more about ourselves and why we here and I'll policy of the to model my colleague for to do that hi I'm my name
is Rolf that was broadened Stena sitting there and the Brennan and I has already introduced we work for small medium and nonprofit based in London and STINA is a digital producer for CNN and she's here to help us to create a unique experience for you guys and we've all spent time in the run and it's a place we hold dear to our hearts and small media we
look at information flow in closed societies the most of all work at the moment is focus on Iran and higher run-ins use media especially the Internet the are manifest so is to increase the flow of
information make sure that people can use technology securely and effectively development from out new discussion
spaces the challenge misconceptions and tell untold
stories for example while
everybody's focusing on what the reformers sustained and built up to be run in the elections we are more interested in what guys like this and conservative
pro-government bloggers are saying is that today Sigmund is the continuation of a project we did last year we invited
60 guests to our offices 3 spheres the censorship of Iran error of the run incentive 1st our friends from the toll project came to explain a little bit about circumvention tools we display them
discussed my infographic about the on Internet we traded out on Internet cafes and all that was we could experience the intended and they're coming and the speed of the internet yourself they were connected to servers inside Iran the connections to Iran was so small and unpredictable that we that we that we've done away from that for today but we have other cool activities designed to you for you to experience today about the run infinite OK so usually people talk about this issue but the 1 in a very serious way and we do that ourselves sometimes as well but for us this is a great chance to engage with this topic in a different level uh I would say we should get started now will explain explain the 1st challenge for you today I right for them fast shall I
say we're all in the process of giving you a card called 3 words on this call we want you to write down the 3 words that come to mind when you hear the words the run in Internet how would you describe the running and 2 minutes and you have 1 minute to fill in this questionnaire and dove right forget to write your name down as well and and I will collect a consul can collect the courts when you're done the if you don't have if he didn't didn't get given a piece of paper if you have a spare piece of paper and to write down 3 words that come to mind when you think of the running at that level the Britain and
how can it be trained if you get it in the right and we were looking to at the and dose OK esteem is going to come around now and pick up the cards for me with the reason that this is really interesting for us because we work with the wrong in
Internet every day we often forget what it's like for people who don't know too much about it you know that the information that you get is potentially and from Western media sources maybe not directly from the source and we want to know what it is that people really think about the running business so we can challenge those those ideas without work and and even though it's part of my job to answer the questions about the running internet I I still have so many of my own and I keep getting new questions every day that 1 of 1 of my biggest questions about the Internet is um why does everybody spelled with a capital I had and some argue that it's a
uh 1 specific things that people visit but it's not country you don't buy a ticket to go there and take a couple of photos and then come home and tell your friends about it and while it might be all interconnected what we realized through our work is that the Iranian Internet or the Internet that you run into use on a daily basis is very
different from the Internet that we use the Internet is accessed in different ways and for many different things but the only common thing is it as a source of information however restricted that flow might be nobody capitalizes the words radio television newspapers and the Internet as a medium of resource to technology but is only by looking at how it's used in a particular place time or space that we can really understand the true meaning of it for the people who use it it's a practical tool but is not without risk so I ask is it of the public space of a private space is a political space human space and economic or social space and so on and so forth of course it can be all of those things and when I was living in Iran for a year researching about underground rock music and my friends were recording a song in the privacy of their own home with their and computers and uploading onto the Internet selling of i the iTunes Store uh and they may have been singing about wanting to break free of oppression so in in fact they've broken free of all of those confines that we wanna put onto the internet this through work with small media we've spoken to you run into being arrested for owning satellite dishes for online entrepreneurship for publishing unofficial books for loving somebody of the same gender for distributing music without permission for publishing a blog post at all for developing software the so called criminals are usually charged with espionage deviant see being a threat to national security at all conspiring against the state the but the roles in here on arbitrary and contradictory punishments unpredictable and the red
lines of what's permissible any 1 time it definitely not drawn in permanent marker there are many obstacles to accessing the internet in Iran and not just censorship but all of these obstacles come from the country's leadership around supremely a leader until a harmony said the Internet is 1 of God's greatest gift but it's also a big it's a nice double edged and dangerous the Internet is now an unruly current impossible to rein in it's like a person who orders somebody to bring them a wild dog and then asks where it's color is well with telling them that we've ordered 1 from blacksmith in a country where the authorities are so fearful of what can happen when unbridled access to the internet is available to the masses is no surprise that the Iranian government is so desperate to rein in their talks of them creating a hollow or pure Internet that everyone is really worried about this happening in the future neurons plans for this natural national intranet but let's not be so worried about what's going to happen in the future when it's already pretty much a reality with consumer-level internet connections capped 128 kilobytes per 2nd hundreds of thousands of websites and hundreds of thousands of websites filtered you already severely cut off you can forget about streaming videos when you're watching images wrote a lot of load pixel by pixel now stands play the interactive part so we've got a bunch of quiz sheets here will get them passed out and then Augustine up here again to explain how we play the game the the the and the and and and you
the and the 1st the
it and the the and In the and and that and that you can and you know you rights while Marlon
bromo finish off and the handing them out or just tell you a little bit about why we days so this part of the quizzes cold Republic lists and ends it will it will live in London by pub quizzes very popular and it's an iconic social activity that you do during the week t and pass the time and people take this tree seriously so this part of the challenge is where we test your general knowledge about the running an Internet don't worry there all multiple choice questions so if you to gas you have 1 in 3 chance and there 3 rounds to the squares and I will go over the answers off the and in between each round and please don't forget to write your name on the top and because the winners of today's quest will receive a small price after each round will get you to pass quest to your neighbor and that neighbor will then correct your answers so is everyone have a quiz sheets yeah making so however the 1st question and this fuzz when is
cold is that a fact In the 1st question is the according to the International Telecommunications Union 2010 report what was Iran's Internet penetration rate 80 18 % be 28 % C SSA % the the question number 2 in 2010 what to do wrong statistics and to say what the was the penetration rate according to a nationwide survey they conducted 8 11 % the 21 % see 31 % in question number 3 according to a recent study by Iran's statistics center how many running Internet users still use dial-up connections a 74 % be 84 % was seen 94 % question for how
many minutes does it take to download an 85 megabyte M 3 file on a 56 kilobyte the 2nd connection a 4 minutes be 8 minutes see 12 minutes some of you might be old enough to remember the you the the right this
brings us to the end the round 1 please what because we need 3 and the Eric you will be made display the answers on the screen but instead of just reading them out loud promised in that explain the stories behind the answers itself be handed from no
cheating OK so the International Telecommunications Union uh base the statistics on information provided to them by governments and sometimes it sees the running government to say that the well connected and sometimes it doesn't i in this case the government calculated the figure that they provided to the ITU by forecasting the number of potential users based on the available bandwidth in the country so that fall while 38 % of the raw onions could have been online in 2010 the nationwide survey conducted by Iran's statistics center at
showed that only 11 % of run into online 84 % of the users surveyed in 2010 were still using dial-up connections and it takes 12 minutes to download a 5 megabyte M P 3 files using a dial-up connection
upload speeds a much much slower uh a friend of mine said it took him 4 days to upload and his band's 1st album to the internet in 2006 of his dial-up connection as the answers again where C 38 % a 11 % uh number 3 84 % B and number 4 seed 12 minutes it's anybody need any of the answers repeated we could together yes which 1 is number 1 c 1 c to a 3 b and for c the case past your quiz cut back to each other
Augustine up here for the next round you the there i ever hope you'll did 0 Cheney and it's time for the 2nd round which is
called um Big Brother tactics In anyone who's ever been to run live seen to fight is displayed everywhere you go the first one is of here on this and supreme leader Ayatollah Common call me and the 2nd 1 is of his successor and the current Ayatollah Khomeini and does motorway go over the hotel if it's a restaurant if it's um cyber cafe there that so at the 1st question of Big Brother tactics areas the in March 2012 hearings Iran's supreme leader created a new agency responsible for managing the country's cyber policies what did he name it a cyberspace here on agencies CA beat Supreme Council of cyberspace S C C see Iranian Internet Council I I see you question to How much money did Iran's Rasheen reportedly allocate to combat the soft efforts by international media and foreign governments in 2011 8 5 million dollars to be 15 million dollars see 500 million dollars but the and would question 3 on average how many websites of blocks in the wrong today 8 25 be 250 C 2 thousand 500 and the the last question for this section is number full how many blogs as the filtering Commissie request the wrong base blogging platform bloke to shut down per week on average a vesicle logs be 40 blocks see 50 books we alright when you done swap your quiz she would a and then let's hear of answers from Roman the we should have
drawn your attention to the the prices you're competing for her I this got a few T-shirts for the winners of the quiz and some memory sticks as well OK all swapped or you just
kind of maybe monk your own and give you some 100 % the uh in March 2012 Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khomeini's formed be the Supreme Council of cyberspace and the SEC brings all of the authority of Iran's virtual space under harmonies direct control of the powers of the SEC a pretty much limitless and all other bodies that used to be independently active in the field of cyber defense in Iran and now under the supervision of this Council after the elections of in 2009 during a protest all foreign media were kicked out of the country that meant that news outlets outside Iran had to rely on information coming from protesters on the ground they would post them on the internet or send them directly to the news desks and the running governments or these interactions as a kind of soft wall uh in 2011 they reportedly allocated 500 million US dollars and annual budget to combat this soft wall the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in Iran has pumped more than 50 million US dollars into over 40 companies that have signed on to produce digital content in line with their revolutionary idea
there also loads of government-supported initiatives promoting blogging amongst its supporters and also members of the passage paramilitary groups Iran's approach to censorship is varied and 1 of those approaches is to flood the Internet with propaganda of their own to dilute the anti establishment content this for them is just as important as blocking the sites they don't want people to seeing and but in 2010 uh the Vice President of the Telecommunications Company of Iran said that the rate of filtering was around 250 websites per day and in an interview and the owner of blogs which is 1 of the main blogging platforms and inside Iran said that he reportedly received orders to shut down an average of 50 thousand 50 blogs at each week that on some occasions it has reached 10 thousand so the answers where a gain the the Supreme Council of cyberspace SCC symbol 1 being the the 2 at 500
million US dollars and number 3 being 250 websites blocked per day on average number 4 50 50 blogs for c as small media the way even more concerned about self-censorship uh because after a while people tropic trot stop even trying to have a free voice and and the uh after the crackdowns following the 2009 elections more than 1500 bloggers stopped blogging over to Stena fall around 3 alright I'm going to speed up the little it because I
know that we don't have that much time so
Have we will do this around a little bit quicker round story so have you got your she's back for meaning that herb so then this part of the quizzes cold facts is strange enough fiction and then we'll move on to the picture of say question 1 can citing the post-election process in the summer of 2009 Iran's Internet speed experience a significant drop what did the rexine blame this on 8 heat wave coursing service to break down be damaged cables in the Persian Gulf seat foreign interference Ch
question to to use an internet cafe in run you have to provide a lot of information including including your national ID number name and phone number and where else do you have to provide 8 you father's name be your fingerprint see a printout of the most recent Internet cafe browsing history and you the question
3 in 2012 4 people were arrested for promoting it vulgarity and corruption all Facebook what have they done they had they set up a new running lady gaga fan page be a beauty contest page see a page mocking President at question for in September 2011 a group of people were arrested for organizing an event through Facebook what were they planning 80 award a 5 flush-mount in a pop be a music festival in a car park see a Christian Sunday service in a private house alright let's see factor strange fiction from then you
know the drill swap subsheets on the Hey after the
elections in 2009 the government blames the dramatic slowdown of the Internet in Iran uh that happened during the protests on the damaged cables in the Persian Gulf about from the timing it was pretty evident uh there was
more to do with the protests and on protest days many of the important network ports used instant messaging and chat platforms will also tampered with resulting in partial or complete loss of those tools uh according to their own inside the police around 22 % of Iranian Internet users in 2012 access the internet through cyber cafes internet cafes and they've tried a bit harder lately to control the space and have developed a pretty intensive bylaws called funnily enough the internet cafes bylaws as some of the laws are as follows staff should be committed professional but with no criminal record married and at least 25 years old uh when you go into an
internet cafe you must provide your ID card your 1st and last name any of your father's name as your postcode and your phone number Internet cafes have to install surveillance cameras monitors them 24 hours and keep the videos for at least 6 months and also keep records of your browsing
history for the 6 months as well In January 2012 the authorities arrested 2 men and 2 women on charges of promoting vulgarity and corruption they had being set up an online beauty contest page uh which thousands of Iranians had submitted glamorous photos of themselves to and in 2011 the police arrested a handful of people involved in any organizing a war to fight in the park into her on the event had over 3 thousand invitees on Facebook so that
was I forgot the answers myself now the the 1 1 the damaged cables in the Persian Gulf to a your father's name 3 D a beauty contest stage and for a a water fight in party now the best part of any pub quiz is the picture round uh so I'm going to invite have risen design expert moral up to explain how the picture and in a way for you today this
game is called the filtering
comity so how is that does filtering worked and what laws the 1 in authorities based on the decisions and the 2004 US slow for example forbids the publication of ideas that are against Islamic principles or harmful to political
rights to public rights and none of these laws are clearly defined as well so in 2010 the authorities brought the Cyber Crimes Act into effect and the use these laws to filter and block Web content that is
considered sexually as obscene and moral corrupting her radical or in a position to the principles of his Islam by any other contin considers considered as propaganda against the Islamic Republic of Iran Canadian resident Sayyid money to poor has been sentenced to death for developing a software to upload photos which was then used without his knowledge by a porn site Smads your time to show us euro censorship skills the 3rd challenge for you today is to guess which of the following websites is filtered and which 1 is not FIL in your answers in the quiz she'd under the filtering comity section so we will start with number 1 the Guardian a British national daily newspaper a newspaper
that reports frequently anyone and issues and also has an new desk uh disk reporters war which be long which as you all know is a German weekly magazine published in might the which 1 is blocked here the and the sorry it's always 1 of the only other areas
number 2 the onion and American use as organization or the CIA World Factbook a US government website that profiles countries and territories around the world number 3 Justin Bieber's website and I think I don't have to introduce you to this website and or the website of Dr. Dre American rapper producer an entrepreneur the number 4 the
American Nazi Party or absolute Lotka number 5 Iran
song a database of pleasure music or of G's website anyone in girl pop group who have openly supported his homosexuality and democratic and the Democratic Movement you the No. 6 sm of what can or the web site of the KKK No. 7 the website of Number 10 Downing
Street the UK Prime Minister's Office or at Monnett content the former president of Iran the the rates
direct common produce or attitude magazine to Europe's biggest game magazine number 9 TV or
10 number 10 the website of the United
Nations or the site of the barbie doll so what your cards now the
already number 1 Speed is blocked the guardian is not blocked that number 2 the onion is blocked and the World Factbook to the CIA World Fact fact but is not number 3 just some blocked Dr. Dre is not blocked number for absolute but does blocked the American Nazi Party is not blocked No. 5 they're on in music database you some is blocked of Jews No. 6 the
KKK's blocked Smirnoff vodka is not book in No. 7
former presidents website is blocked and 10 Downing Street is not blocked No. 8 directions booked attitude
magazine is not blocked number 9
MTV is blocked out Ted is not blocked and number 10 Bobby
is blocked and the UN is not the so if you ready small batch so we can go to the next the last challenged
almost mass challenge of the data it we call this bond fact or fiction 1 thing that you can plan the running government for is their lack of creativity when it comes to tampering with inconvenient news many national news organizations have been caught red-handed tampering with footage and auditors memphite images on or uh or miraculously booster national military the for the 4th and almost final challenge of the day we will show you 6 pictures you will have to decide which 1 you think is photoshopped in which 1 is not FIL in your answers and the fact and fiction section on the quiz shape start with number 1 is this picture of the drone real or fate the number 2 is this picture of
EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton modified the number 3 yeah Is there
anything strange about this moment of Ahmed antigens intimacy and the number 4 is this
jet really on display yeah number 5 is Michelle
Obama's dressed real the number 6 Is there anything wrong with
this picture that was the last 1 you swap your quiz sheets again the and then we will see we will find that when the when there's after we collected the sheets so let's start with picture number 1 In
November 2012 anyone news agency provided visual evidence that its Government had figured out how to make a fancy new drone called the cocoa 1 that could take off and land vertically the only for was that the drum was actually built and photographs and Japan's Chiba University the skin was spotted by political abide by blogging pilots called Gary Morton Mortimer number 2 you form policy chief um Kathrine national has spoken with the running nuclear negotiators Sayyid generally a few times over the past years she's fallen victim to the photoshop sense a couple of times because of her plunging neckline they've added a piece of fabric to cover have which number 3 Iran's President am right image
yeah so the all right yeah OK so the fake
1 hand is the 1 with the the covered cleavage so that 1 is a fiction 1 the real 1 is is that 1 the fact 1 the the Friction yes and
answer to number 3 is as well fiction the so here he Iran's President Ahmadinejad he came under fire for embracing who will have his mom at his funeral unmarried and unrelated and related Muslim men and women are strictly forbidden from touching each other in Iran if think that's intense Iran's Olympic wrestlers would give increased for shaking hands with the female referees and 2012 London so the operation is no surprise but the reaction was quite surprising Ad Manager supporters Photoshopped an image which they then used to try to prove the original
was photoshopped a side-by-side comparison produced by and the hop news show the doctor dimension showed that the doctor that had been treated by lifting the head of the in battle of bar the the former 2 of the UN a clear it nuclear agency from a previously published photos of him creating and only 1 official or with a kiss in 2007 the next 1 number 4 was a fact what we say here yes it is on display In February this year holes news this small running news website released a 4 of the new year on a reader evading stealth fighter jets of the hard the only problem with that plane is that it can fly the flotation jealous followed writing right
blood and found out that the mountain was a stark image from Pt wallpapers outcome the yeah and they're fighting the fighter jet was still very much stuck to the ground the next 1 Michelle Obama's dress is was not really in the original picture it was a fiction there's a little i irony in this picture because we shall bombers delivering the Oscar just before the best picture to argo the movie about the running hostage crisis not really just to stuff the clerics um when they wanted to report on that they decided half was lacking and use a bit of the clone tool to make a more modest the the rules will not always aware of more relaxed a foreigner foreigners appealing TV proven to be anyone with the set was taken at the too far and the
footage of sensor added sleeves and the Heimlich life and to address No. 6 the 1 that we showed you was of facts the this multiplying missile shot was well 1st photoshop jobs at the run in machine that called for and I managed to fool most western media organizations including the BBC The New York Times and Yahoo the father of Iran's provocative missile tests was released in 2008 by support news and the media arm of Iran's Revolutionary Guards and picked up by that and was picked up by the French news agency AFP
in the original image you can clearly see that 1 of the missiles fails to launch something that we're running government really did a want us to see Sina and Brennan will collect the
sheets man and we will find that who the winners shortly so can you all add up the scores and put the total score on the front uh but before we collect them and choose and the but for a total scores of Friend age clean it at the end but
the and in do we have all
treats x truffle experts this is our last challenge and no workshop would be complete without a tiny bit of homework
the this sampling upbeat tune complicated and difficult for you creatives sitting here and we have a task for you you have to Dr. this image an of medical or with a sausage in her hands this just really not high so we you have to you have to figure out a way of of these mummifying this picture and the URL to to this picture is on the she but I also tweeted from my own account and if you have adopted this successfully send it to my e-mail address which is also displayed here or tweeted at me before wednesday
and then we will decide who's gonna win a really cool price and we will send it from London to whatever address you will give us the I'm going to help steno with counting the schools and then we will reveal the winner of our session very soon these movies and
so just swell the counting up the scores seller offer a few concluding comments as well because it's not just the policies of the Iranian government that worry me and we're also really concerned about for example the wording of some international documents at which seem to facilitate the violation of human rights in Iran at for example article 34 of the Constitution of the ITU the International Telecommunications Union says that its members which obviously includes Iran uh are allowed to stop the transmission of any communication that the the state's believes and is dangerous or in contradiction with its own laws and ironically justice commonly called the Internet a double edged knife the ITU actually used the same metaphor when I was in a meeting with 2 months ago in Geneva they said that they can be held responsible for any violations of human rights that happened and for example because of the standardization of Deep Packet Inspection technology which we know is 1 of the ways that the running government managed in track of political dissidents in and actually ordinary people going about their everyday life online in Iran and the ITU said to you will when when somebody's murdered with a knife you don't go back to the manufacturer and complain but um I'd like I'd quite like us to complain actually because when in Iran is contrary to the laws and is punishable by death I when belonging to a religion not recognized by the state or converting from Islam to another religion is contrary to the law dangerous to national security and punishable by death and when organizing a peaceful protests in public is considered dangerous to national security a deviant act and I think we need to get angry about the lack of concern from organizations such as ITU and that certainly happened last year the wicket conference anyway and then this Facebook some of the pages that that my organization support even though that based outside of Iran I have had all of their promotional options and deactivated simply well we assume because they're intelligent and the sanctions rules have been changed to allow uh free freer flow of information but facebook is not particularly forthcoming uh when we turn to them for guidance and model has tweeted uh that's her Twitter handle that um a link to a Facebook
page and it's called uh the translation of is campaign to gang rape and mere from Google she category it said the television show on a satellite station broadcasting from London and similar ish to expecta American idol and page nearly 6 thousand light and not only of reported the page many other people have and I'd really
like for you to do that today if you can and because the page is pretty clearly in violation of times 3 at time 6 and 7 of Article 3 of Facebook's terms and services i which says you 1 bully intimidate or harass any user and you want to to post any content that is hate speech as threatening entire incites violence that I had friends who had Photos removed much less uh but this page is still online and if you need any extra impetus on March 10 the page and I wrote in a very jolly time I hate rapists how are you even with how the internet speed is these days in Iran let's not forget our goal to remove this candidate from the face of the earth and i've written directly to Facebook uh security a member of the Security seemed who I met when I was in California this year and the the pages has been online for the past 4 months I would be great if you can all go miles to a page in then report then and the link I do on you that there would be a happy ending and that maybe if we all work together how we can create when there are a lot of things that can be done for the Iranian Internet outside and and I'm sure that a lot of you have really amazing skills that can be used to was that cause and how do we have a winners they could be a happy teacher ending at
least who um right the wind is off the very impressive school 21 a young boy
who had effect that have come out of it that is it the in shared 2nd
place so young but 21 think is very impressive new 0 1 to break the 20 20 . school Ronald have
failure to minimize loss in the the uh it's rejoined 2nd places all
ht on 18 points in a leaner on 18 points an and to NL on 18 points come up with a rice have and it and the Ch
a few minutes left so before the end of panel so I was wondering if anybody had any questions that they have wanting to ask about this complexities of the Iranian Internet the does sometimes work
and there has been an instance recently where they've managed to stop the the instru working as well and I guess there is always the old adage when there's a will there's a way and it's a pretty complicated way and for the average Iranian Internet user it's it's not something that you know you can just access Facebook and just by signing on but this this definitely still a lot of Iranians online but it it is very complicated to get on it it but no all social media sites abandoned the blocked but uh the supreme leader has a Twitter accounts and so on there's another irony really are there any more questions and
yeah no sorry I show but yeah I'll just wondering have you experienced any problems of in your work researching all this things and spending time and is an Iranian yourself
but that well yeah maybe you wanna answers the question I'm not here running I lived there for a year and in 2000 7 that I probably wouldn't go back anymore because I've been very publicly outspoken about a a number of different things including in a report that we wrote on LGBT minority use of Internet communications technologies and breaking free of the repression um I have a few things that might not be the best idea go back at the model as is the running you can answer that question yeah you hear me the that came
and why I'm here I'm him but I was born in
Germany and I still have an Iranian passport civil 1 go back I will have to use my password but that means you how I would run the risk that that because I don't know yet if they would arrest me and not but I would run the risk to not be able to come back to because of the work that we do and and uh I for myself from a person that I like to put my name on the things that I'm proud of and I'm not afraid of that that regime from the side of the world but yet it is quite random me could happen but it could also be absolutely OK to go left so you don't worry when you
put a lot of things that got with their own know I want to risk health they year thinking the I think I'm 1 of the other important points relates to that those that the 1 of that we're talking about a number different obstacles a censorship and feeling that the internet with propaganda another 1 is creating this
atmosphere of of when you really don't know what's OK at any given time so when miles as you make maybe I could go and nothing would happen that's the kind of feeling that they're running govern would like you have you know maybe this blog posts we get filtered so therefore I'm not gonna write it maybe something would happen so therefore I'm not going to act so actually you know that's a way of creating this kind of self-censorship environment are there any other
questions and yeah and I just wondering why the focus on their mind and thinking and eye and head of the organization the fallen attack that Web Science and everything seems to be about Ireland when there are so many other countries have when intestines ship is because she yeah absolutely and where a
very small organization but rapidly growing and am also is to increase the flow of information in closed societies and we hope that a lot of the sort of methods that we designed that can be applied to Iran can then be applied in different context as there's uh some white that we can't talk about in public because of the um the participants they're involved and not wanting to create a risk for them but it has been applied in other the of of geographic context where it would be important as well and I completely agree we need to move into other areas as well but and for example a hot hosting a workshop in London uh where we are bringing experts and decode global and new media networks to create kind a best practices guide for Iran to use mobile phone games and and story to address to boot topics and so that kind of guide will be available to be translated into other languages and and is mutually applicable to other countries as well absolutely if there aren't any more
questions I think we can finish I we passed out a form for feedback
because this is the 2nd time we've done a similar event the 1st is very small in office as Miles said and uh we want improve it each time so if you can take the times just give us a bit of feedback that would be really appreciated and if you had a question that you would the Shiites asking on the microphone will be here and for a bit of to it
so can come up and ask us interesting as well that thank you very much you
and if you check