Investigation 2.0

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Investigation 2.0
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Hackers do the work of journalists, journalists do coding, designers hack the hell out of data. Curious individuals follow digital clues only to uncover big stories of corruption, abuse or disinformation while crime networks get sophisticated on the cloud. Government observes, and sometimes hires hackers, who used to work for corporations, to spy on activists, or maybe everyone, just in case. In last 5 years we can observe radical shifts in the way digital technology has made the way for complex forms of investigation and evidence-gathering to challenge existing power structures.
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but I'm going to do it come back on
stage 3 it's all about how can individuals activists journalists use tools to investigate of Hidden dark things and and is presented by ourself funny Hankin Martenson's key do founders of Tactical Tech in 2003 as far right and so yeah have fun it be good 1 and I'm just testing a microphone can you hear
me know the neutrino is evident now and it's kind of do you understand my accent this voltage this is horrible and the Stephannie's British wisdom of even wars in a 2nd and so we brought this type of investigation 2 . 0 um because it was the most CD title equals out with that would have been the most interesting the to the room is is a short cut in in a very interesting way because investigation this is generally understand or understood as something that is done by investigative journalist all law enforcement people or specializing investigation issues and spend time on the unexposed rumblings and so on or if it is associated with Hollywood films like Erin Brockovich or the big breaks through the political situations and army rumblings and so on what the mean of the inverse of the over this is something different is um a lot of individuals associated in different groups and of being hackers working with the from of East Germany's working with visualization people and so on are bringing to the light issues that are not visible and we call this the prodigal another about that in a 2nd exposing the invisible uh we'll be looking at individuals who are utilizing new tools Internet and all these new space to find out the evidence information data that is out there that in public but nobody's looking at it in interesting lace or are they collaborate across different disciplines or and they use their devices like mobile phones and so on like a totally new things and you will be talking about the individuals from specifically in the context of and an individual versus institutions that we will be looking at issues that are supposed to be investigated and look up by uh the Government of institutions or non-governmental institutions uh or other that were created with the sparkles of letting enlightening to you should other vital crucial for general public or in active use all individuals but they for some reason our on all use this new environment to investigate however individuals are quite amazing and we will focus on a specific area at the beginning which is looking at the military how military uh as can be exposed in different ways and the 1st case here is promises so and this is Eliot
Higgins he there's 36 year old unemployed finance an admin assistant from necessarily came here is thing kitchen the he has known achieve background especially in the area but he's now become the most trusted and and widely used results on the question of the Syrian conflict and to hear about arms outside military is used by and journalists the New York Times and gender cease to be a marine and by which like human right
foot and the international so how did this happen well and it uses the fact that there are thousands and thousands of it is now on the internet that Syria and which is now the most documented conflict in human history to look at the question of what arms that are being used in Syria so on a daily basis he goes through about 450 each internals listen to fair I uses the network of people that he communicates with different ways to find information and he goes in systematically to try and identify which particular answer being used in what way to give an example from his blog and it is how you get the information out there
I am and what he does he goes training identifies effective arms being used in then starts West questions about how these are getting into the country and starts to break from the it's about what's happening there this is
already useful information but it's also being used very specifically on takes place and then to a certain kinds of questions so for example the on when things have been doing is looking at the question of cluster bombs which apparently are not the least according Syrian army that he's a massive database of 500 years now of a possible is being used and um he's doing and things like that into the question of where the sounds come from even covered a lot of arms that come from Croatian were brought in by people from Saudi Arabia sees the exposing somebody's connections that you didn't know that and disconnection quick video of him talking to the minute you see yourself the key of the the use of ground and this and this is the case is through the walls the Hindu women you from Syria and get out of the way that we use the quot have so the schools so the verbal part this and all around it and the the Due to the use of tools that allow of checking on the whole of this very year To this end he who yeah and he just there you see to all also the ends and the or not just that that's the current research and the EC and now in the so you know if you are interested translates into English not so this is the convergence analysis that which is found in our approach she has some the plants so that on you know trap how they will be featured on the back to the chance to postal he's here and you see that the variations on this notion of Sanchez wanted to go back the channel see what they're doing is more discretion showing up and getting in the way in which we call on the OK so we had a see somebody
somebody and sitting in a kitchen table just let you bang the videos which is something he's any ending 50 years it had no such and before that I and was fascinating about what it is doing is and it's in the analysis of the aggregate but it is really what that means is sound been but it's not just me of it so so this is a question of the an analysis of the aggregate data you know going 3 thousand thousand years on on a weekly basis is giving him this kind of knowledge and also the quality of life things I see cross-referencing checking this and making sure that the information is putting out is is authentic on and this is very important in in domain that's no many claims that we know very little about and that there is a barrier analysis of outside of the military OK so
this is just he's quite different parties artists and a job offer from from the migrant he's most known for his analysis of and CIA rendition flights and around and how people work but to Quintana day and he wants invest general with the principle that anything happens in the real world leave a trace somewhere somehow and that's how we carrying covers the stories unlike recognizes he's looking in unusual places on if it we I'm and not sure that sound is just here but I the some reactions millions and I they it's because of what we're talking about what you can do something about the subject and have a opposite there may be a way that mean is getting worse and so that they can get and I promise he's not only looking mutual places but also using that likes to find information so this project in particular
called symbologies he's looking over 8 years he collected 750 patches and 1 by military personnel who unclassified missions and the 2 these patches and 3 you access information request asking collectors putting them on the internet and asking people strain identified and he's basically found a story behind each of these set patterns that he collected easy for market or of of traits tools and so on and is an example so you can see
place about this is wonderful project at birth you make facts not promises any doesn't the very specific details of what this it's safe example in this case that that he knows that this is from the year 413 flight test quarter and so he knows specifically in what context these patterns we use and then twice ask questions
about them this is my favorite which is I could tell you but then you'd have to be destroyed by me the so the the kind of funny or strange to seeing 1 in 1 sense of like what is this subculture of the ministry that's actually funded public money that's amending the more inquest importantly agnostic what to look at the question of how the budgets he's pairs 1970's secret military actions so it raises kind of much broader questions and that was the case where
an individual an artist actually using a portal try to access the knowledge that that is being kept secret and this is an example of want late from the from the site there for a few seconds so you can actually uh see the visualization was quite important how it reveals
itself so it's very me for about 30 seconds when loads and hopefully HTML 5 we'll impressive so um including the internet connection and the new we do want them to go back to the picture of the river and so on with let it go so there would've MSE hopefully in in the moment is the visualization and on by their
studio visualisations to do the specialize visualizing data who toolkit evidence from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism is looking out all the drone strikes in Pakistan between 2004 and now 2015 and they look at a handful of cases that and that's what an hour I guess the as usual never justify those units are to having difficult and what happens in this visualization you look at the time line uh between 2004 thousand 15 and his visual in such a way if you haven't seen it that all the strikes are visualized with the view we're witnessing starts coming down from the sky down and when significant these are coming out uh you have a highlight and the text like this 1 uh for example when Obama will become president and then you can see that all the sites are in the intensifying must have the other interesting us for the visualization is that it shows you the consequences that only 175 individuals who were high profile targets and we know there were civilians and other and what's interesting everybody asks what is the other category Cordis people were killed and this other category and that those are and by US Army defined as any body able to uh foreign and military combat so you may be me maybe a neighbor who been killed and and because it is a male that that is built to help the uh it's it's been classified as a military target so in their report it looks like it's super precise from what the visualization shows showing you actually 6 me on precise and when you also go to the victims of a given gone now because we got the cable Simon cable usually means Internet
a thinking on so this is the this is the limit of it's already told you the rest from the and about we the the yeah and so it is the moment when Obama it's to the fish yeah and so that the rest I think that the thing is that you can look at this data also uh to the victims and you see per per year and who were the actual victims and what happened was the locations on the the thing here is that it is based mostly on Bureau of Investigative Journalism but also monument information and to other sources is not from the army sources so it's all estimation and the studio who visualize that the 2 very dark pragmatic approach they'd visualize uh the lowest numbers of the highest of the middle numbers as of the immediate question the years or so high-profile arts and the number of the the you know there's a list of people that should be targeted but the high profile the low-profile tools random but are still below the targets of them the trick here is I think important erased at this visualization use exposing Holly to do we know about what's going on and
it's uh it seems fairly fairly abstract so the next case I would like to show you here that this to the illustrating the same uh from problem and is based on the same datasets is James bridal who
actually serving exhibition showing his work in 2
days and right on this is a project called uh drawn like Instagram just around where she took all the data about all the locations uh and look for satellite views on Google Maps Google Earth and so on and every strike is being visualize give a specific locations so you can see it for you for yourself where the size are happening and is important because when you talk about Anchises on his old of drums are quite of stock they some order you can see them there somewhere else we don't even know how it looks like and they doing something that number so no it it's so it's all in the invisible and what he is trying to do here is to To make a link between the abstract and the real and the and in between what is being reported and actual evidence because of all this the pictures are associated with specific information where what school and so on and other projects is
doing is these days where you he's doing their own Marx's shades of since it is this is in London in the and in the Istanbul where he's trying to expose the public in the different environment to the problem of of the reality of a John what if you were living in the in the shape of the john this is the actual size of the data that is using what widely and he's kind of exposing again the problem of uh how we can do we know about something you should know more all um and
I would like to close this set of issues of looking up uh and other exposing uh different military hidden processes and doings and so on we Bradley Manning but you know all phenomena want to really bring the case here where there's a lot of discussions about especially to use his 511 song and is not enough for use in our opinion on on what you what you expose and just to so you remember what that was 1 of the league's he wrote uh was uh
the video of a copula model which is looking at American army killing a couple of Reuters reporters and then a group of civilians and what you have done the expose a criminal wrongdoing over American army that should have been investigated by the army it was for different reasons and I'm bringing this case on the because some of this information that we talk about you can get from public but some still has to be exposed by people who risk their life here would be in prison for life and I would like to raise scaled our most of of their proportions in between how much effort has been put into prosecutors individual and how little effort function on afford is to actually look at the case and prosecute those who did the wrongdoing and is interesting
I think for for all of us here why disproportionate we see and that the brings me to uh more from the subject of mutated squared starts at 2 other subjects of the would trying to work on the project that the working on is called exposing the invisible and is a project that is looking at different groups of people Hokusai uh activities and artists looking out the different hidden sectors somebody that is is 1 of them but Colorado who I would like to introduce you to is against using the new projects to in the process of developing it and it's going to be a film and the resources and then the story of of his work he wars for organizations that by investigating organized crime uh is a very similar to uh problem to uh military operations uh because it operates in in a in like and he's looking out how organized crime can be exposed by following the money when you have crime somebody's making money somewhere and he follows stuff and as the case here uh I would like to to talk about
uh reduced to the you've heard about it and about had the beavers aneurysm vision as so that the whole case was very interesting because at 1st uh it was said that those some components I gotta be nervous because I'm Polish and the brothers me to the UK of while eating course how horrible there's um but then there was some Riemannian subsets of some other day as investigators did they ask different questions they were interested about outreach which meters but to to eat and how you should slaughtered animal to be able to eat it all these the stories that were in the media they're interested how it happens that we can track all who put this food on the table of Europeans and then and as
the significant twisting the whole story and this is 1 of the visualizations of the lookup because uh the uh locomotive that's friends in the room and 1 of the companies is actually that's that that was in the core and the the fast and who owns this company is actually in living in network of offshore companies that 1 owns another 1 and another 1 an unknown so I may even be able to show you a little bit of it is funny because they called draft
draft is enabled the company but it's if you really the backwards and Gregory around that means horse action uh somewhat has a sense of the word um but you can see that in this is how some of them and this is the number of small companies that at all so is a is a massive network of dependent companies that enable them to function in the shade and you can't really pinpoint who is the uh the institution that is putting the wrong thing on your table and the investigation of Paul is doing is very interesting because the breakthrough was published by the Guardian and on exposing the draft trading and few companies in Cyprus there were the register um but the what Paul is doing he also brings along with the article that is for general public this visualization so you when you don't speak Riemannian conception of money and you can do for the institutions of our based in your country and so on um yeah what do you know sort of was getting excited about that so uh um so the next 1 100 that we we kind
of wrapping up enough so the this examples and this is a particle with him right now we're launching and next month that the film about a writing and will hear the question of of what's changed as well on the question of who's asking the questions right now as as is so often those examples individuals that hackers the artists and not necessarily institutions and that we considered that that are doing this kind of flat and they don't have the kinds of resources or background that you might have imagined and it was in a way this is a new many of the most famous noninvasive journalist or investigations that have been done in in history are not done by professionals led and by people you perhaps come the question from a different angle I'm but we're also seeing changes in the questions that can be as and also perhaps most importantly but finances and a lot of the information that's available and people are not necessarily looking for public information or saying or the government of and publish this on the other and so on they looking in unusual places the finances will to at least ask the question and the to do this in a way that says they're asking questions may be as important as having the full answer so the not put off by the fact that over the full answer in a way this is just the start of the process but the the and this to quickly recap on the on the beginning of the war started so uh and we focusing on that because the and arguments that you cannot do investigation is not relevant animal and then there's a lot of work where going on promoting citizen journalism but is from from altered in terms of promoting their commentary or reporting process which is short term with the problem what we try to look at these individuals who spending significant time and effort for investigation an investigation takes time you have to go deep you have to be patient and you have to be able to connect a lot of different nodes and you always will be suspected of we'll be living in some cost just curious and so on so what is Paul says but often all these people that you're trying to investigate and multiple and everybody wants to make as much money as they can so you can expose them uh qualities the and 0 would be looking at us with the collaboration between different cues Hokusai activists journalists and so on and you can see that the in all the media there's still this tendency over cytosine people and trying to be investigating median uh themselves and you can only see other successful in the
open up and collaborate with others on the other so infamous easily thinking about and he can open questions to the audience as well as for the last 5 or 10 minutes that we here is and it is this surveillance in reverse that we're seeing is it is a question of the amount of data in information that's out there in different forms the use are differently by individuals and in that case will we see a greater punishment of those if you start to use this information to put together stories and takes place visible and when the questions we're thinking about was increasingly is will be see tightened controls on those attractors information or of information itself as it becomes clear that it's being used and this is a very open space and a lot of experimentation in this area right now and 1 of the concerns we might have is that the initial euphoria about expression on the Internet that was then and entity crackdown linear may start to the same kind of checks and balances in place when you think about and people he collected kind information especially affecting in very different environments what thing is something is so that's not a don't have anything to hide is the usual argument for uh this privacy force privacy were you can do everything in open
and so on but if you do if you try to understand how things are function as difficult questions and expose those who may not be happy with your exposures then uh then you have just use the so the question would I be able to to know the uh everything I do is out there and can be interpreted in different ways and the problem is that when you're doing this kind of a ground breaking work if you targeted by some of the cool 1 to silence you they want to silence you arguing review uh in terms of the quality of information they would target you uh because you have different sexual orientation because your taxes a suspicious like we've Ai Weiwei and so on so on the try to undermine you as a person and in view the leave even of and you have to be consciously minutes should invade potential so that's it that's it so well that we have 5 minutes so this is reorganizing come evidence in influence and we have a look at and also we have struggling in my shadow the other watch later on and look at our websites attractions as hiring and what's up and me my have and to the king in distal traces threatening any comments or questions please the the microphone is right thing thank you
for handling is not on the journalist from Denmark and I thought it was very interesting to listen to your what you had to say and using very positive so what's this new wave of investigative projects I do you remember Tuesday skeptical towards these projects we would of course do do we have lift a skeptical eye to the project yeah I remember to I mean what how can I is a journalist in this person is doing some a good work was obsessed with some conspiracy I think it's a jungle out there and if I should have user these talents as a source How can I the couple made use my skepticism in a constructive way that's that's a question so we brought the examples here that are also
the collaboration with a view to review like non-professionals and professional so each of them it the today information is published and used by a trusted the media you that's enough for you then that's how you can verify but also if you look at the the way they work for example poor work all in public every single document every single evidence is out there is the scale is copy it and you can look at it yourself and make your own conclusions and they have much more of it should they say but a little because they also think that for for public is better to say a few things then show everything but they make everything available so you can actually check your day in day me something give you have that information is also we're very colorful look at uh verification is 1 of the aspects of the degree of evidence of last year made everybody
laugh when we're talking about visual and there is excitement and why you hanging over the volume makes investigation have contained in the think of the poem and southern journalist and researcher in the field during little innovation journalism and a very that you mentioned Bradley Manning in your speech and I wondering whether also whistle-blowing platforms as WikiLeaks as becoming a model that can be used for investigative journalist you have any other example we can mention yeah here are some examples like you uh we we collaborated with global links and those other platforms that from
my experience the leaks are about 5 % of evidence that is actually used in investigations I think is extremely important in a groundbreaking cases as some of the links are a comment about cables were just comment terrace of people of secondhand information the Iraqi case and the quote from of firsthand information that is necessary to have a space for uh so looking at and so we encourage that and we also give access to to that but for us is really the key thing is that you can do a hell of a lot of work using public information evidence that is out there uh there's only show these ways that you don't have to ask directly question expose anything risking your life you can find a way to tell the story in differently uh and I think it means that 1 of the issues as well that are easy this so this is the case of Syria that problem anymore it's not necessary to access information but the mass of information when the problems we find with different edges and activist that they can't get to the go through all those thousands of hours of footage of the content through the massive leaks so I think 1 of the challenges will be but is getting information out there anymore but also the analysis in the understanding of what it is that we're looking at and whether it makes any difference can we don't have any more time but we are here you want to talk to us the yield of of of course just things that have to be
learned about like a proper programs that focus on issues and the in the
that's so I can that be bad for while