Silly jokes or game changers? A live international comparison of political memes

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Silly jokes or game changers? A live international comparison of political memes

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Silly jokes or game changers? A live international comparison of political memes
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A live comparison between different international political memes. Aim of the discussion is to compare the characteristics and political impact of political memes from different countries with participants of re:publica. Result should a first step towards a clearer perspective on the value of political memes. Silly jokes or game changers? A live international comparison of political memes. The last year's elections around the world, from the US to Egypt, have witnessed the same phenomenon: the political meme. Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, David Cameron, Mark Rutte Mohamed Morsi, Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton and many others have all been memed.Although the internet is known for crossing borders and the texts from Hillary are world famous, it is interesting to compare these different international memes with each other. Where did political memes have a real impact on the political debate? Who was behind the memes?
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of any of the far i.e. when introducing out to see in Europe and step on and I hope I'm from it correctly and DNA is a dialect of when the nested freedom of expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco and Stephane is they're working on online the bed net from cell in the Netherlands currently working foreign Amsterdam-based NGO quality but the Kazak which basically means that public cost you could translate it and they will introduce you tool and political memes and you will be actively involved so 1st you will get an introduction of those who might be new to the topic and then added up the academic discourse around it and then you have the chance to bring in this class in your favorite political means and we will have a debate about that a comparison of International on an international scale so when I to enhance instead fact whether
1 of knowledge alright thank you all for coming here at a session on political means well you might recognize a person on this set
and this photo this mean which is of the coding so what would do all of 1st explain why we why we came up with this session it would take you through some of
our so means from different parts of the world and uh and that we could have maybe a little discussion are you can bring in your role means you can already starts with tweeting we get a hashtag API 13 means and the yet which is fun so Jean and I made a few months ago in Amsterdam at and School of creative leadership gold think I did a project there a Gillian was a participant and I showed it is joke and she actually got it and understood it is a non-political me but it's funny it's quite big in their lives so I explain it assess our within the American which means uh working tomorrow I like modern I bite and electrons of this and says no Morgan Freeman which means no man I'm free tomorrow and we thought it was really funny and have that decided to do it was session on political
means but obviously as it well um agency say maybe is more than just jokes maybe there's actually some bringing a new angle to the uh to the debate many near the Arab revolution we've seen that means but also US selections using a lot of means of fake credit cards and everything coming up so what we wanna do um this this idea session is will show some examples and those that try to get a little bit of debate alright is this this is an improvement to the public debate or or anything worse just funny or is it something in between and yeah so if we will get a bit closer to the question and had the talk before of Ben we already saw um he referring in referring to Hillary Clinton and this is to showed it is means can be quite big I think most people of you know probably know day Hillary texting me yeah raise your hands if you know that were texting mean liar OK so busy goes like this there's here we wouldn't sunglasses at exceeding so mn message to uh to other people so we have an Obama and and their
overseas named Joe Biden as so she's on laughter new Justin Bieber word boys so this thing that really big news on the tumbler
and Cilliers and like a lots of visitors and everything in and mainstream media told me about it and then actually accurately an are probably a staff there reacted with a means of mean in the middle is made by a lot of the bins and stuff so on the right you see a picture of Hillary Clinton with 2 guys that came up with the Rideau regional mean so all this to say is you know it's it's a serious politician reacting to our dumber me I yes so we can go on OK there's no problem so who knows what words mean comes from and if you don't you do know her it's a of of Richard Dawkins in it's a book that is self esteem he talks the he talks on a mean which is yeah because like sodium it with the gene that replicates itself and now knowledge and that he wants to have a word for a yeah cultural ID that replicates itself and so he comes up Woodward Amin in a book you can actually the read the says if till a pronounce it like cream so it's really mean and I I thought it was funny and he has a big example of he gives like yeah
so the ideal for God's we can call it a mean and and and so I started to search a bit on the internet Richard Dawkins me method may be committed make a funny nemo myself and an ordered dozens of yeah events the words mean becomes a means of and the and the other 1 is so I created here mean to describe the power of ideas not evolve you best extending to work then we'll come talk to girls and all people know so she i thing when and if you don't look it up it's fun so then our nose reading into means and you weren't allowed like maybe means are a new political cartoons and and I had to think of a and this picture which is I don't know if people recognize it and is made by a Dutch political opportunists which show was also my uncle and this became a sign of to ditch these movement in that in the eighties it's a it's a little woman taking away a nuclear bomb um and actually this a cartoon back in the eighties that went viral when mean itself because they're look it up and I already knew this of course you see it happened in all kinds of
different countries like the 2 above it so it's a and Japan and the other 1 is for the peace movement in the US but an interesting thing happens and this is really like I mean like people started to use the image for other courses and especially this 1 right below this is a woman taking away as someone in a book I and says no more work as in the Netherlands which is something I'm quite sure of my uncle wouldn't have agreed on so this is and on the discussion or are means of political means new political cartoons it's it's it's funny to see is how the political parties also already went viral Becker beginning of till am now the so now I to my to Aegean will highlight some US examples
well we Americans love our PBS every kid grew up a big bird I'm sure you've all seen him and I don't know if you know about this but a few months ago during the elections Big Bird sort of got fired and Romney during 1 of his speeches they believe from the error may as the vice-presidential candidate honestly I don't think I watched it but I saw the mean because you can't avoid these things anymore so I was on Twitter not watching TV on I see people talking about Big Bird and as it turns out that microglia was the right so he says he wanted to cut funding to PBS and of course big bird crying because they're all of these famous images of Big Bird on the TV show crying is often sad as the barriers in the unemployment line and their use in the middle can you tell me how to get it if you know the theme song because can you tell me how to get how to get to Sesame Street so I get to the unemployment line and then you've got to have a
real life mean happening where he's staying crackdown on Wall Street not Sesame Street which just made me wanna cry on and of course this you know it just went on and on and on and on and in this 1 actually came from a Baroque Obama's campaign website so BarackObama . com such true team on and they were fact-checking some of the things that Romney said and they just couldn't resist the opportunity to point this 1 out and by Obama actually said in a speech thank goodness and is finally getting tough on big birds so they this fit into 1 of my favorites and I don't think you could have missed this 1 and if I said to you binders full of women would you know what I was talking about right so could you have there
it but doesn't work and so this this as you can see I don't know how well you can read that I'll just give you the gist of it and somebody asks what Romney would do about pay inequality for women Romney responded that well in OK we just find some women are also qualified and mentioned that he went to some women's groups can you find us in some folks in they us binders full of women so this 1 went viral and now it's not just binders full of women but binders full of all sorts of things and I'll get to that moment I tweeted before this Panel the Panel was going to be binders full of office so I hope that you think so and see that you've got a couple of actual binders with women in them which I love and Hillary
Clinton laughing that Obama sorry that Romney still uses binders course casino technology and all that and a Facebook page called binders full of women and then of course if you know this means 1 does not simply fill binders with women and of course binders full of kittens because it would
not be a talk to me about means that only the original means the lolcats our I can get into that because we assume that if you came to see this talk you're familiar with the lolcat if you were not we should probably have a little talk later about that alright so i'm Egypt
to what's wrong with this picture anyone know this OK so that tell you what's wrong with this picture the yes exactly so
Mubarak Hosni Mubarak now deposed president of Egypt and this was during some of the at the peace talks around Israel and Palestine and Mubarak was as shown to be in the front this was on the front page of the MLR from an Egyptian newspaper and if you could show me the next this is the original image so they flourish opted to inflate is important and the true story that really happened and of course Egyptians went
crazy when all over Twitter is in the blogs people writing about and talking about it and it became 1 of the more popular means of of that particular year which I wanna say 2010 but I could be wrong at this point give me another 1 so we start looking all over the world really like where some the coolest means come from and I'm guessing some of you heard of a little website called Global Voices we had ample it's a really cool site that started in 2005 I'm I'm a part of it so full disclosure and that they started by reporting on blogs back when nobody was doing that so now obviously CNN but practically scrolls tweets on the screen every day and that this was way
before that as before Twitter before Facebook and their report on what people were saying on blogs in different parts of the world and so this site so goes on and when you're researching photography because you know I know we can find some means from countries that we don't know anything about em globalvoices so we started looking them up we learned a lot and this 1 is 1 of my favorites at the
Department of Public Works and Highways this is in the Philippines they're expecting inspecting some damage but I or how well you can see the photo but in the image in the background and those 3 9 actually replicated so this was a Photoshop image to make it look like they're doing something they
weren't so of course locals toward apart are those guys in the back and also these guys and then and all sorts of other criticism this case legs were photoshop wrong in this is floating he's not even standing on the rock and you can start to find all the little things wrong with the picture and then of course it went viral as these things do this so all I hope I haven't offended anyone the this 1 but I thought it was pretty great and who think now the inspecting the last supper but of course I mean you know sometimes they can be
used to call a politicians recall of people for lying call out really any public figure but then they can also be used for political purposes and so in this case and you guy campaign to free and the butcher this name I feel so bad about it 1 chain and and of course the users really popular image with what is this evoke free what what comes to mind at KFC exactly is a really popular logo that everyone is familiar with and they use it as
to campaign for the freeing of political prisoners and that is really obvious and this 1 I don't really know the context ramos and I found it sort of randomly but it's a really nice and because it challenges stereotypes and that a lot of means that I enjoyed do and so you go I don't even get all of the jokes because they're not that familiar with Ukraine but I'm just integrate no it's not part of Russia the and so on and so forth and then it sometimes memes are a
little bit more what some sometimes use jokes I'm in very serious situations and Syria um obviously has been that just tragedy and can I don't even have the words but I am I follow a lot of Syrians on Twitter and Facebook and some of the were some close friends and 1 of the things that's really struck me is how common means of become amongst these activists so these are all people who support the side of the rebels and they've been sharing means across
these different things there's a number of Facebook groups and just set up for this purpose in Syria and I couldn't find my favorite 1 unfortunately but I like this 1 quite a bit grumpy cat in the middle of the Syrian revolutionary flag and so you're using a really common mean Grumpy Cat if you haven't seen him again we need to have a talk at but he can't there and obviously that there's reason to be grumpy
about different on the past the about might as the past might not like to stand for an hour is we're going to Europe where while I think you guys all know who this is so doing this session in Bologna way how we and we could've excludes uh
I'm allowed Merkel obviously um yet it's the 1 on the left is is really funny is is there like you all 20 pictures always in the same hour and away with their hands and so dead and as I mean you know the the famous picture of a meme of how does he get a close on and but then the 1 I did tool of the tool from that I think that so Specmark a story that I have underneath not the dance there as Herritarrok and so part and and pay of area that's a speeches I think this is this is this form raises an interesting point because I'm well in Europe and with all your
crisis there is this of heated debate between north and south and and and what is a it's a discussion point but I call it said like you know in Europe in European Union their legs like a European public sphere the European debate then we go on the Internet and all kinds of of jokes that everyone in Europe directly gets an idea and then the 1 about German sources just is just I think really funny
yet so jokes about German sources are reversed and have no problem no problem and yet so we went searching a bit more in and in Europe and there any talents in audience you welcome welcome and so the I can imagine zygote imagine so the
scene is an elastic election campaign and as Sylvia bell is gone and promise to to return all the housing of all the money paid with a new housing text that the Monte imposed um it's not the idea would let let's not get into the technical details of the and of the housing text leaves it all I give you the money back and so then the internet that exploded and has started all kinds of other things like give you back buffer loyalty and knowledge to pass Wikipedia's like if you back the soldier Ryan and I give you back at the library of others in the and but well we can also in all as CEO so these mean was really popular but unions and Briscoe needed
way better than I expected during the election so you can say what's the what's influenceable yeah offer me like this um so we've we've run a nano and a 15 quick minutes through through a lot of music and i think now and again I swear little discussion and also we're we're pretty curious node between these any like essential means any essential of political means this uh just a run to the the moderators she and we will you come up and directly uh um and
and so he and also know we can start at start little discussion and the look at yes so does anyone has a meaning that get up go Gillian this
is my former boss is high but I would say Hialeah but you were busy anyway it should have and so I use my suggestion is I'm natural political it is so actually a question time into that is how you guys to find whether mean political or not so the 1 I have in mind it is our is the Queen Elizabeth meme when she was watching the opening ceremony at 1 Olympics and was something for foreign the what was the person for Queen Elizabeth the Queen Elizabeth wanted the I and the the Texas was I look at she she had a really stern look on her face and the text was look at all those countries that I use known understand it's funny but to respond to your question of is yourself highest definition of a political meaning but it's well
it's enforced aphid involves a politician we gonna regarded as a political means but I yes this respondents from and actually also led on the on David Cameron PCA is the mean that a lot by saying 1 thing then and doing the other 1 and cool cool anymore so yes I see so when I see someone in back I
realizes mike was coming to be that this may be more of a Tumblin a mean and itself but it's a Kim Jong Il looking at their this a nice on this on this actually because obviously as as a B as and from the Netherlands housing God where our strong political uh Dutch means there aren't really any all 1 but we have variation on a on Kim
Jong you looking at things at 1st let's 1st look at a
few so here's stimuli you looking Anna Rosa big her the this is looking at female soldiers looking at fish looking at the types and this 1 looking at a computer and hook hoop looking at beauty products so now we can let let me find it's called that multiplication really knew that you have to make I I don't even try to spell large and a
and or so mark whether there is or the current prime minister in in a previous and and he's been criticized a lot for or criticize tears depends on who you are your point of view for always laughing just I this problem so then the mean is called a lot still meets which means that the loss about something so disassociate outwards uh Mike enhance the whole midface that misleading it this was a bit difficult experiment loving um this is that as a clown and this is the the doesn't laugh and it goes on a bit but there's an interesting thing about this 1 is that is actually um started by by political parties but agrees um so I went I went into the means on the on the US elections almost all the successful ones were started just individuals um as a as a joke to describe the interesting and of their people here were moving campaign teams uh the elections so somewhere in the world I'm all the better the so yeah it's it's really interesting perspective you know if
your have on a campaign team how do you react to means sort of the event and the cells audio and you response so more someone
running to you know you can screen the 5 but it's been parched by I don't know so what about the King John looking at things and give set because there's the 1 with the binoculars known is like going you know How does not give you more than 1 where he's got the binoculars to his face if the gift it when people edit the given a thousand different ways I
like watching girls walking by on the beach or you
know other things because he has this look of disbelief on his face that I the for I the the
the mind
mind and my
my mind
and the the the
the theory of a living at data that you have the and Eduard
about the and then I told them I mean it's a picture of a staff from the former Bush alone administration the and then I told them univocal and those lower
on the lower left level right side yeah this 1 with the region picture the yeah and then they have several names and things like that of the next I we we eliminate the Texas or something in this world yeah I know 1 on and the way in which this was cool and have all let's do
1 we use in a presentation on the Obama would that with that uh promise change mentions of promise with having is it is a very effective way to to criticize our someone so may we can see some value in an e-mail uh like that we are almost out of time and I think we might be able to manage to have time for 1 more mean 1 K 1 more mean yes fronts so I just can't see if you're if I apologize to anyone in the back I can only see the front from the star wars mean and gold established old guard the natural it just look toward stand to the ODE the key like I think the ODE at this Stern St the OK the and yeah the the own the and any of the the yes yeah goal In Delgado almost to the not the the of limitations legal she position social and also can guide to the theory of the we only look a little friendly Raphael at the surfaces on analytic abilities of a solution for the whole company can walk up the hill in each of the latter exactly what not mutually of not all the time and the this the the
the the the you you you you you you you you the the if I had
my that back