Online universities - Food for thought or an intellectual malnutrition epidemic?

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Online universities - Food for thought or an intellectual malnutrition epidemic?

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Online universities - Food for thought or an intellectual malnutrition epidemic?
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Massive open online courses will disrupt higher education by putting unprecedented pressure on universities, both financially and in terms of quality (or the lack thereof). But without a clear goal for the purpose of higher education, that disruption is bound to leave a pile of educational rubble, and us none the wiser. "I propose to create the 'five minute university'. In five minutes, you can learn what the average college graduate remembers five years after." (Guido Sarducci) For optimists, the web is about to massively change higher education for the better. Trends such as free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and the Inverted Classroom Model (ICM) have become widely popular last year and funded with hundreds of millions of dollars (Udacity, Coursera, edX). Technology could change education for the better. Then again, Thomas Edison already thought this a century ago and not much happened. So what will happen this time?
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thank you and here in and out
of but at this
will come to look at at the of on become all staged by the hum I and denial park on the talk sits on 2
moments of innocence life and IT going on instance data them online cause and so comfortable when you visited node forward and resummed them diamide against speaker by spy model feasibly and and would move through his xk decide how daminozide topics where the issues its minutest implement is not at the sets cont the and then a god you know which of these and dividing the Fort Cycorp office will and then the cell engage online causes the this single was a by 2 handfuls deformity it uh so this question to the semantic is that styles between wooden in Boston fast that content it has not come to a definite threat Cuddihy out about this point of view in finding Hölzle the extent for our current can be ready to come 1st down holes within in that the time they'd index bond that you know that a community that seems myself doc what's he doing with the credit of having getting distance nourishment is I think in the happens of 1 then if an and consensus it is the kids are back in the fish used there's a hundred harmonies in the helium Lanka now we've on
it which are fat fast candidacy thereby sponsored by Ashby almost if I finish if elected it's the
point is that in that when he wants government and a half foot injury wouldn't energy but I doubt that it would be kind of easier the demand side is not policy and that because now we continue in English no was extinguished and now we
switch to English I'll get food for thought or an intellectual measure attrition epidemic what are online
universities look at cells I guess food is very much related to education you can find many parallels between food and education for instance there's this 1st type of food which simply as uh just simply so let's you not being hungry anymore your hunger and the same for education you learn for Britain and you learn to fulfill your job but on top of that there is a morning long effects of food vitamins you have to adjust vitamins to stay alive for longer time and the same is true for education there has to be more than simply basic effects that you need to know for the job basic skills that you need to be able to accomplish for your job has to be more they
don't as the same German didn't as opposed to all students the concerning food and education you can see this very unlikely excess
to both food and education those differences between North and South between developed countries and developing countries but also the inside each country in particular of develop societies we also have unequal exists between the people who have broadband access who know how to handle the media who can speak English more or less like I can of what is cannot there and stuff like that so so we have different breadth of existing these I now Massive Open Online Courses into the future walks Mrs. meaning you
have say 10 thousand to 20 thousand 50 thousand maybe more than 100 thousand participants in 1 single cost open is debatable open meaning that everybody can participate as a private person I have some reason to put the quotes in there and explain
that in a 2nd of course these courses are
online that's not so much an but I added this X in front of little so what I'm going to talk about today action is called X move these days stand time moved these other books that we read about in the papers mostly read about in the papers and read about in the blocks somewhat Coursera does what city does what that
excess there is another historically earlier version of the morgue this Seymour connectivist smoke that's not what I'm talking about just to make sure everybody knows what is this these are screenshots of my own will at the
so a more consistent ex-smoker should be saying consists of 2 predictivity consists of videos lots of videos that should be used if you will shorter ones hopefully not 60 minutes but 7 minutes of tools a 15 minutes then it's quizzes
computer graded quizzes so no human has to intervene 2 will tell you whether you will the your answer was right or not there are other ways of doing that grading and stuff like that when it comes to essays but in this case I get away with computer-aided christmas and property the gradients of programming assignments a forum
for these learners that take part in the movie can discuss on the forum they can ask questions have these questions answered by other participants sometimes also by the instructors what mostly by other
participants and in the end you get some sort of
certificate you can download some sort of certificate to printed out that should this certificate that you can download is not 1 of the for us there is no law strict control of the business of control of authentication anybody
could uh I take this class for he will and do it the exam for you stuff like that so so you get a certificate but it's of limited value the stance of initiatives right now the the oldest because people vote is the oldest ones are you the city costs airlines at x 2 density and consider all both of binning being uh spin-offs from stanford university there's a and new spin-off of Stanford University novel at these days at x stemming from MIT and Harvard
and some old players recognize they have been doing more it's all along without calling them works for instance academic partnerships and in the US has created this branch book to degree right now noticing that they have done something that looks
like a more of the a canvas which is a learning management system provides lot has traded canvas network and to have uh courses that are open but still managed by the canvas of In Europe that's the right hand side of the picture in Europe we have that the open the based in but some here um the
1st courses of that core of that type in Germany on
diversity is starting also Berlin-based company is starting these courses soon there's a British initiative called is around the Open University of some of our universities in the UK and there's even a Spanish initiative when a morgue so lots of people trying to enter this
feuds and trying to do something about online education if this looks is though we have a free had the
lunch lunch delivered by our doorstep ends well I 1 question that a little I want to put that into perspective in some way yes in many ways no on the positive side the regular study program looks like a 4 course did not it's way too much takes way too long and is way too expensive the walk is much
more lightweight it's like a snake it's on demand you buy this is you do have the same Germany what about but you buy that snake it it's and are done with it let's modest the
approach of the log and if you look at the
participants of actual moves it's really this light approach that works best these other data of uh does a partner institutes published earlier this year they say they have a astonishingly mentioning the many people participants aged 60 or more 10 per cent are they have lots of very educated and it has a good sense in the traditional sense very educated participants 38 per cent of those participants have already have an academic degree these are not the regular students you find it the regular traditional university 4 % have phd's more than 1 quarter of modern work order has a monitoring function and let less than I
should be saying that summer was and 60 36 % only 1 quarter has less than 5 years of professional experience so as I said these are not the regular are students you'll find it traditional
university for this time of student this approach seems to work very well continuing with the topic of traditional universities the knowledge is perishable at a traditional university you spent you invest lots of time years of your life you invest lots of money so you want to learn something for your life something that has a long duration if you look at the different rates of uh at which knowledge parishes there's a broad spectrum something that's very short-lived is what is today's hot what is today's hot iPhone app for instance on the other end of the spectrum we have something like the speed of light that's hopefully not going to change in the next decade and in the next century traditionally study programs at universities need so much investment that they have to focus on the right hand part of the should be focusing on the right hand but more often they don't but they should be focusing on the right and but with walks you can move to the left the can teach something about next year's operating system with the that makes sense you should really not do that as a complete course in the university at universities and again some
analogy between quality food intake so we have something of Controlled Origin like a quality or quality cheese from Italy the Stony the knowing it's own at the origin they got a lot out of it for instance of course yeah i has this in their contract between the bartering universities because assessed outside of North America they only I asked the top 5 but most of the top 5 universities of stored in the cities of every country to participate so that's something like of controlled origin trying to stay to excellence whatever that means on the other hand we have mass production costs arise really prolific and it comes to producing these moves yesterday
the number was up to 370 marks on their side many of which which are only announced I have to say so some kind of tasks some actually take place right now but many of these how to figure out how many uh many of these are going to start in the future of then of ready
yet but this is really must production the mass production has its parents earlier this year 1 of them because there was courses crashed funnily enough it was the fundamentals of online education costs but after 1 because so they found all that who would docs isn't the right way to connect several thousand 710 thousands of students so they had to stop that course they they broach temporarily suspending but actually that cause has been started again optional mass production also
needs leads to rule very you know very of data very lean ways of production for instance in this at x of Mork that's the justice new book um simply old lecture recordings have been recycled very long recordings you can see that's done that's almost half a mole of video and then there's just some discussion point something to read is that video more it's a lecture
recording plus something to read if you vary from that's not really but I would call and this is from coursera stand for course on running on Coursera on scientific writing and this is the paul . slides that's used in that course
I consider that this stand on its own you don't need to comment anything on that and if this is whole scientific writing is being taught something is pretty broken guess doesn't the
audience notice wouldn't anybody complains complain that's the tricky thing but does anybody complain about junk food we still need french fries fees still lead potato chips we still drink soft drinks even tho we know that these are not the real thing to be eating and drinking arm that's trickier so I doubt whether the audience didn't really projects I see that students
of traditional universities really you have gotten to a lot of shallow recipes in instead of understanding and and even some of those will provide us explicitly say expresses say pre don't include equations in this course only to make it broadly accessible and you often see it's a graphics the animations that particular there's a math course using hand-drawn animations
but behind the scenes what's really happening there is just the standard mathematics curriculum with that's
debatable explanations China explanations so I doubt whether the can rely on on the audience to to the quality control here another thing that moves should be providing it's free access for everybody anywhere in the world this our participants of my own work I asked everybody to place a place marker on Google Maps some of those the participants did so and you see there's you which regions
which are missing In particular Central Africa our sub-Sahara London's above Sarah is missing in China's missing but that's not really so you just surprised to take part in the books that run right now all you have to be able to understand English you have to have brought them success which is tricky if you're in Africa you have to have the time to be assessed spending on to invest into that corresponds to the optimal path like Keppler or some all manage your farm to make don't have the time and you have to have the right mind-set somebody wants to earn his or her money day to day I simply has and the right mind set to study it's a ancient history
so the technical excess is 1 thing but there's other limiting factors many the limiting factors when comes to teaching the road we see some progress again the causes of course you see there are courses in Spanish French and Chinese Spanish and Chinese of course interesting and French also 2 2 the the check the dual in Africa I really wonder how long it's going to take to have this more Conseil emergent emergency medicine or on agriculture delivered in several African languages the and available offline not is a collection of videos that's hard for Africa but it delivered offline downloadable or delivered on disks hopefully someone is going to be that then they could speak of democratizing democratizing the access to information at accessible education within the western societies I see different effects the Matthew effect for onto to everyone that has to be given and he shall have abundance but from him that hath not should be taken over even that which she has hello everybody who is able to work with the new media on the profits from the but there is a huge percentage of people in our society who do not have that mental exists to new media they know how to handle facebook they know how to with something but that's it for those this is detrimental that's the Matthew effect what's often discussed in the media is
the pull retention of it faced you um very many students very early on these are data from them and not from the MIT moke on that Optronics sold a hedge 150 thousand people who register of registered not half of them looked at the 1st problem set and again in less than half of those gains just 1 single point or more on that 1st problem set and so on and so on this looks like a huge attrition rates but I guess that's not so much of an issue there's no investment you didn't moved to another town you haven't paid tuition fees that's OK even more of most of the of the smoke initiatives required you to sign up to look at those moments you can't simply take a look without registering so I guess these numbers are blown up artificially but just by people who just want to have a look at those folks
the notion of open I put that in quotes early on and if you look at the terms of use of course yeah right you see in are expressly forbids is using those courses in the regular course of study you may not take on this part of any tuition baseball for product certification of the universities cannot use these courses and this of course they pay for that so open is limited it's
limit it's these open for an individual person at X is somewhat more open or strives to be they say they aim at a more open license period they aim at its own room Udacity in looks open but if you look closely Knock Noncommercial-No Derivative seems that's hard to use in university environments non-commercial tuition based university tuition financed university is that commercial non-commercial I guess it would be commercial and you can't derive anything from these videos you find on the density so that's tricky it looks open that's tricky openness SOS and openness is debatable rather those
initiatives eventually have to earn money and and what we see is some sort of academic food chain happening they close contracts with community colleges with minor universities and says these walks to be used there are this may be a venture may eventually become the this is model of these companies so how to proceed what could he be
doing 1st of all I think it's vital to blend online and offline to prevent this Matthew effect from happening you must not leave the loners the long not alone we have to spot them they have to all scaffold belonging to the computer as good as saying that videos the computer is good that's doing quizzes over and over again but the human instructor you can see what's broken behind the scenes what's the missing the point here what's as the understanding of the student go wrong other problems with family and whatever that's the job of the human instructor we need to have a division of labor between computer and human at that point for instance by using the phytosterol inverted classroom that's what I'm doing with my the lectures at home so to speak and the need to rethink courses it does not make sense to take a stand university courses and simply electrify them so to speak to record them and put them online and we need to do something different we can easily improve on what we're currently doing at universities its traditional caught in traditional courses at universities for
instance instead of videotaping lecture us it makes brain more sense to have something like a const used this allows you to figure why can summon can't on constant videos have a look and this is what should replace lectures the Chris every 20 minutes maybe every 15 minutes that these that's what we see in most books I would say chris every minutes maybe a crisp every 30
seconds makes way more sense to not lose the law not we should be aiming at that and
some that university education and we always always know almost always have the issue of uh demanding too much of the students or demanding too little of the students speak can try to home in on the precise level of challenge that the students have should have this is how gamification should work gamification should not be made through badges or highest costs we should look at how games are being designed in terms of challenging and you achieve something immediately you learn as you go this is how we should be doing gamification and will be tend to teach shallow recipes that regular in regular university courses now we can name it's true mastery students can train and train and train online with the human instructor to eventually reach mastery we should be aiming at that's not simply passing the course but really knowing what's it about understanding the content and you shouldn't be doing exit to predict use of the air replicating and enciclopedia in our courses we start with uh the very basics and eventually come to applications that doesn't make sense to should be telling the story from a to z an interesting story even better not
only rethinking courses we should be rethinking the university but now the university looks like a bento boxes the curriculum consists is comprised of lots of different courses there is hardly any really relation between those courses what you learn in mathematics In the 1st semester is hardly ever use afterward and all those facts in fact always that you learn in a single single-core spark from a T forgotten after the exam there is only little that's so vise survives the final exams the thesis at the end of the study so I wanna know what's really important in a curriculum or outside the core region maybe it's not the
curriculum maybe it's what happens on top of that in addition to standard subject knowledge in the university that we should be focusing on In the end it may be that the the most the looking at the wrong end of education sexual knowledge skills maybe university isn't that much about fiction knowledge and scarce maybe it's something completely different getting to know how to behave like a scientist so for instance I wanna leave you with that question thanks a lot by
using the by the end of my