Life with extra Senses - How to become a Cyborg.

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Life with extra Senses - How to become a Cyborg.
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Neil Harbisson and Moon Ribas are the founders of Cyborg Foundation, an international organization that seeks to extend the humans senses by creating cybernetic body extensions, to defend the rights of cyborgs, and promote Cyborgism. Neil and Moon talk about their personal relation with cybernetics, and how technology change their perception of life.Neil Harbisson, became the first person recognized by a government as a cyborg. Harbisson was born with achromatopsia, a conditionthat only allows him to see the world in black and white. Since he was 20 years, he installed an electronic eye ("eyeborg") into his head that allows him to listen to colours.
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without a without human and
a so please now welcomed
warmly the woman would densest earthquakes and the man was not dressed for good looking but for good sounding more labor as and new Hobson good it is
and how it rolls I mean of Chung Moon and
I have known each other things where where children we we're friends when we were children and we grew up together in Barcelona so we shared the same context we share the same friends and we finally shared the same university but what we did share was the same perception of reality because I was born with a rare visual condition called a chroma top which is total color blindness and I was going to use the normal vision so I could see color and the land so we shared the same countries but very different now perception and I found really beside her that she
was a very very new television and I was like an old television set that could only see a perceive living black and white and this made me feel that morning had extra sensors could she could perceive things that I couldn't perceive he was asking me all the time the colors of things like the color of my dreams
as the color of the sky that follows the signs now like with sensors and in your because I really wanted to know the names of colors and because it was so mysterious and many people ask me why would you like to perceive color VC in black and white can you not just exist and leave without color and is actually very very difficult to ignore that color exists because color is in in very very many places in society in many contexts like yellow pages go to the Greenpeace orange records you need to seek other they contain color names that reminded me every single day of my life that color existed and that I couldn't ignore the existence of color this even things that have nothing to do with color like a brownie or old mate James Brown for example leads a surname that contains a color so I felt that I wanted to perceive all this world I felt socially excluded this event a whole country called land so it's probably not even green so I felt that I wanted to understand better all this world that that she could perceive and that the rest of you could perceive and I couldn't also because when you use color as
a code it can be quite confusing like hot weather and cold water you know automatic you which ones which but I need to test both what is and I waste time
and and more wanted to know which ones which also when you use color as a quote if I go to the cell power fine I can just follow the lines but if I put to Tokyo and then map is based on color 1 can get very easily lost so there are many
strange of situations daily situations where color is actually necessary to understand uh meaning like this 1 so the different countries share exactly the same flat so it made me feel that it's you but when I do know the the country of the flags also when you use color to describe things like even more as we have seen the man with ginger hair blue eyes interesting think I would have absolutely no idea cause I would only know that the man had hair that he had eyes and that he was not naked so it was impossible to know you have seen this person so I tried to avoid color for a period of time and I actually love the piano because the piano is a black-and-white instrument so I I really liked and enjoyed music and playing the
piano but there I found out that there are also many theories relating colored sound even Newton started these theories about the relationship between each color and the notes and there's been many other physicians and artists
that have found a close relationship between color and sound so this actually fascinated me a lot because I could perceive sounds and I thought well maybe the sun I can understand color so I had my own colors are uh
scale and I I played the piano and I felt that maybe each node was a color but this wasn't really enough so when I went to study at Arlington College of Arts there was a lecture given by an amount and on 10 years ago about cybernetics and how we could use technology to expand our senses and I was very interested in this subject because Adam was talking about how we could actually create new sensors or where a jacket that would feel you could feel the there's present behind so I felt that maybe we could start a project extend my own sensors and way find a way to proceed color so we started this project 10 years ago and we created this 1st i electronic i that allowed me to hear collagen the I bought and it allow me to hear the color frequencies in front of me so red here we could all hear right we would hear no between F and F sharp so I heard this node and then each color had its own notes so it's a transposition of light frequencies to sound frequencies it's like hearing that the light spectrum but 37 38 octaves lower so I started wearing these with headphones a camera and a 5 give a computer every day of my life since
2004 but the I would has evolved and at the beginning I just found chaotic because this color everywhere so I have heard so many different sounds and I had to memorize the name that you give to each color by that the sound that like could here but after some time this information became a perception it was out automatic and after that sometime this perception became a feeling as tho the have favorite colors and I started to
optionally also dreaming colors so I
started to hear the colors in my dreams now the aim was to perceive as many colors as
possible so after the years of wearing the electron I permanently we kept upgrading the software until I got to the and 60 different notes for the 1 and 60 different degrees of the color wheel so I had different microtones 4 different shapes of few so as you can hear it again but some volume and that you might the is the sound
at the going here or so there's different on the and e and here the different microtones he was I hear color like this is a sine waves you work on the sine waves and migrant owns the resemble from red to orange would be like going from and who have shared the same opponents writing 30 different known
so it's very migrant on unlocked of has in 60 knows the so the was 1 when I
was able to recognize all the 360 different issues and this allowed
me to perceive colleges like you know it it sounds but there was another element of color that I couldn't perceive which is saturation like recipient was more yellow orange I I have it was a very vivid color or at all colors so in 2007 we had only up a share different levels of volume depending on if
the color is very low vivid are also this difference level for saturation different cues tones photos different nodes for the thing
Hughes and then like I can see so you might have a very bright pink I might hear red I have here I hear the note that so it's out here that it's red but if I see that it's a light object it means it's pink and evacuate very loud admit it's a very bright or very vivid bank so the I work I kept
designing differ in our head says that would actually adapt better to my head because at the beginning it was a camera with
headphones and I couldn't find the I was trying to find the best the design for my uh lecturing i so 1 of the 1st things I
did was to cut the headphones and have because then I would ever be able to hear people and here color is at the beginning I was only here in color
and then also 1 of the things that it was reduced the computer because a 1st it was 5 kilos than was particularly than it was 2 kilos and kept reducing there I was like losing weight I felt like losing my own
which also the biggest change was to stop using headphones and a start using achieve a head and bone-conduction which is using the ball to hear the colors and also to
start using a chip that was in 2010 when instead of using a computer is that the user chip which is what I'm using now so it's a cheap attached at the back of my head which is pressuring the ball and and I hear color through bone conduction now this is very very uh very important for me to hear color through bone-conduction because this means I have to audio input I have air-conduction for normal sounds and bone-conduction for visual some so this allows me to different state that once a visual sound and what's the audio sound now the next step is to a vital
to a stop this pressure to the board and have the audio input inside the bond so the operation has been approved and then I'll have like a mini Jack entry in the bone so I'll have a bigger difference between uh bone conducted sounds and air conduction and then the next step is next
year to start using my own body energy to charge the cheap because now I
still have to plug myself of the for 5 days and I want to use my own blood circulation to charge the cheap so I don't need to depend
anymore on electricity so in
2009 I felt that I could differentiate colors just as good as more
and more and as as everyone else actually fella collection difference a color better than her and but in no way should stop my there so but there's many many more colors around us that we cannot proceed like the infrared and ultraviolet so I decide to continue expanding my color perception and I included infrared and ultraviolet so now I can actually perceive if there are any movement detectors in a room because of there's infrared out here that there's infrared in a room and also perceiving ultraviolet it's good to detect if it's a good they are a bad data Sundays as you like you that there's a lot of ultraviolet then I want go to the beach and and there was this point the
annealed could actually perceive that the
color name and he had all these callable experience so I
instead to feel quite jealous and I wanted to field and to perceive experience like him so as that thing what they could extend and how I
could perceive the world differently so I start to think in a magazine that I actually could imagine a wall in black and white but I would imagine a world with just scholar so we invented those glasses that I could see just scholar without the shape I walk around the this and revisited some capitals and the
problem is that they always have to hold meals to walk around because they couldn't see anything
I just have to call a perception I
was talking to people like you know the phase and he had his glasses equated with guidance those copied vision and
then there's this kind of antenna to balance the weight so I'm through a while uh where India's I
realize that I would I wasn't actually extending my senses I was reviews in them which he didn't make any sense to me so I instead of the think of creating something more personal and I studied choreography so I want to dedicate the myself to movement of a movement researcher so was thinking just with myself of my the human being in the world and yeah
we then we developed this speed which will help me to detect the the speed of the people walking in me I had is attached to my race and this
machine how many thoroughly at the effect that the speed of the people walking but then I know that this was quite a distance to my body I wanted to have something more integrated so we really we need is a state to the earrings so those earrings were made through and some in the infrared sensors and every time the infrared it that the movement in May relational my years so it depends of interval of iteration I could know the speed of the walking people around me the the good thing about this and interesting part is that I could perceive movement begun looking because if I close my eyes I could see of the people were walking around me and the
nice thing is also that in light on my here's part what's I could feel movement behind me which ending it's quite useful because
when you walk in a highly industry that is like always someone blocking you and you can look pass it's because no 1 is aware of what they have in the back all the
senses of of the humans are just in wrong on and all about so always like sleeping so I think everyone should have the detector on the back what is like right is still really someone comes so that is how it is that we actually add these sensors the machines but we don't add them to humans there's the cars now can be if there's a car behind but we add giving this new sense the cars and we not actually giving it to ourselves so it's actually exciting we also tried and we can actually extend our senses of what would
be a 360 degree perception of of our surroundings and abdomen is while I had these need to pursue something more more
global something more universal something that it connects myself more to the other than to the planet where we leave so I ?statymas in mind then I realize that there is
more for it has all movements that every 3 of 5 minutes this like a small earthquakes and there it when they're so small that no 1 can notice but
the shows and keeps moving is like the kids dancing and we don't realize and then was only like imagine if I could just stand here in between talking and then noticing that is earthquakes in some way incoming audio on as we know it
earthquakes in last going China wouldn't that be amazing so we start this this prize its scope the size makes sense so now I have a sensor that's the
my reason that it's connected to all all lines not detect all when there is a real time by the Quixote so I keep feeling that in the real time or the Quixote here and from 1 in that the
to scale and then it's going up and it's a sense that can actually is just starting now but it can actually be developed so that in the future you might be able to feel exactly where the
earthquake is taking place and now depending
on the intensity as well you know what degree of the of this this the scale how you feeling yeah maybe I can detect the parton so the value goods are happening and maybe in the future that them also the I what we've on the expanded senses we've developed our projects because that's what we're really trying to express our salaries sense is 1 of the projects we was to travel around Europe and someone was wearing this thing work and I will I was listening the colors and I walked around the same trying to the bank dominant colour all this because while when I was a child I've got this these white brain but since I here call and I know it is meaningless walls in the has a nominal dominant powers of and this is and and I'm trying to think of dominant colors the and you want to do it in and of like it is minus in this in it in way it wants a tuning that finds it to its he points movement and its color something and that means of using the so what we're seeing now is 1 is walking on the average anomalies in way here are the dominant colors of the light yellow and otherwise the handling isn't bad you know I realized in advance the city is is to London system always some actually went back to his hand well
is mapping and seeking to high has this is the strangest scholars I mean entities may be unknown on which
has a slide a purple color and a 1 interesting while also about right which has a shades of orange and Ross or in the it is 1 of the projects also my daily life that has change and actually now moons as well because now we try to dress in a way that it looks good but in a way that it sounds good so depending on the day I might where C major the major miners depending on how I feel and if
so this would be a C-major outfit
this would be the the major and here I
would be wearing a dress Our song actually and no I'm actually wearing more and they have a song to make and I'll show you so it this is like 1 of the 1st sort of reminding dresses we made so it from the top to the bottom you can stand in and you can hear more River it's because she is called warned that he was
and is that if you
1 of the latest of things we did is this guy that sounds like music by so
sometimes I it and it sounds very electron and you know the meaning and the use of
meaning in the in the in the
and and and
and and so this
is the sum of my diet I feel very excited and where is so when the funding biting me also the way I perceive
food has changed is now I can
actually compose music with food and I really enjoy this now so I just depending on what I have on the play that just distribute the food in a way that then I can eat a song so this also what is the menu with many with tried to create this menu where you can actually uh got arrested then choose If you wanted some maybe I know imagine by John Lennon was the 1st plate and then you can have some was art as a main division and some lady gaga dessert so you can actually choose your of songs and then you can not you don't know what it will taste like but it will at least some like you've music maybe these would help the children to eat more than vegetables and they knew that they would beating Justin Bieber songs so we're trying to treat this as a menu but also an exciting thing is just a creating
music with object so we're through their vegetables and things that I find in supermarkets because now supermarkets are a place where I go to find music known so is like a music
store manage style has electronic music as a by just walk around I can hear
the notes that is a very very exciting place to go when people ask me which places being people expect me to say that I will
enjoy going to the forest and the receiver is actually supermarkets and I really really enjoy active like is perfect it's a white light and as so many others and I can't find many many years some music at
the mean is is the use of the mind and milk assignment at
that it doesn't sound because it light so any element in its wide of
lack of your grade will not sound it sounds really difficult because for example is now many people would say that this is why when you are not actually seeing this is why
using a very light yellow white as the light is white so uh it's really difficult to perceive wife what pure
rate it's almost impossible to receive there's
always some kind of you the in secret is to be that's the is that it's based on the on the supermarket perception the new has so the music of this video is made through the collars that keep appearing it was here that the words the nice thing is that the graphical so as a sequence of these beauty changing because of the object is
the religious you know the 1 I go to the same when
I'm 1 of you might have to the images in the have colored they already have background music you know who when there's already a map music again I have 1 through music and
so I thought why why don't we create a video creation of group contains the sound of the colors so that you don't you
created using you can just use the the sound on the video so this is just the them created from the notice some number of years and you want to go to the end that's a tree or in the in the in the in the in the in the refrigerator Korean that can even if you make many of the age the universe in the you know as a pianist out of that 1 and there's a whole and we actually I can call color answer etc. Simon alteration of all of the name from commercial and maybe our this is how I think all the all the all the all the walls on on the wall and can handle even than a historian and not all the all the all the all yeah well my perception of of a lot of things to
get it so I has also
change because now I can actually hear the
screaming for example the in here Picasso was odd museums have have become like music halls as well as I can hear things all pages have become so I have a
completely different experience of a wire or it was just the usual terminology music so anti-war really know
if you have an anti-war who all using the very loud and very specific colors whereas more classical painting some less because they're less saturated with many
minority-owned certain knowledge in the way of person so will markers but also museums and want to
in also the where perceives faces has completely changed his no each face has a sound so what I
really enjoyed doing is sound portrayed instead of drawing someone's phase I just get close
and then I I listen to the color of the eyes and the lips the skin and the the hair and then
arrived under different notes and this creates a specific sound a portrait of of faces 1 of the 1st ones was brings joules and he sounded very musical because he has so many policy has his Iberis on different from his eyes and actually his left eye and his right some different as well so he he sounds a lot so I grid is sound which is and then you can also create music with faces so you
keep adding rhythms and the different layers of some at any of these fast enough so that you may have tried to
enhance an utterance also some different also many many more people have used that slight difference between the left and the right most people think they're either blue or the green would actually do a little so there's always a slight difference and this is what I the think and then against those some of the people that you're laughing up at the sky blue using the the phases that we don't get
up so these are the finals and I joined and together they used for we is unique authoring a here we can use of all the all is actually allows me thinking 0 faced constant as well so that instead of being in the audience and then I plot the United last loudspeakers and I keep people's
spaces by handing rhythms in different layers and he the concert sounds terrible it's always the audience's fault cause I'm thinking of the college
from the audience so I think later on stage 2 will actually create if the
sponsors sue anyone that wants to participate will be playing the faces so we can create a new music from the colors would release struck me was that humans are not black and white which is something I also learned as a child of the black people wear black and we were when I was white but it's just completely false my skin is not white and black people's skin is not black the black skins are very very very dark orange and white skins are very very very late already so it would really varies is the date you so it can be very like and to give you a yellowish orange a reddish-orange and then what varies is the light but we have never of black or white is a Hummer human color with the detects the different hues in the in the skins of I've listened to since 2000 and 4 funny had
some secondary effects well when when he was writing the I work so when he picks up the phone that the lines the
sound that you can kinda born from k-means green so always he always relates
to health once we've the collard greens all for example the freight in our Parliament
it's always sounds purple so he had to paint the free to purple yeah it is it is annoying because it was so it sounded purple but it was white so it would just be the purple so it makes sense but so it happened with more and more things started to happen with our
with music as well so I went to a
conservative US and i've while it's nodes has a colour cause I I felt at each node of the singer
was they had a caller so I could I could relate the music to color so I decided to start thinking painting music which is the note by note I just transpose what I hear 2 color so I I just try to find the same sound on the palate or on the for the shop and it sounds the same and then I can create music by we with babies this is somewhat hurts Queen of the Night and this is the baby baby by Justin Bieber which is strange
because of how many people say wow it straight with its pink but it's very and I I didn't decided but it's actually think which remaining that maybe there's is a real
relations this sounded color that we still have discovered the act as 1 you transpose the 4 seasons of the valley
color most people guess which ones which 1 there is no way and there's no of subjectivity this is just a transposition of the light to colors so it's not strange that most people can detect which is which season is which also i've transport use voice FIL cholera occurs when we speak we are using different frequencies and these frequencies or to color so these are 2 speech is 1 of them is uh a speech by Hitler and the other 1 is a speech by Martin Luther King they're very different speech is 1 of them is I have a dream and yeah most people think that Hitler's the 1 on the left is actually the 1 on the right the most powerful 1 is Hillis because he use many different frequencies in a very small amount of time so this is transposed the colony gives a very large variety of color whereas Martin Luther King speech of I have a dream is always between c and he his wife was always between C and E so the result is a very bluish pink and purple and really thinking so this is a sock so not that because knocking
give answers with uh object so with them with them and he colorful element so I give color classes and this is what we'll do the afterwards with faces I'm in is is the user that will also show afterwards that it's
called which is where the greatest disadvantage buildings in the performance of risk is really only be
good for an instant that plays a and when and we integrate this happening
events and more critical inquiry point of a miscarriage ranking
cells can also be used in a mostly depends on the
whole and that is how serious preschool class there are always contains and its mean annotation and set was the beginning and end and the thing is that is always the different because people in bins of the importance of having a stay there and more earthquakes there will be no which is something that may not like an audience may be viewed differently from an instrument names and because there is no loss and this is the only the only and there are certainly for I mean so you theory which always or they should always be be in the so called the this yeah and in 2010 we decided to start the silent because really received so many mils of the people interested in extending the
senses and becoming the sidewalk and we found that the set of nation with being the 1 was to help people to become a side but the
2nd was to defend this i've of rights and the 3rd 1 is to promote the cyborgism which is that the social and movement of the head and
expand the extended and the people that the senses as
instances of cyber isn't actually be an odd movement where I is not only use their senses but they create new sensors through the union between cybernetics and their own body and then they create new art through these new sensors so it's not only a social moment but we see mostly as an as an odd movement what do we believe sigh work is is is 0 is very to others in a very personal relationship with Cybernetics in my case I feel that I only felt like a cyborg when I really felt that cybernetics where part of my organism and this happened after months of wearing the electric I it wasn't an automatic feeling I didn't feel like a sigh work when I we started to hear callers I started to feel this strong union between cybernetics and my body when I said that the dream in color when it was my
brain creating electronica sounds in my dreams it wasn't the software but my brain and it was 1 I could really feel the difference
between the software and my brain I feel that the electronic i is now an extension of my sense an extension of my brain and a part of my body this is my brain within an MRI scan and they
are here they are showing me a black-and-white image of the sky and then what
happens when I look at a black-and-white image of the sky is that my brain automatically creates set the sound C sharp because I'm so used to
hearing C sharp when I look at the sky that my brain automatically gives me the color it also happens if they showed me the oranges that I would create and sharp and this is exactly what happens to my brain when I dream that my brain creates sound because I'm so used to hearing now I had a problem in 2004 because I wasn't allowed to renew my passport there's a there's a law that says that you're not allowed to appear on passport for those with any electronic equipment so I wrote back to them and tell them that what they were seeing was no longer an electronic equipment but a part of my body an extension of my senses that I felt that this was me and a part of me so I I I wrote to them and then they replied center this was not the uh good a good reason well that I would need a letter from my doctor so I went to the doctor and the doctor wrote the let explain how
I felt in my word permanently and I felt it was an extension of my senses so at the same time they finally accepted which is which
is really good cause now I can actually travel around the world with the electric I know 1 can actually forced me to take of the I it's a part of my official image and is is is there's many many situations where people don't like the fact that I'm wearing an electronic uh element many people think that I'm feeling what I'm doing something illegal I was in Venice for Sunday's detecting the collar people thought I was from will view because I thought I was filming for the for the goal of you so people start thinking that I'm actually doing things that I'm not so just from yesterday a friend from Berlin created this and now and he created this is as I'm not feeling so I might be wearing his arrived as it actually doesn't help
so it really creates uncomfortable situations because of people just
very very afraid of the fact that I might be filming them so they're having it in the past
well at least give some prefer I'm were also has its yeah when the Spanish prominent and I also when the earrings and I could renew my passport is so is small so she can actually also travel with 0 7 at the stage of those that this has changed now and national also renew my passport photo cause my i has evolved since 2004 but is like having an old haircut of something that you can't really has 4 for a change this some president with the sum of the nation is in
the we the EU EU work we did the opposite the the but those is slightly then supposed songs to do column so we could do like uh consistent and who who
was a depicts the dominant
frequency of the term has a lot
theory of also have a microphone with a
small the so that you want to see a very seriously see the color really you want to see if the site
scene has also this would really the the real on
June very well so it will actually have a
little over the whole
also allows
the the someone is talking to you so as if someone has a very high pitch voice you can see by the head of the signals vision
extra perceptually together with the local anyone who has received the color of my
slides these are projects we've done with blind people but we've given a world
with all the cybernetic extensions are open and free and anyone that wants to create and I work they can find out on the web site and we help people create their own Alec trying eyes we don't sell trying eyes we don't sell and extensions we want people to trade them at all want to learn how to create a more just in the news and watching them so here is with blind people and they their their experience can be quite different because but there I blind people that used to see color when they were children so telling them that that
sound is red and that sound is blue actually activates the memory and they can actually remember and we visualize the core so when you put blue in front of a blind person that used to see root and you done whenever you hear this gonna be below that I can start seeing the color that they used to say so it has a different effect from from me and from we would have a different effect from someone that sees color because it will also have maybe a psychedelic effects and then learn the common so much faster and the people that was amazing in this case we we with a cup of coffee after the after the end of the cover they could difference in from green from yellow from red which a basic colors so it's it's quite fascinating that blind
people the is another present that dependent bars
where we had that thing in the sink and we will said well with this space that you have in and what we could do and 1st he wanted to have a scale while we thought of different options because he had this extra space so so he could use on your finger to have some kind of extra uh viewing our ability so he actually we thought that we didn't know what to with a maybe a scale maybe if you have something and I would tell you the exact weight of anything you have on your hands but this wasn't really useful for him of and there was a well I you a small corpus maybe you could have a lighter but this piece here doesn't
small so maybe a light just to have some like but then or he said he was studying
film and I was dying actually audio media so that that may be something related to all camera so we just added a small miniature camera that allows you to take
pictures of him with his own hand but this prejudice telophase was we want him to
have some kind of feedback is now is just is just wearing of the tool but not as a
sense yes so we're still working on this so that he can actually feel something and maybe
perceive something extra the and this is the internal that we will great to have something in your article and whatever you place north the 8th as it makes iteration and your uncle so you know how to invade the world the space so this can have in yourself 1 when you are in this city on the far 0 when there's no sun because of many people are in by the somebody with this you can actually know whether northeast we are also working on internal like so there's
many people that have these photos of to missing so why not replace this
tools with something that can actually give you something else something more so we're creating these uh tools that had has is a small let inside so that when you but you have like so in giving total darkness you can
just open your mouth if while
most of the sensors that we've talked about in the we are excited on expanding our senses that already exist in nature so we have very very much inspired by animals and animal senses and we
feel that becoming a cyborg a using technology as part of the body is not actually becoming more like a machine
is not actually becoming less human body is actually giving us the chance to perceive reality to the level of other animal species and to get closer to the animal kingdom it allows us to to
field nature in a greater way the set when Cambodia and POS and the and here's like the domain
because nobody's going here bone-conduction so hearing color through bone-conduction makes me feel closer to dolphins because they can actually hear them through bone conduction and rain discussed receive the ultraviolet so
perceiving ultraviolet many insects or birds it makes me feel also closer to other animals from online book to a speedy and you can make light so that was so having to the to the have light is something that already happens in nature as animals that can create like when interval lot so it it would also help us see when we are in
darkness he gives an electrical electrical field supply people sickened attend electrical fields with
some this and this these brought is amazing he freezes and freezes when the winter comes but on the whole body like the old ordinance even the height is frozen and his shoes like nearly dead but then when the spring comes in the sand status due to shine as they recover again and all the although against the phrase and the again alive we are not suggesting as to
freezing winter we just just tried those there that's plated as good as no superpowers and actually
nature has already all these sensors that we feel that there's so so incredible and actually this and is a mortal so in mortality already exist in nature so we have various by by by nature not by science fiction and we feel closer to nature and not so much to all these them talk about becoming super human or becoming 0 having superpowers what we want really is to
try to experience life and nature to the level of other animal species and we
also think that we we as humans haven't been able to adapt very well to we have to deal the streets and
that we had to build buildings to be able to leave more comfortable and actually in in the earthquakes and now it's something really bad when a beacon with this is that is happening but it's it it could be something enjoyable when the earth molds everyone could enjoy but because we fields like I see is that are not adapted to to the planet then it's the goods that bad attitude and way yeah squeeze are not actually the catastrophe that catastrophe is that humans have not been able to adapt to the to worst yet the word sigh work was created so that humans could adapt and survive in space but we feel that we still need to survive and be able to experience the Earth itself so I think we we
should all try to hide this experiment some kind of cybernetical sensory expansion because there's so much that
we cannot perceive and that we could actually perceive now during our generation is the 1st time when
human evolution doesn't need to wait I mean we can evolve during our lifetime we can evolve to the direction that we want and there's so many options right now that we could all start trying out so we we really encourage you to think about which sensory expansion you'd like to do and to just experiment for a few months or maybe for ever having these extra cents thank you very much
for the Cleveland
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