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I palindrome I - Your life is mine
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In an increasingly digital world we are becoming fictional characters in other people's stories and legislation is not the solution for the privacy debate. Marcus Brown wrote, developed and performed digital characters; from 2006 until the end of 2010 he created a cast of around 18 fictional actors that entwined themselves into the everyday lives of everyday people. Then suddenly, he stopped. Some people think that he just got bored of it all, that he didn't have the time or that he had simply run out of ideas. He has never really talked about why he stopped, until now. The truth is he scared himself; that is to say his last character - Jack The Twitter - scared him. The research, the writing, the profiling and stalking of Jack's "victims"terrified the living daylights out of him.
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without a a a a a shot and
a Bud your soul as
a combat against the times that of the material in port of Rome while your life is mine and which fork potential and use of unwanted on acknowledgements grown under Saddam's response a half the and the hello the the the so is
there anybody in this room that doesn't speak German the a k a do in English now how that could have done in German voice um be speak it is said that an hour sorry the all of around 2006 I started making digital characters on the internet this thing the taxi drivers now called big um the characters were really sweet they were safe and they were fun to do and people seem to like them a and then 1 day I decided I wanted to do something a a bit more dangerous something little scary the and so on I came up with the idea of doing a character called cold
code coach kick like social I the yeah the American mother this idea of doing a character called Jack them Jack the Twitter but there is on Jack the Twitter there was a sort a psychotic liver eating Prokofiev's loving digital stalker who hated people who used to geotagged tweets loosely
based on me because the started doing him with Foursquare came out on Twitter was just full of pine act and I've just won the batch I hated Foursquare and so detract and a had a lot of fun with
Jack and again have a lot of fun with Jack he as as a character of to most the characters up until this point which is kind of it was justified to have made a description and they were doing silly things like sitting on the toilet reading other people's Tweets Mac stuff um but Jack was supposed to be
menacing the 1st version of Jack was was at that Jack wasn't called Jack at the beginning it was he was called social psycho but that was shipped so I changed it to jacket Twitter and spend of about 1 and a half to 2 hours every time of wrote anything that Jack it written for doing a video and to have had at 1 and a half to 2 of hours becoming Jack Twitter the so as you can see by then
so I had some curls here this is what's on what we call the of bold mullet and in German over that in German and um in the vocal you Solomon on let's a similar so so and I had to kind of get rid of all of my
hair so put on this this this happened made so far but had to group B 8 of the rule 1 and a half hours and this was a she really important I found out later on this these screens are taken from a video that I did that she put on gender Twitter's block and help people around later help people who were becoming increasingly scared if this digital stalker and to realize there was such a fictional character and it was a fictional story and there isn't really such a person called Jack the Twitter he doesn't exist but this this was the kind of stuff that that some there is doing you and way actually did was just monitor um everybody in that in in London that was giving out geotagged tweets I was doing this in Munich I live in Munich was actually in London uh um at no point during this project was I in London did I ever meet the people that he
was stalking his victims um the and he would he had free of 4 lists on twitter so there was like a bronze of a bronze victims list the big but singular run the bronze victimless silver and gold and the ultimate list of no for this the ultimate list for Jack was in fact um worthy of punishment so people could see that they on this list will be a punishment and inside it and a bit scared over the course of the project people started to complain that they were only on the silver list they wanted to be on the punishment based but so how how did all of this
and I'm really whizzing through this summer and 5 minutes so how the goal of this really work well I was monitoring this this as well he also have to be a friend of mine this as well and the Foursquare monitoring the Foursquare tweets is really easy because the ways geotagged a rule like the way see exactly where they were on a map and the beginning of the project that was quite it was quite useful like it's kind of like starting a feel offer for where these people were going where they were and I can exactly pinpoint them at any given time but you in the course of the project has that kind of like looking for stuff like this so on he's done is the center of a picture um morris dancing in
Victoria damn nice the picture With this here because that was that was all although I had says all I knew was that he was watching morris dancers I knew that he was in the Victoria part of London
somewhere and and I was a the the but I was looking at the picture I could find an awful lot more that I could see that was actually standing quite close to a half when on the publisher's pop and eating house the of this is it's really strange glass building in the background of the picture and this is great form here so why would did you lose spend it to me 2 and a half hours to find a way we will actually what's um I would use the Google Street View and and a satellite view to exist the exactly pinpoint where all of Jack's victims work so I knew that will was
standing about here the so you worry was what Jack would then d was right a little story the um I was saddened the pub once chatting to a man he is that it would go on so this a bit of story but the real trick of what Jack was doing was found the but this giving tiny little bits of information the only somebody who was actually physically there would no because will didn't say in his tweet is kind of like an emotional psychological thing that Jack
Jack was doing here so as I sub home I L 1 watch William watching
them morris dancers outside the Phoenix this London and the UK is greater have a like a pop search so I've had a whole list of polyps In the Victoria area and I found out it was the Victoria so that the Phoenix outside the field I realize that he hasn't tightening not taking me away from him maybe useful maybe it's just another lost so in London so what I would use of was published using the satellite and the street view stuff to locate people is all also using webcams and to see what the weather was like so is introducing all of the time loads and loads of elements only somebody that was actually there could see the jack was never that so then what would happen is jacquard inform cuts which the victim that they'd had an encounter and that he was worthy of punishment and it would freak them out utterly freedom l is another example junk some attempts just a picture this 1 was slightly more challenging it took me 3 and a half hours to find out where and Chris was so the nineties how shit certain people are taking pictures and every is everybody on this list seem to be really really shaped the taking pictures them the all I had was this skyline in the back and then knew he was on the tensor was all
I had and the so the basically straight views the entire stretch of the Thames until I found here on Tower Bridge the actual skyline to find his exact position for taking a photograph which was here I have to use all of the metadata in Google 2 to kind of actually find out exactly where he wasn't in the story that then follows you have got
little elements like and that the blue the blueprint Cafe so I kind of decimated has and what route cursor taken to get to this point and down here but here is a little confocal the blueprint cover the the blueprint
Cafe so Jack sat in a cafe Chris must window and then has an encounter with Chris the a Jack's um had a rocket Jack had a rod of punishment it was in his mother's world of punishment had serious mother issues the
so so that was basically a story and it was just carrying on it is really fun and people were kind in Freetown about it which was kind of fun and interesting in the beginning angry um and moaning about privacy and all that I promise for and several what was happening was I was doing this for months every single day I
was spending hours watching free-fall Twitter strings and pinpointing particular people the same people that were better than that would better at showing where they are and what the but where they were than others and they will obviously much more interesting to me and I'm sure you've all got friends that over Over share yeah you always know where they are and I and I've been accuse actually somebody last week accuse me of under sharing that and I'm really proud
of that I'm really really proud of that i'd ice of about 4 months ago I didn't have a fine for 3 weeks it was the best thing that's ever happened to me people the
take a break take a break take 4 weeks off it's it's absolutely welfare so I'm watching all of these people and watching these fades and something something fundamental started happening aside realizing that I was profiling these people
I was it's becoming like I could not only profile these people I could predict what they would do it or what they would do next i to predict a
what mood they would be in a what time of day I could actually start predicting what picture they would post next I knew where they bought their a new which I knew which was a favorite Starbucks I knew which was a favorite Starbucks Coffee the I knew what music they like so I knew that can you routes and I knew that route from home to the train station what trying they would be on what underground station they would arrive in in London what route they would take to work where they would eat lunch when they would go back to work how long
they'd be at work and when it come again and that's kind of interesting from a from a creative point of view from it it's a it's slots lots of stuff that you can use to think about lots and lots of stuff that you can write stories wave of and that gives you a lot of creative energy but um at some point turned into criminal energy went quietly a 1 . it and it's where it stops being kind of like a creative energy thing and turned into a something
resembling a criminal energy I wanted to know more at some point I wanted to go onto a flight and actually see if my predictions were correct so actually wanted to step over the line of voyeurism into actually finding out where these people physically wearing if I was and if I had predicted the correctly and that's naughty we shouldn't be doing that kind of stuff the
and and that's why stop that's why store the reason I stopped is known
as I was acts on me shitless if somebody if somebody in Munich new what's 20 people in London were doing on would do where they would be whether we're going to do they talk to their friends are the demands on the kids are walked up playgrounds they take the kids to that's of past terrifying that's absolutely terrifying
so I have to stop a palindrome
so what does that mean does anybody know what does anybody know the song I palindrome I that 1 hand yeah they might be giants Big band anybody with you study that the ended and the 19 eighties the beginning in the 19 nineties uh they might giants huge band this wonderful those song about them the about beating yourself hold and Jack the character was starting to consume the writer and that's why I
have to stop and that's actually why I've never of tried to kick-start Jack a number of times but it's just it just scares the living daylights out of me such it got me thinking of the sea is
ominous but I I I like to think I'm kind of a little bit on the stupid so I had a little think about what's going on and what what an F is happening what and how can I invade people's lives so that and then I've been
talking about their privacy it would talk about the lines How can I invade people's lives and create fictional stories with these with their lives and get away with it and I think I think we're seeing the reasons for this here at this very conference and I think we sing the reason for this here at the this very
Conference year on year on year on year for the last thank you for years it's this is now this is the most scary image I've seen in the last the thing I ever had at the what the
fuck was he thinking I so here is seriously robber seriously we have it we are when thank you the next image is quite nice because I've I didn't say this is me suffer my toilet and reading ironically Roberts Roberts tweets um 5 years ago
so what do you know why does that happen let's why are we doing this this whole kind of I in here and I've got
this fine with look at mine called the look at my salad you know why why we why they actually doing that I mean the reason for me sitting on the toilet reading out and Roberts traits and David a minus weights and everybody else's tweet sided but then this is the kind of story the way um this effect is same way wasn't exactly the same reason I was items taken the peace these people it's kind of it's kind of a this costing culture that we live in now and the people here all of me included although I'm the sharing of the mind um about a becoming part of
this cold costing culture that did have you seen this thing from Dave Grohl from a few fighters that was going around with this week about the X factor in all that kind of stuff in the back in the day we would just gonna buy ship why she it's how are be really and music that go into the going to the carriage practice with some might be really really shit and then a
year later be the biggest rock band in the world that will happen because it is practice in practice in practice and had lots of fun with it and it I just went on tall nowadays we will think my case files my files my youngest daughter um at 2 3 2 years ago what you want to be when you grow up any ideas what she said I thank you don't have the a superstar she wanted to be a superstar the cosine is devastated by this aboard her guitar actionable paucity acoustic and electric energy plays guitar she wants to be in a band thank
God and not a superstar so this whole how many people how many people here have a blog care how many people in that
how many of you write regularly to come along at and how many of you the run the blogger right regularly after posting opposed to go to your status in a falling for an hour and thank you can I like assigned to it the and is the is the whole we've got this we've got this whole channel that we can use some prior and kind of like presenter ourselves and our strange fiddle republic world we can all be starts least for free
days and when you had your own blog you can be a star at least for an hour they're finding but what's really very scary and that's kind of the point of of 1 talking about here is of what Jack was doing
was he was folding reality and fiction this character was taking something that was happening happening making out a completely new story of folding it back into the reality of that person that's a very kind of academic way of saying I was I was stealing their lives for my own purposes now if I could do that is to some strange bloke with curly hair so of the if some strange below communicative curly hair and and funny funny black glasses can do that kind of thing and gain some kind of notoriety people start enjoying it finding a funding
mention what would happen if a media company like Fox started doing this site of all the money and all the power and all the network channels and all the bits and pieces that they have matter if they started taking all of that information at your pumping out there free of charge to make the wrong a new kind of reality sitcoms thing that's the 1st problem my session thank you of
imagine how that would be for them what's the most important thing further any media media house at the moment when making television today was the most important thing what money cheap nest it's got to be achieved do you think they do reality shows because they're interesting do you think they do reality shows for scripted reality because it's culturally relevant they them because they're cheap
so the cheapness is running out the they're running out of stock and guess who's giving them stuff any guesses you are you and me and
everybody else is giving them stuff in the 1st place 2nd ties with the 5 thousand people the river the visited the Republic in Germany you don't think this is happening is already happening is happening every single time the cause even do voice Germany they're starting to blend in not tweets that's kind of blended media they call blended media RTL at doing it to so your comments to becoming part of the company coming parts of the former is just the 1st step there richening their
formats with cheap free compensation based content not some of you may know nothing of maybe a couple of you've been waiting for this it so when I when I um when I posted the at this paper and opposes paper I won't pay to 90 randomly that would
be the conference is anybody's face on here yes yeah I know I know you hello do we really need to talk OK so you're all here here is really good here is relevant here is important here is the place where Jack would starts you make it so easy for people like Jack to invade your lives the 1st thing you'll did when the tickets for Alex was the log onto land this land yacht thing and tell us all year you would be there you everybody on my list was on this list thanks very much and I knew that you were here because of
you checked in yesterday and so thanks have a semester checking in every every single digital stalker everybody wants to steal your life knows the
unit thank you very much so 1 of done this might not have not these anonymous Ivan not there's no names the ECA probably guess some of these people are and this is this 1 is a female wanted like to point out that there were 2 females have picked and 1 woman uh if I if
optionally OK there to there it's you in females and 1 male maybe am the females is very interesting in Germany the German the females of some of the you know the people that share the most about their lives of female and living color OK so this this young
lady lives and this is this is have a color palette the by the way this is a color palette based on the other hand on the average colors uh um to Instagram so these are have favorite colors
and I know for a fact that so I'm going to meet her written in a girl so if I should physically wanted to go and install the chances of meeting and there were very very high I she has kit kitchen I know what coffee-pot she uses because is in EQ kitchen I know that she has a Vodaphone a contract I notice she's she's got a guy she's but she's got a boyfriend she doesn't like allowed to people that had neighbors play the guitar let us we know that she was in Brighton last year she likes and was this again and Angus and duteous stone down the way so if I wanted to be in how to how to strike up a conversation with a
woman you start to talk about music my my my my fellow man the she makes movies as she likes crochet so she was probably in the guerrilla knitting session guessed that yesterday so but I know that kind of stuff about the 2nd is a guiding them at all of about something really important I'm sorry and provision run time the
care and they on sat on on
the 1st of many she was that this tram stop in alone with a big bag of um um bread rolls and as she forgot to take back our umbrella some of my hope you've done that if you if you are here and the 2nd guy is of it the 2nd is a guide this is it this is what he saw this morning when he left his hotel um he's OK let also like you like swimming a lot he's a late-night kind of guy so I'd be
engaging with his life of somewhere between 11 o'clock at nite 3 o'clock in the morning uh he likes Italian phase of of this summer's go wrong in his life is not she talked about it I can tell how can I tell the he assessing to change things he's boyfriend Shui book to kind of reorganize his
house and and I think he's had his heart broken I think he said it's not broken he's actually in this room I think you've had your heart broken up he's listened to brings pi but as 90 just friends my but 1 particularly Lal over 74 4
times the on last fm this month so the 2nd 1 I bet you can guess who this 1 is if you really really think about eating Gustavus's um she's probably have a sports injury and the last half a year and she like splashed and she likes stuff she really likes the song and I've got a hero and notable as it um Bonnie Steiner
and holding out for a hero hearer I don't think she likes Bonnie Tyler vision I think she likes the and NMI abrupt Bowman version and I think she used to be in a band um I think she thinks that she's a bit of a singer-songwriter you and this is what she sees every room every week at least twice a week that's where she sees twice a week so what can what can I do with that kind of stuff where this is all the stuff that I can engage with if I can write stories about this I can invade their life I can fold it back into my reality I was thinking about doing it with this character code young Barnabas this is me 16 I because my I had I
had channels what the thick book but did there because unlike don't fear again watching you all may be scared again I
could literally predict what you've been adding X I could predict what you in the post next
so what outlaw everybody wants to talk about Laura and Republican that's the kind of thing we wanna talk about I don't know I'm not a law kind a guy I write stories make ship up passive Internet entirely leaves the uh leave everybody else that Republican a kind of think about that kind of thing especially the Germans the who do you like to talk about that but I don't think law will help you I
don't think that the law any kind of legislation can help you the only thing that can really help you I can stop you from from me stealing your life this
constraint so closing statement do more safe unless about what you do thank you very much and that was interested in their research regular use such
if you think it