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Speculative Design
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Speculative Design makes proposals that digest large complex issues surrounding our futures into tangible designs for debate. These emerge as memes to change our perspective on scientific research and tech trajectories. I push a form of Speculative Design that builds mutually beneficial relationships between fringe communities and the mainstream population. I will show some of my case-studies of unusual possible futures in a way that we can emotionally digestible grand research complexities as messy people rather than early adopters, users and consumers. As well as using case studies of other practioners, I will explain the rationale of some of my projects.
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the theft of some of her and
is informal vital physical model about what's
wasn't doing his mother to be so because the misery of the sparsity inducing if the model state for the LPO because that doesn't glides in them again areas by uh then is directly along most December some copy to you is king on the speaker let he was designed problem
William was assigned going to then have a here uh good cooked billions and fall talk a hint of this is these are modest it is often you have made
up the flea theories that was up applied Boston's regret use designs I current but as and that's more of a find it's kind in that the government was is or a mother of him for into settlers in the joystick for bleak could you come it's OK student Optus uh captures does look so that there were at the the goal is not close but the fear of the summer
the the the if the mall and
everyone who could all these spaces do you think we could all come forward a little bit and an ensemble 1 of those very annoying people that's dragging you away from your lunches and then it will plot on and delete straight into the heart cool stuff before all of our blood sugar drops but I'm very happy to be here and to explain a little bit about the field of speculative design and some of my contributions within this field with French communities and then later on will focus on a particular project called farm fication the speculative design makes proposals that digest large complex issues into tangible designed for debate it's helping us critically think about all these issues surrounding of futures What if she's well computation biomedicine feed technologies energy crisis synthetic biology Cloud Security financial algorithms space travel robotic consciousness so thankfully have and we do all of this using real life products to market it's that were already are familiar with cities out kind of prayer 2 types of theoretical ideas and to bring us that 1 step closer to all these very distant and grandiose character futures research why is this necessary it yeah company very much is starting a slide with my Facebook image and because you know as you all know well into into this world of hyper documentation it pretty much means nothing to the imagination and for us it's getting more and more difficult to maintain this suspension of disbelief so proposals that can generate this immediate that debate and criticism is a very proactive and effective way of presenting research and we have an agenda we wanna
bridge and between this research in real life in a way that goes beyond our common market expectations of
design so for years we've been asking design taking us and it's a good question and this is
finally inviting us to participate and engage in this imagination of alternative futures and we need to do this because we need to counter this mainstream acceptance of our features from the perspective of passive users and docile consumers yeah so then when he
was staring at a rubber chicken meet Camilla Kerala this is what NASA's and the latest desperate attempt to become more engaging and why is this because we were obviously so overwhelmed by this scientific research that we need to overcome this intellectual wall with a rubber chicken and to me this is a al crisis speculative design so what we do is we make things more emotionally approachable rather dumbing down we really and inviting people to ask more questions and we wanna embrace it from the perspective of messy you
know complex fucked up here is that we are so I spend my time
exploring fringe groups of people that are largely ignored by the mainstream
communities and mainstream industry so instead of leaving them to become forgotten and left behind in overlooked in the following speculative design projects and
hope you'll see an richness and opportunities with a feature with the fringes the that's all that let's spend a little bit of time
looking at my ideas of the French so this is about having of course it shows that standard distribution of any as stand population it could be of any taste criteria preference believe it's lecture and generally would like to focus on the norm the mainstream population the middle for years it was a golden nuggets of marketeers and proud supporters of mass production but I became fascinated with all the folks that fall into the edges the fringes because I think a more formal convinced that this is well that's really exciting stuff is coming from and this is this is reading you what and not claiming that you know I'm the pioneer because in the design world would name is for years that we say even have a research technique very common cold extreme users where researchers would observe no mainstream users experiencing a particular product example you know giving us a palatal to a 90 year old and seeing how they interact with it all and I had to a 3 year old and waiting for this unusual behavior to emerge now all these insights and
information of them pull it back to the original research
but to enhance it in some way for the mainstream and this is where it gets interesting a Robert disconcerting because they're really 2 types of exploitation that a potentially happening here 1 we
also the original product full and the original users and we forget about outliers and
it's kind of like stealing insights from them and then not caring about them at all or 2 we take this learning and we adapt a mainstream product itself back to the fringes essentially normalizing the French and contributing um a loss in the uniqueness and this is pretty hot topic with
the design world asking itself if we're really helping just exploiting through our now with all of this in mind I
started exploring with my projects venturing into the weird and wonderful world of the French and creating surprising services with cat ladies conspiracy theories and aviation activists and explains actly Heidi this the 1st product is called association of the line satiation so I became
fascinated with strategies is because normally people say it with a rolled I unit Due to the properties of the quintessential acknowledgment of disappearance from society but the amazing people imagine living with 5 to 6 the cats sharing them with your home prioritizing of them over your loved ones even and in extreme cases taking on 2nd jobs to feed this expensive the admittedly bills but as I was sitting height ladies I started hearing about this parasite called toxoplasmosis answer toxoplasmosis infects brains of rats and causes behavior changes in the rat in 1 of these changes is that the rat becomes less fearful and this change in behavior causes it more likely to be eaten by a hungry cat once that and 8 reproduces in the cat got and on is passed on in the feet cycle now in humans and we can get toxoplasmosis as well and the ulcer causes changes in behavior and the thing that really fascinates me is that from the scientific studies women infected with toxoplasmosis actually appear to be more attractive level 0 my god this is amazing I mean if you think about all the you know invasive procedures of by out there anything from our colonic irrigation to lasers to fish-eating dead skin surely being infected with the pack isn't so far-fetched after all so you um I created a spy experience that would provide access to toxoplasmosis in the form of a carrier cat and available for a high-end clientele and all of this is overseen and that the expertise of a cat
lady in a section called us the light therapy and a company called Association of feline association overseas
this whole interaction now let's just watch a clip of of exactly what if you like therapy session could look like so I just had my field I therapy session interesting kind of weird and but it's very natural
processing of how it works and and and quite into work and experience of this and and yet to
be honest in the creep ear then parasites themselves so I have that the
bonding with the cash and then on then she shows the products in the shop assume that you know
yourself like kept muffins can potentially factories and
and and then other Protestant company that
use channels so given a hard sell so in city of the association of the Lie Association of adhesive
scientific interpretation of an infection and impact to create a service and between cat ladies and uh this mainstream spa ladies which would maintain and support this lifestyle of khaki keeping the next project is called a well known waters and it is a water filtration service run by conspiracy theories I
was looking for my next fringe group when I came across a bunch of conspiracy theories enhance said they call themselves Wellman because the gathered as well to share
the findings and done some of their beliefs or quite relatable while others which is wild speculations that even I couldn't quite grasp and I'm there quite unapproachable and I felt very uneasy but then I remembered that encouraging the diversity of bullets in the general population is all about exchange ideas with people that were not all that comfortable with and is also important to point out that conspiracy theories can be helpful sometimes if we think back to
the initial performance of global warming back 30 years ago sometimes conspiracy theories I just trees aren't yet understood by the public anyway after delving into this world of of paranoia and having some intense research and
it was decided that water would become and the kind of data conspiracy theory to your in potential behaviors because let's think about it you more likely to be convinced about unit concerned about some of fluoridation of your tap water with which is quite difficult to get rid of then say up governmental facilities
to cause international depression right so the M 1 waters would become a service and is free to periodically filter large quantities of your tap water at the convenience of your dull sets the what's the catch well it it takes about 15 minutes and all this time you've got someone in front of you door responsible for your drinking water you
end up paying back by listening times and home but
but the yeah through of the
assistance to the with
you you you problem size and
residents now and we would like
go and findings in the moment and it is 1 of the features to and in that
documentation what he was saying is that of the well would gradually talk about the dangers of mass fluoridation awhile since operating this device and then and if that is and put you off this further upgrades as well such as magnetization and heavy metal
filtration and even this aspiration of of Easter Jin extraction linked a each to specific topics of increasing paranoia and of course
requiring further listing time that unit we created with the Wellman uses active alumina which is um use at the moment of with UNICEF projects and the machine is created entirely out of products found in the internet so that and any further converted to conspiracy theories could just go home and have their own the water filtration of platform became this way for relationships and information exchange to
occur between conspiracy theories and the health-conscious public you the
next project Kieffer heritage came about when I found myself in a
London apple you know what do we do at airports we wait unfortunately last year nearly
70 million people passed through London Heathrow Airport with no connection to the story surrounding them as a designer I felt very much at pains about this because we design these places to be very passive spaces so when I found out that they were
12th century historical villages that were under threat from the applet expansion I found at of these group of aviation accidents that protest against this say on 1 side they have a very hostile relationship obviously with Apple and on the other side they support village life with it input of a couple of
local historians and villages we created these historical beneath bike tools for stranded passengers and then these will be run by activists the and the main
challenge obviously at this point is to avoid any potential conflict between the activists and the Apple security so 0 we found an apple at a complimentary shuttle busses which conveniently took all the
passengers out of the airports and into the villages ones that the activists would take you on around the villages so within 45
minutes you you'd be given a journey of where Charles Dickens governing Scrooge and meet the late inventor of the
famous English Cox apple and emerge in what was the oldest born in Britain before returning back the gain 5 the bus as to the apple the the
heritage became at this event where all the parties became stakeholders and 2 disparate communities with conflicting interests could actually form personal bonds using history as a platform In all the
services and we've seen that and that the services such as a sparse and filters and tolls were actually um a way of creating a feature with the fringes such as cat ladies and conspiracy theories and apple activists and how they can and have relationships with the mainstream groups and it's it's really about sort of maintaining this mutually beneficial relationship so that the base have something that a unique to give to each of us so it's not a relationship of explicitation all of parasitic and and we will want to push beyond this you may and say the the
parasites in the water and the history became platforms and of engagement but it's far beyond our perception of a future with uh yeah parasites wars in
history but it's about our features at of using the seashore awkwardnesses in order to achieve a common variant mundane goal the anyway at
this point I found myself in these uh technology conferences up and I
came across this term lots of very very very clever people would go on and on about and law of and diffusion of innovation which is all about how
people adapt a products and and this is illustrated very well by Tom fishball and and I started learning that these are early adopters the party guys over you over the is it the side that's that's a few of the party guys over here are at time t and full you know you and taking on these innovations whereas the laggard the lonely dude sitting there on the so far is only unit despised and pitied for some being left out and I started realizing that there's actually a growing amount of people being pushed into the fringes this emerging 3 what have we learned from this and on this quest led me to live inside a joystick factory
benefit for those of you out early adopters out joysticks just a short reminder our input devices for and banging
and I think we all this studies of unit in community out there we really don't know much about them make a world
so let's watch a clip from the research as
a Jerry think like many other pieces of technology moles huge amount of design that a logistic factors such as this
1 this of absorption to uses them they're
almost always hiding behind the walls of this factory on Western Ceratites events and conditions in financial exploitation
considering that no more than 230 million Chinese factory workers which is about the causes of the entire US population would
really ought to know much more about them yeah To address
this in summer 2011 I came to the city of Schengen the largest manufacturing base in China I spent time finding out who the
factory workers or how they live where they sleep what they eat and ultimately why this is important this tracing make of migrant
workers which means that these farmers who left the lands behind the teachers have to grow
corn just as well as similar joystick so we tend to be conscious of the unit of the Chinese factory workers as this big working mass and in the media we often hear about this
impressive scale rather than relate to these workers as people when the media discuss factory workers in factories
salaries the really relating to these people in terms of economic value and from all this work with a friend I realize that I'm having you know these sensationalist stories is something that really disconnects us unities extremes makes make the people very
difficult for us to relate to on on a human scale so I spent my time that uh and um related to you know
them plunging them mundane world as such in the dorms 8 feed with them and watch soap opera with them
choose the
some of the and friends and images that I'd see on a daily
basis so during the day in the canteens everyone room would better their top
60 together in the factory canteen and as we had such chef data-driven knows about us a transfused it's very spicy and everyone a daily basis would complain about the amount of these heads that will put enough seeds and the girls would you know radically complain complain about the effects of skin conditions by picking out all the mountains of chopped chilies for my dishes and piling it directly onto the dining tables in the evenings the workers would hang out nudity
eateries just outside the factories and that's when these there's sack streets come to life at nite with each hop maker needle Saleh and pharmacists taking out there and television sets and pushing them
directly into the streets screening individual channels an and that's when the so workers people would cluster
around individual view of preferences fair enough and during um every 12 minutes the commercial breaks we done all despairs so she a from a bird's eye perspective used this life chart and I never would get back to their normal businesses only to reunite once again to continue with a favorite channel the and that nite the workers would
return to these unisex factory dorms to sleep with in there and the privacy of a mosquito nets many of the spaces where decorated by spider plants wearing plastic bottles only 2nd by us secretiveness nostalgic gardener so in the next clip will lead to some of the issues that led to this idea of fun frication a more pressing problem for the stress
it fact community however is that people don't
really find your 6 anymore the era of
iPhones iPads and J. Sikalis gains like connects see the end of the peripheral markets these factories are facing difficult
decisions and the workers we mess time and energy building relationships
Wa??sa jumps the reeve over their heads as well as their friends but I began to think about how these communities are created by Western technological demands and have design might be used to help these communities remain
meaningful when odds demands change and the sequence in front back again the that 230 million migrant workers this means that the 200 million less farmers again who's
making all the theories that Canada is it
factory and presented to the boss is the dangers in concentrating all the work force and the manufacturing and also they Alien Nation of the workers from the countryside origins I propose to the busses that was just be allowed to do part-time forming the managers like the idea of a financial buffer in times of difficulty using lines just univariate other factories also became interested in began asking questions In fact we even had offices the producers of the part-time farm activities using the sack street you could call it a kind of farm evocation of the manufacturing process in my months research yet adjusted factions stringent had the privilege of this into the workers in respect the dependence on the community my observations of resulted in a part time farming scheme that would allow the migrant workers to gain control over the future lies in relation to the past values and ideals also become aware of the threat to this community each time on eyes retirement ladies tech fact the complications this very some real units an example of a real life solution that explores the in-depth research of the make a world and often
in design and the next challenge would be to take this to a policy level have example normally they'd have something like a unit responsible life where balanced standard similar to the kind of free from Crowley of free from cruelty and animal testing labels that we have we've actually become
accustomed to this as consumers that is such a quite a paternalistic
view you know it's quite a quite a top-down connection to our manufacturing
world so my practice although it is about creating In a these functional solutions from field observations the goal of this research isn't ready to dictate what good practice should be it's about and well actually I'm then explain this and then explain how from fication can be applied to invite more proposals and this using 3 animals and also because I had that using to animals increases people's concentration levels stated in a car on this dear so when I 1st proposed from fication i is literally last Argentine I'm not kidding but within half a year all these i factories that have started to realize that the in a muscle that demand in the property bubble have started doing their own on fication by raring pigs and this was seen with very mixed feelings
from the public and you can see this from all the newspapers some some of the newspaper sketches out there that and people still view agriculture with prejudice and I totally understand you know from a personal perspective being told to revert back to farming isn't something that's very empowering at all so the next step would be to integrate the new
skills and lifestyles that these workers have gained uh from you know waiting this factory workers to have farming to decode the social connotations with berries out cliches of traditional nineties agriculture and the horrors of industrial farming for a new kind of relationship between industrialization and agriculture
I get asked a lot about how the factories you now and and to be honest despite all efforts and we have to downsize because a mouse factory next door was expanding into our facilities but the impacts of how factory workers are being pushed into this fringe of the innovation cycle is growing so as told from a couple of years ago by an educator but in a classroom when the teacher said the story of the little mouse kids would immediately think about these in a computer mouse instead of gradients with
fairy is everything so but within this new generation just a couple of years I have resources to relate to the organic mouse again
I'm hearing that you know where it was to
reconsider if there's even any point in teaching this class 6 . device should we be surprised if this
Madame mouse and higher should also face the same problem of becoming obsolete well you know and what really surprise the as inventor of the mouse that was the word is how long this actually lasted for this is
action in 1963 until now to really designing for those affected by the and being designed al at all and the lack of demand is is really a no-brainer and recently I've realized that this could actually speak
to have all the manufactures and Chris Anderson's a new book the makers
of the new industrial revolution we're hearing the story over and over again of how workers in
large facilities skilled workers are being overtaken in this age of DIY you wet makers and when we're told that the world of it's as in unit things is all well and good but then we must unanimous transferred to a world of um as you know
real but this will of real command it relies on a world of people it relies on a world of feud so this is
heavily dependent on cycle but
so that could be in excess of what we do with these people you know how how do we
encourage that different worlds to come back and I the next sorry I very personal chicken and so as you can see in the new this time is still running around the world and when I mean Beijing and really you know missing on semantic motherland cuisine and our older something very stereotypical uh chicken feet and my my friends always frown at this unit because I think of it as and this is this delicacy filled with skilled labor as centuries of tradition that is actually come quite fashionable to some people and in this in agrarian globalized middle-class we
rather squirm at this very barbaric city put me off my friend told me this story about how raw chicken feeds are being shipped directly out of American battery farms and straight into Chinese kitchens so not wealth such a quite of beautiful
story really if you think about it but a lot of these traditional feeds anything from unit cops
bullfrog bullfrog crayfish rabbits pigeon jellyfish all these invasive species are actually what we come back on a daily basis in bio labs why can't we just eat them before all we use to be activists by refusing to eat fees which Terrians and beacons but what is activism was actually performed by eating to extinguish rather than quietly abstaining what I'm saying is that we should be expecting much more much much more from feet systems In the past years we've actually witnessed activism
me from a very fringe circle to an integral part of our media world the In our we'll know anonymous and do not but the
leaks and also architecture in occupied we already express ourselves with the way we eat so some people with or without these opportunities to express their political views could um do this you know that didn't have traditional ways of doing this will this could be a really productive way of doing activism surely and it could gain support with very tangible edible results and this could be a feature where lytical activism where agriculture is a platform and can be seen so whether it is you're a
bill watering plants in a secret unisex still all and the owner of an expanding mouse entire all and 1957 ing out of demand where all or part of this world of production that's being pushed into the fringes fication provides a change in I expect ations of both the existence and manufacturing by joining these 2 normally traditionally separate cycles the well as really appreciated this
opportunity to be here and share some might strange ideas with you I have explained a little bit of why we need a
speculative design to a change of perspective to become a little bit more critical cynical and imaginative we see how i.e. speculative design to digest these complexities with the fringes and examined a mutually beneficial relationships as services we've seen parasitic sparse bypass ladies water filtration services by conspiracy theories and historical tool is given by aviation activists and then we've taken these methods and seen from fication a system of part-time farming scheme for people at the end of innovation cycles it's really really easy to perceive the fringes as disclose stuff separate entity but when we start the rewired the systems services and products we kind of tangibly witness the interconnectedness of this net weights and how we can benefit and how we can offer more questions and I have that 3 these very curious
proposals we can think more critically and demands more from technology design and fated to use another way to see
this very fuzzy aspirational thing we call feature thank you the with
a brain