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Interactive Landscapes

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Interactive Landscapes
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The lecture shows a world shifting between the analog and the digital. Studio Roosegaarde creates interactive designs that explore the dynamic relation between space, people, and technology. The studio develops its own technology and is internationally known for interactive projects such as Dune, Intimacy and Smart Highway.
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in the 1st state in the I'll
bet we call the
so welcome to the afternoon sessions in studio to all the all swell and find and I will now start with the 60 minute session interactive landscapes
focusing on some interactive design projects created by a studio rose got from another Netherlands and they have sent lovely lady prolog all the way from member
learns to join us here and states and yes you can come on such already
below welcome them but they have want that can still
be presenting some of their works for
about 40 minutes and then go into a Q and a session so you might come up with somebody questions already enjoy think you
would allow come and thank you for the invitation to speak of the public on our Christine euros Eminem CD Valerie I studied Chinese and Mandarin Chinese as so I started to work for studios garden at the studio in China and they see the studio
in the Netherlands in a small city near the to we worked with dean of designers and engineers and technicians and this is in China and the desert prominent technology and
and microchips so we don't have to worry about software and we always can program it's ourselves on yeah Kasey
intimacy the work that went viral many times so many think you might know it I suppose it addresses that become transparent when the wearer In the hot dry spaces to model so then the uh the more excited he becomes more transparent to just the there were removed all and and that which the for the book and this movies all uh the 2nd
of the 2 points a refreshingly made which is OS with
letter so it's more wearable than the 1st version we made and and you can see down rose garden at the designer and and the artist from severest and presenting it
still much now our queen that would mean Kreindler sneak and proposing error to a 2 2 2 area uh the Jasmine
excitation you once the most innovative people in our lives was made a wealth of um the CCE looks like he's
still might needs fewer sensors than uh to convince to real work next
um yeah see June
1 of our 1st works and we have uh like to to to to a shot works in public spaces and and to get a dialog with people that's that's that's leaf and that's you come there will the time rooms here replaces in Rotterdam in in some those little experience God people don't like to go there if you refer criminal in the world who have behaved all how I'm back on the hi thank and it and the er had on and as a studio we liked so I and think what happens wanted nodes jumps out of the computer screen screen becomes
part of for a landscape in our lives and and here you can see even wedding couple stay they came to this starchy tunnel of our
normal lexicon we use the common in this to make the wedding pictures there because they all those more friendly and happy and futuristic and you in this next week it will
open it to stay like machine which is fair in in Holland's Fermi pops up in AIDS settings and said things like this we think is very interesting and and this is the 3rd International in 2 numerous I know so
astute the the girls over pragmatic uh here 16 60 meters of June only uses 60 what's and so in the beginning we because once added the stock is possible so we need to remove the lights uh that the public light it was already there and that no they did in earlier months remove they know wants to pay for the article take care of it and entered out that's the 60 meters and only use 60 Watson then data were very happy to remove the 3 different plants that are already there and then take care of your um another arch work we did suggest series the last lecture a mob also on also in this setting it's all in um
uh an area which also show show housing so those also live it's they used to be a basketball player fields and people didn't really lexicon Institute of during the nights and and now they're really the kids are playing therein
and moon the world more
the military and so you need
the so called
the only good the
world and you
then you can you can you
can you can you hear it
this is teetering a pattern very tricky densities so that the public
spaces a and they also conceived we we wanna what's happening how will hold Facebook squared look like when you put it in the real world and this embodiment of it and in like a little can fire a
bonfire the the and crystal is
also our latest work it will be released in September in the Netherlands will of new public space in a solvent and not locked uh Einstein use were there and and the
light bill piece be manufactured in that area it's divests it's not of that actually can be stored in
the circuits he here it's as they did their they're separated uh crystals you can put a man we enhance never met before and we put in place 1st all this isolate up it enhances the magnetic fields from the earth and we helped us a little bit more and you can
see the evolution 1st at candles light builds and now we have like you can carry with you this and the 1st the opera crystal we 1st make
made and I will split this this a real crystal so we grown and we have an LED in project Protoctista around it and
differed in their reasons the and you can't
just play and white let us and then actually you can right stories you very weights it's what we all do you try to find the
the theft and
the the uh or did and
in the this crystal it's the circle is the published
their artwork is traveling it will be in Moscow this summer and I could see it in Amsterdam and the
funny thing which crystal and experience your IT have still now it's that people when they see that there are many many white crystals in just a few blue once they start to steal the the
blue taken with them which is OK we like it's it's it's it's the chair of lazy has a souvenir of uh well early that you've been there or or you can take 1 and give to your boyfriend and you can come together to predictors for they're like 0 response and and we also are wants
to make partnerships with about for real public version with his company's so and you can make your own Chris or can agree on crystal or can well if it's meaningless yet acknowledges respond something want make a
scene can make all right it's make a of campfire the a man not intervention
we did last year was a Lotus dome in view of the city it's it's not beautiful cities small actions have a beautiful center and their churches like this and no 1 goes there and then see the essence of the help suited to get people back into these results to do respect these Bill Livermore and not to be afraid to
go there and and then the nature this artwork and which is Lotus Notes and the is the
know where the end of
you you and you and I
a and
B and
the of the canary in a sub-theory source with the rivers Institute visible firing
inasmuch this but it did work people still you notice it was an angel the movie
and I did work people that when they're guaranteed like all out of little angel there and get the painting in windows they started to appreciates this church which is open for exhibition of at missions now a bit more of a this is a beautiful example of how a steel works this technique of a lodestone I'm not going to talk about it it's been material also developed at ourselves it's it's the sites defaults when the lights she its and let's going on when you approach the domestically so it's very intuitive very attractive and it's really acts like a flower that's where we call love and see some more pictures and it's also in movie saw that it's making watery states in the lightest training external around inside and
because the little angels as well as the differences from here the black 1 and
that some well-meaning actually in Germans land in June In case that the results of very different in the intervention
you don't really expect and these are
sustainable transport you might know it and it's a flawed it's generating its own electricity events and it's the files of it works like you know the way events and its today you get electricity and then the more interesting more advanced than is good the Queen sparse this were the most literacy is being generated the close up and you
see how it works and while
out of this destination in power of their latest project has started to develop a lot of people wanted to see so
where you and if so what happens if you apply it to rows and he at the car of when lights the price they they always they they generate a lot of electricity driving over the road but also the weights that you feel when the car by that's how you will of you can also think of public lighting for the highway or paints it
still wanted the wrote this cold warm and when it's cold and ice images I spent in social enable be alliance and watch out it's a very these were ordered didn't smart highways idea that kind in artists and talked about bloody lectures and then 1
day the this guy was in public use 1 of the biggest the busses to see all the road manufacturer has announced in Holland and they're making now
this roads to release the end of 2013 in problems in a leaderless it's thinks that charges during the day and it's like a 90 so you don't need have street light and 2 of the model and I
have a lot of you I wanted to
see what I you have to know that he did this model also could also be used to and
was not in of joint if you know that that the life of
of over mole what underlying who was accused of using it to me it wasn't lot all
who you probably would use the title and the people that we can know the so smart how many games will say this is now online name and even in Japan and the your movie
with the uh for the types of features if the user you know that
and that the the the the the the the the the the the the the the with the with the with
the the the the the
the the the the
old bond it down the and this is also features 1 use on with it and explain its and broken lines you can also show electricity through the paints and they knew it was show unbroken and of priority lanes weights and charges Agarwal striking operates a very practical from a policy known as the 2 to worry about the p lies and try car and being useful
and this is typical diets landscape the limit of human that the 1st part again
of gender natural version of thinking candidates windmills and a big huge landscape machines basically on and we also making that kinda Dec 2 . 0 version of its this
project that all being released 2015 this image and the more and the there's tested the windmills will spin the more I she held yeah that the yeah and so it's all about creating a listening to compress the data public way and the with a well with article the
spaces and and the
and and there is a microphone in the middle
and no of the but most people this and I think wondering how you powering these crystals is there for you
powering these crystals this is elegies inside uh you harming how however how
you powering these allergies alike crystals was allergies size for that kind of slaughterhouse inside the factory managers and that's the the whole thing and it there's no battery units in their small alleys where copper wire and and the growth of souls solution around in their reasons and we have that and we made that's measles circle which enhancing the
magnetic field from the earth and we help in a small little video and then it starts to letter you put it away make a mere right here in
the room the pay them thanks for the preservation movement I wanted to ask you how is that in everything they
all had I mean I understood the use mainly for public spaces so all the city hall is taking care of these things but how do you % of project to move forward the skies and well it since then naming printing freedom for partner which is basically also mining my jump from as I said I am waiting for Augmentative and helpless to to
make them and and other works like that address becomes transparent itself committed it's and of it is it's it's a and is made of iron and binary risky thing it's true that that that that's the fun part of Canadian ideas and if you think you can build it then then the title will come on the
and the workers in yeah it so move you you you you think give thank I minus