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and we I it's gets on cuts and
bitter it at our absolutes indentified the known you this that's all the better loosely much deal it is and it is in wooden belabor wants was it seems to follow said Kate Millett the this is the it also and that it is more hi everyone and value
and thank you so much for coming to my talk I know that it's late and everyone's probably excited to get the bars so I promise to make this as entertaining as possible and I'm very excited to be here and I hope that you find what I have to say this evening to be interesting but quickly before I get started at the hashtag for this talk is capped public if you feel like reading your comments the so the title of
my talk on this program is cat means but I'm actually only going to be talking about lockout because that is what I did my research on so for those of you hoping to hear about non cat or a keyboard cat or Moraru or any of the other Internet things cats I'm sorry to disappoint you and I know group but I promise you that you will see a lot of lolcat images over the course of my talk so hopefully that will make up for it so just so you know what you're
in for over the course of the next hour I'm gonna start off by talking little bit about the background of my research and how that came about then I'll be talking about the findings and why those findings are meaningful and towards the end we're going to have a little bit of a quiz
and then I will open up to questions if there are any and so also this talk is a deep dive into a cultural phenomenon and so I assume some basic familiarity on your part with the Internet and Intranet culture I
was told that you were an expert Internet loving audience so hopefully that will work so over the course of the past year and a half or so I have earned a bit of a reputation as the Internet's biggest cat lady and everyone assumes that I am totally obsessed with cats and that this is why I decided to study law cats and actually that could not be further from the truth I'm I'm actually allergic to cats and I can't get near them and I'm actually more of a dog person and so why study lolcats the cable this is a
good question and answer properly and give you a little bit of background about me
so I have been hanging out on the internet for a long time I made my 1st website in 1997 when I was a teenager it was an X Files fan sites are there any X files and on the audience what EU anybody who was part of the Web bring back in the 19 if anyone still part of the Web ring I guess we have 1 person gets a cat so this was 1 of my 2
fan site which is a sight to behold really i'm but my early involvement with that particular internet community planted a seed that ended up sprouting about 10 years later I had always been interested in what people do online particularly from a cultural perspective and a content generation perspective so I
started blogging in 2005 and through that became involved in the new media community in New York City which at the time was 1 of the hubs of like the Web 2 . 0 movement and I found all of that to be really exciting and ended up following my early involvement with many of the major social media platforms into a job as a social media strategist for big international brands like Samsung the and I've been working in advertising for a while and wanted to combine my career with my personal interests that after a while I realized that I was more interested in why people did but they did online than what they were doing so I
wanted to look under the hood so to speak so I picked up and then moved to London to do a masters in the median communication department and the London School of Economics and while I was there 1 of my professor said something that in
retrospect seems rather intuitive but was a total revelation for me at the time the she told us that when we look at media text
and media phenomena we should look at the text itself but at the reaction to the text
so what she meant by that is when something is really popular even if it seems silly or frivolous or a low culture we need to look at why it is popular because something about that particular
piece of media has had a nerve and is fulfilling some sort of function for people
the so when it came to pick a topic for my dissertation research I decided to take that bit of wisdom and applied something that fascinated me which was Internet memes being a little bit clueless and naive about the whole research process I originally wanted to understand
how all means worked on which is pretty funny to me now because understanding the overall phenomenon of Internet means is a bit much even for a PhD thesis not to mention a master's dissertation so after some gentle guidance for my advisor I decided to pick 1 mean to study and I landed on log the I think lolcats for
a variety of reasons 1 that they've been around for a while almost a decade at this point which is an eternity in Internet time and may I just say the fact that wall cuts have been around for that long it kind of makes me feel old maybe not as old as that cat but definitely all secondly a lot cats for the 1st mean to
cross over into mainstream culture and really make it big they were and I still think that they are kind of emblematic for Internet culture as a whole the so just a little bit of a side story about that this past weekend before I came here I was presenting at Media in Transition 8 a conference at MIT that's put on by the Comparative Media Studies department during 1 of the plenary sessions on Saturday 1 of the panelists invoke lolcats as an archetypal example of online content creation he said something about lolcats on the barricades and as soon as he did that the twitter backchannel went absolutely crazy and started paying them around like crazy so I still think that they hold that that position as a as a reigning piece of of Internet culture
so my approach to the whole thing was phenomenological which is to say that I was basically trying to understand what was going on with lolcats in a broad sense going back to what my professor said I wanted to understand what it was about lolcats that struck a nerve by people like them so much and what it was about than that basically supported and encouraged a most a decade's worth popularity the so I decided to talk to people who like cats
as my advisor said if you wanna know what people think about something you have to ask them so I recruited people through the internet I put up a notice on my blog post stuff on Twitter and Facebook on Reddit pretty much any social media platform that can get my hands on and I ended up talking to you about 40 people from around the world who were willing to talk to me I conducted 6 focus groups 4 of them in person and then to online using Google Hangouts this sorry pet
so I have to say I have never had so much fun doing academic work they got me totally hooked for life I got to talk to people about lolcats 4 hours it was totally also people brought their cat to the online focus groups which was
amazing and I was like this could be my life I could do this for a job OK I'm totally sold a home so but not only was the actual process really
fine but the results were fascinating so about a 3rd of the way through the project after I had looked at hundreds possibly thousands of all caps I hypothesize that the reason that people love them so much was because we were basically laughing at ourselves through them I mean I cannot tell you how many lolcats I saw that were about hangovers I mean hunt literally hundreds of them and I was right and that that is definitely part of it but really it's only
the tip of the iceberg and the full picture is actually much richer than that so the great thing about being 1 of the 1st people to
study something is that you get to sort of set the stage you get to
report things that might seem obvious to people who regularly interact with the phenomenon your studying but is pretty much news to everybody else academia the so the 1st thing that I found is that the Lord had audience is not 1 single group the
within my participant based there were 3 groups and they all interact with all had
slightly differently they have a different relationship to them the now the presence of these particular groups that I'm about to talk
about is definitely bound up in my sampling process it is distinctly possible that there are more than these 3 groups but that they were in represented within this study because they didn't respond to my call for participation but the nonetheless of my results provide pretty strong evidence
that these 3 groups represent important constituencies within the local audience as a whole and actually test this out with you guys in a minute
so group number 1 is the cheese
friends she's friends and she's peeps are how community members are referred to you on I Can Has Cheezburger the site that popularize cats and these users tend to be female
and older and their original interest and all cats generally stems from the love of cats they mainly congregate in 2 places the common section of I Can Has Cheezburger and also their own community blog which you can see it here called the cheese town crier and the 2nd group is what I called the mean geeks mean geeks are internet culture enthusiasts they are predominantly male there about 2 thirds of my sample arm and the younger they were in their twenties and thirties and for the mean geeks lost cuts appeal is rooted in their place In the mean can of the other historical place in mean internet culture and the
3rd group is what I call the casual users these people aren't really enthusiast per say the way that the other 2 groups are they enjoy all cats but they mostly engage with them at work when people send them via e-mail and
social networking sites like Facebook they mostly consumed them instead of creating them and their engagement is more passive and arguably they're less emotionally invested it than the other 2 groups OK audience participation time we're going to do a little experiment because I'm
actually curious near the largest group that I've talked about this so far so you all like lolcats yes who OK so show of hands and this isn't gonna work as well talk as I can see you that well but I mean out of the groups that I mentioned how many of you would say that 1 of those groups applies to you she just raise your hands OK
right so how many she's friends to have
up there do our where represent
friends OK so how about the mean the
OK a little bit warmer and what about the casual users who came to
group OK so for those of you who didn't raise your
hand you are in 1 of those groups what would you say a user type is is anybody wanna volunteer microphone however here it there the all rare and I
didn't get that many hackers log is part mean
geeks but I didn't get that many hackers among groups
at all and but we'll get to that in a minute I got you covered don't worry motherhood death but
so my 2nd finding is that lolcats are operating as a genre and this means that not only are the form and structure of the LO-CAT distinct but they have rules and conventions that need to be followed so for the wall cuts these revolved around the the font where the text was placed the subject of the image linguistic syntax which basically means loss speaking getting that right how the error of the animal was characterized and intertextuality so what references were made to other things gains TV shows movies me other means etc. etc. the so
adherence to the generic conventions of the lockout was really important for the people in my group as I'm sure you can understand on but all my participants
made it very clear that it was most definitely possible to get a lockout wrong and when that happened it basically ruined it for them and I'll come back to the larger implications about in a moment so the 3rd major finding out which really surprised me at the
time is that people use lolcats to both expressed their feelings and to connect to each other so users in all 3
groups supported both sending and receiving all cats as a form of emotional expression particularly as reactions to things on
situations that they or their family and their friends were going through carrying embarrassment frustration
sadness for it was all there and and 1 participant even told me that he would archive lolcats that he liked so that he could use them in future situations as reactions effects so people use them as
birthday cards as calendars as gifts 1 woman told me that her mother framed whining give it to her sister for her birthday on but people also use all cat to do white data buoyed calls social steganography which is basically targeting a private message to you and intended audience a recipient but doing it publicly and this is also known as sub tweeting this is that the term that has been coming around lately and so for example instead of saying I'm having a bad
day on Facebook and Twitter people would pose lolcats instead knowing that certain friends would know what that meant
and they would reach out to them and and comfort from so it was kind of like sending up the cat signals the so finally and it became very clear that humor is a very important part of all cats what a soprano is and that there were 2 main types of humor that traffic and 1 is identification
which is best explained as that is funny because I do that were that is funny because someone or something I know does that on and the way that this manifested was mainly through what I called anthropomorphic distancing which basically allowed people to distance themselves enough from their own behavior and foibles to laugh at it in
cat form and so the other type of
humor was injured everybody liked lolcats that made references that they understood they really like being in on the joke feeling like they were part of an exclusive group a little club and that got it at whether that was a reference or in some cases lost speak and this is important but I'll come back to what and in a minute the so grapes we got all of these things have got humor we've got groups we've
got fonts and all of that so what is what is the bigger picture so hard of all of these things come together and add up to something greater than the sum of their parts so let's go back that 4 minutes so as I mentioned earlier 1 of the things that interested me about lolcats was their longevity what it was allowed them to last as long as they did a particularly when other means often have such a short life cycle the and the answer to this is
that law cats transferred across multiple communities and as they moved they took on new meaning I'm a particularly for the enthusiast scripts so specifically Lockhart lolcats went from being the province of 4
chan and form culture to being something that was more frequently associated with the cheese France so a little bit of back story here for those of us who were not all and for chan easiest or will come into this I'm lolcats originated in
foreign culture they started appearing on something awful and for China and 2005 2006 now a quick note about the relationship between means and 4 chan arm as some of you clearly know and particularly for chance be board is responsible for some of the
most well-known means and formats from the past few years they've got cats you've got Rick
rolling you've got to motivational posters advice animals and so on 1 of the reasons that 4 chan became I mean factory was because creating original content and participating in in culture was a key element of belonging to that community
and for their members of source of subcultural capital and a sign of in group membership so form culture is notoriously androcentric androcentric excuse me and often aggressively so and I did not do a full historical content analysis of cats from that period and but some of the mean geeks who enjoyed lockouts when they were in the province of 4 chan before they were adopted by more mainstream audiences and mentioned that lolcats had a more mocking tone in that time that the humor was more aggressive more rooted in Shotton Florida or in 1 of my participants words ha ha ha that cat is stupid so up more about Lowell's then walls if you're going to and put it more succinctly so this is where I Can Has Cheezburger comes into play so not only did they bring all cats to a more mainstream audience they also developed 1 of the earliest law generators which enabled pretty much anyone to get involved so in the early days of image macros the ability to correctly follow the format of the meme required not only the knowledge of the genre but a certain level of ability with Photoshop or another form of photo editing software but with the small builders anyone could cradle cat basically democratizing the creation process this allowed other groups with less technical proficiency to adopt lolcats and claim them for their own so for the mean geeks this was 1 the law stopped being fully representative of the community however it 1 thing that's really important to note is that it wasn't just the loss of exclusivity that
made lolcats less call for the mean many means have entered into the mainstream and still retain the preferred place in the mean can and so to speak on and that's not even exclusive to mean culture that's just part of the subcultural lifestyle the whole like I like Ben before was cool man another mainstream they're sold out so in this case the error of the mean gates it was to specifically had adopted lolcats then block has problematic for them so quite a
few mean geeks called out the fact that when moms and older women at the type of all cat users are presented in the cheese friend category had started to adopt them lolcats work over for
them so the reason that this was such an issue of I think is that Wall cats were adopted by a group that is from the values perspective very different from the subculture where lolcats originated this picture for context is from cheeseburger nite at the Mariners which is need upward the cheeseburger community all goes to a baseball game together in Seattle the so not only was this group older and feminine which would arguably be problematic for a culture that has had problems with misogyny but also
that this group ascribed to meaning to lolcats
that was antithetical to its origins so for the cheese friends all cats most definitely do not have aggressive connotations for them not lolcats in the community that has sprung up or excuse me
sprung up around them is a place to be as 1 she's friend e-mailed me a place to be safe and kind on the internet and so I mentioned the cheese town crier earlier the community blog this is a place where she's friends and she's Pete's discuss some pretty heavy things job loss spousal illness the death of their pets like major life problems and they're
mostly doing this and all speak and they're getting a lot of support it's an emotionally supportive space that is basically a haven from the type of aggressive flaming
trolling culture that is represented by 4 chan and something awful and where lolcats originally came from so the thing that I
found to be most interesting is that this sort of battle for the law cats that came down to low all speak so incidentally this is a screenshot of the master's thesis of Jordan Leffler I'm a woman who got her masters in linguistics from Louisiana State University by analyzing all space so I am not the only all scholar out there I would just like to say for the record but so both
groups the mean geeks and that she's
friends claimed lol speak as theirs and use their knowledge of all speak to erect group boundaries and to claim the canonical or real version of all cats so mean geeks
claim all speak as their own because of its Internet heritage it has roots in internet are go and meet speak and for the cheese friends their proficiency in all speak is a gage of
belonging because the rules of the language are created and reinforced by the community speaking fluent wall which is a direct quote from 1 of my participants is assigned that you have spent a lot of time in the community and you are invested in and basically you paid your dues so what you have here is a case of the
same content specifically the same small generic element being claimed by 2 groups to essentially erected boundaries against
what each other represents which I don't know about you but I think that that is a lot of cultural work being done by some
purportedly philly pictures of cats I mean I think it's pretty amazing I don't know about you guys well scholars like Jean Burgess and Henry Jenkins have pointed out that when you're dealing with user generated content it's not just the content per say that is significant but the body of practice that are conducted and performed around these cultural artifacts Jenkins specifically has argued that the same piece of content can often do very different things for different groups and I think that wall cats is a clear example but so my friend Hector
procedure he's a professor in media department at Temple University and a key has talked about the gravity wells of culture so in astrophysics a
gravity well pictured here is the gravitational potential field around an object a a body how much the objects gravity can potentially pull in other objects so I would argue that lolcats are a cultural gravity well when we make
lolcats we're not just tossing some impact font on a picture we are creating culturally significant artifacts that a inculcated with meaning something that is more than just function at more than its use is in conversation with the larger discourses and larger intentions perhaps more
than ever content and culture are being made by us and it is the value and the meaning that we ascribe to the things that we create that make them important no matter how silly or trivial they may seem all cats are important because they are a venue for us to express our feelings to participate in an belonged to a community to perform identity these are serious significant things that we're doing so I'm
not know I'd like to close before we get to
even more audience participation with a quote from Sherry Turkle that pretty much sums up my feelings about my research which is some are tempted to think of life and cyberspace as insignificant as escape are meaningless stay version is not our experiences there are serious play and we belittle them out arrests the so now I'm going to stop talking at you and hopefully get you guys involved with the little bit and as a reward for sitting through these seriously serious part of my talk we and we have the aforementioned quiz game part of the session and I was told that the Republic of audience likes to get involved and I figured that I bring some of that into this and given that it's the evening time and hopefully you've already been taking advantage of bar so I present to you the time I will end there and get food is the favorite along had Republicans
and I get around a half an and hour and
the case so I can help me out here I'd like that of a friend from
the quality of the model in the years up and the kind of thing is that the going so the way that this is going to work is worldwide and those by a lot of all use very shortly and you use the word candidates for over a republic of and I've
long and and amending of the model is going to act the multimedia and whoever has the loudest on real and then after that you and in and that will be the tension uncanny so where in the joint unstaged OK so
now let me introduce our contestants I have gone through a lot of all cats in my time ladies and gentlemen and I consider myself uniquely qualified to presenter our finalists this evening we have
monorail cat through half of that has been even turned into an animated gets a true contender and a real performer next we have ceiling cannot true gotta have had really tag beaches prominently in the Bible he's also a bit of a creeper watching you in your most private moment our next contestant is an upstart and relatively new to via the famous
caffeine we've got tartar sauce otherwise known as grumpy track I again wanna do like militares is already running Grumpy Cat
does hate everything including winning so let's see how she does finally
we would not be anywhere without this name is
cat originally sound modeling in a Russian capsule that this cat is arguably transforms the entire Internet given up very happy that I
think we have some strong contenders ladies and gentlemen
sword is going to do it in a row so are we ready yeah yeah totally OK so
monorail can add new ones monorail
gentlemen ceiling can be
overly greedy people out there that can grumpy
carrot and and
and finally got only got 1 more and habitat and
what I want is a clearly winners Grumpy Cat thank you all for participating the thank you so now is the reward serious
researcher wants very serious questions ok inheritance you get there I don't know where the microphone and would the 2nd yeah go ahead wait a 2nd
place hi I was just wondering if you have an
explanation why exactly it's cats that are famous was why is made dogs or OWL sort of body is so actually I not like I
haven't done it I read some animal literature but basically the impression that i've gotten is the reason that people there 2 stories 1 and
1 of the participants in my group told me and I have no idea how true this is but it's a good story anyway and that cats became big on 4 chan because they were considered to be the type on so people would ask like you know give me your grossest fetish corn and people would troll them by sending them pictures of cats and then somehow cats acquire their own currency and then people would be like hey can I please have your pet your fetish porn I will give you a picture of a cat so I don't know how to this is
this is what what someone said I could be very well I have been told by him with that story but I think it's it's also you know I'm from a little more serious perspective I actually think that it is because it's easier for us to projector cells OntoCAT's because cats are perceived to have more agency and then dogs dogs are basically like FIL of you will you will view and cats are kind
of more not like that I
hope and I actually that also cats have more facial expressions dogs basically I mean I don't know I'm a dog person I love dogs but it's a lot harder to to to pose here heard to push your foibles onto a dog because they just they really do they love people generally speaking some here in the current of my question is has to do
with your and your findings on offline yeah so I'm just curious and you think if anything else besides impact had been used let's say Comic Sans or something I would all get still have achieved their longevity and popularity so I I don't think that it's on a calls
all think I think I actually don't know entirely OK so I think what happened was impact on was the font that people chose and so therefore it was the font that people came to expect to the people
In my group's basically said well if it doesn't have impact on then it's not a mean and it's not a lockout
so basically the fact that impact was chosen quite a bit in the
beginning and some of the older wall cats I'm actually don't use impact or they have like that of the EU's Arial or like another another blocky
font but and ended up sort of becoming the default font and that's what people came to expect people were saying I see that fine I just expect something funny and and that might be because of the wall builder wall builders and have a default font of impact most the time and I think that it's kind of like a code co constituted thing where
impacts became the thing and so that was built into the wall although there and then the wall builders reinforce the fact that impact was the thing my sense
OK any more questions OK you have to make
the yuan 1 thousand units t OK um I try has questions you have a
question I have been very helpful in for is next project on how can we to participate have plane
FedEx on so my next project is I'm going to be studying an anti fan heat blog community and so there is a blogger in the US who has a very devoted to group of people who dislike per active actively on
but they there it's more complicated than that it's not just a bunch of renting lunatics trying to
make this woman's life miserable and there's some very complicated cultural practices that are going on there so I'm basically trying to understand and what that is so any time I have another you know audience related project that's not specific to 1 community and I will ask the Republic of organizers to send out a call to you guys so that you can participate because that would be also huge sample size all
and many others
and and that yeah so and I was
wondering if you have any super serious as scientific explanation for why a trumpet Canada so popular who 0 I you know I
I would have to talk to people who like Grumpy Cat and I actually think that he just she actually perpetrators that she just
is funny and looking at I I don't I don't I don't you know I don't know I do not have a super scientific explanation as to why people like Grumpy Cat I'm not even going to try with balance that thank you could
I achieve any more questions and you personally
again higher always or
all the time of of look good to use funny pictures of cats on all the time like all the time and I don't I'm going to clarify that all was 1 of we all these pictures come from and I can imagine that there's a scene of professional of the motorcade produces did you find something like that so people that take their kids and so
bring the world make 2 2 2 rows of the of course for funny picture of some form of become
rose something like that all the all the all the pitch was all from me follows yeah I I did not run into any like
professional photographers you're trying to like to get in on the law Kagame this is not to say that they don't exist again sampling and people who responded to my thing but I actually think that
that what makes lolcats so appealing is the fact that they are mostly they seem to be mostly snapshots the ones that people like the most are the ones that our you know more or less professional you know a
lot of people would say like 0 my god I love that cat picture because my cat does that all the time people
really love the the wall cats that had cats like sleeping on computers because they're warm or like sleeping on these because they're warm because
cats like to sleep on warm things and people of that was funny so yes I don't I think that part of the appeal is is the fact that they are in professional I think that's what makes it this is also the hi hi could you could you have
the sensitive of given that definition between that women that very passionate about cats in the forum and topic cat ladies let's move OK so actually
it that's really interesting and the and and so a proper cat ladies I mean that is definitely an opinion thing but I it's interesting that you brought that up on
because the gender thing is really kind
of a thing like cat lady some women positively identifies cat laser-like Wu yes cat lady like hear me roar but generally
speaking I'm cat ladies are kind of it's it's seen as a pejorative term sort of like 0 my god this crazy cat ladies and I heard that a lot from the mean geeks
know it's like 0 my god this crazy women who speak all loss because time like they must have like 50
cats and live alone and be miserable right so I mean I don't did the name like the cheese trends and cheese speaks like those odd that's and a label
for people who were active in the I Can Has community and there's probably
some overlap between cat
ladies and cheese pizza but I I can't inflate the 2 and I don't know I the it can give you an exact answer but I think there is a difference between the community member which is that she's friend and she's people and then a cat lady which is just sort of generally pejorative term
for women who like cats you're single
on thing to be socially awkward I mean that that's what I heard of no offense any cat ladies if you positively identified as 1 I am a thing my question is a bit
off topic OK there since you were mentioning some of the experts only and nothing can X-Files OK I I can't see you but I had a scholarship of I could since I was so if you by any chance of also done academic work on the X I have not that there is a huge body of literature I know yeah masses thesis about sort
of you know I haven't done any academic or even next I know I'm
Fan studies and what this is
is some kind of related to fans studies it's audience and reception studies and but I have not done any work on X Files actually feel like there's a very
1 of the reasons that I was interested in doing this work along cactus this because no 1 had done any work on what I saw was like a really massive cultural phenomenon and I got made fun of for it like all the time
and so you know a remarkably friendly audience of the people have been very disparaging to the area of research a simple question here with your your vast knowledge do they still work on you got like at the immune to you is the impact of
the local community knowledge this and is
arguably do they still work on you like to this
summit UFO yet regionally and share function destroying the water impacts no and it's funny I I
actually found that I liked cats more after I was done with my research has
kind of like how you know it's too bad that I'm allergic to cats because they were totally get a cat and Jordan left where the woman who did her masters on while speaking she she
basically said my data was always cute and it's still cute so yeah I didn't
run formation yeah hi another question
about the view images so that is the the most of them are actually snapshots of some kind of sometimes a look at these locus I think of that it has to be photoshop this this can be true on on Dublin we have Photoshopped cat images like only light so it was something is this some the do you know something about the is distinction here
between the full up allow cuts of the non
functional so it actually people so 1 of the things that I did in my research is on my focus groups for
incredibly fun like for the 1st topic to sort of ask questions and in the 2nd half I printed out all of these law and basically had people look at them and talk about them and say what they liked about them and what they did like about them because it's kind of hard to sort of be like talk about humor in an abstract
sense it's a lot easier when you have stimulus and and 1 of the things that people said was that they did they didn't really like the ones that were clearly photoshop there was 1 that I use that and it looks like the cat had been
caught watching porn arm and and people thought they were like 4 that's just really contrived like clearly a cat would never do that
that's not that funny I mean I think the thing is it's like
when Captain naturally being cats but seem like humans I think that that's what makes a really appealing normally means to
have their time and they run out after a timeout milk it's are going on for years now have and do you have an explanation for that and you see a and ending
time for little kept me well not here like a kind of I hope I address this but basically the reason why lolcats have had their longevity is because they moved from community to communities
they basically moved from from the mean of the 4 chan crew people were really interested in internet culture and as soon as they lost
their novelty or their their their social cultural capital and that's usually when you see means dying off because they make it to the mainstream and you know they don't resonate on some larger level but with the Wildcats they happen to go into a community of really enthusiastic people so the cheese friends I mean they are they are basically from what I can see kind of keeping all cats
alive and I know that cheeseburgers I heard it on last weekend that cheeseburger just laid off like half of their staff cheeseburger networks that
the company that like runs I Can Has and all of those websites and so I think that there's kind of a head at a bit of a dip in terms of cats like ultimate popularity in terms of their peak
but I also think because they are part of the mean can and they were like the earliest you know mean to kind of cross
over into the mainstream then and it's what people most people have seen when you say 0 i do the research into this picture of the cat captain
Devora's like all right those so I think that that's slightly below there always kind of have a place there's a place for us welcome people yeah yeah I the might cooling can have my
eyes so I just wanted to say that love cats have been around since before the internet because the what pictures taken during the 19th century funny pictures of cats just very pointer yes yes Zakaria point very low even the pre the Internet and they're not going anywhere and
secondly I wanted to say that gentleman about the you know for the self pictures there
also dreaded the chats which cats with bread on various in gray cat this so those are you know not made by far the self but people that put 2 pieces of bread on their cat here and you can maybe you have a point to say about what that
means about the relationship between those cat owners and their cats and how much those cats like that under the I I don't I I don't I mean I
I'm not a cat owner but I just imagine that people think it's really funny to put a piece of bread and the cat face and hilarious so yeah I don't know
something they're just silly hilarious I'm
I'm more interested in a lot has as an overall phenomena you know it's what are the community practices that are building around these pieces of content it's not just pictures of Catholic captions
on them but the fact that people have been rallying around the content and like building their own communities and enacting social you know uh
connection with but through these things but that will make from significant
it's also then we can have this discussion then system has a lot of really really heavy things we I we have another question that thank
you that is 1 I was and it FIL right Hank
have companies so used global cut phenomena of for commercial pulposus for example for all cat food or something have I have I use pseudo code and people go commercial companies
have the help they used all Volkov from all that not I haven't seen it
actually some of what I have seen is
people using mean so someone I lived in England for 2 years and just moved back to Boston in November and there was a huge virgin ad campaign that used
unsuccess cared for their telephone service and which was really interesting and so I mean clearly they were trying to signal something the other thing about about a lot of the wall cuts especially the ones that are hosted on cheeseburger is that
you can actually use those for commercial purposes without clearing it with cheeseburger cheeseburger owns the copyright
and in order to make that cheeseburger books that were made and the date cheeseburger basically had to find the original users and get their clearance to put them in the book and that's really difficult to do when like you on exactly sure what the sources and people create them and they don't have accounts and so yeah I mean I guess you could co-opted and user for commercial purposes but I don't there are now something think so you never have
any more questions but is not of things you overcoming here's heavily
regular much fanfare thank you thank you thank
you thank you