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Personal Data: Nothing to hide?

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Personal Data: Nothing to hide?
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Are we building the digital environment enhancing our life, or are we guinea pigs of those who control and trade our data? From major battles won in 2012 against ACTA, SOPA and PIPA, we have a collective responsibility to project ourselves into advocating for protecting our freedoms online. Copyright, Net neutrality, data protection are among the key issues that will determine if our future societies will be more open and based on cooperation and sharing or knowledge, or will turn into authoritarian regimes based on control of our actions and communications. Social media and all kinds of companies collect a lot of data about us. Some of it is essential to deliver relevant services or is given away with informed consent to receive better service.
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and and he and I I
I of in the last talk we get to
know the Italy and European umbrella organization fighting for digital so the rights and now we get to know 2 persons 1 from France and 1 from Poland he is the 1 where come for what classes you know which she's from Poland and then human rights lawyer and activist the
and cofounder of panopticon Foundation which is also member of the dream and also and other welcome flowers and it's the moment cofounder of like that you do not from France I will give a nice talk and the and can you hear us yes so that's it for you and good use of the high-pressure had a higher 1 so we may introduce already an be aware that I'm in a strange mood today I you know I'm usually supports you've freedoms online and I and I you know fundamental rights this is usually my can of civilian I woke up this morning and I was filled with I was still without an idea in here I see all those beautiful people or you know using mac computers hooked on Facebook and Twitter and action i was wondering do we really need all this data protection thing you know because there is this this very complex a bit of text that is going on that is being currently negotiated in Brussels about privacy personal data are how to get control of all this and I don't know I Philip of a bit of the devil's advocate today so if you called to me on Twitter for instance a donors they do use them at cynical hashtag as something like this but then the treaty and I was I was wondering do do we really need that a protection in this world because I won't according to laws in in Brussels in the European Parliament from time to time and I see those hundreds of friendly lobbyists the they're really friendly you know they're very neat looking and they're very careful words come from very respectable industries such as Google and Facebook Yahoo well the whole Silicon Valley banking industry uh insurance industry you even have obvious from the US government and they all say the same so could there really wrong the they say that if we have no protection of personal data are well it would it would be loss of jobs massive of growth and I mean not we need jobs we need growth right so do we really need is that a protection is really what I'm wondering today and I have a tough task of responding to is uneasy questions that Jeremy disposing well in that if I where a corporate numbers myself I would definitely not fight for a stronger regulation I would think of banks and think of insurance companies so think of many companies that in the past struggle against regulations made reality cannot understand it from the perspective of time it's journal to be quite good to have some banking regulation after all but I will fight for the elderly that's my time on the other side but let me explain you have it a bit more about the process that did the lobbyists are are attacking maybe it will help you understand that it's not that they're not that bad as it might seem from the carport perspective so have more than 1 year ago Commissioner Viviane Reding which is the Commissioner for fundamental rights and that's not a coincidence that it was her proposed a draft regulation which is a new piece of European not any the regulation of the direct so it's something that will be directly binding for all 27 Member States this is something that we replace as a legal landscape which is very complicated today if I were a company I would think of that that now I have to struggle with 27 legal orders and I would have 1 and that's really all there is actually not that new it's called data protection which might sound a bit boring or decaying but it's nothing less nothing more than respecting our fundamental right to privacy which we have been many charges to heaven constitutions and which we have for some time in the EU so it's not pushing that further it's just making sure that the same law that the same legal order that we had for last 20 years will apply in the changing world what happened in the meantime we had internet in the meantime when they invented the Data Protection Directive 20 years ago internet was something really for geeks and for scientists now as you might if not this is kind of everywhere so the the new regulation is just trying to jump to a new state of technology which I must admit from the company's perspective means probably a little bit more obligations in the world but added the operating what is also quite interesting intriguing and I would say crucial in that change is that Commissioner is trying to create regulation not only for the you she is that the Internet is global and that many of these companies are based in the US and i until now there were not regulated in the same way so if I if I was a European company I would very much welcome the new concept of creating a fair level playing field for US and European companies right so this is this kind of landscape that we are creating and the landscape where the privacy is still set S centralizing the Constitution had privacy my Myrosin I mean look at its milieu was cooperation or unregulated and the succeed you know no no regulation in success it works I mean look at everyone everyone is using Facebook right people people are happy yes yes everyone is using it there will be 1 2nd everyone is using it and and they seem to be happy about it I mean you get yeah you get new friends and stuff and you can play with a following the practice at all and the contribution of the breakfast you can play with animals in a farmer no and the pigs and the staff and is great so I mean what what what people understand what's going on in the we we we should not have was this 90 States thing already I mean people are grown-ups you know that they understand the technology OK those computer systems are not that complex everybody understand the internet is a series of tubes so people know what they're doing they just click I accept and the except those contracts I mean it's not complicated everybody understand contracts so that perfectly know what they do is close to this this companies the perfectly know that just visiting of web page with a like button not clinking it just viewing the Like button disclosed to Facebook information about what they do look on time of course they understand that OK they're not stupid why would they had social regulation who met thing do you think that these the understand the terms of the contract the change every weekend the longer than that of phone book the old school and that that they want to pay for the paper on ad I know they don't know lot of his paper but I'm kind of worried that they might not fully understand the consequences of storing all the traces the because it's not only storing the traces that we leave consciously but it's not only storing the data added ID to phase before I think I to Facebook it's not only that but no matter what privacy policy I adopted my Facebook page Facebook knows obviously everything but Facebook knows much more than that right probably you know but maybe you don't know that the recent survey from many academic centers including Cambridge MIT show that just by collecting pieces of our traces online like the website we visited like the website we like that 1 can detect very sensitive data for example I don't disclose my sexual orientation but on the basis of what I think that things can be established by 85 per cent I don't disclose me ratio or a and ethnic origin all my IQ online I don't put it there as information yet it can be a detected from the trees that I and all these very sensitive information about my private life about my notes about my habit about my weak spots the can be detected and can be and is used for what is it used for commercializing monetizing my data but that's just the 1st that how the commercialism very very often they offer more expensive services to me and I have no choice on demanding less expensive service because I don't know I'm being offered the more expensive service or I live in my field the bubble and being offered only the information that is designed for my profile I don't even know unless I'm a hard critique is laden right while I get consent is another thing now most of the American companies also European companies they imply concept but in the fact that the see me on the site visited the website they say all you are here so you consent the terms and conditions that's a catch 22 I never had to read the choice of visiting the website with my consent for not revealing certain data and I'm not really told what data I reveal nobody's discussing this with me because this is not the competent I can negotiate so obviously we could think of this as a fair exchange of privacy for service but it's not fair as long as I don't know what the exchange is about and was that the real threat on the other side and that's more less why reading proposed as few let's say I will give you 5 major changes so she she that she said explicit consent to be general if you consent to consent is concerned nothing less than that right so if somebody what's your data you really need to ask you this question in the if using all they have to offer you the service without certain
tracing being building 2nd big thing about profiling right profiling would be regulated not profiling as but the decision is made on the basis of profiling so for example the price discrimination I mentioned and stuff like this will not really be possible without you being where we vote sending or with law requiring that that information and now all I cannot read that stuff I really tried and I'm a lawyer but now they will be of the companies would be obliged to give you information in a very concise very easy to absorb format which is understandable for for every Internet user not only for legal experts then can't new concept like privacy by default so wherever you go to the new service the default settings will be protecting the privacy in a maximum level and only if you want lattes right what is the what want trigger privacy for your new services no problem with that but you do this to not company for you world privacy by default I can have privacy by default if I want I mean I'm a hacker uh in the original sense of the term you know not a criminal break stuff but somebody curious about technology will stuff and so I know how to use the stuff you know I use encryption that I use GVG encryption for my e-mail I use all of your encryption for my chest you do levels alright I don't is because all communications should be encrypted that's the only way to have privacy by default 12 right privacy by design to be sure that only you and the people he was speaking to we know what it's about OK I use encryption as they do use free software because they know that software that you can control rather that software that controls you is the only way to go toward a free society because they listened to web and mobile install at 12 so I know this kind of stuff why should I care why should I care about data protection regulation maybe because not everybody wants to be the ones to hide unencrypted world and goal introduce race of arms with corporations with corporate surveillance and hide behind from new technologies and rely on their wisdom and these skills some people might actually like to use Facebook Twitter Microsoft Google and all these comfortable services they might want to regain control over this over the use and actually use the comfortable service so that's a personal choice but not everybody wants to follow that path but there is something or will you mentioned at the moment uh Evans said a few years Baghdad well connected is our neighborhood and do we really want to live in the neighborhood where on every tree we have a surveillance camera on every bush we have in mind and I we have the data miner under every place where we put our thing according to and this is the weather leaving a recently Bruce Schneier rows of brains these claiming that Internet users to valence state the we like it or not releasing a surveillance state for you it might be a game and the game that you win but think of all the people who either don't have your skills or might actually have to be in danger from other government did all that all the companies that you use services you they also disclose your data to other governments today and you forced to do so even if they want to avoid it does all the idea of lunch by the force them to real data of activities of bloggers of political activists all this happened so the talk about data protection to talk about privacy is just to talk about Internet freedom and the way we understand it is to talk about the information society we want to design for future generations if I sound a bit overblown but you know this kind of legal quit once every 20 years right so now we talk about the design of the Internet words for the next 20 years to come to to think of the financial sector 20 years ago who will fall back then that we will have a serious economic crisis goes by uh speculation in in in all the derivatives in all the new financial instruments today everybody talks about data is the new currency of the world and everybody seems to be so optimistic about it using speculating uh creating economic value over this data but what will come in the next 10 20 years so there really talking not aware at the central business you Harker but about society and about the implications of this model also for your wallet for your if you think about your egocentric perspective and nodes your money in the next 10 years to come know what I think you almost get me convince almost and who 3 food for thought you know and the and I was wondering not so just imagine for once again that I wasn't there ago bastard this actor that I am no just imagine that I wanted to regain control over my personal data but the traces of everything I do online and offline uh I don't consider that may be inspired by what happened last year with backed up which I everybody sold was impossible to defeat but we did that we defeated anyway that would be by 478 against 39 where we meet 39 Governments press Hollywood press big pharma was just of keyboards and you know a data flows so this if I was 1 of these people interested in fighting for getting back control over personal data are trying to to regulate this form of cooperate civilians that is happening every day that's that what could I do I mean I I heard there was this have European Parliament mumbo-jumbo what's complicated stuff I heard the word volts already your opinion votes that all the word like and all the opinions vote were aligned with what the industry is requesting and I heard that there is 1 main coming to the CD liberty committee that we cast its vote in a few weeks so where it you the something I would be able to do if I wasn't a selfish bastard I am well that's a question because the fact act that was a piece of the cake compared to just by because it's a 100 pages long it has 100 articles it's that complicated that nobody really get a grasp of over everything and there is not a single industry that would not be involved in fighting this regulation because not a single industry seems to be responsible enough to think in the long term about it not speculating on our data so that's the case is quite complicated and indeed we lost 5 those already which for opinion votes and now the crucial vote is coming up quite quickly it was scheduled for the end of this month in Brussels and of may it might be the case that the point because it's so complicated that even the any feel quite lost in all that just yet so well what we can do really we can in the 1st place let them know that we know about that happening and that we care that we actually care about something we define as privacy in a broad sense because about our control over our data that we care about surveillance that we don't want to be submitted by companies without our awareness about our instruments to fight back so if we want to let them know that I do think it's quite enough to call them or them saying we know it's going on and we know all your responsibility representatives and we trust that you will vote in favor of our rights that the 1st step if you are asked to back for details days or if you want to know details and there are details unfortunately it's not just yes or no you like to use the knowledge which is collected by many organizations under the umbrella of European this the rights you might have heard of Privacy International at other duty delegates the shaft about bits of freedom at Delta quoted in that's about uh combined foundation for another group Open Rights Group so there are quite a few doing their job for you collecting all the amendments analyzing the 100 articles giving pages pages of comments habits hundreds of pages of comments so they actually have the knowledge if you want the knowledge you can use it but all you can just say the any please refer to the organization I trust and follow the advice that the minimum you can do you do think people could I don't know blog about it if they not the did you think they could I don't know maybe speak about it on on Facebook maybe space you know anyway but have you can always maybe go and look for the members of the civil liberties committee of the European Parliament on Facebook and Twitter and don't to them and them well there's something you have to do and all by the way there are elections in a few months there are things like that that doesn't make a better argument you don't you think that you think really that we the people are able to take back some of these hybrid concentrated power in the hands of the few companies and if you think this could happen but I want spend last year's on the the state I didn't that let us you know what others think I'm really want to know what you think about it and do you think that you can tell us that it's was crying of tools but I think you know what do you think in then we have of the world and you yeah
thank you for your I think we have a few minutes for questions all for statement of action have a the did you know all-sky also actually yes we're asked about post cause yes I heard a very very cool people writing postcards of about taking control of your data and I also heard that they were right here next to the words used that also has a pilot and so you could just get started by writing a post on the very next minutes for instance there's a questionnaire if there is there's all this is a question here and then a questionnaire in releasing now I suppose I a bad guy to I work on social media agency this is because I I the bad guy to have a real bad guy I work for a socially mediated agency and we you start and we research through whom we come could cells that and to I suppose that perhaps we pay for out of all of your Facebook accounts or customers to it but we ourselves they pay us to and I ask myself I vary as a person I'm very concerned with what you're saying but as a bad guy I ask you what's happening if for us but we can't work anymore because really I'm not interested in any ofyou personal i'm just interested in some groups of you I could sell stuff to so your Facebook account is paid and perhaps a Twitter account or your you to Putin's or anything you use online so how do we take this well I I could ensure the answer this 1 uh 1st of all if it was to play for Twitter accounts all to pay for Facebook account at the very curious to see the
price of its natural cost of it and then people could put in the balanced either to pay at costs or to rebate that with some of their personal data out of the which you would have control and they would decide that this much data is worth that much of a service so this would be a form of consonants then on the question of business you may have the impression that advertisement is some kind of bubble what we need bursts so there are ways of providing personalized service that these totally compatible with everything that has been proposed by the European Commission but more than that what could be done is to create the conditions for the emergence of a European trust Bayes Internet economy where instead of trying to compete with the US in the followers version of just snatching all the data who would invent something a bit more subtle way you would come to also these because you know it's in the EU you know we really respect you and this has a tremendous value and we could build value out of trust rather than out of snatching personal data thank and
the and I had Jeremy um was nice talk from both of you think you it's smart cause of action to all interested in the privacy online and stuff it's about it's it's now 3 years that we saw the US border and the 1st attempt to get the importance of a social network and now we got at . net as a low and as nexus into alternative and yeah there's since we all should do the best we can to support online where privacy I'm currently building Mallarme approach project it's called privately . com and I'm in the process of making a crowdfunding crowdfunding campaign and I'm calling you that I'm here and on with the camera and what I want to make some short reviews about the statements regarding online privacy and yeah that's so that's what I want to say and all the best for you Jerry maybe you just have to go to the real you could to have you are on the reader to thank you for anything sure we should we should have deep on society we should keep on hiking the law but it's
also very important that we keep on hacking code free as free software codes because it's the only way that we can preserve his bubble of freedom in in the online environment so please keep on the phone hacking keep on I 1st I omentum is the Martian I am working on something that I think will solve pretty much everything that you just mentioned what was called stat . fm and you should go check it out I
anything close to them like that that you began kissing it now I'm I'm I'm working on something that those guys all where you guys are talking about and is called stack FM it's a social network OK so you have to go out and keep on hacking and loop so it has taken the maximum the onset of and think of this thank you very much thank you all without
war here this of the stages in the end I my