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Hell Yeah, it's Rocket Science!
Pushing private space exploration with 30 Million US Dollars
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Founded by scientists and engineers in their spare time, the Part-Time Scientists compete in a new space race towards landing the first private spacecraft on the moon. Will this be the end for missions like Curiosity? Or is this the dawn of a new Space 2.0? Get to know the Part-Time Scientists, their team of rocket scientists, and embark with them and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) on a heartful discussion on the future of private space exploration! The Part-Time Scientists are among the top 5 teams in the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition, a new space race towards the moon. The international team of scientists and engineers is based right here in Berlin, Germany, and spent the past three years building the technology to get back to the moon for good. The goal of the competition is to land a rover safely on the surface of the moon and travel a distance of at least 500 meters, over 43 years after man last walked the moon.
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without a without shame and
a the lot come back to
science like come at Republic had 2013 so we got a
gorgeous face tracking cooperation for example of the German Aerospace Center and the the Helmholtz mine and the data and the German Aerospace Center is providing us really interesting speakers and they constant Becker and from what Burma and they are part time scientists and what that means they will talk about the thank you for the them the world this is constant and
and the introduced part sciences and today want to talk to you a little bit about rocket science and space exploration so as I wanted to racial talk and then start hopefully lively discussion with you so very short question get a kick off to you like space exploration anybody with a hand who is in favor of space exploration will also think you OK to receive free may be changed attitude of can excite a little more OK so the size of the so basically I want to show you something 1st before we talk about a little part let's talk about the guys from google who did something which is going like 5 competition so these 2 co-founders that founded the search engine Google and set up and made a bet that that is basically said that if you can get a robot to the moon and you get from the menu estimates from us so it's basically a simple bed with 3 simple when have challenges
that you have to overcome if you want to actually get something to the moon they have to face 1st launching which basically means you have to get off the ground into space but actually sounds quite may be quite simple nowadays because mass-market everywhere we get the space shuttle and things like this but actually getting into space requires a lot of energy and a
lot of sophisticated rocket science and only in the end all turns out to be the also requires a lot of money so the very 1st challenge is getting into space the 2nd challenge with this almost as challenging as getting into space is safely landing on the surface so you have to think about the following thing once you're in space and
approaching the moon to quit you and once in space and approaching the then you basically traveling with kilometers per 2nd a speed so we're talking about really have to think about this unit what it means kilometer per 2nd really means that in a fraction of a 2nd if you make just 1 tiny calculation error you go pretty on a
pretty deep dive into the lunar surface or 5 make wavefile way fly-by and both of this has happened in the past so you know those so-called deep debate conventional and mechanisms they are good for you and soft landing the victory that some actually scientific quite fruitful Deep Impact visions and actually trying to make a new best impact as possible in this case but as something earlier landing safety is really hard and what is required when you want to get to another planet is what scientists always call soft landing itself so sweet but it's not is basically means that you turn off the engines and hate of 22 and you have between the 2 fall if you try to some of you will notice it's not solved and the 2nd thing that that can really the fun part of this recognized challenge it's being on the new doing awesome science collecting data and send it back to however this is really a tiny bit maybe a little bit challenge hidden in there as well because the goal is to be on the surface and to HTV you and send it back to HTV yourselves totally awesome you get a smartphone in your pocket and it can do HGV you you can send it what you
do that's nice but try this on the moon you will get a lot of problems with that and actually capturing this thing so having can can we
caught each you without being blown away by the radiation for example or for example to get the stuff that to have as a separate benefit is not just the telecom this limiting your event but in this case a space which is the so then after the little but about 2 guys from going giving you a good reason to go to space so and if you think about so called as Americans always colored incentive prices so people motivating you with money then is a big case in history that comes to mind where a lot of incentive prizes for maybe for discovering new continents or doing different things but 1 very famous 1 was the uh what the price of the force set out by Raymond uptake which he said I don't believe that it's impossible to cross the Atlantic because by the time window T lived was 19 something everybody was saying it's impossible to have a plane crossed the Atlantic and he said I don't like the word impossible I'm giving this big amount of money to somebody improves me along and then you actually found somebody there's a lot of people who tried to cross the Atlantic most of them I think most of them died and but there was a guy was succeeded in but really famous which and Charles and that with this spread of and and what what this lecture is basically we started out in a time when this was impossible to cross the Atlantic in 5 years after Charles Lindbergh landed in the United States he actually came out of the the entire aviation industry that we know today that led to the so called link back to so the but was basically in less than 5 years we had from 5 of and the the airports that we have and had been in Europe but also belong to the military we started having private airports and private airlines and today you can get to my aka for less than 40 dollars so it's all just because 1 man said I don't believe what impossible and a lot of people tried and that budget life so now come back to the part-time signed as this is we are so the part-time science as a team of scientists and engineers it's about 100 of them where an an international team and we're rooted here in but actually we have subsidiaries where large ones in Hamburg sourcebook and the United States OK so and basic reality in this not just consisting that most people always think reality most students but actually it's a little bit far from true because our team and consists of scientists engineers from all fields were actually by example partly working aerospace industry or working in the IT industry or fields that are really interested in technology that can and work towards to space exploration so what would not have this for example that we have and the people who work on the original mother program that you must know which is critical for example and check mentioned was the trajectory calculations leader of poly level so now and the part I you know in the evening we're getting part check and so we're talking into mumble and there is discussing what needs to be done and then we do it and then the next week we are happy to see what we have done and this way we created what we have now the unfortunate results but I would show you a picture of that later we have something so and there is an OK and so basically this is what a part time signed so it's a wary and excited with engineers doing space exploration
technology and we want our goal was to changed away space exploration is working today so we really want to have a good stock of relation to the way that this from happening so it was shown in the good of what our goal was so talking about Dole's we got a little bit 1 that you can see outside of the window at nite which is to move our goal is a set it is a good incentive to go there and our goal is to get to the moon and be the 1st to land a private over there and so the goal is not just to have a robot driving around 2 movements by enabling technology to make space exploration go further because white now we have 44 years after the last man walked on the moon and where couldn't be more far away from the Moon and we have today make sure you know far more about mouse we know about and so it is very good reasons to go there and to show you the Apollo 17 landing site this is the area we want to go to the moon it's something a prepared together with our friends from the
deal on this this this is assigned to reasons to it that we choose to pose 17 for example if you look at it you can see that is more like that like it you an area so you can see all these fields and it's explore the soul of Santa section of St. so-called awake alert and low level of how we can predict
the low level of is actually to look at 1 tiny corner no regular tells and it's a thousand times smaller than the tiniest smaller call center to confine the honor so what it means this morning regular is working against each other the entire time and the service so you got some willingness to stuff up there this stuff is so dangerous that it actually capsulate types use of the astronauts so these guys were really shocked when they got back into the spacecraft take off their hand pensions and uses of those cops think so don't interrupt the globe and had black hands so they always get that nothing really had some big issues was keeping a regular part of systems and damaging stuff and the summary records will tell you a little bit more how we are dealing with it and another thing which is also the Polish 17 which is quite interesting is of course the Apollo landing sites we regulate the business owners and NASA has a really strong interest in finding out how this area looks like today because we can see here of course this module that is no longer there somebody took it and to better wide home but what they need to be interested in is finding out how all this stuff still looks like on the surface because you have to understand 1 thing there was 1 apple emission who went to surveil landing sites where was probed that we sent to the moon before getting to that was Apollo and we try to as they try
to understand How would dictate how this material was not worked on by space because the moon has no atmosphere nothing to protect you from space and what was really interesting is that if think after a little bit like 2 years on the on this so there probe really was another we worked out so was a lot of an equation on the material and things like this and they want to take a picture of the fly conceived the labeling and look at that picture
so that the conferees furious all you know good OK so now I think the last time to talk about all of the what we've developed as and I'm sure but yeah and exactly so and so when the police quest was said we on we started to
develop a robust immediately
and some some of those you can see uh standing in front there those are actually no more soft engineering models that we are giving to all software guys so that they have something to play with and the reason know that they develop those those that those are much cheaper than the 1 that can see here you know this 1 and this if you to unintelligible a few hundred thousands of euros and so we cannot afford to give every suffered available 1 of those even though they are much more fun melodic and it would love to get 1 of those little the contrivance use terms from really concern because most of the time I'm trying and yet so
we developed some robust and so in the meantime we learn something for example in the beginning we a very small role and we develop that's been made more bigger because we realize that the the bigger and because all of them because we have more energy but come to that later so what you can see here as so what seems to be a very boring fall we're configuration and so you know all the hype visible at 6 views in all the master was they have 6 use widened reaches 6 years because of what we may call trends you know we're saying recall the American forwards and boastful we use that can be used to independently so if you're having have more time you can and you can go on and lastly and can drive around with small software development role was and you can see how flexible this as we can turn around and support you can drive around obstacles and this is really the idea behind the role of that we are just avoiding obstacles instead of just going ball if we cannot avoid going over obstacle we can we can look at 1 of the wheels and you know some you adjust the levels it's actually the best way to get get around to the service
that we found because if you remember for example such Marcela's direct emissions you got stuck on walks and things like this and they look at this design it actually enables you to really from our perspective get out of most bad situation that can last yeah we as I said we already tested
from really serious and learning you can see some of the movies that you took about of on you tube of your fall on us and on channel and but you know there's more time to read as well so 1 of the big problems that we have on the moon is that there is no atmosphere you know we cannot just put a fan on the rover unfortunately and so cool the electron excellent and the outside temperature can rise of to 1 so trendy 107 degrees celsius and but then return it's really just doesn't like that high temperatures so we need to find a smart way
to get rid of the all of the energy that we collecting from the sun and the so this very designed the rover in such a way that we can radiate heat away from the bodies so that the inside temperature just below 1 so decreases use which road electron it's a slightly more confident less but it's still kind of what yeah it's a really nice summer temperature yeah
and of the because the Germans and where we don't want to do a onetime subquery just tries McFadden meters but and then everything falls apart you know if we do something we do it right and so this is why we have a solar panel you know we have them the solar panels is providing us with a steady stream of energy that can be used for driving around an ends you
if it's not falling apart uh during the 1st day we can drive on the 1st day the problem was in the Knights will become minus 110 degrees and then all the better off because no 1 is going to guarantee you that there are many things surviving the temperature of the so you have to tell you have to know a little bit about the moon in this case because 1 day on the moon is actually 14 and a half days the honor of and it really means you have a temperature shift of over 250 degrees celsius so try to think of anything that you got a new home on electronics that can survive the change in temperature of 250 degrees you won't find anything that is it you very big thing that you have to start with and the reason for example why the solar panels a good reusable approaches because they actually people out there developing space hotter which can only be 1 on that say and let ending fuel so you put some market
food and then let it dry for the planet and once to fuel out then yeah OK nice so and that's the point where think it's really good to have to select which is actually capable of capturing the best amount of sun because of this and wait times this panel yeah another feature that we have on the although is of a cameras obviously because you want to take pictures and we have 2 of those so that you can
expect really nice really and HD video from the Moon and tumbles on color we have discussions if we need color because the greater years but we decided that we should have color so that you can see that if the flag is really their answers the talent and yet so those as there was public cameras they are not just providing really nice pictures for the blunders but we also use them to build a 3 D map of the surrounding so that you can use it for navigation and I watch a little review and that would later about that this was on the market and so that another thing that
is very important if you're building and you know ruler that all of you have done this probably you know that and there's also the regulars that's what was mentioning earlier that's a very fine polar and the onset of verifying voters that it gets into everything especially you know everything there is actually you can keep it out of the system that's the point in this entire reason for protecting this is our sales as of the problem is when you're going to uni goes into the mechanics and mechanical may fail but and this is a bad thing you don't want to have the mechanics to fail fury review the new moon and you can try this is really bad have the chapter understand because it
it it it did the design of the seals that we came up with the so called level and design which basically means we want to get to lunar regolith to get inside the system to get trapped there so if they have a labyrinth seal designed this basically
means using the the material that gets inside the system to block of material to get inside as well it's pretty complex design and I have to admit I've never understood it fully at 1st but it was quite nice to see that it is actually working which is cool thing and get so that actually because once you drive have failed on the moon is that in no way to go it is to campaign any kind of hdaci monthly fee to get out there and repair over so
that a protective so 1 of the things that we also need is to have models that are actually working on the surface of the moon and of this we conducted the view our because
what we are not really you know the role of the space people really have no experience doing those missions but now we come into contact with the view of the German Aerospace Agency and you know they helped us was result of the technology that they have and the models for example and 1 part that they can do best and so we're using those you know or oval to drive around because those models are used
the toll are of the former
formerly known as Justin them it's a it's a robot that that's very sensitive you can you can touch and feel stuff things uh he gives a cacophony so there's a good chance that you have 1 of those in your home there's some of the old system but I did have maybe too expensive I would I definitely would want to
have 1 of those and this is really awful you it but could pose you can do it I but an OK but the point is I think it is that you have we have a lot of sensors in this life I think it's you did mention it as well what elastic modulus you know a
lot of it and then added so and that's actually the point so there's a lot of sensors in this process drives and if to think about why using something that much less strike the name actually suggests why it's a good thing for the move because because there's actually no contact in the wheels so nothing afflicted by day and regular that could get inside this power actually we out after some time so much as drive so we did the way to go but it's not so easy because they're based on certain components which have a lot of problems with the temperature shift so that is the reason by and why we use this twice and they were actually I think of dimension but unlike the dg-Lie actually developed these for an experiment that they did on the ice as which was really successful particle yet so another thing that we are developing was together was a the odds for example the autonomy and toll as kind of the ability to as a set coffee which is which sounds trivial but it's really complicated complicated task and unit autonomy for that and a region of assignment they put their economies suffered into our all those which by the way is the same 1 that is using and messages for the the sensing environment and get what you can see here is that it's it's building a map of its surroundings and with man you can settle to just go there which is the same vantage that because the processing is happening in real time on the robot that you can try further than if you just you know set driving on the moon as well because there is a three-second delay that you have to be take into care when you're driving on the Moon surface he wanted repeat don't take this 1 focus and I wanted to this and not only we
understand the point is that this technology we helps us to think and make exploration of another planet go much faster in this case because we actually just doing a lot of simulations the honor of and trying to test things as possible but it's really good if you have this system which actually capable of understanding what is good or bad on a certain environment because if you had the distinct and of course I was lucky enough to witness 1 of the muscle is doing is really just once and 1 thing that you can actually see if we have 1 last over doing a test operation fond of his actually that is driving standing still looking around thinking about thinking through a little bit more thinking and then deciding on which way to go next which is something that takes a really long time and it is also a reason why it takes so long to cross certain distances on other planets 1 must actually you really we really need autonomy because you have a latencies I think more than 8 minutes so having up to a quarter of what our so and it is the point so there's actually no weight somebody's driving it on because if you drive then you see 0 my god I'm hitting a walk in you always it some time ago but we definitely will there's no chance to water and that is the point so this autonomy in the case of the we have a Swiss 2nd delay but even those you still was the 2nd that's where good way to drive fast on the surface of the lower candidates great so I just want to kick off to next itself 1 thing that is really important to us today is that as you said and we laugh private space exploration we really do this
stuff really like it and we we want to get space exploration going against so making it possible to at some point get a base on the moon for example like this because the question is if you think back to the Apollo program the question
is why people of ask you by haven't we have something like this today because back at the Apollo program at the answer people enable qualities that Haiti and 10 years from now or 20 years will be on the Moon again I will be constantly them and there's a lot of ways of what is and the biggest startled that space exploration and everything that you like and comes to space has is always fun and it is something want to talk to you about Council perpetually something that would be good interesting for you to have a look at how funding currently works I want to talk a good about you know what you think about it
afterward yeah so I sort of
order all the sources of money that you have an advantage in the new space missions and foreign not so traditional stations this mission and what results could possibly be and I would ask you a question I mean you think that the government should spend more on doing missions in space exploration look at the turn of who you think that private corporations should spend more in space exploration OK and wants to spend his own money on supplies its relation they those of us more than expected and so this is good news and so there there several cases Hall emission came together in the past and and 1 of the ways that was done is that the government created me media stunt this meals that
could have resulted in a new industry but what actually happened is that it remained a 1 time shot and yeah whether talking about dipole program really unfortunately have to say it was a media stands just everyone's once but yeah and have to understand 1 thing about Apollo program itself so there's something that we start we want Cervantes is that actually 2 years
before the landing of Apollo 11 there was a poll on on the American taxpayers and
actually 80 % of the Americans that the opinion that to Apollo program is a totally bad idea we need to scrub it take a lot of money into something else space is what interested this was 2 years before the landing almost 1 and a half year after the 1st man landed on the moon space became so uninteresting again for the public attention that you was took out of 2 TV guides so the TV Guide back in the seventies was your number 1 media to figure out when something on TV is happening and it was not the space it's just people walking on when the moon is totally appalling so that people don't want to see this let's look at Albany of something cell and that's was something that really struck me so we we had just once the time that people said he spaces or something and or cost basis that it's happening it's going and I think actually the goal is to make something that lasts in this case
yeah so another case that is this happening on right now is that the government is taking private companies into the into the equation then they are assisting and and what they're doing and they could in series
use that knowledge to provide missions that of all the provider is of fundamental science experiments oral exploration but the reality is is just that this creates a new industries and 1 of the examples that you can find a spaces spaces for example of the question questions later anyway yet and
so 1 of the examples space richer at which is a company that did money and compared to what the novel but another government was other was doing to create a special and graded the rocket system that can transport stuff for some of you guys as and so I can do that so much cheaper than the spatial could ever do not just bringing stuff to their devices they also taking out direction which is quite interesting
but then 1 thing that really strikes me about and basically that's the reason why we took it into his sister business because we like the company and what they're doing but if you go to space X . com the website and click on launch manifest in you actually see that up to 2016 almost 90 % of all ones for a book by mass knows digression for you this is good or bad that could space X actually survive without NASA putting in all its money that's something to think about any opinions they want things that possible local if it had no income all the and of course there's a there's a very traditional way of doing mission and that is actually that the government is just staying and you know creating fundamental science experiments and 1 of the latest 1 that
have brought a lot of knowledge of all of the mask is curiosity you can see how much experiments Our actually on this because it's a very all some role to say um and they have Aegean atomic stuff always which is really all some which you can get because if if you put something radiation so when there was variation on former independent independent of the missile then people get very cautious bad and 1 thing that I found really interesting about 2 curiosity mission is actually it was a really good science missions but 1 thing that I have found we call is that the a constant do . 5 billion US dollars and landed in the same time as the Olympics that happened in the same week and the Olympics costs at 6 . 5 billion US dollars but curiosity had a much larger outreach daily entitlement peaks which was cool my perspective 17 so I was comprised of private combination to and 1 of the ways of private corporation can can do something is that it can create a media stunt and the
best case this was or is it would result in a new industries you from being formed but uh in uh in reality there's just 3 result than the 1 time shot the best example we could find for that is that we start as you know if they had given us given us the money we could have made a moon missions with but also on the you know data so this was just the 1 guy falling down
quite a bit of and yeah but no 1 want to see him during the 2nd time you know and the point is which is quite interesting is that the companies were behind work will start as there was a the good guy of technical companies which got
together and build all this things capsule this balloon is how and student thing like this and this companies who came together and build all this they have already departed each other because really is no market for I don't all saying jumps from twenty-kilometre hate that's the point and that is a key the bed then analyze it you from my perspective a bad thing because just a 1 time thing you having a lot of media attention for yeah space and then nothing remains which is a little upset a 1st
time there's a another example their private corporations really just creating a new industry and the 1 example that we have this magic elected which was participating in the eyes of the expires which is a form of price of 2 Google makes spies and the goal was to create a reusable
spacecraft that can take you into space and drove them you can go as a private person and of all for people it wasn't something that is and so
far and then was that should be should land and then restart was in 2 weeks and go there again and for just a few hundred thousand euros you can actually do the space opens feel how traveled there weightlessness with this feeling for just a few minutes and suddenly rather there's by doing so
it from my perspective and space circulation like this is so it's a good thing because it's like space tourism but very personal thing so I think the gain is just for the few individuals who have to what kind of money and I'm definitely not a monster the that I have to I I
really would love to go in the testimony of spin for something of the family so weaving that I'm in the future there will be something else some of that money from from the cult basically you not in the form of a text that you pay but no real and positive money that you can invest to create a new industry and are 1 of the examples of such riches
so there's a very good also some project 1 what was running on a Kickstarter and you can buy your own satellite for photos 3 hummable us and it should be in the lowest orbit and until Sputnik URIs are your main tourist and
you can receive it and uh have long for the life of 300 works yeah what I have to say is that I found really interesting about all this cube that thing is that we actually have in our main main
suffer developer Wesley which is on our team this is a guy Willie I know 20 excites me in this way because he's actually building ion engines in his basement and putting them up on cubes that sending into space and testing them which is probably also I and we can describe because think about somebody doing something like this 5 years ago it would be totally impossible so today you can do something is akin to a private research in basic and waste your money space and you can actually do this this is really cool thing that's willing good development so people get the ability to do something on L yeah
so basically you know this was what really wanted to talk you about but you know we are going to discuss with you because now we have really presented you some ideas of how space exploration can can look in the future but we want to have your
input on how you would want to see the space exploration happening do you want to so we want to see if draw also so you want to see you know box on the moon the you want to see whatever yeah tree having the really interesting thing is just to figure out how to solve it because I think we all agree that space exploration is important we all excited about it and everybody a you 1 thing that I want to understand what is it actually if you want to see in space of people have unknown some people want to see the base on the Moon like you can see on the current slide other people we want to see end up driving role remote control want to live on Mars actually company called mouse 1 wants to send people to master actually died air which is not so literature to to OK so lecture I want to get your input and this as well so we will need to understand how is interesting is is actually interesting is that what interesting what we are doing or how actually do you see it is it important for our future sets may be a good question to kick it off so just feel free to ask as anything you can also cause us us about our team but
yeah any inputs for you yeah the this could yeah the event to see as anyway because 1 guy was the microphone yeah so the question is what do you want to see the you want to see the uh do you want to see that private corporations are taking the lead you want to see
if anyone wants to of elastomers recovery time yes have a micro and actually
I would like to see to state and private corporations of the competent on going to displays and not so interested in for example to store a something even at what may be a nice way to finance more signs on exploration and on the grant funding thing for me would for example be interesting and to help with 5 bucks a month and not the last to invest like 10 box of 4 wants to build a satellite would fight and all that yeah so my name on a or something that is slowly warned them on a small scale for privately from that and I think if that would be something like OK rest Firefox underfoot flight 2 years later this would be quite amazing and also what we do media stunt you know or not to be stunt 1st thanks so as I understood it then for example could be an option to
maybe if people want to maybe they like I don't know 5 bucks a year for mission to space and getting actually a share of the later something and this ability like that detects approach that would also be an option so that the only reason is that you can actually decide what to do with the text my only just paying taxes and actually not under under control they can actually count decide of what the money is spent on so it's also quite interesting approach in this way yet by 1 of the things that you can use private
and uh and called that you can actually you know do something like on behalf and as that of binge drinking for although fair rainforest your been shrinking for space missions you know it would be very awesome if you could decide on what you're drinking for and but another thing that
I have your nothing there's not much wrong with with the government delay that's going them but the problem is that the the way the government does things that they're depending on the politics and on the provisions of today don't have the balls to do something that has no beyond 4 years yeah videos for years but that's very progressive because the problem is if if they are giving their OK on a mission that just like you know 500 million euros and from the mission is a failure then the politicians will get to know student you have the problem that you will not be reelected and so users for 500 million box I really want to see a 99 % chance that this mission succeeds and this is the reason why energy cost 5 and millions what could be possible instead if we would have politicians was balls that you could say that a set of doing of 500 million EUR mission we are just doing over 200 million EUR vision of your mission and are taking a chance that this has just the study percent chance of succeeding but if we don't succeed doing it 3 times and reverse the saving money but the problem is that the governor the public doesn't see this very just sees that Oh boy they spent 200 million on on the mission that didn't work and then I want to redo it again so now this is a distinct advantage that private corporations have grows with the government also working that is quite interesting you
have to understand that people for my understanding have we may be too high X and expectations for what the government can do in space if you knew you at states for example and talk to people and they always saying yeah NASA should do this do this on maybe NASA should get us to Mosul something the point is that actually this is not the job of NASA NASA you personally kept right that's not to come before the company which gets you to other planets that is something that actually companies are fall all but the point is that there is currently no way to maybe find such a company gets to master so notice and think that is a part of the problem too low to high
expectations of the space agencies were really we need we need to do fundamental science which is very important phenomena and have questions
in it yeah where do you think will be companies get the revenue the profits from when doesn't come from the government so all of a company that work in space exploration through contracts for the government for they get the money eventually from the government so I don't the idea I once right that that you could do mining on asteroids but that is a very far fetched quotient very far in the future so it's not something that's possible no
actually has worked mining is quite 20 nowadays yes I think that part of the lecture we companies what I want to do this I think it's quite dangerous getting enhanced went into orbit and mining at the end of the to data selected but then go totally wiped the biggest thing is this I we don't like this investor topics this return on investment and if you're doing the company I don't know some of you probably already have done this in you know that if you're dealing with an investor he always wants to get his money after at least 5 years so you get you have to make a plan which gives his money back after 5 years so in doing this in space is almost impossible I did you count to envision the picture the entire mission development takes almost like 5 years so and it is really big issue for space exploration so wide that is why it's currently only depending on government funding and maybe there's a better way for example is a good example is this mask 1 approach and disguise it you want to send really humans to Mars and want to founded by media works so I want to market it something that requires something like this and the goal is actually to get the money from the media and paid emission cost you only wish that I'm seeing this these must 1 thing is that they're Willie Willie too expensive or maybe not expensive enough which he had a good discussion about this yesterday I think but was that they want to like 6 to 7 the made billions ordinal but they didn't plan the rockets all of the special mission of blue-chip up now it is a one-dimensional yes over the questions so the if you're if you're thinking shut sort and you can have a higher return of investment if you are really just performing a media stunt and you're just aiming for having a 1 time shot what you are able to repeat is the 2nd time for example that was not as a is a very good example because this is about the same money that we would have to take to to get or along the moon and the return of investment law that was was in the billions is they said something like 6 billion so whatever this may or may not be true but is that the media rights is definitely way to go unfortunately if the set because most of the time results in the 100 people 1 time shot you cannot do it again because no one's going to take care of the 2nd row on the road to interesting I don't what do you think they really think that we need to market everything instance the and
we have another question but does anybody want to answer that so maybe the fresh set X and this is what that and not so I'm not so happy with this fault that the NASA CEO actually said basically set actually
said hey you would like to see a mission to Mars which was lecture sponsored by Coca-Cola was thinking like I got a lender looking like Coca-Cola is it really the future we want so that's the point there but I think that from the crawled out of the very
an interesting way of getting of getting you money because did the can can't use was their money what they want to do and they can
support from those space mission that they want to see and the cooperation is helping with you know was come a hostile or whatever and then and then this would be a good way to get money that is not from the government for example yeah OK it is some some
hands and and if you if you have a Kickstarter campaign of something how can you ensure that people who cannot just watch the outcome of the whole project but also what's a process may be controlled it to get them involved involved in your emotionally and involved I think this actually can go hand in hand as well so if you
get a Kickstarter campaign and this is successful for example with saying hey we doing a Kickstarter and for like 10 bucks every 1 of you can get your personal picture from the moon like a personal pulls got there is a saying on something like this so another way of you helps us to get this together then I think because the achievement enabled to things if this is successful then you can actually go to a company like with people and say hey what all doubt 1 million people who really care about space exploration because that is the biggest thing the biggest thing is that the media and this is the same thing was Apollo does believe that nobody can that's the point and the problem is that Apollo proved in what this term PolitiFact which is from the marketing staff perspective which really describes an interest rate going like with each so and section of good things so I think it could be a very good way to have a Kickstarter campaign or crowdfunding which shows that people are interested it's not about the money that it could even be just 1 dollar from everyone but just to show that people care about space that is that you want to see sigh which want understand if you for example Campbell space and this is by the way why we need to go to life
entirely just check that there's nothing going on um but I think that um 1 of the things that we are trying to accomplish is that we are now trying to involve the public by having a Facebook page was so that you can join as well and you can participate in or in omission and see that space which is done by regular people like you and me and then alone and just so you can take part in the 1 oppression I'm so it's answered
already anybody else have any questions who that and going current the but I have the chance to talk to me yesterday and it was so that you mentioned very interesting idea which was on there which which stands in relation to uh how useful it is to to get on the 1 and in fact what you mentioned was the the 3 D printing thing on the basically what you just said that this you mention an example of a postcard from the 1 in people may say well that's fine but so is there anything more so while I wonder if you could say maybe I didn't know about that again prepare and so what it basically asking for all possible ways to future for space exploration so my
personal wish for space exploration is actually cheating to walk integration because that's the biggest and needed to happen it comes to space because you want to get something in space you want to get to another planet you always have to get off the ground which I showed you earlier and getting off to grant involves to walk integration into because energy and this energy there and is money and this you don't care about money in this way but the problem is it's basically is really blocked by the standard way to solve this thing is actually not getting everything developed on and it up and space but build it and do it like in space and that is the goal that we have in a long time because really will long time goal but actually for example using the moon as a jumping what to get into space picture that's the best approach to have a long-term actuation weight victory not just establishing a lunar base but and having things like sweetie printers on the moon who actually capable of developing things out of regular that is something that we've been working on its side projects so the goal is actually to take away which is something that makes up the entire surface of the moon and build parts of it currently have to doing this with the printing is always requiring binding materials so actually you combining some materials and getting a structure out of it which is nice water because you have tons of defining binding material that's a bet on another planet so the goal is actually to develop such a technology that you can do this without into building something out of 2 dimetil from another planet and the Sun is really exciting so because the only thing you need is this planet getting there and you need energy and it is a long term goal for this from this perspective also something that NASA already showed for the perspective is did you could easily make them work fuel of and also anomaly and most of of the of the oxygen thank you
so and only oxygen say you have all the basic requirements to establish a base on the Moon which is pretty cool and also the the rocket fuel can be used for shortening the duration of that you used to go to mosque because otherwise the travel the travel time would be so long that people would die from radiation and if you're if you have lots and lots of you can accelerate this process and better than 1 could go so that last because the people don't die on the weighted sum my Posner goal is to use the moon as a gas station for future space missions isn't it yeah so but I think that
you know beside the besides on the very long perspective of being able to build something on moon I think that it's equally important to some key people away from becoming a bank employee because now we it's really important to give education to people because this is the most important resources that we have here in Germany and I think that's
something like a space mission is really inspiring it's it's making people go to pursue engineering job and that yeah so I think that there is much more to it than just you know being able to world to go to the vendor the the it also those other technologies as coming back from the from from the rocket science that is that people during into your regular you know they tools I think this is actually 1 of the best outcomes of Apollo and something that we want to achieve as well getting more people to become engineers and that is something that I think is really important to coming engineers of the future
so are there any more questions yes yeah yeah hi you guys very introduced chess part time scientists can you talk about a bit about what what is your day job I had to and and can can do you also know something about your competitors like how do you how do you finance that and what happens if you if you actually OK and so I think it is best to start on the date of target
and so I am actually of full time scientists so I'm allowed wrongly on the bottom scientists but I think that's at the 2nd strand so all my time dedicated bottom science as the sum I might be achieved use working on is about the brain of of often drive around the radiation environment but there are of course know from the many different people in you for example if you go the working at the Large Hadron Collider from people working at home depot which is very handy if you're losing and therefore what you think it and I actually just have a look maybe boring job I work for the government more likely ITC consultant so that's my personal data and but the thing is I we spend more time than I spend my day job I actually on this side project so maybe it's my full-time job in this case so and I we think space exploration important is what drives people to watch this and just I think yes what our competitors and how it is in this competition so you have to think about a going bias because he has 20 sweet teams participating and there's always a little bit like at the winking amongst the teams that was I think there's an next weighing source amongst the top 5 teams between it's hard to say M but the point is that all the teams are we putting on 1 thing because everybody wants to promote space exploration and it's really hard to guarantee that that 1 of them will succeed from my perspective it's really important that at least 1 succeeds the best outcome for Google and for everybody of you here would actually give you a flight to we succeed but it's really really hard because the problem was getting the money together in this case it's not so much of technology because technology is something we will be able to do that we but we as the people so that is the point so actually finding a good way to finance is not just in the short term not just like work will start as that was an outcome that less yet the technology is not rocket science that is not all of them it but I was used at the time for the money because of the question on the suddenly marks that you can win a regular just like nothing but if you compare it to the cost that you have on the mission because also if you're if you want to spend all your money on the rocket and uh explodes on the launch pad and you cannot because to a simple equation like OK I'm going to want to get so the million box and so on my machine like of fully million and so I just need to take a grid of 10 million and maybe get from the media rights for like 15 and the number of sets of those work because of the rocket eclipse tools used articulatory ensure your but it's quite expensive is just a shortfall out how how do
you find that you guys must be in debt and the fact at the likely and what it is most in my job
but actually where currently working part-time and is always also small company which we have uh corporations with a with a 50 other that pop so we have 50 partners that we're working with which are companies like India Texas Instruments for example and they will be helping us with a lot of things that we have corporations for example this universities which we're doing a lot of scientific development but all for example was the German Space center so and that is actually helping us a lot as well in the West is actually a lot of our own money that we bring into this thing so we need dedicated to this and we we want to push basically because it's really important for us this thing yeah if there's if any 1 of you know knows someone who has a like a few million or a few hundred thousands of euros on his the bank account in humans given to us you know we would be very thankful and you get a nice see that 1 uh so we're a company and no that's not tax-exempt have number of other a serious idea we know only want to approach companies that are actually having a advertising budget that would be big enough to fit on a mission and if you guys know y'all tutoring and free talking about everything so and if you want to support our mission the best way would that can do is you know go to the company tell them about us and so yeah maybe that would be 1 way to define and on which they have to understand that to the same thing that for example work will start as work out it's basically it's a simple equation you can actually spend like for example both companies like the Dutch Telecom which has some PR problems today they actually spending like several hundred millions a year on reaching people was at the time and we sick of this advertising displays the can see everywhere in the city so and point is actually I think would it be better if takes he spent his money on something that makes something that lasts and really excites people for their causes something little bit like that will status parser was a long term goal and I think that makes sense the so you would have a low
level of telecoms news grows the function so you would have a little from telecom 1 year of the that I'm going to question and then we have to wait and watch the form of money we don't care what color the role and I just have a smaller question it's the vault whole can be followed to you a lot to you have to be there at columns to you at the minute I tell you the same on this thank you so but the basic thing is and I hope that it ring is visible and if you type in everywhere yes market size and you will hopefully find us and we get a Facebook community which we we would like to show we want to show everything that we're doing our development and
distance that we have and how we can go on and get you will find us on Facebook Twitter Google + Instagram and I think you did it as well if you can't remember it's because of you want to know what also was you can come here and get some because you those the giveaway for you yeah yeah so stickiest everybody you will get a 1st
threat yeah thank you very much that was really really interesting and I wanna plots for you
to and this is
the thing