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Graham Linehan loves nerds. Whether they turn up dressed in priest's clothes in his TV series "Father Ted", or as grumpy book store owners in "Black Books", specialized and lovable pigheaded fellows in all their oddity seem to be the british author's focus of attention. In his conversation with Linehan, re:publica's co-founder Johnny Haeusler will try to concentrate on "The IT Crowd" though, Graham Linehan's creation that managed to transfer the pop culture of geeks, gamers and netizens to the TV screen like no other series before.
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the without a but home and a but nobody's engendered another member
that's cutting and this carries I have ever I wasn't all that good ICT a Sudanese ever the had
up and biting goals the thing that's when he heard as I will move when it's is a is session
down journey but if the laws being the call that the Graham women don't study was up now Spitzer
that you it is and it is thank you will not and if that's so
sorry and 1st of all welcome to Berlin thank you thank you very much have you been here before uh once before I was here 22 years ago to interview the pixies of riot is as we got listening to the whole time and my conscience necessarily about times on the young human existence of units I don't mind if you translate and accounting it can be any more awkward than a lot of the interviews going on do because then it's even harder for me so that that know the which is talk in English and then somebody you
would come out from the crowd sourced the translation has are here people do that nowadays on the internet and brought some salt clips or we can look at
and who has seeing The IT Crowd who knows all candidates in our algorithm again and again who has seen a black books OK the black books in some was done before t ground yet but and it's about a bookstore uh yeah and is about nodes as well in some way I guess I guess here about men which is kind of the same
thing and that and before that there was Father Ted yes also about men there it's true that has the power that is a so the least you know that that would be the opposite to and anywhere else Father Ted is probably my my best elements the UK and the was that that exactly the
when was father Ted on I think it was done so in 1990 to 20 recently that yeah thank you effect that a graphic so let's get back to
Berlin for a for a 2nd you he interviewed the pixies 20 years ago with
the the waterfall for magazine I I used
to write for music magazine Outcault select and before that I wrote for a large music Gregson called hot pressed it's where I started off was the film criticism and
music criticism and terms you know know I wasn't so that you're musical background as well and yet again the musical background insofar as I listen to music have have never had ever produced as the nominee like all the bands of the pieces
that on and 0 yeah yeah it's always been that
kind of thing I guess it was the 1st key thing that you went to my 1st gig ever it was actually Bruce Springsteen as not to alter but Slane Castle when I was 16 I was allowed to go to gigs before the so that my 1st kid was this huge sum this huge kind of stadium type event
and then I thought all go near the front they're get a better view and the gig started was nearly killed I literally have to swim back screw people my feet when touching the ground those artists women got to get to get away from approach so that's what I call straddle surfing these days you have here is we
need voluntary prayer surface if you could
all maybe standard here in the front of and the if still work so I can get home but let's have a look that you have seen the German version of IT product I have OK that that a comedy is a good is that sort of the social the and the duties on East is amount I stole those videos from you to OK just down all of them that's fine I remember the heck always come so the quality isn't perfect but it did
not answer at the DVD but this is the 1st thing you're gonna show of my work is the German lady grow as the but it's only the it's the the intro which you know and it's the anti-piracy video so everybody knows what we're talking about but I have no idea how good
the translation is that there is a difference engine is pretty UK that anti-piracy
video was pretty close to the 1 that uh they showed in the UK actually yet yet more less except without the the murder at the
end repair from that it's with it's more less shot for shot so that says that a lot of artists like you and and and
screenwriters who probably wouldn't
agree with you to make fun of it but
you mean well it's you know a
it's just the way it's been done so far has been so heavy-handed in black and white ation and ignorant of of what's happening in the wider world and I you know I I just find it as I've always found it offensive that they're trying to criminalize teenagers for doing something that they they just don't see any harm in I I just think it's uh you know there's the it's 1 of those issues where the real truth and the reality is very much in in the middle of the 2 extremes you know I I think artist should be paid for their work but I also think but sometimes corporations make it hard for artists to be paid and there's all these you know ridiculous um marketing techniques used to like the
thing of not being able to see are you your favorite show 9 months after so that everyone else is seen that all these
silly things in I don't know I just need it's tiresome way set of
EADS famine and did I have to go to to to finals small clips of the act was easily paid the euro to free if that's evident a good quality for here but we work them when you came up with the idea for
IT crowd how hard was it to sell at the mean it's it's not the most commercial sounding idea to do a comedy sitcom about an IT department but lots of in jokes about computer people well that's the thing that directly actually are well I I tried to I think the 1st series or a few more
in-jokes but but then I I I never really wanted to be I want to be I I wanted to people who survived to enjoy it may be a little bit more than the that everyone else but but I certainly didn't want them to be the only people enjoying as he know I try and write comedy that debt gets as many people in as
possible and try not to exclude people so I couldn't do jokes about the difference between a line from
windows and stuff like that I had to I have to the fact that not even sure there is a difference in and I would be very nervous about
entering into that area anyway because I know so little about it the you know but do you know so
much about it for all the in jobs that of there I mean I I know just enough I
know just enough to make the slightly ignorant jokes that don't I insult everybody I did do a joke once that I've been corrected a lot on where someone I can't remember how the line goes exactly but they say so you know I don't I don't care about all the memory in random stuff and Moscow's memory is around and I've been
corrected about that we still do not
understand what I did wrong and I
have a picture of of and
the see the setting which is
a very large picture American we can it yeah it's like a reading this but likely a great jokes that build remotely that's the sets they did not know which which and Sears is what it
was to you know that's what it always looks like
really it's I describe it when we were doing it as a kind of living said I wanted them people to to add to
this ask people uh brew I used to have a blog a still do but I don't updated very often but I would ask people to send in you know things they just want to be on the set I especially people who created comics and an option board games I just wanted to look like the kind of place that I I would like to work you know so what does your place look like and similar it is kind of scenario the and this anonymous mask as well and the and I think that's definitely 3rd series that yeah I I'd I thought we had to represent them somehow there's a few that there in-jokes everywhere and all the stuff behind losses desk comes from the computer but museum in the UK which gave us some very rare stuff
apparently is the some there's some real collectibles and there but yeah so the you on this also called about all the T-shirts and that Roy whereas
yeah I I think know here is different T-shirts at a time and geek T-shirts not T-shirts with the been tumbled block just you taking pictures of all the different shows years then people started selling
them just those T-shirts I think they were well I would find them from blogs and so so I think they were on sale before we did make them up
they were they were and they were the T-shirts about being it was a way of was a lazy way of showing his character because they were T-shirts that from you know my favorite 1 is to help circular Venn diagrams 1 that says music I used to like no 1 music I like music you like i where it intersects that says music I used to like the and I thought that that kind of arrogance and from uh slightly bitter contemptuous attitude was was good for Roy so I'd I'd use T-shirts to tell people who we you
it I would recommend doing it's a very
lazy way of doing things but want
it kind of did I think press and I I think Kris would
have appreciated glorified but written his character into what he did that and that the 1st series I still didn't quite know who really wasn't uh I was struggling a little bit too 2 is the 1st thing I don't know my old and I'm still learning a lot on them you know I struggled in the 1st series to to show ROI was we we we we
kept falling between nothing of you know Chris is obviously very good-looking guy and Roy is supposed to be a very bitter but somewhat misogynist of I thought you know women peasant guy in many ways but but addresses so
likable that we end up somewhere a little bit more toward him and it was it was
interesting it was j just it became uh 3rd character but I like that because I I think Elvis Costello said the history of rock music is people trying to copy of the people and getting it slightly wrong and and that's what I was doing I was trying to create 1 character and and Chris Kaman and tournament to someone else's
uh um and it worked worked at 1st so that the input of the actors of and to
which the input of the actors all it's huge there like the call writers in the last
week that that's why with the German version of the American version but you know the the biggest mistake they made was thinking that the scripts that we ended up with uh you know and the reason they existed was because In the last week we do so much work on it because we we we we start rehearsing on a Monday we show its the audience on Friday also terrified that we're not going to get laughs we really work those scripts patterns uh Richard increases such funny people and mass and the path from so funny that you know they can just just kind of the natural week re Harrison would lead to about 25 30 % new jokes so m yeah that kind of I would give them a credit because I might have to pay more but but they
certainly contribute a lot so what what is what is historically uh behind Richmond
that character which really laughter then he kind of faded away yeah I didn't know what to do with them can really and and also
mole got very famous in the UK I and couldn't really of joint in as much as it was we like but also I I kind of missed the target a little bit with Richmond that minimum I think it a I think he's a Cradle of Filth found and I I think that was wrong I was again I was kind of you know the being a bit ignorant there shouldn't assume that was the wrong bound and high and low I like tell a lot the again again you know coming on board and and giving his reading of the character change them again and made
into something well I I did real what he was by the surface so uh so
yeah it was slightly different right for Richmond so I just decided to stop that far enough and you have some time to drink I have some time for
another clip thereafter which is
and probably the most linked mn part of IT crop whenever somebody Twitter something and you get is going a reply with a kid from IT 12 this is what comes of what comes up very often it's my impression
we could actually just watched it at all time and that will be worse and of course we thought about having the internet here but then we thought it was a stupid idea and
that's something that i've perceive find very remarkably remember may remarkable about your kind of humor which is that
you seem to get along without using too many below the belt jokes and without using curse words
but well from not I think it was that
series uh I just set myself a challenge to do it
without a person as we did in the in the 2nd series we did a curse joke is where my favorite cursed curses over it so it you know kneeling down in front of Douglas have and it looks from a certain angle that he's he's that performing oral sex on them and meanwhile outside the door are the representatives of all major religions other timber the then they open the door and
Douglas turns around and sees logos
fuck off and did it because it did not very doing it was 1 thing but it it makes me laugh more than merely anything of that written by 4 and the just incredibly funny um and was something about the power of that that also frighten me a little bit because I realized I could be going for that kind of laugh all the time and while and while it was on piano while I'm very happy with the joke I I would like to lean on it too much it said too easy and you know there's some shows that there really well and and it's absolutely appropriate Larry Sanders is probably you know my in my top
3 of the book favorite shows of all time and
that uses it up you know brilliantly but I do know it just didn't seem entirely necessary and I thought well it's entirely necessary I wonder if I could but if I could go without doing it for a whole series of and and I did so with you know no noticed we'll accept it and that
is it when I went to look up interviews with you to get a feel for what it's talking
about which enjoyed talking about the was a speech that you gave kind 5 or 10 minutes and that was about some you saying censorship is
good it's sort of it's not so much
censorship it's more restrictions seem restrictions are good from sometimes the story I always tell as cigarette advertising in the seventies in the
UK but before the seventies but you you know if you want to
advertise cigarettes you just saw some taking it out of the package like lighting in Slovenia and going that met was how you advertise
cigarettes and then they that was found in the seventies and and because of this restriction of advertising went through the kind of Golden Age where some or all these so the polysome advertising companies have to become more and more creative in finding a way to advertise a product but they weren't allowed to show you know and so you know you have some very strange very interesting of ads for a while and so so yeah sometimes restrictions are good at the same time you know with the do you know poetry to the the specific requirements of each different type of poetry bring out different of techniques and different disciplines and
and different sensations and so on and so yes sometimes I like to and
if you look at an episode in to take uh a sitcom example the episode of Seinfeld felt the Chinese restaurant which is all set within its like half an hour of them waiting for it to get a seat by the Chinese restaurant and you never leave that set you never leave the but you never leave the waiting area and they're able to do just 1 of the all-time classic episodes out of it um so yeah it's sometimes you 1 of the hardest things is the blank page so when you're a writer so if you if you set yourself and artificial some piece of but artificial restrictions then you can often be you know that'll often actually help you right yeah I
was wondering if the if you're all on restriction your artificial restrictions would be to use not too many
curse words yeah and that was 1 you know
um and there's there was a you know the and try to think of another 1 the yeah well 1 of the will of the 1 of the ones we had on Father Ted which was about 3 priests 3 Catholic priests you've all been exiled to raise some island off the coast of Ireland for various crimes the by the Catholic Church but during 1 of the rules we set ourselves was you would never see them working you'd never see them doing confession or you know saying master anything like that and then and that rule just led to it immediately feeling different to
other ecclesiastical sitcoms because the 1st thing that someone would
do if it was uh a sitcom usually starring a priest is you'd show them in confession hearing and not a confession i that would be hilarious and we don't wanna do that we wanted to we want to show them in their downtime we want to show what they did when they were real relaxing as we thought that would be a fun year and so here no because of this
restriction we we put on ourselves there was a joke where we we had we had a scene where these moons that come to see mouse and in Ted had to do it but he was in a hurry and we thought well
how will be shown during we can show only a rule is you don't see him doing now so what we did was he went out through a door and the door closing and we here on the inside the mosque in Pereira there were and before the door shuts the slums OPEC through into the room again and that was and that was like a joke that would have existed if we had gone through the door and then shown what we promise not to show frustration can be good restriction can be
good is there and you are not a
social media connected person you talk about new blocking you're very active on Twitter and was that I did you choose that as a creative person order that just happens I don't yet know he Twitter
chose me and you know when you're sitting on your own rising every day and then suddenly you know there's there's this window and you open the window on earth thousands millions of people out there and you can talk to them and they can't help to you I mean that's what every writers as Dre have to up although at the same time it's a huge of productivity killer I was going to say I
mean and some writers who hated because it's and it distracts them too much yeah you do have to be careful I think I'm hoping that
have gone through that period where the novelty of it was so extraordinary that that I would just spend all day on now I think is part of me that realizes you know Twitter will go on weather and they're not I don't I don't have to hear every news reporter or or you know see what new game is being released or whatever I I I I think I can control it a bit more but it is like it is like heroin or something and you did that you as well you did a
Twitter experiments ones where way you the bad movie club yeah I'll yet but we just you know that was just a very
early obvious thing to really just everyone watched the film the
happening would Mark Walberg at the same time and we tweeted about it it wasn't it wasn't the time I was just I was just curious see would do what would be like India and it really was in really hard and I did enjoy it it was it was too frenetic I felt curve commune I love it when when when Twitter
really comes into its own when it's something like this the Eurovision Song Contest result might that
something that's the that just happens to be on the new
casually sit down and join the conversation but when you're when you're when you're saying when you're saying OK everybody get ready to turn on your DVD vendors it's just a little bit too much pressure I remember thinking we should
all it's not home I can you know and
something you're out of time what everyone else and so I I didn't enjoy that I'd like to I think I kind of broke 1 of the things that Twitter is good for where things should just really
happens yeah that's that's what I think it doesn't work with trying to make what we call the 2nd screen many watching TV and you using Twitter like with the reason this again consider like
in and you cared about if they do this here but unscripted TV shows is a new comedy on ITV I noticed and they
put the hashtag of that the name of the show on the shell as you're watching and it's really is just slap in the face for me it's a slap in the face not just for the makers of the program it who want you to concentrate but also for the for the audience who they think are so stupid they need to be told what the hashtag for a program for the program is you know it's it's so it's annoying on that on many
levels yeah but that's that's the way it doesn't
work just as you said we add immediately before the foreseeable to to use it it doesn't work well
and then you are a 2nd screen persons
so watching for the sports game or whatever as the thing I don't really watch I don't
know I'm not a big sports fan the not really interested in many life events generally um I wouldn't say on the 2nd Screen breast like turn off all of the screens usually so I can concentrate on 1 you know and it's bad I shouldn't say that I
should be you know from cheering on television was but you know that the choice between programmed
held televised events and and being able to control yourself as you know
why would you why would you just sit there waiting for I i'd I love what people do you know Clay Shirky and and people like him of pointed out that for for at for like I don't know how many years was 20 or 30 years of we all came home
at 6 a committee did didn't in Germany at a lower TV was like but but but you came home and you turn on the TV and you just sat there for 3 hours you know I just find that hilarious that we used to do that we used to think was normal for for for 3 decades you know it's not normal and that's what will be a lot about computers is that is that they suddenly allow people to to do so many different things when they got home you know whenever Owen it
not at home I used to think there's gonna be a timer that prison probably a question of money that you think this could be a time when you produce series for a and online channel for tube or whatever I don't know it just seems to be everything seems to
be possible you know I well let me put it this out nice to everybody and that if I meets that wouldn't do we might be able to put a little it shows in them you know 20 years I'm a I'm very polite you know it's just anything that we was that it is in Netflix now just going directly to distribution well we haven't got that here
not if you feel like has to having American credit cards and proxies intimately yeah but in the states I think the house of games to new Kevin Spacey
program was done directly through the Netflix which is just and saying you know incredible so in the process of money there are no expert orbitals
of you do use different tools to keep
your ideas to write my I mean apart from using a computer to right of course but and to keep your ideas In some smart phone or do you that on on the other hand use I II
the you very kindly gave me a noble can
legally by about but I know what I'll do is I'll write 1 page before and a right 1 page and then I'll never write another thing and
so the internet's been great for that for no keeping these Evernote um
there are you know it's just it's just amazing when they found out of the final draft my brain nearly exploded I couldn't believe there was
something that actually formatted scripts that was was a long time ago but it was signed I will never forget the excitement of happiness with and I could do that so are
you writing on anything you but regarding 0 yeah so I kind of have big news really we have we're
doing the I. T. Gretz special in 3 weeks um we just suddenly I had a script ready to go and and so the the everybody became available so were doing 1 last show 1 last 40 minute 40 minute hour long show where we'll just wrap things up a little bit and to say goodbye to everybody but there's that and this the other thing we now have so these men don't have good as well I think it's the middle looks funny I read it back in because I haven't read a 4 year it was like I was reading it is new and and I laughed so think think it's gonna be alright but it's
let let let let's that people laugh about it again because I have 1 more people and which should feature the famous quotes that you try to mu forms of V and
have this very interesting and to
solve the series with the laughter in its and to listen so when people in the audience of laughing here and you did that as well you had a life show with audience only the Buda laughter real
effective to the the
1st uh have you tried turning off again the the 1st audiences we invited all worked in T and then we told we have to tell that laughter because because when when he said every try turning it off a little again it was like the Beatles of water and so so we have to isolate some laughs some and and that make it sound a bit is when people are at home they think what what's so funny about that here it's just very true I think and that's how
good the money it's kind of accidental I mean it's
it's it's partly we did researches but I'm a lazy researcher so it was a park research but also I guess work and a lot of wishful thinking is there any any people from IT
who I mean I guess that that you know how how many people love you for the series but has in any people from the internet community or I t you whatever that don't like it and then send you hate mail 0 god I yeah absolutely not so much
IT people more and more and more comedy firms uh yeah you know to do it's it's comedy is 1 of those things against people heated so well yeah you know but it did stuff after the 1st few episodes 1st few episodes when Ted usually you'll get people hating it no matter what it's like and then after a while they kind of by the relax so they get drowned out by the by the other voices by the voice of people liked so so this is this private you know when when I try not to pay attention to
social media when a show goes that I try the the avoid reading a politician and I don't look at at I try not I would
certainly not to uh Twitter
search for the name of the show that's just asking for trouble so I I try and avoid all that stuff because it's hard enough to write
but because you've got your own voices in your head telling you that terrible you our you don't need to add to the there and really sells sells it's secure what what the right
yeah yeah well you know I mean the thing
about it is that show the is the result of a lot of work a lot of rewriting but a lot of rehearsal and then I sit there on my own and I start
writing it does look as good as that it doesn't read as good as they have it reads dreadfully and usually
it is dreadful up but then you know a few a few weeks later I'll go back to a writers that's more jokes the Alps sort I 1 plot line that doesn't work all throughout a character the silliest looking a little bit better but it's still nowhere near the quality of the stuff that's out there and so on and so every time you do it a program you're going back to the state where you're really doing some terrible work and you have to kind of keep reminding yourself it doesn't matter this will get better it's this is not what people will see it know so am I would
you know 1 1 time I might release the 1st draft of the script just to show people how much it changes in have much
improves you know they will probably all like it much better than they had been getting probably
providing a film that have that
was with the you said this before that in the beginning there's more in Jolson and it it's gone into a comedy thing about lots of things I mean you make fun with a lot of uh different people you made and I'm that I'm not saying make fun of the upfront with a gay people the game musical
called gay movement which was pretty
gate effect uh um In that series those disabled people there in
wheelchairs 0 yeah I guess that um people with injuries lonely repeats people people with we have
names like paedophile yet the
was anyway but enough humanity
basically humanity and outsiders worker work on human rights and to work with humans but also Germans and journalist is a German cannibal yes yes yes he
was based on them most guys name to the you remember you remember better
admit that was the values of logic anabolic that's ones in here and I remember reading the news story of thinking that is the worst thing over there that is the most unpleasant the most horrible thing I've ever heard I wonder if I could make the funny because it
seems so hard it seemed like that would be impossible to make for me I mean the jury I think you're still in in therapy you know and I thought how could you make them funny that's so that's just the worst and then I met someone and they said did you know he met guy before the guiding mediation the and I said no what happened this city he well they he he went he said you know he he did nothing you put out the at the guy turned up and said I wanted to see me and there this it OK in this
space at that and after a while he got nervous and he said you know what ach after your mind I'd only the so is it OK and they went and saw Ocean's 11 instead and when I hear that God OK that's really that's
fully of to to do so once said it's a good thing they saw that George Clooney film not Solaris lies you wouldn't halfway
through gone you know what you can eat me you can leave me but um but yeah
that was that was just I that I
sometimes like to do that as well I like to see is there something that's considered so bad that's a UK become a breakthrough that and make people laugh at it at you know and showing did you do the
idol of people know the film Dirty Rotten Scoundrels solution of haven't seen as Michael Caine and Steve Martin and dead it's incredibly funny movies but but it all at doses of it it allows
you to make to laugh at things that normally would not be allowed to laugh up and it does it in such a clever way and also the example that I love to to size is uh Malcolm in the Middle East
but which has uh hope this translates but there's a bit where Malcolm's father and speaking to the 10 year old son duly the and he says to a man what's you look at bit data Anderson so that is a girl at school and she doesn't like me
and he says what happened so 1 molecule you're wonderful you will that you're wonderful boy you know should I like her but she you know she will give me the time day the
father says I'll speak to your of don't
worry don't worry and then a cults to be a little girl walking along like this with the books and the father in the car saying here in the car did can our ideas I have suites and
what and I thought that this is a show that solid like 6 PM and
they've taken the mode is the most awful thing you can imagine and they've made it is so that everybody can laugh at that and I think that is a real achievement and sometimes when we were talking earlier about restrictions restrictions so on
back to my favorite kind is how can I get something that's very very tasteless and and trick people into laughing at us and trick people into nothing offended well I think you succeed with that that that you and like sulfonamides for people to you know speak to you asking questions but before this 1 more
short clip and which is John and again because I think it actually works very well in
German because there's a guy with a French accent yeah and now support know which 1 asserts this 1 that candidate gonna spend it was McLeish data reflection wide yeah other than the cover students always talking and if understood we also have the the good look at culture today
as a set of commands and foot guns McConnell fits in its worst that's in 1
of my own and like to open like the questions to you they don't have to be about IT crawl so if you have questions about I'm just
saying that the like post anything and the Bretton sketches yeah kind of Latin I the OK and Graham will have been made by encouraging at the end of the
you are very well known for her and live audience stemming thinking in like this community age park their creation and the Office for
factor to think there be much resistance and if here to create a new program for the live audience How could hurt her head did have a new what from Muslims to think their the much resistance from like networks from the title
for it to be deceived and I think they always I think they always get good figures
when they're good the studio audience shows tend to do well on its when they when they're bad existence they tend to just the embarrassed the rest of us you know a the doing a new show that's on and on June June 5th due June middle of June so call can't offer strong and and the and that has a live audience and new evidence like I I I I I don't wanna work exclusively in its own way I I a I I like the naturalistic way of
doing things as well it's just that I haven't had an idea that's seizures that for a while now everything I've done could you know I don't think I t crowd would work as a naturalistic uh succumbed and I think Douglas would stand out for but but you know if I have an idea that suits single-camera
themselves certainly do that so they are always liked do you know the officers stuff Larry Sanders undesirable that so the phenomenon of my at the right and I'm Grace and why questions for you think about of having like but it's made again no in the now it's I now with having the votes and all the stuff could you think about the little book of colors as an e-book Yankees sketch with that had to swallow
the idea that that that that that's not an
actually question outside how OK you not having this our whole electronical thing a going on when nobles no new stuff to to feel just uh the the digital stuff could you think of working with a of working with that at all the theory making series by written people talking on Twitter know what that's that's what the IT crowd was supposed to be directed
the it well it kind of was I think the IT had even happened before Facebook was was with we it happened while Facebook was still a kind of
novelty in fact is an episode in the 1st series that's about Facebook that's kind of embarrassing
for me to look at but then but 1 thing
we realised quite quickly when we did IT crowd was that people looking at screens is boring and it's very hard to turn that into dramatic situations from and so so yeah so so that's another reason why the
2nd series as I say I didn't as many jokes about computers and so on because I can really
wanted to be about how they were interacting with the computers wanted to be about how they're
interacting with everybody at the workplace so there might be a sitcom in Twitter and social networking but you don't know what it is yeah you know something like the place like this for me
great for but unfortunately yearly
scale prepared to make the combined this you could use a comes that if you could use a constant that 6 days of a conference like
this spread out over 6 weeks that my work and we were at think you got enough
ideas when you spend 1 day here for jokes here because the think so any more questions you know I just completely satisfied you yeah nothing so that that you have any more questions GM made no no
little or anything I should see or next few days ago I have a past time to
something bigger should go to the gym use my us to say you very welcome with that thanks being here thanks for joining us thanks for coming
to a public and thanks to you for listening to us that is to say here career
loop if you
do that we removed