Crushing data silos with ownCloud

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Crushing data silos with ownCloud
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I don't think that a world where most of the personal data of the world is stored on servers of a hand full companies is a good one. ownCloud is a free software project that offers a decentralized alternative to proprietary cloud services where everybody can run an own cloud service comparable with Dropbox but on own hardware and with full control. More and more people store their personal files and documents in cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive or iCloud. The reason is that they provide convenient features to sync your files between devices and share them with others. We are heading full speed into a future where a huge piece of the personal information of the world is stored in very few centralized services. Questions emerge what the impact on user privacy, surveillance, lawfulness of content and storage cost will be in in the long run. I don't think that a world where most of the personal data of the world is stored on servers of a hand full companies is a good one. This talk will discuss the problems of a future with centralized cloud file sync and share services and will present ownCloud as a possible solution.
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but a a a a shame and
a yeah
it I hello everybody hello back again on stage for I'm looking forward to
follow the next hour I and more techie al where abouts to solutions of the more freedom for our lab so listen now too few of uncanny check from Stuttgart and the founder of the Savannah have ownCloud the developed a tool on decentralized and personnel a store doctor so he dis not does not believe in Dropbox and go good drive and I clouds but has another solution so looking for its the
plenty thank the of few
parade thanks very valuable for being here especially because is doing lunch hours so I I hope that can entertain you a little bit so that you don't get hungry I Yemen fine college-age um fond of don't don't project was a longtime open-source come in different projects like 80 and I'm also running the Open Desktop um all
um network of websites can you build a log-normal but also for example I want to talk about 4 things basically um 1st this and to talk about current problems with cloud computing with the the Internet at the moment that I will present the user did a manifesto it's a solution but it's a it's an idea to come to define a basic rights that everybody should have regarding their privacy and personal data that would % old cannot and show you what it is and why we think that is a solution and hopefully I'm at the end we have some time for discussions that for me always the most interesting piece OK let's talk about a
problem because I think before we talk about software all solution approaches 1st we have to define what we really want to solve what is so what is the problem that we have the staff to say I'm I'm I'm not model
paranoid guy right I'm not 1 of these things for the head guys with again on modern technologies you'll they so easy the solution that would need you'll bundles of all the time I I I I I I mean I like new technology items like the internet I like all the new stuff I mean I even have faithful there can't find out that handling and I'm really not paranoid I think but I really think about 100 chance have look at affects how the into looks like
today and where we will be in a few years has just project what's currently going on into the future of in that same 5 years in 10 years and how the world will look like then and if you really think that this is something that you want to have what you want to have something different in general I think that in the future all
our data will be somehow stored on a computer so it's connected to the Internet so you can call it a can also work notice of course just a stupid password but I think we all a data will be on a computer that somewhere on the Internet the reason is that you want to sink and access all our files from all all devices from phones from tablets from from all kind of future followed from the Internet you call the machines have in the future right or in your fridge so that data has to be a
central place somehow and the other thing that we want to have is you want to share our data with others so it doesn't make sense at all my stuff locally ML machine anymore it has to be on the internet somewhere so this is just a trend that challenges of course where success to the state of the what are the implications on on on privacy here and data protection OK but I mean we all love free software right we all open-source consular free software use and
brought forward through some some of us use Linux desktop to use Linux on the so we use an Apache reuse free software right so all these spying on our data it's not really a problem because we use open and free technology right that's wrong because open source doesn't protect us at all from someone existing our person and private data OK but the thing is that 3 is had a reality is chance that government and organizations that can access all data so that just the license of the software is not the solution so even if it is hosted on a central place somewhere and it could be a GPL achieve yet another open source license still organizations
has access to our data data that's just a fact and that only about reading our data training you can say hey why someone interested in my vacation pictures does not important but it gets interesting if you like combined information together so where was I invocation wealth was still whenever to what portion papers has never talked to and so on so really analyzing and clustering the data together OK but as we all know and endowments only do this to protect us from even a terrorist right and in the huge terrorist problem nowadays right and the government has
to protect us so in that the dead accessing the data of all their citizens just to protect us from terrorist right of course that makes sense well if you look at the reality is if you look at the how this is how or what is really happening nowadays you can see that um dataset exist 1 or 2 times a success million times a year to basically every day so this data from Sprint spring is 1 of the biggest more work carriers in the US and they're published there had several million them request from law enforcement organizations to access data of their customers and if you look at how many customers actually have you can see that basically
everybody everybody was a full is basically already exist for all track by the government already like everybody not to monitor not terrorists everybody OK but then you can say well this is only the U. S. right I mean this is just crazy people will be in Europe we have that the laws no problem at all times while to look at what's going on in Germany for example there was a few years ago was this
incident where the police access all the mobile data form for the phones in in Berlin and you probably noticed for the tool million forms were tracked by the producers and if used take manipulate lectures in Berlin you can see that basically everybody and it means that we all already tracked this not about terrorists the unaffected hand OK but you can say only today right we have to this terrorist problem and this is just we have to solve 2 sample next few years and then everything big every week going back to normal had no money instead of our data is secure the government respects our rights and the data and so on well if you look at what's
going on what what loss are actually um um tried to the where role or road all at the moment he all this data retention launcher many the actor so parents on actually this morning there was another story that the US government now them once to pass a law that they're able to access or chat logs for more people all the time so this is definitely nothing that it's going away pictured opposite am OK they can say well I don't breed them care about privacy right I mean I am I and other criminal right I don't I have nothing to hide no problem at all right everybody can see
much to the messages always what I had for lunch and so on that's so important and but you have to realize that a little bit more than just martyrdom messages all what my telephone numbers and so on it's really tracking them and accessing everything that I do which means medication order time which means my my payments that I make which means the conversations I have right I mean we all heard of school class who class system new device from who they are and they're still button anymore right you have 0 you can put the class on your head it just use voice
commands to excessive which means this device is actually already listening to all the conversations that you have that's busy listen to everything that you say not only what you say also what your friends say in a conversation right um and they're already phones out there more watchful instant can detect if you look at the screen or not which means that for me all the time it's really it is really interesting it's not only about what is my secret address what is the secret telephone number that's your whole life so how does the future look like in the opposite of that in the future while I don't want I mean the the stresses all the time right and in 1984 term taught all
and I think it's a big it's a it's a big thing to claim that this is all future but if you really look what he what he said like 1948 where are the decision visiting every room has a camera artists keep assuming you all the time and we have to know already and it's not it's not a fantasy so the thing that we have to do something if to do something if you want you want to base the protects the rights that we have in our non-digital like you want to have the same right now I've OK so i'm a lot of people say especially in the text and see under the CCC your and open source communities a wall of course we all unaudited and Facebook and go with you I don't use it right I use my old school computers I use shall access only in my secure whatever in my own environment and I'm safe and it's true the set true this but this only
have them this doesn't help the channel the channel use the channel world so if you really want to make the world better we need a solution that works for everybody not just for peaks so so just saying faced with evil and redundant this doesn't work so I really wondering what is what is going on here in the moment in the world I think that people give up the rights of all the digital data without noticing it right I mean if you if you imagine that the the priest comes into your house every day and we suppose the letters and a document you would say OK this is crazy what you're doing you go away from but this is actually happening and no 1 complaints so interesting so I think what we need is indeed a written down definition of basic rights that everybody has regarding the personal data and this is something I am that I launched the and last year with a few of them you other guys together it's called User Data Manifesto it's a written
down definition of aid user rights where we think that this is something as everybody has the 1st is on new data which means if I create something which I take a picture if I write a blog post if I rather to to message something like that it's it's mine right I control it either with access to it's mine but only
because I stored on drop on the aumakua so it doesn't mean that I want to give up control all my data so it's my data it's control if I want to show that I want to share that publishing the Internet sure perhaps but this is my decision does not the decision of the service provider off the government or someone else the next thing as I want to know where my
data store so on what whatsoever extrema data is stored this is important because it actually has legal implications I mean a different laws in the world right store something on the cell another country you would have no idea what is going on with success to it what are the laws you can't even vote and other country to change losses just other country right it's not in your country anymore so it's basically you lost control of and then I want to know at the 2nd is if I don't like at the location I want cried my data to a different location place I don't like to provide a lot of software or a country is something I want to press a button next port everything and then go to a different so it's an important again and as you can switch of bank for your money you constitutive Figure carbon and so on but accounts switch away from cool your Facebook trouble it's just a puzzling am control controlaccess and I want to decide with access to my data is I want to share my vacation pictures for someone that's fine but I want to decide that so the service provider wants to decide they decides if my pictures are used for advertising or something as my decision then I want to be had decide to choose it I want to decide the decision that the conditions of it so if I decide that this blog post should be no on the internet this doesn't mean that everybody can use it for everything right I decide the rules stated license of the stuff that I published mixing is in the ability of data so the data should be protected of course we have 1 to make sure there's up and so on you don't know how the makeup of works with school be all proper to trust think it should be OK perhaps by if you don't know if no idea using optimally I mean I this point is in there because you could say well the best security is to put all my data on a DVD and put it in the safe sure I did then kind excessive anymore so I still want to access all my data from my devise an optimal rate is also right and the last thing is softer so transparency we think that the service often also turns off there should be implemented with free software because it then can look into the cold conceived as a back door and that's what is actually going on in the encryption is strong enough and so on so this is the they manifesto
there's a user that upset User Data Manifesto about or if you're interested go there and tell your friends are mn we think that this is decide important principles that you need to know what it's about your about the rights on your data OK now let's talk about all
Lord ownCloud is there is a software where we fit and we think is um can help us
with enforcing the rights that I just mentioned it's an open source project um and developer community is licensed under a GPL license I found 3 and a half years ago it's growing very very fast they have over 150 year contributors already working on the code constantly we have about 70 commits a day so it's very very active um we have about half a million installation worldwide it's difficult to say because it's free software so tracking it obviously had but you and you have Donald number laws and the number of some of the user feedback to get and how it's spun on the system you know and so on we think that it's really what half a million solutions all day and we also have a company of that offers commercial support so if you want to have some commercially support that um installation wonder someone coming to you in integrating increase your existing systems whatever this this can be offered this would be offered by the company OK what is clout in detail 1st it's it's basically a drop box and do we drive replacement so called Lord can do everything that provokes task and everything it would drive stars and the comparative SkyDrive and I told the details but in channel it's the same thing it's only if a web interface section of 5 that in the face you can manage all your
data that can be mounted with wrapped of directives a try from your computer and if you want to um there so the votes and make Windows and Linux if best of sinking clients are and what clients Silas clients and so on and support open API is the web interface looks like that very team that in the face of think this
mitigation here you'll find mentioned there are lock-in search here and it's basically all very very easy to use
but essentially have and best appliances such as being shipped from the from the necklace 10 climbed it's not so in a very similar way to the box client but lies a set of works on Linux and Windows as just screenshots from the IRS applications that we have the audio files you can click on a file and then watch the video or stream the music and do whatever you want with it the FM integration with all kind of taken system so with an end of integration integration with some bombshells um some more open idea and so on it's versioning support so every time you change of file a new version is created which means you can always rolled back toward the Russians this encryption burden so use as a for the full encrypted file transfer and we also have a server-side encryption arbitrary replaced by way better 1 the next few
weeks and we're working on client of encryption to you can share your files and just click on a file of photons area of shit occasion pictures with my grandmother would allow the may and order can click on a mailing can watch your watch your stuff but it's more than just files inch sharing sinking files is the basic functionality but it's way more if a calendar
context bookmarks music streaming photo gallery and so on lots of things um at a moment if you guys are working on analysis as read a replacement for a popular nowadays some part of 1 it's a it's a really nice application can just recently confirmed into your own got synchronize audio files and there's also will going on with from and more widely cation successive from the phones and tablets OK then you might want OK great features I heard this before I had a severe
before from Dropbox or Google what why suspension our right why why a special is just this just a cloud storage why that's 1 difference this all runs on your own machine and we have all got we don't have any
service you can't go to the website and to create our condo something we don't have to be the only thing they can do on our website is Donald the softer and take a softer putting on 1 of the machines in they have your own personal drive a private dropbox Ms. privacy with all that goes without the police being able to spy into it it's safe it's secure it's easy to support affordable because the Dennis a charge higher love to charge for storage of course just by Atal how does Canada have enough storage for everything this runs from very small devices lot of PBS a than the rest group I just in the basement models give you can install it on the overall toll on us at home something solid on analytic so some where but also scales to the installations having yesterday did you
university here in Berlin announced that they're rolled out all got for 30 thousand users and so the all guy is now running on a cluster on data center and is a already before every student at the university and so it's really it's a software runs from very small devices to pick devices yeah is that the general I picture if all
. uni middle you can block in all kinds of storage is you can use a local storage but we can also use some existing cloud storage so if you if you have a Dropbox account for example can't kill because of something shared with you already you can mount it into your own logic and logic would drive into your own Claude good Monte FTP so as if the piece of and so on and if every data Order data consolidated here and is accessible through I'm uh that open API is and applications for desktops and tablets and phones so a lot of people just take on slot connected to the existing infrastructure and then um the busiest don't drop box without any any more costs if you want to try to test the model other dogs and just at the most cited so like the needed every 10 minutes I can just upload them fires and play around with his tried um and it's very nice I think but it's also a free software projects
so I also want to motivate all of you to contribute to own because it's done by community and it's really fun tool to help them to be part of it there are lots of
different ways to contribute 1st you can integrate with 2 existing educational service or whatever we have open API for that um what kind of different IP eyes um it's very easy to write extension for it it's written in PHP it's very easy you have a very powerful ERM framework so all the basic functionalities they could just use it but if you write an extension we have
something like a small at store but it's not the sports everything for free but it's a repository that everybody can publish extensions and then people all over the world continues in there all kinds of extension SCG editor uh written there isn't even a game written in the following Claude so kinds of extensions um it doesn't
matter what technology used we can use PHP developers CSS centroid or kinds of technologies when is everybody can help make this better looking for more information than there's zones out that all
worked as a web site for the community and everything is in the in the public it have repository just can go there and check it out some but God made in this form basically autonomic communication channels OK is the last slide from
me this is the last slide a lot of people ask us they all got salt parade and we understand that all the terms of services from all our daughter cloud services are are critical you don't really know what is going on with the data what kind of them controlled looking away so that people ask us pay what are the terms of services of of all got mean what what kind of compromise do I have to make to use lot and answers of course in terms of so
whatever you want and we don't have any terms of services is just softer you decide what is going on with the data no 1 else for you decide what are you oppose the terms of service off your personal machine text idea behind thank you right
in the world and as I had hoped you have some time for questions but any questions that the yeah now that you have things for talk um adjust the thought about what so about the integration popular apps like 1 disorder or something else like
Dropbox s in the integration of some third-party apps physically while and the alternate the eyes of their it's fully document that there's a REST API to extend some cover part of the functionality of the facts basic excess of the files if you want to implement like if the parties in England it's I went off with some extensions to make it more efficient um and that's basically it's joint Integrated from from other system to bundle integrated from the same machine there are also PHP um API is to do that so it's very open I think and
question the I hope I'm I'm Stephen I think is a fantastic project and very interested in it and power and I'm curious d would where your thoughts about means that the term is open and home clouds which implies that the data are enough to worry about the data by myself as I think you'd be it really important for the project through for it to succeed to not be on a person's computer at home and do you think that mean is neither the whole point of cloud why most people sign up for drop going services so that i is present on have to worry about convenes Bacanal particularly so it's a question is do you are you are you looking to make this a platform can exist as an actual platform that high enough to worry about but acne example control yeah it's a question
although is free software which means you can give it can do whatever they want with it um and there are a lot of different options mean 1st of all installation on a machine is very very easy just download a zip file you just come in unpack it to go to U. element and then after we pick an administrator password and then and that's it was very very easy and also runs on Windows which means you can you use your Windows desktop at home as a servant to assume no problem of people wouldn't um but I can be realized that but everybody wants to run on so of course that's from work obviously but there are a lot of providers that all phone got services so their few on the listener the website said we don't do that but there are a lot of options they can just go to and sign of any of the other account is still better than drop because sort of artists decentralized then up 5 so as to know about 500 thousand and that's the option to export Indian import somewhere also can go to different provide if you don't like the first one and more and that has a lot of organizations use tools of their own but installations for soccer clubs or for just a few friends share server and exchange their whatever in the 3 collection with it so it's all kinds of use cases but be degree this has to be as
easy as possible for the successful of course FIL thank you very much for the software and for the development of I like it very much I have a picture request maybe it's better to put it in my case but still have and a new integrated the PDF of GS yet and I would love to and and that's these PDFs on my website in parking that's just an idea yeah and maybe tracked feature
expressed on the top so everybody can go there and 5 future at 1st I think it's a great idea elements very easy to do that I think should be possible it's just a little bit of talent yeah but we have to find someone to do it this quantity the communities but do you have any plans to
allow some in and that their own code on the net protection system like the transporter yeah and they're all the pictures of their fallout of the fallout of nested
advisers already and maybe they aren't able to convince 1 of 10 to to she that by default here it's but a lot of people just whatever bias that she of some other unannounced thing and then go to the admin the face and then there's a list of what we black Internet of the button for our own president it's installed both the blue but nothing but before it some more
questions and everything is clear how and k about but can only now and but it thanks a lot the half of the
and the church