The Yes Men on "How to bring happiness to Homeland Security" - Opening Keynote

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The Yes Men on "How to bring happiness to Homeland Security" - Opening Keynote
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The YES MEN (Andy Bichelbaum, Mike Bonano) have been doing their hare to change the world as activist and artists over the past decade. During their opening key note at re:publica the YES MEN will reflect how their activist strategies have changed over the years, with changing media realities and digital tools for identity correction. They will also give a sneak preview to their new projects and discuss how their work goes hand in hand with their political work.
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at the the
thank you about yeah
and if the yearned wow there are so
many of you out there thank you so much for inviting us here and thanks for getting up this morning for this thing this into the wild moment I got a little worried when I found out that this is called into the wild because I I don't know if you know this that there is a popular book and movie where an 88 goes in dies it's cold and hungry in the back of a loss in the back of a school bus that's so that's the last place you wanna be when you die what am I mean his little naive alone romantic he died it's very sad I don't know why the book in the movie were made but I but I don't wanna end up like that don't think either of us today and so it seemed a little daunting I mean we get paranoid you know about the things that we do because when you get invited somewhere and the title of the thing is into the wild you begin to wonder if they're trying to lure you into a trap is this a conference worry finally show up and somebody plays a joke on us so go ahead and is your moment go ahead and do whatever you wanna do we're ready nothing of high alright what we have some stories to tell you how into the wild I mean interestingly enough we we of course don't wanna end up dead in the back of a school bus like that poor young men and unfortunately it looks like our civilization is kind of headed in that direction the the way we keep insisting on profiting growing and pursuing the same capitalist ideals that have come to define in the last part of this century and so that's what we've been focusing on in our work is trying to understand that trying to understand why we're doing it and doing social experiments even filtrate business environments where decision-makers from these industries like the oil industry R. N. Ahmed discussing there is the trade and we try to do things that reveal all what goes on the mechanisms that they keep that system going up and we have a social experiment and today for you and you can is the a key this is the 1st talk of about the whole conference it's a great honor and 2 we thought we do something very special witches and tell a story that we've never told before in front of an audience out which means that it is going to be a social experiment because it's going to be true the actual true story but instead of what we usually tell and we don't need to tell lies it's just when you tell a story again and again and again you tend to embroidery I will detail that gets an extra laughter that makes people laugh Emona and you know if the silent too long you just stuff that part don't talk about that as much the next time until finally telling a totally different story but we're awarding talk about today is the actual story because we haven't talked about it to audiences that can influence us to year be the 1st audience to influence us in the story so a year from now and be telling the story because of something that we said here that made people laugh and I'm not telling other things that left you silence so it's a it's a responsibility your work collaboratively writing this story of what happened last week on so please laugh parts that you think are important not necessarily the ones that are funny because people laughing when for itself alright right so where do we begin it just happened so we don't actually have a way of beginning yeah so but you know 1 of the reasons why we have to tell the story for the 1st time to you is that we don't have another story to tell you that and that's because of the last few weeks consumed with the project we were infiltrating Homeland Security Conference in United States in Washington DC and we chose the Homeland Security Conference because well 1st of all because it's it's a funny kind of an idea homeland security it's a new idea we didn't grow up with that it was installed in 2001 after 9 11 when Bush George Bush the 2nd realize that he could arrogate control and power under 1 big massive government umbrella and you would be able to institute a whole bunch of legal reforms restrictions of Patriot Act by things that made it very difficult for the activists so much momentum with the anti-globalization movement to continue their protests against neoliberal economic policies that was the sort of silver lining in the response with paranoid response to terrorism the yeah so we we saw this Congress who want to go there and on we really we have no idea what we wanted to do was presented so you were making a movie it's called the yes Men are revolting and in the movie there's a lot of the doom and gloom it's about climate change it's about movements in fighting against climate change and there's a lot of good stuff there's a lot of this stuff there's also a lot of depression because climate change is depressing and what do we do about it so we just we really want to give a very upbeat happy all positive speech at the very end of the movie and we want to give it in the most hostile environment we could think of on which was a Homeland Security Congress from and so we found this homeland security Congress filled with lobbyists there was a retired general there's an admiral there's a Navy seal used to kill people for a living paid assassins WERE American ninja and the all these like defense contractors so that the conference was sponsored by Northrop Grumman a subsidiary of Northrop Grumman call task tasks and it was pretty bad and so that was the perfect place release during uplifting happy speech on which we prepared as a very long story of preparation but I I I was going to be the 1 uh a representative of the Department of Energy and maybe we should show was originally we actually wanted to give them a
general from the military but a lawyer that we know suggests
is that maybe we did 1 addresses the general because in the United States if you do that and some be perceived to be a general then you can be tried for a federal crime that puts you in jail for a very
long time and so it seems like
it would be a meeting with the rest
me it because why not we haven't actually listened to lawyers in the past but then we realize that you know we just spent about 5 years working on this and film and if we were in jail and everything and it's difficult to finish it in an inconvenient basically I chickened out I didn't wanna go to jail wasn't and from where you know what the people for this but a but but then also I saw this guy's like look at some this is the the head of the Department of Energy earnest money and he's got the most amazing here in the world and I thought that his hair that is here that we need to to say something about and
so so OK so I was also that we were this was within a week before I was going to be the Department of Energy representative on its name was then the quantum and came up with the whole speech about renewable energy and how we can convert to the United States to of the run on 100 per cent renewable energy completely remove fossil fuels are completely converter renewable energy technologically that's not far fetched at all there's plenty of studies that show how that could be done on it would require a massive effort but you know we've engaged in massive efforts on in the past how we won world war 2 on and the way we can do it again this this enemy is a little more daunting than Germany was in World War Two I would take us a little longer than when by up sorry I I have I have height bigger enemy we can still do it and and so that was the idea in in 15 years we convert entirely to renewable energy but there was a sort of a little extra bit which is that everything we would build we give to the people on whose land it's put so if you have if you put a solar panel on your roof it's yours and you get your electricity generated from son you sell it to the grid you make a little money on the whole system works from everybody being a producer and among the producers would be Indian reservations you know back a couple hundred hundred couple hundred years ago so we North America non slowly became less and less of a place for the people who live there the Native Americans and they got put
in these kind of I guess large of land-based concentration camps called
a reservations and many of those are in places that you don't really wanna live
like where there's too much wind or words to sunny on and those are exactly the places where we need to renewable energy installations so the for minute you would place wind farms solar farms on the reservations and they
would all on them and build a cell the energy that can that would serve as reparations for genocide and we had a representative of the Bureau of Indian Affairs there with us banner the slow horse and on is really a uh an activist from the time since this is the is really miss gets praise evil and not getting GIT easy crazy voice and I he is he is have a basket of foreign keys from the Athabasca River Valley where they are now standing massive amounts
of Earth the and Tom out of the
ground and leaving toxic tailings ponds of much larger than than Berlin in fact I think they have the land masses the size sizes England but their planning and digging up and turning into a complete wasteland and and although the pipelines that people are stopping them are taking that loyal to the C. 4 x 4 and if they actually make it to the sea than gets exported to China work I think Europe is the toxins fuel so it doesn't come to Europe but it goes to China for example where on the amount of carbon just skyrockets and were doomed so
gets joined us in Washington he's gonna represent the Bureau of Indian Affairs and he is going to be from the Department of Energy and some guy from a PR company that kind of set the thing up
and what I have to do at the beginning of this thing is convince everybody that they should let the Department of Energy guy go on even the guy who they want to speak at this conference who happens to be Colin Powell is in showing up right and I can explain why they think Colin Powell is going to be there with the computer that's a long story but they think it all they believe that Colin Powell the colon powers going to arrive and so I show up early in the morning and I start to tell them that Poland powers had a slight delay but it's OK because the representatives of the partner organizations in this new plan this new renewable energy plan called American and i up and you know there's the question of you in American are you an American dates me you're not an American you I mean and if you ask Americans this question of course they they can only respond 1 way right so so it works well the new program America 10 which is going to replace the entire fossil fuel into structure of the United States with the renewable energy
generating distribution system the last time it took to win the 2nd World War and it I I
tell them that covers organizes this in confidence because a solemn cargo I can't
tell anyone else it's very secret because of they tell anyone else right
now then no word will get
out of the stock market will be influenced and they'll be in trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission so they'll be in trouble the law if they tell anyone here so we see here is that I am the 1 on the right and I'm wearing I've just spoken and you can see on head occur at a very strange way that believe it or not disposed to emulate the wage rate but here of this guy
and I like tell this part this is this is really stupid OK I don't actually know that he's going to be wearing this
so you want to stay in do it just before the conference and standing with a couple conference organize and I'm looking what about the history of this he walks in this thing did not look like care at all I mean it was what the hell is that as they relate turns out that basically you know we had somebody working with us he said yeah I shall take another week thing but the idea of taking care of the weak thing was that the new group also wigmaker and and possibly wigmaker at 4 in the morning before we went down to Washington after the drag show me this week for his head and didn't show it to anybody who delivered at 7 A. M. and in a very carefully about host-pathogen it was like you don't have a little net around it so that no here would leak and we were all like likova rubles would make you made this and so we kept a very precious Lee and then like the right before the event when when my and self and about 10 other people were in the conference venue getting things ready cameras the whole thing I was often a little place across the street with 2 people who didn't have cameras or anything and they were actually was with them off with gifts and of his girlfriend and we took out the wig and put it on and it was clearly like other big blond drag queen way and I I I realized kind that there's something wrong with that but I talked to behind year and Amelia combed do so the state plan may hear someone although not entirely so we were always worried about copper getting blown were worried about being recognized or were worried about people realize what state as of any walks and he's clearly like
there's no question about it I turn to the conference organizer and she looked at me and she says but I had I say whole note it's Department of Energy have you seen the head of the Department of Energy the weird areas and she says to me that's not here anyway so I kidding myself
because I think OK this is it a shot as the cover is blown being known
by no but we're doing is accessible and make green him they shake his hand and they send them up to the stage the up and up on the stage III and IV in speaking and I presented the plans for converting the US to renewable energy by 2030 and I get very emotional but in and at just the right moment people plot on you know when I I can't remember a word studies right to assess contractors defense contractors admirals generals all the people in the audience were genuinely excited about converting to renewable energy and doing it very quickly now there were no oil executives and have so there were there were no who's in there but it turned out that people a general audience of Americans of defense contractors were very excited about doing the right thing do what they knew it had to happen what knew was inevitable and if we did it sooner would benefit everybody and then not only about so I I give my whole talk and explain how we're going to do it in ownership of the means of energy production will go to the people who are can produce and I also mentioned that the Department of Defense is particularly interested in this because of the massive amounts of climate change massive effects of climate change that could well create immense conflict are in the future with a lot of border crossing migration of future wars could happen and even worse there already a lot of outrage over climate change you see these pipelines being stalled because of protesters and on even stop the Keystone XL in the US would have already happened if it hadn't been for protesters and there's a couple of pipelines in Canada that have been seemingly dead in the water at least for now because of indigenous activism and so basically as as well what about when the climate change is really felt in a very strong way by everyone you know then this could go anywhere we could have revolution and we've got to convert to an energy revolution we got converter energy they have an energy revolution before we have a real revolution tomorrow so that was sort of I a call to
revolution traffic through the point of view of the Department of Energy say that's the way we will actually force these fuckers to do something on so it's a very sick but they that they plotted everything they apply the the idea of
revolution and then I can have a look at and and and then it gets crazy voice who takes the name and the slow horse gets up and gives a very stirring speech from the Bureau of Indian Affairs on behalf of his Native American tribe of which is the tribe of the 1 of these quantities and that is part of a longer back
clan he's the Hereditary Chief of long back when they have no but that's where the copper along that's severely a
derogatory term areas and and then at the end of his during speech in which he describes the effects of fossil fuels on his land and house in additional sickness that follows the genocide of as the original ones that there were spread around on network can be cast that and he asks everybody just stand up any demonstrates that traditional Native American 1 of the circle plants and he has everybody all the men stand up and grab the belt loop so normally you know in the movies it's like this but in that in this case you put your hand on the back of the man next to you down to his by a hand and then you grab a self
loop and you hold on to his village so that if he goes out of line you can just give a little Yank inca whatever it out next sideways Yankee hiring whatever it's almost any public on the part
and sometimes that happens in and that's a lot of fun to so this is sort of the certain then time teacherly power of uh native comedian from Minnesota begins singing of very very interesting song and the such additional 1 of these non-traditional 1 of the circle the initial 1 of the circle by it uh but in the end of the i components on last nite and I competitive for
this OK I made a similar slope so we can see the Methods myself on
it belongs to all of us this commemorated special occasion and moving forward so most of the world that we have it in a manner that affects and the OK OK so I also want
this you and so on and so forth you know I from
the uh and the the the
the and the and the and the
and the of the of the of the of the of
the of the of the of the the the and all of the of the the and the and you know the
the the the the the the end
of the of the day and the of the
of the the the uh at the time it uh
and the the the logic goes on so far that
so you know we learn that defense contractors are very human and I are willing to have a good
time doing a traditional not be dance in celebration of converting to alternative energy overnight and that if we
leave the if we actually leave they will fall nobody really they're very few people in the world who actually want to see the world due on that's the lesson there are some
and they're mainly the ones in charge of oil companies or standing to profit tremendously off oil company profits but by and large if we come up with another way of doing things on and simply order or enable or incentivized for require whatever word you wanna use require the industry to actually serve humanity instead of serve itself only people like that will follow even what we think of as the dark side of will fall into a circle dancing as long as you have some good rhythm so so the flow of surrealism and
of the answer yeah you know what you don't see that suffer the windows sequence that
the the of the this and we have a question that we like we like the mean is a huge audience so as kind of odd to
be interactive but individually if any of you have questions zeng didn't wanna know how we says that thing up and I OK but if we have some factors in the room yeah OK so it's just a bit of social engineering you know a conference company
is growing is the 1 hosting the conference and so they want somebody important to speak at the conference thereby getting more people to come to the conference paying it can be right so they want somebody important to speak at a conference so it's not that hard to fulfill their desire simply by calling them and saying you want Colin Powell to speak in your conference for example if for example you could say hi i'm from a company that represents Colin Powell cause of course he doesn't represent himself no a particularly nasty giant PR company for example you know are all these really big PR companies you know Adelman was 1 of the biggest you know and Miller Knowlton and these
companies on a daily basis tell where supplies to the public that never meant to be revealed mean they were implicated Helen known for example implicated in actually gathering the momentum of the American public behind the idea for the
1st gulf war Gulf War when in 1991 the manufacture consent for that work using a fake it completely fabricated stories about around the troops taking babies out of incubators after the invasion of Kuwait and all it was a completely fabricated they had the US ambassador's daughter and you as the Kuwaiti ambassador in US his daughter who had been equated all at the time she gave eyewitness testimony before Congress and cry about seeing the baby's taken and incubators long manufactured by your company and so you know there also the what the Burson-Marsteller behind the famous campaign about smoking is good for you know that that dates back to but they also put together at the grassroots groups in the United States the smokers alliance these are these fake grass-roots groups of prose smoking smokers the lobby of smokers who were there exists no oppose any legislation against us smoking so anyway to to get in some like
becomes for employees from 1 of these PR agencies 1 single PR agency for different employees right or e-mails and rights from 1 of the employees to the conference and says look uh we Colin Powell wants to speak a
Europe stupid little Homeland Security Conference if if I get a little homeland security problems way that's his
interpretation can consider it was that the standard stupid little at security conference he wants to speaker and make an announcement and would that be ok with you and the of course absolutely thrilled to marry and and somebody you know I know there's a lot of communication that happens over 2 weeks at least 3 yeah the point is it's not actually that hard it's not as the knowledge or anything it's just giving somebody what they want which is something famous to speak at the
conference only then withholding a famous person at the very last minute you know as a rocket science room at anybody else wants to do it I'm sure you could because there are thousands and thousands of these conferences and I'm 1 of the things that we're working on now is a system that will enable all kinds of people out there who might want to engage in these kinds of shenanigans but to do it themselves so for many years now we've been getting requests from individuals often organizations we say I'm having trouble getting attention from my issue it is getting lost and this is happening more and more as as more media consolidation even though the Internet helps social media house but as far as going mainstream media attention people have been really having a hard time because there is very limited bandwidth now you and so they ask us for help but obviously there's only 2 of
us so we can only do so much and so this is the the thing that were launching it's it's almost ready it's called the action switchboard and it's basically it's color switchboard because that's a very old
technology were be human beings plug things into other things and connect people that way and that's basically what happens like you can write in and say I there's a coal plant being built near me I wanna stop it or I have a funny idea for an action about surveillance off for example centered somebody will help you your ideal brainstorm a little bit and then you can post it on the page and get collaborators from our database which got about 100 thousand people of indicated they'd like to help with things over the years and the other facilitator behind it will help you together with people you can also advertise it on your social networks on you can raise money for it if you need and um then have little brainstorms online or in-person on and these are some of the bring storms for those of you who like diagrams and have the notes but yeah on so it's a bit like a C is that but the home page it's a bit like Kickstarter right as individual projects of people less and then each
project has different goals 1st of all there might be a financial they might use this for fund-raising so it has that capacity but it's also the like a dating website only known polymorphously perverse polygamous but because you can date with lots and lots of people if you want to but it's more of a certain network for people have signed up and so you can see it in action makes people who have ideas for projects
with people who have the ability to carry them out where the network with the resources to do it and behind every project there's a real world goal so anytime a goal of our project comes in on a facilitator meant figures out what it's about what it's trying to do and if that's in the diagram then where belongs in this diagram and what this does is to connect ultimately activists from across different issue areas and have a more learn from each other so there's these group brainstorms every week where people from different parts of this diagram brainstorm and share ideas across what called issue silos so that's so splitting things into of gold tree because 1 of the problems with that type of thing that we do know is that it can be just like hit and run fun you know we get we we do an action and then were not they were not part of an ongoing campaign of an activist organization it just that way it happens and it's gone whereas we really want to contribute to ongoing pressure that leads to some kind of substantive change so for example policy shift and what we found is that by working with organizations who have ongoing campaigns we can really figure out exactly when it's appropriate to to do this kind of media action and then when it applies pressure so for example a few years back we didn't action against the US Chamber of Commerce and US Chamber of Commerce is not part of the US government is the largest lobbying organization in the world and so they claimed to be and they often lobbied against the government released against the public and and public representation in government so it's a massive pro-business lobby for many years they're working very hard to fight climate change legislation and we know that there was a big serve activist push to try to get them to stop doing that and we piled on we work with a few organizations piled on it just the right time and it is very out while receiving media events where we impersonator Chamber of Commerce and they had a few weeks later they actually change their position but was because of our action was because there was part of a massive campaign of many activist in many different things and that's what the actions which wants to foster for example on this is a a common dreams article uh you know a progressive news advocate aggregator article on the above it there's the usual Facebook Like button and then to the right of it there's an act now button which were trying to of development and that would lead to a page where you could take action on the whole issue around and on it would
include you know much more standard much more traditional activism as well as
on this sort of thing and and action that might just described or impersonated the Chamber of Commerce could've have been in this page on as 1 of the as 1 of the things you can do so it's attributes trying to drag people it to a place where it can they can act instead of just like a page and private clearinghouse for action it's a kind of platform for facilitating more direct action and more creative direct action direct action places where you might not expect so yes we need to sit down and the roadways yes we need to go out in the street and protest but we also need to do every other thing that we can possibly think of like intervening in these business meetings because and the alternative that if we don't do everything that we can and we fail or is 1 of thing right the these will have tried to the but if we we don't do everything we can and we and we don't succeed the result is of course on our shoulders so thank
so we will see questions yeah the versions of this that I mean you can also
show you another the yeah but i'm questions words state you have questions and you ask directly feel free to come up to this side of the states on together might to the other side of the station together might come up Paul and his own personal writing and yeah i'd have thanks very much for talking today I you know war at that point talking about the things you do in front of
thousands of people and lots of that video cameras to do be less effective with this kind of stuff in teachers that people will recognize you and so I will that actually is why I were a bit crazy with I don't think I really had to probably if I hadn't we maybe for both together were
kind of recognizable but I think is individuals were pretty nondescript so I don't know yet we we've taken as kind of transparent approach to this we decided years ago that we would just some tell all our secrets and because because they're really not rocket science and you know this kind of method that we use should be available to everybody it shouldn't be of mystical that and so on so really I think holding onto that information is as a worse approach because it could be that somebody in this room once the something that's much bigger and more daring more exciting and has a much bigger impact than anything we would do and so maybe this could just help a little bit pushing you in that direction next session I might had the I'm I was wondering if
people are going to go on to the Switchboard I think you should advise them to use toward because it's really handy if you have like an index databases who is really creative at creating these kinds of things so out of please used to work be anonymous if you if you do direct action like this think you have yeah that's a
really good point so great of
we have to that you always sort of have a mean torus Torres there were sort of a little too impervious
to paranoia maybe so we've had a very funny approach this you know over the over the years but at various times we've implemented some kind of security like we just you know PGP or something like that and then we've abandoned it because each time we did something complicated limited the people we could collaborate with and at that for us was a bigger problem because the types of risks that we're taking I am a the types of laws that we might have been breaking we weren't even sure were were lost so that but you know what I guess we realize that it was that we we were reacting a lot we're reacting to we couldn't see we knew that whatever we're doing was a paranoid response regardless of whether the paranoia had a reason to exist him and so we thought OK we thought OK like let's say the FBI's your e-mail who cares about that well you know we were in the process of for us for erastianism of others for action union because we're waiting in we're we're hoping that we do
get taken to court or something we were not dealing with the mafia here I mean when I can get it you know we can because of the things we're
doing there are people who will end our countries where you will that I happen you but for the types of things that we're dealing we realize that we consider simply talk about it and hope that somebody was eavesdropping and and see what kind of action later and eventually we're hoping that we would end up in court never happen more in jail but but that hasn't happened now and remained at large the degree of incompetence is really also very comforting like I driving up to this this Washington Aventis homeland Security Congress on we actually have this really just completely surreal experience we have gotten paranoid at various times over the years thinking we've been unmasked or it's or a downward walk into this
and then the rest of this time we were absolutely certain that we had been unmasked because we got a phone call from the
conference organizers group and trying to reach mites special cell phone and haven't been able to and had been taken the measure of calling the PR company that he was pretending to be from the headquarters and they said to me and I then asked for a phone number that she had form and the next call we got and will 1st call dollars from the core of conference organizer finally getting through and saying and something really suspicious of something of you your phone wasn't working where you where you and then we got a call from the PR agency saying who are you and who hired you know and you just made up a name and they hung and uh we were absolutely certain that we were some this was over was done exposed us figured it out but then slowly over the rest of the day they just as we did it dawned on us that the PR company haven't called the conference to tell them that they had figured out that we were hoaxes so just went ahead anyway so you know become can protect yourself or non to felt welcome to do the job of stumbling around a mean completely incompetent which you can almost count on 1 more question few
have time and I
wonder what was the was kind of trouble you got into you know you method of social engineering but we had the worst
trouble well yeah we we got sued but it was only trouble I mean conventional ing the worst trouble was well received by the US Chamber of Commerce is very deep pocketed lobbyists from you know they spend half a million dollars every day of fighting against a public good and so for them it was actually beneficial to sue us up for most companies that have a brand to protect its risk this to people like us and the and but for these guys they could benefit from it because their constituency are the richest people in the United States and the biggest companies so anyway we have a video to show the notion of and the a 2nd system that we were working with a bunch of climate change activists different events in Washington DC and we wanted to make a political point about an organization is going off some of the world's biggest focuses on the shelf children of this organization 1 across the street from that looks like the US government office but really is working against the government can act on that in reality the US Chamber of Commerce is a large corporation that is reported to like the public on behalf of even bigger corporations based in nearly half a million dollars a day trying to convince the US government to do really stupid shit like killing environmental regulations and undermining workers rights but since they spend so much money on their pulses many people believe them and then the free-enterprise during the
day but they're dreams I like that because of their plans and prevent us from passing climate change legislation which means by which the plan and
act on this is the
chamber was hosting us all and threatening
the survival we decided to fight fire with and we will review 1 of the biggest loss by
masquerading as than
and and we would hold a press
conference as the chamber and the the National
Press Club but 1st we sent out a
parrot press release from them was sort of like the normal ones except ours was saying that how would the world reacted the chamber suddenly reversing the position on climate change and
a universal climate change from the US Chamber of course if you were 1st position of all of the climate change bill and once a carbon tax if you will and so you have the all right so media out there was a whole you really move for some people reverse is is there any
involvement of the White House whatsoever I couldn't even begin to go on and on that today in the country's
largest business lobby the Chamber of Commerce got punct began early this morning a a press release without purportedly from the United States Chamber of Commerce amazingly the release that the chamber would now support
this legislation let's spent months fighting against reporters surprised and probably confused confused this alternative events but that was nothing compared to what actually happened and back to the press conference was held later on display to watch the the goal is
a technology that has not proven it basically doesn't exist it is there all of you and commerce and this is not the official US Chamber of Commerce events and so I don't know what the chances you're here and I know some of you are depressed world but is a fraudulent press activity and stuff like the the this is the world this year
you have a of and we know that all
the here this is the kind of thing and this
thing and I was right
and that there is not the end of the the with
this so like this so that
they were going to the right of the is and
on the right is a lot more on what is known as
the work so that the
farmers have got to work outside the area is of this course is
not what you should use this should be a few of
the things I like it's the page so here is the you and you have the same
as you would victimizing usable hopes
by environmental and this is a public
relations holds the underlying the gene whatever find solutions of the challenge of climate change have
actually writing became a meeting in in the challenge of climate change even in the 1st and then conducted the poverty line in educating the help that I think there has today a change
of change position not included in the in the presence of Washington you want to go but they're not saying surprisingly the play the Watergate get legislation in working with the sponsors of the bill I uh you
so they could use that for years in this and then they went through the city
just before we end up in court with them which made it very sad because we really wanted to go to court with the US Chamber of Commerce with its soul and so on you know the process where we could have asked them questions and go through their records to anything that related to the case and they actually have a lot of secrets they want the mean us whatever they could find some really basic really boring stuff but then they actually have some really diabolical secrets and unfortunately they stop pressing the case so here we are at the worst travel we've ever been in and get hi thank
you so much guys were doing this and I can imagine sometimes you deal with it in a serious money and they have their own kind of shady secret service type of organizations you know to intimidate people now you're like big you kind of protected because you're in the lab time that have ever been applied you know where you have spread in only thinking 0 shit what have I done in items use enemy that text of constant media not willing to take years
back there was you know I mean it's very embarrassing are stories that we have to tell you a couple of them but what 1 of the other times we got paranoid we just impersonated the the US president the presidential campaign for Bush was in 2004 and we were driving around the country in a Bush loss of past that look just like the Bush campaign bus except it have things like a missile mounted on the roof that's not the end is near and we have these costumes
like a cowboy that would shoot you know confetti out of a gas gas and nozzle and a gorilla we have all the just all this crazy stuff and we went to we we got ourselves invited to
1 conference a ridiculous for conference on they call themselves the whether the police the um web police for child safety on the intranet was the conference a at the national and international level national what police was the name and we to the conference
and made this insane presentation we decide OK this this summer just gonna go all the way and also through the details but the the takeoff
on and they'd actually cases in the parking lot physically some of the other people at the conference not clear whether police themselves but other people the conference justice to the parking lot of threatened
us with the FBI they they were going to call the FBI which they did on
and we drove off the kind of terrified exploiting here like some of
these behind some it was it was weird like her trying to trying to grammar in grammar in e-mail and hold us back and we have to peel away the it is scared because without 0 what have we done and what will they do
get what will the indices we don't have as we've never Yale secret service will be involved because of the presence of the word reimbursing and so they are we drove to the nearest dumpster and threw away or props so that there wouldn't be evidence and then we went to disneyland and the secret Service is the secret of the way to
investigate and the secret service I I think was the secret service investigated 1st put out contacted the FBI and then dissolved the International at police because they were using the word police and should of been so I have to be carried
away or not have you
have made this kind of question you do on is
amazing what might happen life and conferences active and only satisfaction sounds that you also filmmakers not of that would be that come out and and still is the l and
what don't want to share with the message that know as spanning with a wider audience has had like impacted a lot of the years you have a movie in the back of your mind when you can and actions to have 1 kind of eating Siena yeah it's stranger than with making the movie can
becomes aware of life planning and also of therapy and hope that that would be so we we do often structure and other actions based on what happened the
last section and how it fits into a narrative of here with this action was fixed during the event that someone security conference for the end of a movie about climate change and about trouble and but it's actually very personal story about how old you know certain point going like we're getting older it's harder to do stuff we have conflict sometimes and and getting passed through movement through being part of a the movement that's With the
nuchal thing but we we thought about that as we reduce the ICG that forward to seeing you know and like to thank you very much for giving fantastic opening keynote of media convention and they have a thank you you world of love to encourage everybody to sign
up on the mailing lists on the your elasticity of love what other word sludge join in and we we do actually we will be reaching out to you about 2 2 and if you have any ideas for actions once you sign up you'll be part of the actions which order you can propose the use of will launch in a couple of months and become 1 of so please sign up as 1 thing I love to it's you know it's an open concept as far as I understand you invite everybody to go and be the yes Men and do this and so this is a quote that everybody thank you very much you have
followed by
hand over there had
been some