Where Old-World Meets New-Era: Creating Solution Processes for Global Change

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Where Old-World Meets New-Era: Creating Solution Processes for Global Change
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Individuals and organizations need smart and sustaibable solution processes to cope with today's global challenges.
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hello and what comes on accession yet stage 6 and I'm here to present some to present-day Jonathan head heading and Jonathan in that and I'm done less from the global economic symposium and get the justice from uh ignore brevity and you know what they're going to do this time that helping us no no you are helping us to solve all the problems of the world so i'm break all the all big problems that problem OK so what thank you very much really we we for the nice day in column for today catch areas is on plan and Jonathan by Jonathan to the funny for her is pretty recording year this set at this as a global economic symposium in in column for this is my session is the yet is greater keynote speech tackled the right problems differently and so what do you do as I'm I'm a billion Air actually but yeah and yourself I I am a social media consultant from 11 but project at a project projects like what what kind of what kind of objects creative projects and slick stuff on the internet I build apps anything related to the cantilevered over now we still in a close better the that and so so we know public yet that I can let you know when we've launches 0 is that is on Facebook now thought of it's going to be everywhere OK but let's not talk about business from OK yeah what you do for fun and so I am I have the idea that I go skiing after this and in the in in the word about a business thing and then wording sailing down down the coast and it should be a lot of a lot of fun and you that and you our the Berlin I go to we Alan exhibitions conferences Republic as the conference pretty much go to every year is like Republican or is that their heads Republica the on the did you have animals but yeah I got a dog yeah the jar of basically I got cats but it's a C-like Mike online a constantly on Facebook the the OK so this is a really really boring conversation that could happen very well happen if someone who just like yourselves goes to a conference like this where come to call important go to close to the global economic symposium on I'm not saying you would you might have a really interesting conversation but there might also be a missed opportunity I were for conference which brings together and what we call thought leaders from the academic field from uh from N G O's and also a lot of things called family offices and in case you start known for those of you do I'm sorry for him telling Severino a family office is a small private bank which normally has about a billion dollars in assets and and 1 of the insights that I've had since starting to work at the global economic symposium a few months ago is that these family offices actually want to invest in businesses that they believe in this might sound like a cliche you know we want to change the world with our money we wanna do something that is back to the community and making a mistake in it's about the bottom line at the end of the day but they're tired of investing in the stock market because they don't trust anymore and they have entrusted for a while but they don't really see an alternative and so what we're trying to do with this year's Global Economic Symposium which has been running since 2008 and was founded in Kiel by the Institute for the world economy out his were trying to bring these 2 groups together and we're trying to create dialog and basically you in case you haven't noticed to to make great acting and and I'm and I'm definitely not a billion error but I'm playing 1 in this in this sense so what we're here to do today is instead of trying to understand how we can create a proper dialog between let's say young entrepreneurs of people in the text fear yeah and you know these billionaires or family offices or private banks or investment firms who actually have the capital to make your business is run into to make no real change in the world whatever that is even if that's even if that's affecting 500 people in some villages never heard of them we wanna figure out what that dialog is going to be worth least how organ structures so that it's a real proper dialog and and today rection ask for your help in doing that we s who are we to know the solution right exactly there is the everyone was not at such a low it's basically here so a lot of smart brains and have we wanna leverage you guys exactly I so and what we thought we do is we gonna have this super interactive workshops and then we discovered 0 we in a place with headphones we can actually huge other it's pretty DocuPro we can even see each other the so um so we thought would really embraced the theme of this year's this is Republican and go into the wild with this workshop so the the 1st thing that we going started you know and I know you gonna hate it because it involves no no back going to be some interactive stuff that to hopefully you probably hope that wouldn't happen but it's going to happen so we're gonna do this we get a form some groups how many people are we I would guess it's about 4 thousand 4 thousand people in the other room and it's about 30 but we got the right people who have is in this room it's the right people to solve global challenges right that's what it creates a framework for it which is really what we're here to do so and so atoms can add 1 more thing is that this is actually an apple I mean this this conference is taking place September 6 8 and there will be a space for young entrepreneurs to me billion errors to meet other people with the investment potential of upwards of 2 trillion dollars so this is this is actually an initiative where were not just inviting not there's anything wrong with the young global leaders Oracle Shapers were not just inviting people or sorry if I were part of the report of that organization but it's really been opened up to the public and we're trying to do this more and more every year and so so please keep this in mind while this is happening there that this is going to happen and this is something you really can participate in and before you know like dive into the challenge the of the great things thing at conferences about this Republica qualify as a confidence in it's conference the community gathering lines but only conference and the great thing about those conferences this that you find like-minded people share something in common with so we wanna give you this opportunity to actually find some like-minded people around 1 commonality OK and for that I'm just gonna ask you a couple of questions and some use can raise your hand and then I'm a coordinate getting your groups and you can keep your headphones on and will explain what happens next it's as easy as that bear with us OK so who have you the is going to be an consciously on a digital D talks as in switching of your phone switching off all you devise consciously for at least 3 days in a row who's done it in the past 2 years all right all right there we go 1 2 2 3 4 or was and who are right over here the next group that's gonna be tough 1 who doesn't have a smart phone in this group we the 1 to 1 2 3 3 alright let's go over this corner right up here we the the the OK the we however you didn't pay to get in at Republic of was like of who it cheap best proof we got a free ticket you group has been that this article on let's uh let's do right here in the middle I
1 2 3 forward yeah you people know each other and you know each other yeah OK so you not together 1 2 1 2 3 4 5 right here in this side the k next group of if someone asks you so what do you do who would say arm i that that I work on projects I'm kind of like freelancing and alright if you are a part of a group thank you very much for it but those people does raise that it's flag group it's too much of it was used to having so keep raise your left shops is exercises OK who has never tasted a cloak matter before alright so we have 3 4 and have our that right so let's let's put let's put everyone over here the we and a kid who of you remaining people who still wants to change the world the we come on really a so OK pick some OK let's go was no 1 the young lady the gentleman the the gentlemen and the lady user the weight vector OK who's ever actually complete it not taking part but with actually ever completed in online education courses moved and look what call alright that's 1 2 3 I want you to come up here we friend from the podium and I'm running out of questions pay and who's already met a person here had Republika who you've previously seen on tender the don't be shy OK it's everyone that's a k will will not publicly disclose that the to who still part of it's a 1 of the picture just a Protestant a Catholic Church to all right all right so listing do you appear and then were add to it we can we can um mainly you with a different group was ever danced to of about that as famous Swedish than that come on the honest you the OK they the other people are going to join the church is these alright so you have an integer-valued join together that's the events mention made in heaven that is that it now we have a minimum element 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 million the team player that is it 7 with OK in your challenge is going to be you will have to figure out what the hell on earth you have in common if you don't have anything of the other 7 countries the US variance right so the groups together right now why you bunch together so we can see so we can see that it's not just a straight line remember remember you're the groups with that's how it's like football and you know what I mean is kind let the leftovers are going get a here yet and leftovers in the right here we OK this wonderful alright so well they're getting up here will explain what your task actually involves which I'm sure you're chomping at the bit to know OK now it's 1745 in German the general from from view this and it's a quarter to 6 what we are now going to do this since I know it's a great sacrifice that you're not with us a little basically explaining the world so what we what we allow you to do this we can do and but we and that we had we gonna do a Chinese brainstorming that means and we can go out there and you gonna get the inspiration and the solutions for the for the terms that we gonna outlined again and you can you can go buy from outside exactly so you can go by the people in line for coffee you can go and listen in other sessions you go outside and talk to people eating socities and you can ask them if you were in a room with a billion there what would you wanna talk about how would you want that data be structures you know and and then you gather that information eavesdrop on people just goes down right next to them don't talk to them into your hair like you had when this was just you look for the richest people he had Republican and shadow them and like get a glance on what is it that they care about and because yet again the challenges 50 billion years and 50 people like us like 50 Republicans if we have 1 day together in quantum to what would be the smartest thing on earth that we could be doing within those 24 hours we only have this 1 day in the 1 big chance that we have no clue what we should actually do this and this is going would you will figure out in the next the the let's say in the next 25 yes 20 OK we gonna meet here at 6 0 6 that's often with X and so this is roughly this is roughly 17 minutes is is is is 90 minutes according to my watch underway were here 606 you're about 5 minutes to to have an intense discussion with each other and talk about what you would what you gathers a group and we're going to talk about and then 1 person is going to presented in 1 minute what your solution for that day would be all right then is a challenge and it is OK the if you drop out of the group and just like in our sneak out and whatever the less but it means that you really don't care about solving hunger and education and health care so please stay in the group and it's a great opportunity people and we are and please give your headphones on because that way we can be inside of your head on please come back at 6 of 6 N and if you leave your group that this is an option just like B so polite and tell the other people high
I don't really give a shit about the global challenges so I'm gonna depart the group and you on your that Stephanie finds just communicated to other OK often so go my lovelies Ed African was x 606 began in the back here and you have full of inspiration of what to do with a billion years and with Republican 0 that's all right alright alright to it and I think the do we and and and and so it's we we we see a painting we we we we the we we we we make redundancies like we did the same you know we we we we we we we we we look at the time of the cell evaluates the extent of the quality of the CAD got what we have in the it's following in the case that we think about we should we be wise we we we we we we we we we suggest that we we we we the beginning of the early we you use existing we see that the system we we we we we we really should be made we we we really need we we we we we we we we we we we we we we the theory we use we use a time we you know we have the right we really we we really need all the way to do this
we the we we have use the we use we need and in a we we need we we you you you you you you you you you you see we really in way the you need to go get in the way that we need to ensure that we need in a in the you know we use a a a very you really we really really really we have we will we we we could we could we could we would we would we use we have the we the area the we we we we have we have a we we we we we we we we we we we want to be a we we we you we use the we we we we we
we we we we we we we we we we we we we we we we use we use we would like to see we we we we the 3 we we we we have a lot of things we can be using we will use so that we can use the primarily in a way that we the the the the the way it we we we we we we we the the so you have moved the in the in the in the in we the we and we we we we we we the we
to do this we re we we we vary and color in Europe yes I don't think the 607 already 607 those non-germans we in 6 0 7 in i for those of you who have their headphones on already the all right for those of you have their headphones on already all talking to group together noted Denis I take all the ideas that you found out in the wild try and find commonalities thematic similarities etcetera etcetera and trying come up with something that the BN errors and the Republicans of those Republicans these Republicans can do for the day to 24 hours a week Werner Petersen 2nd markable detection yes I don't know why don't we let and you repeat it has happen that the headphones on OK phones on right everyone take a seat with your group please come close to the front row friends you know you shared your dirty secrets that means we're 1 big family here 1 big family saying we're family and it almost but this is in the OK that's going to be uh after Jonathan is is officially a dancer like he made this whole thing up with accuse supposes that you can you can see him on stage 1 at 7 0 7 during their about church stands at toleration of 1 time OK but let's come back to that they are cylinders in this world starts at on so I you have not done so is everyone spoken much cells and come up with something to presenting 1 minute yes No no give us that was was ready was used to preserve right and it's an idea of what billion years do with Republicans OK I'm not getting a lot of enthusiastic and so take 3 minutes 3 minutes 3 minutes to speak amongst yourselves vigorously and come up with 1 way they represent in 1 minute and this is not a fictional thing those people are gonna get together on September sick and we want you to be a part of the further process so you figure out in the next 3 minutes what's your proposal if those 50 billion years and those 50 of us need and then we gonna ask 1 person in each group to briefly pitched the idea of some are like you're on stage that will figure it out so that you and I 3 minutes 0 and go at the end yes talk to each other we if any of you were in clear the task of please raise your hand I can come and talk to you but no regret on it and I think is this is the most of the and you in combining everything we found and what it was and the nonlinear and now in doing things around and if there a merit similar if they have the right people and you have to be 1 of the the form of the in there and you want to use this word and and so it's whatever you think is the best way these 2 types of people to me for 24 hours right so I'm trying to still down into a into 1 we would have and and In the 1st stage you we we we we we and in the end it means only we need to use we the we believe that the the the the we we we we we change we we the we really need to in the we and we we we 1 minute 1 minute and we we would the a we we we yeah the rate we're gonna start headphones on time is up but we have like here we had this island disco knows that no 1 is dancing the that a lot of it to Jonathan is going around the microphone the come up to the group and please identify yourself what the groups phonetic element was what you have in common and then your solution solution for the 24 hours the at the time what was your commonality the what you have in common and how it is the key the key basest who's who's make their way into Republic for free there by the way they're sitting here you can talk to him her for a get so what's your page what should the billion years do with Republicans if they have 1 day and column put you in a bitch OK so basically would be fine fine art is
you the I give you lost the rest of the group but of the 5 people in and would be largely got is about that our unique tool to make it appear that humans interact it's it's a complete human interactions with this you don't see the social stratification between a billionaire and an entrepreneur so you put them of bring them together and the 1st thing that we need to do is probably involved in some sort of storytelling so it could be about the aspirations may be hard to make them melt or about their deepest fears or some sort of happy moments and then read for the rest of the graph that allows people to sort of pick up personal liking or you know some sort of person orientation with the person and then the 2nd thing we find out is that a lot of entrepreneurs is scared of like that their projects could be hijacked by potential investors or would you go about how you'll come the problem is basically tried in what people in creation of the project so that it could be automatic lines like business health education whatever they had exploit and and then I'll go beyond because would of course come up with their own page and which could be put up on the website from before people good of brainstorm on it would once you put them in the room the need to actually develop the or the means of operation for that project water the delivery of of water divided deliverables what's dying lying how would be billionaire so we we got of that label as billion he's also co-created and to take of the the take the joint responsibility Newton ownership of the risks as well as the opportunities that would be fun thank you thanks you've deserved your free ticket every are and we moving to the next group could against which he has come now Acadia tell me we all have smartphones to this 1 mean and we don't dance to other we just stand in the corner and to do that treating part OK great and what are those billion years slash co-creators and the Republicans are going to do I woke OK it's well all I do is not that far level thing but the and we actually we thought about speed dating from speed dating as performative whole they could meet but there are now some she said the 50 of of each group so some of you might want build smaller groups of of each part of common interests and then just speed data in the in smaller groups um but this meeting was the form a week for the boat was would of course they wouldn't it be placed at it's it's easy to prototype just find um after our favorite 5 people that look like they have a lot of money you can prototype that probably even tonight that that at the the worst so makes I would even come and we all the online courses here while our the end you actually Anastasia's people who have completed online courses have to tell us if you passed but you finished that was OK you smart as as what would you figure out the the OK and audience of its in there with the 1st Cooper and we we talked about that to create this ownership and so on and and all these people I mean the entropy entrepreneurs and you know the you could of the money they always change to go together so the foot pull out of this parking conference on and go on to journeys together basic younger in the gas and develop these ideas developed these ideas together how they wanna change it and how what they can give in there and so uh and go to places including probably trying all kind of related to the topic uh maybe you know to some social center all to some followers speeches or whatever that in the future 1 appropriate also to get know all some ideas and impressions uniform quote quote uh itself uh so the they can be you know really activating environment that they can do something and and also to do this we also thought about before kind of some clustering in a way to find out into 2 areas you know the people are interested in to change the so this can be done at the conference but I mean as fast as possible get the people out there because such a conference was not reactivating and so inspiring we author thanks a lot was taking notes and the a you a group a small group of William commonly to rid of 5 % they don't have a smart phone the and don't interrupted every 5 minutes OK so you must have you must have spent amazingly productive 60 minutes of their water to come up with because of the the so the 1st thing as so often if it always depends terms the younger young weight depends on the type and so the 1st thing is always it depends on the problem right so like if it is a medical problem that would be different context and if it is a social problem and how to approach people who to approach in the sort of thing that was the 1st person that would of what was the 1st person said the 2nd thing is it also depends on the person right so and we should like having an environment that is like doesn't suit the person is not really nice but if you ask them that but the extra like to like paraglider golfing thing do you I know some people that I read the press the mud investor who always go spiking with people pitch because then you can do something like in the consider pictured and the out so that's the 2nd thing the 3rd thing is and he found another friend of mine bosses or what would you do and she was like but given something only don't have because actually do everything the remember the story I was in Dubai ones and I met this guy a McDonald's aside talking to them it was of 1 couch surfing the sort of thing so he was like I would love to these whenever and never find the time of engagement I always inhabit these like 5 Stallard tells a really boring that either the same and never break out of the set that would really love to do this many of the with hits like I made a Macao and everything and so there's always something even and investors and been as going to happen never really have the resources to do this um so this'll be a nice thing to actually give some happen and you can pitch at the same time and have a good experience and if the more likely when we want to add something here and the last thing is that that we don't want to be generous to think that there we only need them for their money we want them to be part of the solution we want them to be engaged in the projects and then to find the solution for the project to be engaged with the entrepreneur to maybe even had the entrepreneur get business opportunities and send the product that's great great thanks a lot of wonderful here was saw that it was a solid nose right here right so what was your was a common theme here the on not having a itself only for a couple days denoted it duty talks here on I here the half of it depends upon if the rule system I guess i yeah we met up and then we we decided we would go off on on to try to get more ideas and then I I was still talking to people and so I missed instability briefly had as a group so and I I interpreted it very differently but I'm like I I but I don't maybe the group between the 1st and then I think a you of the group that the of OK and basically um we decided that the best way to approach the future with these aren't really was was to pick the brains and how a revamp educational systems in a non-hierarchical hierarchical way I'm so I'm really emphasizing arts in schools and looking for the investment in this way but figure out a way to capitalize on that so they could find return on investment through a half of what educational system allowing them to get back down
the earth with us bring them back into the childhood and have them deliver lectures to young children have them deliver lectures too young high schoolers who are at risk to get a better perspective of the world that they helped create in the world that is coming up today and so we thought that was really important of that's great and I could actually picture that's feasible and quantum employer thanks a lot of Have we they covered already the I forgive where grimacing down over here right that every year I'm OK we have to be louder than the quantity of income of a handful of love and how how to so can you can you give us a sneak preview of how you dance of of how we do that later arrested and there is still with us what you've got sec from outside and posterior with us so I mean for that was quite important um to work on breaking down the symmetry you have between those 2 different types of groups I informational symmetry but also in terms of social stratification as some of the other groups have already mentioned and here on the 1 hand you for that would be important to allow people to people prepare adequately meaning that context the foot about their sharing backgrounds the book sometimes if possible I mean it's going to be difficult to beginners also contexts In order challenges that people are facing the with the group the organizing didn't want along the line and on along the lines of seeds you know or maybe you could do that wire sessions for example have and but also at the same time sort of food to be flexible I mix formal and informal for example that the idea of having an open space where people could get together and sort of have the chance it encounters that that don't ruin the potential of serendipity at you have been you get decent and affirmed them groups at randomize the meeting process yes yes yes then uh a dead end and regarding social stratification afford it definitely should go move beyond this picture of the interior and also think in terms of partnerships in the they established the idea maybe that investors have to offer much more than simply money I mean but also experience that the questions they are asking can actually help I mean social entrepreneurs to further develop their ideas here and then you have a completely different situation you know yeah so is a lot of ideas you can tell whether it and finally a follow up the I mean we should think about how you know it's going to organize follow-up enough so that it is yeah keep the momentum of the great many we have 2 groups lecture we all what's this public secret of you people here have we still believe in changing the road as possible I love it already block so what of the BN is going to do with the Republicans and the Berlin so that the Republicans and the challenge we are facing that is so that we don't know what is the idea what is the motivation of each group are coming to the global economic symposium so what we have to figure out of this challenge is and the individual um contact and to want soul and we have to moderated when we come to um get different ideas of of um topics and that fit together and once by the givers the billions and and and the other group by the takers and saves them and and in the 2nd step and this troops joined together and and and we have 2 problems and so the problem is all the people that know what they want to do but they don't know exactly how so and they have on the 1 step and dopamine they must have the opportunity to to choose and the topic and on the other hand they have to figure out all by themselves what they say what they want so in this troops in this uh and topic groups they have the chance to and to get in and view on the ideas of the entrepreneurs there and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to to to look which billionaire um is served from its individuality and joining 2 so instead of grouping around around status or position grouping around interest field interest expected and at the end they have over multiple a possibility to get together all right who's left in the middle of the leftovers you're sort of up do we still have the leftovers yeah so the left or right the that's the case apparently nobody wants to have enough laughter and I have here a and whatever it's there's no so we get different impressions from outside from people on but the biggest thing that we learned is that it must be interesting must be interesting like when you start with your with your discussion that's not interesting so it needed to be entrepreneur but he will stay because he needs money for the other 1 will not because he says I have money you need an interesting idea so 0 1 guy said and I think that's the true said some for so issues you make like like think of a selection of the and travellers CEDAW don't have to copy cats over there so the guys that said all I see linked in works pretty well in America 0 yeah I'm going to do the same thing in Germany that's probably not what you want to have their so you you wanna have a look at the ideas before you invite 250 intrepidness so that the the 2nd thing that we learned it's it's all about people so it must be about getting the people together and I think we did develop an idea how to do this because we I would say it's actually not really necessary to think about that as long as you get people together and have interesting people over there if you work whether it's the dating of proving them or whatever and the 3rd thing and I think that's not essential and not only for that graph into a lot of conferences and the best things you do in the brakes and you know better afterwards when there's lots of involved maybe not that much but I think billionaires are just people so that they like and they drink something new like socialize in an informal way when it's not about kind of like business so you wanna make room for of rates for 1 people can it can just get out the whole thing can get get a piece of cake or whatever and then they they start social that that's that's important I think many people will automatically be together I get it less amount of more beer that's a perfect and this is this is wonderful I mean I really can't thank you enough for being here today but as a matter of course not over and I mean technique is over 30 seconds but talk to me afterward please if you wanna be involved this is ts of its a really long road to get there and it's also an incredibly short amount of time before September 6 rolls around how we have a lot of brain storms do we have a lot of and a lot of new creation of of how these processes are going to work so I thank you so much for coming and then please come see high afterward if you're interested in making real global change thanks and the end of the thank you for me also because we wanted to do something else with and then we walked in the room and sat and so like OK it's not hard other people if headphones on so we basically search at that session 10 minutes that and things for bearing with us and and no like how this are we get do some interactive stuff feels like especially in the afternoon thanks a lot that you were part of it and make use of that the opportunity because the billion years ago go show up and we don't want them to be alone thanks a lot and others reported here
in enough