Freiheit und Vorhersage [English Translation]

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Freiheit und Vorhersage [English Translation]
Über die ethischen Grenzen von Big Data
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Die öffentliche Diskussion über die Herausforderungen und Gefahren von Big Data geht am Thema vorbei - und genau das macht uns in Zukunft besonders verwundbar.
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Data acquisition
this but
it is not
sort of an aside about freedom and its prediction it and he has a cold these days is advantage of it and it's a serious business units it only have the that reason I have also over the life of the party is 620 slides and it's an will talk about so horrible about so far is that and then we will do those jobs a break to get a the continuum and I have already talked to the conference uses the but but appropriate for the prediction that that the of and prediction in terms of big data I want to talk a little about so to traditional stories I have 1st sorry is the word I'm about to do it says that if it is about the fact that my computer is the wrongly here the the history and
and welcome to some this conference and
that's what I need so in this kind of thing 1st stories about the Canadian Secretary of State of the and health and then I we went to the quotes and the guy who lives in Vancouver
wrote that he had a scientific is in 2001 and is not a right of having taken them as being the most explicit in the summer of 2001 is the thought wanted to cross the Canadian like American US border pairing 106 6
and um we need to do to pick up a friend from Seattle is the right of for the police the Google Feltner and found that there are different 2001 have because handle thousand I had so that annotators job of some changes in health
care about your order until 1968 commonly at and it was going to regret it because if you admitted immediately is assumption he was a director of 3 hours than it was his fingerprints to be taken and and he was barred from entering the US it's like the 2nd story epoch every day you get both every week you banish observations were stopped for that accuracy shown in the Commission that decides on your right about so In the elements in and whether they get out of the information you have about whether they have a common get model provision and how much it is the heart of automatic invocation of prediction of the methods that they seem find out that image which should be new sites and seeing things are that's a certain term that this is kind of made should be involved in the I being in my in violent crime you with another lovely alignments data both the story is a lie on what we call it the data and the both the sides of the story is it's the right thing I finally understand the role of the state and they differentiate themselves to be and what I think regarding only regarding the the of our attention we give flavor and both of all our attention so far has been you know about you but cases like the first one about the border patrol less of the 2nd of 1 and exactly that is what so could you could destroy our society are a way of living our freedom and and used to get active because that this is my you know right now is my thesis the day allow me to explain beginning given have just with with the 1st a similarity with big data into a set of narrative was as Google's that is because we have a lot in prediction all by determining whether an inmate Susan Rees supervision have also this application is not production is also next uh the that's and determined by criminologists are used social worker but by big data this big we think give an intuitive layer and the poem about a lot of data that we talk about the topic today in the large knowledge from an absolute number of data analysis of time that I have
again and that would be every it by 1 or 2 of decades ago in the mid in natural sciences for excited shot in the year 2 thousand so that I close sky survey the whole started to the right is the connectivity more astronomical data within the 1st couple of weeks of the running and in the whole history of astronomy before because but is found in the uh do this more across the last 15 years and this this guy has have collected more than 200 terabytes about astronomical phenomenon but I would get but in the following to discover and associated in rendering that is not going to start in 2006 outside will come and talk reached the 200 terabytes and refine the using the
and I think of the about ourselves the love of a that's a feed from it is different from the the other outside and get out of the out of everybody belief arrests as a did with 3 billion there's no job this is by and uh about 11 years ago the world community of huge success you amend the human genome and it was completely has been completely sequenced sees this as an environment you know to try to stick is widely known but there are some anything that about it but I have to look at the cost of 1 note million of the year more than 10 years and needed by the a conglomerate of internationally
such as like today it's costs 2 to 3 days and cost less than 2 thousand dollars Internet continent comes down is the main connective huge number of data in fewer data there are more than 4 out of the 100 million that I actually per day than 800 million on you tube users who also upload a 1 hour video
per 2nd and 10 million I had I thought our ablate loaded per on Facebook per hour and with Google
handles 1 petabyte of data predicted would you have about what if you have for breakfast at the head of science and of the impact of like today how much is a petabyte of data coming up a bit rates doesn't that by the time of the petabytes of data does what have a petabyte of data is as much as they are all good site all magazines and all through this would be the think of the largest with um the Bible everywhere the lover of Congress contains many of the features we look at the at the no amount of data has it how it has a many of the revolver within the last 25 years that
the profit is that not internally in heaven we have scientists less than in the in the BN gigabyte and the day of the world just think about it I had 2007 it was about the folders and follows times more than the 100 times more than the dimension of the dataset and thank me and you have a charge of current start so that the type of animal and finally as being missing you get something from the so think so if we had to define time in history when the when there was an equal arise when the data of the amount of the world where we have we have a we we have to follow all was seen as as it would be probably 1453 to 1506 which is and I have which is 1 of the releases could present the amount of information about how this by a factor 2 and now we have a factor 10 you the year in the bytes and even about the value of the so you can see and another thing out rate
in the USA and it wasn't an account of the existence of the link I hit that operate on the basis of the this and by different than having to intervene against the and since the feeling of other we need a and will but no 1 has the shape of a and now it's less than the 1 the sense and there is the value of the 50 per cent of 20 years before that and the other thing I have proven that the transition to what the the canon canon is guided by the time of the month in was what is going on with knife arise and the thinking is that
reflect the need to win again for the monitoring of the conditions that are given given by the model of
interval cannot example you need that that is the might actually the whole thing it's published that in this model is that the plays a lot of about 3 and 4 the others they have to come said in a 60 in the 2nd and another thing that I you or entities into and manage this is anyone really annoying but it from the days of history or sequential data because if it can say the media and how to put together and say that the data the you have to have an environment that may have occurred like the way it also not Mumia up loss of this summer's me about it at all just me me we're collecting with the data of the immune to linear to you know what the phenomenon where we formulate tool the data the claim about getting that sample as unintelligible the field data and we allow contend that and and the set of fragments of the isn't again if it was there but you can see some of some of those in the development of still thinking of meetings and actually been the foot in in difference came forward to to the other thing that I would say it's about handful diner 2nd
round with eagerly accept that you know the thinking that if I'm taking it in view now I intend for random because have this
is my finally audience find it useful to
motherhood and tried to know how meaningful was given and will have to make of leading up to I want to you to better things and the bad game for
the for the content on the Internet and what it is that it intersects the life of the of points in the 2nd half of the time
if image I has a side of this piece of the full but in the case
of the and obviously this initial kind of moment where I have to make the kind of India the Nintendo and and none of them has a gunshot and I cannot we then in the 2nd half of the money and get us of the people in the
ground and I think about things that are mentioned in the article said this is an ancestor of Y minus the value of the world and I cannot stand it when you can find this for this kind of model fulfillment data for that
shows the when think because it was in the market and everything like so stating the division and the things they have the idea of the
even and I will decide how much is is kind of the meaning of the narrative of how the camera on the on the other hand and compute minus here so it won't actually I commend reading in action even material that that wasn't of its activities and and another value feeling but also conveyed by the and get into and spend some of which used by the Commission tried we have already have decided why would like and this ownership said
the future of thing about more has been eagerly updated
things they thought most were credited is some shall will not publicly on their banners finding out as was the case that we may build an organ parts of the scales of amount of energy out of golf they also let me ask the user has some of the that the data may be so in range of and it will the change in any form that that's what is your view in the order was rather 1 thing and the the
the light shines by some in silence is kind of power that all of my blouse alone is worth imaginary connections between the latency of points latent was on seen survive because like most of the core that is only if they correctly 3 other may be different from other things of that we have this administration everything call obviously and beta and most of the revised the home comes in like this it was like I said product was preference you knowledge about the make of about the causal connections what suggest that the like with the you know I think this is about the 1st ones I think probably the on with a seemingly the life in the solid and the point of a kind of time and we have the and the and the 1950's the Americas Secret Service the Americans to see it services as they have collected a lot of uh and writings in Koranic but the dialog has often been have enough translators happens but what's the
standard that don't instead of hiring more translators which was being the most of the time of the day of the contact that computer scientists of island and computer scientists about the research funding some of the city that would be we wrote we can write the atomatic machine translation and you see that and I will be finished in the mountains and then we treat the machine was the 2 in the grammatical rules and in the course of a new dictionary and then that it will be done 13 years and 1 billion later of course content and that it is that he had this project was to come to the failure stopped by wearing nothing hasn't with him things machine-translation you from In the I've heard about was by the way the 1st time the Pentagon wrote off but in the fact and then you will see that it is the Hamming so that it could lead to the idea of this if you don't want to teach the computer how to talk just a rational German or French how what does the innovative thoughts that statistics in which a word of it is that what I was in a certain context and
the 1 language and how it is used all the different languages in order to find about the use the you know the statistics of the year and I'll use 1st on the test they sign undermining the use the the the the care and dispatches from the canadian uh in Parliament which has very little text and translated from English into French and the from parts and statistics in the the statistical data and then you have live what came out was a machine learning program and learning for learning the generation program that its arms and didn't even understand the language and so the result was way better than the other approach in the fifties and sixties from again the Aramaic of any of this project which of 2 years later but
constantly minus are small stars up you can that the everybody knows in Mountain View uh digit approach the same problem good but it has to have a good parliamentarian protocols some parts of the way the world would run with everything that they have is text didn't I have really wet where size to 1 of the the users of the European Union all languages of the women in the founded on a you have family there were some of them were listening and you and I know the value of foreign direct quarters of Russian machine that forms that can be downloaded from the beginning I I I I I I gotta look at there you lot of the at the end of my is your friend either in the center of the and they were where it was used to train the of the chance not rather than that of the yes and because they have a little
man amount of data just and the just so you can handle the fuzziness and the what followed was a usable product which he that many data can be found in the can
make a huge positive difference and and who found out about him to vegetation that have been about more than I data as a part and then much more in the massively more and has the because as IBM undecidable project we it to use this study is to improve the algorithm but this did make it better results than what Google's chief engineer from socks and don't know who is responsible for this who he said to be that we don't care about that the algorithm can be very primitive they said right at the height of 1 million time and I wanted to have the look room there's been enrolled part of almost all me what can you still have certain type relations from the current quality of beginning the power of the data volume was the power what is its has been used in both the examples and with what consequences there showed you in the past and on who is attending the level of development uh there that it has been in the bottom approach our goal unless hidden in a list of who would who was became an infrastructure of learning as a kind of uh the surveillance in which things from the past and fact certainly can't write head about this they say about the quality of this type of data you where we have lover and about this quality of surveillance we have learned a lot and there's something in the last couple of months and it's nothing more than the end of forgetting it was and some of the that's you'd you'd think I could think about for years now and the 2nd story is that it is about comedy before this kind of crud passes system means for the in a talk at I told you about the contract and the site decide if someone is reduced separation not on the 3rd day in a biochemical and states this is not an infrastructure of surveillance and it's and it's a search of predictions he meant that I was not to it cannot can afternoon betabeta-decay tells us a lot so there is happening and what was going on I think that's a about traveling arise from them in the past and the present value of and it's to point in the future and have we from the power weather of the past we want to predict for him and whether the future predictions was lower rests with and make the words have meaning that usually take a minor accountable of when and this uh think live in this reflects the way the and that arise in which every get prepared in our society can never predict a society to think outside of the and this and that's why with of the predictions of our is have become so important in our society and less than that of lower risk because they think that this is actually saw future human behavior it is surprisingly that file so how we view at 5 3 half hour will behave in the future and that's how we have to have the past and that will allow for the states to get punish us for what we have come to we will do doing even before we have been committed a crime if you think about the minority like replied and that is exactly the type of the prediction of the thing so
future that I mean because of this if that I never going to fly thing that's interesting tho I do not have have the 50 50 in ways that to prevent a component in the other of conditional with before them was also that if the matter is that it is the 1st of the is the is the following 1st of all the of the desire talk and yet again of lot and guys the data that even think for a lot of
everything that has changed and that is the same as that of the Mainland and most of us have on that means that you have to make wish of and this we have like the
began meeting people from other might action in yeah I mean in the wall of the support of the of the from if a break to find work on assume we would have 4 ways the the case we
would have eigenvalues these information about any value I thought it would be the right thing old only elements you we would be denying this only oldest of the because their free will to a certain extent because what we just dealing with making use of the loss about this this is not what kind of the same template down to this person can handle this kind of present value of that level of
living in that clicker and food In the the errorful for yes I write it like begin with the for so in this society
of the situation in the world up so that the like that of of all the depth of the I decisions if you will have prediction
itself would be your view as another kind of went straight the nation with the kids in the far and away so this is like the direction of arrival clearance prediction of the about this moral from the top and that if we bundle based on the prediction
names 1 1 of the things in the life of the kid who really close but also on relation individual to state that have
that can save us with that kind of behavior you remember that the last was that it is legal to attract shed
light on how the will always that I this I can find it in here and then I can be
guilty ensured but the other thing when you have a non-trivial is only for the society makes sense because if i and that the decision you understand but maybe this
around the mentions his own funny in a way of going about this and predict the license and each we're also reaching the end of the hall
were all killed and that but I'm pending on what they think about if we know the length of the the trade of human responsibility were goes up oblivious strategy needed and this eventually can by the 1st thing about said because this is doing away with the end of the season in many nations liberty of action at least in the violation to which society format of the game of go Rothko and obviously on on you get on so given that the sales but he's in government it would be better if I element how is it back in the day to of the that the order of the initial and maintenance of the cognitive deceivingly yes exactly you what have with your so that this is something we can't
you desire fun unintelligible on the center the and all of the people in it has all the things we can
do that but I think the question is how much reward of how powerful would reactive we would certainly talk to people who are about to commit crimes and the crime rate is over how with the
latest thing about that I would the the others think about that if this guy which is closer to the park in front of your house until you can't you
can't commit the crime anymore I think the 1st question is where that our at realization is over how our eyes can be like and how can our freedom be fully behind and if the technique it is the parties using based on the Funhouse psychology of I decide I decide whether to be before against this by committing this crime and if I had a I have no chance to come of the things I have a chance to decide whether genealogical commit a crime and if someone told tells me to talk still I think it uh before as a social worker police can still decides to and
comments commit this crime afterwards and a even though I might consider this a punishment and the other question is what's the answer to what it is by commercial companies of all
I consider punishment and maybe someone move not to allow me to have a driver's license because the band active Big Data will tell me in the because the 2 will say that I was going to be a bad driver that's the area of
punishing outlets but what if that person will get a driver's license but not a conscience because of the sentence and the 1st that will not be able to right across the head of power and that is
still a punishment and if so what is the presence of book and so they're getting insurance but the promoter the benefit of the union of instances of double as high even though the person never has actually cause an accident the code the core question is about the consequences
our so you have having the courage connections to this that was picked it up and to have the freedom of action levels that an individual a that's the question is not
so uh 0 what what we did to do but how it is used mention that if we have a factor by to punish but they're too high the accounts will get control of models for them not to give cost actions and lasts if you come this describe from highly for was that the so if we are using this using the correlation and you get a fair amount happen because of the tea and the correlations cannot start us a lot about velocities and the and the reason this an but also what it makes correlations of big data are the um really difficult to tell who is the
was guilty the word unfortunately our people our people our change handling phrase understands the consequences of Korea's coercion constraint is of the and the unfortunately respected is bound to be abused or things that we come in to
an important in the intermediate is to put a line and the data that shows that as our own example showed that don't also don't really give us an object in front of also of really grave uh
disadvantages and disadvantages of these predictions might feel differently about their effects of our the you would you directed to was the set of
indices such time at origin
that's that's a phrase it that the way we understand it in the real time that at 1st about thousand years ago people understood at the time in the circular way something in repeating that they're constantly repeating constantly repeated cycles in
the if time a circular argument that many people don't have been operating in the world that side and because of that whatever we do the cycle of time is we can repeat
repeat again and every year every line all then it's our way of life is what it that it is not worth to form world then what happened yesterday is guaranteed for doing on
this From a travesti has the same rules are really powerful so let narrative time is downward revolutionary and it gives you are in the for the people playing a role of linearity of time is not so that only their remembrance and the like of is left of the sum of all the it's it's a votive of remember it's the fundaments of the Enlightenment and and a revolution feels that don't you think it all we don't like the linearity of of and this this
lead to many many years for many years we have that you want to have fun and enjoy a the time that would forget is that change
effect kind of where the linear forgetting time where people could and leave the past behind them out by immigration over the ocean and then do westwards at that time for all that I can it was not often at the same time like our future our future growth of what an open and if if there is by a newly opened ways of working and uh get down producing them and this is the thing it is exactly this is a
mosaic and inheritance changing big Data is really a little less than it could make it binds us to outlast becomes fully from our past we come form our past and if think of them and think that it is losing respect the units of a design thing for
some of the game and actually pretty the about prevents us we stay the same when the volume of articles in need of often it'll be found you surely diction great really factor dictatorship to have the opportunity of of acting according to her in which is and then for the success of being judged by society for action of the site so this is the time to that I see it in the the of in the times of the state and we have to rethink the way we have time as well so now I'd like to come to the question is what can really worth the complete them at
home I would like to make the greatest victory that suggestions how we can actually useful regardless of the
how we can often have library
conquer you this time of year for this kind of thing that language as the we create forgetful think getting
capture think of you as successive snapshots forget that that that mine the forgetting tool tell that I mean
of this you have been out of the thoughts on the same time we have you suspicion that the strength and is that of privacy rights of rights data that is in the yoke all they are and what we have at
present also in the form of the set of the this is what this is that in the 4th and is that in the different kinds of inference out of that
we have right to your site and it may a for year years digital self-determination this is basically equivalent to up to human rights and I would like to point you taped l was when I wanted to open about counted the united uncertainty from water out of the of the i went to this and about half of you and
sat down then was not based on the book 77 forms he felt that the type of data that it takes on your agreement I would like to demand 1
point I said how many changes to article 18 through and if of on the bank lady looked at me as if I'd just like to the made an obscene culture and something and then do you want to spend on a bank account of of this then by
society and science and 0 otherwise they will actually let them know that I want to say that the an homes but I am beginning expressing my life to a digital from the sort of and
privacy right on the other side of the repeats do you want to have open and I think the the
answer to this is the kind of of it as a reality in this so that you can get
the final seldom well enough we got out of the situation gets control of whole wheat you're right on the performance of laugh signals kernel to be been really really and then moving in that direction would of the development beforehand what we need said about the ability of using the phenomena that NATO shot from there is 1 direction he theories in that the value of adding that value from its working on data and this should also be like the kind of response all the time I think I'm going to give it to the
side says secondly the is usually like it's a digital and get half of that is many of them actually the uh believe that it they can agenda for the 1st time is we need to
protect and strengthening loss what their trials and the new independent courts we need a new ruling prominent rights that's predictors against the prediction about and like and we need to and that it would you like to freedom of
Ashland anything that has been all but I would like as a very concrete measure a red line I text of which were not punishment without warning
the anything feel premium with the love of the game found in the area under the influence of various related to PHI of crime and punishment become decisions like there's someone it and we can see from the credit card medical treatments
I haven't said if it would have I think we need very very different so that it was the a big data that is missing from transparency and said that
accountability and like the certificate for that formula and that can love sorry for example in data analysis can only certified and quantities of of the was and also we can see that both undeniable therefore here of a thing and other people have to be able to some contradict your prediction the idea of of the of the predictions that Greece you'll need to be difficult to
find a component different things that can be an entity of we make and the real training at the time of the 1st that people think that some of you agree that like to call the elder the this algorithm we can
conclude that the whole it's seeking fed from particularly of negative of becoming so these people should be able to
help people who have been victims of some negative effects of reasons without this algorithm because we
will not be and and helpless the Big Data viral almost made his
helps us stay with the because I understand the world in a time of big data comes with a series
of really dangerous and that was it can get the the the the 5th and make you give back to the challenges and this is more for the moment
I this year the data quality of the we need to to be able to retain control of what happens with because they're not on the human brain is a civil societies and those who use big data have to keep in totals these piece of and so that it
wasn't and plan for all of the port and ship not only to learn from the data but also to guarantee and created room for the human working for the original that the creativity for just at the rational stuff here for all heating before I have like being able to decide against the prediction and and and there being allowed to do so think that this is an because Indians
data is nothing else than a reflection
of and shut the reality in a lot of reality and therefore noisy from always and that this thing this year and therefore the data set and being have to dealing with so on you go but and an end to this data you have to approach this big data around with to the
kind of thing that you have this in the form and I the
uh and say the effect
of the use of that the
idea of what it is you have to have
important and consisted of importance
of the computer vision of what future of of the of the
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of the muscles of the size of the I should do the translating regions the questions about the should have and I
don't know I don't bother my and the 1st question
from the floor or by thank you that's actually I was very interesting in a lot of points on which the sun these are as this was sort of like you constant in in you over the course of my that's always part of in order going to lose some or all of the of the of the of the autonomy it more probable that we will just change the kind of crimes we punish thought that we will move into an area is more likely that we have something like Thoughtcrime which actually
don't exist now you know you value right here in this small data prediction we we're the thin ice you have here at the moment we have always said that solves of free haven't thought about that I have the you have killed momentum within methods future and that you know I'm my thought of silver to to many times the sponsors of the elimination the he and other uh on the value of the shadow further and the and the variances and introducing and the way of life and fast or coping with reality and if we want to grab that's a viable data we would find is that in the I mean because I mean you know is the start of last channel of human freedom and believe that will go into the direction have to challenges you that these for a more about this vibration in unit of punishments and the question of whether someone is released on probation and the admission of the theater with this thinking process and the fight question that and the number of cities in the US and also of the life of the of the of the citizen Europe as the answers that they have evidence of that the past that and the police users to predict where the
next thing I think I was going to happen and the police then goes
there and interestingly the police the police obviously sauerkraut happens if you look at the difference of the particles of having high enough lithofacies people really think of the homeless goes ahead of time and then they've cities with a high powered became that's the old without the plan that with this predictive policing policy that kind of thing that you get cry has no effect on me and you can find find ways to not stand back and got notes OK the relevant
electoral this but yet the people who come to the
this is success here after cost us at all on what you can but I do what you can that I am the reach and sight of reality it is just a matter of our bottles of the boundaries of the usage of the prediction and we need to find a way this is known
as the 1 on of the this that productivity hi addition the theory of home you of of how I like the idea of the it's not about a secular and time thank you and I'm I'm interested in both sectors of the effect not only on on time but also on the same last bet on public spaces the novel the I I demand so if I'm just walking around in public and you get the defenses of my state 1 wearing a hoodie on theme
of what I have to change my behavior in any way I'm just interest in 1 of the most powerful in the face kind of like the hubble command of the matrix of i have to answer have grown up with noble
book about this about forgetting that
is called delete Michael I want to some of what I wrote in this book uh so uh regarding the public space so it's a little like the panopticon watch the end of the imagination that's what and constantly surveillance and this has a disciplinary function only like and what this really kind of quality of life and behaviors which we don't need the policemen lips Telemedia how to behave I already think about policemen and behave
from self on him this time we have
the tools of that we you really claiming public face in in and it's the other way and they have to come out of the beginning of the 1st term set up that hundreds of
thousands of declaration and you and like the whole of the common man found out so that lucrative great for example
and that's their nobody has the look of what happens on these cameras but that has inside a modified date continued to behave when normally at a time and I then now Scotland there has found technology has also say with which they can go on and automatically that can analyze holds but you did this and then he should that holds the recordings and they for example can I find out of identities over labels of digits instead of from people that could come on come instead of that in recognizing faces and increases the that would be done and we would have a lot to come out that what it happen in an analog world we would've everything regained the son of what would that mean for the most of us in this course in our society you if you know you know I was that when I was when I was a student I was on the the politicians and I others Protestant and this might
be a like that what what no 1 month will hardly the accountable for this man may be of it's a it's a little embarrassing there I
think what we proteases against for example you were because of its arms have the thing the idea is just not do this and no 1 is going to remember that in its mind about this and the last generation you're like and you're you're not you're you're being the the
remaining set with does that meets mean if we are going to censor ourselves may be
getting the research that has the effect of all we need to as civil society which inside of it and have it up and this effect it these do 1 also I wonder if there is no 1 in the sort of correlated legal thing again
from the norm for the needs of
it nodes sense in order to be illegal because this is that in order to get our final space and their game and you know that about 200 based on getting closer and closer
and just the just said jaywalk once a week and what we a total of this and that by
Stephen understand and the say
as 1 as this yeah he tells the story of 1 of the bank accounts of society was the way you have to select design and the I was in front of you and I as the author of the way that I can and you know the time I think
the schools of but what is it that I that I would say it's like consensus at the bottom at
of the all and just that the act of saints day I'm alright we do a lot of time the service the wall this is this is in discussion at the moment out of warning on all and that's part of the and the height is most of that I errors so it'll price that's so that when someone had had the
originals or nationally and we don't require the consent and which rather novel and of the
woman yeah so the signs on window and ireland 1 I think it would the people
and they can actually last nite that that that that came and within the so the question probably but from that I will address the cellular constructed in the moment that it can only answer it might have been spilled as this thing without we up here this tournament I have to mention that I just realized it's called and things have the advantages of light weight for the acceptance of the sum of the other moons in the denial of the person that is I had like language question and we want to help anybody because it's either got with that's just how the United States the position of power this was that when the fish and it won't help society either different because the should he forgets that the idea of the rest of
this government not to the scale of height said that the thing is going
to be an island off the wall Anaktora data data-protection geek out of uh by using it up here and it's far income depression and I is the reality is that we're not doing this and the muscle of some of this and this is 1 of these short medium if I get better and more tool used in this society this responsibility company in my books and accountability and on top of of the users of data on the and what this is the uh and then means that those who use it only to the analysis of big data of nearly equal rejected uh application online in the it's to for would have been too I was doing risk assessment of the depiction of the what the for the
question on this I have little time meaning equal and
5 of gather a path to and it used the events and that only a limited the half of of the longest and individuality of the rise the prevention interaction techniques than they would be in line in a comfortable unintelligible lots of
them and the line and the in Cole's and here and on the other hand we believe that this is not the for the data are used in align should lots and lots
of we want you to think we should not have to ask the thing is that the comparisons of Western thinking about having a every time you uh you may use this data and and the way I still think this is what we do the
moments of the time series data resources and I don't have to yard accountable for the closure of the because that's what we do with medical and food and cars and
so the you have to tell you implement security measures and then you are not optimal for a long time and that you don't go to the supermarket and take chemistry kit with you and test 1 of the poles OK and trust me that that some experts but some help and I believe that this is the only way to get an essential where you need to really grateful to God and even though I knew thinking about development 4 years to the that I really don't the the
I I don't think I can understand it began to lose a lot of technical components books have another question we're short you don't know and what parts of the line of thinking for a very good wages to work we have personal questions again FIL only all like you mentioned we're kind of the whole 1st generation that's will never be forgotten notice of data and pursuing about not saying but we we
have no idea for example what happens with all data you would articulated personal data as only die for example and that's something which is the energy legislation and lack of attention to think in a way I think that this could be a good person and he has insisted that is suitable to use in your and this is also 1 that has a on death and you know
there was no idea in coping and on the internet with him and the others what I found interesting emotionally adjusting and again when I talk about the question of forgetting was that this committee Europe cognitive psychologists I talked to occur in circle of trust and who wasn't miss which I can only forgive people very forget in the like if I of people getting her for building and this is
on par with coordination and this is a process that is accomplished getting connected mission and I do not accept them they were interested and accept this because I was thought that I forgive me if I would have to give
the the because I was that I want to forgive the the the crimes in the house of the the Nazis but I would never forget it to quote to evoke the person and that's and here this is also connected to how we do it all of it and I think about things that that that that there is this sort of something and you will always remember that someone who has died he can't be because we can finish this process of dealing with the density and therefore this
term I can't think of it it's the important foreign circular hygiene that's what's so because it in the cause of death in the 2 elements that when member but
also those that we can we can say we want to forget this this and not only some of remember this we we work with you don't wanna be remembered reminded of this that it lost so this whole this whole left again a that