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Science fiction as a laboratory for big ideas

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Science fiction as a laboratory for big ideas
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Over the years science fiction has inspired the exploration of space and cyberspace and was first to imagine the robot, cyborg, clone and technological singularity. All of these are "mere byproducts" to the real focus of science fiction - society - communities, relationships, individuals - how we transform, mutate and evolve through science and how we use and abuse technology. Science fiction creators imagine the un-imaginable and explore the impossible, they perform huge scale gedankenexperiments and by doing so they give birth to our future, for giving shape to the impossible today, gives shape to the every-day of tomorrow.
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and then it hit
me in back the
thank you I love you I will continue this is very sensitive in the this is very cool OK great thank you so let's start um thank you for the lovely interaction thank
you Republic of for having me specially thank you for Geraldine the Boston invited me to speak here at MIT convention on very excited this is also my 1st time in the so all in all a very good experience and I am the founder and director of the utopia festival in Tel-Aviv um were 1st and foremost a film festival but we're much more than that we couple science fiction with a few items we couple it with technological innovation that's inspired by science fiction we couple it with philosophy and ethics of science as presented in science fiction we couple it with media innovation and digital society that's part of science fiction culture now I got this yesterday this is the start of our 2014 grounding
um you're almost the 1st to see this our testable staff had seen yet uh this year were teaming up with the the deal the Tel-Aviv Innovation Festival so it's going to be a whole week of digital and innovation and um uh futurism in science fiction so it's a big big big party and you're all invited those are the
dates and if you like Republic I have a good feeling that you like to be as well
now a little bit about me I'm not big on Twitter you're welcome to friendly on Facebook um I'm not space enthusiast style of history a lot science I said studied a little bit of physics and I have a background in tech so I and I run the film festival so I speak many dialects of geek language but my 1st and foremost
love is for science fiction and um from much earlier age than 11 actually um with this audience
and sure I don't have to go into details about what science fiction it's um we can all argue about the different the boundaries between this genre dust that John run whether that them
but film of that piece of literature is science fiction or not I'm not here to talk about that I'm here and my goal is to have you walk out of this session is better equipped ambassadors of science fiction the
that from a science fiction is the laboratory for bigger visionary ideas and I'd like to emphasize 1
aspect of that 1 important aspect which is the intricate relationship science fiction has Science and Technology how science fiction is influenced by the science of its day and in turn it influences the science of tomorrow and I've chosen to show 1 example and to this to this intricate relationship that shows how these fields are mesh together how they're inseparable and how science fiction can actually force itself upon reality and we have 4
prominent figures in the story this is the first one I'm sure we all know Albert Einstein's pivotal contribution to the 20th century physics but he also has a contribution to 20th century history and politics and that's his
letter to f the art Franklin delaying Roosevelt this letter dated August 2nd 1939 was sent by Einstein too if you want to FDR to warn him about the dangers of atomic power and asking him to delve into the possibilities both wonderful and horrific of the new sciences of the time the In this letter lies the
Manhattan project and the atomic error and of my argument to you is that this letter originates in science fiction and I'd like to tell you how and to do that we must travel back in time as 1 can do in science fiction to 1903 and that
this guy this is Frederick so the user and young scientists uh ice 26 0 is 26 years old and he's
working at McGill University in Canada with a few of his colleagues about 1 of the great mysteries of its time of his time radioactivity and they
researched the decay of radium and they find out something incredible they find out that amine units quantity of matter holds within at a vast amounts of latent energy now this claim is now common knowledge it's probably 1 of the most well
known or most well known um scientific equations and it's been made famous
by 1 Albert Einstein but and starred work alone in understanding this involve the work of many scientists and pivotal to that understanding was in the uh the work of sodium his publication of 1903 now back to so the if
you if he were alive today he probably would have been
talking it's Republic of this 1 as in Tokyo because he wasn't just a scientist involved with science he was very much involved with the history of philosophy of science he was an advocate for the political and social implications of scientific research and we would also call in the science communicator he was very much involved with the public awareness understanding and support of scientific procedure in science and
that means he gave a lot of talks these these are in Glasgow in 1908 and the 1909 he collects his talks to a book a book about the marvels of the new sciences of the physics and chemistry of the time and not just about the
physics itself but what they mean towards our understanding of the universe the book is called the interpretation of radium 1909 NL enters
the 3rd prominent person in R and story which is the visionary
author H. G. Wells he was already a celebrity of the time in 1909 he achieved
celebrity status with his 3 1st books they in 1895 he wrote the time machine in 1896 he wrote The Island of Dr. Moreau and in 1890 8 the War of the Worlds he brought to us time travel he brought to us biological experimentation and tinkering around with
evolution any brought to us aliens so by right he's 1 of the major founding fathers of science fiction those were called scientific romances at the time so in 1913 goes on a vacation in the summer of 19 13
to Switzerland and has he doesn't he keeps up with the science technology innovation engineering of his times and takes the book for the ride which book did it take interpretation of radium prophetic so the and that book inspired
him immensely and unsurprisingly they knew Taishi wells novel comes out on the 1st few months of January of 1914 the world set free is published the world
set free freaks tells of a catastrophic war a war that would engulf the entire planet it will evolve and be participated by all nations and all armies now that nightmare of a
World War I was in the minds of many back in 1913 1914 but the specific 9 nightmare AG wells and envisioned was his and his alone well as wrote this dedication to so deep and the interpretation of
radium at the beginning of his book he also mentions sodium a few of his colleagues um in the plot of the book in the world set free Wells tells us of a new powerful and horrific weapon the weapons of mass destruction it's capable of
decimating entire cities it is used worldwide by all armies and it ends up completely annihilating civilization as we know it at the end of the war this new in Austin weapon is based on the new sciences of the times and specifically inspired by Frederick so these the interpretation of radium FIL is over bonds that in a very very small amount of matter hold a vast amount of energy now let me tell you for characteristics Wells gave his new ball 1 these bonds are
made of synthetic elements elements Media Lab elements that do not exist in nature to these bonds are different than any conceived the weapons prior to the use continual explosions explosion that feed upon themselves and by that decimate entire cities 3 the dropped on a city by an airplane that's a very very innovative notion at the time and for and and last but not least they're so small that they can they can be carried in a suitcase and they give you a short paragraph from the book destruction
was becoming so fast so simple so we see that any little body of malcontents could use it before the last war began it was a matter of common knowledge that a man could carry about in a handbag and amount of latent energy sufficient Tarek half a city now how these bonds called once again I'll let the book tell
you in its own words nothing could have been more obvious to the people of the earlier 20th century than the rapidity with which war was becoming impossible the they did not see it
on to the atomic bombs burst in the farming hands these are more
recent covers for HE Wells the world the world set free obvious there would could not have shown this to you earlier it would spoil the surprise so I'm on go back for a 2nd to Frederick so here here's why I have office but in the 19 tens
in the 19 twenties he became very talkative about the dangers of the new sciences and the responsibility scientists have to their research in 1926 but not of size but but uh policy in economics but he acknowledges HE wells is an important thinker and a harbinger that must be listened to any specific mentions the world set free and is the atomic bombs them
imagine there and now the 4th and final Claire player in our chain reaction of ideas the enters was a lot of a Jewish Hungarian scientist he got his diploma right here in Berlin under some such people as Max Planck and Albert Einstein again Einstein and he became partners hunts and very much appreciated his his dissertation and they worked for a while and creating a refrigerator together why my telling you this because he knows Einstein-weyl well and their partners and colleagues 0 odds of becomes a
prominent scientist and inventor in the late 19 twenties in the early 19 thirties and we catch up to him in London in 1933 in London he
happened to read an interview with a prominent scientist of the time 1 of Frederick so these colleagues to his researching radioactivity 30 years ago prior in
1903 and this elderly scientist remarks on radioactivity and he says that while it's very interesting scientifically because it holds some information on the basic building blocks of the universe we would have no practical use whatsoever any especially mentions the and the use of the the production of energy and this really really really angers so t have 6 hours is a lot the and for me this
immediately comes to mind um memory them um it evokes Arthur C. Clarke's 1st law now this is a Segway but it's an important 1 you
probably know Asimov's Three Laws in your correct you're going to correct me and say that there are 4 prominent science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke also others as a 3
3 loss system and it's about the nexus of size imagination science fiction Arthur C. Clarke's 1st law is that when a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible these almost post these almost certainly right when he states that something is impossible he is very probably wrong and um there's a
lot was quoted as saying something similar pronouncement of expert to the effect that something cannot be dad has always irritated now is a lot of the angry
anxious wants to take some of them with some of the stress off he goes for what that what he does and to all of the streets of London
he lost by the British Museum you do what's
office to Russell where and I book creeks to his mind the bookie had read not long ago a book about the horrific world war a world war that employed atomic bombs bombs that utilize a continual explosion waiting on us on the traffic lights in Southampton role in London in males the large mind the continually exploding atomic bombs became the nuclear chain reaction that happened on September 12 1930 3 Xilai was an inventor and he patented the idea of the nuclear reactor is the large or
was for a time in the 19 thirties he continues his research into it specifically its industrial viability other scientists jointly in
1938 he moves to America he and others his colleagues when this sufficiently convinced about the practicality of it and its dangers starts lobbying and pleading leading American officials to look into this both from use military and use government and they get nowhere and no 1 listens to them as a last resort
celada turns to a trusted all mentor and friend z and 2 other nuclear physicists visits Albert Einstein in his home in Long Island in July 1939 they impress
upon him the urgency of pleading to the highest authorities in the land of the dangers of atomic power the Einstein the ever pacifist tells them that these notions these ideas had never crossed his mind he agrees to give his name to a letter and his weights to the letter in order for it to be delivered personally to FDR the the
Einstein letter to FTO to FDR was an conceived the strategize and written by levels a lot and it's known as the Einstein's lot letter now I there are numerous stories about the into into relationship of science and science fiction for me this is a very profound 1 a remarkable a remarkable story science fiction inspired by science and in turn inspires the next generation of research and engineering that there and as I said numerous such examples of the expression of space and
landing on the moon robotics and sure most of
you know that the word robot and robotics originates in science fiction and how about augmenting human
capabilities human perception redefine disability redefining beauty redefining humanity itself as I said the examples are numerous this relationship
this very very important relationship has 2 roles 1 is inspirational imagining the future and by that creating the future and to even more important in my respects a social role preparing as society and as as individuals to the coming future equal amounts of innovation and ethics if you will now a little bit about
innovation SenseCam is a breeding ground for innovation and it's a breeding ground for innovation because statistician creators offers filmmakers game artists designers etc. the free to imagine they don't have a market they don't have investors or
boards or employees or customers all they have is their imagination and they have 1 true and important that tethers them to reality and that's their adherence to scientific and technological ideas what they imagine must
emanate from the science and technology of the times what science fiction authors and
filmmakers to is explored impossible the the main things that
do not have names yet names of things like robot means of things like atomic bomb but they also do is name ideas
like big brother and with big brother in
mind it's highly important to remember the stuff of science fiction 2nd role its social role helping us prepare for future and sometimes trying to avoid certain futures it's indeed size different has indeed inspired our relation our our exploration of space and of cyberspace it's
imagined the robot and the clone and the sideboard and our eventual evolution towards the technological singularity all science fiction concepts yeah but those wonders are mere by-products science fiction is an art form it's storytelling it's not futurism these can be highly technical and and employed innovative technologies and even predicted but science fiction has always been and will always be
about people communities governments corporations individuals the complex relationships how we transform evolve mutate through science and how we use it and abuse technology in our world there's extreme importance
for texts discussing science technology society and our perspective on the future doing so intelligently respectfully critically and creatively to sum up here the 4 major points like you to remember and pass on his ambassadors 1 size as a
laboratory for innovative and visionary big ideas it has an intricate profound relationship with sort with science and technology the mesh together inseparable this relationship has 2 major roles 1 is inspirational exploring the possibilities of today and by that creating the possibilities of tomorrow and we can do it we can see that in robotics Cybernetics atomics genetics space it and the more important role in my in my respects a social examining how we use and abuse technology and enabling us to better understand and cope with the tomorrow I'll leave
you with 2 quotes from people who
express this better than I could ever 1 is by Frederick polar science fiction author and editor a good science fiction story should be able to predict not the automobile but the traffic jam not the technology itself
but how will be used to be used and how will society react to it and interact with and the 2nd 1 is Arthur C. Clarke's
2nd law and the only way of finding the limits of the possible was quite going beyond them into the impossible and as 2015 approaches
here's a science stack design impossibility of our times and I hope so monitors on job yeah thank you live long and prosper May the Force be with you and I'm gonna show a little short film science fiction film called coast cooked up the cost of living by the wonderful Jonathan Jossen thank you thank the yes I mean you will have some domain name forms and questions if you can assure fill up a I think so it's kind of that is you have to little validity any reinforcements at the joints doubtfuls for read the but In reality 90 % breaks happening in around joints solved by limiting taking to the joint here you 9 % of the structural integrity of full support on the following at the cost I cannot and really play words I mean I the so skeleton His aircraft aluminum
would take any reinforcements at the joints doubtful sport model will be dedicated to you but In reality 90 % breaks happening in and around the joint solved by limiting into the joint give you 90 % of the structural integrity of full support for that have the cost you play a lot of work it's
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situation also available in the whole range of Asian and European sign practice now craze
lines were a user but AOC we offer the full range of largely styling options at the minimum range customized science body tape as well as over 16
thousand choices of skin hair and items and before I got to the various models
this recursive aggression what can you see yourself in warriors series there's I just think
it's more than OK and yes it is that what would
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it's it's a good deal with for those press we should
look at the end of the series the mayor's artery now the end-user in
robotic corporations entry level model so
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cost synthetic body on the market
look at Mayor recommended we put your
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unfair to get a 2nd job will that's good
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12 16 months come back with a higher level of income and and larger initial in
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everyone has the right to Re
Corporation and the company has come up with a number of creative financing solutions
American robotics as a need for a certain number of the employees at a various factories Wireless when technicians
custodial staff there is an
opportunity 1st a number of people to purchase an entry-level level bodies and repeat company directly through employment at factory what are the terms you 14 hour
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I think we need to wrap things up right yes there have yet thank you it you will we again sorry for interrupting sense was got some manner of the island state silent disco situation from where sometimes left and we really appreciate appreciated commands or questions to all the to you will have an open sold is there
some and additions or inspiring to the issue of slavery and reports society and and
OK if it's not the case thank you all was this inspiring talk thank you it is and not