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The Connected Society: It's all about people
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We believe that the human element is the key to understanding the digital age. Not everybody shares the same experience with technology, or just life for that matter. But we can build bridges to the future across different experiences. Empower ourselves. And we can equip the civil society with tools to emancipate itself from deterministic narratives and exploitative tendencies. We can have nice things. We just need to make them so. Together.
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it would about the
we're here to tell you that it's all about the people all right I'm just going giving 20
seconds all right so then in Europe to tell you that you should forget about the web for for a minute so like I used to be a guide told the about how to connect ideas and then you get the idea spread themselves of but now I'm here to tell you how these ideas have spread without the what we take from the Web however what we what we wanna take from the web is a lot of knowledge so what we learned from our experience with using the Web the Internet and the in AP form or in your browser's there's um of 1st of all the there are people like you the people who like
journals and that you can actually see them elsewhere and you realize that they are not all this and the other thing you may have come to the is the concept of serendipity you know you may not know the word the concept should be quite familiar when you browse around and you find something that didn't even know you were looking for so that's serendipity the there's actually this this
story so so the origin of the word goes back to perjury story about 3 princes and their y is the father of the world and give them a great education and wanted to test if they were fit to be kings themselves and it turned out that they were because of through happen stands fortuitous happenstance the ball always some things that that were at helping them even though they weren't questing to find the spend and that may be something you have experienced yourselves uh just by browsing the web I think and what we wanna do is take this knowledge the and apply it to our daily
lives now I remember suffer balled toll was of of a barren wasteland of what we need to do and I'm not gonna lie so as you move out into the wild and in the desert so there will be a hardship
but if you move forward and if you are prepared and wait for a lady luck to come together and then she will
sing is waiting alone is enough
you need to know how to do what on understand where she may appear and then be ready for when she goes and there are like such a little so that actually is the problem with this lady luck all oftentimes of my with the so what you did and browsing the Web basically was you prepare yourself you were training for this moment out in the wild wear out over
time uh you've been equipped with the skills to um grab the bull by the horns and just like a prison the original story you are able to recognize the right circumstances of and that means that it's not always a barren wasteland going out there but we move into the wild the of there may actually be quite nice scenery is the thing is very many people live out there in the wild and they don't live on the web which is why it's so important for us to go out there so the I believe my life is very alien to the friends I grew up with this thing kindergarten they they really don't understand all of what I'm doing to make a living that I don't think might tax account and understand what I'm doing to make a living so that fight all the more important
that you actually move away from from this this alien space into wild WordNet all nice people actually live do this and Lady Luck will
reward you I have with me today in if the slides ever move forward I'm
the but the so I've with me today 2 people can tell you a lot more about why it makes sense to believe why even though your
idea maybe unfinished your already in the right place to overcome the gate keepers and wherever you maybe they're prepared for lots of
finding and these 2 people to build networks of their own
outside of just you know the networking thing we call on the internet and they're called over Lieberman when moments of the and the B at the smell of and there is here to tell you what it takes to believe and then why it makes sense to do so and also what steps you actually need to
take to succeed in them relying on your trust so a disservice off he is Beatrice Malone and that she's going to tell you all about and how to succeed in funding films a professional filmmaker and I went New routs in there getting her film funded and the results she will tell you how cells yeah
uh and 1 1 or a few things the act flying inviting me to talk him by the way all the beautiful little animation thinking nodes and stuff as yet cops square it so let's see what this common still gonna come with this nice little pictures so and let me see how this worry so why and here mindful everything we want sum of 1 is
about 3 women in their early 30's to whom my following their individual search for the right way to live their life and they all all of them also need their mothers in the process obviously I'm part of this generation where things are not that clear anymore I would say most of us are so it and and somehow I felt alone with these questions in all these doubts about job family life for uh children it said tried to think you guys know what I'm talking about so I felt this for how I feel and what's going on at the moment is not really presented in reality and I was wondering if I really feel alone or if there are not more people feeling the same way and I think there are so I really strongly felt they want to do this so an so I'm going to show you the trailer now the finished movie and then briefly inform you about this adventurous exciting production process so let's see that works
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thing to do in the it thank you so so not gonna talk too much with you guys about the film in the content but more the production process and
briefly that's only the it premiered last year in April and dust embedding was great for then I distributed the film by myself and through that process I find a distributor who did like a german theatrical release then in March this year like right on woman's day which was great for that phone so on let me see how this have that so n same contrary to TV production where things have to be planned because of budget and everything in the beginning it with this movie things were not plan from the beginning at all and and so many things as they were taken step by step or when the problems that we looked for a new solutions and so we dealt with all the problems and complications with not having money and stuff and then through the production and so the very 1st thing I had to do was before the whole thing was to actually I love this thing here the to an not
to wait for the usual gatekeepers to finally like the project as if you do that you can wait for 1 2 or 3 years and I tried so they didn't want to finance its ID decided to walk the path alone and try different things without TV station and funding and today when I look back
like the last 5 years on this journey you where very exciting and many things happened which why I would have never seen you like I would not have been able to see before amazing because it all started with um 1 i.e. and good on it all started in change once I spread my idea with many people using for instance crowdfunding which like 3 4 years ago was kind of really you in Germany and and I was looking for other methods like crowdfunding and so fitting the the project up in the World Wide Web was part of the um was it was a big hard but the bigger part was actually meeting people talking to them make personal contact it was very important and also meeting the people at the right time in the right place with the right money and so all the key people
I met during the process who actually gave me money to finance the project to help me with developing the idea we're all in the end of the day people like metaphysical physically so as we said the 1st step is we need to put your idea out there although it might not be completely finished and especially with the long term movie like that where I actually follow the woman for 3
years like it's very hard to tell what TV stations and stuff I IV and this and this is gonna happen like this 1 will get pregnant this will this 1 will get figure this summer so you can't say I actually had to go out with Sandy an idea which I by myself did know what's going to happen and what will happen so that they this coregister and and it sometimes scary but in the end it's really worth it so sharing the idea and especially with like minded people in the beginning and please don't share the idea was critical very critical people in the beginning just share them with people who can add and share your vision who see the opportunities and then only later with the critical people because of their right otherwise they break you down before you even started and something have to follow up with these nice things here could affect so
and so let me give you some examples which where is during the process decide crowdfunding which worked really great at what it what else happened so for example so the movie was
finished and and so we have a premier and Berlin and I still really needed money to finish the movie that means making the DCP Digital Cinema package the post at the post cards and everything to be able to have a premier so and then I got scared 9 the shit when I get that money from the so I think they started to call around to randomly just people OK know somebody who can help me you can help me you can help me people
might have an interest in the film people who do Adam who um who could young could help me further says that I that I landed at the the not Biden for woman into that on word which is in Berlin people are not from here like uh they not city kind of thing who have money for these things and they went straight away
very fascinated with the topic and like on the telephone she said to be OK we gonna find in the last part and and then I went there to introduce myself personal to these women who obviously where Iordache MOTP contour who would who would like spread the news into their channels and they obviously are well connected and they told me now there's a nice German words to come to contact the bonus research
delegated Leiston's solved which for the non German-speaking people is that people can't unity Commission that in the cities I hope you know what that means so I didn't know that something like that was existing and that they all that well connected so what happened is I contacted the head of them and she was it obviously this the topic of the movie movies fit so well in there a message what they wanna bring to the people so she took it into their internal network and spread it I think too I'm not really sure how many but I think it's over 800 as cities because every city over I think 10 thousand people have the glide stands of talked and I I don't really know what that means but like 1 day I open my e-mail books and like every 5 minutes and you may was dropping in can the PT of some candy PCC can be please invite you and what is going on and and this is still happening today because they also shared the the theatrical release and up till today at the guy since I have talked to call they called me they cooperate with this cinemas in the city and then invite me and organized like special woman dates and stuff but in addition to that I must say it's not necessarily only woman filter because many men I talked to say we have
exactly the same question the same topics is just that I chose to focus on women but I'm I think you would agree not necessarily 0 OK i woman film and all so that was great and that only came by you know really talking to the people and
letting them know what's going on and this was not able by just sending e-mails out and break waiting for any replies another thing which was sprayed is on I had the and offered to talk at the conference in the adult but to
actually finance that I called the grid to institute in San Francisco and ask them if I can go to the conference and then they were like the armed mall why don't you send us your size and them the film and 2 weeks later they called me back and said they really liked the film so much they want to invite me to show the film in the meanwhile the conference was canceled but they said no but we gonna invite you anyways so um and that in the end of the day ended up that in March I traveled the US for 3 weeks in the film was shown in the until it was to be organized another 6 7 screening so it was that will not so it was shown and the tell Victoria San Francisco and New York so bad is the same as the 1 of the many ways when I realized that if I would have never called them and further a path or ideas like I would have
never ended up showing the film for 3 weeks in the US completely paid for so when some coming to an end
and so that I must say it is lots of where it anyways it's not that people become like we we give you 2 thousand euros the awful there and there so it is a lot of work you have to always call the people back make contact but in the end of the day it's really worth it especially with this whole so the topic of this year's Republican is into the wild and I really think like making this film was for me a big jump into the wild because on it was really empowering and
and it actually experience myself at that I don't actually have to wait for the gatekeepers I can do it and still have a voice and there was an amazing feeling really empowering but I
think there's something really novel about those hollow area along the world Corollary here if you want to see more and you you know Israel and just another website on the face of sites follow and see what's happening there thanks a lot the beginning and is the OK so I
only a very few minutes left I'm going to do this without slides what I try to bring to the table was signed drinks producer and I've been great distances and the last 12 years and doing consensus democracy with nearly 1 thousand stakeholders right now so every stakeholder can veto every decision and what thinks this is impossible to do well I think so too and this is the running company we deliver to try and seduce in 3 countries so we've proved that it is possible in fact
and by doing so we found several solutions which are quite uncommon to the use of this is for example we have no profits we have no volume discounts we have no advertising at all but like other printing might have seen here the conference and what you need advertising by the way would you like to advertising the few people some who work there OK and we have 1 example I wanted to present to you which might sum up the
way I'm trying to do business so we have a truck driver who was 30 years of experience as in his Michael and when he visits like the wholesalers to deliver to the kind of scans the um the area and this the storage and he kind of analyzes what products are stored there how many of them from which
suppliers and how to the tracks of like a hold the thank you how the uh what strategy this whole might follow and so on and so on and then he calls me and tells me about that and you also announces like which wholesaler will be sold to which a little silly like 3 months and this is very actually happens so he's sharing with me a lots of experience lots of knowledge which I otherwise wouldn't be able to gather myself and I think this is about building of trust between people and this of course takes a little while so usually it takes like 2 years for people working with us from like knowing the of the good guys to actually feeling it and I I hope that this is also looking at online um and this is maybe the the core idea would like to present to you if you kind of treat people on high level and 95 and 99 per cent of people would be good and will be sharing with you and then things get possible which are impossible as well thanks to
and yeah so what would over was to humble to say that there is actually trying to change the world and that is quite convincing actually to the people like Michael uh ways of so that that's the
actually manages to do so by the using a beverage thing this the loss of a new way to to do business when I guess does all the time with today so I'll assume a couple of questions so 1 question and actually I put it but
the question to you so um is anybody feels that serendipity entrusting its others it's worth trying out if you visit this website for the next 3 days ago together our e-mail address is there and they will be shared with anybody but the people sign up to this e-mail address so if you will want to you know be opens a lady luck and not knowing who wells in this room actually you know what is going to sign up for when all spirits to find someone that can help you with something you didn't even know you were looking for thank you and I don't know if we
could not