The Art of Disrupting Business

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The Art of Disrupting Business
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Tatiana Bazzichelli describes the concept of "disruptive business" as an art practice, Her analysis becomes an opportunity to imagine new possible routes of social and political action. Distributed, autonomous and decentralised networking practices of disruption become a means for rethinking oppositional hacktivist and artistic strategies within the framework of art and business.
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a lot of body is think I would put this on the phone because that that is a bit of interference with unknown rule so it's a nice
experiments for me because I never spoken in this way but so it's kind of interesting we really kind of Philip III the power of connection 1 with a child and I hope you can you knew well and of course I also was so that we will have a great introduction on the end of my talk because I really coming from using important tool also your point of view and also what you think about all these objects so 1st of all I would like to introduce my and of course having already is like deeply introduced uh by the Republican team that actually I tanks for this in detention and that I would like to 0 say that so uh I am a kind of hybrid plants on because I'm coming from different backgrounds and the from 1 side that have been working as part of their Hækkerup community in Italy and also being interested in the discovery gates in believing the since 10 years and have been down these so of bots working as a query to but so as it is so rich but at the same time for
me being the researcher greater of uh had always a specific meaning and these meaning was to try to investigate the politically media practices and seeing which way they could be
collected at the same time without but also social politics and of course when they speak about politics and not speaking about the you which party politics and that this is a distribution that's we bring along with us uh coming from the theory about politics for erasmians source whether not teach you would say that connected to uh experiencing society and culture politically and so this is a bit so what had been me in node these years some and so and in addition to publish 2 books so 1 books is color is adapting these lists uh that are being co-edited together with Jeff cults and another book is called network this option
and so this is a big to the book that I'm going to speaker and presented i and also something that you will freely download all 40 from the Internet that if you find these so the interesting so I would go on the bias of briefly
tell you that so this is the main steam
I'm referring to and we will go back to this later and just briefly uh um explaining that so I'm not somebody that is coming from a business school so I'm not using this uh pairs of boxes and interested in understanding what the
business concept mean a applied to arts and culture and so I
am referring specifically to the concept of uh these actually know they're shown that has been developed by Clayton Christensen of the Harvard Business School in the nineties and the these discount sent the man so to deal with a process that is that the markets in an expected way and also to generate a product that the market does not expect the and so these concepts of sensor that dampened indirectly water i.e. only
fair as the weeds out and affecting so we go back to this kind of scheme after a that all kinds
of so I start from the beginning of this is me in 1999 when I was attending a hacker meeting the needs and uh he was really a great time in a week in which we believe that also about aside the roots of ps that the of their computers to the people and those of fighting the tool of a stink about technology as a tool to empowering the society and politics and so saw in Italy this
is really a long tradition that of course come so so way before as a form of the disease related to art and culture and politics that's a in the nineties we started to develop something that was relating to cyberpunk atop the US and also to the idea of cyber rights as a tool for freedom that's kind of what's happened uh in
2001 the maybe some of you have experienced so uh what I was just being and so that's was the many the most rational uh that happened there from 2000 2001 starting in 1999 with the staff the uh the mustache related to the
fight against the power whereas uh know politiques so introduce a context and this is in the image that come from the G norm and unites in 2001 and so unfortunate have to see that for me this as being is really a critical experience so even if I was not seen gene allows many people that actually was thought to be the walls so was the fraud and so in planning which so some people of this town electrical collective an independent value and we were connected directly with larger got that was the idea that was reporting what was happening and so I assisted as many people alive at uh when the police is moved inside the media saying that it was
actually centered that's was from 1 side of you making the movement reflect what are we actually doing these images that I of parts we have tracking because the idea was to be from 10 11 antagonistic uh approach uh and triangle also to fight to this enemy tried to sort the red zone and these kind of things and to be seen so for me these these as really so was a sort of a failure because at the end we end up doing the game of the police and the so I was really the wandering these these urbanites strategy that actually we should have a pretty all longer or maybe they're
different strategy that we would uh reflect upon and so so from 1 side I think they'd due out 2001 was a really need to blow all for the movement but was also a starting point because there were many other groups that started independently
after that time and also many other collectors that use results to what they were doing and my is feature but the court experience here I think that the collar is not so strong but has been trying to reflect on different kind of property seasons I found the kind of new musical for in the the encoder and the quia movements uh trying to all of them reflect on strategy that they're not just go from pressure lateral oppositional but strategies that are really trying to beat us through we that and also some out with this about this system from with the the triangle really to work with identity in a way that is critical and also questioning what is identity questioning the dialectic because a political stance and so also this is not something completely new because in Italy there's
been a long tradition of related to this kind of this kind of practice and so I always really like to bring in the context I am of the image of the beast title neuflow is you are in a familiar with so uh about so with
implicit as being multiple name that people with uh starting to adopt around the of the nineties so and so the video was that everybody could become used to be 6 that uh these images that so is the portrait of the recent was basically creating by
morphing the differences other EU margin and so is a feature that some body that these that the people with appropriate and also embodied to try to do some of these adapt to the system from with the in and the 1 that many people were trying to do was really to apply during the idea of a fake could larger diesel own also these inside the media sees them because of the liberties that was
creating some of the plants that were really directly going to interfere with what journalists where doing what we show where doing it is either the most rated that actually media uh and articles that are shown and if you understand that is to understand the logic of them then you can really try to uh some the source the logical so coming back to a kind of uh avant garde the prospective and others time and there is
also another part of the story that like 2 ports here because also the implicit as not being the force that there's been also other example before a like could be your
use uh network and the research project that the society the 1979 uh encounter die anymore on trial and then the also spread all over Europe so for example so yeah invariant there have been many new really our you and the new is the was also something that was referring to that Yale creating a multiple identities and this was Monte constant and the same time uh going go in US that being another really interesting this adaptive uh if you want to movement basic or that part of the regional uh that was at the church of this subject genius and so I have you know so and I I call that was familiar
for many at the end of the seventies during that he said that there is a ball blue bulbs that is there also a like on a representing go away to this up to this use them and in this
case also to read was and so as a say a part of the region and so Irving I'm still back a bit on the
history and so that we could say that those so of many of these projects where interpreting networking as a collective but dissipation that was coming from grassroots movements and very often show disease the image that's is a monster uh created by the post on are these the veto about on the uh the nineties organic to be made in 1992 and he was these speaking about the idea of a metal working uh as a practice so that was
involving many possible large to surround the words of the wet exchanging of materials postcards of a spam so and there many other do-it-yourself
projects and this kind of tradition is also a coming directly from or uh other avant garde like through CSOs this at what's unique is that that the future reason uh they uh visual quality uh so in that kind in the nineties many people trying to create a network to by using the uh the media that at the time of uh where uh uh we use as a tool of expression and those that do it yourself and the for example we have uh photocopiers computer for Fox of mediocre say so but I mean I'm
sure you remember that uh and that
happened then uh sensing as they will define my 2nd the uh big but also uh that is they are counting the Web tools and so I explained why because from 1 side that Web to in 2004 change completely the idea was referring to networking them many of new of you know all and so so uh there's been a really positive outcome of that's because much more people know how to deal with that talking what networking these and so that we have a we
are all much more connected but that and time 0 so we have to say that is a completely different the idea of social networking is respect a what we were actually thinking about in the past the and is an ideal social networking that is pretty sense center rides because of course is mainly controlled by a different com-panies and so I mean for some of the body of you would be sensing data for either would be
actually sounds into question uh is especially now trying to what effect on the discourse of surveillance and also privacy I cinco already now we are experiencing see that actually many people coming from the hacker culture already knew knew a long time ago so as being
not to be a surprise for people active in the hacker culture to know that you are constantly surveillance end zone so what do they do I trying to investigate all so these are in time to understand where is actually coming from this idea of networking the early collected the with business and they a centralized session of letter
practices and scene in which y we can't really understand the networking guys at the synaptic these nets and so I went from to San Francisco and the tools you combine there was a doing a visiting scholars she part stand for the for someone's and then met so uh some many interesting people dead that so actually told me that so uh I mean these idea of 0 you know affecting the completely disconnected from business is a bit of a tall that's many European people have a box is absolutely not to what so many people in US seeing when for example a lot of history of hacking has been completed intervene with a 1 of these as if we think about how would the Silicon Valley develop it even of as the 1st BBS develop and so if you remember this beastly of their home you compute the Crab for example uh um it's all of my matters of that time there there that so we had a lot of interesting cover session related to the chief the between the counter culture inside the culture uh in California and so the actually explaining that so we are speaking more about the layering India is not an opposition but so is that layering that means that many people are actually doing things that are not of contradicting themselves for boxer they do at the same time and the Burnham and this is an example of that sigh demolish ever been there is really be the gathering of people once a year during go still hindered the search of the Nevada and so this for me as being a really interesting go example because a friend was connected the burn amend weeds google it you know he's a
speech really reflecting on the fact that that's uh gathering like that so it is actually really financial up to date to the tools of silicon valley because there are many companies going there is actually a big business because you only have to pay a kind of a high decay it's about like 50 thousand people even more now that goal and each of them paid more than 100 the dollars the and so you can imagine that is a big business of course there is a lot infrastructure but at the same time you is also something that grew exponentially from the 1st
experience that went pretty these adaptive like a big cut off the society of this suicide laughter that they're being really uh the 1 of establishing the debate the idea of Burning Man and that's all what the Fed was spending uh by looking at Burning Man actually is an example that now be is necessary working with this option because from 1 side uh is empowering the community but from that uh is completely he'll creating a venue from that's ends of uh so uh so in that sense of burning demand is a clear example also I would say many people working on Google go there are also many people working at the Silicon
Valley because is a moment of freedom that people can experience but this is a big moment of networking that for violate companies so I develop low
sensing and going back to my and the skiing yeah
that's I call 0 they asked of these adopting these nice so so I say maybe we should change a structural change 0 so change a political perspective because to be antagonistic
girl positional out for the doesn't work anymore because we have been already under so with that that's a business out upper as appropriated a lot of thought it that was really pretty to you was by hackers in the nineties and so instead of being confrontational that is actually a sink is something you just lose your about that is that is there to be this optional and so what I'm thinking about these a model in which uh from 1 side to artistic of trying to these adapt these less by a working on this is so full between and others and timeless abuses is creating these uh by
creating good uh also the so this is my it is adaptive feedback loop of that so I'm going to explain now we the difference example and involves a diet directly in different layers of the 2nd act is interpreters and those select workers so 1 example that those I like to bring there is of course not the and I think Napster there has been a great example of
it is adaptive in action because in 19 99 really into the use of uh the idea of file shading in the way that became kind of massive uh because the people really tried to interpret the music industry in a different way so I think that's enough so that was also really accepted a lot from the hacker community at the beginning I think is really showing how these Layla layer of 1st tour bonds is actually working and then I the lifestyle among would be at to that that's a that's about I think so uh been duly notes so as an operative who sees them as being really L so it is adaptive technology because of uh was a in the market that completely sensing that the market didn't expect that it is about the what's in that time there was the windows and actual of a bees nest of but how do we connect these with the
artistic practices and so in the my mobile I'm of trying to analyze different concept than those of different case studies that are working with ideologies optional so from 1 side that is adapting the business because they are interfering with that it from the other I'm actually analyzing go abroad to that create these this by making this an optional ends of uh um so uh I can also give you a specific example that if you are interested you can easily download my book of from the
internet but so do the example that I was like us into being a been said to call the uh left is the project and also our moral so I such 1st the weeds reciprocal
of possible go was developed by the Italian collectively and seem see both uh uh especially Jonathan printing implemented by standing uh in collaboration with big Design group for park of general school and was something that they don't show in 2009 the 1st presented at the Shan festival in Italy and then those surprise gallant and uh that idea was really to try to understand our Facebook worker and especially what these behind the called the when you create your own login inside the system and so that when really working on this tension between the open and close natural of social media and also of trying to work on these unpredictable consequences of that are generated by these adaptive use only some basically by doing the
euro lobbying you are going be inside the 2nd call and so you could create a you're reviews plus suicide Sozopol quiz actually jumper like the Japanese uh these pluses i as the not actually physical suicide so
that means you have to cut so you're barely and that's been also used by did the Luther Blissett project in 1999 when they declared the ends of the project so they took again this kind of practice and they said we should all creates our society of Facebook and is becoming divide out so that led many people that when doing that's and was interesting because there was really using uh and appropriating the called of the login of Facebook box of others and time when you were committee your society that's where counseling yourself from Facebook and
so so you are receiving a high school or more suicidal people you where uh managing the tool uh create so that my following you and the question was really I'm actually really able to leave a might be used to award uh with uh Facebook and so and of course so I was kind of easy way uh of that time to reflect on that so in the sense that the single so this was intelligent from ice their sides of uh because they say OK you can get your sepulchre but then if you want to go back to you all you can you just do log in again you back in Facebook sort for them was not really the problem the point of these adapting completed the Facebook but they wanted to make people reflects a walk so to use Facebook of means and L so what
means to create friendship in Facebook how you can use the code of Facebook and so uh of course they receive from Facebook season the season at the ends of the things went on for a kind of long time a another example that
I like to bring you is they are not about moral of projects ends of
the wire also 0 coming from the study and working especially in that time like 2008 2009 and so basically I'm not I'm all always there only move of on the all monitored sitting in English could be translated we go on almost weights and was the movement of different students that were protesting against uh cart so of education research uh that's actually was a phenomenon that is still happening but became really uh massified so uh during that time so the let a lot of protease not only in 30 but was around Europe and the war and so uh so they created somebody there was a fictional identity these Alabama that you
can see on the screen uh an animal a also is trying to reflect on what being so uh the idea of creating a these style a character that could be uh use the uh to become ion and also could be appropriated by people not if using the fact of being Facebook but really trying to understand how Facebook and try to coordinate that to you're all of times so they created something that was appropriated by a lot of students uh we had lots of the graphic logo of unbound will and those still a bit different an Oman thing you might do that creating video pairs so that people can use to draw the uh back could profile of Facebook into 1 of them will and people cranium on more is
the new Ministry of Minister of Education University and Research and we had a combined with the mean is the uh at the moment and so they created also defacement of the site and so when allowed in people to leave of different messages so that by using the telephone line that day 0 so uh Bilbao and from these different message evolve the experience of the people being done about moral day created a simple code that was published in 2000 2009 and so why and the speaking
about that because a sink that some all of these projects that there really explaining as the sun single a kind of speci fic a cell that's it's possible to these adapt system from the inside the especially trying to uh look for the holes in the vulnerability of the C stands up so I'm having the quality of a really interesting book from the canadian researchers each day that wrote these a book names ground she's dead and his writing there will be always so holds even when there are no longer any margins and I think that is a big there a form of these adapting bees and I'm speaking about so really time to reflect
what that actually the horses that we could infiltrated in which sense what are they had a different experience a intervention that we could imagine by really understanding doubt acknowledged you work a bite understanding what is that called B I did the interface so when anonymous came up was of course reactive because I think that's these was exactly showing that that's the sad bonds I don't know if people were really familiar we do the belief that the Monte scene and the newly isn't but for me uh some of these uh different entity that you cannot even cooler movements uh was uh replicating some of these strategies that by affecting the
uh on there were ability of sees them and also at the discourse of unknown unity that's was a really important aspect of this videos practices that they told you and then the uh so the question for me becomes so uh is it important so uh to be effective in politics and culture and those solar in the media struggle and a sink that so maybe
we should also question of what what is the effectiveness dialectic because I don't think these moths anymore and the these made size really an easy targets and I think we learn from Luther Blissett from your he's mother and I always saying this really hard to see and its rules so and so by seeing the questioning what is this rules then you have to really try to create a new form of strategies that could up the sees them and I'm also did you another
example these these is a project that that I was correcting that as we gonna 2000 source the in and does being developed by identical money spent collective by a value down aboard billing and also by uh in a huge network of Boston on this uh this was called altarpiece 7 C 1 was a the pneumatic system uh that so we created by connecting different special inside the house there were 2 and event that uh was so something that that the group to the colonies and also called the official communication platform of
plasma gotta 2013 by following the idea of miscommunication and thinking in these idea miscommunication in the fact that you can't really quest Ulysses them from the inside but also being playful in a volley could there is also the answer I was looking for and this specific project but we just described you briefly was so something like a and reflection of it of such a network system especially uh the idea was that there was a corporation all octal that was trying to imagine that it warned wide to pneumatic balls the system that was connecting different how songs and we were doing like the better testing that was maybe I by connecting the differences rules so of doubts the could do and event and so was the a centralized sees them because there was immense of special in different Fred extension and you could the
exchange the capsules that list gravitons inside the so uh by you uh you know administrating the station but it was also doing if you want a quick system to opposition project because was from 1 side you would closeness of system from 1 side with openness and the value of openness was related to the presence of the man you have these because the turnabout on it is possibilities that the mentioned before they connected the collected a lot of uh presence of many
posts large this around the ones that actually to us a capsule and this gap so that could travel around the inside there pipes could be open and inside there were some instruction that the people that the citric good performance so was also an interesting interpretation of how to perform sensing that is traveling inside a closed system and I was also really happy when at the last accounts Compute the gram uh there were some people that went on with this project that and they created a new bachelor better that was completely open distributed and so uh also based on the do-it-yourself idea uh that they call side and Stasi probably should be obvious uses Congress you have seen that so I would like to
finally to the we conclude with the 2 examples I mean 1 example that also seen is really uh interesting in this kind of discussion on how to long to be
part of a pervasive and now to understand that the reality is made of different layers is the work of travel tabling and there we have been collaborating recently in in a partner laughter as MediaLink uh that there was great into better we Jake upper ball and also uh um now reports thrust and so is specifically in the discourse of art as any thence and as in the discourse over the default was that there were there was uh of did all so that is the idea that they actually asked too could become a tool for any so but at the same time the reality is not something that you just can't see from 1 perspective but there are really many perspective you can work queens and so this is actually a fault of drones uh and
so you don't see them but they are there and that is why I think the example of travel is really along these lines because is a showing you with that so maybe what you can do is try to reflect on the unpredictability of reality and also on the fact that there are different layers of interprofessional and this layer of intervention and the potential of not so far away from you you know down this sky and if you have different eyes you can
actually see them so how was possible to these up the system from reading by understanding really how the system will work how you can see what is it outdoors with different eyes and also understanding that art would be a form of evidence so this is my new project that that just the pay you briefly because I mean I just launching it now it is it is an option that clamp uh and I'm planning to be updating the next
the mom so 40 years uh otherwise the artists so is in belief and so I'm reflecting only out to create a court order program but also in high above resource and properties related to the idea of this option that I'm speaking about how to create a quick sees level positions and I'll actually to invite people that are really questioning this there because I think of that so you know through 2 sons that could be uh see from really different angles and so there is always some body that was actually more resources to for all 2 to 4 hours so they told so you this is also something that we need to guide always
size by speeding on adventurer uh colonies and so so maybe instead of trying to have it through with that is more of small set of the truth of the 4 people that have power you should really question what the through with these answer question
by uh understanding how to create 2 different layers of interpretation so I just conclude by saying that if you are interested in this subject you can go to that web sites where there might be different books and so you can download them and so yet I enjoy and pension arts and those sigh SIOC you have a really interesting questions be pH it yeah think you touch on of are there any questions in the room and it don't be shy you I think if a jog some you said
that a Iarge impulses businesses by interfering with them around them can you who just specific this was for this is the more is used like Andrew you've businesses sermon hold is react to them I mean and and I think when a stick about that as I say I'm referring to the the of of these adaptive innovation so the idea of introducing in demand could something that the market doesn't expect that and so if you go back on the study of art especially the avant-garde that this is exactly the strategy that the avant-garde when making really working with the unexpectedly they unpredictable and try to this this up this system for with the and also we had had a really great the um example during these days with the keynotes at the opening of the yes men because I think it seems many years now because they're barely up the the Indian act out seeing uh they're being the questioning of the
discourse of business by interfering with the itself because they're really understand how it works I mean they know how to infiltrate because they studied the logic of the and this sometimes uh that
understands the uh and how to work with your identity with your perception of yourself up in trying to enter the mechanism of his business so it's more about their strategy you know I'm not I have not so it recipe for the successful business yeah because as I say I'm not a business by some but saying that these this especially today uh really sure well to be pervasive and the you know I think of even the social networks of companies and went to Wall is showing Gaza how to do that humankind to use something that is this adapting a a market that we know but it is also something that users as been nice things about doing this since many years if you think about so in all the advertisements agency uh there been constantly
cycle of irony uh the appropriation most of the so called counter culture in the sixties so my point of view is you know this is nothing new uh the opera B actually sensing that always a half on boxer business change because
now the is became really flexible Bravais and there is also actually working a lot with openness to yourself social networking so on telling the people doesn't make sense anymore just to be antagonistic because you know that been some body that had been faster than us so I think actually should go the other way around trying to appropriate business so is also a
matter of language for example I I was speaking with a lot of activities at the beginning then really didn't like a mighty worker you know because I was coming from a traditional although more antagonistic practices and didn't
like I use the word these necessaire what you have to use the word business to speak about a radical artistic practices with a like B's war and then I was saying actually that is why I'm using it because I think that we should start the boss appropriating the uh the language that we are dealing with AIDS and so actually what these business and if you go into the etymology of the of the wall of the then you see that actually be using this as a is different the because these this means being the easy being somebody that is constantly trying to achieve Sunstein and that has to do with outside the width of the real time to do so on single all the time so as not immediately uh something to do with the call me and so I think OK maybe we're gonna societal reflecting on the specific war them and when we Jeff Cox with published these ontology that really interesting contribution like for example focal but I did before saying that I think I I mean even good uh how nasty could be the word business if you really being it on yourself and trying to imagine that actually we are now working all the time because also when we use the social media when we're working you know because there is somebody that is making a profit from our relationship relationship so that a a lot of Lagurus of interprofessional and so coming from or kind of see plenty is a C-plus dualistic approach in which I that's lot on the media but also for language is not neutral Saul and the sink business really a told us that because the old days at the 1st web 2 o conventional I went remember there was 1 in 2 thousand 48 in believe in uh and also there was the mode highly dowries begin about hacker culture there was like what how responsibility for it was really something that was coming from another perspective because I was coming from me tell you know and we have a side effect it was something
else so that is why I say whether cycle of have to start going back here and understand that these kind of discourse is made of different layers and the then trying to bring it back to the community and can inform and also trying to see if there could be people that could be inspired by these way of seeing the the ideal but there is also not
something that I invented that easily as I say along the traditional artistic practices that deal with that I just I am just advocating that there will be even more because I think that the idea of this rule with so as a unique on alistic concept is actually the very dangerous because you could be linear park by some body that the claim that ours it bigger through what's than URIs and more powerful and there is always some body that is more powerful than you so I seem instead of being in this dialectic Libby's letter to go outside of that and trying to enter the system of what your state to criticize from the inside it any
other questions or additions inspirations and again thank you for the talk i was as I was wondering if you feel that this strategy is more likely to be adopted in certain cultures all or if you feel it's like a very you know I have some cultures and scenes of more open to it like geographically it by law because in my research I was really trying to
America different perspective and then of course that there was a limit because I could not investigated yield too much hands of course I'm missing a lot of the prospective coming more from Asia other counted this out so but I would say that said there is a really interesting the dialectic between uh like the history of that culture in Europe and what it was in the US but still this things are speaking you know people assessing today actually feed the charter and so uh I was the starting interest income recessionary j couple bomb but that because he was the 1 that's a really suggest me the idea of their moved to a feedback loop when they're in 2009 he was working me was part of the noise beach collective uh some Francisco and it was funny that actually you know a lot of hackerspaces not noise beta that was by the correct because was more coming from kind of European that the addition of a non latkes lenses of assault politiques so uh
where actually in US so supported the by a Microsoft goo good initially so well always possible hackers are actually happy to get money from Microsoft and
we're actually and I'm not seen during this Convention supported by Microsoft so that I don't know uh but so you know I seem to that so maybe we should goes to be all these way of seeing things because many doesn't matter anymore you know what they're like telling me there was uh atleast in these discussions uh no I mean many hackerspaces especially 1 in Mountain View that so you know I don't know if the existing probably yes hacker Dodger or the at that in the of but we don't have no problem to get his money out this week on was to be free to do what we want so there is a very different perspective there is an was saying knockers spacing 30th is about coming from all political tradition would have always refuse to ever more on a fromall Microsoft the book but bacillary
seeing that this way of antagonistic prospective a doesn't being anywhere so I think that is that we should more work on the interferences of these
different cultures and so that is why I'm questioning what these business option and actually seeing site paradoxically that we should go from these lists in a way that can be really effective and pervasive at the
yeah thank you again have Jennifer this detailed input again take the chance to to Oslo to give us some more ideas about hacktivism hacker culture the and thank you very much for your speech was really interesting but when Lisa is our queasy enemy at a assume you then accepted were handed me because you're taking about disruption but what is done now define Angola with whom and who take advantage of from these disruption and Wu on who is affected by In not as I say I don't think we should think about in
term of enemy anymore because this is again a way a working with politics and culture and technology that is completely dialectic and this in this form of in on antagonism and I hope by the most states uh doesn't work anymore nowadays and so so uh I don't know actually from with the benefit of these I I can see that there are many of these the that's so already using video this option and is actually something that's silly proper of the hacker and think it was on the hackers have been always working by trying to these about this system we from with the dying to opening up this system trying to understand what is inside I mean because they the so called hands all on prospective of culture so you know from 1 side of is not something new always just answer that I think maybe we should that on knowledge and trying to also experienced directly by embodying the soul and so so is there and there is a from 1 side of the speaker you put that them giving but from the other side I can also tell you that's a lot of business company are actually working with this option already because it is a is a concept that
comes from these this is really I mean the best overall how many advertisement medusae watercourses start so and also those income saying something new for many companies that
area and as being so recently invited the need earlier last year from 2 where to actually speak with people that are doing business I mean I was invited from the Omnicom Media Group for that is an advertisement a company that is what wives and that is a sexual BTE theory and I was really interested in these things that now we really want to know what you think about the users this option can utilize your point of view because we work on this adoption by you know the into products in fact that the companies that where there where uh you know and the that was the body logically could uh I mean the all EU companies that are salient for all that and that initially I was 1 the OK I don't know if you know what I'm actually been in there is something that's so that would be interesting but then by having a dialog with them and the so that it was the case because I could also see what was on the other side of the hall and also I have a really interesting dialog with people that handle in France in the coming from a different perspective mysterious thing about similar concept
so all in that sense I say we should work by being in opposition to bear that in trying to highlight click system-level positions and then in that sense as inca uh you know of course so
that you decide what is your enemies more apprentice of the interpretation of that's about this think that that is same time and is also something that's you know is a moreover related to all uh you're a specific background but in the more the bigger picture that time of presenting I'm also thinking that so we should go beyond the sentence antagonistic structure of a power contour of power because I think it was already demonstrated in many situations that then and then you end up doing the game of the people you want to was
the so by a my mother question we go to get the call the and this is OK if there on any further questions I would like to thank you touch on again are a very inspiring blog thank you buy PRP thank
in my