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Don't miss our startup lightning talks.
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home welcome my name is at David might find the editor-in-chief and cofounder overt Silicon Alley which is based in Berlin guides in English language uh tech news sites and community so well please check it out but I will be hosting so they are we have 6 very interesting lining tools for talks followed by a brief but if you name Thomas ranged in topics as well so I hope you enjoy at 1st of we have any diesel Maslow he's gonna be talking to us about augmented reality so please step up and only do you talk in a more of a chance thank you very much can you all you mean is there a strange to talk to their own head from the book so high as introduced Simon and to some muscle from entire we're doing augmented-reality and I'm the PR and social media manager and as far as I don't have a lot of time we write start and they tell you a bit about our company and of was once slated to
much more the
and so OK have a tireless fund into files Sweden unique all headquarters I'm unique we have more than 120 and please go around 120 ampullae 20 ampullae employees and we have offices in San Francisco Dallas and we already and we are spreading hold the work of mentors reality word everywhere in the world and more than 85 frozen developers already working of always software i which is quite impressive for us but where are much more people using augmented reality and I'm quite sure that a lot of people know what is augmented reality in his audience but usually people don't know I'm not familiar with the term Augmented Trinity so how we can have more than 1 F thousand companies and that they can have been very cool in grade a I experiences far their companies and I wanna show you a very short video it shows our shorea
and show some projects we did in 2013 yeah a the the
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know 1 of this project on in story like the Ikea catalog application for example did you try it OK if you didn't try all 1 of these count all 4 and their main entrance hall after the talk and initially all of this and you have what is our our
model of business model and I think around 70 per cent are this is a software license some business so we are selling software for developers and non developers who want to create a our experiences by themselves Ali after Matteo creator which you can with that you can easily create a experiences why a dragon drop and we can also give you a short introduction in annex all the broader device and if you want to do in our experiences yourself just come over and of iris decay Ukraine grades as easily as your own applications for a tend there's a lot of lot of the products and if you want to have an overview you can also come to and as of yesterday we
release together with and the normal barrier between 200 this is which is 1 of 2 new whereabouts the new classes the data classes and the released the 1st through away I experiences so which is ready we've always decay for developers who want to create a eye experiences on variables like Google the glass or it's small very variable and also come over and try them out we broadband divided the defense and we want to show them to you have some yeah and
I think my time is already gone so if you're interested was at a website as this is all social media channels or as I said more than once you just come over to over of we would we would be happy to work and you will think you
would come by can that might I think like you and but that's what you in a more simple involving q over a mountain for that and so tell me all wearables the future of AR is this originally yeah definitely we added what sort of potential those I also do glosses knowledge the great thing is that you can experience the real world and you can get there were 2 information over late as so it means you can go walks through a city and unaware of as you can see further information like navigation or like historic effects of some buildings or anything else with which you're interested in because for me the the problem and with where they are a little bit is is you mean to use a lot on the go we we saw in the video people perceive markets and so on and so forth and I think a lot of people slightly and happy to be so spend their life walking around like this thing uh which which I guess things up the walls would would solve the problem and yeah because what's next and now what's the next big step what's what's the next thing is gonna blogs people and in our story you saw the videos for the Volkswagen what a case for example and you also sort out quotes in for application which these are both as was and maintenance applications and they also great afford small variable live Mitsubishi together uh maintenance Application for the Epson classes better technique and sees directly at the incident instructions of step by step on the whereabouts and I think these are very important thing so if you read if you imagine you have to buy some furniture from IKEA and you have no idea how to assemble them and you have the variables and you get step-by-step instructions without reading all these very preppy if this is mn you'll see magic get the instructions right on your screen and right on the Web as and gasses is would be perfect I think anything this is an interesting you're allowed sacred and 1 from this is this means is the alternative to uh whole which are in for a long time people thought yeah we're going to have a a kind pop and shows how to do that kind of stuff I mean is this really where we're gonna be with everyone wearing glasses which you know you not sure about something the theory goes accepted using everyone's gonna have any all losses and I think using mixture of virtual reality and air augmented-reality the future so we wanna grades just go to information for all the people and we want to mix all these technologies together to get the best of people brilliant their amounts of please the visit they're still in Republican thank you very much and I didn't uh so makes up we have 2 was handled over a web page at the swiping interactive Web yeah and on the test you you yeah hi I'm Thomas I hope that the slides which are often a 2nd but the yes yeah yeah the yeah this is not the right on all right and yeah and thanks again I'm Thomas as the CEO of web pages and so the question was this is the web page actually the and the question is how do you present yourself your product or your idea and about individual standing and emotional I would say so how about this
the this is our website for all of 1 artist so it gets a visitor and the mood by just slowly following the mollusks and zooming into parts of the web sites and reading more and more details or if you want to tell a story on then you could use this approach is nice animations I like this space odyssey here or if you need a completely different perspective on something like the book Alice in Wonderland and whether would book was on a single web page and you can zoom in into every chapter to read it so how about this for your blog and so do you think it's hard to do do you think you have to code or even need an agency to do this I tell you know all these pages have been done with that and web pages allows you to create agencies websites as easy as you would do this pen and paper so let me show you how to create a simple of website he on
stage so it runs in a browser
so you just drag over an image
to web pages and just Robert there so
we want to use it as a background image to be moving in the
background then we add some caption at so we are just formatted we get some name that's got into the wild for some reason and done so you can add
another textbooks essentially everybody that
knows how to use the power point of Photoshop can use that page and to build websites so now we have already a simple the landing page created some that make it a bit more fancy by adding a animation to the background the done so it's now moving slightly left and right in the background and they give it even more to this by adding a view that the blue which rectangle you see here and the rotated about implies that here and now we can navigate to this view so these views are 1 of the central concept and that pager it's a bit like Prezi of you know it's views allow you to define that the user can navigate on the website yeah
so do you think that will be expensive was actually for a 10 year awesome on you can create your own portfolio website but that pages which includes the added Europe and the hosting if you needed a bit more professional than the other agency package for 35 euros and which has it gives you more plug-ins which gives you a CEO optimization A B testing and access to your customer pages and if you meet someone that that should design your page we all 4 packages for design starting at 6 interviews URIs we a team of 3 founders that's Thomas cycle was also in the audience and we're coming from science and he did that Google Summer of Code project together very below the graph with additions of of its kind of the predecessor and if the new was also in the audience today as a design heart so he has lots of experience in user interface design and their work at the he say is start obscene and the so far to the quick introduction to Web page if you like did I invite you to our website that page uh . com and check out the sample pages that are actually more than the 1 that the a I showed you and if you sign up for the better right now but you have to be you have the chance to actually be 1 of the 1st persons to the a keep tried out the and private bigger right now and letting in people step by step yet 1 more thing I have for you if you're asking how this looks on mobile devices I just show you a little bit more and complicated here with a microphone at the same time the 1 the and and so let me get my car back yeah it's actually working it's looking better because you can fly from that based on the brush few Thomas in that very cool and but 1 of things I hate 1 of things in that I find quite disturbing is when somebody messes with the usual functionality of computed if somebody's computer scrolls a different way to mind is really area so you I mean that this is it can a new type of of browsing a single web page from how to people react with when a sort of phrase with a new yeah I mean you could be right to be a messing up a bit if the user experience a trivia doing a research project at home what university on this expected to find out how they react and how they actually navigate through so how they get conceptual idea of the that's the page I mean we have a lot of opportunity here and these effects that are extension you did like Prezi on this partly like Prezi and 1 has to use them with a bit of care for example using like slight rotation from 1 that 5 and resumes another website if you use everything of course it is that's just confused but I think have when you Boston websites on our side you see that it really adds value and it's also bit playful so that it lets people stay longer on your website but because it's nice and playful and that I mean did you think that them on the web in general is going to move in a direction that's more towards this more involved usability yeah I think so and these we see the trend to web apps and web apps have SNI as a sliding it so what we do is we take websites which are not so as programmaticaly not so interactive and makes them actually about that but you don't see this that it's still a website it's useful information for entertainment but you can swipe on this and intact very closely to of a on an on an awful lot of the people doing the same sort of thing you know same way we can build a sort of next great somewhere face from cheaper need interestingly naught I mean there this is a crowded market because there's so many offerings of whether there's but this concept that is actually going farther than this is a not CIB haven't seen it and so the biggest suddenly wakes and square space it they do great sites but they are also very simple because locked to a template and there are a lot of of smaller builders for mobile only websites like strikingly it's also very nice but it's a very limited on the other side so we are really the focus thoughtful about incidents furnish over the web there is the uh somewhat thank you I 1 0 1 last thing you'll you'll you payment plan as hosting involved the can can people usual websites and have someone around so at at the moment not on the thinking of course I mean we have a bigger vision or somehow transforming the rapid maybe it's a bit old but in the end I think if you really want to go on this right have to make it more open and that would mean that in the and also it can be deployed somewhere and at the moment the start this that these pricing these plans which means you created on the side and that be hosted on the side but allows you also to continuously lose a use editor it's not like you do it once and deploy it but you can continuously update and it's important great thank you very much so must yeah thanks a lot fewer under Annex that we have a David phoneme we talking to us about the choose and by the way when I'm taking off I'm taking the time a Notice Board and looking and we the it's important to point out it and all samples and because we have so many talks in which transferred fit everything in allopatry will be any time for a public you nice answer about that I'm sure all of the speakers will not be around and you can
also neuron questions so David death ignoring thank you the I don't know much about web pages yeah to and right get my name is David and I am the founder or 1 of the founders of the the issues which is a concept which begs the question why and that is in a the issue it has no reason to exist really it's just very comfortable and has it been a fist written on the cell which people seem to like and there really is no reason for it to exist except maybe that atheists with feature growing exponentially so it is a good business opportunity but that's not the wife or why we started at we started it just as a kind of
joke we wanted to create the life of Brian of shoes a typical Berlin project you know and that we also kind of wanted to make
atheism pretty because it's so I don't feel a statically represented by Richard Dawkins and those kind of terribly frontage logos he has what we kind of thought you know doesn't atheism belonged to the
bauhaus with all that geometry and lack of hyper of a lot of hyperbole and clean lines and that so we build a hell
brand around it are she was very keen that we have a big circular geometric bauhaus logo which is kind of the godless abyss of nothingness and which kind of works for atheism we've even have customers to to attend their legs so the real
reason that we started atheist as a business was because the internet told us to we posted a picture of me holding issue on Reddit 1 nite in January 2012 and there we got than 700 thousand page views overnight to went to the front page of the Internet and we got hundreds of e-mails asking me to make shoes as business so we quickly have to realize how do we upscaled from our Berlin studio to kind of meaningful production so with the help of Kickstarter and strategically placed show the kittens we found a workshop in Portugal and we managed to stop producing shoes which we since sold all over the world to
like DARPA gentleman in London and New York and brave Saudi Arabian teenagers and also young people and old
people that guy's 76 in eastern Texas and this is a very attractive young lady from Washington and the beautiful thing about our businesses we have no demographic whatsoever it's entirely an attitudinal definition of an audience
we've also had the more intelligent of celebrities as to mention on the left satisfies go and that's Eddie isn't but they say
that when you put your business out into the real world it changes and I feel that we've only really come to understand understood why we do it at when we have feedback from people for example this is a young man from Nebraska he used a conversation about a the issues to come out to his evangelical Christian mother and they cried a lot and then as she bought to stress but and that we also like to think we're bringing atheist together these 2 people met because they were ringing the issues on top of the mountain together and that we hope they can't get engaged that's them actually in Salt Lake City running a pop-up shop on our behalf I think when you have customers doing that for you it's a good sign
that there's lots of a post modern avant-gardes like Ice-T things about the business you know where long tail we have absolutely no idea what we were doing before we started the maybe most interesting is that we have 0 marketing
spent um we've relied on other things to get us noticed for example we did a scientific experiment last year proving that USPS discriminate against a atheist branded packages we at sent an equal number of packages some neutrally branded like pornography others were a few staple over them to America and they should have arrived at the same time but to be atheist once took on average 3 days on grammar 10 times more likely to disappear so this caused outrage American we ended up in time and MPR lots of other places and another thing we did is on
April 1st I came out to the Christian and that for 24 hours in that so there's an awful lot of shoes on a project found God between the ties of the Crimean prosecutor-general no wanting to recognizer that and ultimately we're a good
business and and we don't have to spend marketing because of product is to the word of the foot is perhaps our greatest at thing just few words about the future and we're
all ready looking after the next generation we have a atheist baby shoes for those who believe in mommy daddy or booby and I were just
beginning to play with the concept called empathy shoes we've teamed up with the laser company across the courtyard from us and that we reckon we can laser any image you want onto the set of issues so maybe it's Angela Merkel riding a pony war and maybe
maybe it's your last will and testament which we're going to get motorized and you can exchange them every 2 years as a goodwill should be exchange of roles again but lots of Bluetooth and technology into issues but if you'd like structures on these come to so the opposite there otherwise at thank you very much thank
you thank you very much there so those questions if I'm an agnostic to i where 1 of the and take point x never thought of that I will now you can have what it we could like laser a picture of a little girl sitting on the fence on the so the issue if you wanted maybe OK so I mean I was quite curious um that you have customers in places where religious probabilities if this 1 works from is necessarily renowned for being high so sorry Ray-Ban even worse text from these beasties goes a Saudi Arabia I mean having a putting themselves at risk by around where she's saying even if it was incredibly brave of them I remember the 1st time we sent a package for 1 of them in Saudi Arabia I am a friend of mine processed it was a christmas we have no idea whether we put atheist but can take on that and we were we were so pleased when they arrived there and she didn't get like and given a death sentence so long and you think them on a sort of slightly more serious note that you know atheists atheism or if it becomes a thing that becomes a group of people say query that since he becomes another kind of religion no not at all I mean that the definition of a religion is kind of suspense of critical thinking and phase and all that but but I will say are ambition unlike the Catholic Church is to be obsolete uh we we would love there to be no need for an atheist shoe company and 50 years from now on I'm mildly optimistic that might be the case marker will at let's let's look at them uh it's the summary by linear story policy is very you know it all we don't spend a marked increase recall on the Internet it is something's going to spin in any year 2 is people go to different it Iike I think the only reason it might it's not been found yet we began 2 years and people are still buying an and the numbers are growing at what might happen is we ourselves might get more excited about creating something else but that's where we're experimenting with other she designs we are shoemakers at the end of the day so atheist capsule in a literally resisted that we did I must make atheist looked at the we could make like gave his life assurance or anything you II like 80 stock of the of a of a species these are the issues of lazier Hill excellent stuff thank you and we did the carriages double check this thing at something very much there is a hand uh next up we have open reverse we talking to us about crowdfunding in person a very interesting project with the full atom would think picture of everyone with their headphones on and that to that's cheaper than what I could everyone to take a picture of you taking a picture of them while it's like really matter in the the and that and and all of this stuff OK all of you forget no how many people here have there are many people here know what crowdfunding is there should be a lot and keep your hands up how many people out of that group have contributed to at least 1 crowdfunding projects project how many have contributed to 5 or more the there's only 5 or 6 hands left on a today about the power of crowdfunding and why it's important to connect with people ironically will have headphones on we could be talking in person today I didn't plan it that way but that helps with my point my background I'm a serial entrepreneur has started a number of different businesses uh raise tens of millions of dollars in the states um working here in Berlin in its I wanna talk to you a little bit about this festival that we started called 1 spot which is the world's crowdfunding festival the major point that I want you to take
away today and we can argue those we can debate it was tweeted each other about it but I believe the crowdfunding is ultimately the democratization of capital and it has 1 of the single biggest powers to disrupt the traditional financial institutions that will see in our lifetimes but there's a problem were starting to forget about the people and about the connections that we have directly in person in breaking through this digital noise that we all live in today so here's the problem we've gone
from spending hours writing letters to each other through the post office and taking time to craft very carefully orchestrated message that actually has significant meaning and today we outsource that virtual assistants that send an e-mail on our behalf to this everyone in here as a smartphone everyone in here is well connected were listening to each other via digital microphones and headphones the
1st organization of crowdfunding was way back in ancient times crowdfunding started actually as a green exchanges with the Egyptian times where you began and you traded wheat for other services you traded those things in greenhouses so we've gone from that to this where everything again is in this digital environment and that's great technology is an enabler of all of these translations of all of these types of pathways for different people and but crowdfunding
itself crowdfunding has the power to be ultimately 1 of the most destructive forces as I've said in the financial markets and institutions because it allows people to direct their money exactly where they want to go it passes through all of the other the institutional vehicles all the financial instruments and allows for people to put their money where they want to see things happen
the key point that it's very hard if I'm going and I'm asking him a question about his crowdfunding project if he does not online how many of you that have contributed to this crowdfunding projects have had more than 1 interaction with that person there's 5 hands in the room the whole room and that's it so online is great it's a very good mechanism for us to interact and for us to scale these projects but people always investing people 1st and foremost before anything else especially in a very early stage cycle of a project of the start up of an artist of the musicians of these types of creative community people they're building the things that we all wanna see they're all part of this room and crowdfunding should be open
to all it should be open to all people that have access to it whether that's a family that doesn't know how to get online to platforms like certain art store others that are out there that doesn't have the skills set with technology but they want to invest in people they want to contribute to the project because they believe in it the passionate about it they disagree with that so they contribute to somebody else but they do that because they invest in people and should be open to all so we started this crowdfunding festival in our 2nd year in the states we had 260 thousand people show up they voted to distribute over 300 thousand dollars to almost 600 inference start ups the projects in person if you were to take crowdfunding instability it into a city and allow people to directly interact with each other again and ask them why they're doing their projects that's what we did by the way it had a huge online impact we had almost 100 million impressions in just a five-day period of time this was in our 2nd year I think were onto something the we are going to be talking about 1 spot and about 1 spot Europe and once for Berlin tomorrow afternoon at the new thinking booth uh from 11 until 3 in the afternoon so I encourage you if you're curious about and person crowdfunding feel free community and that's here um if in that's here different states as well and we'll see that thank you this stuff alright blood tell us very briefly uh one's book well in the first one outside of the US uh when where the 12th the 14th the altar moons and are how much September how much the tickets cost tickets for the public are free the question and I had that of good OK well policies he's hit in in the US in a lot of people coming in and put how much is that really in effects of it's a good time we can go there and we can vote to give someone else's money to 1 of the school projects they go home they forget about yeah the I think the beauty of 1 spot is that it's a fair meets a festival and it's it's almost a party with a purpose for it so people go there and have half the people go there because they have a purpose that they're interested in these ideas these see projects like we've just seen here over the past few talkers will continue to see um and so they go they tend to get a vote they get to contribute directly there in real-time projects as well and then on top of that it's a good time so you know you go for the festival and you can go and actually help these projects get off the ground but all of the weaker the festival have a good time of a likely then to go home and become crowdfunding the funders from funds that we we've seen a lot of that and we've also seen a lot of the project that start with 1 spot and then translate wants their own projects because they've had real-time market validation over that 5 days purely over those 3 days and the feedback that they get the pitch if you have a pitch 500 times a day when you're talking to all these people and then the beauty of it is that it starts to connect all these communities so you get connected with the attack he did science and health connected with people in music and new new innovative ideas start to breed from that and they carry that forward year-round and the people that just a 10 for the party to get exposure to crowdfunding and they get to do it in a very simple personal setting rather than having to break through that noise of all I don't know this project I don't trust this project on line I don't know these people and then you can do that person now see like lady said you it's been very successful in taxable and inferred either the mayor of all this and also on other big events in the US of of come to Berlin to cluster structure is the most obvious 1 do you think that you can transfer the same on the same feeling the same parse the same interests come into a city which is a little bit more cynical hatched Jacksonville's very cynical see um I think that the Berlin and i've you know this is only my my 5th time here of this kind in 2 weeks this time uh we have great partners the underground here the city very well and have been here for years and were born here uh but what we love about Berlin is the creativity the culture of the people and I think that that 1 spot is really just a platform for these people to participate in and make it around so you know we're not expecting 250 thousand people in the 1st year where were scaling down and ultimately can hold that many people uh but it's a good starting point and we'll build on quality just very quickly then tell me your favorite project the got funded at once spot we we have made it a point to stay away from picking favorites for 4 different projects and there's 1 project is actually lot of talk about that was a just a simple chair and they did that in the 1st year uh the 2nd year they get venture funding they went through an accelerator program and they actually just received 2 container orders of the chair from us somebody here in Germany so talk about the connection of different things uh that's a really good enough must be quite nice check that it's a great yeah thank you very much Elman please come like said that that's more often in of course so I think you're much they you few and next up we have collar Kim is talking about the start up delay program all in students during during I the start ups of American-style of itself of yeah hello my name is kind a kinase and traded lies at the Chilean Embassy and I'm here to talk with you about the into penomenon revolution going on until the right now they did not it is right about to become a developed country we believe that entrepreneurship is the shortcut achieved this development and in this context the governments and develop a program which is called static t let and I'm here to talk about the that up to a program
air was created on behalf of 2 to government and seeks to attract early-stage companies to use as the entity layer as a platform to start that this this and to go global frontier on our mission is a to transform the layout country into the leading entrepreneurial happened that an American and so far we're doing Treadwell so how do we attract you've the interveners 1st of all we give you when you're working with that problem only last 6 months but if you want to you can stay longer camps the 2nd point now is maybe the most important thing for you we give you 40 thousand non-equity seed capital which will be there for you for your project and for your living there you will have a soft landing and hospitality program provided by a got fodder that they don't and you will a Geiger during the 1st steps until a and help you ever finding for example a place to live and giving you the access to networking opportunities and to the Latin American market and of course you will experience our culture which is really special and our language and its Spanish but it doesn't sound like the typical fairness of South America you will experience that and it's the really nice thing is that you will have the opportunity to be part of a history-making process by introducing a counter shift into to determine communities the so you
might ask yourself why do we do this and what do we expect from you must all commitments we really what I want all the entrepreneurs to engage in social impact activities and showing that that it is possible to be an entrepreneur because you have to motivate and you have to teach them you can tell experiences the so many ways to do this so far there have been more than 700 hours of mentoring a sorry 700 meter for example have many thousands of workshops and what is really important for us is that you go on and go out of syntactic capital go to the regions it's a really long and then think a country which is 1 of the 4 thousand kilometres long so you might imagine yourself that's outside of sent as a whole word to explore and so what I have been more than 150 thousand attendees entities activities as you will be really it and far away from home and he's your forms of American idol and the most important thing will be to try of thermal and we're really proud of our domes were assume that might see we had and that applicants
from every continent representing modern 65 countries and so far we have in our program and you know the last 3 years 1 and 750 start ups so what might be the most interesting
thing for use economic numbers about 100 start ups raised as so far more than 50 million funds and 8 companies have been acquired and we created more than 1 thousand jobs so this is really good and set up he left the organization is really concerned about you to maximize the success in there's a lot of recognition and programming and achieved so far but what is really important for us as a government is that we have we achieved and every invention of the local media imagined that have fewer years ago there was no special section about entrepreneurship the innovation and the major newspapers knowledge that you this and this is really important because more more to and have reading about innovation so the media and the press coverage and number shoulders and this well in point 4 years ago for example there were only 19 international articles about silly and talking about innovation entrepreneurship during the last year there have been more than 1 thousand including really nice article the upon Silicon Valley and India and in the economist and Bayes and the Huffington Post this makes us really proud and and shows us that we're doing good so what are you waiting for playing out in its application process will be open and you the exact date you can look at in at that at t let on that part I get a few and remote scholar I wasn't time for perfect
holding it to them so not had the pleasure of entity but I have had friends you have many I've just heard wonderful things about it and that they participate in the TREC I all of them in London then entrepreneurs than a bag of friends in the some what a wonderful country I'm sure all but 1 the why is it a good place to go into a sort of 1 and CNN why not stay here because you can find into a ecosystem which is really young you have so many opportunities and so much potential to get to get access to which you're in Berlin for example it is so difficult because there's so many start ups that you won't see it had a tree in in there in the wood as they say in German so in until you have a platform where you not 1 of millions but 1 of thousand so you have much more about portunities and you have to be an opportunity to go to their neighbor countries because as a nonce of America almost all of them speak Spanish analysts in Brazil so and we really connected in between of us from the but you know a lot of start ups in Berlin for example have found difficulties with um growing beyond that 1st states because they found difficulty to go global from Berlin minimum balance in the middle of Europe armies speaking but it is difficult in Berlin surely them it's no easy actually say until it to go global from somewhere want to it it always depends on your project so we live in an Internet world as we just said so it doesn't matter where you are you have to have a big and a really good project a good business plan you have to have the connections and maybe we bear on behalf of our program have the possibility to a given access to a really big and um and high quality in networking and opportunities which you want to have here you really have a person there who helps to the finger loading it you can ask and a I need I don't know the CIA and need with the means of the skin a help me and he will give you because you have there you got 5 and this is the goal for the with manner of for example the word sample and for and the thing is that all the stops to and take into who participate in the program they will all be and the same co-working space the glass house and syntactic so imagine you mentioned it there and the energy which creates this place you have so many possibilities it's not like you million where have you you have plenty of correcting spaces you don't even know where to go on and there's 1 and there's all concentrated so it's really much easier to find what you need is a but is there a lot of the investment is a lot of diseases things were yes engine and all this scene is growing every year as you just saw we we um we started only 4 years ago so this is a really young program and and we have growing every year and it's et with lasting indices so there is a font funding opportunity impossible worms if you were you going to let you start you start up under a gross very well and in the couple years time you're looking for a series a series Beasley to level of funding also available that we don't know that gets because we're now at the 10th generation and the 3rd year of generations because we started planning it for years ago but we we are now in the 10 generation and we didn't see this and development gets maybe in 1 year I can tell you more but at this moment it's a the difficult to evaluate this point and the limits of the will take the the 40 thousand dollars was the you got equity and non-equity food would you have to give in return for the 40 thousand only in social impact activities and there's that the time that you attended and what we can measure what you are doing for detecting community so and then you you can notice all you're an hours of mentoring workshops at universities and institutes or whatever you want I can be really uh um it depends on you and when you use the wrong qualification your education it depends 1 % on you and and why come 1 of the the locals from less keen to to become entrepreneurs will what is it and what have to know that to me and I am until now is depending maps on the mining sector so and this is a really huge an economic sector where you don't have so much possibilities to to to get into it so and end it in its uh in and it has a lot of money so most people it goes to the university to study something and just for just to work there so there is not a disincentive to this study on business because you then the most logical thing is to go to the mining sector for example but there are many have plenty more sectors of the industry into to so and what we are trying to introduce to our community is this entrepreneurial and spirit that something what what doesn't exist yet that there every more every move every generation and 1 much aliens applying to the program what what is a really good time for us to thank Yuri much golliwog hand lost 1 moons least is a region where you want the use of talking to us about the marketplace of professional workshops you know I quite like silicon valley actually that's still must may be quite happy thanks thanks of any of the dead hi my name is AJ on from the Netherlands um fish markets a Dutch name it means should making fresh and in 2008 I started to get a richer Charlemagne business partner I start as fish markers in the Netherlands well what we do actually is we organized a workshop fans for people who are ineffective in the Netherlands for big companies like future chordates M and a day pitch to each other they share their knowledge we did that's a couple of years in a very low quite traditional way we hired to location just like here we um arrange speakers receptor the speakers please send this year she needs to know going to have a look at it and we're we we're going to have a briefing and we help you but actually in the in the in the last year are we discovered that there actually too many meetups uh women Irish the conferences festivals there's too much i mean in the Netherlands Darius I can go to a workshop were true meeting uh maybe 5 times per week uh because there's too much so actually then we said that traditional way off off all of organizing workshops like everyone else is doing should be continue or should we change our strategy and um and actually um does what I'm going to tell you about now and what we're doing yeah I think everyone knows booking of Go'mez someone who doesn't know booking of Comp there's 1 hand over the but you can book a hotel here um and so it started in 1997 in the Netherlands by Dutch entrepreneur and they now have 400 thousand bookings per day they charge 50 euros for those provoking stood out tell so earned 6 million euro sure dollars a day it's huge um and then if you take a look at booking does come it's actually it's it's bringing the traditional world of hotels to the website to bringing it all lying but I am dead school but I mean Media my personal favorite is actually error being the who doesn't know Mb Mb in in this room yeah I think also of 95 % what is so nice about be compared to booking . com if I book a room in a hotel I come to a desk and I still have someone who is doing that for a job but I'm still having someone which in a professional way providing be uh an anonymous room and it's great I mean if I go to Berlin and I will go tell I'm having a great time but I'm still in that's In that's the and NowMenus um room if a a book a room at Army in the then I'm at a local person living in his house in his room uh who can tell me a lot about for example now Berlin who can tell me the nice boss etc and there's a big difference between booking of common error being being BNS actually that's the button over there that buttons makes it possible for everyone in the world to upload to your own room actually this um the entrance for a whole community actually what that's what we do doing right now in the Netherlands we are saying we still organize our own meetings our own workshops speeches etc. but now we're offering everyone who has their own meeting their own workshop were offering them to upload it at our website because in this way we already we we believe despite years ago but we should but that the did make became more clear everyone is an expert everyone has to offer something some knowledge expertise that they can learn to each other and so actually start sharing best at what we're doing right now and in the
Netherlands work right making progress in Germany we started this package a year ago and we're still searching for
people who want to bring the 2 community of workshops you want to bring that here also uh further so if you want to speak about that and wanna know how that just please come to me thank you very much yeah the Dunmore and OK so I'm going to web site um I wanna share workshop that I'm doing some and its on open on surgery no 1 and only about 0 velocity but when a judge people to come to my workshop a roundabout way of saying so did quality control um 1st of all of them actually we really looked a lot to our Arabiya be how they do it um actually we know how to organize were shelf we know how to make the quality at the level which is needed so we do small things to get sure that uh that to quality will be there for sample what we do is we ask you to make a nice profile of yourself to add your showcase at it you really did heart surgery um operations so that people start believing unit to really next that's that's 1 secondly what we do is we contact you and we verify some things to to really work at the company you you you gave up things I get and 30 it's possible that we help you with the moderation if your if you're not an experienced workshop uh supplier then we can help you and we can help you moderate December a labor-intensive mean for platform which is kind of boy it should be quite hands off you know you wanna do workshops and you do it it's done we take up I mean how you can expand this becomes because they're being the it was very very very labor intensive so what we did we from people people came to our offices and we discussed all the set up of the workshop but now we're to making it automatically reprocessing making automatically in such a way that it that it's less and less intensive but it still is but in the end yes we would like to to say OK it happens all all line so I book my roommate Aramean the here in Berlin there's no 1 1 need to contact everything is done on line I can share with the 1 which is offering the room this kind of stuff we are incorporating ruptured also to tell us a little bit about your business model are you use of people in the charge of the workshops and you you take a slice of that or our housing in way people can indicator uh what price Table 1 to 4 take a tree sometimes so there people shadow wanna a charge of prices for free and we charge a commission and if it's for free we charge a little of the fixed amount that time should be companies as I would like to sponsor it's a recent levels find sponsorship so depends yet How do you mean I I I can I can appreciate that finding people willing to be workshops is probably fairly simple but how do you reach a large enough audience to provide people for each of the workshop uh yeah that's actually in our in our background uh system we just know we work which we call a topic so you have to use categories topics but we recall at very specific topics so for example start is a topic so we know if someone really is interested in start after he only gets to see start up uh workshops and also the search space website which is actually looking just call more is doing it as well if I type in Berlin and or I only get Russian burden so actually we really made a comparison of booking a room instead of with uh booking workshops and the let's have you drink it banned in Berlin like and being the them so let me change tax ID them being in a native english speaker who lives in Germany speaks German reason about and and I always look at start ups German founded start of German names and I always think are high you gonna regret so as you know going international you regretting having a Dutch name which was not being complicated it doesn't it doesn't strike me examines b . I mean get all fresh makers is this something you're ready now um uh yes and no what we do is we do everything the local language show we didn't start with English right away in the Netherlands and Dutch people like to speak english so we said no just to at in local language also with the the guys we're organizing fish market share this shit please let's do it in German and um and they said let's use to fish market but you're right you're right uh and they were not in the process made them a common you name your right there also US native English speakers are quite selfish when it comes to language I thank you very much uh a appreciated thank you that and thank you very much everyone that staying wanting us before you go let me just I tell you the Silicon Alley we're gonna have a meets up with the label innovation gathering guys innovators from all over the world it's this afternoon at 3 o'clock and out by the old boss just where you come in off the street so please join us for that and and the Berlin Web we closing party of Friday nite 9 o'clock them it's on our website thank you very much
min about