The new gatekeepers in the living room: Democratisation of the entertainment industry

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The new gatekeepers in the living room: Democratisation of the entertainment industry
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How will the current TV value chain, underpinned by brand spot advertising based on archaic, legacy audience measurement systems stay relevant with new gatekeepers, smarter devices and software, and new consumer behaviour such as media stacking?
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uh no no no but it
is not and good evening everybody yeah
that's coming out tonight and it's a pleasure to be here in
Berlin some of the canadian and from thank originally I live and now currently live column for the past 10 years I I will talk a little bit today about television of course is 1 of the 4 and also what is listed in the guide but mostly talk a little bit about some of my earlier days as activists about 10 years ago and share some of my experiences of areas said future OK so into loudness was sailing
so I told of this cover here uh from 2006 with time it was an interesting year time nominated us
you we are the media for me it has to be a factor that was the year that I really started getting involved in working in the progress of news media as individual publisher helping disseminate new ideas amongst the public the on talk a little bit about last repressed in in
2003 I started the publishing with the with the fellow writer increase Floyd who the Moscow Times at that time at 2000 to 2003 he was 1 the only right actually post 9 11 that was writing quite hard candy heating and we talk about what was going
on in America and its decline into a a state of the art of with the patriot act and and so on there was getting was getting quite critical yeah doctors and I decided to clean up at that point we start at lenny free press let the press started
off with no money would problem that we never really made any money actually but we ended up having about 300 writer about 20 cent of those were PhD's Chris
I not article actually we do not want servers really know much about publishing
online but we did you know about open source an open source is what led us and to be able to do this project called Atlantic Free
press and this is on the right we worked with it so when I say we are the media I
mean we are in the media I take hold on the coder I'm not really a great IXI's but still at that point Chris and I were able to
put together a small group of people again server in Holland and publish and published a lot of really what we considered important stuff we make a lot of money actually no money costs money in fact my wife will attest to that this were tough times for us but
that point which administration was full on and we were formally define I just check the status today we've had no between all the sites that I we still holds of over 12 million unique users is still counting and this is a project that kind of retired out of 6 years ago from more or less other than just hosting and I'm going to that a little bit more as
I go on here and I'll describe from the projects in the tail so we media Photoshop's I only have 1 limited traded ability to uh to cover stories with pictures and you can see here during the Bush administration was quite
interesting we we did use visuals quite intensely to accommodate accompany the stories it in a unique way to grab attention there some of a little maybe a little offensive to some people but but they certainly did get attention yeah sometimes
images the little bit of text to make it impacts so democracy will come to you if you don't come to democracy and I'm still free how like you at those times course America is going to pretreat act and and the world change we all had to you know something at the rules of the airport are life changed at that point all that security fighting terrorism 1492 resonates very simple pictures of few words did it also till 3 divide
up inside these I made have about those T-shirts and I was selling 1 mind costs so and sometimes it is to speak for themselves so as you can see here what she's a little a
comfortable with that of and your always you know he was a great target that he was very easy for you to write about and make fun of and and and in prosthetic brace if this is a rather kind of hits that guy naturally so you know always were we we we put these in the text and I just wanted to show you some of these because we did have fun with it at the same time we refuse we presented ideas from a lotta right at the end of the day that
let the press and published in 2 thousand articles in 6 years while Christian ideas so you know that was a that was a lot of work and talking about this for the 1st
time actually they do talk about television a lot that's more or less my area of expertise now but I rarely talk about what I did in the past and what led the television and this is part of a process that as a publisher and television these days it so many people here know the Streisand effect 0 great excellent while all
of those who don't know what the price and she and she was the 1st example of this kind of facts and what happens is that the torque predicted picture over house from the air and I think for people downloaded it for 6 people downloaded it and she got all offended about it you wanted it
taken off the web so she put her lawyers for the case the result was is that picture was viewed about 400 thousand 5 so it really work out very well for her and that Streisand effect is continued today we still see that today and I've been involved in a couple of areas of where we actually use the Streisand effect to turn things around on the powers that be you know explain that of
criteria of the node Craig various CCA use the former ambassador to the United Kingdom of Saudi from the United Kingdom to Uzbekistan the trick is a very interesting guy astonishing selects a very smart fellow using Basadur had all access to the M I 5 files M my 6 everything from these vectors and you know it that that time but also while he was the
ambassador to Uzbekistan he protested against the fact that i the Americans and the brits were flying people in essentially torturing their adapt like the leader of Uzbekistan used and often they call the Lisbon off the boiler for a
reason and not a very nice and by the way so pregnant history with Uzbekistan who's been offers an interesting character is 1 of those Russian billionaires with more money than anything and that point was tried by
Liverpool and quality so happened there a frankly a lot about enough you
like using all the files you all the Intel and he wrote a piece on his behalf exposing that you can actually deal for rate and was involved in the heroin trade and you know he was he was was set free by he said this
is all these charges were annulled by by Gorbachev but that wasn't true is but often it's sort of like the old criminal history so he would have Gregory vectors right for me that time for the free press now what happened was Craig authorities were of hierarchical chilling which is
like damage to the mass in the UK these are really mean ugly lawyers to go after people with the you know with the with all full force is about 12 40 of them so they went after the original hosting company in the UK and shut them down hosting company got
so freaked out it just turned off all those servers and intrigue was basically left without a home for at that point I stepped in rate when
my writers Italy was going on and I said well you know what almost involved and here I don't Cha and involuntary memories bikes I don't own a house yeah well that's changing a dinner at that time and
you know I talked to the Dutch for his speech authorities and said what can happen the mean or the technique invites you know I mean what's the worst thing that can happen and they said they would help me out defenders so I move Craig over every of this website and I guess a cease-and-desist letters vectors for up through at that point I have my own right so I really was the last stop which is making a decision so what
happened was originally Craig got shut down there was a there was a huge search of support not only from the press but all these guys every
single 1 of these websites posted the
article could use an off wanted taken down it was all over the internet related full of shillings the PR experts do nothing and in the case he simply walk away from it at that point textile rights they critically about the about the UK government about the West that is a very interesting writer Craig gregory . org got UK to check him out the so that was our own case of the Streisand
effect they could to all of us the couldn't go after me will they tried to because the notes through weighted manner in I still hold post-corrected
stage this is another project this is like this whole and
thing is now have the 2nd story for me in a way because the 2005 2006 we were already we were writing a lot about this in interplanetary press about the NSA is a major graph
from the telco companies in the US on crank phone records for those 1 company that stood up actually they're called quest there are other reasons why they stood up at the base he said no 1 of the records of our clients for 1 company at
all it tells us the United States so we started off this website crystallized In the knife put on site 2005 2006 put it up started going through the websites of the attention the next thing we knew CNN was
calling New York Times interview this twice I don't Denver Post USA Today this you know and as you see you we went all of the the of
of this is great because all we did was help focus more on attention on the problem and it took us literally by six-hour we are the media this I don't know how to we don't really know how to
write the company's rating you know basically put up uh of WordPress rate that's not too good quality a lot of people in this room probably good that and another project was some
years ago and the press was a was a website where we had kind of a circle of people people publishing around the world but more mates I guess you know we're all trying to do the same thing which is provide a progressive in in a in a post 9 11 world but without getting killed and it just
enough there's another website called right to be taught as opposed to Ford's report who got basically sued by the Associated
Press for doing what they were legally allowed to do which under fair right after use rights copyright law they were allowed to you know use 3 paragraphs that provide a link to the associated press story associated press was really decided
what the guns against what is the point and they chose to to our friends from the poor to basically go after so we do the same thing again and I said well you did that with the the questioning was to another which is going on this we started other specialized website called boycott associated with the associated press we made manageable ternary which gives you meet
special Benazir people can embed on the on the blogs and and we by realized what was going on I can't say for sure that we put ourselves of course pushed up at the back but they did back and that was
another case of more or less a good a group of the of the us online getting together and the news and and fighting against what we believe is right yeah so that's a little bit of my past I want to share that with you because I thought
this is republic and is the 1st time I talked about this I left I let the progressive publishing world in in about 2 thousand 80 and had been publishing in Texas and I have my wife and 3 daughters
here uh was really tough being a progressive publisher progressive writer there was a lot of money in the world at that time distillers and I don't think I which is unfortunate because those voices again across as far as of this they're they're not getting out as as much as they should be but fortunately I see here an event like Republican there's a lot of really powerful young people you're carrying on than I suppose so it to give you a little bit about my
background after I let of political publishing I when I decided to start
to people that particle TV in the reason have I I started it was because so what up 1 morning as a journalist in the summer like 200 million bloggers out there and I'll industry was disrupted and by the internet the internet can collide free the printer was world in a in a
very significant way in which is tough on all the identity music industry for a while and I went through this whole process again watching the Internet come into my world and disrupt things the way they
normally when the value chain was was was
quite mixed up and things things change was a lot of structures there's lots marketization fact betting on how you look at it so I think TV was next as it's the the last task in the living room is the biggest of them all cannot survive unit you was coming down the pike forgetting that we use the change
was going to come so I focused on content and focus on television at that time it
12th publishing our about the future of television a start getting a lot of start ups come to me and say hey you wanna have to deal we want that were building cool stuff and some inserting API this case in this world you know Samsung had a software developers kit for
people to build on I saw you production company started the interested in applications for television I saw you know that the likes of Netflix and other companies coming up to the rise in the industry in effect in the history in in a big way n so basically what you I have on on TV what we have television so that's what we did it in 2012 and
2013 we did London-sentence Cisco we have be which is ranked
greatly develop those kind going back to my roots again back to my publishing days work you know just a bunch of guys guys girls getting together and and didn't hold up and trying to effect change in a significant way this is a short time period usually we can do whatever the half of the TV at 1st but the that's part of the journey for
me of my shift from political world to television but has been accessed and hackers little notice some other or some other areas such as health and
the health status of Brussels were doing rehab that's now when acting in the hands on and what happened 1 quarter things and how to make people's television then
which is really that of water so in a way that's fulfilling this loop for me coming back to that world again so this is this is the the that we've all
grown up with a lot of us here the over 40 or 50 I mean well maybe 60 years 70 but this is what we typically see is the television experience in this is the way a lot of these executives thinking that world this
still locked into this 15 black-and-white world I see at a single time we don't understand what's coming the donors can have a deal with the and they really honestly believe that the great interest in the going but it's not noticeably more about why part that is because this is the way we watch TV now more or less as a device every
kid has advised the my kids on the devices right now and so this is what's changing and
the talk about 2nd grade I think it's quite interesting phenomenon and how it's affected television because you know what when most of these people are actually using these devices guess when they're using them during the
commercial jets healthy funded by commercial how is he going to maintain that value chain if people are often in other things thinking about
other things and now we can prove it because we have statistics from Twitter showing that you know during prime time the United States to its fight fight time 6 times because people adjust points
where it while what's that the 32nd packets propaganda that doesn't mean anything to them you know that the idea that they could just push but you can't do that we don't really what I want and this is not sustainable anymore
those days are over I tell this to broadcast is that all the time except for life except for sports except for news you can always put something in the world cup and all will always go to the game comes on again you'll wake will way but we can wait for drama I mean not to go to that source anymore for for our favorite series series of coming to being of the
Internet and all kinds of places or TVs are becoming connected to the internet now tell it
is in fact is a big monitor yes the world is not the story so you
can see that defensive hockey stick
yeah most CDs now are connected problem but in a sense the shipping and the the the the the TV companies that manufacture companies as smart because the these have gone up the price and what 10 years 15 years mean cost what 3 Eurofighter
600 EUR 800 EUR or that have a price homogenous thing for these guys to companies like Samsung and LG in other companies are looking for new ways to make money and how are they gonna make money
the money with content so that its strategy for them is to become part of that ecosystem where they're made up producing content but the fact that you get people who live of the broadcasters
anymore so they are close to the world edition it's it's the hardware manufacturer really control so Internet technology disrupted every facet of the print media news in French discovery consumption is rapidly shifted from printed newspapers and magazines and the Internet especially social media traditional publishers have tried to adopt a structure to the
internet with limited success a growing population training content 5 of social media is competing with the traditional value chain traditional print print publishers are trying to diversify the revenue away from print moving to video and platform to compete with TV regarding the example
this you can't get hired our theory journalists if you can choose a space the bottom line your toward the guardian what's the New York Times forward for the what you know the London times the whoever as a young reporter they 1 that I want you to be a machine basically so this idea that the newspapers as the as C moving images as
being an important part of the strategy you have moving forward in the garden of excellent example of this is that technology disrupted every facet of the music business want you think about it is parallel here
music discovery is rapidly shifting from TV radio the Internet IT is especially social media artists are adopting the directive and models a cutting out the middleman why does Rhianna media company like after which she had a fact like followers she wants it
she was that concert she is the single I'm having to answer by you think for me in this whole value chain of all these people that existed between the present create traits the content in the person consumes it is being the wave of the Internet by this direct contact these artists now
have very very at music industry particular in a way that's fantastic because I think young artist actually connected fans there you know I think this is a great opportunity for you know maybe they tend to be the superstar in
the you know making 50 a hundred million a year selling millions and hundreds of millions of elements for the build a sustainable following an existence because they have a direct relationship with their
friends as red cells declined ticket sales with bright light merchandising the new oil in the industry you know you don't know that I want to see
constant in running relevant 0 the Netherlands recently in you know it's like the wheeling out is coming from the seventies and eighties in gray areas of all the grade audience going yeah you
know why is not making money selling records anymore the world is a crime will have to go back on the road a lot of these guys and girls an artist so you know it's interesting because that's where they're
started to make their money the other way around the the they want to adjust for the relevant having now that you know they make out of supported tours so yeah that again has affected this industry greatly labels are trying to diversify the revenue for recorded music and promoters and that is expanding into label like model so you see all these you know as as as this is this value that chain is being affected by the Internet you like creeping into each other's territories and you see companies knowledge induced that stuff it's making a
mess of the whole the way the music industry used to operate by the way it's you know
Spotify has a and Pandora now saving the music industry in way as it used to be that the you know that the labels are now starting to make money and revenue Over the last 4 or 5 years from these new a
collective music sites so you think it CD
industry will not be disrupted or as I say democratize but of course it will the stakes are huge this is half a trillion a year industry globally and this is the
big 1 this is what all the agencies and brands and this is where they see most of their ad dollars go into this moving-picture media it's all about the
shape of the next 5 to 10 years in technology is going to drive that thing consumers want more we want more of you know we want to keep
the that we wanna watch when we wanna watch where we wanna watch it whatever device you wanna watch it on and firmly without being interrupted I think we can all agree about that that's the great that's a great TV experience and we can argue about whether 2nd screen is going
work because that's available still you know we're world you don't want is a little bit in some for the slides but like the music print
scarcity will guide us important concept that the scarcity will die out what
you think of scarcity like what happened is that something is it became available everywhere that scarcity was gone from scarcity it was scary
music was scarce at 1 point then it became it was everywhere is adventurous almost so on this is what's happening so in a sense to what we do when we look at companies like that
clicks and other companies that have similar video-on-demand going over the top coming through
Internet sites onto the extreme in the living that's what's happening it good and you go watch your favorite program from probably multiple suppliers does have to be your favorite
channel that tells you what you wanna watch for be the basically tells you what time you have to watch something
that's the whole concept of electronic program guide it creates scarcity in fact you know you have I only from the daughters here will think it's quite funny in 10 years that they had come
on a certain time what search program right that's kind of immigrants is the console there might have to like it it is what's really what I wanted course that's what we want and that's was coming so problems the
release of the the USA leading research related research group found that brought really the key at 89 49 that demographic tumbled 70 per cent in 1 year that's a huge NBC you can get finally people want to
show all these days 5 years ago finally people with very pushed through a pilot those were about the numbers but maybe not in enough to pursue a pilot things are really at the heart of United States and the reason why the emotion and I here conditional is an interesting example of this is probably where a lot of those that key
demographic dissipativity a what some of them certainly is serving more than 2 billion monthly did use in reaching 175 million sits among others of 1 . 7 1 . 8 million that
videos 14 ones at 40 billion network video views 215 million subscribers these numbers can television look like in the but small and you know what's really weird
about of don't know vision of a its mission of our essentially 80 per cent of it is there's some creative mission of as well but dataset it is young people filling their
experiences in the gaming world and then traded narrative storytelling and sharing those videos with other people who were like this thinking they like this whole sub culture in
fact of collision which is which is which is having a huge impact that nobody knows about it's it's quite strange actually that people the TV business never heard of having said that I believe it
1 approaches is problem by the next few weeks so I like this headline actually because you're always been a proponent of open source by having a bit of edges from source systems have been a proponent of you know from the internet perspective on television and how they you know what would bring to the table what we can bring to the table and this is the have really market that I was talking about how we can
see that the clearly what's happening when you look at companies like YouTube or investing significantly the content you could companies like Microsoft Xbox is now investing in content
you at companies like I'm pretty sure Apple might see start investing the content in all if you really lot controller around television has to do with life right sports In fact this standard the biggest
what refer market of empire part was die trying to its Germany basically take stuff that we used to have free and charges for to watch sports sports rights future with a lot of money but you know what the word up and all these guys like British Telecom and Deutsch
telephone where in the bidding wars currently for the sports right when the next round of the next 46 years if someone like Apple what's integrable they are can be a big peak they can help anybody in the room Microsoft Apple Google Facebook who knows he's going to go into that space is
power you on the right the World Cup that's power to all the rights to practice in India was willing to note that based on the digital rights to practice a huge supporter a billion people and they deliver it for free on you to
in India so much of the internet company because they will be there in the coming this is the new normal
talked a little bit about you among deftly was a collective of nations innocent innocent but when in reality this is the new norm you know we still that all black like picture that we had there
was and now I remember those days no I almost 50 now I remember those days we know each other TV often much down a little dodecamer some away and were 4 channels we had to get up and walk to the TV to change the you know we didn't have a lot of selection we basically were fed whatever you know what we what we got but did today if the other basic cable package about a thousand channels by the time however if you have a chance you go from 1 end to the other and by the time you get to the end of it you know you must have so that
maybe you don't want the beginning it's getting very complicated is a lot and the same thing in music 1 different styles of music I I checked out you know like trigraphs music in Wikipedia that there
isn't 188 John now those like that of 100 of stupid of me is just work work work like displaying often means of fracturing out into these different
tastes and with different communities are able to support themselves and and keep the interest in the space and that's interesting because you know I want to make the the the earlier which is a big huge television show in town where all
the guys come trade shows it's like everybody's there in the mall freemantle gives me the big guys all economists island in October and and you know I got to the building I looked up and there was like in the what kind of a tough
time is the and was like is this is what we could call to each of the mass entertainment what we need to know what people are
interested in surely not and it in essence we still have that mass market market is shrinking as I told you this you can divide the people know how to do what they do when they when they go the up of all the entities you work with the new ones
here any trait for about 20 billion dollars the like well and I was down this year have walked the brands of trying a disease what the numbers Ontario you had their reach anymore we campaign that kind of money so they get involved this vicious circle and broadcast executives are always telling me the same whose campaign for the rich you know how to pay for this is that this this
so you know this utopian vision of you have the internet coming together with television and happy marriage unlike what we have the very exactly it's gonna fragments and you know there's there's very little to stop them in a sense
features in the enough I also saw that in bit tedious already for rental was a brand new drinks grant xti polymer media company that sells drinks if they have a word thousand
episodes of the old content which is selling the broadcasters if anybody's bucking the system in terms of the traditional value chain is like was a brand new wouldn't it will because they're actually media
companies who have built up a lifestyle around the brand itself is triggered taste rated the honest something confused can expensive it know it's there they can spend 30 million center diet as you jump in space on but television what we going to the beach and
break what's right for all that kind of things of the world all the crap reality seen come out is also a lot of really good television being made
excellent coordinated television but do you watch television today you know there's there's like Danish trees in this you know that this is really great stuff going on the dialog is great story lines the great the story arcs greater plots as
great as of really wonderfully well written television at the same time but it's going to be the and not gonna talk a little bit about the history this is how my area of expertise intelligent and this is the
system with his work which is what I would with within its credit complex with a lot of
players and it was a lot of hope built up and I'll explain this is why but what
happened was basically I had paid out what 2005 2006 where was late 7 and all of a sudden you know at the at the trade shows television so the forward-thinking
innovators were taking uh I had really cool things with them like be able to change channels and while you're watching a show it so that you have like contextual information about the shelves of these initial and who's starring in their became a snowball effect in the said wow this we have all these statistics from
Nielsen saying pain in 50 % of all tavern owners using them every day while they're watching TV is like people got this really strong magnetic tablets
within never really ultimately fusion we change the industry because at the answers it's not really the 2nd screen a lot of things the 1st things the problem was that and
why can't really take off as it should have a maybe could have a couple good reasons why 1
of them is a lotta shows are written with the 2nd Screen mind that's a big problem that is going to happen now perhaps accompanies the saying and ball and Fremont saying hey you know what will what if we write the 2nd screen the shall we can own that we'll have to keep that the broadcasters or we can leverage that we get a better deal if we can make money out of it so only now starting to write the stuff in the that's the 1 of the
main problems they have written the 2nd screen into the shows has become of you at the thing of I think the 2nd great problem but was 2nd screen is the fact that you
know it it in my other for certain genre like sports did you know I mean you wanna see at the stats 110 wrangle under the ball or something you I can do cool things such as and I think the children were you we have a show called the found drop UK 100 thousand people play along with that Friday nite toward
but that they would use documentaries you get contextual stuff that works with time watching a really complex framework and having a synchronous experienced it doesn't work you can't know you know you don't really wanna
be getting away from the dialog too much of the story line of the story arc itself would be involved in that and I think that's 1 of the things the really now starting to discover the 2nd stream in terms of drama in particular is that it works as an asynchronous experience better than words as a synchronous experience so how many of you heard the word transmedia here a few days for those who don't
know transmedia is an awful word but listen in any were known United States within the stuff for that but it's a word count described from the right
perspective this intersection of the Internet television but it's there all this the writer's world basically so for them it's about taking the narrative into different directions using different platforms and different technologies in different devices let's say that the different
ways to bring the story into another dimension to be 2 games I can be through a that to be true of processes stream asynchronous or synchronous spaces if you like that could be true uh you ate some some of
people using augmented reality that we have unification was lots of ways to do it is a very interesting field of it's something that's getting much more interesting this comes back to the
production company saying OK how we can write 2nd screen or how can we write experience and continue the journey other than just putting off for 60 minutes and saying OK it's over with the next week so that kernel transmit is about that's the the part of 2nd system as well the storm is coming the executives are
always like have arrived at command workout
potatoes humans we 1 indicator just wanna the escape of television and there is some merit in that facts in a way but
you know I I stuff like this to try convince them that they should be aware that change can happen again happen a little bit quicker than they expect to 38 years to reach 50 million radio listeners to 30 years to reach 50 really TV listeners the Internet for years to reach 70 i . 2 3 years to reach that many
Facebook at 100 million users in less than 9 months and I applications had a billion and 9 months following 400 million tablets and smartphones appeared for 100 million smart TVs it's not 2014 apology next year
so see the China and India so that's why didn't tell the these are my predictions based on my work it out on the so and Madrid about 15 other articles there the past 4 years a lot of great
guess right there and so this is why I think it's going it's truly my own opinion if you have any the idea rebuttals please
raise your hand let me now I think cloud services will make TV everywhere a reality let me give an example of of cloud services in TB everywhere tend to give the words come the concept of the ImageNet this you're you're taking
the train home from Europe but say from the airport to your house geometry for 2 hours you watch movie on your tablet you stop moving you there you have to get your bike I got bike drive home did to my house it TD everywhere world which cloud phase I would simply turn on my television and pick
up exactly where I left off continue my moving in for the big screen this time and the that's TV everywhere concepts in a nutshell you barely get access
to content on any device you own essentially electronic program guide hunter discovering dissemination will move to the 2nd screen I honestly I wonder if the electronic program guide will be here in 5 to 10 years how I mean as were
flooded with more more content within the system to help us find that we want we're also the litigation becoming what in each in a way where the I collected by you know you could be forever Scotland some algorithm that decides you like you know sexy reality shows that so you gonna get so that's I think that's Public
Broadcasting Service and in sense that that's what really provides ultimate service is allowing us that flexibility you know for sure like 1 the universe in the UK to get 5 million provided people watching on a saturday nite
as fantastic that has happened you know if you want some colonies without that kind of major broadcast involved in year television consumption
how's that can work 2nd Screen sorry linear TD
will not die at will always be there the TVs and how to use delivered become social participative infuriated and like the music industry will focus on wider event-driven in revenue secretary
occasional curated interactive models and and monetization models so connected well the
TV everywhere new content gatekeepers in the Libyan here's a little bit of a mosaic of some other companies that are fighting that that that position in your living room the the technology company was a hardware company is more or less it so what is the need for
broadcasters the cable PTA while disruptive their their business model what is breaking the commercial visits is under severe stress the way it
operates as I pointed out from the other uh in some of the slides there are role as a gatekeeper in the maybe usually under threat
and yeah what is the need for content producers of classes democratizing interestingly enough of company golfing the in the UK you not at a few of the TV business words let me
explain the content companies most people don't know who quantum producers are between who knows you 3 medium goes through free Madeleine and or 1 3 probably
create 40 % what you touch on TV maybe a lot of maybe mass television audience the people they don't only our basic their content to
broadcasters who worked at the Bronze matrices of they're outside the value chain in a sense but a company
like altering median UK this in a lot more of the of the music industry they had this like kind of direct
thing happening with the fans you know I mean we create content why should we give it to the fans who enjoy it so they they created their own application in the UK and the US of this of this television and they're selling that on to on connected televisions in the US I I think it's like the 3 dollars 99 cents a month subscription rate for people like you know from the British television that's kind of another you know it's it's the content producers see their industry more
wide-open democratize in the sense that they can now because of technology they can reach the consumers in a way that they could never do before because broadcasters were the gatekeepers what is the 4
brands agencies what you look at Bradley rectal this depleted everything upside down just enough mostly in the present going right while attitude to you that you know why can't we have
a lifestyle brand like that Mercedes is dry but there's other companies are doing pretty well but nobody's unlike rebel 8 seasons something you know I can't think agencies gonna have a really difficult challenge in the future because not only are they having to you know fight for the money and that is what the middle of this great battle in the sense that the creative arm
of of the brands a sense they have traditionally you know dealing the broadcasters and figuring out things but also created commercials that you currently feel industry so for them it's a bit of democratization and disruptions so the process they thing of free ignorant content you know they're like continues to be very difficult stuff to make but you know this 40 OK the basis using final factors cameras that she like you want
all of 1088 you know across the 500 euros the the technologies is empowering us to create our own content we are the media and they're not stupid the brands of you know they've realized value in the BTC providing the sense but there also
seen some of the market contracts Contracts it's smaller the numbers are there any more going about so much money looking at other ways to reach their audience and build a bronze so therefore you do that the the model is being disrupted as well in the sense that is this is not the way it used to go the really being challenged the of being challenged to like what how we going to deal with the 2nd screen what
kind of creative think you know we don't transmedia sets with the best of the right to doing you know so they're they're all trying to figure out the present
agencies at this point a a very tenuous position in the UK and US in terms of how of for that they are the backbone there were funds this industry the commercial industry what is the financial regulatory bodies this is off from here and that's the big
guys that's why I often get speak to German regulators have been here a few times in in Cologne
and and the talking to the 2 during regular is about and it's quite interesting because there in a state of flux in a sense because the big problem with with uh
with regulatory issues and television is you have 2 choices you could be deregulated broadcast to create a level playing
field because you have netflix in Germany by the way probably October or and the other countries are can be happy about that because RT and kinetics of now the rules it RTL everybody else
operates under this strict regime of like broadcasting regulation and as the electron this regulation because we can't compete with these guys unless we are free to do more business the other often use terminate if he actually tried to
system some legislation in Brussels recently is to start regulating the television on efforts start regulating the Internet because that's what is the t-th just a big monitor if you think about it if it's a connected TV it's a monitor multi these of connected TVs as of 2011 come with but because of Internet browsers you go to pyruvate and TV if you want so this
is the great challenge for the regulators in in the future definitely so telcos or is also in the picture there the companies like Deutsche Telekom
British Telecom beautiful and the rest of the day they failed to do what they should done which was that the model and IPTV never really work for them they're still trying but I'm not sure it's gonna work still because the the big problem is like a lot of major broadcasters is it used to be at the company's into big they can do it quick enough to adapt to not flexible 3rd
party developers migrated from the Web for us great as a whole new money what we can also create money you know what just taking money roster pretty new values so there's a lot of excitement in the development community especially due to be had so clearly what's happening the new value chains tell the rules here much in common with a retail value chain craters retailers devices it's it's the it's pretty market being
played out so you have created a try to maintain traditional economics and exploring the incremental
revenue streams direct relationship to brands creating create content present reduces point go direct consumer retailers broadcast of being turned into retailers broadcast traditional
revenue streams of threatened the light is so strong and news and sports retelling is becoming an open market Alan Netflix in Germany video on demand will be differentiated on price and rent for 99 a month not bad is well tell there's a lot of good content in Netflix this the devices but the we'll take
the hybrid the that was somewhat connected TVs these are all pattern there the gatekeepers of Libya or they will be more and more so that all
the staff in the US 7 7 % STD need that simultaneously users from Nielsen
50 % do it every day 62 % of TV news because the smartphones and tablets and see the evidence breaks 50 per cent of canadians have second-screen device handles the time watching TV the C. R. T. C. video
area on mobile devices tripled in 2012 3 of us as a smartphone through 60 % for tablets people or not only watching TV on a little is what you know devices so the idea to the iPad
tablets into the mark is fundamentally change way we watch TV in the future and their quickly becoming
ubiquitous in our world and so the talk a little bit about them of this gonna coming full
circle again because we had selected a volunteer biologically which were fantastic and if only for part
debates for our leaders were televised like they do in many countries around the world but RTL Netherlands decided actually wasn't the tech guys the news department who push this but they said we wanna use the 2nd screen to allow people watching the to vote for who's winning during debates themselves they could use the knowledge of either the voters here so they could use of PCs that user laptops they use their smartphones and
tablets make kind of like this 1 is willing they actually use that audience so that real time more useful to declare who would get the last word of the president of the base for that debate it was happening so that was the answer the 2nd of a form of
participatory politics in a way it's not direct direct democracy yeah but it it is having an impact is starting to have an impact in in more than just entertainment yeah so 3 big debates recover the 2nd screen next falls
swings follow the 2nd Screen huge increase the visibility for the 2nd screen everybody was like well this is really we can get involved a mix of excitement and fear about the establishment of the RT on that list of big risks and was very big payoff for them and better predictions of the official poles of so there are many health
access this month in Brussels and because accounts let you guys know and money which accounts lines of my name online is couples when and
thank you very much because of any other questions I
have to thank you for the forecaster there's no and I have a question regarding your thesis
uh with doubt about thinking more access to the web of you to be true the that was 1 your father uses the 1st uh if you from there and now I've tried to to be very connected and nonetheless I will never trust some things to be available on the cloud as the internet connections of the of the of the members of the last 11 even though music for the the study of money just out of the internet connection almost everywhere it just takes way too long to download and I would just take issue with a statement that is either a CV with all this debate about methodology analysis fat works going off as sparse to guarantee you need to having node just freedom I need to actually download content to have it available and to be able to walk to walks at limits of below member that small talk about you know me going off to my little Rameau going into to the office of something so maybe you could come about and while we call that the
last 1 with you in in view of the world and it is certainly an issue because if I'm watching it with someone else in my kids are watching it of stairs and every watching which nobody watching it so this is the this is definitely clean unfortunately is an issue creating our issues with many
values United States for the loss of neutrality in the United States because the stuff saying we need to have the highway a take everybody off so we
can get you know markets to our consumers better so it's a difficult issue I think
technology will solve all of these issues in a way and in upcoming years and we've come from like you know I TV in the only kind of fiber you know the key thing 10 years ago to becoming a mass proposition in the United States and Canada and every other country in Netflix and video on demand is working so the analysis of fortunate I
have we have to fight so I often don't deal with these kinds of problems at this point we're in terms of getting content over the Internet pipes you got understand also that a lot of countries in the 3rd
world of escape right is likely to get the laptop you know he was great for desktops tablets more less is going to be a jump to you know to LT in other methods of wireless dissemination because of higher than that and I
know that they're the the the satellite guys working on some law with technology which could change evolving a new kind of antennas is that these will give you you know 20 down to 4 up with the box like that big anywhere in the world anywhere in the world so we're not
there yet in a sense there are limitations of technology but you know we we all went through the all the all those but woodlots went through the nineties remember that that that this this'll JK biology ways
mode and we'll tell those those kinds of trials is certainly it's going to affect the
dissemination of the technology in you know in the in
the short term but I think the long-term or medium-term it that these will be overcome through technology so any more questions we have How does the
content how's the content different in the Netherlands for example with
Netflix compared to the US sold the questionnaires time-wise how long do we still need to use the pianist to be able to see the content we wanna see in the language you want or What do these windows you need big very accurately country country depends on the
deals that are done with the studios meets 1 of them is that this has the American company the problem there are often no LA 1 of the big officers so they're racing there with all the makers but but you know I it's I can answer that question it's on a granular level you know what's available now a hole in the Windows Server differentiated between was released in the US and what's not but I think there will be a reasonable VPN but you know what you have is that if you buy thing it's like a lot of people do I think there's something like 200 thousand people in Australia get
Netflex you know it's in the country at with some
survival doing that in Europe as well or in Germany
and how close it is to American after probing of
them with different OK what all the I missed
it do you think that wants to pick 5 said like Amazon uh at
the Microsoft that there will be no net of environment of some kind of we don't demand that from and if yes which means that they're all going full blast at that HEAT signed a deal with
the trade group last week is sinking after was a half a billion to content everybody wants to create content which is great for a young you know content producers there's enough nieces around to
now that you know you don't have to walk into the mall so
much I mean you can be a little more free to you know as as a as a creative and in the television industry of the film industry you know to find the resources
for creating content rather than just sort of typically in Europe a lot of a documentary filmmakers that I don't people television you know there from smaller countries there are always you know other looking toward the you know the government bodies and trying to hold from 1 drafted the next defined money and it's solely stuff so it's nice to
see that this perhaps more commercial resources available for free of filmmakers and television producers in the future the richest thank you very much I think that's it thank you very thank you
had to cancel out of few bad