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DesiSec :. Cybersecurity & Civil Society in India
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DesiSec is the first documentary film to explore cybersecurity from the civil society perspective. It explores the relationship between the average Internet user in India and the state. What is privacy, surveillance, and censorship in the world's largest democracy? How does the law impact user experience and free expression? The questions asked - and the discussions raised - have particular relevance to the Indian people, and emerging networks across the Internet.
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it is not a bit of it
in the back and
American-backed to state number the fall and Dutch company in German premiere of the movie and the movie will be introduced by that make of the moving an extra reference is the count of the dead culled from and he will introduce the move himself it's about sub security and civil society in India please give a warm welcome find the movie have thank you very much thanks for coming and we're grateful to Republicans for extending this invitation spirit on um I think probably the best way to introduce the film as maybe tell you just a little bit about myself and how I ended up in Indian started working on this film and book 12 years ago I was based in Munich those working for crypto from there and just through the daisy chain I managed to be invited to be part of a delegation uh advising the Tibetan government-in-exile endurance all on was sort of network development best best practices for people to that works there um and that led to a few more visits and I met the local technical community that and there were a lot of very interesting people they're not the least of which was this really kind of how the food working experimenting with at that point Wi-Fi development throughout the development and when the law changed in India to from minutes uh Wi-Fi networks you held you know pretty much put up the 1st i think like within 1 hour 2 hours productive 1st notice what began to the community wireless network Wi-Fi networking dorms all which turned out to be the 1st to community network in the country's service sort of funding involved with that uh eventually all 4 and a half years later uh I moved to dorm on reserved for 3 years working at community in to a number of things and 14 months ago uh I moved to Bangalore and became associated with the Center for Internet and Society uh and was commissioned to do some interviews uh where it's a law years activists a policy analysts uh these kinds of people who were sort of you know what the topic area experts and things like privacy in surveillance and and we started just with a series of interviews that were going to be edited down to about 10 minutes if you send it to it a hundred freedom from the structure of of a civil society and cyber security in India eventually in narratives started to emerge from this and we thought OK will make a documentary movies so it's something that came out of another project of all so we have a free 3 short documentaries to which will be able to see this evening I the 1st 1 is on privacy and surveillance in India and the 2nd is on anonymity and free speech but the 3rd 1 uh which for winding up it should be done in the government to use on human rights and technology and all of this will when it's eventually uh released on the Internet I it'll go under a Creative Commons license you can get it from the Pirate Bay or you have whatever download sources we can arrange and hopefully people will use this footage might recoded might use in their own projects and were hoping that it's going to be the beginning of the of a larger project and the broader public discussion so I seen think uh if we could start to uh to me is about 40 41 minutes and we'll have some discussion afterwards and the yes the the and
and and
if the the and and and
the would be I we and but I don't like this if he she the infinity and I think that as a nation we're not
private owners account you in a private but I can see that maybe the things that we consider private and public different maybe the line between the private sphere and the public sphere of my fall somewhere different from where it is in the west but I don't believe that led not greatly
privacy exists in different forms on the different levels of abstraction Our is look at the news to the situation today also slide that is so you could have a credit card verification guy comes to your halls and asks for the whole of information rights and honorable and what happens to the was that guy intuitive I printed so so for large extent of privacy generally speaking in India just doesn't exist and I
think that kind of gets to what might be different about India maybe the things that we consider by this clearly not considered financial information
privately really not considered fossils of medium find the share them in a
collectivistic finally the relation lot of things within families but I think there are certain things that we would consider a private and that the
invasions of which we would consider transgressions that C is not so much as
much as it is accessable by a certain group of people might be thinking that I have so the more privileged you up data about the more the exception the easier to is to have certain access to privacy and later that others so it's about oxygen is you possibly need most people who are not in the text so think even when you look at the case
line it very much develops from this notion of bodily privacy which derives from the right to life right and it would be in the you know when people are incarcerated use right
valedictory treated prisons and most of us procedures jurisprudence starts from that point of view of
the body as a private space and the notion of information or data has been
writing is something that's only slowly and being taken seriously is universal laws
that are on transition to words that so I think the notion of what is private and what might not be private this is still in flux in developing and I think with
that kind of regimes where so that state is implementing where people have been documented where biometrics as being taken away all kinds of Big Data projects of the rolled out I actually think the notion of privacy is going to get even more finely grained then it used to be the way a lot of us
live highlights in is to somehow divided into different spheres
and the spheres may overlap like my personal life light overlap with to some extent with my family life which might not look like what but as not information that is only relevant and only in those parts and I think of as a surveillance mechanism of something like in the unique identity project of any kind of nation based the the surveillance project on all data this project this steps that we which we live our life and distills that precarious control that we have all the kind of information that we want to share and where you want to share I think
it assumes some other form and I think it's actually more important than it otherwise I mean I think
privacy in some ways might be dead that I think the value of privacy might have changed by going in privacy is very and
if you're living in a democracy of privacy is really essential for maintaining the health of more
people already think that you know yes on people with democracy but really when boards can be bought when your rights are
transgressed in every wavelet rule of law or the lawlessness If things make it so difficult for you to protest anything way that it kills any
desire to protest where people support everything you're democracy is pretty flock to start with this is a very complex issue but
at the end of the what is the state the state is meant to protect the citizens but if the citizens of rights-of-way provide by the state in the name of State combining there is that I think that the figure of the state
ideally if you're looking at security for the citizens and you have to double up processes which are competent enough to protect their citizens without violating the rights of the citizens and this has been waiting break what would the case
and and most progressive démocratique societies that no agreed and awarded by the fact that privacy is as important an element of the security of the state and the citizens as much as they come back and there is there's all this
tension between the public interest and the individual's interest so I don't think
this of inherent tension would be any different than it comes with a sample of size and when it comes to cyberspace individual will have a bit of lot of of privacy in his freedoms online freedoms in order to have online security and also and security as
well also what I think is more important is called that should not all that all that dichotomy between of security and privacy is negotiated in a democratic republic is it is that of balance had the volume by tradition is attended by the it is headed by a big group of people who make the law and say this is the balance between security and privacy or as we will that as part of a wider public discourse and democracy as a whole provides an answer to that where that balance of I
think in a lot of policy makers in India don't seem to have by into the seem to think that the technology allows us to constantly monitor the allow us to constantly surveillance and hostility against the French equally at just collect eating anyway let it later immediately and aspect of
security is to protect privacy for example if somebody would go hiking your personal data or even Europe repression data using that supposed to be low and short of a secure cybersecurity and if that is the case then how can you associate both of them the Indian
government doesn't include elevated we're often seen
documents leaked by the Indian government so as not
to have in the best position to advise and the people and how to use technology but
I if they want that to be real and have something they need to change the laws and encryption stress we have the weakest encryption strand that's allowed so if it has a pretty much people turn everything off well Indian government
takes it a right to intrude into citizens ladies and there's a lot of any account protection and that's the distribution over state is concerned it is not even part of the
initially most the shows of you want that thing interception wiretapping and most issues of of cyborg in intersection also in many ways mandated by a 1996 Supreme Court judgment which mandated that you if you are going to at that end up white that then there has to be certain process in place so having done that the current situation was that for example the highest the that of the internet service providers in the telecom service providers they would they were mandated to set up centers in their facilities where everything whenever the legal requirement would come they would at the switch do this kind of
data based provided that it had been duly authorized and so on so but recently there following cases in instances where there have been hideous from these kind of these facilities so the Government of India therefore decided that we need to think related to
ensure that this kind of users don't take place so they created what is called the central monitoring system it's a few which multimillion-dollar project with everything with an cover 1 single source and 1 sink depository with all this information will be created an audit trail would be created through digital means where where where requests for us you can be evaluated whether it is a valid request and all the process of reporting you through that if they have taken
place then that particular data would be shared
with all of the antecedent is not so any of of the data model
of this you know kind of surveillance the cattle in the kind of techniques they used
to maintain the order of
the all the laws necessary which balance privacy and so the 1st question your lost as citizens is is the called government competent enough to carry out responsibilities and information there is
this the terrifying think she played his list 1161 people being taken that we use to basically our of and actually died citizens alternation of actual physical of
our land in the process of seeking transparency from the Government Accountability their own privacy was compromised sacrifice in data being visible in the context of making these claims and of asking these questions which are perfectly entitled to do in a democracy and under the statute that allows them to do this they
was basically addressed the danger
with that the system here is that this works in a system where we have complete faith
that the government will not you were prevented by this is from using the data would know
what safeguards you have the government that because everything is being done in all the land for example with you with western
under the Right to Information Act about what the architecture of answers that being delayed on that
on that on that this 2nd national security I gave you understand how national
security is not compromised if a system which will facilitate not
will intersection is discussed openly and it showed that since this is a completely opaque system here we don't know what the about that and be since you don't know what the safeguard that we have no idea whether this is being misused at all in the 1st unlike a lot of other countries
which had very external I actually feel a
lot of text are internal you know we as citizens are exposed to far greater threats
from our own government snooping on us so that anybody else trying to hack into Indian system so but I actually think the
framework of law is a very important role in enabling of surveillance or enabling security to be handled in a certain way and I think the law can be a block or it can actually preempt states and I
I don't see how you can divorce technology from the legal and social political environment in which it functions usually my experience in his
treatise on that ones of all is available for an interview with that is the government apparent water all corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely so when you're giving this kind of Apollo minus their gods or questionable survive is during this prevented from this I I think
is that a lot of things where you are sitting has a lot to do with your view of the world and I think if you are sitting in a government see your
your cybersecurity is probably everything is trained with external internal domestic international so there is a set of binary view of what cybersecurity is
intended to tackle and but I think is that coordinates that is the only person you may not distinguish between an external tank or you know a government attempt to hack into military databases allow you know to get government intelligence I think that you may often feel that your security is compromised by the legal regime or license statutes that allow a certain kind of surveillance and censorship laws that you say for example if you have a low encryption stressed that only permitted in India that impacts you as a citizen can do to secure your communications so I think it has a lot to do with the definition of service security and what it meant to tackle and what you take model is good that this stunning thought about surveillance and an end date obviously more broadly perhaps technology
more working to words the interests of the state rather than lying in my
pleasure than my projects on my 1st is precisely that that items that case control over how I share my information where highly my life what is available it is known about it I think
there are different notions of surveillance so you
have this all mean you have a big brother analogy and also an optical on the you know when everybody's watched the behave differently
when you know that GeIler has complete visibility of everything that you do you know the full
conversion of it and that can notion of this cannot be done with everything you do is
visible and therefore you think before you act you think before you speak and that's a very powerful metaphors in the surveillance there but I think that's often quite misleading metaphor because it implies that you know you are being watched with a lot of surveillance that takes place now this is invisible you don't know that you being surveillance and if you don't know that you being surveilled so I you really modifying your behavior because it if you don't know that it exists is it really impacting you is it really creating a chilling effect yet it is happening and there's all this data being collected about 2 and decisions are being made that you're not aware of it is that actually the scary
and actually to be very honest Indians are quite curious about how
much force the data is being collected and holy forms because many of these bonds
are not being done in a manner which seems very innocuous but all the data that is in the end is ending up with 1 single repository which is the government so therefore there are huge issues here which can get some mostly unaware people ignore
privacy policies with 2 terms and conditions and therefore let's say
designed to get you to disclose more and more things and I think that something we're not really enough in India where the surveillance takes place
more and more and you start using the net for the 1st time I did not quite sure of the tickets of online use the movies so it is still a lot of
new users behaving in ways which we find strange it's because they do not been sensitized to online and online patterns of use of you know what with others online how we treat others online would be would stages at a subset of that is only protect your set and not harm others online as well so what a large part of this is to move 2nd division on scientific education and of which of cyber security privacy vision of
significant part of our knowledge of was of the descendants of gods go online of with all my probably 1 the balls of your life and then there's the people that if you just abdicate responsibility for your privacy and
your free speech to some of what this you know actually stick the notion of what governments in corporations should do you shouldn't be surprised if the they don't take things seriously and I think you
should be doing a lot more power to predict how they interface with technology the
I constructed that I have not fully
in the news
the flow of worlds of well this will
the world before
this is the end
of it and
with a the but I was thinking of using computers and I think I was
to it and in primary school and we used to have these options between you could imagine was less than the typing where there because that thing was a scheme which is being taught in schools once upon a time on would opt out and the computing and kind of often very
confusing what it means to be anonymous float because they only make the for example presumes that there is an identity which forced to be secure and preserved in the to perform something here which says that the J original identities and that and it's not about just through differences about the value of the on the
online value of the 1990 that as a social and seeing what was it you who from might be more interesting question was what is the same on the 1 hand
it's not that you know you're you're all you all being online and your presence in the way in which wherever you know the materialist view from all your identity traps including that of gender but the same time I think and the so I want us to look at the the histories of the internet so
the multi-user dungeons in the early days of the internet 1 of the greatest kind of know games that was made with gender guessing so for example
a member of the moral and the world in 1990 and in that point's the supply that somebody had when they finally figured out after 6 months of document I don't live in the US and I don't go to American University that you actually in India and in countering those forests neo-colonial questions of doing integer really how you speak English original responses to be sure I'm out how you speak English there's kind of a nice to have this for the state tying of the interaction of the responses were for the same word you short if the force you were injected with what geography figure filaments on because it were late questions to ask on and on
and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and this is doing that and use that evening and that in the headlines and that's that austerity package would not go against the interests of the working class tension the conference the Chief Ministers to discuss issues relating to think minimum that I want only the dad shake-up scene I invited to form next government in age China and not to sign the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and I think security is a very fundamental value
for state of being for human beings if you think of what of them was this empowering states in your life it's the state so you almost insecure you need to have a
certain sense of security and to be able to use the internet to be able to the fearless than what you do on the Internet not only lost
the after effects is of the crimes committed use this this whole origins so sigh were you so
what should be the best person or have this just to make a law student losses all is the
you know this is this is usually causes the you know the size of the axis so I think what you have have use force and the this of matter is true which you lost
I don't know what it is that the time and it know
all behind him the the use of words because of this and this and this this is where
I live is the U I and I will not do then there that
if you want to use a lot of the bureaucrats
especially people who deal with cybersecurity come from various status perspective where the safety and security of the State of the 1st thing you think of and this and other their joke
so that's not my job my job is to 1st of all think about user perspective of what the state of people in the
different groups just formatted from a very different perspective I think Watson important now do was to ensure that the conversation can happen amongst these and what I think of it that is that we
don't always see the willingness to actually engaged in the conversation it covers justify
city that would reduce terrorist
act of Y has to be
ahead of the terrorists
cause to terrorist can take
uh no no
use chapter but we must
all your friends has to be 100 per cent a little hot or face to make
sure that you chose this 1 this is if you want this the these causes of media 100 because
Sarah security is mostly conceptualized like that it looks for the security online and privacy are opposite to each other but actually to be really secure individual should have the tools to make those listed Satan's again themselves and they have the tools to make those decisions themselves that
means they can also decide how much they want to got their private so that it seems to me a contradiction between the 2 it's only because there is a faulty understanding of what cybersecurity means at least if you approach it from a human
rights perspective to watch of lost
in this sort of decision times people also should be a cause of the fact that I wanted to read edges so a word there is not a century you know and this is the this is all wherever you are part of the world in time wonder when
it occurs in nature of social life in India and a so I this group think thinking I could speak my mind about anything to anybody unless they can hit me your case and sometimes also to people who can help to me so there's a lot of intermediary language have atmosphere case of expression this is not necessarily a bad thing is that only a good thing because it allows for our during the 1st that comes to mind is the hate speeches during the 1992 communal violence is a Monday
but it also allows for people to sit on a park bench in environment for like an
afternoon and have a very strong critical reaction was that it was happening around
them and sometimes it can be said this political figure as US foreign policy and so on and so forth so the way I would characterize the so that
if you were to look at the relationship between Hindus and Muslims or betweenness communities and and you know there's is 1 way in which 1 considers the
horizontal relationship with which are marked by conflict you have location violence but with this we in which the communities of also known for being with each other this forms as the poor speech that have contributed to the relationship between communities because now you have created a juridical category on the basis so which I can claim a certain kind of an effort to quote but also become a lot better than the does it intervals we all call or the state and into the author relationship between communities so from the ideal the cultural exception to be made for the Indians and remission to speech recognition is not just walk toward on because those books last presumption that censorship should operate with only 3rd and other the other being the uneducated illiterate all and 1 child and insane that separate so we conducted a workshop for the from the sensible would draw the Chairperson of the Board that all aware on actress progress that while I'm there for free speech I cannot allow it because it is a way auditory countries but more convenient we
could've eaten 60 the of which govern the speech of 1st assess section 153 the in the mid see that you can walk through the which govern the statements need which wouldn't site to religious or racial hatred or or national
origin all of cost will creed or any of these that statements made under this can be punished by god there's also was section 2 9 3 divide the beam exceeded statements needs will be the intention of putting
the religious feeling something like uh also off so far so far it effects lots of arrive in Boston where
the Indians had to be treated differently in terms of of censorship in fact said
nor is it you want in the future citizens of a free you to crawl in an atmosphere
in which they were exposed to all kinds of
influences good and bad for them to make up their
minds that was the only assurance of a political than a majority that would
knowledge it's sad but a hundred years lead to this recycling colluvium it's about you know the native kind of audience or about natives to unit of excitability
lot that better for me actually on neurons some Somerville the contemporary it's about censorship
in India and usually I
just love the guy the heat heat and the other
tricks to impossible to drop website security anywhere in the world with our reference signal and it's particularly impossible given a certain kind of a historical your trajectory that censorship or speech during regulatory moles of how or with the larger question of security of the state of think the cylinder into gonna store size because much of what we inherent in terms of cyber security issues are in the kind of conflict with the of speech and expression how much longer history if you look at the work of lawyers that
exists that can be used in a way to kind of go all aspects of freedom on online you're only talking about learning the intricate network while the symbol of of of of things like the Information Technology Act etc. but you have a wide range of laws who was going to application cannot even be anticipated and see I think there's a lot of
this section 66 is to meet clumsily worded because there was a legislative intent behind section 66 the but the wait in word it is so broad that almost any those
speech don't up under 1 of the provision 266 they present look at section 66 in the 1st also close in which says any persons and went into the computer resources communication device in any information which is grossly offensive office menacing character of those 2nd
1 is 66 that the the which has any information which he knows to be false but for the purpose of causing intimidation in tk tutorial will persistently by making use of such computer resource for communication device the report and yet as
photo on of physical boss is finally out the ideas reports the the owners of the tool
goes would that be avoided report also the that judges against the goes to the job and people used in the defense then what about C and the girls right as did for that 1 protection knowledge aboard Decamers action be taken against the on and off
at the micro Section 66 E of the idea is that introduces the set of tones which are already ambiguous because that there is no precedent for that so for example like grossly offensive now there is of course go public interest litigation at the moment that spending the challenges the validity of success at sea with success is really going of the modes as this that that holds communication online in India and the reason for that is that clearly it's blatant abuse in highly publicized cases
nor the 1 hand this cases of kernel raised in the census certain animal consciousness and and then indignation around the misuse of the model but at the same time those larger bird people extremely 1 of the problem is
that the procedures often the punishment and now we see that our own experiences levels will when people right to ask or seek or opinion on whether it was wasn't gonna want to let the planning to write or possibly want to make it settle will pass the test of model where we wait confident in giving them it was seen that you absolutely protected in terms of you know 91 he will to started at 6 a 6 C is then the little books I would be hesitant to give someone an absolutely injured then these which established that weight of a key
frame and because they're being old range of instances in which it was used in a way that clearly was legitimate and I think a lot of people have gotten the message that if there is a need that can and will be used against you and whether or not people admit that it will make you think twice about whether or not you will write what you think 3 the 2nd
problem with 6 succe conceptually this fact that has on the freezing weather is the distinction between the kind of speaking subject those resumption of a certain flatness of all speaking subjects so will you will you know kind of a media holes in replication or you're an individual global you may treated on the scene plane about some acceptable proximity and those of basically it's the safe harbor provision that protects intermediaries on certain kinds of action but is on on the way by the rules that for route sections of the and if if you you recognize that intermediate is 1 of the key players in the environment and the quality of speech that the kind of safeguard looks forward to an intermediary you almost directly linked the safeguards provided to an individual speaker
and if so I think that the terminal and the challenges we do we know about letting
people know more anonymous features
about what conditions are needed for it but in fact it trying to understand now how do we perform new kinds of a 1997 via online bonus
seeds requests from the government to share your information about its users now here you have a situation where it an intermediary even if it does not want to 1 of it is subject to legal compliance of this form models
actions have a direct impact on the individual not till now this issue has been seen primarily as 1 of regulation between the state and the intermediary
or between Google and evolve into India not what we really need to do is create we think or we use in which individuals begin to a so this as a much larger than 0 structural question of speech in which companies and governments may sometimes conflict but we're very often could you risking the rights of the individual writing what we
will need is to achieve realize that this is happening in the act of witnessing the act of documentation is no longer human tissue the audience off by the kinds of collect use artificial
intelligence intelligence is the databases and so on which are doing that particularly bad in need to safeguard against those kinds of this if you believe that we need to have a right to
privacy and I define privacy as being able to make a
decision yourself on how much you want to reveal that obviously you need to have a right to anonymity because without their right to anonymity at you cannot really have the right to privacy because as part
of the right to privacy you have to be able to decide that you do not want to reveal anything at all so if you would say that we can't have a limited because of the lack of free speech if that's the line of you would take that I think your fundamentally undermining another right and that can't work there's
corkscrews which the then the novels community could use this in many instances where you can use moderate Industrias each so as the log partition from seeking out
there that this is also responsibility larger that the most of the on food but also duties you duty to who you are and criticize the Government of the voice was whether you're and set
it to the country all the government does not know about forestry fused feature that test is if you have no option but to go to be announced over the dress you use calls all stages to human rights you know about just so you there is to be true and of speech will always
enhance his expression because by definition someone was truly engaged as the speaking subject and speaking the truth to Paul renders themselves as 1 and this weatherability ability can we be offset by an ornament reading Indians
we are anonymous currently it has been seen at the government from various states and the center of a much greater sense not
only the internet but also the
right to free speech and expression and declared in the Constitution of India
and the fact that there is something called Anonymous has always been kind of a week testimony to the ideal but also sort forms of speech or speech acts are only possible for the wheel of invisibility but it'll be a number of reasons for this on the 1 hand it's it's about a certain kind
of political garbage or whether a so far too great in fact my contention would be that if there was so much greater speical anonymous you would actually have a lot
more in my view of Revelations the
accuracy of the right of free speech have mostly been understood as an distinct rights but I think in the kind of equality of online communication it becomes crucial for us to look at the 2 as being inseparable what we need now is a coming together of the 2 where if for example you say that certain forms of speech are only available and exercisable by you on the conditions of relative privacy then the question of speech cannot be distinguished from the question of privacy and and in the you the to the and
and in our territory
and I or it to is derision summer light so we have 10 minutes for questions and comments the I just is is the I give you a cake and we lost the sound on last bit to uh at the end of the credits 1 of the speakers came on and we can actually here which he had to say and it was actually 1 of the funniest unintended bits of the movie there's a classic story about on the internet anybody can be a dog but like an old New Yorker cartoon and this woman was describing that situation and right in the middle of the commentariat dog started barking in the background was like right outside the window we were filming so it's always difficult when you have to explain a joke and about that's what happened at so during any questions or comments or yeah and at the the you elaborate on which you is this on don't get a new library on what she was saying and um Britain India and 1 of the 1st hours bigger about our strong encryption being no radical there and then I guess I'm actually not sure what the encryption strengths are in India but apparently there's a very low like almost minimal so without that actually enforced like any of you use standard light just take a normal operating system that has recently pellets that makes it a lot of it I suppose it by meaning without actually knowing that the answer I can guess and then there are a lot of laws on the books and they're used and often very capriciously or if you're a target so uh for instance uh in the olden days before Wi-Fi was available in India if you even have a uh if you could get Wi-Fi in your own computer like in the US Europe or whatever and you took that computer into India theoretically you could have been arrested would've been applied for all so this is how the law works now without knowing the actual encryption strengthening of the people traveling to India or even local had essentially using the the PDP and no other of system so I think they're just using them with if few became a person of interest the yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I guess it was very self explanatory the use of the known that source at the expense of but we have what what would you say is the difference in the and maybe in Europe and America was surveillance and they just very useful to the country along with long history of of why is it that you know the whole world maybe some of you in the right and and I think it's an issue newly pretty much everywhere I mean people or security experts policy and listening politicians would agree with the following is that for years but since essentially WikiLeaks the Snowden disclosures assessment of our public if you have a look at the beginning to the test and it reminds me actually very much the the environment 20 30 years ago if you're talking with the environment 30 years ago that was almost so what you know the so-called Joe the average person in so called average person just wasn't really at every so you in around which and I think it's going to take some time for things like surveillance privacy free up and become hands on this topic but in it's fresh like everywhere else and what makes this a particularly sensitive information outside instead
say I'm not exactly sure the situation in the EU within the United States for instance in the NSA does have to do the work these in there is some over so there's traditional although fairly effective oversight and they do have to work to set various Senate and Congressional committees by in India there is literally no sigh of intelligence and and they're very strong and powerful big budgets and they deal with legitimate national security issues I mean there's lots of tension between a lot of China and in the region I mean there are legitimate reasons why government because of security but I think a lot of these figures of looking at it all the intelligence we are now focused on words and I think it's about half of the bunches outgrossed domestic and with the intention of the so this is an area of the reasons you know you want to know whether he tried to talk to people from and which I like to get involved in this kind of programs that idea politicians inside like you again can and mental people right up there is actually no none of them would appear on camera I and I have no no year to go the former Director of the Research and Analysis Wing which is essentially equivalent to of the if you wish even on well and he's retired now he was really unwilling to target anybody who is currently serving in the military and intelligence communities of politicians whatever it is simply you won't talk about it but sometimes you can find a retired military officers who have a little more leeway but our focus really was not so much on cybersecurity as a national security issue but really how it affected average people and what these things mean to them so it would be counterproductive in a way that was like pulling teeth to try to get to some of these people but it it would be an interesting conversation In this and you have a good idea of what what their own predicting so at it's just that you thought of the Internet for the credit cards and cell phones and the right to development of the base put all this in our and this is the only agency sources for the source of his videos just the the Sun will there are ultimately I think it's fine for assessing intelligence agencies in the country and they all have different and there's something called the central monitoring system which basically is a real-time collection of you all kinds of social so the little time so that I and I'm sure we'll like terrorist events something like this would be a helping that with in terms of how the data is time at various in occur in the minds of companies like Facebook and Twitter and the Indian government is the largest of the single question requested data on Indians and it's not often given occasionally it's given but really it's it's fairly rare but there also domestic social media networks and I think the Government simply makes the question goes and plus all of the all of the and various communications with the so called licensed by the government so if they want something of an end the site and we know reserach where do are they would inform users and the rest of your answer going to the margin and intelligence and theory of the 1st and no more questions so that and thank you again and all the best for you work in the future I think you have and not