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DWs in Praxis (03.02.2011)
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In this course, we examine the aspects regarding building maintaining and operating data warehouses as well as give an insight to the main knowledge discovery techniques. The course deals with basic issues like storage of the data, execution of the analytical queries and data mining procedures. Course will be tought completly in English. The general structure of the course is: Typical dw use case scenarios Basic architecture of dw Data modelling on a conceptual, logical and physical level Multidimensional E/R modelling Cubes, dimensions, measures Query processing, OLAP queries (OLAP vs OLTP), roll-up, drill down, slice, dice, pivot MOLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP SQL99 OLAP operators, MDX Snowflake, star and starflake schemas for relational storage Multimedia physical storage (linearization) DW Indexing as search optimization mean: R-Trees, UB-Trees, Bitmap indexes Other optimization procedures: data partitioning, star join optimization, materialized views ETL Association rule mining, sequence patterns, time series Classification: Decision trees, naive Bayes classifications, SVM Cluster analysis: K-means, hierarchical clustering, aglomerative clustering, outlier analysis
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1st Somini should be pictures and simplified the US Treasury which due to a host that the Sir systems that the banque data including different parts of the sauce and the using the insistence of the using the rational databases some of them out of the case on the frame of from developed the Jellabies density he based applications but for the 1st rules which saw system believe as the House of Windsor the House should not care about further the also system some local digital mainframe there was could be under for the link with the club said that the stage is so because there was different requirements or changes for example of this type of sauces so stemming from the name banking CUNY means that the big banks to get to the banking King Germany but this a banque also hit profits for on the go and it is like investment banking group of most big part of the biggest thing you can for example bombers model banks all over the Europe World The locals indistinct were from the central banque and of the system delivered just all but the without pinnacle quickly measure and that's why they should be in the with a bit of the should be Nanjing within the 1st matches in the latest film from the other said of the other entities because they are so standalone went standalone think and they all social to pull to the local central banque they believe also the same type of information but apical quoted a measure of how so to be getting on a bit also to smooth the way that some of the questions are launching the centre but there are also the scene of a crime BigSim comments when went the Dabizas apartments are huge showed the of France and the married this on the pop and panic working on part of the risks of measures designed to think that the public equipment part of that is the measure was debuts departments to the island by the people who are the cost of the guys with defined the logic for example this is vertical exploded to talk equipped for example spectacle of along the way up to 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pilot customers business customers history becoming these different supports the supposed to was supposed that should do the same measure this big matches in the last and Baltic points billions of euros of the of the pudding will be in such a way that is true and that the city was that these over the and the possibility should the and it was a pulchritude in that this will not the same sex and the City took so that the because the many of the world's of this you will support means the Department implemented on the application so that these usually in the top 10 of from Japan data Muslims relations because of the Prime says that we could not going to sway over members should be equal moment it appropriate following the compulsory an awful external although it was the case it would no complex so that during the time of the to petition of the business people said that the of the patients big their coming constantly requirements of the big banks will sing the of thousand says that it's all banks and you should stop akin to present to the new to a glacier and cement with thousands of members of the House in the City book but the picture is so simple that that might be the word of the summer sale to be using the same type of data for example December could its accounts but from a different sort of suspense before the worst of predictable we should McPherson which cost addition to build a single on of some of his vocalist make until the police came from mesh was traditionally this is typical stage where you here for from each of day villages means from other where you receive from 5 for Systems current accounts data you put over 5 David fulsome 5 tables the before start the waiting which would data and really make 1 incident to to give this simple masses this summer 1 year before the banque was to do some of the people who are most of the political designed to the data of closed up to 4 to prevent the loss of the rise of the for the Treecode is take them out the became public companies in the huge if the let the posted and close player means against his also posted the their who is small what is the world and the sauce is here also need the cost addition use over what this means for the disease in sheep to close to the inquiry but of the many other on Tuesday leaving results at the this a Parallel tables in the same but the change is doing just facts and soothing on data house where by the default of the rule of the people using King's was but not the big is appointed who between expensive but millions of records just the given the fact that go with it is that simple did though the existence of the things have been muscles that with the 1st and 3rd for example precipitated exposures to him over the head of Russia's of British follows the same kind of the same data but the each table some additional of 2 cents a measure some other said that when he also won the 1st goals this data collected the at the end of the day defeat the victim of the appeal of the new and the and this is the betting on the big companies that the are also a for its call for a vote at the back of the boat
and the technology is there but he was interested in the 1st place for the bit integration desisting for much Capello centred on a worthy of the name but this is 1 of the leading of and 0 0 and it's about the skill but the integration of the database of a disused said the indie between that the base of of the post cold of products that are not so widely used by the others like a local for example that the mighty this Orrico that the business and it is easy to lose the used to the tools and the signs are that the the her on the 1st phase was business objects but the King Kong some departments the use of the technique and the suspect the details and the victory was the Musée identity to database from after this is the start of the match at the US but that hip and that includes the cost amassed problems and the database is not available and this is the demanded within the this phase when the British would be delivered to the pub to the a and what of numbers by and his show but also in the room but he will have plenty of these
company all along that this
was after this big close to some of the city in the world so usually the the sort of and they are very keen that the set of their hit very good speed and sales manager can make going to the customers and said that union of the tools to the best causes watching the base the Mesaba's the by the London Development based for example a subject and other the costs of its business by Michael said that some of them plenty of time to think should go to the gym should be made by the people and they say OK now we should think of the people in the oldest pools of the political officials say that the events of many sometimes local should be used for the 1st the but on the other side of that is also lot of good will to say OK we could do what the press call of wicked called the equipment celebrities it could be the subject of the said the data could not say something negative of costs for this match and it was so special from a because of the way the you put to the test the manager but the to define the kiss plans when the and that this phase Dabizas departments circled the juice of the fixed social to which would be fixed as a whole but the system is so it is who's been might still uniques and that caused of shell scripts of the Council of the British tells me to be stopped only a medical business political database but the shell scripts the snow part of the smell of a bit of a management across also implemented in public quality and cost so of many defence mobile sometimes because more dual soulless implemented job multiples bills and is so over the context and Group which as the name is still the best solution is to allow the development occasionally to close the to show the for the changes in the
project the 1st of all over the pressure group to prominence the world that the measure and the and the can losses the mystery requirements about the availability of the historical data that the general research which was supported officially by law should be falls on the means so if you if you see that the opponents of the Bill of some question problem all some of the data was not quite so you could not just going change the and silk and data that means were disappointed is falls and the decade the other publications read the burgeoning but the also saw cable applauded the son of a Mapping data this should Limagne was on the call side of the station on the way so many big banque manager when the banque is getting in on the conditions of a man but they could be sued and the with those called the back and the step analyze double data wide these banque appointed this word is Bank opposes the police's Pohjola's only 10 billions of through and the disposal of 15 billion of Hill and that means that she should be burial holes but and just said they sit up in 0 Walsh changes equation engine believes that this will be the focal point to see what could be the real which will be to exploit full this time and that the cost of the bid the Boston was the audit of for my view this is typical for the band's because this is the 1 another company like the bottle not affect the producer of the money in the state dominated component of of accused the PM at the top management married internal the toast of the team and the Bank in the banking posted the a loss of the 1st looking held the dividend but elegant and thought this was probably the full conducted is also in the communication is recalled that this is to be released projects and such a distressed may be good for of the consulting company is the banks should be used budget for the British has system because they must invest in this area that would 1 day communication soulful swagger and sell them to the dressing room data for another enough for the top investing some memories of demands in the business of including when the basic visitbristol cubicle stuffed with the euro cents motivating but the banque is the most interesting and from the with the supplies donewald the equations indebted to almost if you want to be a banque you should implemented think it should be said that the history Jewish and data washing said that the committee will be selected for a change in the measure to a lot more than that of the issue now where the solution is to begin in the customer table the customer of the believed the the fund for a plant using condemning in the plans for analysis purposes this so that it could discuss the misuse the size of Message multiple oceans on the job of the and the data yesterday then the New Newark starting with the but with his version encased in the huge US that they discussed and was defined briefing Franklin but it was holes and the issue was leading converting the PM is a society that is because the Biddlestone the things you should could but says that would apply to Britain was falls on the 1st looked as if you could just go and made a big the world record was set the tone for 2 billion you just have to look at the Order cooked in the same over from and his implications suspicion for the data muscled to start scheme that America but to be degree have affected but the will of the dimensions of and and dimensions for example risk is that the customer base at the start of a very important to win the housework that the developer Bush should devoid of dates all the that it should be the fishing Kingston don't moment be making some the costs in a bid the disabled expense for politicians usually you should have activated Endesa's tools to make that at the date of his usual closely look the cost and the bigger the cost which would be and deceptive this about what I want to across his not what the public think that was caught the dimensions customer the mesh could be manmade could be made meet the may be could hit for his safety millions of and this is so called a la gemmation that this to implements and complex of Logic were pushed making it is a child of the home of databases these that the many the practise the best approach is close to him a full of music of the future so that the real world but this sort of work that I'd thought of that the book is so we have to do just to lend to them including the saucisson let a sabbatical for example that I'd data of cause to create a new version of the rebuilding of the complexity and the complexities of the logic is called the ball that city the man Samantha sauciest almost the same distance he sometimes so for the same and it is a constitution will 3 types of different by making Soho you could make is that the needs of the dimension not exactly the sort of close to introduce to do so surrogate chief but the wording closest ally the but contigs because here for the family from the Solar System diffident look tables for help to find where the UKIP for the cyclical not political pressure have caused bid last of fixed means of the losses from the sub generated the thousand you should on this new standards of Wednesday's now not postponing the assessment of the show that the standing ties between the key business that this was said to dish changes tomorrow to could be reduced to 6 months because police and the makes this issues such big Logic where the budgets are about polo from the meeting of fuel cell you could imagine what is a picture of the 2 men just sold to the pressure of the business people in the early Eighties it about think the special so that this was the issues
strenuous instead ordered beating of bid to be fully fit for example the typical question is so and other to succumbing to care for your living for example the best case could be once a month but it because it's not the request is going down to a few days sometimes you here for the same day to do it because of the First World just patients because of the team that beat the 6 for players and you don't care that they are so long that the not of this and I just want to put a stop to hold full-system and global but they gained some days here for the same reason as they say over oceans and the and the discount they would like to circle that the fact that the with to which you go where the plaudits of the results was the ability of it will float on the table so that most of them with the kind of of records and the whole process of taking the lead from the and subgrid sense of being the middle of the process of the system coach singleplayer doing so of causes 15 consistent dating the database of Italy the complex issue of across away to go grant to stop beating is that the pool of which are not completed in the 1st made database conducted the start of this who explains the music a people just for getting the the data this thinking database and used by the press again and his 5th implications of physical the tomorrow means that you get from a to with him but is made the said that all the these data not coming from the US or system and the and the core of pitch business and to the table with the world number of and business they costs have close to introduce a new Bishnoi and the like a defining and the and the tabled assessable styptic commit data means the defined wants and the stable during the Peillex Wilsey's to the final fuel cells Salthill targets tables on the job for example loathing codes cult Holdings Co securities applications and dynamic naked that at the start of the statistics what exactly the job do this and this is now the
example of the state was the 1st that will assist the police with the disease data will this coming from the other the sauce system for example decide constative counted the customer the and violence but the for the purpose of the day to pursuit of 2 of the girls business the and number and told to proceed as a set for example with the Dodgers and the under 20 1st December pulled the data for the last day of the year but and assisting cash to and from the 1st across London the city points in the 2nd for the 2nd leg of the British Open but and another other table which if the slope numbers diplomatic and that when the system perished of call summerish with the status to fill the estate the system and came on the basis that this is not will ability to cope with and capable dismissed of the whole system again again taking the game but the setting is the real tool records in taking full number 6 in the means that time you distinguished now Japan it was long and many of the business they into his he Sigillo clamber status is OK and the political almost 4 million and Services example means it's another job this discerning with the same month in desisting status earning with the displays cost with the but compromise complex and the state was not of the Islam on a reduced 5 the in this case India's Bank the tables that there was something quite to 40 around with the defence that the state of the sticks also the other Metadata table flexible since targets of pink was very complex and the company tools contained the development and because should December 2 but that most of them was a picnic at the Clinton manually sceptics shoes and of the future and they could develop supplications but through this meant that the provide only to beat the provide also called the his somebody can OK Kylie we 15 hours later is the match was also the slope numbers and 3 Renault reported exactly the and that the real number 16 in the 1st 3 0 slate the kind of person said the 2 were to a point but they could pull Gloucester through the diplomats and similar exactly Goldbeck and banque to see what executive that the use of the posts and the game for the club would be two week the system country just don't care about this or that could be just the building of closer the modern databases didn't care also meaning that means for the team of the mould of the means of Sunday's this as they will be deleted but is to be not so so many last summer and the job of the job and the and the from the whole bosses extravagant looking confused by his world number 15 basis Lebanese data because the was multiple and the modern tables database like the but to of that provides the patient and capability but to issue defined table like across the things that I find that across the built on the world number and business they do a new city the world number shifting James the database good and the not the so 5 million across with a number of 15 save from the same place and just to remove the behind this basis of free nobody's making the physical but is laudable just from now on the day space is free and it's not about his making this is that and issues Eurocrypt huge amount of data it will cost of the complex the whole process of means that the most important supporting the decided that the fund has done and the shooting of these banque local Patricia processor to look still taking care about the turn of means that the noise of the river where the opening night clinical equation full of 1st of general and that the Pope
was to do something great thanks to the that wanted a following the following month to understand what talking about Ocotal also
sold him and commuter that should use was or about these huge big victory were also said it was seen was committed diplomatic and many people think this was 1 of the biggest hit from topology for twice but say with something quite although 1 thousand mapping smacking means that this is the smallest piece of programming called for for mink data from 1 or more tables for the system a walking the polemic is the function of the the other companies that companies like the full swagger and the and the US search for was data houses they don't have the time political pressure also not this complexity and the communications between dated the is the but it's not so against the of and a typical his album boom and so do we could not do this demand is on list make smog-producing because in the next the use of its the growing coaching easier
the book just the and the of some words about the quality of justice also specialising this area which are not methodology called will to understand the Dakota management tool to be done and Lancaster my but this month it emerged and poultry said that the the combined in the world of books City 1 of the of the summer but this is data management but we need to
means more of what you need bit the
quantum management and the depicted this issues rising the data housing systems because the in 1 0 petitional systems of the particular operate the who's been agreed that the particular records that he sees that some of the cause of that the something miscued could that exists on the way means some customers is coming from the and the Bank of trees and bring something conservative both of them realised that based on the with the ability its that the huge he showed that is now before so special measurements of but and the bit has included the but by analysing the and rising based on the job of a base in the region database under the 6 said the now state of bits of the world where the so female all manner of this on the part of the plan for example and you cope with the risk that it is a measure of the scoring it's important that when the because silence getting to the banque and the squad is that could well employers should not with this to pay the money back and the cost of and the more than 1 of the of the physical to punish via that means that the data from discussed and named the birth the emerged was shooting up enacted the banking complicity scoring called the typical issue with such a trip to the people will be thinking this part of of the big these big city is that the programme is that it will not be a big ticket W him from his 20 per cent and it is already a big means this shift in the council to be that in the States and to be the amount of the bill which because such should being the himself that has been made with his own eyes statistical well over most of the good causes means that it is so simple and some small details of the Palme measures couples so now all manner and 2 because the poor land banque implemented a starting point and when the people stop allies will make that demanding models is very important to know what it is that the quality of the food city fuelled the some of the not so may be destroyed some important for the World Cup which will be used in the application sumptuous that is not a lot of things to ditch acquitted this is the but for the world but the whole mechanised a simple counts and put the the where the people starting with the but the qualities close to him to all the data and the with this usually and dictate the house's the bullfighting stage this you should follow the lead the objects also delivered object to use the tools to do the producer systems and the 1st job is to get the Bill on to the streets of of fighting the starting with the 1st place the standing the data now after 3 of the dating the data and the law that we could find some business also and the calling the and the business so and so that the issue could be fine for job but there are also some difficult you rules fell to the what should be done in the summer because the central semi Cinco issue should choose before for those with this summer that the system does not believe the distress that this was the votes from the of assistance in the future to be used at the Wiltshire Beatles and so whose responsible before this difficult issues would do who is a bit of the industry commented that the Government's and the and the day to go to the country should have established posted whose diamond inflammation who should open allies while should be stating committed and the committee because of the most difficult to say we were the 1st to deliver the too data his changes because he could not cope with the causes of the Department of the manager this year the budget for the whole year plan for something close somebody Malcolm summer from the because the public is and that as the density of data that the pace of change is the biggest is the system will Tokyo's overseas told the Germany nikethamide could have called banking system to command flames developed into the to use a goal this month old boy who could changes so if you could changes to sue the horrific costing us so you have to implement the typical detainees and that it was a shaky
but there was a big a good tell which also on a follow up call system but the case was so such a century and the and smell minutes approaching the United States is 1 of the of the voice and the means to make the of petrol and the estimated the cost of pulse instead of the 500 thousand to a single she puts the beach No 3 miles from the and concerning the scales was 500 million used all but this is a big fan of misstated the total amount of the houses are made a city and the state of the US of a failure Durlston led by the will of just 2 days before has so that if some 5 million hundreds used also changes and but this simply make made this or that but not as good as his adopted the prices so when they could go to the pub for price of the house in the city's old licensing we would get now all additional taxes and they made the planting them in the planning of the cost base and this crisis increasing said to give my all for the next 10 million euros whom they plant will go Maxim infrastructure changes told Open you can the governments both of them but the school and so that the ability for asylum health the and the New Forest a message to pay 1 million euros on the grid this year's dollar that this was case you will start to see the music but the of closer to many of us into a chip and the and the diminutive plants money which they will never get because it's Lady which also costing 500 of she could not pay 1 million taxes but that this was the zest and juice as the disaster value of the for this is a new HIV typical measures specialist is the hottest of the book with the special modeling approaches is used and that they did think issues he sent Pixar says that was the problem multiplicity 10 billion euros of the basics of of and to assist the police medication the past year or so it's something quite change database about the and 200 thousand euros pulse and only a big amount of some of it should be that this should be seen as well as with this special reports that opened on to a distant memory and the systems to this that the corresponding people should do this and to the point and the 1st question was to ask just as easy through the possible and the people should should be since all is that this is a typical date the quoted
problem in the UK could be the 1st of his 2 because of the date the profiling things so start to analyze but the because but the prefered in Toulouse giving south district of from the city song table with the obese field of from of that they were shown in the next exemplary so long to get statistic this summer with the diet that will be the 1st of these 2 of the last commenting on this sort of the bulk of the typical follows of the what the that which statistics and not the other devices and sometimes you get the distinct information the winners of field which is for the Nice is very important and it is used to being for example nodal female see 5 million customers 5 per cent nails 5 per cent in May after now to be done nothing could not to rise in the early stage and the extent to boost he the goal to saw systems and the quest a change to the way you do it that the pro following the things when you start doing critical datasets but production but the mesh security issues this means it is a customer of the city that it usually that people are not so all that will names so it could hit by reading this because of the importance of the banque and the loss to a multiple of just over 2 book effects as the data that is the 1st episode on imitation planted the and the behind it Colucci the total talented could be also with simple sequel statement but now all that is available to those who are less well identified the was and did this to of that this year's which uses from the Blues and the Government to avoid a mesh to say this is the way that could be used to it could be annual of the most of the Dalai definable cult told they itself called for behind fellow OK for female in may well male you could do is to be difficult to define and a full head of
skewed the thought of what is left of the good guys broke with the but rather
than the product of an Isa
Goldman of the goals that we have also called for the system to much life cycle close to what the facing on Logic so of girls this saying initial phase the of some of this is so we need to do this and that is a so so far we have not make customers Segmentation because the mucking auspices so customers should be segmented Comalco man in people's Romaniello people's romantic thinking that Germany common in Germany its that such a budget of crossed the for the next Scalable Aquaman Sinise data that is nonexistent bullfighting caught the little data the Tuesday that you could this and that is the goal for which was such a new Casals's and that the market ink and so on so you could
call quickly to do so different phases of the condition Jewish impending says the stage that many many that leave the lowest some of them appointed around with the cost status of but the of meeting Surayud and level managers of the cliff and reach budget for the flow of fuel not so that the state December cost is dimensions of cost the next
phase his son detail equipment and eyes and somebody who we could do so duties to find the budget that with the and that is where the real world so we need to look for the good of the crime and anti
coming the disorientate the biggest its was small fall managers for a business depart people from that and that is starting to the Mitchell became the team business people who could make for example but the bullfighting if you capable of fighting tool maybe this could be used for some from the this about and but I don't care if it's a mother who lost his crew who will go to the world that they say that the data Celso here for the next day and that the Bank of
file think the and that they were all so so that and that the molecules its the logical model and this is the cost of play but the physical mobile of the defending the data Melynk it's also make from the people who are beaten Dabizas development in the Eighties
when it fell models to find a means to an all too vandalised all to do with information you know what you will take though a model Sunil is still solves model sent to could find what should be the could questions between both of them and usually the people and that they could cause included defining mapping percentage of order fields of Productivity so stable tables and this should be the Dicle questions and the best ways to do this again Cableway and usually it is the command to and sailed over languages and dust and the before the biggest paper but also understand the before the People's Party topical audio will only takes the is not talking the city's if he
said that the new project units and but it will be felt should be deputation do need for Scalable of the picture what kind of players do need the common in the US of calls used with the simplest possible that will be the database what is the petition these companies is December Facellia looming objects of clues is a typical questions and for his command of the 1st to see whether you could do something somewhere early summit inmates that was unclear providing the might think about the risk people over the something could use to the 1st question and in the budget and a solution to take part in the debate over
the day before for make all researching include move from scratch but the business people say OK though we ordered the closing of the deal is going to look for a job as patent is drinking cheque with a the usable not at the top
of the polls designed the
development the integrations many that this is set to be another good causes development and do the biggest that is done the bacon development of date integration losses those scientist is so the stakes at the and the people are engaging the almost and the and the whole life cycle phrases that means that in the early stages of the design and the and as but you a list of people to thank you all this stuff to cheque with the British press said the group to where the 2 appalled and difficult was detailed to the very end of the Gulf of this this phase that there should be added fix the if something case to fiction to what is really thinking the big company's when the return development faced staple working on the next meeting of the body into a
separated the bacon developers and frontend available so that thinking the issued this practise the mould office said that the UK is that they can't see the development of the data integration persists in the biggest city in the mass
most of the cases system not the each year pool liking for medical but the stage might be a more days they integrated from Britain subject Korytko his also pulled but there are so many projects which and where the data is then we of kills and these many huge budget the putting development
to football and pulled like these subjects of Michael strategy and you will see to it was the 1st race for example but the subject is the so called new so you define some make the data that is to define the owner of the business requirements Renault the physical model sent to define teaching dismayed that led and the the 2 because there to people just picked so complex applause so initial tests approach and after that the only point development to September them is the part of the side that using the tools so
close to a sure this is pushing the classic but is still a very important part and faced ticket controlled by the Eldoret is so start from the very beginning future 1st under fell to define a high-level these and usually the also pushed so called the policy and them by approaches where is defined for each phase of the political to the command patience of costs and the cost you but it's the most difficult standards for of data modeling designed to charities and the politically be quota should steamy checking whether the standards of the for the missing the and the quotations phase of India's faced calls to control the quality of the course bosses and they of about just testing the results and the physical deserves his was talking to and that the development phase of doing it is a face understand the business and that he good to the displaying plans for the products of the development faces different the developers and the politicians to miss looking costing the and is King genetic including of the state and the mosque official data a based on the business of the day in the past the of growth working the cause with the developers and the bees and the and doing the best phase of the Episcopal just below the that it in the database and surround the paucity of the and the analysing the most basic among the where the that is also a matching the best thought to be the result of what is expected of them
petitioned the safety of her of some of the time you should this where the whole system is scope to look at me either all the versus of Informatica worries component of the conversion of the database where the of the unique smashing include the other database could cope with the amount of the debt into it didn't disintegration that they to equal to load the system does much as possible the most array of the basic total they and on some point of time this also use except and they were the based on the official data all part of the little data that uses the to behind the wheel of the Chabad expectations the the sale committee said this model would not accept and
that's the impact of public under the whole phrases that so you should of the confirmed and issues something cases and the authorities should get figs still sold it to play a game based on the game deployment is also important that the EU should be medicines MLP Pauget neglected to the smiled object to set up but felt have some this machines that not fishing is OK but it is that so just coping the also spoke to the production machines and put and killed just for get something and then you see the whole system from the smashing used to be simple but and so they will does not want to go some just 4 days to the Copa something called for the case to the public in this way and that's why the deployment is also a Celso mission critical parts and that the set of The Independent teams still think this issue and that the country was a diplomat and a smashing and they say people when people to the point of this the should be the same Beckett you give was despite teaching the noble deployed the whole package to the collection matching
projecting so many this is still a distinct but also for around the world that I have from my expediency Bernanke suspicion but the University where becoming fish from University also if a project manager and the of the 1 and talking about projects for it to save the consulting company usually for logical for that customers who are not the sort complained that the British of the show lifecycle we working with customers sites in the mouth of the case of called the actual 1 year shoppe out the but usually the campaign is the project on from the customer base in the budget of the debut ability in the huge podgy method Logic Magennis's balls before the pointed the facilities and the site where that the budget this provided means they should go to the other managers with the business of the day we need for the NHS budget and that the 2 countries then why this is so have cost future to control the whole thing but he is being held in the communication skills and also that the skills to take his place with the soles of their account of the for such people is important to goal and the same for the potential of the business going people here a problem this is sometimes difficult to find it difficult not some of the some times to save you see that the team is to be handed agenda that some of the messages of the said that we would be and the giant tool to could build of costs of this adequate the this especially for Sulskis for the budget tragedy because this Bush would be opened in communication them in the eyes foreigners reviews Titus's may do not to keep the deadline will to could do be said this is set to grow posted between the department and the team that means that people who should in the Liverpool introduced told the film asking the right questions but cutting for measuring the way which is so good for the base of the pot plans to save the because they should confirmed decided equanimous but also for the people they could understand what should be done so because that the crime as fails could communications but with political of thinking that the detective is expedience Hidetoshi practitioners the of cost local to the with a visit the present with the softest system for the final of the deal data what should be the victim model so they should not all that different types of data Melynk lionised analysed the the scheme solution to take the assisted that day such Faisal's such people pulled should be defined the system as a whole new layer of also what could be the technologies and that this should be some but also a big whose billion when they talk about project in the the city was in the early should have a physical presence for each of his old they usually what under his and physical person coating pool 3 of the world's 1st and both Symbolic could be solution that but he also could be that the example of next the data integration is an elderly that integration deal because I on the other side to be part of the house is a bit integrations so that the did integration developers the grid below those corresponding Cutillo tools usually by the fact that we will see what they should be for good database specialist people who really understand what Cisco called for less than a computer and led the post and the concept of the telecoms could not stop the 1st people who should cricket can distant looked at the business case is will tell dispensed with the defined this data calling all of the cases for example you should have posted negative this for example of the kind that is the way the central should be felt to generate is that of District is not Hilton to see how the system would be distress also some special unique also special training and skills debuts so that people could not take because they should have a good so knowledge about the political database of the digital Orrico Hall to create a should the maintained that the deal scripts and they are also defining the physical data model for example that find the index Boris where there should be was not Taylorsville's world called almost to miss a show what should be done in the database of he still people use of changes that will allow the state to the tree shifting the on centre because the same the new law moneysaving from Tuesday before the dissolution of the and it's also a very important part of the team close developer deceptive also must with communication skills because the also looking could be include the people who are looking the business departments and developed the context of votes and the should have some cold some understand quote the business of the state the
talks and are for example of the 1st such companies also needs people smuggling adequate include the junior people saw people welcoming from the University of usually it's so we work with people who have sold to provide and so that it becomes in Germany will be the typical NP well intentioned William people were still stuck in the complaint that the land of the for the lifetime the tell them it is not the name on the case which the case it was a serious of gold about is looking for left them employment of the plan this it's not impose here for lifetime employment because to in the company of the field of the say we move for the company to following the of new along the streets of this the most important issue of for left and play beauty is used somewhere in Timbuktus will tell you learning the will to decode the world could do not apply the same depending quality was to achieving this company old Tuesday industry and achieved this is what we provide the difficult but coming to the cell cable tools to a group of the country's people to take something for independence from the crisis and that he should meet also look for from basic of position approach with in the early in the timing of the work of a multicultural company forests of cases of the part of the company's working again and again this typically by candidates which people not appointed Delsing Germany from all over the world so part of the world Suffolk Asia Friday as the history or for the post of South America your love to make for much time to I should know that
the talks were acquitted multiple of
the things you could see what the other shows Sueddeutsche each dossier also based on the link for example from the business of perspective of course when the 1st crisis the process improvement and costs optimizations his at the of of the because socket somebody's or like Virtualization graph Computing were so social networks but it also has a constant the of his craft Computing case Marino not sold Sofia's but you constantly this intelligence and also model topologies and the will to see this and it is the constant on this type of case issues of the public commanders
and the and businesses that is built on top of the world businesses have caused the paper the companies with the has budget is banking since pushing the mass and investment banking so them making the best profits but the not so may be that the companies could investing the think edge computational topologies for example a man who could by the American private investment investment campaigning said there were about playing comes from the stock-exchange sold world's but they are not playing with the help of some of the blame quick computer systems that things that are not buying the most expensive computer of the sink and the most expensive soft and this after should did not rise to the pan with the statistics from the past from the process and the political to the development of a pressing the Mexican until by or not by state but the while the banking sector computing and still salt of because of calls them annual loss and this is where a couple of quality people Visualsoft he along the oceans which would come from the communication the typical of my uses of data constituted a hint that biggest amount of data they feel that they could debate it on the ground level and a matching Zeeshan Germany Britain and admitted so and its millions of calls into his told the debate and it to make a nice assault where he found that the same is also with the details of companies like a mental having Germany all mopping during the day all suggest that the house which which amount of debt to be paid to the communication said David that it was not so complex that also also but like the banking but the degree to which amount of the of data and other sectors for example that if the demand users that has accepted the supply chain for example Kawakubo demise of the supply chain of goods of the global company for example for his wife and baby data for idea something critical and its me and the and the heroes of the new from this kind of 20 billion euros a nightly beyond grant will supply all over the world from the of thousands with the menace of the toll of those questions group could contribute cope with 2 0 2 miles east of the 2 could save for some which is a negotiated where the if it the companies making sitting stewardesses for example because of Jesus was really negotiate with by his wisewoman it applies on the month in 20 diamond went the company's component in the with exactly the sort of India which is a law that will fall Tuesday the scoring point is that the quality of the supply of some of the
land based seat in that in the past the typical to Bishnoi users of the Byzantine Jules's also some smaller group of and but this uses groups are going down and down now we are talking about the potential be it is in 1 of the snow and the message is that dedicated but when she kept a difficult its he should get the PM from after the committee's call for this type of customers in the fiscal 3rd somewhere in a bid to a house in the centre back to the British systems and the so-called cost will so want to
disciplinary this summer but is because of this is that only in most of the job is done by the people that this is not just calamitous not just mention this is the biggest and busiest Sykora tissue as did the quality front and development did integration with
I the sold the of seeds of this turns up Europe that came in the past 2 cents to begin the vendor so that player is now also always waltzes the results and the with of operation the and the each year coming can can make no such a words and that the 2 candidates for you in the questions where should you go and mediations all the lights are on but succeeded seems to be where
the pitch topologies are
listed as called for by the said some words about in August the same not supposed to know of his also prohibition on home or but the with is a tendency to be good but the dish data also the tumultuous with with the skin of the details of what such the and destructive ways going concurring can of some this is that which says that many of whom were on the accounts the of the measures the typical dimensions of you could dimensions steps all of practices could be 1 little 200 of but if also customers and the Christmas also could be also 100 million records in the traditional but the mass so used to the idea that Blacksell based on the national database distinct implemented style scheme that with stockbroker called all day but in the 2 big opponents of the performance of some of this is what the business users some mostly complained of the of the possible slowly and has a database producer was spotted facing and optimizing about the sort of FFTW example current just so different that the Phoenix is so called Met indexes so they want to do so called lapillus was do what this will do is to allow the use of the accused and the mention this disaffected 1 billion acquisition of the measure of customers a Johnson the them because the most hundreds of millions but a typical Monday's assists for example of the people and they don't care about the deal making the particular Paulson's usually if you send synthetic the customer for example that also journalists of another could cost occasional female they want to analyze facilities saw for example in the region of Germany that means that if you give them the rumours that the new law as the mesh on this is that the biggest the scheme which the she received the answer here for a journalist to him but he has written the comparative continent certainty for so long on the business agents although the loss of 1 cent because the at to its exact if get to delay the start of a man songs that will sell Germany who turned the extent huge on this huge tables you join embryonic ghosted million and the media industry will be the case for the cost costs of this decided physical data on their way to what you need disunities just the 2 of them before they tell whether this is levels of Germany and the UK in this way the local political Blue usually it in the papers that fewer than go and I find some obligated to go back only regions that means you will shift now a 5 million records but not Colombian and the and were to do so Higginson here from the start that they were you could states and the centre on the positives of the tables and to avoid the follow and talking on the this some the crime and another litigation than the databases growth and that the new and sometimes blank a bigger and bigger isn't into the sea but now which and that they were sold to a group not measures certainly did opened also to be told that the UK and this deacidification he will make
to the database on page until they they made the database temperatures when the their Continental sent the select statement on this for the and that this dimension making group by the databases sink world that if only they did get bit large the group again and equipment could go hinted did he and his so called created like that is the database intelligent and the quality of the grids granted this month table getting debated that because of the and the user usually get for older and approximately 10 20 of hundreds of small not long and this is certainly seconds and this is the day of their Davis the database is a programme of the complex the database become accompanied a by that to him and the last of the big debates the state of the world is so features under the principles of the South producibility local was so that the ball this features but so it's a pity they could open a new members of the answer but the so called databases where you can be sure where where the did that I would be safe in a bigger it's the way that this is this novel no called of the database itself the things you don't need to be a tolerance which kind of the biggest is do need because it's also unusual should reach if they get it right Mota's result this month tools that the most important with being accused the police of the database include intelligent is the tools to defend itself to played against regional dimensions and the what groups in the case of cause to hit the domestic enthralled is because this is the space on the other side and to give him to the skill and Fulton crippled the gig agency also take take and that things you could control the parents but the because softer than those industry as as based is to be conducted a national database side being banque calls called was pulled from the company which is producing so called and 1 databases also will through a multi-dimensional database so that the process said the selfish of girls its costs for this knowledge of the snowy if you ask if traditional the biggest noise IJHPCA free of the political somebody who also and this technology and you should also the equations than should be also immense welding dispute also take many days at the end of the so called the memory of the day against the campaign given this performance in show that the possible slow the tools of his tools that they take the date and the and the Working committee in them and the example of the new cases were there as a result on the record as the matches and the media the media and the and customers Nobelist memories cheap things might book is gigabytes of whom you could buy the lawsuits against gigabytes from 1 of the things that she could have been 16 people schools but because many of whom Machtelt thousand thousand 5 thousand to his nothing that this would be the end of the day and that is the way the whole dating the memory and from this point is that it could be fast paced you don't hit for the pressed the success of the nation typical to producer was this as company from Sweden but the popular in the last 10 holes when to use the dispute as a pool of causticity is a business subject and as they do also going to stick to his memory the and and is but in to begin their case
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