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eLearning in Lusaka
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Tablet based self-learning in rural areas
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Markos Lemma: A window to the World? Tablet based self-learning in rural areas – an ethiopian example
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I really love this like among distortional bit so perhaps but thanks for coming for the session and in my name is Marcus them all of us to explain so maybe altered liberal myself 1st of all we came here like 2 for the GAG the gluon emission gathering it's a gathering for many halves are on the world but especially focusing on are free labs uh which is in the network of have seen in Africa it starts to some some time and that it upsets like 2 years ago was really growing from from 5 to 7 to 20 more than that right now to have russety halves so basically like 0 my am representing 1 of the halves it's called I said uh it's there's the image of Islam wonderful cofounder of this have we are in a running like this innovation spaces in in in Addis but now the double somersault really growing so so much like we have entire now in Alexandria and even Germany and Y 1 and so it's it's it's really a growing it's where 1 this work of perhaps but today it and not to know what that but rather on telling you a story about what's happening like into each European villages and so some your bike and the American visionary guide Nicholas Negroponte a lot of people know him from the MIT Media Lab and also 1 laptop per child project afterwards of logical talk a lot you know it's is always and this is becoming a lot of media attention because a lot of people actually can criticizing his his method of working on on technology on the other hand lot of people's operation what he's doing and so was him and this seemed like an MIT and Tufis University of from from coverage we actually trying to do a kind of a research project so it's very very simple idea and so we're assuming that if we indicates countries themselves using technology how to read the consultations cells like how how to do all the other education so basically without teacher the countries themselves so of because like technology as a teacher and the assumption that like kids from anywhere in the world even though they never been exposed to any kind of formal or informal kind of education and technology can really help into to learn by themselves so we we selected this 2 areas are going to be and well into the by name it's completely far from everything and the kids probably no about of alphabets from money lots of or maybe like some plastic bottles of tossing around but basically like the there's no indication there's no electricity as there's no more widely to work in that area so we chose like this to completely the completely outside the world's religious in European and we give them tablets and always all the apps in a solid and then we just wait for them just to see show them there where the power button is oral what's actually they're dealing with you know just very experimental and so after after 7 minutes the 1st kid in in in 1 of the sites actually she money to find the power button so he wanted to Para up and then of course like 1 person I 1 keeps no means everybody knows it because they really shared a lot of information other I but that's really like it's was really already amazing because we we maybe they will figure out what it is like in like and in a day or 2 a but it's only took him like like 7 minutes to figure out actually the power button which is a Motorola tablet so it's really hidden like behind tablets and but after that like in a week actually they already and and status you like completely know how to function with the tablets of the they really use their fingers like to go from 1 was set to the other and then they go biking the cancel out you know like they do all this kind of like things what we don't normally assumed like people kind of bond that they have a kind of guidance or a manual or a kind of that kind of stuff so um and then after after a week they already start to play play video rights because it's and indeed they also weight onto the video finishes so the music the distance of 2 listen to it and then and and and amongst they already start to say a B C D so mean their deadline is my English awareness going like this application in English and and then they already start to say a B C D and then try to associate that the sound so laughter years there already in the cost of reading so basically they're reading cats and dogs and horses and they also play was like a different a chain games there there would be like a movie video how the kids are working on later on and maybe Geraldine will tell us about that but there is a a video board of maybe if you're interested you can you can see that and so we we for the defining was very amazing I mean our uh our metrics to measure that was very simple so we collect that is the application running of the background it's called Bg collector as collect all this information and we just analyze that data like home how much time they spend on the tablets and what kind of activities are doing in the talents and so they spend more than 10 hours in the 1st few weeks of the time it's really amazing I mean but we're targeting like kids between for between 4 to 10 years old and so busy collects have really completely the crazy of all the the time is what they have and usually like this kind of place also like really like poverty-stricken places so this is something they I also appreciate I mean this is the most precious thing is it all in their life and yeah so this is a president been doing like no fortune sites but we're expanding also other sites to see how they will also react when they learned and their own local languages so basically uh when we when we started 1st we had a lot of problems uh with comes a time something
that we never really told so horrible to rely on you have told about this when they designed their products uh forces us when we when our more while is also we don't just keep trying to uh free on right because you know that like it used to be charged and but in this case that the kids they don't know so they they just keep trying to turn it on and the busses complete brain which was like a time stamp always go back to the BOC when the manufacturing time like 1970 or something and so this all created like lot for for us like in the beginning and so we need to like work on GPs and how that can actually be fixed and and and and the other teams also like we are using this normal um mobile applications with ice cream on top was you know like they they can never really is kind of words into their real life and then we we really learned a lot on the process like what to include and what we should actually include and we are still in force us to take a picture of their surroundings what they believe there is a right to be include like in the time and then we just trust that inclusion and users and and and applications uh so it's like it's been a lot of learning process and we learn also a lot of stuff of a lot of psychological safflower social stuff for as they don't have power in their house and when they have the tablets having their houses completely light up right so in the nite like everybody is working a little bit later than normal so that also was I think they're they're like people usually they sleep very early but now they don't leave early anymore because the house is full of light and so we we learn a lot of like this kind of like small teams with very important things which really effect also in urban life so I mean in in term now we don't see too early anymore right so that kind of thing so you have to have a have a time has a more active and in a way that yeah so what so far like this z is a progress but we haven't finished that uh the researcher at the final outcome will come up probably like in 12 months and so we know I will or we can say confidently keys color and just using a tablet or a technology or not and this is something we're going see but deadly findings show very positive outcome and so far thank you very much a few other very happy to answer questions so I I don't have a presentation right now but like I connections for a lot of pictures and when the kids are working on but the video I think might be very interesting the media interviews in thank you so much Marco and so in case any you wanna see what this village looks like in the kids there Marcus to spoke a bound on some of the showing of rough cut of a film I made that features this place amongst other places in Ethiopia and Rwanda in Kenya and South Africa at 1845 today on stage see annual welcome to watch that with us and get a visual impression of the things officer spoke about thank you the we the it 1 of the problems with Nicholas Negroponte is sometimes publicity goes beyond reality and there he claimed that the kids in Austria terrarium which is a tourist area so it is not that far from others but the claim that never seen any printer told the you've in a sense you use it for the have although incidental the 2nd clean he made was that the kids hacked Android which wasn't actually true the press the reset button twice and so the tablet to restore camera but it and the reason I'm asking this is have been in African going to these sites and seeing them failed time and time again and what what's needed is really objective research not Negroponte he's hyperbole because he's a sales guy he was to make money and tablets but is there any plans for objective research as opposed to people who were involved in the project reporting back on it because that in Africa back and the other would thank you for adding that uh I mean honestly like the the story of hiking it's it's very subjective of say I mean it's it's how you say it uh when when we have like this application i and we completely blocked the camera version so that the kids don't don't generate a lot of gather become the beginning we we found out that she they generate a lot of data of that we cannot really control anymore so we complete block the coming version and and then but they found actually kind of a back door to work around the camera so there is a small application where you can enable the camera for a few seconds and then they found that so small like of course I mean the way he presented it sounds very uh you know like very commercial and away uh but but in reality it's just how we define hiking um and I mean if you ask me I would also agree that like their they they found a kind of a back door to work around the camera but uh but this is actually like John Negroponte or the 1 of her child this more scientific uh research so MIT is involved in a lot of this and this immersed in Georgia University and they also like a lot of exports behind this to us as this 1 this way said she like probably like it's we don't make a bold statement about the outcome but rather than the findings show a lot of positive outcomes of which is which great you the fill your question answered the the OK so if there are no more questions I'd like to say thank you Marcus lemon as for dropping by so quickly thank you very much thank
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