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Pledge, Turn, Prestige - The Snowden Pitch
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Building on his 2013 re:publica talk " I Palindrome I -- you life is mine", Marcus takes a look at how Edward Snowden has become one of the most evocative fictional characters of our time. Set in 2008, "The Snowden Pitch" takes the form of a formal presentation in which Marcus presents a narrative and strategic framework to senior members of the NSA and explores how using models such as "Pledge, Turn, Prestige", "Limited Hangout Operations" and "Worked Shoots" the NSA could win the Internet.
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uh no it
would not
work in the near maybe at the end of the world there should be 12 should be so the the following presentation is a the names of individual people come in there should do not in any way represent any real people or companies past and present the whole thing we need of a it's a fiction story got it to do great sit down and relax lean back and enjoy OK what was true about
2008 what actually happens in 2008 In 2008 the price
of oil hits 100 dollars a barrel the Castro announces that he's going to retire 80 thousand people died in an earthquake in China Michael Phelps wins the gold medals at the Olympics the Large Hadron Collider does something with a proton beam in certain and world doesn't disappear in a black hole Obama is uh elected as president of the United States of America the world spirals into financial crisis what didn't happen In 2008 is what I'm about to show you know what didn't happen in 2008 was that a man somebody called Marcus John Henry Brown representing a advertising agency called the black operative collective was asked to resent um some ideas it was a
picture 2 4 senior members of the NSI that are
perceived as specific marketing problem and that's what I'm about to present you now so thank you very much for inviting
is here today and it's absolute on the the presented to you it's been a real challenge to thinking about this for the last couple of months your brief was very well actually wasn't very detailed but it was very very challenging no I know of that some of you know organization the 4 it might be worthwhile to share a little bit of information we've used so but we are AD and global network
we have 27 offices worldwide but I can't tell you where those officers up because that's classified we have called
values our core values are dishonesty because there's nothing more creative
than deception scalability deception within a deception and fusion the size of the light matters the bigger the line the more people will see it the bigger the life of the more people would think tank packs actually quite a good idea so there's a recall values but if we were going to put ourselves into 1 sentence of living to describe our agency what we do is you want very very simple sentence it would be this we want to
control the hearts and minds of billions of people by putting dystopian thinking at the heart of communications we want to reach out
and touch millions and millions of people and stroke them with
dystopian story skates what we actually do is try fear into people we scare people shiftless for a living where a new kind of old agency
potentially new kind of old agency or Greek being totally new since 1956 if you have without doubt seen at these 1 of our
complaints at some time they are of course classified and I can't talk about the work we've been doing for the NSA in the last couple of years out highlight a little and a little later on but then needless to say you have definitely see at least 1 of our complaints with decentralized we are spread across these 27 offices which are classified in the continent they aren't uh we're hierarchical so we do not believe in a flat level higher they just simply do not work they do not work all and what we do is clandestine marketing communications we never say we do work for this line we never say I am a traitor director for this organization you will never see a press release in international marketing use papers we are not in campaign and in Germany will not in the so a
products it we have full
products dystopia + dystopia classes living in a five-minute future we do not believe in science fiction we believe in dystopia we believe living in a future which is about 5 minutes away it's a plausible science fiction is something that you could actually truly believe in strategy the out of the word shoe will be actually do is help clients create communications that appear that there actually a working against themselves technology so something we're working on at the moment is visual data journalism it's going to be a new thing in the next couple of years of a very very very very excited about some of the projects we've been working with newspapers and them across Europe and deception the lying within a line the and we do some good old fashion advertising as well so
I services of these so we did classic publishing so we work on fiction that gains newspapers we do advertising pay ready wouldn't but what we particularly proud of and this is a product that we working a quite hard at the moment is lobbying uh
we work blogger outreach of calls and conspiracy outreach which is something that we're
very very proud of and whistleblower management uh was supply management we've been working on since roundabout 1973 web
excellent in Washington during the seventies and then we because we do the usual bespoke content is controlling the content plants and stuff says basic standard kind of services the that being said let's have a
look at what we've been doing for you guys since around 2001 we've been working on these products but my pedia
uh we thought it might pink here in
2001 it's a manage source knowledge with about 115 million users today uh might placed a is a and a place where we collect emotional trivia was of around music um that has about 110 million users at the moment so we started at 2004 my face 2000 et 2003 uh my face in 2004 which at the present time is 120 million active users and something which we started from 2 years ago I think that the 2 million years ago my weight which is a um itself uh a platform for delivering short messages it's kind of like high relevant opinion nation but these working quite well but we considering selling my place to a media property and would probably going to float uh my face my weight within the next I don't know 10 years we do working on something called Brown's
silly president is a highly specialized
experimental homeowners for the drug is a whole month that we've been working on the last couple of months which makes use it makes users or potential customers highly susceptible to brand messaging um like is that it's very very experimental and we've we've had have added a focus group and talk to 1 of the uses of brand salinity what he has to say worms all and you know the origins all through
Europe the finish on from all poured through carriage if the ontology but should we should use a word qualities use whole Conservatory channels should stop being stored and the to report on the use of short-range conclusion on some the room almost certain storage of portis women of church which or I'll call wound the particular call and holes in the tree have you or what she horribly the the 2 parties that are included in a strong we use all for all pointing to draw up woo will you be blue prone to suppose to job at hand it blue function by here from the sort of searching the whole of the wall yeah so as you can
see that the Brazilian is actually starting to
kick in there and we're very very keen to implement not across a number of
test markets within the next couple of years so that's what we've been doing the you but let's have a look at the brief but this is what you gave us the to work on and
leverage the Internet in order to raise awareness for the NSA brand within the astronauts community and the global markets and raise awareness for on decrease cells of the NSA product range by 100 billion dollars and destabilize the growing conspiracy theory the theory community now where we always start um
is with the target group um but we wanted to find out exactly what they thought about your company your organization and an
ad in relationship to others and if they know you were told so let's go back to the going mission all density of
the random variable lose on the 1 shown or
in also remorse should be transformed in the tree born in Rome if your control they're interest show them from the end of the year and then decide whether me over all of them to the shop hold true or what's interesting here is that
did actually remember that showed 7 days which is an NSA program about time travel
and what he was actually saying that confirmed the research that we've been doing for you guys and the CIA FBI about very very popular very well known within the community FBI and it's because of the x fast M I 6 massive James Bond thing going on there interestingly enough the at the most and is very very uh very very well known that you at the NSA nobody really knew you a told which is something that we need to
address now you've asked us to have a look at your product range that we've picked out here Cockermouth candy gram Trinity
rage muscles in court Melf is an excellent product 50 units 4 million a shot that's probably a little bit too steep with your current share of voice and as you see these and very very competitive uh sales targets that your your aiming for here that we kind of could
confident that by the time we launched a campaign around 2013 2014 will be able to position those 49 products perfectly and that you will uh so that you will be able to manage the 100 billion dollar target by 2018 but
across these people here the people have the most share of voice are actually your potential customers and clients and we need to figure out how we're going to get them interested in what you're doing um that these are the key performance
indicators this is what year after year 100 billion dollars cells a few % rising awareness and 90 % dropping conspiracy noise but it's still missing something is missing that certain something and this is what we call magic we need to find that magical thing the and saying so
let's have a look at the strategy we be working quite close quite heavily on on the strategy based strategies deception through truth um the as you may know
you've probably been working with the Ieader model uh the last couple of years cognitive marketing model we really don't feel that that's gonna rock your world and that's what we feel that you need a new kind of model to really touched the hearts and minds of your global markets so the model that we've been working on the you know this is something that we do is built around this
inside the inside please deceive me we've seen the most of your target audience really want to be to see so we build the model around this and the model is true it's a phase model it's again highly experimental but we really do believe that this is so marketing model is exactly where you need to be going trauma resistance unity trust and height
trauma of a campaign or story so shocking that the audience is traumatized to such an extent that they find it impossible to dismiss guarded as anything other than the truth it's 5 minutes in the future resistance this is reversed Brenda love working within the campaign as this this is the campaign of story motivates multi user resistance to a perceived antagonist yeah individuals come ahead and had organizes itself into a unified voice of anger and opposition then unity the had congregates around a central theme organizational protagonist that is all contained orchestrated by the campaign the belief becomes to like the momentum exquisite the audience united behind 1 single belief the hero of the story trust the chorus supplementary orders a shift into a trust phase where the believe that their actions their demands and their thinking of being accepted and that real change can be achieved yes we
can hi in this the call-to-action phase the audience accepts that they have been deceived by the truth and we leverage the rider into a conversion the
customer journey so that's the model that we've been
working on the you but we believe that
anger is an energy legislation is therefore lethargy we believe that we if we implement this in the proper way we can really start touching most those target groups
that we believe you should be thinking about what you've asked us again to think about the commute the conspiracy community they also your target group in our opinion we split them into 3 very clear but
target groups within that group the peak oilers sees people the believe that oil was going to run out tomorrow and we need to buy
seeds yeah separate as these other people who spend most of their time trying to work out who shot John F. Kennedy and the tinfoil as the people who wear tinfoil on the head because they think the you are listening to them that these are the people that you really really need to be talking to you and you
really really need to leverage Germany because if you leverage Germany and the rest will follow so what
we have here is deception colliding with true but at the intersection of deception and true you have an opportunity and we'd like to put something in the opportunity what we'd like to put an opportunity is the protagonist the hero of this story the protagonist is a
blank canvas the weaker masses of pictures we have at any given time so what we've done is we've put this
term that we've put his protagonist into a campaign and we'd like to call this cat and we're very very excited about this company we really want to do this campaign for recalling this campaign and every day Mr. Bond so the Mussolini guy
he's got no pack when he gets out of the water when you get out of the ocean when he's gone swimming that he turns round look to him is not getting out of the Barbados ocean is getting out of the bath tub and it probably slip up on the bar of is a
shiny quiet nice kind of guy the coffee grinding kind of guy give
form for kind of guy he doesn't have
an Aston Martin as a bike with a basket In a dynamo he's a very articulate kind of guy that pretty good at talking or 12
hours the but he's not super clever thanks to start thinking and he's a
visionary kind of hatred he's got a
completely different idea of what patriotism could be it somewhere between truth and deception so this is kind of like the set up of the with the emotional of light touch points around his
protagonist of with the we're proposing to set up the new guns to setting him up to
use your own language around terminology the legend of our protagonist's for introducing you today to Mr. Stephen winter stones Stephen Winterstein stumbled upon a wide-scale surveillance program devised by the NSA this decided to take on his own government administrative beat to 5 freedom American way of life hunted by secret agent Stephen reaches out to journalists and the Internet community valve will he win his battles that that's just a very very simple kind of like in a story synopsis that we'd like to work with stephen here there's the there's just working title column anything and the so what we'd like to do
here is we'd like to do something very very simple that we've used before with other with other organizations was liberty to tell you which ones bot would like to work with knows world model model this where very very well fitting Harvey Oswald we believe that could work perfectly for Stephen so divorced parents had a difficult
education which far ensures that kind of stuff so the giving kind of like people the audience
your customers stuff to dig into stuff to discover stuff to kind of like mind about think about talk about give really into the story of Stephen wind so in
the product to use your own terminology again we're going to split into pledge turn per which is some magic theory that we're but I'll go into a little bit later but that's kind of how we want to build this
for you and is a lot of emotional stuff that's gonna go will go on this even here moving between Haiti you a lot of traitor to file of all of those things we talked about earlier so well in engineering as we
annotate Stevens a protagonist
when a packing into these phase phases and these phases will form the part of the campaign we're proposing to keep you going the phases and pledge to Memphis to these come from magic very very simple idea to play I am going to make this disappear trying to tell you that this is going to happen at the time the tennis is players account come come really really close watched it so you watching really really close in and make it disappear you spend all your time wondering
about how I made disappear the back close you can't really see what's going on
summary and in the press stage prestige is when I make it either appear again all the biggest story becomes apparent maybe how I did it and this is how we wish to to the campaign the pledge
I will make it disappear setting up the story so again this i this is a very very quiet things not a lot of people were going to get to see this happen come closer than make something disappear so we're gonna set up a
particular level of interest in a very very small Nietzsche part of your potential customer bites next phase
what we call the honey track another honeytrap Stephen will only talks to a very very select group of people he will only talk to the Wall-Street-Journal speakers to the guardian why because we've installed visual journalist agents within those organizations they're sitting there waiting from masses of data to do pretty pictures were the we also going to leverage this is our something that we very very keen to do leverage a working relationship that we have with the classified blowing platform which you probably already know about because it's assigned of CIA finance was wearing platform we keep me the so that's what we're gonna do we're
gonna get people involved very very small Nietzsche kind a group people involved to start to work on this story to really really good stuff of so the
time my god he really did this stuff it's a limited hang hernia operation the the the revelation of the
protagonist so this is again working a little bit of stuff with this kind of like literature come light field theory stuff he moment many months and the revelation
of protagonist here I am look what I have made so he reveals himself to the audience and the audience denies him is of no compost the true and then we come with the
product so what does he really gave to these people and what is he saying to the people so we read with very very er ror
massive offensive in the organization of of progressive rock will also really really
interested in a particular British band called up employed I don't know if you know and and we're massive fans of an album called the Dark Side of the Moon I what we're
using here is for this entire program there is a working title did some that side of the moon do some of head
and this is what we would like Steven to sell to these organizations to talk about this is that this is the the the the global holistic idea for this campaign is do some know how in normal um um how uh
the audience know many procedural work there is and like this but we believe that there's a peak this at this like the tip of the iceberg that's what we believe and we also believe and that's known information but we kind of know that underneath disafforest water there know that there's a known unknown information we
know something's going on because you know what the a your normal standard every
day uh limited high model balance is to reveal that that level with known unknown uh um information is mostly true the information that you're giving away doesn't really harm you you say things like that um the
NSA watches me they've been tracking everything I do you want me in a cage soup he's uh that's uh and
known unknown information but with every single limited hang uh model that you implement the comes another level of the unknown and non information
with it so what proposing to do here is to capitalize on that that's a mark that as a market uh
um SDR um struggling for an English words to cover up for German want some tax revenue potential right that there we go this is war the protagonist can tap into he can start selling this stuff as staff you wouldn't believe we've been up to it's so fantastic so amazing this is the kind of stuff we always kind of we never even believe that you were capable of doing this stuff so we'd
like to kind of put part hacked the time into the into these phases the introduction agism as an idea of the uh the idea that we watch governments not really that surprising the idea that we are watching you uh that might upset the people the said the individual but that doesn't really upset that the government's we watch heads of state now people start to get a little bit interested in a story um and then a face fibrous the introducing the products that we have that can do this stuff so we stop
positioning in your catalog your back catalog of excellent products and I'd really like to point this so
right now if you're not doing any of this stuff you really should stop doing and so what we do in this and what we've done here is we've
opened up the entire story we've opened up during time uh product palette you as a branch to a much larger audience so we're not only talking about talking to the people and as separators tinfoil is anymore we talked to the coffee drinkers these the the that's how and its height reader guardian reader uh we're talking to pirates
so I'm not sure if you know about this but a couple of years ago this is a pop to this and a new party popped up to about internet stuff not really sure about the other stuff that talk about but they do talk about the internet a lot and it was between 2 bloggers as well as the espionage procurement community
we free this week completely shut down as you requested the conspiracy theory community because at this time none of these people would want to admit that the guy would attend Fiona's hair was right so they're gone and you've
positioned all of those products all of those products Cockermouth mouth Trinity bulldozer can a member of really gonna give it to the guy comes over names your brother they're absolutely epic to the best in us to means to the guy who buys this stuff so the is at
so CIA the CIA knows that you're doing this stuff and they
have a problem and has a price and they can call you up and say can I have uh 50 units of a cop Melvin you can say yes that's a million dollars please and is addressing very much about the the flight of
that we've really got a get him al now so he's kind of under pressure in moving around and it may be kind of like
Asia staff put in in a safe country like under the achievements of so that the media was a whole stuck in a very very interested in
this kind of know what we'd like to do you are not sure if your capable of doing this the what we'd like to do is to introduce peaks of information and we don't want this kind of stuff coming out 1 big blob because we
think it would just disappear will go wandering all the noise would like to link into other bits of news if we if there's something there's nothing going on here has introduced isn't if it's only at this that say we've been uh listening into the uh whoever their agenda but
all the time will have to protagonist saying you haven't seen anything so be teasing the audience all of the time and getting them really really excited about what's gonna happen next this is basically the
entire campaign set up here we'd like to support uh I would like to support the entire campaign with um with Branson thank you so far um
channel strategy in a little bit a television mostly for in their online as stuff is very very important where we Healey my face my weights it's gonna push all of those uh all of those things out into a wider audience and then
we get to a very very interesting but he did dismember this body many of the protagonists we're gonna make this physical man into a
string is going to start saying I'm afraid I can't be with you today His are being asked to
talk events and a course where have to turn up in person because of the perception is to be arrested it'll become the telematic we
see without with whistle the final disappearance of the protagonist I am nothing but data we're gonna make him at the end of the campaign completely disappear you will become Anagni commitment so those are the 1st 2 phases of the campaign and then we get to the prestige make a
reprieve reappear in an unexpected place that would like to come back here to uh the free columns all call values of our agents dishonesty scalability and more importantly a huge it's the size of the
line that we believe matters and the
lying within the line is the most
scalability scalable ideas you could ever have In the turn phase we make the lifestyle it a completely involves old of the consumer all of your target
groups everybody it's so large we want really this place we're trying to find out how all this thing is going to disappear how this piece of magic is going to happen we're talking stuff about stuff like privacy and
sovereignty neutrality and stuff so with clay
generating all of his buzz around those things that really really close up to this particular line that is a lie within the life the bigger lies
that we can make everything and anything disappear you have absolute control of everything with all of the stories all of the technology that you that you have a lot to offer we had nothing that data this is
basically what we're saying so by 2018 you've turned the perception of everything into data people and data governments of data mining is data travel is
data and while where everything is data you can make claims disappear I
completely off the face of the earth and everybody
will wonder well how did you manage that How is it possible to put a man in a balloon to go up into space he jumps out of it well that's spread but how can you make a train disappear you make economies disappear you can make governments disappear because you've solved tank the to your competitors and customers such as the CIA the FBI Mossad the entry and I 6 all your clients can make
everything disappeared so you have a cold war Renaissance which is an added value so a
roller plan How do we want to make this happen while we're going to build on the true model which is kind of influx these are very very rough time means that we're working on and so we start with a pledge around 2013 we go to the turn around about 2 thousand forcing and we think that we'd like to go uh to write about the start 2006 thing with that to trust and and then around at the end of 2016 moving onwards we want really wanna go to the hand page phase we would dearly love to start making things disappear around about the middle of 2006 thing that's the kind of like a set with very very keen to do this to you before the high level of work into this we
really really wanna start writing these stories we've started we have people absolutely delighted to do this for you guys the time has come
to spiral down the magical rabbit holes and discovery of word you know the digital
world connections where millions
of people who communicate and share money and sending
them out and like this and should be so and by things and talk to each other I think they say is that all down you
all have people with your many friends and you all come to discover new ways of
land and the reason of and
we use this in markets around
the world of the you know believe
that he wants to be known and it's also when you make a modern when you control the
whole of HA movers and how to share the vision and make peace and the
rest of thank you very much
uh thank thank
in my