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Maker Approaches to Urban Innovation
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This session is focused on the communities and the people *making* change in African cities: Panelists will share their experience in supporting local development through maker movements in Kigali, Rwanda, Aswan, Egypt, and Lome, Togo.
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it is not the thank you very much for having
us and you guys has been looking at different maker movements across across the world from maker spaces in are sessions really about how do we take this idea of making things internet you put the focus back our cities in on the sort of development of the areas in which we live in such that how can we apply this maker mentality it's like building up urban environments and building up cities and engendering innovation and growth and and so what are the things that we found out all of us building communities I think I'm speaking for everyone here to say that 1 really cute important components of developing a city in encouraging innovation is really about encouraging opportunities for people to come together Internet meet new people gain new perspectives new ideas new ways of doing things and from that from the margins of those interactions is were innovation really comes from and so in order to kick-start this this session we really want it ask each of you guys to stand up this isn't just like a a static presentation were really we talked you guys really guess you stand up need someone in the room that you've
never spoken to before and tell them something that you do or that you wanted to and in the process also want you take that up to remove a lot closer to the stage so please everyone take this opportunity get gets no something new and tell them what you do and they can tell you what they do thank you this kind of effect yes yeah the looks the standard in the blue T-shirts from the bottom the laws is a movement that these are the people the and the it so was the mind the the the
and we the the the the so for those of you guys just walking into the room right now engaging in a process of introducing yourselves to someone you don't know and telling them something that you want to do and
how it it is and you you that the so the and in cool so so what what we just see up here for the stages like various people having conversations we we just saw business card being passed over here here and I think this is something that we we notice like on a sort of microscale we do this of like sharing an ideally you have or something you want to use new people is that those people start telling you how
maybe they can help you or how they can work together with you or how their ideas might be able to combine with your ideas and and this is something the world's going on in the within our cities were trying to accelerate the rate at which people come in a context of new ideas new ways of doing things and so I'd like to introduce now synonymy to stand up and talk about his project in Togo the to
have a lower so my name is in the medium of states and on onto apologists and the founder of without aware that these have that is also a community community about
from about uh will try and see all girls and boys and these communities were known for this project of Twitter print out the 1st of the country print so I have here a presentation of tree project to we
developed a in without the to be project with 3 different scale and your Bento dates I put at the office space and that project of put it but I would not have the time to talk about a lot of these I would just tried to present the views of the of every edit individual in well up and this philosophy is no I take and for all tell you more about snow I take I would like to
a late present you true people to Western so the 1st person I would like to introduce ease a P a P is a dumbbell my muscle tone them up people are very traditional people you find that the norm off to war and then in uh the idea how well known for all their the that killed 2 of the fact that everything they do I which allies and the key idea is optimality it does mean that the hearts of the the high level
of you can you can at the end of thought in mass at the memo muscle and double my out when no 1 also folder and dashed that you may have a varying intersect in testing ash that you it is a at the wall there at age this again best and I would like to the introduce is no more of my user of the leader of the black box the black box is the I guess space in bodies and more highly
Zakaria here has to have been you know MIT anymore and the every day walk on blog who make music long lights and so uh if you think that these 2 bills and belongs to true there's very you
think that as many as seen some of uh me because I work allowed to read Tom MR and show you a teeny I do we've done them up people then I have to say that and not at the beginning of a test by the technology cloud uh what's a universe because I mediated to
with a true pollution to individuality and true worm true were true wastes so I I say that and notes at the
beginning they embarrassed by the universe of more up seaside discover but what we call the
akha movements and space FabLab and I find that specific space people talk a lot about square operation uh solidarity economy
um at transmission of the of the in of the knowledge and all these values and I know it's in traditional societies African society whoa where I walk as agitate so all I can say that's uh I make myself they experience of the child I was more based in front of these walls of a new technology and see is this moment I try to and on something to make whatever it's these 2 events and distingue recall 0 Recall No I take and that we could talk about the set of doubt but no I take as opposed to make
a real bond for data like they up city 48 uh we've uh you're moving mobilized in all set like should compon FabLab to try to help uh people in
cities to have good the capacity uh that's 2 people in the they'd have to whatever up way it and try to do a lot to do the teams so we best uh these uh we'll binary
Tokia in this city of anomie
make a global weights uh high technology N a hacker ATK we've heard traditional societies of values and this is for there to be
begin to draw like and utopia
but gave birth to a space uh um which is the way lab and where that is a maker space but it make us based creates at the beginning to sound is this real put it is a space recreates to help the population to have a uh is strategy a way out
who they can come collaborate and try to change a and then down then they boot so we could talk a little more about when I have entities that put dates after dipping down who aware that give birth after i in the discussion here a you all thank the I of well so so i'm gonna talk about some of the my experiences in creating space for the slides might take a light balls like this 1 image in my house you have to create spaces and how to actually encourage other people to make space is not encouraged people to solve the
problems that they have and the challenges that they have using the resources available in and around them and I think this is also what's so what's interesting about happening here is like looking at the resources you have not necessarily the maker movement in terms of all 2 we know and roles replies to have to be shipped in from the outside but how you can actually use what's there on the ground to solve your own problems locally and I've been working in Egypt for the last and idea also on and off and most recently I was working in a space in ASR 1 where there are also many resources available looking at how we can actually catalyze the community and how we could create the opportunity for people to come together and work on solving local challenges using what we have In order to do this what I
only use is so what courses as storytelling essentially he tells stories that inspired people you tell stories about what we might be able to achieve what I might be able to do and also you encourage them to tell the stories about their own dreams their own ideas what they might like to do and then you
create opportunities for it to become a reality you create an
event or a context where they can come together and they can bring their projects offering narration social object as it was in the project that in making together the space you create the opportunity and create clients for them to come together and
build something you say to them you know that thing that you want to do they going to do tomorrow of it going to do when they today is the data you're gonna come and today is the day that you have the opportunity and then you encourage them to do so and make it their responsibility to create what they want to and then they bring their own dreams and their own ideas so they pick up on what you of what you've identified as well so the example that I was hoping to talk about which when you miss those you'll see that the moment I invite you to use your imagination on the island that we working on 1 of the challenges that have been identified by the community and was so they can actually get into that to is part of the island 1 of the villages and stuff that ushered set up uh an internet was point there was broadcasting to a good portion of the village but he can get past
the trees so as part of the festival that we organize called before Luca festival where we invited people to come and start their own social projects with the
village the people came from Egypt they came from and also the Netherlands we have people coming from the UK and Germany people traveling just to come into this space and work together with the villagers that they could find shared problems and shared opportunities to collaborate on to build something together the was inspired
by the minded to build a mesh network on the island I think billion remote of was on a but have those entries and he was inspired by this idea he took charge of the project and he was introduced to people within the village in the community that were also motivated by this project to work together they found what they needed using local materials that go a content which is a means of actually receiving the wireless signal from a cup that they found on top of this airport they build and a
pole which is actually constructed for a way that they found lying around the space they found everything else within the local area we even have people coming from T delta which is the Egyptian equivalent of T-Mobile coming and saying the technology that they were building in looking at how they can apply it within our own
space and together they came together over a period of 5 days and that bill that was my wireless internet . 4 Nubia Linda space that was setting up in the meantime we had numerous ever activities happening people were making plastic bag new crafts new ways to recycle with the with the cross people on the island the crossing and looking at what they could do together but ultimately the underlying technology was just storytelling it was just you have the opportunity to come into
something that interests you motivates you you take responsibility for it and this
is a picture of the guys working together at new billions so beautiful space to set up a container that presently looking further where I could find was in standpoint the senses very low
management we create the opportunity you create a chance to create a story you create the integration and provide access to the tools and knowledge which is 1 of the joys of the Internet and open souls and then you get out the way that it has and then you see beautiful things occur dutiful things emerge thank you if
the I think that's I think our world used to dealing in situations of lots of constraints infrastructural otherwise so preparing with officers were in applying that that that make mentality to begin presentation and cool
so I'm when it was John around space a on the call the office it's a coworking space and but it's it's more than just like a place for people to come and work together it's a place where artists come show we have art exhibitions we do our poetry nights 10 x events pitcher creatures for Aguirre businesses and and networking events and so everything in between and we've we slowly over the past year have builds and builds from about a 60 square
meters space in the top floor of a building to now having the top 3 floors of a building which consists of sort of a big co-working space with anyone from a tech company to a children's literacy company to have you know photographers a graphic designers as an older woman who's working with educational charities in Rwanda coworking with us and then downstairs I we now have a Dutch organization doing access to finance there's an artist uh there's a tech company you on the CEO of which is in the audience that actually and on the ground floor there's a Danish organization providing an acceleration training stuff and so so really what what we've done is industry like a place for people who work attracts acrylic ecosystem to accelerate these these opportunities to meet new people people this this activity the you guys engaged in
when he 1st came into the room this is essentially what we're doing i with the city with the neighborhood were recruiting opportunities for people to come together and be exposed to new ideas and new dreams new opportunities for collaboration and and I think that's something that's really that that he distinguishes the approaches that we're all talking about is this the difference between sort of a top-down approach to supporting innovation and release maker mentalities sort of grassroots bottom-up approach to like creating opportunities for city Engineering change with inner city and and I think what the more interesting examples of that in Kigali was actually with a Clarice see OK here's the audience here and you you you often see in Africa the sort of sort of you know innovation hubs are different different set of your projects inspire innovation or something else it's it and oftentimes these these projects in the becoming somehow silent on and where the most interesting things that has come out of the office actually it's totally unexpected something you ever ever certain impose on a on a silent tech community is the fact that factories is not making and you know perhaps for about teaching kinda wonder to children live in that ring the 1st kinda on children's literacy have ever and it's something that they're gonna be able start rolling out on different tablets and different and you know opportunities for kids across the countries have access to to mobile technology and
for for learning and this is something that came of the fact that they're sharing office space with a literacy company that's making making children's books and animating children's books and 1 day they were just sitting next to each other and say we can we can actually turn this into this is develops into an AP on the 1 hand but then it's also sort of infiltrated into this program that's the company's doing to teach high school students to program and now they're working with and kids across city in this kids are actually designing apps and for other fur for younger children so high school students designing apps for younger children to learn kinda 1 that's learned to learn many things in the game of finds make fun and and so why that's relevant so I'm not talking about 1 of the things that were working on next is actually to create Thirdspace within a community so now we have a coworking space it was the officer people can work in the next that relates to Chris space where anyone can come in at any time with an idea to share with people and sort creating what we call the roof our space is called the office so the next step of course is called the roof because it's going to be on the
roof and it's going to be an opportunity for as you can see up there for community ideas and viral activism and but then
were gonna really true this opportunity for a big mishmash of like performing artists with movies with spoken were poetry and I'll lectures from you know people like us and other people to really really encourage this cyclical sharing of ideas and and so it's it's something they're working on it so it's gonna take a while to get off the ground and this like
many others for the fast so that if you like to talk about more words are the questions come up to me but I just put up I just some information CS and keep in touch with us and gives us the project if you're interested thank you yes very much of this thing have so so now like it and in the audience has a microphone but if anybody wants to ask a question to us we basically got 15 more minutes left the session so I'm just raise your hand somebody should give you microphone it the and do you things have a question for John and I really like the open model where you you mishmash so many different things together and that's how you get the creativity going but how do you decide who should come in and who and then we show because you know you could attract people from agriculture and you know more we artist how do they go together like where you draw the line what goes together is good I exchange of ideas and where do the world's just not you know me at all that's a really good question so thank you very much for it so I think actually are are belief and we came
up with very early on the project is that that we would not cure rates at all so have that sort of belonging to a communities away self self curious yourself filtering because all the people that are interested in collaboration sharing ideas are are attracted to be a part of our community and but really I think it's the most interesting when you have the agriculturalist and filmmaker sat next to each other room because the intersections of their experiences in the world using their skills is where you're actually getting getting innovation in the filmmaker may be able to help them identify a really interesting way for the agriculturalists tell the story of what they're doing to be able to communicate that message to more people to find more partners on and then vise versa years of sugars opportunity they can even consider Alaska whole point is like when you put people together you would expect you end up coming out of that and you know like amazing as innovations not something you can kind of like you can control so trying to say where you have
innovation because really get a technologist and an artist set next to each other and there have particular skills so it still leads to a particular type of innovation that's that's not really I don't think that's as productive is just saying like gritting open space building trust inclusiveness and some of the sort of cultural and your beliefs in the community I think that's really where you get the sort of interesting like interactions and outcomes and I have a question hi delineation of from and that the staff there'll be and I have a question or imagined community so you saying you have different towns but see companies in different sectors do you all around OK is it that the all the skin into a beauty in that had these people would do they come to the office in the i am countries and I would like to have a space here I want kids at like to harvest this year how does that because and I think it's a beautiful model to have people in different sectors and especially I think we have the scene is an outdated technology sector where we all want to be 1 being so we just end up interacting and amongst ourselves so the idea that and what is their last has maybe in in their plasticity trying to do so I get to know do you all of you do they talk to you and ask you what species always eat that all the skin was these that had all these people and by the fall at add these occur system to skin to be thinking grace and with with our with our particular space we have this we actually charge we charge for usage of our office space and we have offices downstairs so it's sort of we we have to we we don't have any outside funding it all comes from my back pocket this from the beginning so we have to
find a way to sustainably financed the operation so right now we essentially rent space like a coworking space he work anywhere in the world and then we and we try we also real estate downstairs in the building that we we sublet like a really slight premium to be able to cover some of our costs and the idea that is that I think your participation community helps to finance the community and of course 1 the problems with that is that it ends up what a certain segment the markets a lot of people are gonna be able to for office space a coworking space because unfortunately can charge that much less than what you charge for coworking space here Berlin for example just because a of cost of similar and factor in a course a much higher and so what we're actually trying to work on now this this this rooftop project which essentially allows us to have an open space where anyone can come in at any time talking about having a little box with like components for the maker community that they can buy and work on those on uncertain projects there in the cafe also stage that we're building with local performing arts with local dance troupe and to build have like dance performances are even
rehearsals there the space and so then we get Yeats is to monetize that space with cafe was so it with coffee and with beer and with food and so we can pay to finance the space and pay for the running costs of the space really we don't we don't cure all people just come in and they take office
space if they want to and if they don't even they work somewhere else and that's yes so far like we just sort of attracted the weird and wonderful people of Kigali in like more and more so as people see the crazy things that were doing the OK
and I had this question is for us an army from and we had a conversation yesterday and I am fascinated and by the philosophy behind where a we had we had a conversation about growing pains because what you're doing is so cool that it attracts a lot of attention aid so now this is still a matter of what do you do we've all these yeah tension and how you deal with the prospect of probably uh getting people take you into the wrong direction and the we had a conversation in French but he it was it was what the members like the pressure probably from some of the members to do something with this maturity and and how that might impact the soul of for the lab so key talk to that OK think you uh without is east there since uh Julio 2012 and since these uh very ordinary
our for we are we are we the independence we don't acts ammonia between on all we do we pay also self of weights so that help us to do what we want to do and to stay focused on this philosophy to do like they because you've we know that if you open uh um were true true true I know because they can come and try to put it in and some duration that it is not ours so from now we don't have a problem because we try to do it we are our own resources but tree out that of pollution not fall at just the a right now because we are well known in the wall that in toward the new you really don't really use we are not really know and even the government not don't really know where so we don't have problems but you have a question we've young people will come because way that is the only 1 sub liability wanting to be done and the 1 the 1 that uh open coworking space in the will to we have a lot of young uh people want to move to to enter the community but she can accept everybody and
soulful changes good at this scale I think you'll need to deal with some token can help us ends at these moments the problem uh we've we've come but you try to to manage as really had through to work since we the I think this is probably a question applies to both the respected and like the cherries spaces like balancing openness busses closeness because when you completely open and when you generate a lot of hype and a lot of activity everybody wants a piece of me so you end up with a flood of people making information requests and wanting to be associated with your space wanting to collaborate wanting to do things
and young curious on your own like the force from by the action on how to balance a site how do you remain open that you can generate a diversity whilst the same time not becoming a communication point and everybody is Terry one-directional wanting to tell your story wanting to promote what you're doing because it's so excited is really good problem to have I think In really like
and I I I'm not I guess I guess I personally haven't seen the downsides of too much openness at too much collaboration yet I mean in in a sense being being a terminal point for connections in the city is actually a really good thing for the community involved in for everyone else and I have written down so that so far I mean this display element that there's a good chance that there isn't a neighbor to immigrants and what we do but so far we just
believe that and the more people that we can get involved with the project better and it's really but we have and there's never been a situation was like 0 I wish and collaborate with that person I mean like there we it's somehow we seem to attract like people that really get the velocity lie space and immediate reading request I like and I think and couple weeks really hosting next like group cover 1 Research Roundtable it's a bunch of social science mostly social science researchers and you think what it was social science researchers have do is sort of an innovation through art created space and that is being really cool a can have they come in they
talk about their research projects they talk about and the problems they're having with research on internet actress opportunity for more people outside the research community to engage with the resource topics and also for the research community to meet other people that have real world problems are just looking at it from sort of ivory tower perspective and so the the more to to be honest so far haven't encountered situation will ever had like collaboration was really worthwhile so don't know that the majesty naive it's not can have I and the reason the reason I ask is we had some issues with open design city we create a completely open space in Berlin and 1 of the problems that we had was that you must be completely bombarded all the time by people coming in and say hey what they pay what they pay what did and sometimes that serendipity can be a very powerful thing might you meet people that you can collaborate with and creates new opportunities and that does lead you in new and diverse directions that at the
same time if you constantly open like that you also sometimes being pulled in different directions by the interaction so like to maintain at like a focus as to what you're targeting and sometimes of serendipity is an opportunity sometimes it can also be a distraction and how to manage the evidence space and that that's actually going to the core the point which I have and this is something that's that we hold really dearly office which is that we don't actually have a goal now we don't have an intention the serendipity is the tension with the knowledge with the full knowledge and understanding experience that serendipity creates innovations and it's it's beneficial for everyone in the community so we we actually I love the fact that every time a new person comes into the community change the community little bit because are brand as such as the offices in something that we really care about controlling it's really something it's controlled by the people that were on the part of the community the last time we did and in fact like a Theory of Change exercise and anybody in this room knows that means it's kind of like this idea of understanding like how we go from events or activities into particular area change we just invited everyone for a community from people at organize events of thus 2 people apart for events to people at work in the space you will have office space sort of in our real estate downstairs and and we is really open opens with a change in and so everyone the community can directed OK this is where this is where the ship is sailing and and this is what we wanna do and and and I think that's really cool and to do that every 6 months or every 3 months after we rewrite the space of the result is we can't it's really cool i in restricted so we had the goal is serendipity in that sense so in that sense it's it's good to have more people
coming in and like I can add something to this so that the idea of behind what we do in the domain is these uh me I am at I see that traditional societies don't need actually takes on your body or events so but what I want to do is how how how we can help cities
true Our actually compare these capacity traditional we have to put up a word teams who walks so uh this solution 4 floors is to give a people will be you would even in this city someplace they can come and uh being in a educated to these so way of global weight and you would think for themselves don't and don't wait for the government to do to do it so we create this space but it is people will decide what they want to do more with the use is the space yeah is
interesting is also having more interest me is like when people start to do things and other people see them then it makes available to them in a new way of behaving or a new way of doing things that I love the story of I think is a guy in Pakistan who started filling up all holes industry and everybody was like what doing like why why you doing that is against the law and the explained what he was doing and just filling them with tolerance and fun and then the next day went out and all the potholes filled and just because it made that behavior available to people here a
given new things don't just accept don't just like except what's here you can change it you can hack it you can make it and I think this is 1 of the important things in the space the user creates that chance you can go in and you can see somebody making up of reading printed out some of the waste for example which is we're very cool right away and that this makes available that opportunity that you can be different you can try something new and you can actually and committed to changing your environment and making something what all of the self and others
the so it seems you guys there the generating a discussion here but in the interest of time as you have to move on to the next session thank you so much gentleman for that empties given round of applause uh