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Looking for Freedom
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This is more than a keynote. It's a discussion that will take digital freedom to a new level.
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but mn and back
at a few without these allergies from heard
from ladies and gentlemen I am make good but in a this case did not so has something to do
with the hospital and legal what kind of audience would be here right this is what is that on makes of hackers journalism was is
net activist marketing and advertising speak of nervous I but I love rivers another biggest a lot of
so we're here today to launch the money so I can think of a better place to launch a digital freedom 1st so then Republic of and Berlin so date how do you like Berlin well my career started in Austria and in 1987 and I came to rule to get a record you would be Mg in society in and out of through over the wall and it just intrigued me so much that I suspect of
I'm a lot of time going back and forth but behind the Berlin wall
because I realize that those people were free I am actually that's 3 girls behind the Berlin Wall and this is a new there so opposite the guy talked to the car and they thought I was crazy and they said no your the
medicines of freedom so this was in July so I have to the picture with them severely tomorrow at 12 30 and I left but use
Berlin and 1 across the border put the picture in the West Berlin newspaper and then the next day brought about the girls and then the wall came down on the river nite that you know what I did I but recently I just came back
for 2 reasons 1 2 up as the fall of the gallery because of the users who were we water that we keep the memory alive of the people who fought for freedom he's blue eye out so
here is now I just finished special for the National Geographic and I found out the most incredible stuff there were 70 thousand
people in prison in East Germany and that guys who weren't stars in prison camps so they have no
privacy and they have no freedom and that's what we're talking about today is digital privacy and digital freedom so it can of all ties together and that's
exactly why why we are so happy to have data does our ambassador because here's
a guy who's been fighting for freedom all these life and if somebody knows about losing your privacy well data has lot knows about losing is privacy I spent 2 days with dating out it incredible that we walked down Berlin and chorus cost screech to a halt and is everybody taking photos with the right you have no privacy when you are selected possible and that's something that people look people on the street people online today they can't really experiences that they can be varied about it and that's something we want to want to address today but before we
go into that David what's the real story about you and they're all going down
and that uh you know I'm as the rest of his
life so I had nothing to do
with the wall coming down I mean I don't know how if the allowing
the user to a lot of freedom and so on so that will be the future digital freedom and you know I thought that was my
last were there when I when I and and so all of the pictures the audience was silent saying thank you for the mom all of creation was a joke you know I I thought was a joke but it's not the way I I'm now doing a special of kind of about the song freedom because freedom is more the most important
words in the world and that song looking for freedom is known all over the world and of so my relationship with the wall it really is just a song I happen to have a song that was not the 1 when the
wall came down that was there and the kids over there said that they use it to a little kids you know then they say it like a little air because it had the word freedom which I think freedom privaci what today is about and freedom of privacy something
this audience understand very well so data where you think are the 2 most important innovations of our time on the internet and mobile phones I think that's pretty much at the internet and mobile phone if there's been lots of innovations and then I run across
I don't but the internet really change the world and the mobile phone of course change the world as well and we we
got so much good out of all of these
innovations so what's communication capability so much entertainment connectivity but now we learn that these 2 innovations the greatest innovations we had have also been turned into tools of surveillance they've been turned back
to what people and that's what we want to talk about we want to get people to understand how the world has changed and how our own governments and foreign governments are using the Internet and
mobile false against us a lot you think people feel that they learn about these well for many years it's totally effective my wife reaches
about 6 years ago was something very private happened in my home or daughter took a photograph of me when I was out of my best and it went all over the world it here 11 million Internet users probably in 3 or 4 days now it's probably up to hundred and I spent a lot of my time trying to get them off even if it didn't bother me as much as his father my daughter didn't bother me because I broke her heart and hurt her feelings and she they accuse my daughter of putting the tape out it was Hap it was hacked for computer and
1 of the reasons I here I talk to my daughter before I came here and I said you know this is the bring this up again because I'm over in the and of socially but said now is the time to bring this up because it's happening to everybody
now because the surveillance douses they need and your e-mail and get into your text that you didn't your photographs and out your contract finances just about anything and up that's 1 of the reasons I'm years talk about what we can do to stop that error frankly
what can we do well there are different things people can do what we we can talk about technical like how do how do you encrypt your e-mail how do you make sure you have a functional BP and how do you make sure that your
hard drive is encrypted how did you use pour reports these all help and we promote all of these mechanisms that people the menus on their computers and on the phone these technical means they don't really change the core problem the core problem is that the Internet is being used to watch over our daily lines and this is something that was never meant to be used for and it simply isn't right just because something is technically doable doesn't make it right and the main justification for more enduring people's complications of saving or data for ever is that it can be done data has become so cheap that did you know that is actually now cheaper to keep data that the data now it's very simple if you want to delete the have to classify the 1 who I want to say what can ideally that takes manpower it's cheaper nobody seems to keep everything because data is so cheap hard drives have become so cheap and
that's how the surveillance state can save our data forever practically forever but 1 thing that people feel when they
learn about these things for example when the Snowden leaks came out and people learn about how foreign intelligence agencies are
collecting that mass quantities of data on how they are tapping underwater into inter continental data lines with nuclear submarines and how they're storing all the state and the largest
data center on the planet when people hear about things like these they feel like there's nothing pay could do there's nothing they can do their they become hopeless and they sort of the of this sort of surrender and that is understandable because there's nothing that immediately comes to mind you can do about this technical safeguards will help but what helps even better is political change people saying no people standing up and saying that
this is a OK people going to decision makers and politicians that we didn't build the internet for this purpose so 1 thing
that I know you have as a our cooperation with this cooperation with google right yeah there's so when the great things about the internet at some I was asked for April Fool's Day which says the holiday around the world to take some photographs and about if you were was all also in which was on the Google page if you hit hashtag homes a picture of me would come back with 1 of the photographs and there was 30 million I mean is 30 million people and there was like 20 celebrations on to water so there's so much to about here and you know that frankly I the frankly I hear what you're telling me now what is called a scary you know because of the I think but the theme of 9 letters and 1 of them can make a difference so I think the only way we can make a difference is that we all bad together and sort this out you know our because what happened to me is as happened to a lot of people and out just the other day when I be going says going came up with a virus process work you'll find that you node of that kind of a virus but it's true we
actually have analyzed in the last several years ago wires which with reference to to date has a lot of it had some
functions which were needed David has also we don't know why of course when you are David hassle get tied into all we're connections amount of a knight rider and
keep and who will I understood the actually at Google's office to you into a self driving hot yellow trick you make it a self-driving car Google may have a whole ward off Award is awarded to
give people but perseverance is really work the hardest is about I think over maybe 100 130 people working on this amazing car and they picked me up at the airport in a self-driving car and they basically just hit on which is like cruise control and I on and the car drove itself that was be very familiar to you actually was stories
during half time have have an anxiety is thinking about it and then I have a direct this survey and he
basically said take amount the real part so that you know when the changes waves and has uh schematic blueprints so that everything the kid was doing now or 30 years 30 years of my god 30 years and still have an
issue of the wow that's could not have here is that all
everything you might Sheffield might share the goal the car is coming through
and out now in maybe 2 years they're going to be able to put in this blueprint somatic blueprint that that schematic Nuprin that's could be able to we put in a car so margarine is actually put it remained radical R N and drive
around the world and and may be called a car from your watch fellow and which is also happening of course with the new watching where you can actually use it as a false if we watched the technical details you were forecasting with Knight Rider 30 years ago had become a reality but so has something
else with phosphoric acid to happen in 19 eighties which was warbles book 1984 I that said before in many ways all was an optimist about so the worst things he was foreign casting that would happen in a surveillance state had happened and even worse things
have happened because now through the internet not just what we communicate and be inter setting even what we think can be intercepted and that's especially easy to see through services like Google search for
when you go to google search or being search or any search engine your completely honest you would type in exactly what you think we don't lie to danger the Internet and whoever sees what the typing the surgeon genes including the search engine companies of course the intelligence agencies they will eventually in us knowing as better than our family it's not and that is a scary thought so today to find these problems we're launching the money
1st that secures a company we build security solutions so as a stock listed company of course we're trying to make a profit but I like to think it goes beyond
that I've worked with this company for 23 years now and I feel personally very strongly of all the Internet about digital freedom and about privacy so the money that's for relaunching today to get a week day it will become the way for anybody who feels strongly about these things two-party system you can join in it's gonna be a
crowdsourced document which we will write together we will create it as a key and it will be finished by the end of June and it's finished we go edit it's real
haven't signed I will deliver it to the world leaders we will delivery to the EU Parliament to on lover col to Barack Obama 2 President put into prison CSE and of course it's not gonna
change anything by itself but it is a start so this manifesto relaunching today will be splits into 4 parts of the talk about the different problematic areas that I think I
everybody would agree when you start looking closer into these problems so we will 1st address freedom from NASA surveillance now now date as America how do you feel about these positions where US states right
now where because all the what services are in USA and the rest of the world natural uses you a service well I wanna get
into the country when I go along with that of you know I I feel of mass surveillance is is kind of a double-edged sword a for choosing a criminal or corrupt government jurors of someone who's not so not cool there of Victoria so what it
comes down to use surveillance of of me what that all of this at home I think it's absolutely wrong I think that's that's a privacy that we're
given we're born I think were born with freedom I think were born with privacy I think there was a God-given right so you have the mass surveillance is a little scary but if the attributes rich after corrupt governments a terrace of course of course when it comes to personal of personal people I think it's absolutely but I actually agree with
data these intelligence agencies these Cobol intelligence agencies their mission
is to gather intelligence but it's the considered to different kinds of intelligence gathering gathering and blanket gathering and target gathering is the kind of intelligence gathering where they know what they're interested in they have reason to look at some but I don't really have a problem with that I don't even have a problem with the US intelligence agencies tapping the cell phone of ongoing work yeah she must be surprised that he was the Americans listen listen to the calls but she must have understood that she has the Chancellor of Germany is a valid and legitimate targets for intelligence agencies worldwide I don't have a problem with intelligence
agencies listening to ongoing calls for calls I do have a problem we can we think to my mother's phone calls at
the the so what you think about noted that's what you know it's it's it's a double-edged
sword in 1 way he's made us all realize what's going on in the world and another way it's not a good thing because he's mention names you know and so it's it's a double-edged sword site German I don't know you know I mean I think time will tell our if we I know the 1 thing is made us aware of something experience for and regardless of the details of this notice story
it's quite clear that we all the great gratitude for Edward Snowden
forest terrorism coming out of this information so few there's a lot of unanswered questions about
this notice of that but it's clear that we have woken up we realize just how much is control the Western intelligence
agencies are over the rest of the world and 1 part of the problem here really is that we the rest of the world we the 96 per cent of the planets keep using services run by the 4 per cent of the planet this services in United States winding is that right and Google's and with different websites and hammers on Facebook and social media all of these all of these almost all of them are in USA so it's not really America's fault for running
right so this is what you would also argue that it's a failure for the rest of the world it clearly a failure for Europe because where are the European alternatives where are the European search engines where are European a
cloud storage services of the European with males factories there's very
little into the industry or the same scale in Europe as we have in the United States and that's very easy to figure out data enable large American
Internet company and income all that that's something who just made before you are right so that
Amazon or Facebook or Microsoft rather it's not very hard to come up with a large
American companies at all all right so let's think about similar European companies companies of that size and scope European Internet companies signs of Facebook or Microsoft of apples i it's actually very hard to come up with any itself we have a couple of success stories from Europe unfortunately typically end up being sold to
USA which once again makes them part of illegal access to our data so part of this problem is that Europe is
facing we've been for 10 years and I have high hopes that this is gonna change was looking around us of the media now in Berlin for 2 days in 2 different events I see smart young people even tech startups everywhere out here in Europe and that's great because of for for so long we haven't seen it happen so hopefully we have new competition coming from here from Europe so we will always have to send our data out of you out of the U 2 different
legislations which we know can be problematic number 2 of our manifesto 2 of for his freedom from digital persecution no we already discussed how data has become
cheap so cheap that it's actually cheaper to retain that a 1 part of the problem is that as data gets collected and stored even if you have no problem to date which today's government we know nothing about future and future of governments for example imagine what would you be you be discussing the same right we're starting here so imagine
if something would have had the kind of access to people's lives
as today's government and you know it just got most of mind so future governments are completely out of grass at any right we give the way we give away forever so
we're blindly trusting future governments that we know nothing about and that's 1 of the reasons we don't want to have our data collected and saved for ever not just because it can be done to technical capabilities node of the tree is a so there are people who say that you know if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear do you have anything to hide time the 2nd year the while from a critical view of the I want to limit in
we all have something to hide data not if you don't have something to hide I think about the true so we all have something that I sent out a created can be something good as well you know I
just think that it could be why your privacy and army was to be photographed at home you know doing whatever you wish to start a study program it's it's about privacy and
whatever say they have nothing to hide simply hasn't thought about it for a long enough people who think they have nothing to
hide don't respect to power of privacy and privacy is no negotiated privacy is a human right it's even written into the international declaration of human rights we shouldn't even be discussing the need for privacy and
it doesn't change the fact that we're not communicating online was still need of privacy every single human being need even if you have nothing to hide and I have nothing to hide yet I'm not really interested in giving my
data to intelligence agencies as essentially 2 for a intelligence
number 3 in our money as tho is freedom from digital colonization and a colleague of mine American colleague of mine made this statement couple months ago that the things that the United States is treating the internet as a
superpower would be treating 1 of its coordinates so that says we're back to the coordinates of conversation that's we where we want to be we want to keep the Internet free free like it used to be and there are means of fighting that we discussed their technical means was also political a political needs me is that we should tell our decision makers that we are not OK with this Europe a new parliament has stand that all world
governments have to limit the kind of surveillance they do blanket wholesale surveillance on the Internet is not OK the last part of
our money manifesto is freedom of digital access freedom of movement and freedom of speech and we get again freedom
of speech is something which is written to the international declaration of human rights we all have the right to speak our mind we all have the right to
say what we want to say but this is something that as a whole makes of our money for so so we're ready to launch the money that's still today data is our
ambassador the way we do it is that we have a website prepared the website open for everybody just like wikipaedia running on the same platform as be it has a
skeleton in there I will be there myself in the way I feel about these things I in my daily to participate as well as I invite every single 1 of these and although this is organized by a commercial company by its here wouldn't really doing it for any other purpose except to bring awareness to of course we get recognition and and and branding out of it I'm not going to deny that but we're not interested in making a penny out of is in fact we're gonna license everything would do around this project under the Creative Commons license did data
are you aware of the Creative Commons license no and tell you what
it's creative commons they sort on the copyright on the side of the right so for example when you when you reporter saw for film something you automatically have a proper right it's pretty clear when any hassle-free cortisol he wants to retain the copyright money you're not really getting possible but if you just goofing
around and you to that make something and put it online well turns out you still have a copyright even if you don't really want to make you don't really need even if you really want to give it away
even if you don't mind if someone else thinks that content and take steps takes that video take that painting and use it the if you don't act automatically gonna fall under copyright and you can't get away so creative commons is a way of actively giving it away saying that I don't want this right so I think the
last help for me was something like 250 illegal items on the internet that I have no copyright on and with this some of those in the you can do about that can do something about it well there's no time do
button on the internet when something has happened on the internet it's gonna stay on they believe we are on the so we're gonna put it under a
Creative Commons we have the URL already and so on on the stage of the battle of us that's the Irish even go after this keynote and
start to take action yourself sorry I don't believe it also works with HTTP as I haven't actually check which if not declare
whether tomorrow and that's a promise question was where we have that page and you don't know if we don't do well at a good point about it for a
like I say the manifesto by itself is not only to change the world but it's something I need to store because I believe that digital freedom is worth fighting for the middle of this year I believe the digital freedom is worth fighting for and as you say you can make a difference so
was know what you think maybe we can now change the rules and please join the . be cause digital freedom is
worth fighting for that you are in you and thank
you and I told me all do we have any questions on this which
do we have a microphone that we might have coming please wait for the microphone and some of the
best OK my 1st question is from his jostle on Mr. hassle with
so much security around your personal data do you ever feel like you're never going to die so much security I
mean in the internet is forever you're
going to live forever I very rarely have security around the idea 1
guy we're going back that's just that's just thought and intent of the internet that you're you're going to live forever on the internet to that scare you if you like that I like to also also
we know that we think molecule will
you that that time we can have 1
fewer on-line would you come to you the I'll tell you what we think of you with me afterwards or young when you thought you have to talk about
if you read the book itself is that a world absolutely brother absolutely so what we have a
question over here already and I have a question for Mr. has all of the union of the
the the the
the things on that line I'll use lands I'm who turns you would still you will reduce the you told me to say because he was is that we use
you know and so you know what it is it's really uses you would you could really do with love that you use
a lot of the
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the so if you think that the
light is the the
original was
all the riches and so on
and so on and you think you would really time and that the use of
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