There is no democracy without media literacy

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There is no democracy without media literacy
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In the last months, during difficult situation in Ukraine and annexation of Crimea, there was a sudden influx of pro-Russian commentators on many polish web forums. That was not just a normal activity of citizens discussing political matters. As it turned out, it was (and is) a clever special operation of Russian government agencies. Spamming and trolling techniques allowed to take over many web-forums and effectively suppress any discussion on the topic. How we defend our freedom of speech while confronted with such organized and creative attack on it?
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our next speaker stars with the bold claim he says there is no democracy without media literacy we have a series of talks before on this stage today some about threats to press freedom of press and I think and jealous left the pits key from the modern Poland Foundation was an activist authority it it what is the name of sorry about any of these analyses with my nose is Lipshitz lived since these a blog where come Yale's this lovely to see how the hello everyone amenities jennifer features I come from Warsaw Poland tunnel far apart away from here and and 2 years I would like to talk about freedom of speech and I would like to talk about the war because because so who thinks that awful things that's right now so his country's in a state of war I not many people like no 1 and the problem the problem with your we're all of you have is that you're wrong because so there are countries which think otherwise and currently static countries Russia on current is the a countries Russia which is conducting an information war on and on and on a precedent that scale and until the problem we are all having these so that this think it's notes are widely reported and he's not being discussed and . is not been analyzed and I went off because of that we cannot really defend ourselves in the that in the information not war on so 9 March 2014 just 2 months ago all Polish edition of Newsweek magazine Fano something really strange have been on the web forums run by the magazine they found out that there is a sudden influx after the annexation of Crimea on a by Russia and sudden infant of Russian comments on in the in the in the on the forums and they started to analyze the the the the the the server logs and they found out that most of the Prussian commons doesn't come from Poland and in fact those colors come from all over the world except Russia yeah they also find added that down down on dead tell you can find a clues about the origi the or the the place of origin of those comments on because they use almost perfect bullish language but not perfect you could see that they are written by someone for whom pole which is a 2nd language over by a blocked and or they will die word automatically translated from those comments were usually much longer than genuine comments written by users so far off from the from Poland to uh there were over longer and much better written in fact the entered they had this strange pattern of alternating there for a reason label comments like Kuroshio always takes alternating with pure hate speech In this way the trolls tool called for the forums and should press the discussion on the topic so so I have we could have had some doubts about how these comments on were posted but we don't because in September 2014 are 1 0 1 1 9 1 0 0 0 activities of you sleep on all of us who was looking for a job and she and she and she gave the news on but there's books to the to the to the to the Office of business which was of actual working for Russian government and in what they did was posting comments in that time somebody September 2014 that was comments on a novel i which is why the main opposition leader in Russia and that this was the task and our so we know how we do blogs they are well organized they work for government they are being paid to offer some 800 EUR per month and of age and they operate amount of comments posted by the people employed are in the businesses 100 comments per day so i so if you think that Germany is an exception and you're wrong and this is and this is something which was posted on Twitter and and uh this is and and that this is the official where it is it's it's not it's a it's a comment on how to how to how to how to come to comment the Spiegel article on and on top of and uh and so I don't know German I couldn't review it but I'm sure if you look closely at the full web forums in German language you will find exactly the same what we have found in Poland or what's the Guardian found in United Kingdom because it works everywhere and no European country is an exception I so uh so this is still well organized activity and jobs and job the
1st detailed report we do have come so far from 2012 actually out when the the Russian newspaper commutes and published in an article based on the leaks of the e-mails which was probably for published on the web by someone who was calling himself unknown in most surprisingly and on and on and those those were the maze of the of the of the chief had to the people of the of the nasty which is the you for organization of putting the off putting political party and in that time in 2012 their uh their activities were being paid to 85 rubles per comment that was on and it was so 2012 so and and what I'm talking about is just there was just a 1 1 small part of the information war out which is sum and then uh which is had been right right now and down and don't make it and don't make a mistake this these war on the the final saying go far because of its art was that the war is the continuation of politics by other means that their information war is so the information war is being played on a very different levels are it's a white washing the politics so far Russia by by prominent politicians or X politicians who will actually are 2 positions in the inner ring in Russia and our gas companies our um and turned until uh and so on and so on and so on and is also official media in fact probably most of that war we would so we would classifier something which is 4 8 fully come fully compliant with our legal system this war is legal but but it to use the war and it's not true it's not a discontinuity on the KGB in activities on uh on which is the run to our father and father of and the was using exactly this tactics 4 years during Soviet times and you can go to the web and all source for the video all 4 of of you read which was which was so far most KGB defector or a called the Art of Subversion how to how to create conflict in areas where there is snow on how to use tools of communication of mass communication don't make people change their minds and to how to use it in a well organized way in order to do know that in order to forward at the national interest of some country or that the interest of people who think that core church so so we have a problem because the freedom of speech is a crucial element of our democratic system our in democratic system we rely on freedom of speech the because democracy is all about mediation it's about uh it's about taking all points of view into account it's about compromise part which is being arranged for the discussions and and job this is true today in the network toward a given more than it was in the old days of but the right to speak freely is something we really do need to constantly defend and in the information war way being our run by Russia right now is something very contradictory to the freedom of speech of the modus operandi of the enemies of freedom of speech has changed and adopt in a in a in a in old days it was censorship in a in a in an age of the printing press the sense of suppose effective way of suppressing the freedom of speech in mass media here it was propaganda and to our and and to know this is something completely new this is something completely new always a special operations and on and our and in the information network of which is on that which is so that's being done in a completely new ways and we don't know yet how to defend
ourselves our uh process so we so we do need to defend ourselves and some of them some of the radical idea has been proposed in Poland in talks between people also in people in power aren't was that we need to somehow centralized control on the Internet in order to stop that that that the day that the special forces of Russia to influence the public opinion in a damaging way but this is really dangerous idea eyes like is like fighting our 1 if you with another even so we we we don't need at the tools for control of the informed of the communication channels and this is something which was being discussed in in in this venue for the past 2 days and we we we know the answers we need the control over the information if you cross section we need to control and of over the cables we need the control over the services and while we'd privacy because so obviously we cannot exercise their freedom of speech if we are being constantly Monte Torah and in the end up in a ward where every hour moves and every other war is being recorded and stored forever there's no freedom of speech we they in because out of the right to speak anonymously we cannot really speak what we have on our minds are there was a greater it was a great day on that case in on the highest court of United States in that in the case McEntire vs. Ohio election board and the court that decided in favor of the right to anonymous speech saying that anonymity is the shield to protect me nority from oppressive my so so so we need those hearts tools but in the information war where war this is not enough but because the information this war against our minds and that's our minds our only defense information or so we need to know we need to understand we need to be able to critically surf was happening and top we need to know how to react to it and you know the way this is all about media literacy and so Melita us is an umbrella term which was not being discussed for the last hour 10 years and it took his these place in a very important documents of European Union or UNESCO and so on and so on and probably in your country house well that's are very rarely are those bodies so that those bodies so far token afford to actually define what these media literacy what kind of competencies we need in order to survive information war and it's not about Russia really it's all it's about everyone of course Russia is just an extreme example but but it's actually boats for revival in an information society so so information so so so when Wiener in our organization not for cues non-media uterus and decided to run a program we but began to look for documents who would tell us OK so what we need to teach what what we need to teach tool to the kids in school and we find nothing what we did we that we decided to do so total writes down the standards for media literacy we created the media catalog which you can find on these web page and ah it was developed by some 15 experts and job and don't ascended to write it down for different levels of education and for different areas of of of of
interest those are the main a re as so far what we feeling what we think is so our is important in media literacy the use of information information relations between people in media language of the media because some of you probably know the the foremost are Marshall McLuhan saying that on that mid user message so the language of media creative use of media on something new ethics and values are very important because ah because this is this is how they want to divide us safety Law economy and the Tele-Education to something which is usually being taught in schools just you know that the technical part of the core of the of the competences this is to you to use some the communication technologies so this is how it looks in practice it's just a very long tables some Swan 100 pages like that and john and it's written down to 2 2 2 different on 2 different levels of education and also for lifelong learning our we published the that did this document also in Arusha in because so as it turns out in our post-Soviet space there's a great deal of interest in media literacy and are we've been showcasing unit so for example last year in that region Crimea arts Ukrainian but then are for the crew on the conference for teachers from all over the uh the post-Soviet countries including come Eric including got including Gresham by Anton based on that we decided to run in Poland the project so far of the visual resources we engage and you also and public institutions to use educational materials we create and talk to them and to run programs for kids of different agents are 4 of those as well um and so on that this is something which is developing on I really quickly and so
on and 2 I think I strongly believe that you really need to take care of media literacy and all of us well because because this kind of attention so our uh we are observing right now but I believe only our on competitors that can help us defend ourselves and this is something we all rely on thank you the thank you thank you thank you regular for you talk tells left I think we have some minutes some of minutes time for questions from the audience and a see there's some questions and and those us in my name and at but it but the question in them yesterday already to another talk what we talked about as Ukraine in Russian conflicts in its moment and and of my question was is there was this there's some really high a well made videos there them weights so as we said cut of the things that's crowed Ukraine people have done in Ukraine and I think it's it's really made very professional it's like with sysop anew the Super Cup it's this looks like no normally you they can do it it looks like if there is a of the person behind it and um but it's really extremely well shared and Germany's has like 5 thousand or more stress on a Facebook page in Germany and then I think what you demanding this is on the 1 hand right but I'm a little bit skeptical of is the use of media literacy is that is that it really realistic that we can't teach so many people have to to really realize that kind of professional videos and that they can think about a k whose mates is who's Prets's whose finances said you know like if it realistic that we can teach to so many people at the we need more journalist who can say OK look here there is propaganda going and that's and that's why so In the beginning of the nineties Center for probably the same was said about on a teaching people how to read write so if we cannot so about these the people how to use media how to understand media how to read media we are doomed and so on so or we need to rely on a centralized associate to defend the integrity of our societies in so far I choose the 1st of an it's so because some because because if we go the other way then we so we surrender the freedom of speech and if we surrender the freedom of speech we surrender democracy and I strongly believe in democracy the so so you so you so yeah up in every in every message you need to you need to understand that blue watched the message size but also always writing and why is he writing or should are to understand the meaning and uh this is something very basic immediately terrorists uh program tool to to check but they checked the origins of the message to check is that uh is it or is the university web page is it around and and so on and so on and so on and to our we just so that it's not only about you know the political opinion it's true for every single activity if you repair cars you really need to know where the where where do these structures come from now and so there's so so I I think we get literacy is pretty much universal and pretty basic and this is why we start digging idiotic competences catalog are from press school actions from kindergarten and then we go from primary school to secondary school to university question so I had a question of it's related to I can hear myself but it's related to literacy and I've heard a lot of talk here about concern of government oversight of data and yet that oversight is that the people that do that work are you part of a military complex that in a democratic society is controlled by politicians and politicians in turn elected by the people and then I just stopped for a minute and looked at the demographic members over the last years in United States where the lowest number of voters are young people in a very progressively gets higher and higher percentage of voter turnout the older you get um so what's the role of active participation in democracy from as as part of your view of this yeah the I don't have I don't know if using you for that so obviously and it's true for most of the countries that they you office under represented in the political system because so on and I also think it's somewhat not I mean on the best evidence is anecdotal evidence right so I myself starts to policy the policy of not most politics when I was so our well after my my my my Fergie's and I was really not interested in anything even remotely connected to politics or policy before that time why because now i have a kid and know I'm I'm probably more responsible and I'm looking at the future you know in a more constructive and reasonable way and now I know that this is the only award I leave the in and I need to take care about this world this is I mean so so from my perspective personal perspective this is somewhat not or are do we have an answer for that not only do we know how to engage young people in politics or policy not really how many NGO seen Germany's working on that right now I mean hundreds of thousands of years so so on but I don't think it's also know that much of the problem i.e. because so because the because you have more serious problems right now how to how to defend the basically the basic infrastructure for communication on how to how to how to defend civic society in in a war so I which is on the the interior part and our word new forces are trying to 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 conflict so so the the OK here the last question the fear time is running out I thank you for the talk to talk a bit about the educational system the schools and universities are they actually interested in media literacy was adjustment service and so and we are moving forward to we are moving 4 of our turning a last year the Minister for the creation of digital school program in Poland and part of the strong and part of the program on actually teaching all the teachers 600 thousand teachers that on the competences to use that knowledge and there we it's difficult discussion because the because because the entrenched way of teaching technology is stopped teaching how to use microsoft office and john and John teacher source over a conservative group of people they don't want to change and to our school was a very conservative systems and the the changes the so the change of the of the school system is always difficult whatever you want to do so but there but what we but we are making progress sent on there's more and more and yours and public institutions engaged and in fact all right now we are beginning the cooperation with the because of the Polish national institution which is some of the Institute for argue visa walls of something and another translated from kind of Polish National Audiovisual Institute that would be translation and we're good they did they did they did they just built a big center of for media literacy in war so and they will be due in development and and that they would be teaching like cars thousands of kids from all the pollen thing there and they will be there are cooperating closely in so so it's moving forward OK thank you again for this wonderful presentation and you see how an official Halifax had
in mind