How do You Buy a Blogger? – Blogger Relations from a Global Perspective

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How do You Buy a Blogger? – Blogger Relations from a Global Perspective
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Blogging and the age-old question of money. A topic that is almost as old as re:publica itself. But now one that at least seems to have been resolved: bloggers don't have to live on love and fresh air. So how do they put money in their pockets? Companies and agencies are willing to pay, but established procedures are still a long way off. Here in Germany we are trying to establish a blogger code for PR. And globally? How do you buy a blogger in the UK, Italy or Russia?
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few the morning everybody on my name is in your and I work is so freelance consultant for water relations and some of the internet stuff for example democracy lipid democracy in such things and now some of my work I do for after donor PR agencies Akhetaten Hamburg and Munich under there I do is a kind of consultant to consultancy for consultants and then some of the most of the time when it comes to blogger relations that after I'm I get involved in any in any way the when I started working in the afternoon of course I could confronted where's slow some of uh the annoying questions for example can I have a list of 50 bloggers writing about big elephants and of course all of these letters should have a good reach and that the best would be there they would be situated kind of south of south of Munich 0 so and or or another question of how much budget didn't do I need to get so get a million unique visitors through a 3 blocks and to make 1 1 thing clear I and of course these questions are annoying but on the other hand I think it's in the it's not a critique of because many of the stuff that's going on around what relations is like this so it's not a surprise that clients and involves a consultant thing think that relations could be something like this of I Ch but after some time as was the question if it wouldn't be a good idea to to to set up a little paper with rules only to spread than the agency um also to our clients just to make clear how we had left them would like to work with bloggers in the future and then have spoken if anything this thing this is a good idea and he said yes it's a good idea but let's better to everyone so that everyone knows how acetone the things about what the relations and everyone know pursued kick can discuss of this we have a lot of discussions on on this paper Ecolabel blogger Codex the on it and most of the reaction and to which our code it's was quite positive but of course we want to get better and so I we thought it might be a good idea to discuss it here at Republican where of course many people want deeply involved into blogging and many people the choir little bit more critical on all these questions and so I pitched 2 panels alone for Republika 1 in German that should have been for me because I don't like speaking English in in front of such a big audience and another pet petal with with international against and of course republic shows the international 1 um and the original idea was of to have someone come from from UK him my 4 months and the unfortunate couldn't make it to summary someone from from Russia all go who couldn't of um yes leave a country at the moment and so she's send us so a video statement and then we have minus and on on stage and because we only have 2 experts today with the we thought it might be a good idea to change the panel into 0 I am so for this some who doesn't know what a fish means OK so I have to and say something about that you see our 2 experts they withstand stage for for the next hour some and there we have to empty chairs numerous stop with the fish bowl out of of the the the number 4 statements but someone from the audience can come to terms in the state and take 1 of the seeds and make a statement on the discussion the and if every anyone for he wants to make an additional statement he can take the empty chair on on the stage but then the other 1 has to leave so that there is no began with an empty chair and so we can just change the people discussing on on
stage about the topic are there any other questions that no thank you nice so let's have a started I think we start with a with a statement of Wolfgang and then another statement from Venice and then we show the video from all the other lover from Russia and then that start with the fish will have found they did on the why am I M how to buy a blog on and we we definitely choose this little bit provocative title for that because them as you all know and so this some some of you might know that I 5 been around as a blogger as well as farm for some time now and buying a blogger has always been and little but a fun topic among bloggers constant and um and the main question we we phase if we're working them together with raw so be it in marketing space using a chaos-based is and the goal of micro audience outreach them the if how to work with people who were not doing publishing for living about public publishing for for fun let's say M and who have no organization behind them and to cover the costs for example all Toronto to help them make a living from whatever they do and what's kind of different uh let's say traditional media and us and us working in agencies because we we get paid for what they're doing so that the low but different and M. so we got to we I got over the last 10 years from my while I've been doing relations are all working the broadest sense to them to government so mainly about 10 years now and 7 and 1 commission that stayed time them was how could you compensate my time and my efforts them what what I'm doing here how maybe even correct capitalize my my audience I've built over the years to come on 1 hand and on the other hand em Our let's say industry M rules or industry codexes sir rules them well demand us to be fully transparent about let's say payments are involvement or whatsoever and this this uh sometimes there's a lot of clash of of cultures on the 1 hand and on on the financial side and also them on expectation side so what am I able to expect from blog URLs if I'm if I'm doing outreach programs for example and what should bloggers expect from professional former income occasion sites if they do outreach and M. the so idea was mainly to them to be fully transparent for both sides for our clients and our consultants and so on the other hand far for the bloggers as well about what to expect and how we would love to work with them and so it is well we have we thought a lot about it uh especially and in this and this is what's called holder by blogger especially in this compensation thing because it's kind of differed and difficult and just give you just to give you an example of a fear doing M a an event for example ants and invite bloggers and journalists journalist normally don't get paid for that's um often don't you don't want to get paid for let's say commodities and and travel costs and so on sometimes I want that sometimes I don't want them to be paid for that but they have an organization that paying for that time often as especially if if journalists are them are part of an of his organization and at most bloggers students this in their spare time so and so they can't do consulting in the in this time they come to what they're doing for a living anyway I'm in in this time so low of connected a question that that often arises is good a blogger for example fault attending a the In any event yeah because them they are amateurs and they they they want to do that them so we often get questions on what do I gets although you don't know what I'm I'll be doing and this was the kind of difficult for our clients maybe because if they pay money and they tend to want to look at lot more control about what is what is happening here in especially if they they are not from the the side but from from marketing side of the table an this is 1 1 question and the other is if if we invite for example bloggers Sorites text for us onto to to be part of a bigger brain in project M. we often we often get the feedback from bloggers free if e to outreach programs that they are kind of surprise that we are offering real money them if they want to it if they if they want to participate in it in such a program self them obviously there was some misunderstanding in the industry at least uh that bloggers so might do well let's say the 300 or 400 to words article as a fall of say 50 euros for 20 or whatever M. and said while I O goal was to them to really sets the stage for being a little bit more professional if we work together with you guys together with our clients and some and really have let's say is set of the possibilities how to work and how to pay for it could work because we believe in and and good work needs good pay and and could return remains and so we came up with some ideas that are quite quite familiar to everyone
so so if we if someone someone writes on that's a publication of 1 of our clients and of course you she gets paid and and some other compensation models for example with em we started to talk by and publishing rights on articles blogger head on their own blocks not exclusive publishing and rights but them just the right to do is use the contents of blogger produces on their own formal walk for another purpose for example for internal use of long term for clipping reports them or what so ever so them now this this was the 2nd possibility on this and of course I mean we we strongly feel that if someone wants to attend for example in or and an audience on minimum learning with an event or whatever and maybe we should even pay for the proper time they're spending without not for the content but for the time they spending with us and if they do consulting and if they develop the stories of course we treat them like cells and to say look like freelance consultant so if they come they they want to work with us although we we we I we always want fully transparency on that maybe that's for the 1st statement is still a bit too long sorry UNOCI maybe you come my join in and so teleport you are doing in Italy and maybe you them into just south In the last little and then the 2nd which from Italy and what social media agency called adequate and we have both similarly role and we could have and it's been spawned Haiti as a bill so always together we walk around with bloggers and managing communities online before I was watching traditional P and then a switch to the digital war but I'm alliances daily nineties and being what blocking and being to everything so it's what I you know quite well as a and I should just say that I agree with you and it's a sort of consolation that we face the same issues in the valley area it's not that people call information obviously and what we tried to do is to have the with some professional approach and to be clear to be fair and to be transparent to uh you to do is known called normal regulations nothing that I say South Seas asked how to deal with bloggers um what we try to do is to create a data project that involves blogger to and what we know is that we can even try to mediate between bloggers approach and clients meetings and requests so the thing we try to do is to compensate bloggers weight sometimes access to use special containers sometimes prefunding 10 for the travel for they've done sometimes creating real projects had a title 1 and so you didn't we have money to that obviously he's been decided with the clients and then I explained to the blogger and there's no maintains it was I understand when you say we choose up a lot of the work at its titles because when I a when you had the title I just told you really you can buy a model you have because you know at the at the hands and that that's what what I'm saying because it and trying to switch on the other side and think also not just the edges so the client approach has to be indicated anybody I noted that the complex and quite traditional communication system you know that that's still register for journalist that gives then duties and also privileges and by then tend to switch to the book from the blood oppressed prospecting so I know what I see sometimes is that a right there that that not stars anybody that what does especially in the fashion that they've got they all agency has been so you got agency working in social media and you have to deal with another agency that is working for the blogger engine that's quite strange situation and because they are no more just log of the out habit she gives something that like that and then you got number bloggers like might 3 of readers that happen but very interested very passionate and I just want to be critical 1 to be independent and more began stand and eternally sometimes so something how 1 about other to be perceived from the use of the audience I want to show that page and that's also a question because that an the general public the audience could thing that unpaid and so I'm not more not more independence in my thoughts and that's another side of the question but we have to be to be to go forward I think it's such as I do know when you think about that it's uh advertising and so we can think about content that built and created and thought and with a constant that 15 in the blog and above us uh attitude and maybe set to lunch and had not simply have some from my English well them if if I may ask you a question on but
about the about blocks and Italy EUMM because some some years back when I was born in involved in this a conscious all over Europe I have the MB impression that's them while social media and and online activism and so on was not so elaborated initally them it is ah blocks and the them the really profound part of the media system in Italy now and are your clients and you using them as a what's a traditional part of communication approach it's gone not Jr gaining around importance there getting a even more important and if you'll think to API our project you have to think about everything from the newspaper to block and you have also to
consider that the the leader is on on the cries of the system I mean the communication 1 adjust the political and the thing and ahead as because you know some lots of paper publication nationality journalists and not get paid uh young people that want to walking around classic Joan of we can say I have no space to walk and some very often they are not paid or paid really only love and so on um lot of them out which told to the internet to the web was a possibility and so all blogging is a possibility but it's also a threat and so it's a quite complex context and bloggers and blogging is becoming even more important on this lever got also display the situations so tool appeal so on and the weather has become our protagonista I and so yeah His that can make maybe you should bringing in all us statements
that I don't know if from durable would have increase because M I I sort front of constant um what I think is interesting is that holds you which Russia has always of course and how how huge the online space and in Russia and the and and the blogosphere and Russia is and how challenging the actual situation right now it's it's everywhere
going and testing and the work the fields is for us in this course of doing things to last you that you know consumer and lifestyle center when it well logs of the user
hi and the rest will run on uh working in units if its structure and and responsible for digital marketing you know consumer lifestyle sector when a valid logs of the have medium was that there more than 40 million blogs in rational but a man would marry and very active and what you will and not all of them were aligned this so I suppose so you walk away with whom I am saying is was because a recently Yandex so as to which content but this the Russian closed city service because of you will on the 2 of the most cited by the president of their 5th of only had begun the and in those relations and grants but I think that we have a great lines of according to their own you don't be longer this year I give them the products in mining what uh there'd used solely at providing a dentist devices and on the appreciate by in there and the audited by and the negative responses and values of a cell or out policies to me and I to me to to you to 1 of the guests here to select the very accurately in there uh the relevant longest 12 point X and to suggest there in the forties giants of of our devices and to listen to their uh to to their suggestions and to their performance and if they even know and suggest to improve some uh some tiny there there's something interesting features and so in this cooperation this fruitful cooperation me they're working for several years in the near future I suppose it could mean that B. it could become an issue the costs for for the new law uh the share our president signed on on the the future of only this year and and this law of war and the great god of the tool media and you relate to the blue is a T T interesting into so according to this law all bloggers Dana Williams is more than 3 thousand or more users of shows that goes through a special person you we this station which is controlled by government organizations the to double check the information for publishing and to dealing forcing case it seems to be checked not to spread land foreign government secrets and their not to use obscene language but the main reason protein signed a law forbidding obscene language you know and so logically as below is no 1 equated to media they should be avoided to realize in their quest and they're going to control their government to publish their real names and quantitative information on the main page of their looks I the ear and it's so it's not the the call by these 2 all 4 of all points of the law of what they should to do but the main point is that they are a bit famous and very popular bloggers with whom they're working now that becoming the media and the a little more than about the median uh no of applies to 1 of these 2 these bloggers and of and of course a lot of restrictions and the a lot of them to a lot of a lot of these things in the uh uh in influence on the on the on on these low this to you to the and but according to this law called bloggers each day avoidance is 3 thousand i users or more can be place that times isn't in their blogs and to get all benefits from it so all so I'm answering the question how to by law or interaction seems like the 1st of August of 2004 team they can do and she has think you for your attention OK so very different so let's say
environment far far 4 blocks especially what's now I was really so much about the numbers of free thousand is a few thousand daily visitors is enough to apply full censorship on blogs and Russian right now was kind of some scaring ideas OK so let's and so I think we open up
them right now if if you want to so if anyone wants to wants to join and so on and tell about them let's say experienced maybe in in Germany and other countries than in Europe or whatever come up them some of I all reserve or a rising is and make you just come up here and
say that you've already already and set the stage for that so what I want to join them just come in a small and so on because now I guess omentum of everyone knows member had him but the you know the variance as well from also due right that's the funny thing of from both sides so but both good
approached by a fall ideologies his a recently but often which was great a but it's something that wasn't and uh and uh a lot being an official blogger at that uh conferences like this that cost like 10 times the the few that also wouldn't be able to for like of or of the European company events like the vertices false phone we see like if there exists in spite of all the light and but also the the global projects I was the boson organizing book relations like human of does or you do but and that wasn't at European experience we went to Greece and you must know Germans are totally Greece fans but the culture is somewhat different and for example when then the person with the 1st project was the all Greek people a guy who up in Vienna but but is in call Greek but if they say always everything fine then the German say all everything was totally great but the yeah and then they try to give a really positive feedback if you could improve their in degree goes who yeah because that's against us and it's not that the blog at they don't say older car broke down or the the the the the culprit down but then this is but it got the new call really really quickly you know that was OK then but if you give the viability of the of the of the of the records that and their misunderstandings or so and the the 2nd project was also increases was
both tourism project in five-star hotels but and that was a German woman living in Greece and the Greek guys growing who grew up in German and there was a totally different project because the the the the organized if we knew what was happening when uh and it wasn't like you know we're writing through the island for 2 hours to spread to everybody to their hotels and it was everything was done in a very efficient way and we had less culture clashes there uh and it was much easier to say come on a you or I could tell the others OK this cop proton down but please of to music the of of of of invite for and there's some learnings from these view project cited 1st learning is no matter how well you know the people if you personally involved i've right now I'm at the point where where only invite people I know so who are in in some ways socially connected to me because of as a as a blogger relations organized because they are always the situations where you have to have a problem with but no matter how well you know the people don't always be a guy who doesn't blog the amount of bloggers who doesn't block the
fall whatever reason only does the 1st POS then a 2nd post and if you there for 5 days and nothing else will come after that because he's too busy because you got deal because there was stressed because there and I tell that to my clients as well I can't guarantee that every 1 of them will produce a certain volume the 2nd thing is that is connected to this if you do but a project like before traveling or at any event give them space and time to or give them access to the mall where if your increasingly mobile mobile exist because you want to do to also through Foursquare and all the other stuff it's silly if you don't have the we had been there but in the 1st project and get the much less sparse but eh the 2nd thing is give them time to block yeah maybe even designated say OK you got 2 or 3 hours of time we can looks for you of photos and upload them and where you can write a little ball articles and so on and so on it doesn't help if they drag you into a disco to 4 o'clock in the morning and then in the next morning at 8 o'clock uh they they start the next right now because when you're zombie it's really hard to blog the idea as to the book was called OK let's think of a thank you for joining and little summary there so you can just the plots for the so
I just want to say if you wanna say something just blind up because that's like the fish for a moment and in all other crucially could say something more cool things 1 2 3 4 to 10 minutes but if you're going to say something this is the free space always come up and signal was your upcoming that you are awake because it still only I know and you wanna say something like you become an eerie do male female you know I got the message find thank you welcome guest so the John and just Livermore polls giving so this is so you are some of your time to leave the stage to be honest with such a slow but at the few OK so and kiss no and my question is what's in it for your
clients that in brother relations what's the success measures that you have if there are so on so many blog posts so they see more sales order they see more articles on and add these brother relations do you have some role relations only campaigns are there always complementing some other campaigns and traditional media or whatever but you want to start application the 1st thing that I like to add something to what sense and it's what when I when a 1st said we tried to create projects that evolve around bloggers and this mediating between the client's request and bloggers attitude that it was was and he said so you you cannot just think I invite them and that's common see and do your past blocks yet to create something to get the interesting because bloggers usually do it for oppression and so you you have to feed dispatch and uh creating events and think about how to access out the connection of 2 halfspaces timer and also access to content but also to devices and that's what I wanted up and the last of these uh and uh sometimes out we just what we know I and social media still our look at campaign are ways think can as a kind of mass the concept for progress sometimes we uh what we did also PR urgency see all the or the or of the press office of the client and do things together but we tend to create something special for bloggers and wide to your clients want to do it quite closely kind because they want the stability and brand awareness and space for they products all 4 they declaration of want to be any visible the that's why and so you can measure it in past you can measure it in the relations what I want to say also is that it's not only just to add a posts from the blog sedan with thing bigger sometimes we try to see figure on a different way and then it's matter of engaging communities and for example for a telco company very important to me that we use to to bloggers the possibility to ask on their blogs and uh some especially events is training and that's that have a nice oppurtunity for what clients but also for the blogger because the blogger these 2 is so against the possibility to see and special events we need some part of our culture project and this only gives to quality content to wait so the answer is is 0 here and the clients have got this visibility for a win-win situation them this is the EU
commission is 1 1 reason why would why we've example some often don't speak to them about blood relations but some micro audience engagement itself and what we see that I'm that our clients get from blood relations of engaging bombers is m while access and visibility in a highly engaged micro audience because most of these blocks that don't reach that same millions of people coming so region is normally not and not a real you performance indicator for far far far approximate as you don't know and because also because you don't know the really the really rich yeah it's not so use it to to know the real rate of about is at at least the blogger's sister you already is it guy that Google Analytics that had had him but from 1 is the visibility in search engines is and and and in specialized services such let's say so we have a very precise target audience or from a lot of raw bloggers have their own audience them they they are confronting with our come yeah with with with uh with our messages our
product sold whatsoever and the other is setting the stage for let's say perception them perception of beyond bloggers as well them 1 maybe I might explain it 1 project we did last year firefighter they come across brand over Munteanu and where we send out a lot of a lot of let's say M yeah do you still bloggers who have been around for for several time and so and well them restating the claim of 1 Tina MZ that everything goes bad and you are able to do it along a little Martinez so P of bloggers within around just as a thank you to them and just establish a relationship and turn them with them and M that the positive side effect was a lot of buzz in social media and the perception let's say for them In the scene of full journals that all writing is kind of cool and this in front in the cell and it's it's not about reach that normally it's not not directly but reach but about role models about about micro audiences and about street critical to you what is not really hot KPI there because it's a sort a measure what is street credibility that's you are getting getting feedback from bloggers that they like to work with us this time and with the brand is something that is really valuable for them and I can also something
about something else and it depends on the project for example I once I also organize them in a meeting with the blog and we were tossed around a table and to all of them to discuss a little more by features of of of a shuffle as much for and we didn't get
any we don't want and we didn't get any possible local to either anything we just want to know from them what they don't think about the the product because they this day of influences and expert and so we just sit down and and you know it non environment created for that and send confront and that's also another way to a to relation to other relations which would them all on the other side sometimes you don't wanna policy just 1 treat because we we have also to think that most of the bloggers or sort of got our social media audience so for us and for for fragment at the door it force on you drink and we send log bottles and we explain them out to be provided cocktail and so on a wheelchair together on the tree that they they didn't have to do anything c gs from and we had a lot of which is officially OK thank you for example would you like to introduce also should briefly maybe so that
the audience will want to know we an old many means Esther I am actually from the client's perspective I'm
not sure if you're interested but I think it makes sense to us as the 2 year their claims perspective I'm working far and regional to explore in the Alpine setting so I'm yeah had to have attended the due to come up to billing and we are working very successfully with brothers fact the question is if you have to pay for a brother is ambiguous think and rethink bloggers higher yeah as you said before it's not only the beacon there did the audience and the bigger the audience is the better it is of course it also counts for us but I think that brothers are very trustworthy so they are their journalists of it that the online genomes that are most plastic in of course it's also a sealed topic if our destination is really silent through your blocks it's perfect for us and our nevertheless and what we do of course is we invite others to experience out is the nation's for scheme for hiking for meaning whatever you want to do and room and everything is getting paid to repay flights imperiled tells you paid mountain guide to do everything possible of course we organize and out of time for you to to write the blocks we begin there we organize their internet connection everything and then comes up to paying we ran not sure yet to be has declined rest use to weapons journalist staring it's the old model but nevertheless in the genome is normally you invited so he could experience so she could experience but no leading to have to pay because he or she got paid by the newspaper but the magazine by the TV station whoever and now this ambiguous situation concept that you invite people that they can experience what we'd have to give you so you can't have good experience in me now at the nation and then group you asked also and our money for it so we are still a little bit hesitant if you can accept it that we understand your situation of course you spend your time you come over you spend mostly of free training phase it and we can but on the other hand we it can be also have the feeling what do we paid and for the content to read are you then trustworthy if we pay you so this is a question or maybe you can answer for us maybe you can
answer for 200 years resulted from is a very interesting fashion and
because I'm also on both sides of the blogging for ages and um I've been asked for all students this year consulting yeah and when you and described your blogger Codex and and you to have a transparent this must be and and describe different project it sounded an excellent and afford well there really help for this kind of communications and and maybe companies are getting it and then you came up with the of a multi at an example and I don't know they don't the because that was a very and in this case I wasn't blogger site and then the path came up and my bloggers for spies entitity it treats amongst other things food and and I'm 1 of those who bloggers who do who make their own bread who are interested in how things are done you go down to the base the food production and I opened the path because it also from after was gone and I've been on in the same corner of the Internet for some time and that is about was rendered loading to be honest here and because it came from the company and you work with I opened than expected something thoughtful and it involves apostle of full of industrially produced checks and somebody tried to say thank you to me
that this it was like em sending part of it a the G with 3 shock light among music to say thank you for your work I felt insulted and I know many other through bloggers have felt the same said Alan there might be the possibility that the the success that the things that you count as success but just the freeloaders who all be pad to take up every anything that they don't have to pay for and I'm right whatever then I expected to the I have no interest in the and again you know normally you you mem at at maximum did you get these kinds of feedback from the telephone and so it's it's quite
it's quite challenging to get up on stage because in that if you're going into the public spaces is exactly what we want In this so M yes yes and I I'm
lots of I am maybe bring the I don't look like it but the old economy and into the game I'm working on social media manager for aliens
and and we have a dilemma with blogger relations because of In our code of conduct for work with journalists and the 1st rule is we never pay for coverage and and now facing and the bloggers and knowing that they don't have the money the breaking of the bigger big 1 of the big publishing houses and in their back we stand there and we don't know what we should do actually because if we pay for and we would compromise our biggest rule that we have on but if we don't have control over which we don't know so far so we don't reach those niches so that we should probably reach so long I think the old economy probably has quite a big problem with that we don't have 60 products that we can send them to the forest and which we would consider paying them as well also and so on we have the feeling there for for us what you at the user come up admissible is was as well and having them from the biggest lemma is to distinguish them between them those who just want you want big money to sit and to pay big money and just for the for the sake of getting paid and those were really interested in having a conversation but just asking for kind of a compensation for their for the time all work and and and what what we are trying to to work me in trying to do here bridging is what we are trying to do here is to them and to make clear for what we are paying rent on them so that we're not paying for content for example to see just not not paying for content for example but doing for time for ideas off for the right to republish things and I think that I'm we need kind of them kind of ideas how to how to deal with our industry code so it's the qualities and the needs of bloggers so this is the this is 1 reason why why we came up with some let's let's try to do at least 3 or 4 models for and bringing money on the table without compromising them and without compromising and our ethical approach to communication are you doing the moral is the same
and it's not just a matter of the having it's also model finding the right target between bloggers and there is the as well so the
question if of mean s and if you will that that's why it had to select as is this you should know the blog additional what they what would it mean what the which are have day approach the attitude and probably you you'll you will find someone was really interested in what you even if not that it is not sexy and it has is that and and so you can keep download something that it's interesting but only usable uh a useful for for them and what is the same 1 you'll at for for bloggers and a yet to know very well and very deeply and what they think and 1 and and and also please that and I know that the 1 of the hardest thing is to explain to the client so maybe that the cannot have the least all that there's beyond that bloggers because they're not the and that ball they're interested in it's a quite different from traditional BI where you out the wider range of uh and of a possibility uh why you have to do it's like being a craftsman no yet to create the themes and make it FIL shot perfect that seek for that blogger and then it will be an elicitation thank hello hello I'm michael
michael Pretorius I do things on the Internet based on you tube and uh my opinion is that
it's a topic of industries things like distance support and collaboration and so I think talking about distance I recently did something at the source by sources conference with the the alignment so we made a huge you show there and the airline was a supporter for this so we get back up from the online but that wasn't like could you please talked about this could talk about that could you talk about all product it was just support so we couldn't do everything what we wanted to do on our own and we just had a look back up and that's what I what I would I always say and if you see for the plot perspective in the past it was like how can we support journalist to do their job was how can we put support job was to do their work it's also the same for the broader perspective how can we support ProBas to cover things they want to cover it not to cover things we want them to cover and so this the 2nd thing is collaboration for talk about audience um why don't you start not thinking about hope bloggers can write about your products but maybe you can invite products to write for you're magazines maybe you can create a all magazine and another kind of a collaboration there you talk about the future of the firm insurance companies and things like that and the 3rd thing is to support a total of Augustus said you need to support lovers with the infrastructure maybe you pop part of Wi-Fi on on the go and things like that so in my opinion just street opposite of leading dissidents how much distance can we have 2 brothers publish distance should be should be keep an and can be also so keep the distance by just letting them do what they want to do but gaining traffic on their blogs and this also OK and so distance collaboration and support thank you
thank you know my name is Marie Christine gender Aaron little PR agency and then run my as
well it just had very spontaneous stagnate and international as well as the from Switzerland guests and and receive funding you can't tell you a lot about order or not and not here to tell you a lot about that Swiss seeing that just had a presentation is ID which runs to direction what you just heard at at at the address of ideals if you can't play at beta-blockers and money you can try to pay them in reach like um things like Daimler or a DHL and they do it with social published so as being ions do have a certain Ricci do you well known as that why don't you offered bloggers um a stage where they can then publish and their things thank you thank a right
because I had in all of things so you work with professional already elaborated Institute Gibraltar's about would I all
figures on 100 you work with him at an idea to work with blow who really just started blogging you very young and they don't know how to ride when when they get paid they don't know what you write down so I can pay them so basically what I say is all from which will get that we need to give explain the produced how they can work with us so especially the beginners and and the figure brothers the Eucharistic use really arising with them so you need to kind of teach them how they can work professionally with an agency or ordinal a company to how do you do you have this problem so that already or how do you face this problem the would you
like like show that humans can indicate down there mom basically yes I don't know if it's
not so easy have that does that answer and obviously uh it happens that why walking and most of the time what we see is there we are the bloggers yeah the urgency it should everybody has its own rules and don't try to be but this is what I mean I built the build up of relationship and it's in the sign its time and and finally you get it and the sometimes you make 3 don't mistakes and that that's the main problem you may lead the mistake sending the products to the from all inviting them from 1 2 will turn an event and the reaction is always said bit tough and sometimes they use it to uh spread the war the dual through data social the net force and I think you yeah just to establish the relation on that end it's not a matter of educating from the top down in a time model but to what together I really agree with but that not the name of the guy with a hat and when the sense of distance but in the same time collaborate and give the possibility in where where where I see your point is there that sometimes and we need a think about them what they are doing and maybe explain them to some of the younger than than not experience bloggers especially and what consequences of might have uh what they're trying to do here so as I am especially we as as as we are and this industry and and and this micro audience are critical about several years now and have seen a lot of a lot of things going wrong and a lot of things not found not fully disclosed for example and so on the I would say it's not and it's not about what would you do that what should you think of and and this is I think for us as professionals this is part of our job as well to because we are working as especially if we are working with and it's not blog assignment as but there are some images as well and so working with amateurs is not always easy is for prevent easy for professionals because most of professionals so doing outreach and I used to work with professional so I'm not that they're not thinking about and these m that that's the way images of thinking and this is again a distance and support so this time this bottom-up approach trying to tell them you have a little bit at least a little bit and the about what's what they are doing and what their job in this relationship might be at with the full support that and I think this is and maybe the last the participant in all official and i minus banner I'm working for and really media and international tech company and I work directly with bloggers and we have received payments he distributes of commercials or commissioned by our brands of i appliance but I also am a blogger myself and I would like to make hopefully a connection between the member the hats loaded we like to know the name again Mr. Michael so and I think what he's that was really spots on and what you set with a bottom up a spot on as well I think when I work with bloggers and that not experienced I really like the freshness and ideas may not like standard and I think sometimes when you work with experience and professional people you get like something that is so standardize that you just get a couple lines and then you and no content no fresh constants and still I think you need to give them a structure that's what the guy before just said and I once was and invited to work with Food Network UK which is a big and see the and to be showing in the UK and I have a big big network and also in the US and they invited smaller bloggers and to block for their big block which gave me what Michael just said again traffic so I got something in return and it's and if people 1 given the structure so that kind of structure they stop blogging for them or other people who were not experience that it gets support so they stop blocking as well because they did not but it was published so I think it always goes around in circles and I think what we previously there was absolutely spot on and that's that's it that's the sum of the 2 because of the level
of dependence of it was all the thing you very much for participating in there that you have here
in my