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Google Nest: Your data, our future
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Imagine if you could trust a company with your data. If you could open up with all your fears and secrets. Google Nest offers just that trust.
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the unpopular with that of my thanks it's really amazing to be in this we we've been in the workshops and presentations of file and the
energy and selective brain call yeah I'm just thinking call yesterday we should be recruiting staff really at the world from so little about me and I had people mentioned general manager the bonus is key to the initiative from Google and I have been you might struggle to place my accent little that because I've lived a lot of places and am I recently joined fall in the last 2 years working at from Hamburg on that people mentioned identical that's genome that not circuit from of news that fact so maybe next year will become I'll be able to speak in Germany and those of the honest Gloria you there was quite through here with a much greater extent but that they actually it was it was there is the right to send you over here to Hamburg well over that have worked on what when I started 2 years ago to really think about what it means to bring any other security to Google and out of the of security events for Google and I have to say you sometimes you get stuck on details and there it was with that approach to work with Loria on because she's just history that the there and so has max kind of hinted at in the introduction we have 2 gold actually been thinking a lot about the same things you've been thinking about we see on your program topics like surveillance privacy data these issues that are close to our heart as well and we know that the world thinking about these things it's not just the you in this room of course we know this because we've but females to analyze and vertical search results we know that the world is talking about this and we think of as a Google is that we've always been driven by the belief that you don't have to be evil to make money you can make money without being people it's true that all model is built on the value of your data but that's not necessarily a bad thing actually a dataset and very unique position to be elected tell what you need and what you want we know from the data and what it's telling us at the moment is that we need to think about a new kind of Internet we to know that is based on mutual trust and freedom both basically it is it is 2 main questions we had the right 1 is how do we get back in equilibrium that the dot product you that to not only support the companies but are there are good for you to so the equilibrium read between the start-up benefits for companies to go back a bit more to the users and on the other hand we wonder how we reimagine and internet which is bringing back the the trust so that people start to reconnect with 1 another and really feel free to share information just as we all imagined 10 years ago so I will talk a little bit about product and we think it's there answering from these questions the 1st product 3 with google trust because the social sorry because this here
here is the last this is also classified ads and what we're really really excited about as I was saying we know that the world is concerned about the data from the and just a brief look at e-mail traffic of loss 8 months we've seen a steady rise in the word PDP surveillance and privacy appearing in e-mail traffic at at any course think you have a thousand mentions of the work of these were the day that the 1 thousand and 33 % increase since January 2013 programs
and the views of the world so we know that monopoly of government they want access your e-mail inboxes they want access to our message record and alternative is nothing we can do about this and on the other side of cognitive path already benefiting from data that and identity theft you might recall just this year in Germany 60 million did of identities stolen not all cycle we're always working to improve our security but it's it's a bit of a cat-and-mouse game and were not above the law of course so what can we do about this what we as you go along do people say integrate PTP there was such a vast
ends and he doesn't break out of this model right you do just don't work and we need a data
and so we construct a with us
for a long time and wagging ready hard trying to figure out the puzzle and that it is just 1 might remember your mandible there remain free you my sister catch my car and
I I just have a sudden brainwave it of
course that's what we need we need insurance the insurance for our data was actually that was moonshot thinking or accident
always happen so we're very very proud
to offer you people around the world so data-driven insurance model and
the quickly people trust you sign
then the sign of political trust and you'll be financially compensated by Google in the important case that you are a victim of data the more data this year whether it be by surveillance government requests for your data tracking you name it happening and the way we're saying it is that we can't really guarantee that we protect information but we can do all the very best detector you so you can
compensation and something happens you know family will be OK yes
and we base our policies on our risk assessment of you from our knowledge of you and we also provide
incentives for people who use all optical products the more products we use the better your policy
will be of course a lot of people are talking
about opting out of the data economy at the moment we're saying all in and you'll be better protected the basically the number
1 we really wanted to find that trust right we want you to feel good and warm and say in this world which as you heard the word of all over
years this apparently the difficult for some of you at least so you can imagine how hard it was for us to work through all those problems basically we have in the world's year on our shoulders the world the about . parts so it was quite nice that we had also google heart as a little enlightenment product which was helping us rise or mood when was sometimes a bit more difficult Google not what is that is basically an act which is always is all about a connections 1st of all right so it's always knows where he on how you feel at any given moment we will analyze the data and we'll find out your basic needs and the matches which are nearby and depending on your arm movements on the tone of your voice and your digital communication will always know how what you what your top 5 minutes are right now it may be justified out is there anyone in the room who wants to try all to heaven and drawing in his pocket and wants to you want the first one is the 1st person in the world the public trying out a lot of what we want and I get to the hand and the the uh and I can enhance the
ability OK good can you give me your group like balanced by the 1 that that in a moment of Gloria would you be so kind of Eliot's story that the product of an yeah so whether I know I know that but I would you be so kind to just the bringing and no is that there you have your devise comic OK hey type in the lowlands part 1 is that was that was the focus of an OK sorry so that's going to quicker sorry sorry which that a lawyer you going that it the yeah said look at what was said OK I'm quite excited can work through this you would have been an 1 of the story that that we can work I could just to go up there on the right I have a look at the product the product of the of the the 2
sides side addicted to the sources
and so that we're not analyzing Mr. apartments needs and you will see is somehow someone close to us in this room eventually is um yeah I was end the 1st is that right is the Middle East was in the room this leads to is the and the the
this and I can you can use the the way in which that that what's the price of the
you um so that's
to the the right is cut you feel how I feel and on unsupervised and I feel quite OK I have a lot of things going on at the moment a lot of work a lot of appointments of got a host of German Film Awards day after tomorrow so unfeeling used the uh the story
of but the right if you could you need a hot hot will said like it but
they mean and you know who could
and good news on the innovative if we just aren't well will the department that these words go get the men out of
it have the the this come on the hour and
half I think I
just I don't need to explain the product anymore so you all got the expected
of the wonderful glory all the wonderful on the 1 of the major and has enough
time to know that you have the future is now free to create an exchange of information but this is not all about the hottest have that's as basically and
where where the got whenever you are there however you feel so thank you very much with
the department of but that's the 1 with a presentation and I have to have defined within
the framework of OK uh so
that there was was some patient and
humiliated and do not want to preclude um but it but it just move on people at the thing is that we work and you
have after that inning and all that is this is actually 1 of the most of
1 of my goodies and of most of our next product it's not doable blast left after we
love you know you know it or nothing you know what I'm talking about right you will be such right need right so that should have to throw further with that of taking on so norms they all the and the idea of me that I I this will acting on it I think that all of the final of coming from here all come here come here come here because of their tribe in getting ready what time in the 20 ladies and asking for a 2nd and imagine the possibilities of a personal for every day life the Google B which is in stable better as a mode of the momentum as as they were working on making over the smaller the better our degree 3 and 4 I had 1 also 200
feet high and equipped with video livestreaming the so our we
imagine a little bit and we came up with some features she can of course stay behind when you're away and watch every on her family she can make sure the kids all going
on there anything during and she can find posit that you're going to us and reported for you and then you can stream alive until the pretty
amazing and all that have more features where those came from at the so that's all special people be well that it
works with a about 3 show the best thing about the Ruby rediscovered things like the flies yeah I worry a lot of hard
favorites at each of these 2 rainy and the last thing was writing about eventually she was really know there's nothing you know all about data and all but
actually that the best thing I me with 2040 and we still have to carry out our own garbage to be doing it for you from now on it is the best they can come together and then I I
I I I I mentioned to you all know the attractors this that this should be over by now said something that's for
everyone like no worries about that but it so
we had up to the with the constantly I have about 10
minutes but so that think it's time to say to come to the final product where is it located on the life I live by the that we got issue that more people would come into words and asking what's happening with my digital life when I died and so we cannot omega just so you know if future all your friends with 1st of all the informed if you push that button you will come to Google
buying and this would look like if Gloria would pass away today which I really hope won't happen but anyway can have a look
and this is is a bit of it made up alright right but this actually her Baltic to countries here but
it is a we take the best of the best quotes of all her males we make a summary of who she is of what she believes and um we take pictures videos and all the
friends can can remember it and say and show the source so this is the you to really understand some who does not want to leave this world with a beautiful picture of
her himself and different and Internet
information wrong right yeah and I been entirely on both the rate of infant imitations but this talk about that later uh I would say now for now we're we're good to go for products on the some still very excited to share with all of you know where the the affine then further then further then then further then a offene then further
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