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Escaping Dystopia
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The world needs a vision - a vision on how to get away from a dystopian reality.
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walk up in 2045 it from the world that had radically changed and it was chance the city itself i it couldn't quite control attached your body that was it's only had quantities of the green lush forest highrises standing greens like mass of trees hanging vertical gardens cascaded down the front of the building bearing fold with frequent flowers and fruit the body moves through the grassy streets the model of many kinds along well well-worn policy toward a big called a flurry of small autonomous saponins on quadrocopters moved in through the top of the building the market was written in lossy letters over the entrance inside role after role of common and exotic fresh produce was displayed together with everything you can't imagine every level 1 time fitting on a table there was heavy bartering between sellers and customers it was becoming clear that mostly everyone was a salary as well as a customer people knew each other and the atmosphere was like at the party small but tough looking girls hands stretched out in 1 place and a small painted what looked like can make birthday cards to guy in a funky blue overall a friendly smile and enhance up display a number in the right bottom corner increased by some the little later a couple of delicious looking Paul pause exchange hands and the overlay number decreased by a similar amount when the eyes walks on another part of the building came into view and looked a bit like a huge warehouse with robots buzzing and big shells the thousand small and large boxes humming along next to it was a place where corn potatoes and what looked like starchy little tuberous were kept manufacture everything corner assigns and a small tier 2 looking robot moved some of the starchy material into a big container that was attached to a series of tubes that looked like a middle refinery made from last few it's bubbling along in multiple Connors another small robot came by with the tray with looking running shoes on and delivery for paying the screen red the girls hands picking up issues a side entrance that the low-hanging afternoon some through watching the eyes until bright blinding white time Coin Counter click down a notch on the strip of an airfield weight like Zeppelin's waited for its passengers to board the eyes of the waiting passengers turned to what's penis as she approached riding high electric bicycle the older guys within that call by hat spontaneity huge green when he spotted the arrival the 2 children stopped in their tracks and race toward Spain to give her a honk on the airship talk revolved around how great the winter have been for the trees and that the HA must finally showed signs and all these years of Forest gardening have been successful the action lifted revealing the green city on the 1 side extending into what looked like an endless green forest with the out
old abandoned church tower from formant time sticking out solar panels on their rooftops glinting randomly in between small and being windmills rising through the forest everywhere a call from a Hyperborean interrupted to scene in Chile young man and 1 of the windmills helping looking forward to see and parts-making you won't believe how much has changed here the birds in spring I deafening you guys best land near milk would farm With the airship Simon the descending 1 could make up little moms with glossy signs and houses and and not village made out of old shipping containers and small not Hans inside a hedge everything was looming on the trees golden bearing fruit leafy vegetables all throughout small robots is roaming through all some small quadrocopters obviously taking some higher hanging fruit from the tree the guy from the Hyperborean call most standing next to the landing spot where the ashes slowly descend giving a warm heart to every 1 of the existing group the word most spinning and spinning fell straight on the back into the lush grass leaving the blue sky with the poppy pink clouds framed but in lavish green forest in you so great pains and that moment contains consciousness agreed with on its electronic neurons wishing that it could just be there with the group another lovely lush valley yeah the hello everybody I hope you like this little peek into the future but that the future I find words living for its future I find I think has a possibility of becoming reality it's actually in the future that I try was all that they can to make it possible to make a real real the you might think well you might think this is firm it the that of a future that's like science fiction it might never become a reality it's so far out you know green cities and yeah ships flying through the air it do know that so I think of them well that we did a podcast called ready prototype and now we had for the episodes in the plot of the over the span of about 5 to 6 years and where the baby look that projects I that we all going into that direction and action that could create that future where so many projects I could never ever show them all here that was so very very inspiring and all these projects all these topics that we covered and looked into the that gave us the put a big red spot on a really big problem that we have in society and there was money and definitely not the person to talk about monetary policies but I think everybody can agree that our current current system is creating a lot of inequality the so with all these little project pointing to that future and this will be the start of the Book of 30 is that the book because and it was just about when the 3 depending evolution that that was about 7 years ago um way before the 1st make a bottled hit the store shelves I throughout those years these are tiny houses were built 4 thousand dollars these are our robotic technology exploding and leaving you breathless with all the capabilities every every episode the dead there was and new robot coming to the scene that was you more capable was running along heads of artificial intelligence and all these things and these things all happened in the last 7 7 years um so all main topic for the pot cuz became creating a society or were mentioning a society without money and that was huge inspiring that was so inspiring me that's a kind of imagine a future where all these projects have evolved the future that was kind of a got even the futuristic gardening that actually incorporated technology that that make up make us human evolved even more and freed us from the farm labor and freed us from inequality and so and all that sings but the technique that me and highlight some of the some of the things that we have in the in the fanfiction story and because the 10 successfully came out of the podcast that then fixes w was something I imagined coming and coming to life and there's lots of these projects that we had and had to do was of course on gas of natural natural thing like like being the planets and giving us of yeah think get at that and so and so we started out the story in the green city um green city is
very achievable in green city that sees itself as you also achievable and we have found all these really really awesome project uh starting from the roof roof took gardening in Toronto if you put a rooftop garden on your new new build housing get money from the city um that's now syphon 7 years ago is that part because this was just starting people put like little parts on the roof and really proud of it and there's a whole movement the green roofs that or that actually goes into that direction the but it doesn't stop with rooftops the head of vertical gardens and make huge powers that had like some farms every 5th floor or they could do that we were self-sufficient units of solar panels that the lighting these farmers on Windows but he also had neighbors connecting the balconies with clients and making them really green and making the whole subsets green in neighborhoods all over the world but also in the basement the pencil I would to 11 farm Tokyo Exley grows right in the basement of of a high-rise building the um it uses power that's a skew generated by a solar cells that are in the room and also uses the rain that comes down from the side of the Boeing and from also from the roof so you can have buildings that actually generate the food for its inhabitants but it's not only the
buildings it's also the parks he put a lot of energy in parks to make some green and really livable and like I have a you know a lot of water goes in them but why don't you make some also edible why don't you put use food in them and a lot of small projects that really big now uh already happening ICT and that's when garden and was step garden work to Siegel being foot forest which he created an even smaller forested was almost all edible inside the city but then if you create all this food you also have to create products you also need to exchange so how do you do that was on money or how do you do that with our current monetary system well as was big and answers was a basis putting together all everybody producers and consumers and big databases so they can have direct contact and creates it creates a system that's great don't have the a level of abstraction between they don't have a man where people uh again talk to each other um but you still need a means of exchange so there's a really cool project content for its that come that says OK everybody's times created equal everybody has the same the same level of you know everybody's our costs the same as our before uh is yellow from the other person and you can earn already time credits by doing social work in the UK the and using cryptocurrencies as a means to reach chair these templates easily without any bank in between the kind of 1 a hoard money and not do anything about it but I think we're going to really good past the but also these databases popping up everywhere of calls of course you know at the time but there's also a really cool thing called Street bank that column where neighbors can shared tools and can share their but we can share their knowledge or can share their work and as you can see is really successful and it that's happening all over the world you can have that in Berlin has already regulators 15 years and many were hood to correct should do that and you can get everything from from a shovel to somebody who helps you make a salad and and also in Germany we put sharing this is a network of people who have been the abundance of food and 1 share those people because they would throw the way otherwise so you don't need to you don't need a throw away it's like you know not having so much waste is really really important and of course everybody wants still have consumer goods in the future use of paying the market and the world what came to her came to her was a little running shoes well can transliterated shoes now you can see the print she was not was never thought about that very distant future um the rat prep was such a great project because it wanted print 3 D printers so we don't even have to have to like it she buys pretty-printer anymore and this would depend becomes very sustainable sustainable now um the about which density in the western corner is hike about that filaments for every 3 D printer you can imagine and it takes Everest plastic that can to be read recycled that PET bottles for example but also their biodegradable the filament now the name entity can they can so the product on compass heap and the next disintegrates and doesn't and produce more waste oceans and the sand robots and robots read our slots enormously because they would free us from work we didn't wanna do and I think really a huge trajectory that that's going to happen uh society says 0 the gun is still work in Riga not going have enough work for people I think and uh more Prince Michael moderator and pop coast also things that um what's great and limiting toilets and I don't I don't think a lot of people 1 at intervals for other people um their robots in every field you can imagine of course automotive industries but also farmer what's a little robot that picks grapes is already and and runs on solar energy has already been in use from if King robots of course at the new carpet and then at expensive and you also want move from place to place and I think transportation this 1 of the silent revolution was is revolutions that you don't see because we always use these cars and they're in the mainstream but the background a lot of really really awesome ideas happening and still my
favorite branches you all know that's about the field airship adventure that we have in Germany of snow a beaker there's a whole uh where they want to bowl that but in the meantime the fix the biggest problem of airships and that's and that the use of helium only flying they don't need that anymore they can compress the helium while they're flying interlude on it and the balanced because Hill and discuss resource and I have a new government and that much of it and they're building these
things and this is a real photo the thing is flying and the thing can lift the training I it's the sail craft so it it's it's amazing um you don't have to transport goods and then it's the bite and they're popping up everywhere even my parents anger bargaining you but because they are not that young anymore and they can move around but he writes in every form and shape and you can personal transport and like transports more with them and they're really really uh easy and so on also getting cheaper by the day and if you have to have I wanna
have them on a compressed air and these are 2 cars actually do that already but still that that the future of transportation I can you get behind but still we want and need to be going to need energy and we started out as a pup there are some wasn't much renewable energy happening started out yes he could buy really expensive solar panels that generated like to have lots of people there can of excited about that um but In the meantime so renewable energies have completely change the energy field Germany now produce 25 % of the energy needs with renewables that's crazy that's like in 5 years the can of moves from 0 for like 2 % water to like 25 % and of course you have solar but of solar different solar technologies to get really cheap they wanna print these now uh and there's like 2 facilities another world addiction print solar cells and she plastic sheets and again I get really cheap and the next 2 years and so everybody can put them on the roofs or whenever nose or whatever but of course you wanna use deserts and the you don't when the expensive solar panels you can use molten salt technology very and focus of the solar beam and yeah and generate energy for that you've winds every like wind
farms they're not so notice as you might hear if you have ever have the opportunity to stand in 1 in the middle of the nite it's it's amazing it's like standing in the utopian future thing so then energy and thinking all around you it's actually pretty beautiful sigh animal what people have again for the but also personal been but could think most that are not allowed that I don't have a lot of vibration going um this is really something you you wanna have but he didn't see in this story is that it's water because it in-flight awarded so we couldn't wouldn't even see it but you have river flow of energy generation so you don't have to build huge dams anymore that the store nature as it just uses natural river flow to generate energy of course you raise energy generators that you just put motion if bump along and to generate energy for that title title and generators in in Holland to build now huge title generation of power stations and even even generators that generate energy know when you put in salt would on 1 side and and and sweet water and the elements of difference with a random and of petition but it generates energy and so and clean and nothing comes but nothing that comes out of it and of course the of biomass friend school very difficult you don't need to use and grow any produce just burn to generate energy but if you have excess biomass then that always the also a really good idea to use that to get Henry teach or generate energy and the biggest thing is of course conversation using less energy and the big companies are getting behind that you know all the all the all no this step snow around 12 hours and we started out here and half an hour and from now on on batteries of course it's to do with battery technology as well but they just use less power everything is less power and that's really great great and particularly name has the weapon as thinker the it's so this is about conference and talking about the future of about this very hot debated topic for mean there's only 1 project out there that xt can change but and that's Hyperborean I don't know of anybody has a heard about Hyperborean it and it wants to restart the breadth and completely we do it in peer-to-peer it's secure it's completely encrypted uses contig motion like IP 1st that PV the 6 and it's open and it also tackle the hottest because it supports mesh approach that it supports the output ICM estimation the child wants to put put like a frightful from at 4 in the whole world based on that Hyperborean technology and had a board is already working it's already working or on a so there was a normal Internet you can get all that it's a little difficult at the moment tho because you have to install a couple of scripts and have to find peer to exchange a cryptographic key and stuff but it's I think the only way we can actually do something about the web is to compute restorative and reviewed and free do so nobody can actually interact and nobody can to do bad things was um and then we see it paying then in the countryside and appendicitis different in the city and the amazing most people have come from the city taken them but more from the countries that um as it has different different needs and 2 of the biggest needs of food and shelter and of course it also will produce little stuff at the city can produce itself but this
shelter is is crazy because we have these villages the the suburbia that are not sustaining and the and it is an issue on the and so yeah it's great you can you can build 3 houses you can build 10 houses 4 thousand dollars and it's it's awesome because everybody can afford these houses and they're still very beautiful and you don't need to pay for but which pave everything and I build mentions and stuff and
so that you can even build houses from all continents and how to do with the food
food today do with permaculture chemicals has been a huge success movement and the combination of chemical this actually edible before gardens because forests and I had a desired really good system but they don't need to do anything once you can create a forest garden that extra produces food he just going around and it's just gonna produce food for you and you don't have to do any input don't after any watery don't have to do any of of so yeah any any prior fertilization as you over the idea that's just my little bridge for putting everything that I can't I can't really really are put in the box there that's made a Iot excuse me the artifice thousand 6 care of um but what my point is this is talking it is while this is not a future for every 1 of my future I really like that future I really wanna live in the future um but you might have a different idea for the future but what is really important is that we all have really positive fantasies about the future because then you can change it and that's the really big problem in current society that all fan fiction this dystopian go to Hollywood movie any kind of Hollywood movies and it's gonna show you world this destruction and war and uh everything the world's gonna blow part of whatever but this is not something that helps us but helps us really is getting getting an idea how we wanna live how we wanna live in the future and how that's going to work out at asked me to the timeline
if you know anything about fanfiction work that takes a positive and the came up to was free book you know I was an all fiction that we have this nothing positive at all dystopian avoid some space opera that's that so far out big never going to get sick because they're going to have a but uh implant destructive dystopia before that the more this in the gonna have them a positive vision for gonna have some or all if you got the between those visions the more you can actually see if we have the combined vision a commission that the all wanna go go go to an and that create understanding between us so I hope I inspired you bits to create a vision to share with us this shared with the world to actually look positive and the future and then find a way to make that future happen for yourself and therefore everybody thank you very much if in old enough