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Driving Global Innovation
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In this session, the initiators of the AfricaHackTrip, GeeksGoneGlobal and the FounderBus will compare their experiences related to the synergies of travel and innovation, and discuss the role that travel-based learning initiatives have in the cross-polenization of the global innovation ecosystem.
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yes so we here today to and present our initiatives also speak about how we can foster aeration on while driving on moving around and we just discussed earlier on today do lunchtime shot so how to represent this and was saying we don't really know each other yet so when we just keep this has an open discussed the discussion for the 3 of us are just gonna speak with each other about why we are doing what we do what we do and then we also asking you to participate and answer questions great height I put on high heels to be a little bit taller because them presented with too tall guys so I need to sit down that I'm great to see so many people tell and yes where the smallest and not organized organizations so thank you pay YDD anything you did have that they it came across that term I think that we are do travel for different
reasons some and sometimes even come off the same but I think that the powers in the intention and some of them on 1 golfers electrical has said that occur at at at but I think maybe it helps applied to say can we do what we do in the 1st round and in answers while in our and so you know effect so uh founded the organization produced from global than auditions initiative but of a bigger organization called genes core but our per unit of what we do is we take people around the world other innovators innovators investors uh people have social conscious we also take professionals out to meet like people other innovators inside of the countries in the world from our goal is just to come across the knowledge and and increase the connections of the of those individuals and kind of let them come to their own conclusions once we put them together so we do
that in the form of of 4 to 6 country trips that we do within 2 weeks of and so we pass around like I have to 3 days in each country and the now we have like 3 Goals in each country in it's just to figure out what the lay of the land is probably into the 3 this uh and then we
also to me with the innovative people and then the last but not least is to have a hell of a lot of fun doing it so that they gel and they stick and the relationships last beyond our trips and well I'm doing this why well both cities
countries so we have of the goal is a summary of the struggle 180 that last which 2013 2015 to go to 180 countries whether it's about 15 we've covered 20 and we have 27 will cover this year and then in 2015 were prepared for right now as to be the year of of trips out of Gossamer Kizil time so this if at at the that is very impressive so social it this is what is it my turn now preparing a I I thought we were impressive already covering 5 can therefore 4 countries in 5 weeks and and they came from Africa have trip every connective was the just a thing that we did and it started as an idea and it materialize into something really cool
it's 9 hectares software developers and what designers and I'm just going to East Africa to check out what's happening there because we read an article by eric person from the I helped who am I wrote for BBC about the tech hubs and emerging boom and he lost like OK cool who's coming let's check this out and a lot of people responded to that and at the end of the preparation phase of 7 boys to girls going to Africa and meeting notes of people and we didn't know what to expect they didn't know what to expect of us so we just showed up there and we hosted by our camps and hackathons and on yeah I just had a really great time and 1 of our tag lines is also that we enjoy party mustn't so we party a lot as well and yet on laughing in the 1st year their food
and now we we and we just wanted to connect like we we wanted to meet people get to know people make friends because you know we we work in Berlin and then we work in San Francisco the we got is there a chance to them and Sydney anything but no 1 ever thought about hey I can also go to the to coworking space in Nairobi or compiler inches work from there and then in our 1 of our goals was also to to bring our experience back to our communities and get more people from from our communities to just take that back and stay in Nairobi for a month and during the last couple of days in talking to so many people from so many have so it's not just Nairobi you can also
go anywhere in the world and to his work and his stuff there and to a lot of 21 so yeah that's that's so far beyond the the k and now you're you're adding something to that x is getting we're getting back to the hectic that because they are also faster than us right some so I'm Fabian from former boss Africa I'm from Berlin background to and development cooperation but also on entrepreneurship so I've been I mean working in the start up tech seen since 2010 I've been our founding to companies have been working for investor the have also been working in the and for the cooperation and and then uh we thought OK How about some work and the intersection of these 2 worlds and development cooperation but also on the notion of the focus on ICT and that's how we came up with the idea of on a bus which is a 2 tool to enable entrepreneurs in emerging markets to work on start ups and realize their start-up ideas were ideally solving local issues so how does it work we
select people and from many applicants typically and we put a focus on 3 different backgrounds mainly hackers swords people can coat but also web designers and business experts we welcome 3 of 4 disciplines health care energy but also education so we invite these people to our kick which took place last year November here R is about and we would go and take a part of the opening of the 1st incubator they Carrara called hypercube so on the 1st day or
participants 40 people from all over the world many Africans get on the bus pitch their ideas sold forest rangers and 1 might say hey I'm from about and I have added an idea of an application of mobile app that is fighting bribery or I wanna work on as mass that form and connecting the construction workers was companies or I I have an idea for a company and I want to enable teachers role areas to facilitate the process of giving homework to the students and so the 3 ideas are just them 3 out of 8 start-up ideas which have been built on a bus 2 5 days why driving 2005 hurricane Canada's and from Harare all the way down to Cape Town but we have had to electricity on the bus and also internet so would hike all day long
brainstorm ideas get and feedback from customers so or participants would get out of the bus at nite in the evening and talk to the target group and gather feedback viral landing pages on the Internet would also and we have some companies are more start ups on the bus or a launching their mobile apps after 3 days because if you have some genes which are functioning like like real world starts consisting of developers web designers and experts you can actually build stuff and this is 1 of the goes
we have so and we stop every day in a different city and we meet at the local community so we would go to attack out by the local community and contract with them because we also want to spread the word about entrepreneurship and we want to and stimulate and dumb enable young people to be more risk taking and goal for the step to to realize their ideas and yes and this is why we do what we're doing after 5 days on the bus we typically drive to tech conference where we had felt that just taking place anyways and we just connect with them and I ask hey can be stopped by with the boss and have pictures and that to produce a yes please come over London that pitch to a couple of investors and as they see what we have been doing for the past 3 years and in Europe and the last year for the 1st time in Africa and as the county thinking of
how can we adapt this model to the emerging markets we're gonna add a new initiative to the existing project which offering currently and this is a fellowship program so once all participants are graduating from the bus they have time to go back to their communities and think of what I want to do next and if they want to continue they can get back to us within 3 months and say hey I want to continue to work on this idea we have been working on the bus or they can also say hey and I really like the idea and but something is working so I have a new idea and I you have a new team so I want to apply to become a Fellow of the founder because accelerator
and we offer 3 things to these people are accepted on of additional program 1st office space and this is why we are so happy to be here because it's a great opportunity to meet people run innovation hubs all of Africa 2nd we want to give them mentoring and that's where we are glad that we met in the deceive for Africa they have a great mentoring that from online and obviously also venture capital which might be very important in the future for start ups and then the 3rd obviously seed capital and we're I'm not gonna investors seed capital directly into their start-up ideas because 1 % of all our participants are changing their business models constantly and it's not about investing into particular business model and it is more about investing into people really want to make a change and who had the capabilities to do so and that's why we're giving an yup that we are given the fellowship program basically to people directly and not to companies the because if you have
people who might have a family and to to survive it we think it makes more sense to help these people erected to to live their lives and pivot on the set of ideas that have the Gold things there was found in was worried that half an hour such a long time the town and the camp the sorry he should have and so at so so you can tell that it's there's there's a lot of common ground here and some some differences as well and 1
thing that's that I mean it's really I met through today in the morning so and really when we we decided we don't do pre discussion discussion so really wanna know that why why in the hell did you start the had signed this is cell have taking you said yourself you don't see your kids probably next year so it's so why what drives you so some common interest interested person
period of surface area of my personal little piece of members of this omega emerging from a method for real um are graded as well 13 in the most well-off Africa in the Khartoum and the
the study German freak learned enough Arabic to forget it uh and this is the at at but the the the the Mao why was will different I was traveling around the world we started consulting firm the and then we were doing work in developing countries and everything else and uh after I going in setting up a company about 65 countries from and going after all the donor money and everything else and working on these I just got irritated after what I started seeing things that have a guy who was like the prime minister of the country put me in the car drivers around the country to shows all the wonderful things they had met the guy hit my frustration point in Romania actually and we were being driven around Romania showing all these materials that people had and you know look we have all this magnesium this commons bubble and we're all in 1 place and I remember it's a very famous place it has awarded positive mechanism in the world and they were trying to convince us to go by continent states and bring people to mine the magnesium only drove through there was this village of like 20 500 people they were literally rough their houses were very rudimentary right and I asked about education level of the people there and was very low um and then we wrote after the mainly the space and we talked about how we need to go fish for people to call for me is about some of and we rode into another place on the other side of village which was this whole string of manufactured question the Russian times and then all the shit now but what amazed me is that they had machines that the machines vessels in right some light duty but you've got
everything you need to solve any problem you can come up with a you have been there to bring my behind you asked me what I can do for the you and it I the guys are trying to redevelop the manufacture of so why don't you just educate the kids in the village to come to build some 3 D printers 0 the like that you know the SLS processing pretty primary selectively sobering basically uses magnesium at as base in order to fire off that the carbon laser and you can build anything from that point a signal that the stuff I did before beginning River is yellow with metals and you enable them you like uh uh we need money
in that cross the whole peaceful global thing is that we're trying to solve a problem right we've kind of seen this trend amongst people who were suffering from what we call poverty it's it's because they focus too hard money they think money is the resolution to it and somehow we forgot that money is only in the currency that's supposed by resources from those who have the knowledge to produce finished goods so the reality is is what happened why we give their wives and suffering 1 about and and when you look at the capitalistic system so OK there was a process of stripping knowledge from people then you strip knowledge you knowledge away from the folks that originated from that knowledge grew up somewhere else so now this is huge responsibility take these centers of knowledge and put them back around the world and re collaborate so that people can do what they were doing when they were disrupted which was solving their own problems and so that's what the whole these global thing is about it's about going to every single country on the planet Earth would more than 200 thousand people in reinserting that
knowledge in taking back some as well so collaborative a true collaborative and that's why we don't fret over point and you know what that the joke that we had earlier was of value that we were talking about what we're going talk about in a 2 0 5 you know that we had this thing called geek on the bus
and he looked at me like what the hell was 1st at at at at at at a in about as a strategy to attention when I did we build big hoopla about it but the idea was I want to work with founded was to get something done because 1 of things we could use some global as we realize we don't have a solution we instead know that gives great things happening everywhere in our sole responsibility is just to attach those wonderful people to each other and then increase the amount of I use the word apply a lot but the amount of excitement that surrounded so that more people are drawn to it and another 1 it's myself too long but the most exciting thing that I have uh I have happened is that when we go into a country of we work from the angle of a lot of political type people sometimes because this is my formal consulting like but but then you bring the political those the traditional people the traditional leaders in innovative leaders all the same when you forcing them each in 1 place in the hopes they look around and see what the hell this this is true is time you you know how for a car you come from the other country and you can tell me was in my country added even though was here the beauty of it is that we just simply making people acknowledge the value of the of the space that people term innovation but in all honesty it's just people coming up with a wonderful ways to live better integrals solve the problem with the knowledge that they have so that's that's kind of purpose behind
his will that's what we're trying to choose this moment so of what what but you know it's not going to give you this you can then we get out of it I would really love what the hell would motivate a couple dozen Berlin beyond just reading some cool stories about Africa but little to say I'm going and I have 1 account whether Governor after actually said you know do I wish we could stay together 3 months what was the real like motivation the feeling internally that to wanna go down Africa and and mingle and you guys something that of a given 1 of us do you stay longer than you went to the polls and stuff like that what was the motivation behind I I think
mainly curiosity and there is this drive you have to go out and meet and learn and share and I'm totally serious here it's and we we we all would have probably traveled and done something similar on our own and we do hacker beach we do like we are those digital nomads and now we just it's just that it's Africa and sometimes you're like 0 while Africa and now I don't know how many of us would have gone to run them on our own and and if you team up and it's it's like a little less work you think I don't know if that's true but I'm you team up and you find a group of people that are like minded and futures start organizing and it develops this drive for itself and an end and you get people excited like an that I mean before we laughter we were really not sure how well this would work because we know that lots of corporate that guy coming through I'm Africa at the moment in in into the tax cops and and someone someone said earlier they they sentence he like Aaron a museum and is there like showcasing themselves every day all the same lines of the same questions
and again and so we try to be different than we actually I think succeeded and we just wanna say hey it's possible and we want to open up the world and and and put all these places that are like like Romania I've never been to Romania and and you just put that on my mouth and I wanna put this school countries yeah exactly that's that's how this whole thing works and the
embargo low tech cop innovation in Zimbabwe of all places and that is also the mean and and that is that is what drives us we're curious and we want to connect and that's that's about it I'd love to hear more about the Balkans Europe you're organizing where you're going to these accounts because I have been to report and those with the goal of a lot you will find me I had never been to our him for Nairobi either so I was actually funny who they talked in and Terence sky before we went and effect girl I have no idea what we need we need like a board and tense and now talk to the guys the I don't know and lastly and I can imagine work on this that's called to so so they lost and they could do that but yeah the document 0 0 it's really cool it's and it's like that and I'm conference and who will that you find something called himself a conference that's not a conference on where you don't have a program in advance you just bring the people together everybody very quickly introduces himself and then they say what they interested in and then you say OK hey who of you wants to host a session many people do come up with that because it's it's that kind of people it's those people that do have something you wanna talk about what they wanna share and put it on the board you arrange it a little bit you know sometimes put like topics together I'm and then people spent the
whole day talking about things they're interested in and teaching each other and asking each other questions like 1 of the and and we had a zillion topics like it's all on a block but you crazy much 1 of the things I really really liked a lot was and the cultural aspects of UX design like how how do you have to design things differently in different cultures what works you might not work somewhere else and it was for many of the participants also the 1st BarCamp that they had gone to and I against their they all do their own doctrines no like they so many things just happen from getting those people into the like into physical proximity into the same room they they started user groups state they will do conferences by themselves now and it's supercool cool and I mean obviously if if you're sitting there saying hey guys we were privately funded no 1 vectors and it's possible to do that we have ketchup then someone will say hey that means I'm 0 and it's actually I'm it's happening and where is like super excited because some of your hacktivist coming to Germany
and the Netherlands Sorry Switzerland and France in this year in the fall and so far it's only africanus but they're pretty open to everyone and I just love that that that that was spread this attitudes and and then we have people who are feeling the same need to to spread this is kind of life and we're questions you from the from I think we get to things that happen every time set of travel right so 1 is we a group the people you travel with has huge experience together and they get that in a way that's you know very unique and the 2nd is that you meet people and you buy the people that you meet but it seems like the from the best focus a lot on the bottom of the people on the bus
but primarily what would you what is like the the magic there and how do you see the outcomes afterwards like the guys have been on the bus how interactions after after the fact you know a great question and so it's very hard to challenge to a sort of and pick the right candidates
so last year we had our 1st pass in November we received more than 250 applications for only 40 spots on the bus and we received applications from hackers 16 years old from was about the but also from senior people that say the city all of these Africa was 43 years old but also some executive from Silicon Valley you want to be on the bus and we saw these applications and we thought OK and what is all focal we want to help young people to build companies or enable under that companies but but these guys like the successful entrepreneurs build companies a medieval sold comes before they also want to be on the bus In so we put on the bus fares just makes them and we took 50 per cent Africans and 50 % rest of the world entrepreneurs and then all teams have been only multidisciplinary but also multicultural and this is a great and experience because you have a global knowledge transfer which is happening and in the end you have on a team which might be functioning on a global level and the fact that you have under very experienced person on board I might
mean for you in the future that you have a business angel on somebody with an African assert experience some yeah and so it's all about developing people on the bus because we say and we live entrepreneurship value country teach we say hey you put you guys on the bus and you won't have to build companies and
pitch them after only 5 days so it is a is real life on the experience and there's people have not been founding companies before they happen on the bus so this is something something we we also trying to do we want to give these young people the 1st glimpse of what entrepreneur ship is about and then ideally after the bus they say I want to put my job now what I want to build this company was crazy guy from those countries and and yeah so this is the outcome and then in terms of Pietro ups we have and will aid start ups and last year and 3 up there is still active and the 2 of them have won several awards and so that has some of the outcome but of use of only about developing people and believes that others also and about nourishing the ecosystem also putting the all topic on the median because we think that Africa is still not as best height in terms of image so that's why we also developed the our work so we have been covered by most of the international broadcasters and which we think is a great success because we put the ICT topic I don't preneurship topic in Africa on the global agenda and and on top of that we highlight the particular countries we're going to do so is also some sort of ICT all we're doing as so we open up the panel yeah the
effect of the thing so any questions or anybody because this has our thing is really story and we all like to speak a lot sorry I'm any questions I don't see much but yeah yeah I have a question um I mean the merely for for it but I think all the rest of interest in know it has to do with that you know that the the fine line between surfing places and actually hunkering down and staying long enough to not only get more out of it but do it and how do you as a taking a strategic consultant approach how would you how you look that maybe say water for a day because next country but similar to come back and say for 3 months of I do might actually it but that's that's what we're challenge with anyways we allow people always ask what am I going to do that is because unlike a lot of other child things we force right of 1 of the things that we do by force here by the pay is we say OK look you if you wanna go then you pay to go about that means that you have to have a specific interest plus 20 this in a message to everybody we need that they'll have to
ask someone as permission to solve the problems we came on our own dime they can go into things on their own band their strong enough but as far as giving these back is a very strategic thing when you go out if you think for the hunter-gatherer type concept the the it's very much a hunter type trick we're looking to go in figure out what you can figure how and how what's going on in touch it filet squeeze it by and then we leave like 1 key things we do is we leave 80 per cent of our skid open so the idea is that we get there we wanna connect with the folks who could find online and have them tell us what's up and then start moving around and do that kind of thing the idea is that the people who come will go back themselves as well as communicate to other people why they should go back to that the real power of the trip is that the connection between those individual even if they never if they never have an idea what for reproducing globalism they forget that exist but also people maintain a relationship and the power of sitting down breaking bread look at someone and the I you know I connect with Willie online way before we started using global and just seeing him right here think we spent what 20 minutes with each other and as a allowed actually it was it also there's nothing that can make up that power and if you wanna see how you write it on a sheet of paper is say OK is the connection that will actually take us to the next step yeah any other questions
actually we don't we don't have time on my thing is that you guys have around him and he again I have led to caffeine and how that Islamic give them a lot of my thank you so much where there's uh make cylinder it now